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12018-10-13 11:20:56 UTCSupaplex tourism=information

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22018-10-13 23:10:02 UTCjidanni 謝謝。正在問:
12018-05-07 00:10:23 UTCjidanni Please see
12017-12-16 12:40:37 UTCjidanni 雖然其門牌均錦新街,但把該徒步道也命名「錦新街」怕會誤導…
12017-12-07 13:30:01 UTCjidanni 益民一中商圈 ?
12017-08-01 00:03:43 UTCHubMiner About "Mount Trashmore", could you clarify what are you asking to fix, otherwise take we remove "fixme" tag?
22017-08-05 14:53:24 UTCjidanni Add sea level elevation (too), as all proper mountains would have.

Also note if the name Trashmore is the official government name. (Or add James Park Hill as an alternate name...)
32017-08-22 04:13:56 UTCHubMiner Ok, updated.
12017-06-05 11:54:24 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
You've made a tag change to these items, but are you and the rest of the TW community happy that the location of new items in TW is correct? The changeset that added them added many other objects in the middle of the sea - have you checked the l...
22017-06-05 11:55:27 UTCSomeoneElse (自動翻譯)

您已經對這些項目進行了標籤更改,但是您和TW社區的其他成員對TW中新項目的位置是否正確? 添加他們的變更集在海中添加了許多其他對象 - 您是否檢查了您在此處修...
32017-08-04 21:01:12 UTCjidanni 您東西丟於 不好。
42017-08-07 10:32:20 UTCSupaplex
52017-08-07 10:39:54 UTCSupaplex 然後,不是我丟的,是Geothings丟上去的
62017-08-07 10:48:15 UTCSomeoneElse @Supaplex Geothings data imports (here and elsewhere) have caused lots of problems. I commented on this changeset to tell you that the data that you were modifying is probably misplaced.
72017-08-07 12:19:21 UTCSupaplex I had already modified the nodes outside of Taiwan terterity. The one node jidanni says the location is wrong, is misplace to another county.
12016-09-22 07:00:32 UTCjidanni Oops, I mean to Mr. Zhang's
12016-03-06 03:05:44 UTCjidanni 惟見 里界牌街景…
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