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12017-07-24 07:29:24 UTCoormilavinod hey techlady, great that you have been adding onto OSM. but you seem to have deleted a wiki data of a place -1073097184 and . could you please specify the reason. because the web seems to link the wiki data id tot he same place. have a nice day
22017-07-26 23:34:11 UTCtechlady Hi, oormilavinod,
I'm not syre exactly what you're talking about: "a wiki data of a place" I'm not sure what that means. I was in San Pedro/San Marcos last year with good friends, so I know it pretty well. What is the mistake? Thanks! --Charlotte Wolter.
12017-03-18 16:17:47 UTCuser_5359 Hello! Short question why did you add the name Angeles National Forest to the not closed way ? A name without any other attributes is useless...
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