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12016-09-23 05:37:36 UTCCloCkWeRX and similar don't appear to be visible on imagery
22016-10-07 07:46:33 UTCwerner2101 Do you think it's usefull to discuss a 6 year old changeset? If fixed an import error long time ago.
32016-10-07 08:29:45 UTCCloCkWeRX Given that imagery which is seemingly more recent doesn't appear to show the buildings... its worth spot checking and removing obviously wrong data probably.

I've picked this up from reviewing GPS errors via Feel free to track down the original import changeset and raise it there...
12016-09-03 10:01:25 UTCPaul Berry Hi,

I think your change to change the relation here from a grouping to a multipolygon has meant the map now shows each of the three reservoirs as "Ingbirchworth Reservoirs" when they should instead have their own names (Ingbirchworth, Royd Moor, Scout Dike).

Respectfully, could you p...
22016-09-04 07:43:08 UTCwerner2101 Changed relation type to the neutral type=collection. Not switched back to waterways, because that type doesn't fit well. Regards Werner
32016-09-04 19:31:23 UTCPaul Berry Many thanks.
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