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12018-05-07 00:40:30 UTCPaul Johnson I changed this over to shop=charity, which seems to be a better fit for thrift shops.

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22018-05-07 22:55:39 UTCmhenson Thank you!
12017-03-19 17:29:53 UTCimperialmog I noticed a few errors relating to the placement of a few objects at the 44/100 West intersection. The Phillips 66 is in the wrong place and was already on the map. also some other features could be easily converted from points to area features.
22017-03-20 00:57:48 UTCmhenson Thank you! I was just driving by on I 44. OSMAND (navigation app) downloads the whole state to the phone so I am not using up a bunch of data live. OSMAND usually updates their maps once a month. I see that you added the gas station 5 days ago.
32017-03-20 02:56:43 UTCimperialmog Ah, wasn't sure. I can touch up some of the places at that intersection and Pacific since i'm familiar with them since i pass by daily as work commute. Pacific was one of the next places i'm adding info in due to it being next along commute to add and almost nothing is mapped there.
12017-03-18 10:25:58 UTCPaul Johnson How was the trip? (BTW, it's QuikTrip, not QT; did that QuikTrip move to the corner by the freeway like the one on Sheridan did?
22017-03-19 12:54:31 UTCmhenson Not sure about the "move" like sheridan. I just add what is not on the map as we drove by.
12014-12-08 03:27:03 UTCskquinn ...wrong fraternity? Looks like this changeset is for Kappa Delta.
22014-12-08 13:58:02 UTCmhenson yeah, it was do to my wife walking in and asking me a question. I have learned to quickly click save/upload when she walks in. I did not have time to change the saved comment.
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