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12018-01-13 03:06:40 UTCnevw no response from Elegant Smiles to shift tags from roadway to correct building location and is now deleted.
12017-12-19 23:34:19 UTCBenny Goodman Hi nevw,

I'm wondering how it's possible to create a new, extremely wrong farm multipolygon while doing a maproulette cleanup task?

Just kidding,
but I'm still interested in the reason.

22017-12-20 06:30:09 UTCnevw Mate, that's too long ago for me to remember. You can put them duplicate segments back if you wish :)
Greetings for Christmas and New Year.
32017-12-20 09:00:52 UTCnevw Hi Benny
I had a look in Josm, then reverted the changeset, then used the JOSM Validator on the polygon and found the problem was at this position…

I then un-did the revert (back to what Map Roulette did to it) and saw...
12017-10-09 12:21:54 UTCSDavies Impressive work! I must check out scanaerial.
12017-08-29 12:24:55 UTCaharvey even if it translated, it's common in OSM not to add translations but only name:<lg> if the feature is known by that foreign language name. Although I'm not strongly one way or the other.
22017-08-29 12:55:41 UTCnevw Yes, I agree.
This one was a bit unusual and...
name=Manly Wharf\twas changed to name=Manly Wharf 玛丽海滩
So normally I would correct to...
name=Manly Wharf\t and add
But though it may be correct, Google translated to "Mary Beach" so I just left it as...
12017-07-12 12:46:56 UTCCloCkWeRX This is actually Beech Avenue according to (that is powered by the same data as is on; which we have explicit permission to use)
22017-07-12 13:05:12 UTCnevw Well spotted.
12017-06-10 15:05:21 UTCTogfox Thanks! =)
12017-05-11 21:22:20 UTCTheSwavu I've reverted this and the original changeset.

They had doodled onto the map some sort of random walk around the middle of Canberra.

The ACT Honour Walk was already mapped.
22017-05-12 02:17:15 UTCnevw Thanks
12017-04-21 06:00:22 UTCnevw corr..source: LPI NSW imagery
12017-04-21 05:59:57 UTCnevw corr..source: LPI NSW imagery
12017-04-10 02:14:07 UTCTheSwavu You might want to take a look at :
12017-03-10 16:53:03 UTCLee Drury Sorry, new to this. I came back to redo them
22017-03-11 06:04:14 UTCnevw My comment was for no one in particular, but thanks for tidying up.
12017-01-28 22:16:15 UTCWarin61 Talk to 'em. Otherwise you may get into edit wars.
12017-01-28 21:53:43 UTCWarin61 Not very polite to delete stuff without contacting the original mapper?
12016-10-17 20:59:18 UTCWarin61 Relation (361693) is not closed..

22016-10-18 01:23:43 UTCnevw Thanks Warin61.
I will fix it in next day or so.
32016-10-18 11:05:17 UTCnevw Relation now closed.
42016-10-23 04:25:12 UTCWarin61 Goodo.
While adding new stuff is what motivates me, 'housekeeping' makes the map work better. I have a few of my own things to 'fix up' too.
12016-09-12 23:50:36 UTCWarin61 The Styx River is not the boundary of the Styx River State Forest .. nor do I think it is the boundary of the Cunnawarra NP... I have separated it off the Styx River State Forest. Will 'look at' the NP boundary later.
22016-09-17 09:01:09 UTCnevw Yes, looks ok.
12016-06-20 02:31:10 UTCnevw Changeset comment should have read: Fixed overlapping ways of Kinchega National Park.
12016-06-12 04:30:52 UTCCloCkWeRX Ah neat, she (Sarnya) used to be my landlord.
12016-06-10 01:46:16 UTCnevw New relation for Olney State Forest is 6301813
12016-06-09 23:35:26 UTCnevw This changeset was to delete overlapping ways.
12016-03-30 22:43:14 UTCTheSwavu Hi, it would appear that this was broken at:

But your fix has now broken Glen Davis and Glen Alice still needs to go back into the correct location.
22016-03-31 05:05:50 UTCTheSwavu I reverted 38131822 at:

32016-03-31 06:17:47 UTCnevw Thanks, Wollemi National Park, Glen Davis and Glen Alice appear complete now.
12016-03-16 10:27:45 UTCnevw ...correction: Wallaroo NP was already mapped. I changed it to share the boundary with the SF on the east side.
and added swamps in area.
12015-02-25 06:00:54 UTCnevw Sourced road name changes from Morton Bay Regional Council
12015-02-17 00:00:17 UTCzool dear Nev,

One of my DWG colleagues had the following suggestion about footpath mapping: "In reality I suspect it's not really a separate footpath at all but just
a roadside sidewalk, so I'd have thought that sidewalk=left/right/both
on the road itself would be the best representation of ...
22015-02-17 01:27:22 UTCnevw Thanks Jo
I will make my changesets smaller and save more often with more descriptive text.
I do like this method "A different approach is to map each sidewalk as separate ways using highway=footway and an associated footway=sidewalk" as we have many streets without sidewalks, and some ...
32015-02-17 02:25:14 UTCzool I appreciate the response, Nev!

In my personal capacity, i think "tagging for the router / tagging for the renderer" is a trend with long legs...
42015-02-17 02:31:22 UTCnevw :)
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