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12017-11-21 06:52:57 UTCcompdude How come this road is a trunk? Seems like a full freeway to me.
22017-11-21 13:55:22 UTCCanyonsrcool I classify it as trunk because of how important it is relative to the network in Utah and what its main function is. It is only 2 lanes in each direction, has a 55 mph speed limit because it runs through wetlands (that was one of the compromises between the state and the environmental groups who we...
32017-11-21 21:16:38 UTCcompdude A road can be classed as motorway regardless of importance. And just because the speed limit is only 55 doesn't mean it shouldn't be tagged as a motorway. Many freeways have a 55 mph speed limit. NYC and Chicago even have interstates with a 45 mph speed limit.
12017-10-12 14:29:01 UTCosmtools Hello Canyonscrool. Could i ask you, where this import (and perhaps others) is documented?
22017-10-12 14:35:45 UTCCanyonsrcool Hi,
Not importing anything, just decided it was best to have the block information in its own tag. This is based on my knowledge of the street signs and block signs on the ground from when I traveled there. Feel free to message me any other questions. Thanks.
32017-10-12 14:51:59 UTCHarald Hartmann Yes, sorry, now i've seen that the first version isn't yours but then you did some mechanical edits.
42017-10-12 15:19:17 UTCCanyonsrcool No problem. Technically I am "moving" information already there to another tag so I will specify that better.
12017-09-29 15:34:18 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Canyonsrcool. At you have introduced the new key `addr:PACI`. What is it for? #newkey
22017-09-29 15:36:06 UTCCanyonsrcool That's a mistake, I will get it fixed. Thanks.
32017-09-29 15:39:38 UTCCanyonsrcool It was introduced by another user, but got put back when I did a revert. I put it in the notes for now because I believe it may be a parcel number.
12017-09-22 13:03:26 UTCConsEbt Hey there, good work here.
I was wondering if the name:ar for arabic should not be set as well?

What is the source for all the arabic names? did you survey them all...all 2273?
22017-09-22 13:57:03 UTCCanyonsrcool Hello,
Yes, I did survey them all. I was in the UAE twice this year in Feb and again in June. Having name:ar set would be fine but probably redundant here. I believe arabic should be the primary name tag since it is the official language. Plus, Arabic is usually listed on the street sign first and...
12017-08-04 15:24:19 UTCjharpster Are you sure about this one?: Way: A Lo Fucker (407769782)
It gets picked up in our profanity filter and we can't find any other corroborating source for this as a legitimate business.
22017-08-04 16:17:30 UTCCanyonsrcool Let me check my photos from this area, I will let you know soon.
32017-08-04 17:17:49 UTCvespax This name is verifiable and correct. In typical Dominican spanglish beauty.
12017-07-26 16:18:29 UTC小智智 The access restrictions here are wrong. Parkes Street allows all kinds of traffic to go through.
22017-07-26 16:21:45 UTCCanyonsrcool Thank you for fixing that.
12017-06-17 18:12:44 UTCHjart I guess I was a bit busy here and mistook the exit number (55) for a roadnumber. Sorry about that. Fixed it
12017-06-17 06:43:29 UTCHjart I have corrected this according to the sign:
22017-06-17 12:31:14 UTCCanyonsrcool Thank you, I should have looked at that.
12017-05-22 19:36:26 UTCjptolosa87 ¿Cuál es esa razón de importancia para cambiar tantos tertiary a unclassified?
22017-05-22 19:49:55 UTCCanyonsrcool Las vías tertiary conectan ciudades y pueblos más pequeños. Algunos caminos tertiary que he encontrado no conducen a ningún lugar de importancia y no tienen una salida o conexión a otro lugar. Así que en mi opinión no es necesario ser tertiary. La ide...
32017-05-22 20:06:25 UTCjptolosa87 No es necesario que un camino deba tener salida para ser clasificado como "tertiary". En este caso el camino conecta con Chadmo, un pueblo menor o "hamlet". Por lo tanto corresponde tertiary ya sea por lo que se define en la wiki como lo que dicta las normas del país, est...
12017-04-20 18:41:47 UTCjohanemilsson Hi,

Looks like you've changed the name of Farwaniya Governorate to Street 131. Is this correct?

22017-04-20 18:51:29 UTCCanyonsrcool That is a mistake, thank you for catching that. I will fix it.
12017-02-27 05:17:54 UTCmanings This road does not connect to the rest of the network:
22017-02-27 06:02:39 UTCCanyonsrcool Fixed, thanks. Let me know if you see anything else. I will be verifying my work with videos I took very soon.
12017-02-27 05:13:42 UTCmanings This way:476933566 seems to be way off compared to imagery and adjacent road network. Please verify.
22017-02-27 06:00:34 UTCCanyonsrcool Thanks, I fixed it to what I remember. This was edited on an iPad and sometimes things don't connect properly, but I do go through my work after the fact with videos I took to verify things.
12016-12-01 10:14:05 UTCandygol I've spotted this mass deletion of the trees.
- Could you explain a purpose of this action?
- When are you going to restore/re-map them?
- Did you discuss this mass deletion among the local mappers?

Waiting for your response as soon as possible?

Best regards
22016-12-01 15:12:55 UTCCanyonsrcool My team did 3 weeks worth of ground work in Santiago. We found in editing that the trees were hard to work around because there were so many. Also, the trees were not accurate as we were having to move them off of buildings and out of the middle of roads, etc. I did talk to the user who imported t...
32016-12-01 15:14:47 UTCCanyonsrcool I also met with the local mappers while in Santiago, and they didn't care either way about the trees since none of them put it in. The user was from the UK I believe.
12016-12-01 10:14:11 UTCandygol I commented on your changes where you were doing the same here -
12016-08-24 06:33:50 UTC51114u9 gracias por mejorar el mapa!

si el nombre de un lugar se repite en la categoría no es oportuno añadirlo, ya que estará duplicado... es decir, sólo añadir nombres sin su categoría, por ejemplo quitar el texto "farmacia" de una farmacia...
22016-08-25 10:49:04 UTCCanyonsrcool Si, a veces yo solo puedo ver la palabra "Farmacia" y no hay otro nombre. Si tiene otras preguntas, por favor mándame un correo electrónico, Gracias!
12016-08-25 06:11:36 UTC51114u9 please, before move streets or change poi to buildings, ask to community.

many changes is bad...

22016-08-25 10:46:33 UTCCanyonsrcool Hi, thanks for your comments. I traveled to La Paz and have video that I collected there and gps tracks that I am working with. Based on these, I make changes to improve routing, navigation, and accuracy. I follow the "one feature, one element" from the OSM wiki. When it makes sense to...
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