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12018-08-15 20:15:11 UTCtms13 Are you using a script for this vandalism? Please reverse it so that it restores the standard and documented tags. Thanks.
22018-08-15 23:03:16 UTCDaveF Explanation is on talk-gb. Join the discussion.
32018-08-16 20:25:18 UTCtms13 I've now subscribed to talk-gb, but won't be able to read until next week (I don't have email access here, only Web).
42018-08-16 20:35:24 UTCSomeoneElse (apologies if I'm stating the bleeding obvious but) perhaps or would help?
52018-08-16 22:27:42 UTCDaveF Hi
Tms13 has been provided with that link a couple of times by other users in previous changeset comments..
12018-08-14 19:30:05 UTCVclaw Please stop your automated edits, which there is no community consensus for.
22018-08-14 20:01:21 UTCDaveF Please join the conversation you previously been informed about.
32018-08-14 22:52:54 UTCVclaw You must discuss BEFORE making bulk changes. It is not much of a discussion if you just ignore anyone that disagrees with you anyway.
42018-08-14 23:03:36 UTCDaveF It was discussed, and agreed to make the amendments, as noted in my post on Talk-gb. Who have I ignored?
12018-08-14 13:58:31 UTCDaveF Hi
Please join the discussion to put your point on 'C' ref roads:
12018-08-03 11:39:26 UTCPink Duck If you're going to batch change tagging nationally without the consent of authoring users based on a 3-year old thread among a few then I suggest you at least make a wiki page documenting your particular preferred key name, as surely not all C roads have been mapped nationally yet?
22018-08-03 15:39:31 UTCDaveF Hi
Could you show me where your edits to 'official-ref' were consented?
I informed you of my plans. You raised no objection.
My actions make the OSM database more accurate. I plan to post on Talk-GB when I've compiled all the data once completed.
32018-08-03 15:47:13 UTCPink Duck My point was about the lack of a wiki article. I added those references for most of Norfolk in the first instance, and had freedom to chose what I thought was the most sensible key name. I'm not sure how the database is any more accurate now than it was before, you've added nothing of new value othe...
42018-08-04 11:08:15 UTCDaveF i plan to update wiki pages once the tag is agreed upon. I've started a discussion on Talk-GB. There you'll see a list of the various 'C' ref tags. Amalgamating them into one makes the DB more accurate.
52018-08-04 16:29:22 UTCPink Duck I'm not quite sure that you understand the meaning of accuracy, as amalgamating has nothing to do with that, but being more specific with the key name potentially does (at the cost of repeating the primary key name and increasing length).
62018-08-06 13:29:33 UTCDaveF Hi
This OP query highlights 'C' refs on pedestrian, service, residential & track ways (including some polygons). If possible, it would be good if you could check them for potential errors.
72018-08-06 13:33:15 UTCPink Duck They were correct at time of authoring in those less common cases, and there are plenty of instances where the county council has what I consider outdated but legally defined uses of C-road where obviously things moved on, dual carriageways occurred, roads downgraded into paths etc. so they still te...
82018-08-12 09:28:46 UTCPink Duck It appears you changed official_ref but not source:official_ref, can you complete this please?
92018-08-12 10:14:53 UTCDaveF Along with amending 'U' class roads, updating the wiki & searching for 'this road is signed' tags, it's on my list of things to do. If you think of anything else, please let me know.
12018-08-09 15:00:41 UTCDaveF Hi
You've move this building to an incorrect location:
Please don't assume the aerial imagery are current. This is a construction site. There are new buildings.
Please revert.
12018-08-08 07:38:29 UTCSomeoneElse Does an admin_level make sense here? Surely these have absolutely no administrative function.
22018-08-08 08:28:09 UTCsmb1001 You make a good point, and initially I didn't have one until reading the boundary=historic wiki page. I added the historic counties as they're not really 'historic' but current in a non-administrative sense. Similarly they had administrative function but only historically, so I'm not sure which to g...
32018-08-08 11:20:45 UTCDaveF Could you please refrain from adding historic data to the OSM. You've previously been asked to remove your previous edits, which belong in OHM. I've started a discussion on Talk-GB
12018-08-08 00:16:11 UTCDaveF Hi

Historic boundaries don't belong in OSM, which is a database for current objects. If you wish to collate old data please transfer it to before removing it.
12018-08-07 13:07:24 UTCDaveF Hi

Are you adding historic county boundaries from new or updating existing?
22018-08-07 14:37:38 UTCsmb1001 Hi,
I've been adding them from new as none exist at present. The result of my work thus far is
Given it's a manual job, I have to frequently go back and "correct" sections I missed or the like, but although I frequently add the relation to existing bounda...
32018-08-07 14:56:32 UTCDaveF Hi
Where are you obtaining your historic data?

From the historic wiki page
"historic objects should not be mapped as it is outside of scope of OSM"

Boundaries are amended regularly. What is the date of your 'historic' additions. How far back in time are you planning to go?

42018-08-07 16:12:13 UTCsmb1001 In this case they are not 'historic' but current. (Now with governmental backing also: ) They represent the immutable divisions of England from Saxon times until the boundary acts of the 1880s, a...
52018-08-07 17:30:53 UTCDaveF I'm struggling to comprehend 'historic' as "current".

TBH, I see your comments as self defeating. If they're "immutable" & "unaffected" over time, how come you're adding ways?

As this is a country wide endeavour has it been discussed on Talk-GB?

Which versi...
62018-08-07 18:11:17 UTCDaveF Note: You are incorrectly add identical tags to both ways & relations.
72018-08-07 21:58:54 UTCwoodpeck Historic boundaries should be added to a suitable project e.g. openhistoricalmap, not OSM. Boundaries are problematic in OSM in every case since they are rarely observable; the only reason we have county boundaries at all is that their usefulness (not least to mappers) outweighs their lack of observ...
82018-08-09 09:04:53 UTCsmb1001 (Re: adding tags to both ways and relations) Are you talking about the boundary=historic on the way? -- every admin boundary has boundary=administrative in both the way and relation. I'm fine to leave those off the way, but isn't the standard to put an indicative tag on the way so potlatch, etc make...
12018-08-05 18:30:17 UTCVclaw You are not complying with the Automated edits code of conduct. There is no consensus for these bulk changes.
22018-08-05 18:32:15 UTCDaveF How do you know that?
32018-08-05 23:08:27 UTCDaveF I'm still wait to know how you know what you claim...
42018-08-08 16:54:17 UTCVclaw Have you read the automated edits code of conduct?
You have failed to document what you are doing. You have not discussed it beforehand. You have not used meaningful changeset comments.
52018-08-08 18:07:22 UTCtrigpoint Dave has discussed it with the GB community.
12018-08-03 00:43:04 UTCDaveF Hi
I'm cleaning up 'C' class roads refs so they don't render. (discussed on Talk:gb)

A while ago you added ref= C114 which conflicted with the existing admin:ref tag.
Are you able to double check to see which is correct?
22018-08-03 14:02:06 UTCDaveF Doh! Replied to my own changeset.
12018-08-03 14:01:16 UTCDaveF Hi
I'm cleaning up 'C' class roads refs so they don't render. (discussed on Talk:gb)

A while ago you added ref= C114 which conflicted with the existing admin:ref tag.
Are you able to double check to see which is correct?
12015-12-27 18:51:24 UTCRobert Whittaker This looks rather like an automated edit. Was it discussed beforehand?

Have you changed any source:ref tags present at the same time as the ref=* keys were changed? Have you also changed ref=U* tags on other highways types (including tracks) to match the new tagging?
22015-12-27 18:58:58 UTCPink Duck Yes, an automated edit, but I was the user that set 99.5% of those tags originally. I left the source:ref tag as is, since the refs are unchanged. I messaged you about the U-refs, allowed a week for response, then matched them to the rest. It does state in the wiki that non-signed refs shouldn't use...
32015-12-27 19:35:48 UTCRobert Whittaker now has an official_ref=* and no ref=* tag, so surely the source:ref=* tag should be changed to source:official_ref=*.
42015-12-27 22:23:51 UTCPink Duck Yes, agreed - actioned in changeset 36206221.
52018-07-31 18:55:40 UTCDaveF Hi

There was a discussion in 2015: about this. Official_ref was felt to be too generic. There could be more than one 'official' ref from more than one authority. Highway_authority_ref was considered a good solution. I've been ...
62018-07-31 19:14:39 UTCRobert Whittaker I'd agree that official_ref=* isn't really specific enough. FWIW I've been using the shorter highway_ref=* for such official Road numbers where I've needed to add them (principally for what OS marks as ORPAs, once the official status as an unclassified highway has been confirmed via the List of Stre...
72018-07-31 19:39:18 UTCDaveF You make a fair point. However, for now, I'd like to continue with highway_authority_ref. Once unified it can be discussed on the forum. If it's decided another option is better, amending just one tag is so much easier. For clarity I'm amending 'tertiary' roads with a C* ref. atm. I'll be checking o...
82018-08-01 09:30:25 UTCPink Duck The re-use of "highway" in an alternative reference key name, when there's already a highway main key, seems a bit excess to me. These references after all are mostly issued and used by the main official provider, be that a transport authority or street name and numbering department of a c...
12018-07-15 14:06:14 UTCtrigpoint HI, this seems a very odd edit. In OSM the name should be what appears on the sign, last time I was at Minffordd the signs said Minffordd, Minfford (FR). Again the sign on Hope Station is unlikely to have Derbyshire in brackets.
These changes appear to be tagging for the renderer and should be reve...
22018-07-26 15:47:36 UTCDaveF Hi, More to do with tagging for the consumer. Is it fair they're expected to find & understand the various different NapTAN codes. I note there's a few in London with different names to differentiate between NR, LO & LU. And then, of course, there are the stations prefixed with 'London' in O...
12018-05-29 11:19:03 UTClakedistrict Been watching Least Used Stations? :)
22018-05-29 11:36:28 UTCYorvik Prestigitator possibly.... :)
32018-05-29 18:02:28 UTCtrigpoint I suspect this is a halt, rather than a station. Will listen to the announcement next time I'm on a Heart of Wales train.
42018-05-29 18:12:36 UTClakedistrict It's still a station though isn't it? And what's the difference between station and halt? I thought that the halt tag was more for tourist railways; the wiki isn't very helpful.
52018-05-29 18:33:45 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I thought British Railways/British Rail classified them all as stations to hide how many it was making un-manned in the 60s/70s
62018-05-29 18:36:43 UTCtrigpoint In the UK we map request stops as halts and principle stations as stations. It gives an indication that you will have to go and find the guard, or put your hand out if you want the train to stop.

The wiki is confusing, not sure what points have to do with it. By that rule Telford is a halt :)
72018-05-29 18:39:48 UTCtrigpoint They use the term Principal stations.

The usual announcement when when my train leaves Shrewsbury is "We shall be calling at the following principle stations, Wem, Whitchurch, Nantwich and Crewe. Yorton, Prees and Wrenbury are request stops and you need to speak to the conductor if you want ...
82018-07-26 15:27:23 UTCDaveF They are all stations, just varying in size & facilities. Any differences should be noted in sub tags. Such as railway=station, station=halt (although it should be more accurately described: request_stop=yes). Can't speak for everywhere, but there's a couple of 'halts' on my line which have beco...
12018-07-13 16:14:01 UTCYorvik Prestigitator Why have you stripped all the tags from the station outline and created a new node at York Station?
22018-07-13 18:42:12 UTCDaveF My overall objective: To remove duplicated information (railway=station) & to store tags relevant to rail stations in one entity instead of splitting it between two.
Once I'd done that there was an irrelevant 'site' relation, so I deleted it. In fact these 'site' relations are irrelevant anyway...
12018-06-23 16:12:59 UTCDaveF Oh Dear Tim
This needs to be removed. The temp circuit is not a separate way.
Could you please review all your edits for similar duplication please.
22018-06-27 10:31:53 UTCSimonPoole As there has been no reaction from Tim_HH, I'm deleting the way. If the circuit remains definitely (currently seems unlikely) it can be modelled as a route.
32018-06-27 10:35:26 UTCSimonPoole Removed in
42018-06-27 10:45:39 UTCDaveF Tim has performed similar edits. I think all his changesets need a review. I was hoping he'd do it.
12018-06-23 16:20:54 UTCDaveF And this one Tim
It looks like all your edits may need to be reverted. Please learn how to map responsibly. There are lots of tutorials on the web. Remember, it's not just a map/database for your benefit or hobbies.
12018-06-23 16:07:40 UTCDaveF Tim
Why have you created duplicate ways? There's clearly just one stretch of tarmac
12018-06-23 15:54:33 UTCDaveF Hi Tim
Viewing current onboard footage I'm unsure what your addition is representing.
The chicane used is already mapped.
12018-06-21 12:34:11 UTCDaveF Hi
Do you know where NCN4 has been rerouted?
22018-06-21 15:36:58 UTCCebderby Hi Dave,
Heading E after the A4241 double river bridge / roundabout, arriving at the footbridge with the big cycle ramps, the route 4 seemed to be signed to continue along the A4241 Harbour Way - on the S side at this point. (I crossed to take the Wales Coast Path foot route / old? 4 route around ...
12018-06-21 11:15:11 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Dave, did you intend to indicate way 34060947 to have been closed by setting access=no? If so you need to remove foot=designated. If not, please remove access=no as in combination with highway=footway and foot=designated it leads to confusion.

22018-06-21 12:03:29 UTCDaveF It's temporarily closed for repair work of the bridge over. While it's closed it's still designated as a public footpath.
32018-06-21 12:07:24 UTCMike Baggaley The designation is defined by designation=public_footpath and I am not suggesting it is removed. The foot=designated does need to be removed though as it overrides access=no and indicates that the path is open for walking. I also suggest adding a note to say why it is closed.
12018-06-14 11:28:57 UTCKingHelps I thought it fitted the definition from the wiki: "A park is an area of open space provided for recreational use, usually designed and in semi-natural state with grassy areas, trees and bushes."

Way: 23483746 and Way: 247085672 are tagged as 'park', why does this one differ?
22018-06-14 20:19:13 UTCDaveF Hi KingHelps
All parks = open space provided for recreational use.
All open space provided for recreational use /= parks.
Is it used for recreation?
If you said to any 8 year olds you're taking them to 'the park, & went there, would they be happy or disappointed?
Not conclusive, but a goo...
12018-06-06 09:35:57 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
You've split/duplicated the YMCA
Was this to add the shops as polygons on Broad St?.
22018-06-06 20:43:32 UTCndm Yep, but I didn't have good enough photos to confirm - have stuck the pieces back together.
12018-06-05 14:00:07 UTCDaveF Isn't Sacco hair above Found?
22018-06-05 17:16:26 UTCndm Don't know -- I had this -- seems to show "Found" on the left (or at least a display window). Can swap it back if needs be.

32018-06-05 17:25:07 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
It also shows Found on the right window.
Video from Sacco's rear window:
42018-06-05 21:38:04 UTCndm Cheers. Let me know if you think current version needs modifying.
12018-06-03 15:29:04 UTCDaveF Is Gardiner Haskins Homecentre the building's actual name?
12018-05-20 20:34:13 UTCDaveF Is that an official name? Signpost or an OoC map?
12018-05-16 22:11:47 UTCDaveF Hi Northisland
FYI where pubs have external land the pub details are tagged on the perimeter boundary. This is similar scheme to schools/hospitals etc.
22018-05-17 08:23:03 UTCNorthIsland Hi DaveF. I am confused as I find pubs as buildings everywhere around (Bristol, Bath, BradfordOnAvon). Wiki: says: "establishment that sells alcoholic drinks that can be consumed on the premises"; "beer_garden=yes - The pub has a g...
32018-05-17 16:38:15 UTCDaveF Hi Mike

If a pub is just a building then the tags should be placed on it, but if, as in this case, it also includes a car park & garden or even multiple buildings then it's more accurate to map a boundary polygon around everything owned by the pub. "beer_garden=yes" & "outd...
12018-05-11 16:33:25 UTCDaveF Has this entertainment facility closed?
22018-05-11 16:39:52 UTCbvrdg That's what it looked like to me : name sign gone, window wrapping pulled back, 'For Lease' board

Also, now looking on their website/Twitter, they've moved by Millennium Sq [BS1 5TY]
32018-05-11 16:58:45 UTCDaveF Excellent, thanks.
12018-04-19 13:08:01 UTCDaveF Hi DonalMcL
Welcome to OSM
I'm curious what schema you're using for indoor mapping. Do you have a link?

Should buildingpart be building:part?
This way (& others) appears incomplete & is mapped over an area that isn...
12018-04-18 11:50:54 UTCDaveF To check, has the building been demolished?
22018-04-18 13:10:37 UTCSarahJahs No, it still exists and needs to be re-labelled 'Accommodation Stores'.
32018-04-18 13:53:59 UTCDaveF You've deleted the building tag from both. Please revert. As you know what they are, is there a reason you can't add their new usage?
42018-04-18 14:14:11 UTCSarahJahs I have tried to reinstate this, it's very difficult to use. I can't find an option to edit the text.
12018-04-10 23:04:27 UTCDaveF Hi
To check, what is the reason for these split ways? The one's I've checked appear to have the same tags as the way they been split from. Except you've somehow removed all route relations.
22018-04-18 13:49:24 UTCDaveF I've reverted this Chainset
32018-05-06 08:41:52 UTCerantr1 Hi Dave,
I split the ways since I got info about construction work in some parts of these streets. The original way included parts with construction and parts that weren't blocked and therefore I did the split. I did make sure that there were no turn restrictions that can be damaged by this change,...
12018-04-18 11:43:05 UTCDaveF To check, has the building been demolished?
22018-04-18 13:09:23 UTCSarahJahs The building still exists, it needs to be labelled 'Westwood Housekeepers' as the office will move from the adjacent building to there.
12018-04-13 14:05:54 UTCDaveF Hi
Who are 'we'?
'name' id for official titles which are declared on signs or out of copyright maps etc. If there's a name known just locally please use 'loc_name'
22018-04-13 14:08:30 UTCdbrb2 'we' are the local running club who run up and down it a lot. I'll change the field as suggested :-)
12018-04-09 20:22:00 UTCndm Something seems to have gone wrong here. It would be good if you can fix it.

From what I can tell:

1). College Green is now paved.

2). Lord Mayor's Chapel seems to be askew with bike parking inside?

3). Pedestrian Zone (which is signposted as such -- but not necessarily obvious) now chan...
22018-04-09 23:53:10 UTCDaveF Half my edits in one changeset didn't save to the database. I'll let it settle before editing.
Point 3. It's a vehicle entrance to the hotel & adjacent businesses. There's a clear kerb definition with double yellows. When I went past there were parked up taxis. There are loading restriction si...
32018-04-10 12:07:39 UTCndm Signs are on 2 posts near the two junctions with Park Street. At the very least it should be designated=pedestrian. Vehicles are allowed in highway=pedestrian, hence the original tagging.
42018-04-10 16:41:45 UTCDaveF I have to say I'm a bit confused by your logic. You want a locked gate that has almost certainly never been used & is highly unlikely to be used, as a service road. Yet want one that's in use 24/7 by motor vehicles as pedestrian.
I think I've fixed College Green, but the rendering is V. slow f...
52018-04-10 19:33:33 UTCndm Looking a lot better now.

My recollection is that there is signage for the area near the hotel that states it's a pedestrian area/zone. If so, then it'll need updating somehow.

[[ I added a photo to the other unrelated changeset that hints that vehicle access should be possible to/from the gat...
12018-04-07 11:00:42 UTCDaveF Tip: In iD editor there's 'S' shortcut key to 'square off' buildings.
12018-04-05 23:41:26 UTCDaveF Hi again
These are not parks. There are not multiple parks within the local nature reserve. If you wish it to render green then add landuse=grass to the areas that are grass.
12018-04-05 23:35:21 UTCDaveF Are you sure you haven't got your defaults set to 'avoid scary toads'?
12018-04-05 23:30:04 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM.
This sounds like a problem with 'Bosch Nyon ' (who ever they are) & not OSM. To save yourself a LOT of editing you may wish to contact their admin to see why their product is not complying.
12018-04-05 23:17:40 UTCndm Please revert, see
22018-04-05 23:25:30 UTCDaveF What that photo is missing is the lack of dropped kerb, the non existence of a vision splay due to the step out of the wall & the numerous trees. There is no road definition, it's all pavement. This is not an egress.
32018-04-05 23:55:21 UTCndm Paving is different for the service road than the rest of the pavement -- it can clearly be used to get cars in/out -- even if only in an emergency.
12018-04-02 17:30:43 UTCDaveF It's name is not 'house'
12018-03-30 14:58:04 UTCDaveF Hi Quentin
Welcome ot OSM
I assume this is your house. Is 'Home' it's genuine name? Are you a B&B? if not, 'tourism' should be added
12018-03-29 21:38:33 UTCDaveF Hi
The building is a part of the railway any more
22018-03-29 22:49:52 UTCndm Still has Network Rail signage on it :-)
12018-03-29 21:25:51 UTCDaveF Hi
Good to see you're unifying YHA tagging, but I don't think it's correct to duplicate data. such as addresses or the tourism tag.
As YHAs can have multiple buildings, such as Bath, I think they're best suited to being on the boundary polygon.
12018-03-29 21:00:43 UTCDaveF Hi
If the rest of Station Rd is oneway. doesn't this section have to be also?
22018-04-18 22:23:13 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 58217008 where the changeset comment is: Revert all changesets by a group of commercial editors everywhere except North and South America. They "fixed" routing "errors" but hided real errors instead of...
12018-03-28 17:10:05 UTCDaveF Hi
What is the reason you changed this from abandoned to platform?
22018-03-29 05:30:30 UTCnt801 Hi, any change to the railway was unintentional, sorry. When I first edited the road I didn't realise that some of the nodes were shared with an abandonded railway and thought I had managed to undo any changes to it.
12018-03-26 23:25:31 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM
Does Bunting Lane join Robin Place? If so, unnamed the way ( should be deleted & Bunting Lane extended
12018-03-15 13:16:51 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM
These are all empty nodes. Could you clarify what you're trying to add?
22018-03-16 00:16:24 UTCndm Try if you just want to draw a route on an existing map.
12018-03-12 01:40:54 UTCDaveF Hi
Was this block amendment discussed anywhere?
22018-03-12 08:27:03 UTCRobert Whittaker No -- do you think it should have been?

I'm not sure exactly what your concerns are, but (a) the use of the DfE data for UK Schools is well-established, and (b) I wouldn't regard the changeset as a mechanical edit as each change was examined individually before being included in the changeset.
32018-03-12 08:54:48 UTCDaveF My concern is the name change. Similar to road & shop names, the one on the ground should be used. In databases they're often manipulated to suit the needs of the compiler.

A heads-up on Talk-GB would have been nice.
42018-03-13 13:20:27 UTCDaveF
12018-03-13 00:28:22 UTCDaveF Hi
FYI the best way to tag the playing fileds is like this:

leisure=pitch is for the individual pitches as defined by the white lines.
12018-03-06 20:12:54 UTCDaveF Hi
FYI ways forming multi polygon 'inners' don't require a tag if they're the same as in the relation. It's only needed if different ie a lake.
12018-02-19 22:45:28 UTCDaveF Hi
To check, are you sure this connects to the new busway path? Last I was there a new fence which looked permanent had just been erected:
12018-02-15 23:24:16 UTCPolarbear Dave, there is a majority of OSM users preferring entry and exit on separate nodes, no matter how often you repeat your opinion in this thread

Would you kindly restore the version with the two separate nodes? It is not ina...
22018-02-16 00:23:50 UTCDaveF I reverted the chainset as user Mike Baggaley moved the entities to an inaccurate position in order to fudge a change to suit a small number of data users. This type editing is unacceptable.
I notice the rounbdabout wiki page also encourages poor mapping in order to save routers writing a few lines...
32018-02-16 11:26:32 UTCPolarbear As you noticed in the talk thread you started, cited above, nobody agrees with you. Thus Mike's edit was absolutely acceptable, and so it the edit by Mateusz, who meanwhile fixed the situation.

I noticed however that there was construction going on on this roundabout, in particular the second b...
42018-02-17 00:59:21 UTCDaveF No. OSM has often been described as a 'do-ocracy' so "you can go around and upload the ground view" instead.

You're incorrect. Mike *moved* the roundabout to an inaccurate location in order to squeeze in a extra, erroneous section. It's disappointing so many believe mapping what is on...
12018-02-17 00:39:55 UTCDaveF Very disappointed you deleted my amendments to Cargo 1.
If you look at the images on the business's websites you'll notice the Cider Shop & WokyKo are *clearly* 2 units wide (out of a total of 11).

Using Bing imagery (the most up to date) you'll see it can't be that close to the centre line ...
22018-02-17 09:51:28 UTCndm Well, I was a bit disappointed too -- as I counted all the units very carefully on the ground.

Anyway, I'm going past today -- so will have a look at how many units each shop really has -- I'll stick a couple of photos on flickr / mapilliary so we can all see.

Have used latest Bing imagery for...
32018-02-17 09:53:19 UTCndm Anyway rest of the realignment was a distinct improvement -- glad you deleted all the construction lines :-)
42018-02-17 19:14:59 UTCndm Ok, you're right there are 11 front units, see

Looking a bit closer I think that the front of yours is probably correct, but units are too large and back extends too far (back of mine is correct). Also first and last un...
12018-02-16 16:19:14 UTCDaveF Hi
FYI You shouldn't have a tunnel + bridge
22018-03-17 18:49:35 UTCbmaster Oh cheers I'll bear that one in mind for the future. Feel free to fix up any mistakes I make and I'm always happy to get a bit of feedback :)
12018-02-14 12:48:28 UTCDaveF Please don't amend entities when you've no idea of the layout. Once again it needs pointing out to you that roundabouts do not need separate junctions. Amend your practices to suit.
22018-02-14 13:25:30 UTCMike Baggaley I don't understand your comment. My change was to move two junctions slightly apart to comply with the guidelines at which state:
"Important Consideration When Mapping
All ways which intersect with the junction=roundabout should be...
12018-02-10 19:46:28 UTCDaveF Hi
You've deleted all tags from:
Was that your intention? What is it now?
12018-02-10 19:40:45 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM
The full area owned by supermarkets are often given the name & other details:
12018-02-05 14:45:49 UTCDaveF FYI benches shouldn't be on a footway. It looks like a barrier
12018-02-04 17:51:45 UTCDaveF Hi
I notice you amended Beckford's Tower, swapping monument for folly. The preferred way to tag is as:

That way, the type of building is still noted.
12018-02-03 17:23:44 UTCDaveF Hi
I while since I went down that way,but aren't the areas of grass maintained? Wouldn't 'grass' be more appropriate than unkempt 'grassland'?
12018-01-30 17:14:21 UTCDaveF Hi
The stream isn't underground as you indicated by -1. There's either a bridge (+1) or a tunnel on the stream way.
12018-01-14 12:40:56 UTCDaveF Hi
Adding layer does work as Garden & Park are rendered with the same colour. This needs to be noted on OSM Carto's github page.

Also, I don't think the ruin should have amenity tag as that implies it's a working church. ruins=church, maybe?
22018-01-14 13:16:52 UTCDaveF
12018-01-11 16:27:02 UTCDaveF Hi

Are you sure this road changed its name from Somerdale Road?
22018-01-13 17:23:31 UTCMJB0712 That's my take. I've had a scout round:
Item 98:
(i) To confirm decision on spelling and pronunciation as Trajectus Way for existing Somerdale Rd.
[No mention of what they think th...
32018-01-13 18:29:14 UTCDaveF Ah, good. They just haven't changed the road sign yet. I swap back to Trajectus.

A bit confused by:
(ii)\tTo confirm, Via Traversus for current Cross Street
That was the street in front of the factory, but the PDF on this page suggests it's to the rear:
12018-01-13 17:26:39 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM
You appear to have deleted a couple of ways in this edit.

This has broken the cycle route NCN4.
If entities are inaccurate they sh...
12018-01-11 18:24:38 UTCDaveF Hi
I notice you deleted an existing roundabout. If possible, please retain & amend existing entities instead. It retains the history of previous edits which is often useful information.
I believe the roundabout was split in two for a bus route relation.
12018-01-07 11:50:00 UTCndm

Suggests leisure=recreation_ground should be removed?
22018-01-07 14:11:24 UTCDaveF I disagree with this proposal. defining it as 'leisure' ties in with parks, pitches etc
Note three of the 'See Also..' are leisure.
12018-01-07 00:33:28 UTCDaveF Is the area by Temple Meads no used as a car park any more?
12018-01-04 18:36:07 UTCDaveF Hi

You've mapped old MoD buildings that were razed years ago. It is now a retirement home complex.
22018-01-04 18:49:27 UTCSlowestKingers Ahhh so I did! Will delete! Apologies, thanks for pointing out!!
32018-01-04 20:46:31 UTCDaveF If you live in the area & able, a survey visit & mapping what is there would be great.
42018-01-04 20:48:29 UTCSlowestKingers Yeah I do live in the area, I just got carried away putting buildings on that I don’t even know how I managed that! I’ll see what I can do though for sure in the near future!
12018-01-04 17:29:15 UTCDaveF Hi
A shop is retail not commercial.
12017-12-29 00:57:28 UTCndm I think it's better to leave the name until signage is removed from the shop - as it's still a useful navigable piece of information.
22017-12-29 01:37:09 UTCDaveF I've left the name (with the 'disused:' prefix) so it's still searchable; which is useful when adding its replacement in OSM.

'Name' is still, unfortunately, rendered, even though 'shop' is prefixed with 'disused:', This gives the appearance as if it's still open on the 'standard' map, which is a...
32017-12-29 10:47:54 UTCndm The whole point was to keep the name rendered -- if it still has external signage.

I note that doesn't mention disused:name -- are you it's still searchable?
12017-12-28 20:33:42 UTCDaveF Hi
FYI 'commercial' refers to offices, shops use the tag 'retail'
22017-12-28 21:26:01 UTCbvrdg thanks
12017-12-27 17:44:15 UTCDaveF Hi Michael
The pub already exists as a polygon of the building
12017-12-23 19:53:00 UTCDaveF Hi
I'm tidying up tagless ways.
Are the ones between the house numbers required?
22017-12-23 20:16:55 UTCsouthglos Hi - they were just reminders to myself that those buildings are joined together; I'll delete them when I trace the buildings off new imagery.
12017-12-21 16:52:41 UTCDaveF Hi ioangogo
It looks like the bus relations need added again.
12017-12-18 13:14:29 UTCMike Baggaley Hi Dave, just wondered whether you know if the path has been reopened following the temporary diversion of way 106373596 some 3 years ago?

22017-12-18 13:33:43 UTCDaveF After 3 years I'd assume yes, but not walked that way since. Needs a survey.
12017-12-16 10:53:38 UTCDaveF Hi
I'd appreciate a response to my private mail question:
What is the source of the photographs you used to map these nationwide phone boxes?

12017-12-11 23:42:46 UTCDaveF There are vehicles passing along the Temp access road.
12017-12-08 14:31:29 UTCDaveF Hi
Is the Priddy playground part of the school grounds?
22017-12-09 18:00:48 UTCmonxton I don't recall that with 100% certainty, but I think it is not. The school children use the field to the west of the school building, while the playground is a public facility.
32017-12-09 18:06:07 UTCDaveF Thanks
12017-12-05 12:22:17 UTCDaveF Hi
Could you clarify what this name refers to? Is it the official building name?
12017-12-01 13:35:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
I don't know precisely what happened here, but there are various keys with a trailing space, like "foot " instead of "foot". I fixed some of them - please check if I catched all of them.

22017-12-01 13:45:18 UTCDaveF Hi
Thanks. I noticed OSMose flagged a couple others. Will clear when I've work out why it's occurring. It's a shame editors don't automatically truncate whitespace.
12017-11-26 20:35:23 UTCDaveF Hi

If there are no cycle lane tags it's assumed there a are no cycle lanes.
cycleway:both=no implies there could be a cycle lane in one direction, in which case tags in the above wiki page can be used.

Curious: Are you also: https://www.opens...
12017-11-21 14:18:03 UTCDaveF Hi
Is this a garage? It needs another tag to render.
12017-11-20 22:07:49 UTCDaveF This isn't in London & that's not it's name. Could you please explain what you're attempting to map?
12017-11-17 13:57:35 UTCDaveF Hi
if it's under construction use the landuse=construction tag
22017-11-17 23:00:04 UTCndm I've corrected the bad drag of a point on Taylor Gardens.
12017-11-16 13:07:36 UTCDaveF Hi
Turn restrictions need to have a from>via>to that are linked together.
12017-11-15 20:49:53 UTCarvdk Hi, please describe what you have edited in the description. It's not 2 buildings..
besides, I think you accidentally moved this node because the foot path now ends in the middle of a pond:
22017-11-15 22:27:52 UTCDaveF A car aprk in surface
12017-11-13 12:15:40 UTCDaveF Hi Marabu_Too

Turn restrictions should added as a relation:
22017-11-13 18:18:14 UTCMarabu_Too Hi,
I won't be near my PC for the next two days; I'll try again then (or is there an Android app that allows editing in OSM?)
32017-11-14 10:12:10 UTCDaveF
42017-11-14 14:11:24 UTCMarabu_Too Thanks again - an embarrassment of ritches, actually.
In this current situation I'll pass, as I'm a bit pressed for time and simply can't try out all those Android editors to find one that works well for me, and at the same time find out how to correct that faulty entry, but this coming weekend I'l...
12017-11-13 22:47:31 UTCDaveF I'm intrigued. Why is it "invalid"?
12017-11-02 11:51:51 UTCDaveF You're, once again deleting valid entities. If the tagging doesn't meet your required standard, update them instead of removing,
12017-11-01 22:31:44 UTCDaveF To check, is this a genuine synagogue? It's located in a residential house & appears to be named after you.
12017-10-29 19:36:15 UTCDaveF Hi Leo
Welcome to OSM.
Did you know there's a tool in the editor to 'rectangularize' the buildings?
Hover over the building, right click, select 'square'
12017-10-26 18:44:07 UTCDaveF I'm intrigued what is/are "Array positions - Bats".

Tags need to be added to the way if is to make sense.
12017-10-24 12:53:14 UTCDaveF Hi Morzo Welcome to OSM.
Are you trying to map a building? Try
22017-10-24 20:56:18 UTCndm I've had a quick go at adding the building, etc. It might not be great, but hopefully close enough so you can fix it.
32017-10-24 21:23:57 UTCDaveF Nice Update.

As it's a place where people stay/sleep on multiple nights I'll add landuse=residential.

I've not been through that development. Is all the rest commercial?
12017-10-24 13:00:02 UTCDaveF Hi Chris
Is the the correct location? Looks very close to Goosefoot.
12017-10-23 19:37:58 UTCDaveF Hi
Try using the ESRI background images in iD.The paths are shown
12017-10-15 20:47:39 UTCDaveF Hi
Could I ask you to take a look at your edits? There appears to be a few things amiss:
Platform 2 is very thin
Buildings upon buildings
Short stay car & a building
a platform tagged on a node
Buildings & platforms split into unnecessary multi-polygons
Buildings & platforms with ...
12017-10-11 21:25:04 UTCDaveF Hi
How do you know it's private?
NT promote it on their Skyline walk:

This is a video approaching the wood from the field below. Hardly private looking.
22017-10-12 17:16:20 UTCNuggg My point was it's not officially a public right of way. What would you consider to be better tagging to reflect that?
32017-10-12 21:28:58 UTCDaveF Leave it as it was.
As it didn't have PROW designation tags it was making no claims that it was.'
'Private' indicates it's not publicly accessible.
42017-10-13 11:46:50 UTCNuggg That's at odds with what I read on - perhaps permissive is the appropriate choice in this case. I see you have reverted now anyhow so will leave it to you.
52017-10-13 19:39:57 UTCDaveF FYI National Trust map (zoom in)
62017-10-13 21:01:10 UTCNuggg OK I concede it is NT land and so can be treated as implicitly public along with its paths. However, the track off Bathwick Hill looked like a private driveway to me, complete with gate.
72017-10-13 21:42:58 UTCDaveF True, just like there's a gate to the Western side. Last time I went through the Bathwick Hill gate it was unlocked & no 'private' signs. To the rear of the houses there are clearly defined property wall boundaries:
82017-10-13 21:48:35 UTCNuggg Rather different looking kinds of gate IMO, with the western one certainly more indicative of public access, but it is all subjective in the absence of signs.
12017-10-12 23:04:57 UTCDaveF This is a relocated pharmacy. The FHRS was for it's previous location.
I'm in discussion with BANES about the inaccuracy of their database.
22017-10-13 11:21:52 UTCndm Sorry about that -- looked like a good match!
12017-10-11 13:54:31 UTCDaveF Neat. A couple of other points:
If cyclists are allowed to ride on the pavement up to the crossing, I would draw the cycle lane parallel to Whitehall road & then join it to the crossing.

If the cyclist can ride across the crossing (is there a bike symbol in the push-button display?) then I'...
22017-10-11 14:06:28 UTCBobC76 thanks - done in 52826684
12017-10-11 12:17:25 UTCDaveF Hi again Bob
Could you explain your reason for the turn restriction, Are you sure a bike can't turn right into Bragg's Lane?
22017-10-11 13:12:45 UTCBobC76 That's an error, removed it.
12017-10-09 12:15:33 UTCndm You seem to be trying to change the map tagging to fix cycle routing - unless there's an obvious error or ommision this is considered bad practice. If routing software isn't working correctly please file a bug with its developers, rather than "tagging for the router".
22017-10-09 16:34:23 UTCDaveF A bit blurred, but the bicycle symbol can just about be made out.

Are there any bollards?
32017-10-10 15:30:33 UTCBobC76 Yes there are bollards - its not correctly designated as its not a "service road".

42017-10-10 15:59:06 UTCBobC76 See,-2.5524246,3a,40y,93.04h,88.6t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqckQXvkboX4-xjOMY_EFAA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 and,-2.5513873,3a,75y,344.59h,98.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sQeeUdXCJoOfKs9LIfT9fFg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 for the other side....
52017-10-10 16:21:03 UTCDaveF From GSV there's a traffic sign on that way. Do you know what is says?
Is there access into the rear of the pub for deliveries etc?
I'm a bit surprised routers avoid it. Which one are you using?
Try putting bicycle=designated on it.
62017-10-10 19:03:16 UTCndm You can't use Google Streetview as a source for OSM

Other maps have their own copyright and shouldn't be copied.

If it's useable for a brewery delivery, then it should probably remain as a service. If ...
72017-10-10 19:32:02 UTCDaveF I don't think anyone's using GSV to map.
82017-10-10 20:28:52 UTCndm Uploaded photo from original 2016 mapping to flickr:
92017-10-11 08:38:42 UTCBobC76 Firstly, thanks for all the help, I am new to OSM and suggesting improvements. I walk/cycle the path daily and so not using GSM for anything other than a reference image for those not familiar with the area itself to see what we're debating. I've additionally raised an issue with the routing softwar...
102017-10-11 10:58:51 UTCDaveF Given it's location I'm surprised the sign is orientated in that direction. Could it have been swivelled around?

From the information given If I were mapping it I'd tag is as:
surface=asphalt (cycle routers use surface to dete...
12017-10-10 23:26:58 UTCDaveF Could you please give more descriptive, helpful comments than "aabbcccdd"

12017-09-26 20:56:09 UTCDaveF Hi
Wagamama & a few other of your additions are already in the map as polygon. Could you please transfer your edits to them. Most city centre shops are already added if you can't see them in Wheelmap please check using another editor such as iD from site (Click 'edit')
22017-10-09 22:09:08 UTCDaveF Thanks for the response.
32017-10-09 23:00:43 UTCRares_gis101 hi dave, sorry i thought i responded back to you via email. My apology, I wanted to help and got too much into it making changes I should have waited on feedback from you. Did you manage to transfer them as polygons? I would be interested to find out how you did that so I know next time
42017-10-10 19:03:43 UTCDaveF Potlatch - Click the POI so it's highlighted. Move the mouse slightly, shift left click will expand it to a closed polygon.
JOSM - copy the tags of any object to a new one (Ctrl+Shift+V)
I don't think it can be done in iD
12017-10-09 16:12:53 UTCDaveF Can the crossings be amended to 'toucan'?
12017-10-01 20:23:36 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM
Do you know how vehicles get to the camp site?
22017-10-01 21:54:45 UTCndm Be careful are you sure that there's a licence to use data from KnowYourPlace in OSM.

Even diigitizing and ortho-correcting old maps is likely to generate a new copyrighted product.
32017-10-01 22:34:03 UTCAndyReid56 Hi,
The road access comes under the railway and there is a gate at the north end of the campsite, roughly a hundred meters north of the bend. The land North of the campsite is under separate ownership, and currently used as a landfill site. There is a planning dispute between the owner of the cam...
42017-10-01 23:20:41 UTCndm No worries, you've probably saved people taking a spurious shortcut now.
52017-10-04 12:53:34 UTCDaveF Hi
For the extent it's accessible by vehicles (up to the farm?) the path would better tagged be tagged as highway=service.
If it's a designated PROW (with signs?) then this tag is appropriate for it's full length.
I've added the farm, the only ...
12017-09-29 09:22:15 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
I think you've used old imagery for the Lamplighters garden:
22017-09-29 19:30:22 UTCndm Well obviously I can't use that link :-) -- is based on more sober reflection and the Digital World Standard Imagery -- which is the only imagery with the overlooking flats in Cottonwick Close.

May have to do another survey when it's lighter -- s...
12017-09-26 10:30:41 UTCDaveF Hi Neil
Do you think these city based places for amendment?
I'm struggling to see Aztec West as a village.
22017-09-27 17:54:13 UTCndm Well, have relabelled the commercial area instead -- but it has a church, doctors, cafes, etc., etc. so village prob' wasn't too far off.
32017-09-27 18:27:23 UTCDaveF Sorry, I for got add the Overpass link:
+Cadbury Heath. Personally I think they should be suburbs, what do you think?
12017-09-26 20:42:54 UTCDaveF Has this opened? From the local press I thought it was to be a retail shop selling fresh pasta.
22017-10-09 22:56:19 UTCRares_gis101 sorry I made the edit on paper and asking Michaela with who I was walking with, she said it was a restaurant. MY apologies!
12017-09-24 11:45:18 UTCDaveF To check, are these permanent?
22017-09-24 12:44:20 UTCAlanStans Yes, They move around slightly but stay in front of the M Shed. Have been there for some years! They belong to the museum.
(Need to add John King (Tug) at some time.
32017-09-24 12:51:00 UTCDaveF Good. Is the Balmoral still there? It's a bit of a big ship for me to have missed the last time I walked past.
42017-09-24 13:05:22 UTCAlanStans It's currently away for the summer cruising program. Due back in October for the winter.
12017-09-24 10:49:56 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello DaveF. At (and following) you have tagged `notre` instead of `note`, right? #typo
22017-09-24 10:51:43 UTCDaveF Yes, ta.
12017-09-20 19:44:31 UTCDaveF Hi
To check is there really a new huge car park in the field?
12017-09-20 17:24:15 UTCDaveF Hi
Is there a reson you added River Thames relation to the River Cole for art of its length?

Including this boundary section:
22017-09-20 17:51:32 UTCThe Maarssen Mapper absolutely no reason at all! thanks for finding it.. it was 3 years ago as well!
12017-09-20 12:27:03 UTCDaveF Hi Micaela
I've moved the wheelchair:description from the playground to the park entity as that is what you're referring to.

To check: Toilets. Does the pharmacy have them or are they in the doctor's surgery?

22017-09-20 12:48:02 UTCMicaelaB Hello
Thank you re. the Park.
The Pharmacy and Doctors share the building with shared access so the toilet is available to both.
32017-09-20 13:09:57 UTCDaveF Thanks for that.

I'll add toilets to the surgery as that is the inclusive geometry.

Also I moved toilets:wheelchair from the playground to the toilet block.

12017-09-12 12:48:41 UTCDaveF Hi again

This is an erroneous path on OS/definitive maps. It goes through the churchyard.
The route you mapped is through a private property with locked gates.
12017-09-11 17:57:02 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome to OSM.
To check is this actually a park?

Last I rode past it was an area of scrub land with no discernible public access.

Also, joining polygons to road centre lines is discouraged as it can lead to confusion. Fore example is this gate a...
12017-09-08 12:21:27 UTCDaveF Hi Claire Welcome to OSM

I assume this is meant to be a bench not a gate as well?
12017-09-02 11:49:42 UTCDaveF Hi mot_tom

In OSM it's best not to stitch polygon areas to the centreline of road ways, as you've done with residential areas.
Imagine it was a field & a gate was added. That gate would also be a node on the road, effectively blocking it.

When a...
22017-09-04 14:29:35 UTCmot_tom Hi DaveF
Thanks for the tips, I'll bear them in mind in future edits, apologies for the mistakes made here
12017-08-29 19:50:19 UTCDaveF Why didn't you add the correct church title?
22017-08-29 19:55:25 UTCMike Baggaley HI Dave, I didn't know what the proper name was.
12017-08-28 13:53:09 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM
The houses are looking good. Did you know there's a tool to 'rectangularize' opbjecit in the iD editor? Hover over the building, right click & select 'square'.

If you know if the North Road/Avenue houses on the North side belong to the Uni could you amend both the resident...
22017-08-28 13:58:47 UTCosholt Thanks Dave! I remember using it a while ago but I'll square it all up on my next pass. None of the houses belong to the University except for Osborne House (predates my changes) I believe but that's technically not part of the campus so I won't touch the boundaries.
12017-08-27 16:58:17 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM
Are you certain this isn't an area on which to to play sports any more? Parks are usually public areas of grass not a hard standing area..
12017-08-27 16:27:21 UTCDaveF I've deleted your two nodes for Warmly park as there's an existing polygon representing it. Please check to see if features already exist before amending the database.
12017-08-26 09:44:06 UTCDaveF Hi again.
Is this area not a Pitch & putt course any more?
12017-08-26 09:40:46 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome to OSM.
Did you mean to add any tags to this node?
12017-08-20 21:55:31 UTCDaveF Hi
Why have you removed pub details from the polygon that represents the land operated by the pub (same as with the scheme for schools) & placed them on a building within the polygon boundary?

Why have you created a MP relation which places the pub car park *outside* the premises of the land...
22017-08-21 08:32:53 UTCSomeoneElse Certainly the change here has broken all the renderers that I'm aware of - is completely confused, and doesn't see the pub at all!
12017-08-17 19:48:33 UTCDaveF Pulverized Ash?

Instead of deleting could you have contacted the mapper(s) to ask?
22017-08-18 07:30:36 UTCToniE First guess: surface=paved or surface=paving_stones. "paved" is quite generic and should fit here?
32017-08-18 08:32:40 UTCSomeoneElse I've reverted this. Please ask the mapper what "pa" was a misspelling of in each case rather than just removing data from OSM.
12017-08-17 19:05:24 UTCDaveF Hi
Are you sure it's a church? Looks domesticto me.
How about a place suburb?
12017-08-17 16:51:55 UTCDaveF BTM is already tagged with railway=station in both a polygon & a relation. You've now added a third as a node.
The polygon's name label is rendered in ORM.

I note ORM appear to render your node's name label twice, in grey & blue. Are you aware of a reason for this?
22017-08-17 18:40:21 UTCFluclo No idea on the reason, but until this node was added, OpenRailwayMap was not showing the railway station name in Blue (every other station in the area was). Now it is showing the railway station in Blue at zoom level 11 which is what I would expect for a principle railway station.
32017-08-17 18:52:45 UTCDaveF You're duplicting data which is to be discouraged. You should contact ORM to ask why it renders differently. Please don't tag incorrectly to suit the renderer.
12017-08-09 17:33:13 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome.

When adding Wiki tags please follow this advice:
12017-08-06 16:39:20 UTCDaveF Hi
You appear to have deleted part of a MP relation:
22017-08-06 18:02:47 UTCThe Maarssen Mapper Hi Dave, thanks for catching that, I have fixed it now.
12017-08-05 17:44:11 UTCDaveF Hi
Have these widespread edits been discussed anywhere?

My understanding is natural=sand used to describe a golf bunker is prime example of 'tagging incorrectly for the renderer'
22017-08-05 23:18:34 UTCradek-drlicka Hi, it is according to I think natural=beach is nonsense and natural=sand is less nonsense. It should be golf=bunker and surface=sand.
12017-08-05 10:43:01 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM.

What's there instead of the scrub? In OSM we try to update & replace rather than delete where possible.
22017-08-05 11:13:14 UTCedyl Hi, it is now brownfield land ready for building on, so to leave it as green fields is misleading. Will re edit later extent of new buildings and road.
32017-08-05 13:05:43 UTCDaveF Excellent. Do you live/work there? If so could you check if this (Oakwood?) is in the correct location?
Some plans show it at the bend in Jenner Boulevard
42017-08-05 13:17:00 UTCedyl I work there sometimes. I have a GPS tracker so will be able to plot the new part of Oakwood Drive that goes to the new DPD depot that opened this week. Where are you, UK or US?
12017-08-04 23:12:49 UTCsouthglos Just to let you know I've reverted the changes to the M4 - it was hole-less.
22017-08-05 12:22:27 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome to OSM

This is a duplicated area:

Please update existing polygon if it's not accurately mapped
32017-08-05 12:27:41 UTCDaveF Isn't the car park used by the pub any more?
42017-08-05 12:32:11 UTCDaveF

The road is at ground level. The motorway is tag as a bridge over. There can't be both a bridge & tunnel.
52017-08-05 12:45:03 UTCDaveF I've joined the two Winterbourne International Academy together otherwise it registers a two schools.
12017-08-05 10:51:47 UTCDaveF Hi again
Has it been relayed as before it was a 2.5m path?:
22017-08-05 11:10:14 UTCedyl My error, was trying to add a new Road, Oakwood Drive, that leads to the new DPD depot, from Kennel Boulevard. I have changed it back I think.... Will re edit later.
12017-08-01 12:33:27 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome to OSM

A couple of things with this way:

Is it an official cyclepath? I know it was a temp one during Ashton Bridge renovation. Are there signs?
It requires shared nodes at intersections with other ways such as t...
22017-08-01 14:18:54 UTCperquise Have added the shared points. The cycle path is not well signed but is "somewhat official" in a temporary capacity, as there are road markings on the northern side directing cyclists onto this pavement. This may change in the mid-term future. Will check for signage next time I go there.
12017-08-01 11:37:18 UTCDaveF Hi
Do you have more details on OMM? A quick search returns mainly business listings. Unsure if 'occupational health' should be classed as a hospital.
22017-08-01 12:56:34 UTCJake__ Nope my bad sorry.
12017-07-30 10:01:31 UTCDaveF Hi
Could you refrain from joining polygons, in this case residential areas, to the centreline of roads. It causes problems when adding entities such a gates to field areas.
12017-07-29 11:25:39 UTCDaveF You're in the wrong town & there's already a tag for it.
12017-07-29 11:24:03 UTCDaveF Could you clarify what this is please?
12017-07-21 22:49:34 UTCndm Adding oneway to Avon Crescent seems odd -- sure it wasn't a week or so ago? And it has an exit in the opposite direction to the oneway.
22017-07-22 06:45:13 UTCAlanStans It's definitely no entry from Cumberland road since they completed the road works by the create centre a couple of weeks ago. Will check later today if the whole thing is one way.
32017-07-22 09:44:14 UTCndm Cheers -- I had a quick look at some photos from there last week (because of the new "cyclelane") and I can see a van pointing in the "wrong" direction -- but infuriatingly no good set of shots from the rest of it.
42017-07-22 16:19:56 UTCDaveF Hi
Now oneway:

is this link now dug up?:

Is the cycle contraflow painted lines or a segregated lane?

Is this new cycle path open?
52017-07-22 17:28:14 UTCndm Photos from last week - note direction of parked van -
62017-07-22 18:04:29 UTCAlanStans Drove along today. Only change is painting at the south end and a no entry except cycles Just painted bike lane north bound at the junction for short distance, rest of road seems to be still two way.
Link at North end unchanged.

I have edited road to show only one way just at the southern end...
72017-07-22 18:06:32 UTCAlanStans Just noted cycle path for that bit exists, so should be good.
82017-07-22 18:07:52 UTCAlanStans Meaning the cycle path at south end of AVon cresent to allow cycles in.
92017-07-22 18:25:27 UTCndm Cheers for that -- obviously an area to keep an eye on -- the Ashton Avenue Bridge is was open today too -- strangely no separate cycleway -- just a wideish pavement.
102017-07-22 20:07:09 UTCAlanStans The bus route from Ashton Bridge to Cumberland road has also been built (hence my move of the railway platform - yet to be rebuilt) but I cant work out how to draw a bus only route!
112017-07-22 20:42:36 UTCDaveF I've just added the route over Ashton Bridge. I've tweeted MetroBus to confirm that section's a guided busway:

I took the tags from Cambridge except I've kept is a construction for now:

122017-07-28 16:13:58 UTCDaveF Metrobus confirm this section is to be guided, but unclear of the extent.
12017-07-22 22:25:17 UTCDaveF I'm confused now. Is or isn't the crescent oneway to vehicles?
22017-07-23 20:46:18 UTCAlanStans At the moment it appears to be only that it is no entry at the southern end (except bikes). But did not see any one way signs at any other part so presume you can turn around and drive north. Work of course may not be complete, the Metro bus plans show changes to the layout at the northern end.
32017-07-28 16:01:17 UTCDaveF Conformation from Metrobus:
"Motorists can no longer enter Avon Crescent from Cumberland Rd. Motorists on the road can exit it from the north by the Nova Scotia."
12017-07-26 16:37:25 UTCDaveF Hi
There's already a John Wood House.

Is that the block of the student accommodation?
22017-07-26 17:15:36 UTCENZiRThE Hello, yes it's the accommodation I'm staying at the moment, my apology if I've duplicated it.
32017-07-26 18:45:18 UTCDaveF Excellent. Could you correct it please.
42017-07-26 21:23:14 UTCENZiRThE Hello I Will correct it, please describe how.
I have logged into my account but cannot see how to do it.
I think I will refrain from adding further POI as its beyond my ability at present.
52017-07-28 15:08:39 UTCDaveF I'm unsure if OsmAnd has the ability to amend polygons. Hve a lok hear for ones that do:

Please don't stop adding nodes to OSM, but do a search in OsmAnd to see if the entity already exists.
12017-07-27 23:14:29 UTCDaveF There is no pedestrian section. Motorists can driver right upto the bollards
22017-07-28 09:19:37 UTCmot_tom I agree and I only changed this as it shows more clearly on the map that it is a no through road (the bollard symbol is very small and hard to see). However, by all means change it back to how it was if that is preferable
32017-07-28 10:32:59 UTCDaveF ...Or you could rectify your erroneous edits yourself.

You've mapped for the renderer which is actively discouraged. OSM is a database from which many renderings are derived. Just because certain features a hard to see in one doesn't mean they're not prominent in another.
42017-07-28 10:40:26 UTCmot_tom Apologies, I'm fairly new to this so I'm still learning as I go along, but mapping for the renderer does make sense, and with hindsight, there wasn't really much need to change the area. I'll change it back immediately (I wasn't trying to be snarky either, sorry if I came across that way too!)
52017-07-28 11:14:48 UTCDaveF No worries. As long as the quality of the database is maintained.
12017-07-27 22:03:45 UTCDaveF Anybody know if these rail tracks have be removed completely?
22017-07-28 09:14:51 UTCmot_tom According to this website, only the sleepers remain -
The whole site is abandoned, but I don't know how to tag that onto the industrial area (other than the deprecated disused=yes tag)
12017-07-27 18:18:45 UTCDaveF Hi
Already labelled
12017-07-27 18:17:07 UTCDaveF Hi
As before, these are already labelled.
12017-07-27 18:15:57 UTCDaveF Hi
Isn't Eastwood a collection of houses (which already has a label)?
12017-07-27 16:27:43 UTCDaveF Hi
Is it that shape? Aren't there more than one building?
12017-07-27 16:25:09 UTCDaveF Hi
It requires a building=* tag instead of landuse.
12017-07-27 16:20:52 UTCDaveF Hi
The restaurant already exists as a building polygon in OSM
12017-07-26 13:33:00 UTCDaveF Hi
A detailed household depot already exists. If public can't enter the bit you've just mapped would it better as a separate polygon? Is it for commercial companies?

Your addition also doubles up landuse=industrial.
22017-08-01 13:27:07 UTCuberchump Hi Dave - would take your lead - I work for the company that operates the site and I'm trying to address two audiences - technically it's a single site with partitioned access for public / suppliers and staff - the additional area is not a commercial as such but where service and staff vehicles acce...
12017-07-24 13:05:43 UTCDaveF To check:

Doe this bridleway join into a footpath? Unusual if it does.
22017-07-24 13:06:22 UTCDaveF *Western end
32017-07-24 13:54:15 UTCDoctorRad No, the track at the western end has been upgraded to a Public Bridleway, but I have not changed it on OSM as yet, as I need to do more editing.

The OSM Way I added is the track on the ground from my GPS survey, rather than the actual right of way, but hopefully the effect is much the same.
42017-08-01 08:53:47 UTCDoctorRad Have now corrected the footpath / bridleway situation as best I can from visits and local knowledge.
12017-07-23 10:22:35 UTCDaveF

If buildings are demolished they should be removed from OSM as it's not a historical map.
22017-07-23 11:16:10 UTCRowland Appreciate that, and of course that isn't the case for railways, but left the outline with a note as it's still visible on Bing imagery, to avoid confusion with any one coming along and only liking at that source.
32017-07-23 14:06:51 UTCDaveF Actually it is for railways. They're not rendered & should be transferred to Open History Map.
12017-07-20 17:40:41 UTCDaveF You've created a duplicate of schools at Noss/North school
22017-07-22 19:18:41 UTCRowland Nope, not a duplicate - it's a different school, with the newer Noss Primary also replacing Hillhead Primary School
32017-07-22 19:41:26 UTCDaveF Yes, there were duplicates. You've just delete one of them!
42017-07-22 20:31:37 UTCRowland I would have done it sooner, but was blocked whilst I was researching which of the conflicting sources was more accurate
52017-07-22 20:51:23 UTCDaveF You should have "researched" before adding features. You could of done it "sooner" but instead you went on to add further chainsets before being blocked. Your blocks are for a reason. Please try & comprehend why.
12017-07-13 20:37:55 UTCDaveF Hi Rowland
To map entities with voids in the middle we use mulipolygon relations:
22017-07-22 12:24:12 UTCBCNorwich I've pointed out this problem (through changeset comments) to mapper Rowland many times and corrected dozens of these instances. Despite this there has been no response from Rowland and data continues to be added incorrectly.
Rowland also maps land/building areas on top of existing land/building a...
32017-07-22 15:43:16 UTCDaveF Rowland was/is under an acknowledgement ban so unable to message via changeset, but I did receive a DM (although it didn't really address my concerns). It's surprising someone with 7K edits is unaware of MPs & his 'blitzkrieg' mapping technique of not tidying up after himself is *very* annoying.
42017-07-22 20:32:55 UTCRowland Dozens is a little bit of an exaggeration, as it was once this year, and once in 2015
52017-07-23 05:37:46 UTCBCNorwich Yes once this year and once in 2015 are the commented changesets.

Dozens is likely an understatement. Your attention was probably only drawn to the ones I commented on (even though the comments seemed to provoke no response). The dozens of self intersecting outlines on areas (buildings, water, wo...
12017-07-20 15:54:52 UTCDaveF Hi
I'm adding NCN4 relation to the new roundabout. Were any cycle lanes included in the construction an were the feeder lanes as short as you've mapped them??
22017-07-20 18:11:29 UTCtrigpoint There are no cycle lanes, feeder lanes are short as mapped. They are traced from gps.
32017-07-20 19:33:11 UTCtrigpoint I was there last week. I have fixed it, and the Atlantic Coast Route, now to try to fix the bus routes and the slashed road names :)

I had added the roundabout whilst there, but the relations were too big for my laptop/mobile connection
12017-07-13 20:48:06 UTCDaveF Hi again
The two landuse=industrial areas you've added appear to overlap existing areas & stretch into land own by other companies or is public land. If you have additional data could you add it to existing objects.
22017-07-13 23:16:57 UTCndm School would ideally use multipolygon.

Nursing Home might not be a good match for a hospital -- there's a couple of different options documented in the wiki.
32017-07-15 13:20:05 UTCRowland Per the source, the pound for the port after per there OS openmap local data. Will take a look at the multi polygons.
42017-07-15 21:31:47 UTCDaveF I'm unclear what you mean. I've looked at the OS Open Map - Local data for the area & see no boundary. Is there an on-line version of what you're using as data?

Could you explain what 'Tayberry' is? Is it an editor or an importer?
52017-07-19 09:34:14 UTCSomeoneElse I suspect that is mistagged. It's tagged as a hospital, but the name suggests it's a nursing home. Have a look in for things like "nursing home" "care home" and "healthcare" and "social...
62017-07-19 13:03:27 UTCDaveF Social facility is probably what's required:
72017-07-19 20:51:16 UTCndm I've redrawn from Bing and tagged as amenity=nursing_home as per JOSM defaults for "Nursing Home".
82017-07-19 20:55:11 UTCndm I redrew Penny Brohn as well -- not sure about Bristol Port -- should at least be a relation? Probably needs extensive redrawing/reverting?
92017-07-20 09:39:38 UTCDaveF In JOSM There's also the newer amenity=social_facility as an umbrella value for all variants as list in the link I provided above, which seems sensible development to me

The two main problems I have with the port is
1) it's tagged as industrial which duplicates existing area
2) it does tie in ...
102017-07-20 12:11:27 UTCDaveF Correction: "it *doesn't* tie in "
112017-07-20 19:20:36 UTCndm I walked the bridleway ~2 months ago -- it's outside of the fenced industrial area. I note the original industrial area is still "underneath" the larger -- as is the foreshore, part of the coastline/inlets and a wildlife corridor I added a while ago.
12017-07-18 19:59:31 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome to OSM
Are you sure this is path is permissive?
It's got the Limestone link route +
22017-07-18 20:08:31 UTC_Stuz My understanding is that there are actually two parallel paths here. The extant one here corresponds with my GPS survey of the permissive path (marked with notices along its length). The technical public right of way is slightly to the north, and hasn't been surveyed. I'm intending to do a more comp...
32017-07-18 20:20:23 UTCDaveF Great. Do you know if any of the construction site can now be converted to residential area?
42017-07-19 19:59:11 UTC_Stuz I've now surveyed Limstone Link, and made appropriate adjustments.

I haven't yet determined the current bounds of the construction zone.
52017-07-20 08:42:03 UTCDaveF Excellent, looks good. Did the impassible bit look like it was intentional?
62017-07-20 09:00:40 UTC_Stuz Very overgrown, no evidence of a stile (that I could see) at the field boundary along the RoW route. I think the farmer essentially wants the RoW to be unofficially diverted on to the parallel permissive way, and is discouraging foot traffic on the RoW as much as possible.
72017-07-20 11:46:54 UTCtrigpoint Please report it to the local highway authority and Ramblers
12017-07-16 09:46:40 UTCDaveF Hi
Do you have any details for this airstrip. I can find no info.
22017-07-16 10:03:21 UTCjan_olieslagers I found it in a list , published as a pdf, called "Britisch Isles Airfield Guide". It dates from 2013 though, so I cannot vouch there still is an active aerdrome today. Do feel free to add "note" or "fixme" or "closed=yes" as you see fit. Regards,
32017-07-17 14:49:02 UTCSomeoneElse @jan_olieslagers what's the licence associated with the PDF and where did the information in it come from?
42017-07-17 15:54:10 UTCjan_olieslagers I've no idea. There is no mention of copyright or licence in the pdf that I could find. Let me have an address and I'll be glad to mail it to you. Regards,
52017-07-18 20:04:52 UTCSomeoneElse A quick web search of "Britisch Isles Airfield Guide" "pdf" "2013" finds a few candidates, such as . Is it perhaps one of those?
In the absense of any other information we probably can't assum...
62017-07-19 10:23:52 UTCCebderby Visually, the line of T hangars at the west shows it was an aviation site (at the time of the images). Looks like it is a private site known variously as (Wickwar/Yate) Chase Farm (Airstrip), certainly in use 2009-2016 (see The E-W run...
12017-07-13 16:47:47 UTCMike Baggaley HI Dave, on way 56463013, you have added foot=yes to a way that has access=private and highway=footway. This can lead to confusion over whether access for walking is intended to be private or public. As this is appears to be a path to a school and terminates in a gate, it might be best to remove acc...
22017-07-13 21:11:02 UTCDaveF Agreed - Done.
12017-07-13 19:44:34 UTCDaveF Hi agsin
Why have you made this stretch non-navigable?
22017-07-13 21:04:01 UTCDaveF Could you sort this out please:
12017-07-13 17:49:25 UTCDaveF Hi
Would you likie to check your edits please:
22017-07-13 20:09:37 UTCDaveF You've placed these two in the water outside residential apartments:
12017-07-13 19:47:00 UTCDaveF Could you please revert this edit.
22017-07-13 19:51:45 UTCDaveF Could you please move these to their correct location
12017-07-11 21:05:56 UTCDaveF Hi
This is an automated edit. Have you discussed this on any OSM forum?
22017-07-12 05:37:28 UTCtambre This wasn't an automated edit. I went through everything manually.
32017-07-12 08:57:08 UTCDaveF Your changeset was open for just 6 seconds.
42017-07-12 09:29:00 UTCtambre After some Googling about how changesets works, it seems my editor (JOSM) simply uploads all changes at once by default. As for the 6 seconds, it seems roughly like the time it would take me to upload a changeset of this size. Should I in future figure out how to avoid uploading everything at once? ...
52017-07-12 10:08:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap!
There are a few reasons why automated edits such as this one need to be discussed.
One is to give people who are using the "old" tagging chance to change to the "new" tagging. Without any kind of warning, features will disappear from downstr...
62017-07-12 10:11:07 UTCSomeoneElse For more info, see .
12017-07-07 11:48:59 UTCDaveF Hi Cate91 Welcome to OSM.
I'm reverting a couple of your edits as you've removed a tag & overlaid a new highway instead of upgrading the existing way.

Is Cherry Banks fully open to Forgetmenot Way?
22017-07-07 11:51:42 UTCDaveF To check: Is the road you added actually called Cherry Banks as that is in another part of the development?
32017-07-07 12:23:16 UTCCate91 No worries - I'm new to this!

The road added/changed is called Cherry Banks (not another part of the development)

Cherry Banks splits where it meets Bluebell Way and continues south to meet the NE/SW Cherry Banks road and join to Willowherb (That part of the road is not on the map yet).

42017-07-07 13:11:59 UTCsouthglos Hi
...and 30mph? I thought all of this development was within a 20mph zone?
52017-07-07 16:41:36 UTCCate91 Not that I know of as I believe it's all 30mph, but if you know better, by all means, change it to 20mph :) It'll all become clearer once the council actually adopt the roads.
12017-07-05 13:37:11 UTCDaveF Hi
Wouldn't it benefit OSM if, instead of removing semi-inaccurate tags, to update them to their correct values?
22017-07-06 20:12:20 UTCSK53 I'd strongly support DaveF here: before designation became widely used access=designated or foot=designated was often used for Public Rights of Way. This may or may not be the case here, but removal of the tag does nothing to improve OSM, and may degrade the information.

This changeset discussion...
12017-06-29 20:51:49 UTCDaveF Hi
By "too prominent" are you referring to how it renders on the standard map? If so, could you reinstate it please.

If it exists it can be mapped. If you feel the rendering isn't to your liking you can discuss it in the relevant forum:
22017-06-29 22:12:49 UTCSK53 Removing data is "mapping for the renderer": please don't do it. Someone took the time to transcribe the information from the plaque and enter it in OSM. This type of information is widely used elsewhere: for instance on the website. By removing it to make this area look th...
32017-06-29 22:34:18 UTCddd bbb Firstly, sorry! I want the area to represent how people navigate - is there a way of keeping it there without it being rendered/removing house numbers nearby? Can it be put back?
42017-07-02 21:30:35 UTCndm I've reverted this changeset -- and tweaked it a bit in a separate one.
12017-06-20 17:52:38 UTCDaveF Hi
Could you provide your source for the name please.
22017-06-21 21:07:36 UTCVexX_uk I grew up in the area and this is what everyone calls the park. New here so not sure if local knowledge is enough.

I'm actually struggling to find an official source for this but perhaps the fact that it's on Manor Road gives enough confidence that I'm not making this up?
32017-06-22 11:45:49 UTCDaveF BTW Welcome to OSM.

I've never found an official name, which is why I never named it. I see it more as a leisure=recreation_ground than a park. It certainly shouldn't be tagged as both.

How about 'Manor Road Playing Fields'?
12017-06-20 18:07:06 UTCDaveF Hi
Is there a reason you moved The Cove's location?
22017-06-20 18:14:14 UTCDaveF Allow me to correct myself. It is in the pub's garden & EH have located it in the wrong place
32017-06-20 21:33:08 UTCrobbieonsea Yes indeed I moved it, as can be seen fairly clearly on Bing aerial imagery - which aligned to my GPS trace (albeit that ended on path entrance to the pub garden).
The Code stones are directly in line from that path entrance at the back of the pub garden.
12017-06-14 12:50:43 UTCDaveF Please refrain from adding not existing features. As noted previously there's a likelihood they'll be removed, which would be a waste of your time. Note comment about historical data:
22017-06-15 10:54:04 UTCSomeoneElse @SNLA this has been mentioned on the talk-gb list - . If you want to engage with the GB OSM community, that's probably the best place to do it, and also one of the best places to ask for advice about whatever it is that you're ...
12017-06-09 22:12:04 UTCndm Hi, I think something isn't right with "The Pump Rooms and Stall Street -- they seem to have an odd shape now?
22017-06-10 14:32:10 UTCDaveF Hi Syvanne
Welcome to OSM could you clarify what it is your trying to add?
Most visible extents of the mediaeval wall are mapped.
OSM is a database of current entities. If you wish to record historical data I recommend having a read of this:
32017-06-12 10:44:38 UTCSyvanne Aloni Hi DaveF,

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I have tried using OHM but the website seems down at the moment. Do you know anything about this?
42017-06-12 11:12:51 UTCDaveF Unsure of OHM's status, but OSM is not the place for razed entities. Please feel free to add any examples that still exist, adding appropriate tags.
Could you also have a look at the problems NDM flagged up. Thanks.
52017-06-13 10:03:51 UTCSyvanne Aloni Hi DaveF, I have clarified and I am able to use OSM for mapping my data as OHM is not yet compatible with other software which I need to use. I am working with the Pleiades Gazetteer, the Institute of Classical Studies and the Roman Society to create a map of Aquae Sulis using Archeological journals...
62017-06-13 13:17:44 UTCDaveF Hi
Who did you discuss the addition of historical data to OSM with? Lack of features in other software is not a valid reason to add it to OSM.

I've had a brief read of Pleiades. I see no mention of...
72017-06-13 19:40:40 UTCndm I think it probably needs to be raised on the talk-gb mailing list and maybe with the data working group -- they were great at removing edits in Bristol that added the historic HTV studio and icerink. It would be better to get some clarity -- rather than risk wasteing time on edits that could well b...
82017-06-13 22:38:35 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just for info - I've undone a node drag / node join that connected the end of the Cotswold Way to the corner of the Pump Rooms in (based on the geometry change highlighted by ).
Best Regards...
12017-06-10 22:12:09 UTCDaveF Have you thought about mapping the actual fishing sites instead of the irrelevant 'access' notes?
22017-06-10 22:50:36 UTCmaranman Not at all irrelevant if you are a member of the club who holds the right to fish that area!
You are so obviously not an angler and therefore have no experience of the innacurate car park locations issued by angling club volunteers. They try hard but often fail.
32017-06-11 09:56:31 UTCDaveF And you are obviously an inexperienced OSM mapper. It is not just for anglers information. Please read up on how to map accurately:
12017-06-03 13:33:13 UTCDaveF FYI area tag isn't required for man_made=bridge
12017-05-29 11:09:24 UTCDaveF Hi Mike
This appears misplaced.
12017-05-29 10:52:09 UTCDaveF Hi
12017-05-28 17:19:53 UTCDaveF Hi ~Jack
Other than being 'temporary' is there a reason for the pitch deletions? These are allowed as they're seasonal & return in Autumn. If there's a cricket pitch that can be mapped so it overlaps other pitches:

Is this a public rec...
22017-05-28 19:05:04 UTCjackpd Hi
These pitches change position each year and aren't necessarily repainted each year. They are part of the school grounds and tend to change quite frequently​
32017-05-29 09:26:55 UTCDaveF OK.
Are the grounds for the sole use of Sheldon or shared with Hardenhuish?
42017-05-29 15:14:32 UTCjackpd Its sort of split roughly down the middle, there is no physical markings tho and its a bit of a grey area
12017-05-20 21:57:19 UTCDaveF Hi

Could you explain why you made this amendment? It looks like a farmyard to me.
22017-05-20 22:09:27 UTCDaveF Note the description for place=farm:

This is the rare (non existent in the UK?) where a place such as a village or hamlet of residential houses unrelated to the farm has taken the name of the farm. Ithink you should have tagge...
32017-05-20 22:27:48 UTCkreuzschnabel Thanks for asking! landuse=farmyard, like other landuse=*, would be technically wrong on a single node since they are defined for outlines only (i.e. closed ways). So in ost cases coming across single landuse=farm nodes, I decided the first mapper’s intention was to get at least the farm&rsquo...
42017-05-21 13:02:38 UTCDaveF Hi
"to get at least the farm’s name on the map rendering," < This is tagging for the render & is to be discouraged. Mapnik carto is just one of many renderings.

By changing from landuse=farm to place=farm you made the OSM database more inaccurate - you made a tag which rep...
52017-05-21 13:56:06 UTCkreuzschnabel I cannot accept the "mapping for the renderer" killer argument here as it does not apply here. "Mapping for the renderer" is entering wrong data in order to achieve a specified picture on the map I changed one invalid tagging meaning to represent a farmyard into a valid tagging d...
62017-05-21 14:04:05 UTCkreuzschnabel (Sorry for the somewhat confuse wording, that’s the fault of editing a text too much after typing it.)
Again: Mapping for the renderer means entering wrong data just to get a desired rendering. For instance, mapping a concrete-paved area on a pasture as "landuse=residential" only to...
72017-05-22 13:38:07 UTCDaveF Hi
You're not sounding rude.

You've changed multiple items from tags that represent farms to tags that do not represent farms, purely to, by your own admission, "get the farm’s name on the map rendering". This absolutely is 'tagging for the renderer'.

Although landuse=farm isn...
82017-05-22 14:15:28 UTCkreuzschnabel 1. It was not _my_ intention to get the name on the map rendering, it just was my _assumption_ on the original mapper’s intention, as I clearly said. Why else should one place a single node and tag it landuse=farm + name=*? And again: Having the name + position of a farm is not just the render...
12017-05-20 21:32:07 UTCDaveF Hi Zanzer321
There's no need ot keep adding a node for Percy Boys. The data already exists as a polygon accurately positioned at the club's location.
12017-05-19 12:39:18 UTCDaveF Is it steps only to the North bank? Seems strange as it was meant to be a shared path.
22017-05-19 22:39:02 UTCndm Hopefully, I have some photos so I can disambiguate it -- I got keen yesterday to see how the GPS track looked compared to my original "by eye" sketch. More importantly I should have info on the south side to connect it to Finzel's reach and get better map routing -- and map a rather nice ...
12017-05-17 10:24:54 UTCDaveF Hi
Why did you delete this way? It was clearly mis-tagged by me (using Potlatch's 'replicate' key, I think). It should residential, as evident by looking at aerial imagery.
Error like this should be corrected not deleted.
22017-05-22 01:07:26 UTCRichRico Hi DaveF, Thanks for your correction
12017-05-15 10:22:26 UTCDaveF *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
22017-05-15 13:06:25 UTCosmometer Hey DaveF! Ah thanks for letting me know and great tip on the squaring-up of buildings. Much appreciated! :)
12017-05-10 16:48:24 UTCDaveF Hi
Is this definitely a designated public footpath?:

I saw no signs the last time I walked it.

22017-05-10 17:14:12 UTCseeadler1 Hey,
I'm pretty sure it is. There's at least one yellow sign when walking from the stables towards the south-west. I'll verify next time I'm in the area.
Thanks for having a watchful eye.
32017-05-10 17:49:52 UTCDaveF I've checked BANES's latest Definitive Map data & it's not in there.
42017-05-12 16:46:28 UTCseeadler1 You are absolutely right. I must have been seeing ghosts. There are no signs designating that path at all. I've changed it to a simple highway=path, which should be closer to reality. Thanks
12017-05-06 21:01:38 UTCDaveF Please don't create *multi* polygons with only one member.
12017-05-05 19:22:48 UTCDaveF Hi Is this a new gate or are you confusing it with the one in to the fiels further West?
22017-05-05 19:30:36 UTCDaveF Oops... I meant field further to the East.
32017-05-05 19:57:20 UTCseeadler1 Hey,
yes there's a gate at both ends of the highway=track section. I'm not sure for how long the west-most gate has been there but at least a few month now.
12017-05-02 19:14:01 UTCDaveF Hi Leigh
FYI Pubs, with their associated tags, are often already mapped with a polygon encompassing the whole of the property including car parks, gardens etc as in this case: I tag any buildings as 'building=pub'
12017-05-01 20:38:38 UTCndm My bad, the photo I've got has 4 stands -- must have been a narrow angle.

The Pintxo restaurant must be new its website only lists Cornwall -- "Bistro La Barrique" was definintely there on 4 April.
22017-05-01 21:46:18 UTCDaveF Yes, it's just opened:
12017-04-22 19:25:59 UTCndm Dave, thde wiki says "Set a node Node or draw as an area Area along the building outline." -- I know that isn't how you map them in Bath, but that's how I've mapped the a lot of the ones in Bristol -- it would be good to keep this one consistent.
22017-04-29 13:24:53 UTCDaveF I think the wiki page needs expanding. Similar to schools, Universities & hospitals, a boundary around all elements owned by the pub seems the more detailed/accurate way to map.

I've posted to the tagging forum: "Mapping pubs as full areas"
Mapping pubs as full areas
32017-04-29 16:04:48 UTCtrigpoint The biergarten tag is a little out of place. I suspect it is a pub beer garden.
12017-04-27 17:05:35 UTCDaveF Leigh
I'm afraid you're a victim of the parallax error.:

The buildings of Margaret's Buildings in iD are shown 'leaning over'. For the buildings you've amended note how they were set out to ground level to their right , but you stretched their left sides to...
22017-04-27 17:15:30 UTCLeigh Dodds Hi Dave,

Happy to edit to fix up the Margaret's Buildings buildings, though want to keep Brock Street as that's now correct. So will edit the buildings separately rather than try and revert this whole changetset (which I'm not sure how to do).

I'm not clear on what you mean by map the extent o...
32017-04-27 17:21:09 UTCLeigh Dodds For example, should I redraw with Thunderforest landscape background. I can see there's a difference there now that I look. Same with the OS Open Street View, although that doesn't have hard edges.
42017-04-27 17:46:23 UTCLeigh Dodds Actually I see that JOSM has a revert plugin, would you prefer it if I reverted the whole thing then reapplied changes to Brock Street?

Let me know what you think is best.
52017-04-27 18:02:03 UTCDaveF In JOSM there's a way to revert certain entities using the revert plugin:

File > Open Location. Paste in the changeset URL. Download

Select the ways/nodes that need reverting.

Data > Revert changeset > Revert Selection Only.
62017-04-28 08:22:27 UTCLeigh Dodds OK, I'll revert these changes. Leave it with me.
72017-04-28 10:56:46 UTCLeigh Dodds I've ended up reverting the entire changeset. JOSM didn't make it easy for me to select and revert just the buildings on Margaret buildings. So I've just removed it. I'll reapply edits to Brock Street separately another time.

That said, I'm still not 100% sure why the buildings are better this wa...
82017-04-28 13:26:59 UTCDaveF What should be mapped is the footprint of the building at ground level. But you mapped the edge of the roof. Due to the angle the photo was taken (note you can see the right hand face of the buildings) the left hand roof edge is shown too far over. I'll explain clearer when we meet next.
12017-04-22 00:38:34 UTCDaveF I mapped & tagged it similar to schools. Put amenity/address etc on the encompassing boundary. Any buildings should just have building=pub..
22017-04-22 12:10:22 UTCazzap Thanks for correcting it DaveF
32017-04-22 12:21:44 UTCDaveF @azzap I haven't changed it, but you may want to have a read of the second paragraph of this:
12017-04-22 11:58:45 UTCDaveF Hi Gazzzer Welcome to OSM.
You drawn a polygon, but it requires some tags What were trying to represent? Note there's already a park mapped.
12017-04-20 15:36:23 UTCDaveF Hi Rolland
Welcome to OSM.

Is this in the correct location? Where you've placed it is a community centre.

12017-04-17 22:34:04 UTCndm Don't think the a turn restriction will work without from/via/to?
22017-04-19 20:27:19 UTCDaveF Is there a 'no_u_turn' sign? if not I don't think it should have a turn restriction.
12017-04-19 20:17:09 UTCDaveF if it's at ground level & passes through a building use tunnel=building_passage:
12017-04-17 13:45:47 UTCDaveF Hi again

I assume the bridge which got amended by your edit isn't that long?
22017-04-17 14:04:14 UTCEpistle Sorry, thanks for pointing this out. I have hopefully corrected this OK.
12017-04-17 13:41:24 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome to OSM. Good additions ot the OSM dafabase.

The new path needs revised tags. If you know it's a PROW the best way to map it is:

Surface is used by many routers to decide which is the best way to go.
22017-04-17 13:55:01 UTCEpistle Thank you for the information. Learning slowly how to use the system.
12017-04-13 12:36:52 UTCDaveF Hi
If it's still being built it;s more accurate to ued this tag:
22017-04-13 12:38:42 UTCDaveF See also:
12017-04-07 12:08:33 UTCDaveF Hi ti-lo
I've notice you've changed shop=motorcycle_repair to shop=motorcycle
What source did you use to ascertain they sell motorcycles?
22017-04-07 13:43:08 UTCti-lo A shop=motorcycle doesn't have to sell motorcycles. It's possible they repair, sell tyres, clothes or other stuff. To enable frontends to filter this, I'm standardizing the key. This means the "main" category is "shop", the "subcategories" motorcycle *:* (called "s...
32017-04-07 20:27:39 UTCDaveF Even if the revised tagging system is adopted (Was there any discussion?) you haven't confirmed whether it sells motorcycles or not.
42017-04-07 21:37:11 UTCti-lo I'not sure whether I get the point.
Which discussion do you mean, this one ?
And do you mean I should confirm whether this shop sells motorcycles ?
(can't do that as my crystal bal...
52017-04-07 22:06:40 UTCDaveF I'm unsure why you don't get my point.
Was it discussed on ?

"can't do that as my crystal ball is broken" < this is the problem. You've edited a tag from being correct to incorrect without any knowledge.
According to you're wiki ed...
62017-04-08 14:13:35 UTCti-lo Hi Dave,
the former tagging was :
name \tPete Robson
service \tMOT_motorcycle
shop \tmotorcycle_repair
Now it is :
motorcycle:repair \tyes
name \tPete Robson
service \tMOT_motorcycle
shop \tmotorcycle

The description of shop=motorcycle
says since 15 August 2010 :
"A shop that sell...
72017-04-08 14:47:36 UTCDaveF Hi
"as I can't say whether it (meanwhile) possibly sells used bikes." < Again, this is the problem. You've explicitly changed it from 'definitely doesn't sell bikes' to 'definitely does sell bikes' *without* any knowledge.
82017-04-08 15:17:30 UTCti-lo Hi Dave, I'm not sure whether you read my answers. The description of shop=motorcycle INCLUDES REPAIR SINCE 2010 : "A shop that sells motorcycles and/or related accessories, clothes, parts, repair and rental services."
So this is ...
92017-04-08 15:40:46 UTCDaveF Hi
if I were in your position I wouldn't have made the amendments due to lack of *any* knowledge to justify the changes. Your last sentence confirms why.

shop=motorcycle_repair means it doesn't sell bikes. You've now made it, at best, ambiguous.
102017-04-08 16:18:26 UTCti-lo In my point of view it's just another way to express the same thing (and to enable people to tag further properties of the item).
It would be great if you'd propose how to solve this (in your point of view) "issue" instead of keeping on complaining. In the last seven years there would hav...
112017-04-10 11:25:01 UTCDaveF As explained previously you've change the meaning of the entity, not provided an alternative.

There is no 'issue' to solve. The entity was accurately & legitimately tagged before your amendments.
As you've no knowledge of this shop you should not have made any changes.

I'm 'complaining' b...
122017-04-10 18:28:01 UTCti-lo What do you think about that ?
132017-04-10 19:24:36 UTCti-lo Would you please add your concerns to the discussion page ? (So everyone may add his/her point of view) :
142017-04-10 20:38:35 UTCDaveF What are your plans to revert your erroneous edits?

"These SHOULD be proposed on the tagging group!!! Not proposed on a wiki page."
152017-04-12 07:15:43 UTCwoodpeck The bulk of ti-lo's motorcycle adjustments have been reverted in and I recommended that a discussion is held on the tagging mailing list before changes are re-introduced.
162017-04-12 10:12:41 UTCDaveF @ti-lo
I look forward discussing your proposal on the Tagging mailing list.
12017-04-10 19:18:48 UTCDaveF Hi
Is the bridge open?
22017-04-11 07:35:49 UTCdeckador Yes, all the work there is finished; new tiles and tarmac and bollards are in place.
12017-04-04 14:34:50 UTCmueschel Could you please point me to the discussion page of this mechanical edit?
22017-04-04 19:14:35 UTCti-lo It's not mechanical, but manual
32017-04-04 19:29:41 UTCmueschel Even then, this has to be discussed beforehand (as you were told by the DWG this afternoon).
- > 600 objects edited worldwide within a single day
- in the ~ 10 cases I checked, some information was lost (e.g. used bikes and new bikes sales replaced by a single 'sales' tag)
- there are tags wit...
42017-04-09 14:00:19 UTCti-lo Sorry for the late answer, didn't get the notification somehow.
- Who is DWG ?
- Could you send me some examples for the "lost information" issue ?
- spelling mistakes shouldn't have happened as I mostly use copy & paste for the tags, but if you find errors, I'll correct them
- I c...
52017-04-09 15:33:33 UTCmueschel DWG = Data Working Group, the guys who gave you this block:

lost information - this is very hard to find, given that you retagged thousands of stores and you have to look in the history of these nodes
"removing an established tagging scheme com...
62017-04-09 16:55:16 UTCti-lo Regarding DWG : Sent this message with explanations of my actions and was then unblocked immediately : woodpeck 4. April 2017 15:45
"well documented" is really an euphemism for the status before.
- (motorcycle) "clöthes" was not defined
- for "rental" there we...
72017-04-10 11:54:52 UTCDaveF Although this entity was tagged indirectly in the first place (it should be shop not amenity), you made it worse by removing any primary tag & substituting with a sole sub-tag. Sub-tags are 'adjective' tags which help describe the details of the objects.
82017-04-10 17:31:06 UTCti-lo That's right, I corrected it.
Pretty strange as I was sure I checked the entry when I answered ("Sorry for the late answer"). I once had an effect that a history entry disappeared (I edited an entry, later someone else edited it again, my edits were still there, but the history entry miss...
92017-04-10 17:41:43 UTCti-lo mea culpa, I checked the others, seems I didn't pay attention to this, correcting them now
12017-03-30 10:31:11 UTCDaveF Hi
I presume the car park has been rebuilt to accommodate?
22017-03-31 11:43:22 UTCHilton Hotels Hello,

Please confirm the location of the newly built hotel at the airport with the website
32017-03-31 11:56:15 UTCDaveF Hi
I'm sure the hotel is in the correct position, but it's clashing with the existing car park. This also requires updating.
42017-03-31 13:17:25 UTCHilton Hotels Hello Dave,

I will gladly make further edits, but before that could you please share more guides on what exactly should be done, to make sure we are on the same page?

Thank you.
12017-03-30 10:35:32 UTCDaveF To check, does this block have 2 postcodes? Website lists only one.
22017-03-30 11:40:05 UTCRobert Whittaker It would appear so from the Code-Point Open data: .
32017-03-30 11:57:44 UTCDaveF How old is that data? This is a new build that encompasses the previous sites of a business & retirement flats. A google of BA1 1BJ returns no businesses. Isn't code point just a bit of a guess at the centroid of a rough polygon?
The site of Green Park House was tagged with a postcode from a ve...
42017-03-30 12:09:10 UTCRobert Whittaker It's the latest release of Code-Point from around the middle of January 2017. The points are a delivery point of an active postcode unit, chosen to lie closest to the geographic centroid of all delivery points for that unit.

It's quite possible that postcodes for a very new development are missin...
12017-03-28 13:35:49 UTCDaveF Hi Ashley
To double check, did you mean to delete a pier in Norway:
22017-03-30 23:20:52 UTCAshley Rose Hi Dave,
Thanks for catching that, I did not mean to. I've added the pier back:
Thanks again,
12017-03-26 21:32:39 UTCDaveF Hi
What is the source of knowledge for your numerous & widespread maxheight edits?
22017-03-26 23:25:03 UTCndm As above. Plus, 11'9'' is a perfectly acceptable maxheight -- there is no need to convert it (approiximately) to metres -- should only map what is signed.
32017-03-27 14:31:06 UTCcdavila The source is data already in OSM coming from nodes tagged maxheight=*. In case of doubt, bing imagery is used to clarify. As a background, I usually keep the original node, so that anyone can check the information and the source if it contains one.
@ndm: you are right, but meters is the default va...
42017-03-28 11:32:24 UTCDaveF Ah, I understand you now. I thought you were moving tags, but you're in fact interpreting them to add additional ones. Unsure if hgv=no on a way is required when there's a maxheight on the entrance, but does no harm, I suppose. Cheers.
12017-03-23 16:13:06 UTCDaveF Hi Dan Welcome to OSM.

My understanding was Yammo is due to reopen. Have you heard differently?
22017-03-23 16:17:56 UTCdan_bath Hi Dave, yes Yammo is due to reopen, but it looks as though it was incorrectly added as a building. 66 Walcot Street is partitioned - Yammo and Languages United both lease parts of the building. My changes were making the address a commercial building, and the businesses nodes on it. I don't know if...
32017-03-23 16:31:32 UTCDaveF That's strange, I didn't realise they were the same property. Can you walk between them?
I think Yammo should still be included as a building in its own right, as to a map user they are two separate businesses even if they share the same house number. Are you the property manager?
42017-03-23 16:43:01 UTCdan_bath Yes, we share the same number - you can't walk between them, Yammo leases 1/2 of the ground and part at the back, we lease part ground and 2nd/3rd floors. On a 2D map it is difficult to plot, which is why I thought single building with two organisation nodes. Yammo should be on there - I've let the ...
52017-03-23 17:08:48 UTCDaveF I've tweaked them so they're both mapped as polygons & occupy the correct space.
62017-03-23 19:34:22 UTCdan_bath Thank you
12017-03-23 12:32:07 UTCDaveF Hi
To check is this a new path as it doesn't show on Bing's aerial image?

Is this 'park' really called 'Zone N'?

22017-03-23 13:43:15 UTCSimon Hobeck Hi,

Yes, the area is called "Zone N" - Its a strange name but is left over from when the area was demolished in the 1970s and then zoned for redevelopment. You'll see another green area SE along the Wells Road, called "Zone A".

The path is across the grass through the area...
12017-03-21 17:13:58 UTCDaveF Hi Mavis55
Welcome to OSM. Are you sure the footpath doesn't go through the churchyard?

What is the source of your information?

I noted the location of this marker on my GPS when I did a survey:
22017-03-21 17:56:58 UTCMavis55 Looks like you're right - I'll put it back!
12017-03-20 14:34:08 UTCDaveF Hi Mintra
I think the poultry farm should be tagged as landuse=farmyard. It would certainly get it rendered.

There was a discussion recently on Talk-GB about it. Here's what I said about place=farm:

"This is a misuse of this tag. place=farm is for the rare (non existent?) cases where a r...
12017-03-18 20:39:47 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome ot OSM. I think you've over complicated this slightly. There's no real need for a MP relation, the playground is within the whole area. When I was the playground was a big as I previously mapped it, being surrounded by a fence. Has this been removed? I'm not convinced this is a true rec...
12017-03-18 09:34:04 UTCDaveF Hi
ASP has already been mapped as a polygon.
12017-03-17 18:21:16 UTCDaveF Hi Chis
I tweaked the church recently but guessed at it's location. Is it in the right place?
22017-03-17 18:28:17 UTCchris_debian Hi, Dave.

Position is great, but I'm 99% sure the church is now dis-used. I think the uncertainty can be left until the new housing estate replaces it!


12017-03-09 18:15:53 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

You seem to have added a park over the top of an existing park. This is not a good idea.

I will revert (undo) this edit.
22017-03-09 18:16:18 UTCtrigpoint Hi, welcome to OSM. Thank you for your edit, the park was already mapped so I have removed your duplication and put the name onto the existing area.
32017-03-16 15:44:00 UTCDaveF Removed
12017-03-10 15:27:07 UTCDaveF Hi
Do you have a source for this data?
12016-10-15 13:08:00 UTCDaveF Hi Terry
Welcome to OSM
For your edit, could you clarify the origin of your data?
22017-03-09 21:47:04 UTCDaveF Hi Terry
I'd still like to know your source for this edit
12017-03-09 13:09:44 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM. I've tweaked your tags (you appear to occupy the whole block :-) ). It may take a day or two to appear The rendering server is being temperamental.
12017-03-01 00:41:22 UTCndm I use building POIs when I know a housename/number but don't know exactly where it is -- bad GPS / ropey photo. Obviously the ways drawn from Bing may/may not correspond to them. I do merge them when I get a good re-survey. I'll probably add a FIXME to the Bristol ones -- assuming this was a KR exer...
22017-03-01 14:36:36 UTCDaveF Hi
KR was flagging the duplicate building tags. building isn't required to get housenumber/name to render. I've readded the fixme tags. I'm unsure why I deleted them.U
12017-03-01 13:32:44 UTCDaveF Hi Armand

Please note when using there could already be polygon ways for entities, such as Lidl supermarket & its car park. I've merged & deleted the node POIs.
22017-03-01 13:44:47 UTCArmand Kok Hi Dave,

I apologise for creating double entries. Thank you for informing me about the associated polygon information.
12017-02-25 18:31:40 UTCDaveF Hi Dave
Nice hospital buildings. I've transferred the name & address from each one to the enclosing amenity=hospital polygon otherwise it looks like there's multiple hospitals.

I assume each building/department will have individual names. Add them if you know them.
22017-02-25 18:43:21 UTCDave Drury Great. Thanks, I did wonder the best way to do this.
12017-02-23 11:45:34 UTCDaveF Hi DewiG
To let you know I've tweaked your edit for a couple of reasons: The gate barriers were placed on the towpath which implies users would have to pass through them to proceed. Also, the bridge was joined directly to the towpath. This is recommended mapping as shown here under the 'restriction...
22017-02-23 12:00:48 UTCDewiG Understood
12017-02-10 00:29:33 UTCDaveF Hi
Why did you split these into two?
Google Streetview:
I hope it's not because of a failing in mkgmap again.
22017-02-10 09:14:18 UTCMike Baggaley HI Dave,

You can see why I split them by looking at the OSM rendered map - it only shows one of the facilities. However, the primary reason is that the shop and post office have different details that cannot be represented correctly together. If you look at these details you will see that the new...
12017-02-08 16:12:25 UTCDaveF Hi again
The amenity=pub is duplicated with the one on the area polygon.
12017-02-08 15:38:46 UTCDaveF Hi DewiG
Welcome to OSM. great to see you're adding new items.

As it's still a construction site you may wish to add features to it similar to this site:

Note the area taggged as landuse=construction & the roads to give a specific co...
12017-02-06 08:38:57 UTCDaveF For this junction, I don't think two exits from Airport Road are required.

This is your relation. Note they don't coincide & the 'via' isn't at the junction.

12017-02-05 21:18:11 UTCDaveF Hi Dave
Welcome back.
OK there appears to be a couple of problems.This way isn't attached to airpor road:t

For turn restrictions the best thing is to read this:
Specifically members. from>via&...
22017-02-05 23:16:48 UTCndm The "restriction" tag won't do what you want unfortunately. You can always add a note on the OSM webpage if you need a hand / drop an OSM mail. Good to see some South Bristol editing.
32017-02-06 08:47:32 UTCDave Drury Hi there NDM. I may have broken something here. IT would be great it you could help me to fix it. I was trying to ensure that it wasn't possible to turn right into Airport Road out of this junction as I was directed this way using a SatNav that takes data from OSM. However, thinking on it, it is...
12017-02-05 18:33:13 UTCDaveF Why have you deleted the building?
22017-02-05 18:42:16 UTCBCNorwich I beg your pardon my mistake. There was a duplicate node on the entrance. When I inspected it I saw the two outlines and deleted one of them. After your prompt and closer inspection I found the duplicate node.
Building now restored and extra node removed.
32017-02-05 18:45:50 UTCDaveF Thanks
12017-02-03 19:38:30 UTCDaveF Hi
Have you walked all these paths to verify the data corresponds with their on the ground routes? Many take different directions.
The way you've mapped doesn't correspond with foot markings.

And this indicates you've moved...
22017-02-03 22:20:47 UTCDaveF Hi

You have placed this path in the wrong location. I surveyed it & took a way point for it's Eastern start point:

If you're updating existing items could you, where possible, amend them & n...
12017-02-02 16:31:46 UTCDaveF Hi again
You've added 4 polygons ways but with no appropriate tags. The vicinity appears well mapped what improvements were you trying to add?
12017-02-02 16:28:01 UTCDaveF Hi AoifeMul

You added an area but added no tags to indicate what it is. please look in the wiki for the correct item:
12017-02-02 16:09:54 UTCDaveF Hi Nick
Welcome back

You added area, but not described what they actually are. Maybe you could look through the wiki a find an appropriate tag:
Try also 'natural' or 'leisure'
I've joined the paths to the road to the North. Where to they go heading ...
12017-01-30 16:07:05 UTCDaveF Hi
To check, is this way an emergency access?

I saw a vehicle enter through the car park to get to the motor vehicle dept.
12017-01-25 11:00:59 UTCDaveF Hi
Is it construction or meadow? It can't be both.
22017-01-25 11:06:32 UTCMike Baggaley no idea, all I did is correct a spelling mistake
32017-01-25 11:12:51 UTCDaveF Apologies. I clicked on the incorrect changeset.
12017-01-22 10:41:26 UTCDaveF Hi

Could you please stop add incorrect data to OSM. Please have a read of the help files for the iD editor before continuing.
22017-01-22 11:03:09 UTCsdoerr 'Incorrect data' is a bit vague. Wouldn't it be more useful to explain what you think is wrong with the edits?
32017-01-22 11:10:06 UTCDaveF No, not really. I've spend too much of my OSM time mopping up. From experience I've learnt 'contributors' like this one rarely continue. They join, blitzkrieg edit, then disappear. I posted on Talk asking for someone to look at the New Orleans edit.
42017-01-22 11:10:46 UTCDaveF If you wish to go into more detail, be my guest..
12017-01-21 20:24:33 UTCDaveF Hello Sophie
Welcome to OSM.
Unfortunately there's a few errors in your amendments. Objects like mountains need specific names not just 'mountain'. Most of them also already exist in more detail.
They're spread over a large area,; wsa this intentional?
Out of curiosity, what is a 'Cheap Stuff'
12017-01-21 19:13:11 UTCDaveF Hi
Could you have a read of this please:
12017-01-19 11:57:14 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM (or are you a returning mapper? I vaguely remember a similarly named contributor)

I'm aware you rode the highway & not the path, but could you please make an educated guess as to the cyclepath's direction so that i...
22017-01-19 23:11:26 UTCCraig Rockliffe Hi DaveF
THanks for the welcome, I'm new to editing (usually everything has been correct) and wanted to help out as I had the data.

I thought I had updated the path as I went but I clearly failed halfway along, I have updated it now from memory but will try and trace it in the near future.

I ...
32017-01-20 14:20:10 UTCDaveF Excellent. If you need advice or an edit checked, please ask. You can contact people privately via:
Re the roundabouts, The a370 one looks a tad small especially in the feeder road splays. If you're in the vicinity could you have a look at those? Happy...
12017-01-19 12:47:40 UTCDaveF Hi I see you added turn restrictions at Hareclive road. Do you know how the cyclepath arrangement there & how it joins into Whitchurch Lane?
22017-01-19 12:50:31 UTCams501 Nope. I paid attention to the road signs as I drove through, but if there was a cycle path I didn't notice it. Will look out next time.
32017-01-23 14:07:31 UTCams501 No sign of any marked cycle paths/lanes at all (not near Lidl anyway. The only thing I saw was that the crossing lights have cycle symbols as well as the little green man.
42017-01-25 13:38:52 UTCams501 The planning application is here:

Looks like the pavement is a shared cycleway/footway, but the paint hasn't been put down yet.
12017-01-15 18:42:26 UTCDaveF Hi
Are you sure this is one-way?

West end of Huntingfield:
12017-01-15 16:02:48 UTCndm Slightly concerned as you need to be very careful not to add information from copyrighted maps in OpenStreetmap.
22017-01-15 16:33:49 UTCDaveF Is the A38 - A370 part of the opening?
Is it being classified as a trunk road?
32017-01-15 16:37:52 UTCDaveF Why have you deleted the foot & cycle paths?
12017-01-11 12:57:35 UTCDaveF Hi
Out of curiosity, what software are you using to validate these errors?
22017-01-11 18:27:18 UTCtrigpoint And what are you actually fixing, and please map in smaller areas so that you don't waste mappers time trying to work out which of the 6 pages are in their area.
32017-01-15 09:56:22 UTCdmgroom_ct It's not a mass edit. Each edit was individually made my me after viewing Bing imagery, looking at the error I was trying to fix, and then fixing it in JOSM

The sort of problems fixed are:

mainly highways which do not connect to other highways, for a number of reasons , including:
a) the 1st...
12017-01-09 20:21:19 UTCDaveF To check, what is/was the building on the Rec. It wasn't there yesterday
22017-01-09 21:57:15 UTCNuggg Hm yes, temporary tent or something that I overzealously traced from Bing. Reverted.
12016-12-29 21:34:49 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
I was tidying up after a new user who'd made a few unfortunate edits, and came across , which dates from rather earlier :)
It's mapped as "layer=1; tunnel=yes" - is that because it's in the air but covered?
Just check it wasn't accidental.\...
22017-01-09 14:44:58 UTCrandomjunk Yeah, it was deliberate :-)
The tunnel is basically a pedestrian bridge over the road and pavements integrated into a building.
32017-01-09 16:00:59 UTCDaveF As it's above ground level, would covered=yes be more appropriate than tunnel?
42017-01-09 17:34:23 UTCrandomjunk As I remember it it's not really "open on one side", and just a passage through the building with a very subway-tunnel-like feel. Don't think I've actually used in in the last 6 years though so I may be misremembering.
52017-01-09 17:42:19 UTCDaveF Ah, I've never really agreed with the 'has to be open at the sides' argument, but as an alternative, how about tunnel=building_passage (72 711 occurrences)
12017-01-09 12:23:13 UTCioangogo I think that we should keep it as construction until late evening of the the 16th as the council are going to quietly open it
22017-01-09 12:25:48 UTCioangogo 15th not the 16th
32017-01-09 17:30:32 UTCDaveF Excellent. To check, did you mean to leave the roundabout North exit as construction & I presume both one ways of the Southern Link are operational?
42017-01-10 08:34:39 UTCRick Wiles I know I had opened the north side of the roundabout, must have undone the change as I went back and forward a few times. There are a few lanes on the south side, I have only opened one as I am not sure which are which and know its not 100% correct.
12017-01-08 15:16:37 UTCDaveF Hi Mintra
Vehicles can access the road via the car park. Could you please revert your amendments.
22017-01-08 19:05:34 UTCNuggg Hmm, the access across the paved area is hardly a road but I concede your point and will join them back up :)

I won't revert the road alongside 4ES to being a parking aisle, however.
12016-12-22 22:21:54 UTCDaveF Interesting. I thought that wood was private land. How do you gain access? Does it join the A39? Is it sold wall along that stretch?
12016-12-22 22:19:23 UTCDaveF Could readd the boundary=administrative tag please.
12016-12-22 22:15:13 UTCDaveF Hi Sn6wy
What makes you believe it's a footpath?
12016-12-22 16:35:22 UTCDaveF Hi krishykrish
Welcome to OSM. I made a couple of small tweaks to your house edits. The addresses were transferred from a node to the associated polygon, and using the 'make right angle' tool I made them into true rectangles.
If you live there & have the time it would be great if some of the...
22016-12-22 19:02:35 UTCkrishykrish Yes. The roads are open. I shall add other houses too. Can I just check which services use OSM in their maps software?
12015-07-04 17:31:45 UTCDaveF Hi Snake Skin

There's an expression in OSM: 'Don't tag incorrectly to suit the renderer'.

For accuracyIf a KG is a KG then it should be tagged as such. If you wish an item to be visible in a specific render you should contact the person creating the tiles.

Dave F.
22015-07-07 17:06:52 UTCSnake Sting Why don't kissing gates or stiles show up on OSM? What I mean is when you zoom right it will tell you if you hover the mouse over the node but not as a symbol on the map like gates. It would be very usefull for anybody on a bike knowing if there is a ton of stiles or kissing gates to leave bike an...
32015-08-13 10:03:16 UTCDaveF Sorry for the delayed reply.
OSM is a database. Lot's of different rendering are mad from this one source. It allows map creators to add relevent data & ignore what the don't want.

What's now described as the 'standard' map ie the mapnik rendering unfortunately doesn't render all barriers. I...
42015-08-17 13:40:56 UTCDaveF Err... try
52015-08-17 16:47:15 UTCSomeoneElse Looks like (if that's what you're talking about) offer lots of different background styles, but don't host any themselves, so you'd just have to lobby for one of those to support it; not necessarily openstreetmap-carto.
62016-12-17 21:02:40 UTCSomeoneElse Just for info, I've just added a separate "kissing_gate" icon to (that's a style that other people can use if they want to). See for which gate types ar...
72016-12-20 16:53:37 UTCtrigpoint Not really a comment on the mapping, or the rendering, but if a PROW has stiles or kissing gates then it is a public footpath. You should not be taking a bike on such paths.
82016-12-20 17:06:25 UTCDaveF There's nothing to prevent someone pushing a bike; although a few walkers have disagreed with me.
12016-12-20 14:35:38 UTCDaveF Hi Rick
Do you work for BCC? Would you have a contact with someone in the council who could provide other data which could be added to the map? Similar to B&NES who have provided various data sets under the OGL licence:

22016-12-20 14:52:34 UTCRick Wiles Hi DaveF, I don't work for BCC, I work for Traveline, but we do work very closely with BCC. I will ask them if I can send you the link that they sent me.
12016-12-04 12:33:29 UTCDaveF Hi camarones

Is the surface really asphalt? They're usually grit. Isn't it also a loop so they can do more than one circuit?
22016-12-04 18:26:59 UTCcamarones The pump track was resurfaced last week and is now all asphalt .The trace does also need adjusting
32016-12-04 18:36:33 UTCDaveF Ah, OK. Good for longevity, I suppose, but I thought half the fun was to go as fast as possible without the rear sliding way from under you.
12016-11-25 14:38:39 UTCDaveF Why have you moved lime kiln roundabout? The kiln's remnants are in the centre. You've made part of the A38 oneway.
PDF (Page 10):
22016-11-25 15:08:42 UTCtms13 I moved the roundabout because that's where my GPS trace of the southbound side located it. Yes, that oneway tag should have been proposed:oneway - I'll fix that if no-one else got to it first.
32016-11-25 15:13:39 UTCtms13 That Google link was just a redirection to, where the outline of the lime kilns looks very different to that on OSM - perhaps it needs a re-survey? If you're in the area, you may be able to get access to the new roundabout t...
42016-11-25 23:34:03 UTCDaveF Reply to first comment:
You're GPS route isn't visible within OSM. Could you please upload with appropriate permissions so all OSM contributors can corroborate. You covered a lot of distance for that chainset. What speed were you travelling? Did you stop & take accurate waypoints & photogra...
12016-10-13 17:34:28 UTCDaveF Hi
Does the track go above or below the cycle route? Either way it requires a bridge/tunnel tag.
Is the waterworks mapped incorrectly?
22016-10-13 18:39:27 UTCFollowMeChaps I have added the tunnel tags (hopefully correctly) and reduced the size of the water/sewage works.
32016-10-13 18:39:46 UTCFollowMeChaps ...thanks for pointing this out.
12016-10-13 11:04:08 UTCDaveF Hi Emma
There's no real need to add access & motor_vehicle as it's a presumption for tertiary roads.
22016-10-13 13:01:03 UTCEmma Painter Hi Dave - we're testing why our Journey Planner is avoiding using this road when calculating routes by car. Realised that this now makes no difference.
32016-10-13 13:20:52 UTCDaveF Hi

Which Journey Planner? Some use outdated data, but these roads have been in OSM for a while now.
42016-10-13 13:31:00 UTCEmma Painter Wiltshire Councils' Connecting Wiltshire Journey Planner. I've been involved in the testing when it was in its Beta version but have noticed that some new roads that have been added (Leap Gate and Elizabeth Way, Trowbridge and Thyme Road Melksham) are ignored by the journey planner. Our journey pla...
52016-10-13 13:57:11 UTCDaveF MapQuest's own router avoids that road even though they've render the tiles. Check when MapQuest last retrieved a datadump.

Other routers ( travel along it.

It can't be your added tags as MapQuest uses others roads without them.
12016-10-10 10:06:49 UTCDaveF Hi Max

Can you tell me where you obtained your information?
You've incorrectly amended a cycle path & put a razed railway through some houses that were built before the railway was demolished.
By looking at the map 'Linear...
22016-10-10 14:26:08 UTCMax-- Well, first of all I don't get the generally unfriendly tone in your comment, but whatever,. The course of the Railway is following the 1937-1966 OS Maps, and there I can't see any houses older houses that would be crosses, but feel free to adapt it based on your better local knowledge. For the amen...
12016-10-07 23:20:35 UTCDaveF Hi again
Launceston Castle is mapped as the whole area not just the bailey
12016-10-07 23:14:51 UTCDaveF Hi Ashley
There's no need to add this as it's already there as a polygon
12016-10-07 19:04:08 UTCtrigpoint Hi
This appears to be a large mechanical edit, was it discussed anywhere.
What is your justification for this change, the wiki says waterway=riverbank is the correct way to tag riverbanks on large rivers.
22016-10-07 21:09:29 UTCDaveF What evidence makes you think it was "mechanical"?
32016-10-07 21:18:03 UTCtrigpoint It covers a large area, which makes me suspicious, howevet what is the justification for this change that goes against the wiki and changes the work of local mappers?
42016-10-07 21:18:37 UTCDaveF Why haven't you read the wiki fully?
52016-10-07 21:21:07 UTCDaveF It's a "large area" because it's the "longest river in the United Kingdom". Why do I have to explain that to you? You should be intelligent enough to work it out for yourself.
62016-10-07 21:32:01 UTCDaveF Do you look at the time a changeset is active before making unfounded accusations?
72016-10-07 21:33:08 UTCDaveF Do automated mechanical edits involve deletions mixed in with tag edits?
82016-10-07 21:37:13 UTCDaveF It appears you are unaware of P2's 'task' facility. Why is that?
92016-10-07 21:40:42 UTCDaveF You need to perform a such of the Tagging archive for 'Canal Banks' before replying further.
102016-10-07 21:52:17 UTCDaveF perform a *search
112016-10-07 22:37:33 UTCDaveF Do mechanical edits involve splitting polygons & rejoin them so they correctly abut their neighbour?
122016-10-07 22:40:20 UTCDaveF Do mechanical edits involve splitting polygons to remove sections to create separate objects which are part of a different entity?
12016-09-19 12:21:04 UTCDaveF Hi Joe
This has already been created as a polygon:
12016-09-19 12:12:32 UTCDaveF Hello RobotChao

Has this bridge been constructed?
12016-09-19 12:11:12 UTCDaveF Hi RobotChao
To check, is there definitely a new building here? It appears a very strange place to put it.
12016-09-16 23:21:08 UTCDaveF Are you sure?
12016-09-14 12:03:24 UTCDaveF Is this recycling centre open to the public or just for the authority to sort household waste?
would it benefit from a 'recycling_type=centre' tag?
22016-09-14 19:09:54 UTCndm Thisi is just a sympathetic cleanup of Changesets 42119601 and 42124023 -- which added a new industrial area and an untagged way that was roughly the same size atop the original larger industrial area. As it happens I've done some mapping here -- by no means is it a recycling facility -- more a comp...
32016-09-15 22:11:19 UTCDaveF Yes, i saw what was edited before you, but he tagged it as Bristol Waste Company & if you google it:

It appears it's recycling, nut unsure if it's for the public to drop stuff off.

Note they use OSM in their small map.

12016-09-15 11:04:33 UTCDaveF Hi
Brunswick Place is the name of the southern terrace of houses & so is not an alternative road name. (Montpelier is the name of the row opposite) This happens a lot in Bath.
Julian Road is the road's name throughout.
22016-09-15 14:14:53 UTCBCNorwich Hi, OK I understand and agree with that. Mapper LegBritSlav added a way which duplicated part of Julian Road, I removed the duplication but kept the name thinking it might be valid.
The alt:name is now removed and a note added with your information about the terraces.
12016-08-30 15:53:29 UTCmueschel Hi Dave,
found 6 ways with a strange tag, e.g.
Could you have a look and remove it?
Cheers, Jan
22016-08-30 18:56:37 UTCDaveF Fixed.
Thanks for letting me know.
12016-08-17 15:44:12 UTCDaveF Hi Tim

I'm struggling to be convinced Mangotsfield is a village:

The tags location is taken from:
22016-08-18 00:31:36 UTCndm I'm more upset that my wikipedia link insn't on the new location :-(
12016-07-27 16:27:35 UTCAsdd445 (Note: Said GPS trace was unpublished, since it included the walk I took to there.)
22016-07-27 18:53:12 UTCDaveF Hi
Welcome to OSM

You can trim your GPX file so all routes don't lead to you front door. I use Garmin's Basecamp as I have a Garmin unit, but there's a few others, often free:
12016-07-09 17:44:33 UTCDaveF Hi
Why have you assumed there isn't a crossing? crossing=no could be the incorrect tag. Looking at some of your edits you've taken what looks like legitimate crossing places & removed them.
22016-07-13 18:01:48 UTCalejandroscf Also, that crossing=no is important, marking a poit where used to be a crossing.
I hope you are checking by survey all this changes ¿or is this an unauthorized automated edit?
32016-07-14 09:47:01 UTCgileri I don't see how highway=crossing and crossing=no would work together, apart from temporarily forbidden crossing.

But leaving crossing=no alone seems weirder.
42016-07-14 11:50:17 UTCWynndale The point about trolltags is that it isn’t the trolltag itself (here crossing=no) that misleads data consumers; rather the problem is with the tag that it compromises that consumers shouldn’t have to see in the first place.
52016-07-14 11:58:40 UTCSomeoneElse For info, "trolltags" might need some explanation (it's not as offensive as it sounds):
62016-07-15 10:05:18 UTCDaveF FYI I asked for the opinion of others on this forum thread:

highway=crossing & crossing=no combination is, as we all appear to agree, contradictory. And I agree with you that highway=crossing on its own is superfluous.

72016-09-13 15:12:23 UTCd1g Replied about "trolltags" arguments:
12016-07-03 16:50:39 UTCSomeoneElse It doesn't really look like it from the imagery, but is perhaps a barrier=kissing_gate?
22016-07-03 18:38:02 UTCDaveF Hmm.. "almost 6 years ago" so I can't remember off the cuff although they have been upgrading some stiles in the area. I'll put it on my list of things to check out
12016-06-10 10:33:25 UTCDaveF As explained earlier, OSM does add 'Railway Station' to names of those stations. Please revert.
22016-06-10 10:43:08 UTCDaveF *doesn't add...
12016-06-10 09:18:31 UTCDaveF As per my direct message, could you please refrain from make inaccurate edits.
12016-06-03 11:06:59 UTCDaveF Are you sure? -
12016-06-01 10:30:13 UTCDaveF Hi Alan
Could you clarify what you've amended in this Changeset please?
22016-06-01 16:11:17 UTCAlan Trick Hmm, It looks like I made a mistake. I thought a hedge was supposed to be a closed polygon. I was trying to work on an error identified by but either I got the wrong error or "to-fix" is wrong. I'll revert the edit.
32016-06-01 16:16:52 UTCAlan Trick There we go:
42016-06-01 17:12:35 UTCDaveF Thanks
52016-06-01 21:47:25 UTCtrigpoint A hedge is a linear barrier, there is no rule that they should be closed. A gap is perfectly normal .
Please remember that QA tools can consider things as errors, when they are correct and as intended.
12016-05-11 22:17:55 UTCDaveF Hmm... I thought the Sustrans building was their HQ. Can you bike bikes there?
22016-05-12 06:48:32 UTCHeyheyitshay No, but you can buy panniers, lights, maps, locks etc etc etc. It was marked as a travel agency before which seemed inappropriate also. Really its just their office with a small map and cycling bits shop in the doorway.
32016-05-13 18:32:49 UTCDaveF OK I've updated to make it slightly more accurate. I made the building an office & added a separate node to indicate the shop. Needs a subtag to indicate what it does/doesn't sell..
12016-04-07 09:19:20 UTCDaveF Hi Welcome to OSM.
This node looks a little out of place so close the the highway. You'll notice similattags, such as the Airport Tavern, are set back from the road close to the centre of the area they're representing, If you know where the car rental is located could you move the node to that pos...
12016-03-11 00:37:07 UTCDaveF The George is already there.
22016-03-11 09:39:37 UTCSK53 Yes but I find mapping the whole site including the car park as the pub counterintuitive (let alone the non-optimal rendering position of the icon).

I think the usual way is to have a way for the pub restricted to buildings, with ancillary areas: beer gardens, parking etc mapped separately. This ...
32016-03-11 12:04:30 UTCMar Mar I agree with SK53, the proof is that I actually didn't see that the George was already there because the icon was so far away from the building, even less visible than the parking lot also named the George. But hey, these are details, just wanted to put this nice pub on the map...
42016-03-11 13:10:08 UTCDaveF Thanks for the replies

Please don't tag incorrectly to suit a failing of just one renderer. Remember this is a database & their are many different renderings taken from it.

Similar to schools, the amenity=* tag should be a closed polygon encompassing the full area of usage by the organisat...
52016-03-11 13:21:15 UTCSK53 No, this is a genuine difference in how people choose to map pubs, not "mapping for the renderer".

I can see the advantages of mapping the whole area : relationships are easily determined, but it has never been obvious to me (or many other mappers) that a pub car park is a pub. If I tho...
62016-03-11 14:12:49 UTCEdLoach The wiki suggests that amenity=pub should go on the node *or* the building. "If the whole building is used for this feature and its footprint is present in OSM, you can apply the tags on the area if you prefer" which is different to schools.
72016-03-11 15:27:03 UTCDaveF @SK53
The reason Mar Mar added amenity=pub (well, restaurant actually), not only to the building but as a node, was his failure to notice the boundary & the icon in both the render & the editor, not due to tagging choice .
'Retail' isn't a substitute for defining a boundary of individual p...
82016-03-11 15:58:59 UTCEdLoach So should the amenity=place_of_worship tag across the road be on the whole of the church grounds rather than just the building?
92016-03-11 16:23:10 UTCDaveF Good question, & one I've thought about but come to no concrete conclusions. I believe there should be some kind of tag, be it amenity=place_of_worship or some other tag, to define the extent of a place of worship's property which could encompass things such as the building, graveyards, church h...
102016-03-11 16:53:24 UTCSK53 I suggest we move this conversation to talk-gb. There are interesting aspects of how we tag areas associated with various POIS: and obviously at least two different approaches.
112016-03-11 17:10:00 UTCDaveF Yes, but I think Tagging is the more appropriate forum.

I need to clarify I reverted the edit, not due to 'tagging choices', but that there were three different George Pubs. All Mar Mar's additional tags have been added to the existing way. Between us we've made the OSM database more accur...
122016-03-11 17:23:04 UTCSK53 Yes I understand why it was reverted: I was just particularly interested in seeing a pub mapped this way, and then realising that we have (at least) 2 different approaches in the UK.

Personally this is a talk-gb issue. By all means pass it on to tagging, but I don't place great faith on their jud...
12016-03-09 14:55:29 UTCDaveF Which app was failing to interpret OSM data correctly?
22016-03-09 20:28:52 UTCnotgary

It's a fitness app that allows you to draw routes for your run on a map powered by OSM. If pedestrian traffic isn't allowed, it won't allow you to draw a route down that road.
32016-03-09 20:40:19 UTCDaveF Could you contact the app's creators please & let them know that trunk roads are assumed accessible by foot.

Do you know why it's only a few disjointed sections?
12016-02-16 22:14:32 UTCDaveF Hi Miko

FYI I've started a discussion on the Tagging forum regarding using relations to tag bridges.
12016-02-12 13:43:12 UTCDaveF Hi Readie
Welcome to OSM.
I've amended your bike parking slightly duplicating both node & polygon would have made the total parking spaces = 40.

If you draw rectangular boxes there's an option to 'square them up' in the toolbar

Dave F.
22016-02-12 23:40:27 UTCReadie Thank you for that Dave.

I made the change as I wanted the bike shed included in some exported data. I wasn't comfortable with how I had added it and I was going to remove what I had done.

Many thanks for cleaning it up!

32016-02-13 10:36:33 UTCDaveF No problem, Marcus. Details like this are what make OSM better than other online maps. Keep mapping.

12016-02-09 11:05:04 UTCDaveF Hi Malcolm
tagging waterway=riverbank is now not the preferred way to tag:

Using natural=water, water=* allows data users to more easily determine whether it's a river, canal, lake etc.
22016-02-11 08:27:39 UTCmalcolmh The preferred way to tag is the way the mapping community actually tags. Since that proposal was made, only 8% of waterways are so tagged. In fact more waterway=riverbank tags have been added since then that the total of natural=water+water=river/canal tags.
32016-02-11 13:31:26 UTCDaveF Hi Malcolm
Being in the majority doesn't automatically make it correct nor a reason not to change. If a better way to tag is conceived, making it easier for the data to be used, then it should be adopted. As in previous occurrences this is a gradual process often brought about by messages like mine...
42016-02-11 13:52:19 UTCmalcolmh I do not buy the argument that this tag makes things easier for consumers. Those that I know of all use the waterway=river/canal tagged linear ways. Anyway, good luck trying to persuade the other 290,000 instances of your case!
52016-02-11 14:35:09 UTCDaveF You appear to be misunderstanding. It's not the linear ways (waterway=river) that's the problem, but the polygon denoting the riverbanks.(waterway=riverbank).

It's disappointing you can't see the clear benefit of not tagging canal banks as river banks.
12016-02-03 16:06:24 UTCDaveF What was the mistake?
Why have you deleted the religion tag?
12016-02-01 18:55:39 UTCDaveF You serious expect users to set up their own carto just to see why it isn't working properly? Please get Sandbox to render the test database.
22016-02-01 22:41:01 UTCPolarbear Primarily I expect people not to put test data into the main database, and keep them there for days. There are hundreds of different data consumers and renderers (carto being just one of them), if every of those puts their test data in, we cannot find any real anymore.

So the conclusion is, whoe...
32016-02-01 23:21:48 UTCDaveF The link to gave ot the install page is incomprehensible gobbledygook. How anyone is meant to decipher is byond me. Typical of so many OSM wiki help pages.

Did you know about these addition from the carto forum discussion?
42016-02-02 11:10:23 UTCPolarbear Sorry Dave, I do not know how much computing and Linux background you have, and I don't know what carto forum you refer to, maybe you mean the issue discussion in github where you already contributed. The install file in my first post above refers to a page on '', I think that were the...
12016-01-26 22:57:39 UTCDaveF Hi CDPC

Welcome to OSM

If this road is unsuitable for HGVs could you please tagged these roads (& any others in the vicinity) as per this widely used tag:

Thanks Dave F.
22016-01-26 22:59:33 UTCDaveF Presuming the road does have weight restriction signage, of course.
12016-01-25 00:57:17 UTCDaveF Hi Richard
Have the lines down Merchant's Way been newly uncovered?

Has there been some major work on the dockside?
22016-01-25 18:02:21 UTCRichard Symonds My photos from a few years ago show the rails as uncovered (albeit in poor repair). I'm doing this from photographs, though, not on the ground, so feel free to revert if you have better information.
12016-01-16 23:54:58 UTCDaveF Hi again. The area you've tagged as pedestrian is a part of a residential multipolygon relation & doesn't require any additional tags.

Are you sure an access road to a car park is tertiary?
12015-11-25 18:33:19 UTCDaveF Thanks for doing that.
12015-11-21 16:18:05 UTCDaveF Can you revert this changeset please. There's a new road layout that's been accurately mapped. Thanks
22015-11-21 16:20:39 UTCDaveF
32015-11-21 18:57:54 UTCProud Salopian Apologies - can you do the reverting please?

After reverting however, the two-way road between Prior Park Road and the A36 should be a primary road, not tertiary.

42015-11-21 22:38:06 UTCDaveF Sorry, but I'm not willing to do that.

People who make substantial errors should clear it up their own errors. I learnt how to use the JOSM revert tool for precisely that reason. With over 2000 edits you should be able to do the same:

12015-11-13 20:38:50 UTCDaveF Hi The bollard is already mapped.
22015-11-16 16:41:19 UTCrwendland Hi. Sorry, thanks for reverting it. Must admit, I cannot see the existing bollard in view or edit mode, but that is probably me doing some daft beginner thing!
32015-11-16 16:50:04 UTCDaveF Hi
Unfortunately it's rendered under the street name, but in iD if you hover your pointer over the street it disappears & you can see the node.
Dave F.
12015-11-16 15:48:57 UTCediyes Hi DaveF, I fixed your edition a footway with a road, because such streets join, for more details you can see the wiki
22015-11-16 16:04:42 UTCDaveF Hi Could you provide the specific way(s) please. You've edited quite a few & it's difficult to determine which one you're talking about.

Dave F.
32015-11-16 16:09:20 UTCediyes Hi, oh sorry, the specific way is

12015-10-10 13:47:16 UTCtrigpoint Hi
I think somethimng has gone wrong here, beatroot is already mapped
Has it moved, or was it in the wrong place?
22015-10-10 15:16:40 UTCDaveF Hi jonkellas
Welcome to OSM.
You appear to have move the bike parking inside a building, Is there a reason this? You've appear to have erroneously put a kink in Wine St. Could you please check & amend in necessary.
12015-10-09 15:08:34 UTCDaveF Please stop making erroneous edits
22015-10-10 15:50:13 UTCSomeoneElse @DaveF can you explain the problem here? It just looks like a slip of the mouse has joined some ways together (entirely understandable for someone with only a few OSM edits) - or is there another problem?
12015-10-08 18:25:29 UTCDaveF Hi albryant1

Can you explain the reason for your deletion of this way please:

Dave F.
22015-10-10 15:45:01 UTCSomeoneElse might shed more light on what happened here - it shows how the tags on this changed as time went on. I suspect the real problem happened a couple of revisions ago when "beatrice jones" (who has since been banned for repeated fantasy edits) ...
12015-10-08 11:34:17 UTCDaveF Hi RFaith

Please change the background in iD to 'OS OpenData StreetView' to see the true name of the road. Note wood name also.

Dave F.
22015-10-10 15:27:30 UTCSomeoneElse If there's a sign on the road saying "Rode Hill" then the name _should_ be "Rode Hill" rather than "Road Hill". Councils get road names wrong more often than you might think. These are often marked in OpenStreetMap as "not:name" - there are about 12,000 in t...
12015-09-30 13:32:39 UTCSomeoneElse Previously I asked in why you were splitting identically-tagged ways in two. You're still doing it here - and are both identically tagged and neither is part of a ...
22015-10-01 09:16:04 UTCdataOne I did split it into 2 as someone might want to turn on side road before height restriction but I just figured it out that there is height restriction on other end too. So I have merged them again.
32015-10-01 10:19:13 UTCSomeoneElse Where is the height restriction? I don't see one on at all.
42015-10-01 11:27:27 UTCdataOne Just look at its street view.
52015-10-01 11:31:03 UTCSomeoneElse If you mean "Google Street View" I'm afraid Google's terms and conditions don't allow it to be used for OSM. See for details.
62015-10-01 11:41:46 UTCdataOne yeah you are right. As a matter of fact if you just look at osm location, Its clearly visible here too that A14 seems to be an overhead bridge/road to the connecting road of Nasby road and other yellow road.
72015-10-05 16:51:48 UTCDaveF As you are making no valid edits, could you please refrain from splitting ways. If & when you have maxheadroom please follow the guidelines here:
82015-10-06 15:50:03 UTCRovastar Can someone explain in plain speaking English what is wrong with a user splitting ways?
These comments here are not to help or educate the user just trying go find blame where there is none.
Is the new policy that if you split ways you are banned? Sounds like some users forgot osm is a community ...
92015-10-07 10:57:59 UTCZain Ahmad Hashmi Dear Frederik,

I am working on behalf of company called ‘PIE Mapping’. They are in the middle of migrating to OSM platform. I have been assigned a task to split the OSM street links as these links are not split to its junctions. In some places they are slightly longer and does not fit...
12015-09-08 22:02:21 UTCDaveF Hi mdt3k
Could you explain in more detail what you've done generally, & specifically the Kelston & Swinford relations?

If changesets are problematic the creators needs to correct their own errors & revert them.
22015-09-09 08:23:42 UTCSomeoneElse certainly looks a bit problematic, in that there seems to be an unfeasibly thin bit of the natural=wood to the east of the stream. I'd suggest that it doesn't make sense to use a multipolygon for this area of woodland at all - ...
32015-09-10 11:18:53 UTCmdt3k Hi,

Thanks for the feedback. My intent was to map the farmland in the area between the A420 and the A431. Rather than create a new area/way by tracing along the outlines of the roads, existing residential landuses etc., I opted to create a multipolygon, re-using existing of ways as required. In s...
42015-09-10 17:54:15 UTCSomeoneElse If it helps, here's an example of what I've done nearer to home:

Survey and map all the field boundaries, gates, stiles, hedges and fences first, then reuse the fence / hedge nodes for a separate farmland way. It's not the only way to do things - jus...
52015-09-11 11:14:56 UTCmdt3k That looks good. I will try and use a similar model. I will adapt this set of changes as I have time to reflect this.
62015-09-12 12:14:31 UTCDaveF
Hi mdt3k
I believe making OSM more entropic by unnecessarily splitting way makes it more confusing & harder for others to edit.
Instead of splitting & creating an unnecessary relation for this residential area: the farmland way should be dr...
72015-09-12 17:02:36 UTCmdt3k Thanks for the feedback Dave, I'll sort those out.
82015-09-22 23:06:56 UTCDaveF Thos were just a couple of examples. You've placed many ways on the roads that need to be offset.

Please be aware farmland is meant to be used to map individual fields, not swathes of land

Rather than split every entity up into small sections & spend a lot of time creating relations, why ...
92015-09-23 21:40:17 UTCmdt3k Hi Dave, I have updated the problems highlighted, and the relation no longer uses the roads.

Regarding the intent for landuse=farmland, I do not believe this is clear. No conclusion was reached on the tagging mailing list, and the wiki is not explicit.

I believe am using landuse=farmland in a ...
12015-08-28 22:44:18 UTCDaveF Do you know what it is now? Still derelict?
22015-08-29 09:37:49 UTCrwendland Soon to be demolished I think - they are now partly security fenced, as part of the £110 million RUH North development. Buildings to the south, like the mortuary, are certainly being prepared for demolition.

I'm new to OpenStreetMap, and not sure what should be done when they are demolished...
12015-08-20 22:17:16 UTCndm Good to see some more builings being added. Shop, pub and other way outllines still need "building=yes" otherwise they won't render.
22015-08-21 09:06:57 UTCDaveF Hi
I deleted the relations you created. They're not really required in this instance - ways can be overlaid, & it's difficult to to see things such as the playground if hidden in a relation.
12015-08-13 10:06:06 UTCDaveF Hi again
Ways don't have to be split at nodes with tags, such as stiles, It better if a way is as joined up a it can be. I've connected the relevant ones.
Dave F.
12015-07-17 15:04:33 UTCDaveF Welcome to OSM.

Actually you added an extra barrier, but I sorted it out by removing the tags on the nodes. I also amended all the other barriers so they don't join the roads.
22015-07-17 15:11:03 UTCDaiLaughing So tags aren't just labels they affect the behaviour of the nodes? I knew I didn't understand what I was doing! Thanks for fixing it.
12015-06-05 17:51:12 UTCDaveF Ha! You beat me to it.

There's a slight updated plan Jan '15 amended road markings, loading bays etc.
Are you going to add the contraflow bike lane?
According to plan the call box is still there
22015-06-05 18:06:20 UTCDaveF
32015-06-06 01:39:58 UTCOSM User 1 Ha I should have left it! Thought I'd give it a crack in case no one else did. Feel free to put more detail into it.

Can you move where one live intersectes another. For example Prior Park Road intersects the roundabout where the path down the side of the Church, but I'd like to separate these no...
42015-06-06 01:41:18 UTCOSM User 1 Monday at work (I'm working at Council nowadays) I should be able to move the bus stops officially on the system. I don't know how often OSM syncs with the national database, but I see their positions are determined by Naptan which is what I should be editing.
12015-05-26 21:31:28 UTCDaveF Hi again
Could you ensure paths (& all ways) join up to each other otherwise routing won't work.
12015-05-25 13:09:09 UTCDaveF Please revert this erroneous edit.
22015-05-26 04:07:02 UTCcalfarome Thanks for your observation, I had an involuntary error, fixed the best possible, I will be very careful in my future editions.
12015-02-24 21:47:55 UTCDaveF Hi
The area for the pub was valid - it encompasses the building & any exterior land belonging to the business. Amended pub name tag to suit.
12015-02-09 16:32:03 UTCDaveF Hi
I notice you've removed barn/agricultural tags from buildings. Could you explain your reasoning? If the style of tag is incorrect then it should be amended, but I don't think relevant data should be deleted.
12015-01-30 16:16:43 UTCDaveF Ruth. These ways do not join. Please revert this changeset. Do not assume just because your software is telling you there's a problem that there actually is. A clue to your edit being incorrect is you extended the road to bridge.
22015-01-31 04:26:58 UTCruthmaben Dave - thank you, this edit is reverted now!
12015-01-05 01:27:02 UTCDaveF Hi
Unsure how you can describe a road between 2 other roads of the same classification as a 'link'. Especially when they have the same reference. Please clarify.
22015-01-05 14:32:11 UTCal_t The Cumberland Basin is a very complex set of junctions, ramps, flyovers and underpasses. My aim is to improve this section of the map for road navigation. Ultimately this should have lane data ( ), but that is a lot of work.

The changes I made here were ...
12014-12-18 15:30:05 UTCDaveF Hi Welshie
Out of curiosity, which map did you get the road new road layout from? The OS Streetview appears to be at least a year out of date.

Dave F.
22014-12-31 16:34:32 UTCWelshie I tried to reply to the email, which may not have got through. It was very approximately from a developer's sales brochure. Full survey via GPS or newer imagery welcome.
12014-11-13 12:29:56 UTCDaveF Bromley Heath Rd, Bristol: Are you sure that's the A4174? I think it got renumbered:

What OS OpenData did you use for these amendments & is it up to...
22014-11-13 18:59:18 UTCtms13 I was using StreetView on - it seems not to have been updated since November.

I've changed the ref to A4017 as you suggest, and set old_ref to avoid any future confusion. (changeset 26762646)
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