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12018-06-03 10:38:36 UTCrobert Just a note - if you really think this is Kirklee Terrace *Lane* (not Road), you can add a not:name="Kirklee Terrace Road" tag to it so it won't show up as a mismatch against the OS Locator database:
12018-05-26 10:39:57 UTCrobert Hey there, did you deliberately remove the road name "Chaser Court" in this changeset? It's broken a match against OS's Locator database:
12018-05-15 22:35:19 UTCrobert Hi - did you mean to remove the name "The Golden Road" in this changeset? It broke a match with Ordnance Survey's Locator database:
22018-05-16 19:36:44 UTCmeadowgreen Hi, you are right actually. I was misinformed that The Golden Road was equivalent to the C79. I'll fix it.
12018-05-12 18:11:07 UTCrobert Hi - I think you managed to remove the name "St John's Close" from way 4408989 in this edit. That has broken a match against the Ordnance Survey Locator database:

Did you mean to do this?
22018-05-15 08:37:15 UTCDan10ch Thanks Robert, I've corrected this in changeset #58975798
12018-04-05 23:50:49 UTCrobert I think you might have managed to remove the name "Central Parade" in this changeset...?
22018-04-06 00:57:53 UTCMacLondon I've now done further updates along Station Road and re-added Central Parade as a pedestrian street
32018-04-06 19:05:18 UTCrobert Huzzah!
12018-03-19 21:55:28 UTCrobert Hi Yahiroz,

Are you sure this is Eyehurst Avenue and not Eyhurst Avenue - Ordnance Survey's database seems to think it's the latter:

But it's often wrong! Would be good if you could straighten this out...
22018-03-19 21:58:43 UTCYahiroz Nope you're right, must've accidentally added the "e" out of habit, I'll correct it now
12017-10-08 11:36:40 UTCrobert I'm afraid I've reverted this edit in my edit

What you've done here is draw Risborough Road on top of the existing Thame Road. If you want to rename half of it, you should take the existing Thame Road and split it on the node where the name-change ...
12017-09-09 10:53:24 UTCrobert Welcome to OSM!

Looks like a good edit to me...
22017-09-09 11:09:55 UTCpwat Thanks. Not bikeworthy!
32017-09-09 12:10:14 UTCtrigpoint Not sure it was intended to be bikeworthy, its a bridleway. Good edit
42017-09-10 16:24:34 UTCpwat Cheers. Flipping GPS syndrome. Route created in "Bike" mode with "Avoid unsurfaced" selected. But unless OSM contains the full data, OsmAnd often makes the optimistic assumption. Fortunately it didn't involve a dire diversion on this occasion.
12017-08-28 14:39:46 UTCrobert Is McColl's still operated by The Co-operative Group? If not, should probably remove its "operator" tag...
12017-08-28 13:33:09 UTCrobert Good start - welcome to OpenStreetMap!
12017-07-21 22:58:08 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Surrey Close" from the cul-de-sac here? It broke a match against Ordnance Survey Locator:
22017-07-21 23:13:03 UTCTeq Mane Hi, No did not mean to remove the name, hopefully I've corrected it,

thanks for spotting that.
12017-07-08 21:09:46 UTCrobert Hi - welcome to OpenStreetMap!

You'd probably be better off connecting those two road segments together - I don't think most osm-based routers consider a parking area traversable.
22017-07-08 21:27:13 UTCStuke OKAY. Thanks
12017-06-04 11:10:09 UTCrobert In doing this, you managed to remove the name "Rainbow Road" which broke a match against OS Locator:
12017-05-30 12:44:54 UTCrobert Sorry - I reverted this edit because you accidentally managed to connect the end of the eastern track to Cobham Road (with Cobham Road heavily diverted to do so). If you need any help with the editing tools you can look for answers to your questions on or feel free to...
22017-05-30 12:45:46 UTCrobert (reverted in my edit
12017-05-06 14:07:30 UTCrobert OS Locator seems to think the northernmost cul de sac on of "James Road" is named "James Way". If you're sure it's not it might be nice to add a "not:name" tag to it to stop QA tools complaining:
22017-05-06 16:38:57 UTCjpennycook (temporarily away) Thanks Robert.

Not sure what happened there - I've fixed it (way 23841657)

32017-05-06 16:52:07 UTCrobert Subscribing to the following rss feed would allow you to catch similar breakages made by you or other mappers in this area,51.205539,-0.227558,51.593656
42017-05-06 16:54:25 UTCrobert (actually this will load faster and cover a more focused area,51.30395,-0.57603,51.498004)
52017-05-06 16:56:16 UTCjpennycook (temporarily away) Thanks for the feed link - I'll take a look later

12017-05-06 14:10:01 UTCrobert Might be nice to add a not:name tag to it then...
22017-05-06 15:37:47 UTCJamesA60 Done!
12017-05-06 14:04:03 UTCrobert Are you sure about the change of "Byworth Close" -> "Thornbridge Road" in this changeset? Disagreement with OS Locator:
22017-05-06 16:46:36 UTCjpennycook (temporarily away) Thanks Robert - I've fixed it

12017-05-02 00:00:18 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name for "Robin Road" in this edit? It broke a match against OS Locator:
22017-05-12 21:48:11 UTCJamesKingdom Sorry about the delay,
I did not mean to remove this name.
12017-05-01 23:56:18 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete the name for "Dadlington Lane" in this edit? It broke a match against OS Locator:
12017-05-01 23:54:01 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete "Fenwick Common Lane" in this edit? It broke a match with OS Locator:
12017-04-29 23:03:29 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete "Reginald Road" in this changeset? it broke a match against OS Locator:
12017-04-11 22:44:08 UTCrobert You changed "Barton Close" into another part of "Manor Farm Avenue" in this changeset - are you sure about this? It disagrees with OS Locator:
22017-04-12 06:39:38 UTCjpennycook (temporarily away) Thanks Robert - dodgy copying and pasting without keeping the correct name. I will fix it.
12017-03-19 21:14:02 UTCrobert Good first edit - it looks like there are a lot of footpaths and cut-throughs between cul-de-sacs in this area that need adding in case you wanted to try doing any more editing...
(Welcome to OpenStreetMap!)
12017-03-19 12:27:49 UTCrobert If this is really a Londis, it would be good to add a "convenience store" point of interest to it.
12017-03-18 14:13:09 UTCrobert Great stuff - you'll see there's a lot of my old stuff around here from *years* ago that really needs fleshing out - welcome to OpenStreetMap!
12017-03-12 14:16:26 UTCrobert Good stuff. Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
12017-03-12 14:11:34 UTCrobert The added parallel footway isn't necessary here - a bridleway designation by default allows all traversal methods a footway will.
12017-03-04 13:39:05 UTCrobert Typo?
22017-03-04 14:25:34 UTCYorvik Prestigitator oops, yes, now corrected, thanks for spotting this
12017-03-04 13:01:11 UTCrobert Good stuff - a lot of the areas around here need a bit of maintenance - welcome to OpenStreetMap!
12017-02-25 23:27:15 UTCrobert Are you sure about removing "Timberland Road"? It breaks a match against OS Locator:
22017-02-26 17:22:58 UTCReino Baptista Dear Robert,
No. I'm not sure. Special after you mention OS Locator. I already revert changset 46369602. Can you please revise. Thanks.
32017-02-26 17:58:57 UTCrobert Cool - I don't live here, so I can't check for myself, best to leave it with the FIXME I reckon.
12017-02-18 11:39:16 UTCrobert Good first edit - welcome to OSM! There are a few more missing roads/road names in this area (the red boxes in ) - I wonder if you could help with them?
22017-02-18 11:40:30 UTCrobert (actually shows a better view of the area)
12017-02-16 00:29:38 UTCrobert Excellent first edit - welcome to OSM!
12017-02-14 22:52:59 UTCrobert Good first edit - know any more missing cut-throughs in the area? (Welcome to OpenStreetMap...)
12017-02-14 22:51:03 UTCrobert I think you've misunderstood the point of OpenStreetMap. Edits to the map are globally visible, much like edits to wikipedia - it's not intended for personal geographical notes.
12017-02-13 01:12:46 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name=Windmill Close from way 1908257 in this edit?
12017-02-11 21:52:56 UTCrobert Great stuff - welcome to OSM.
12017-02-08 23:32:33 UTCrobert If you click on one of the corner "points" along the footway (these are called "nodes") it should open up a circular menu, one option of which should be a pair of scissors. This will split the way. If you don't have a node at exactly the place you want to do the split, double cli...
12017-02-05 22:11:22 UTCrobert Hi, welcome to OSM. A good addition for your first edit - only one minor thing went a little wrong: the northernmost endpoint of the footway didn't get properly connected to the road, instead being connected to the edge of the landuse=meadow. This can cause a few problems, e.g. routing software that...
22017-02-06 18:20:45 UTCAlexBooman Thanks Robert, I'll make sure not to make the same mistake again.
12017-02-05 00:17:23 UTCrobert Hi, there's a special tag for adding "formerly World of Mowers" type information, the old_name= tag. I've fixed this for you in my edit

(We generally try to limit the contents of objects' name= fields to just the name - extra annotations t...
12017-02-04 13:41:39 UTCrobert In the web editor you can double click to finish drawing a way.
22017-02-04 13:49:54 UTCrobert Also, this edit didn't add any paths that weren't already there so I've reverted it in my edit
12017-01-30 22:42:06 UTCrobert Excellent first edits - cut-throughs are extremely useful things to add (especially in MK!)
12017-01-29 22:04:02 UTCrobert Good first edit - careful though, the "sidewalk" footway added alongside Shaftesbury Avenue crossed the middle north-south footway (coming from the lake), but wasn't actually *connected* to it. This would have stopped routing working across that intersection. I fixed it in my changeset htt...
12017-01-28 23:46:24 UTCrobert Excellent first edit - cut-throughs are extremely useful things to add to the map (and somewhere we beat the pants off Google).

Something that might speed you up: you don't *have* to add all the attributes to all paths. They're all optional and missing values imply sane defaults, e.g. 0 incline.
12017-01-28 18:54:10 UTCrobert Good first edit - do you know the *name* of this road (if it has one)? It would be really helpful.
22017-01-28 19:42:34 UTCRobyn Parkinson I'll have a look tomorrow when I go past
32017-01-28 20:47:29 UTCrobert Spoken like a true OSM addict in the making.
12016-10-02 13:27:06 UTCrobert Hmm but you've added it "op top of" the existing chemistry department building.
12016-08-25 20:49:56 UTCrobert If this is your home, I think you've misunderstood the purpose of OpenStreetMap. It's a globally editable, shared map. In the same way Wikipedia is a collaboratively edited encyclopedia. Not a place for personal waypoints.
12016-08-19 19:14:52 UTCrobert Damn, wrong changeset comment on this one.
12016-08-07 12:00:52 UTCrobert Good first edit - welcome to OSM.
12016-08-06 16:22:46 UTCrobert Good first edit - welcome to OSM.
12016-07-10 23:41:15 UTCrobert Guest house in the middle of a car park?
22016-07-11 08:38:18 UTCtrigpoint Same user has created another, a short distance away. This one can be removed, the other needs a proper name
12016-01-10 20:09:08 UTCrobert If you're sure this is the name, I'll add a not:name tag to stop someone changing it back to what the OS database says ( Are you sure?
22016-01-11 20:39:17 UTCOne T Yes, I'm sure. Royal Mail postcodes confirm Way not Road, and even the bus stop dataset
12015-12-29 13:25:36 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the street name "The Cloisters" in this edit? It has broken a match against the Ordnance Survey database:
12015-12-05 19:39:10 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove so many road names in this edit (e.g. "Mill Meadows Lane")? Doing so has broken a bunch of matches against the Ordnance Survey database:
12015-11-27 23:29:27 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Pendeford Lane" in this edit? It has broken a match against the Ordnance Survey database:
22015-11-29 15:47:38 UTCTJS Sorry, No it wasn't my intention to remove the 'Name', not quite sure how this happened, I have now restored it
12015-11-26 00:05:37 UTCrobert Did you mean to rename Kathleen Close to Meadow Road in this edit? Doing so has broken a match against Ordnance Survey's database:
22015-11-26 07:23:18 UTCHart2Hart Sorry no.
Thanks for fixing it
12015-11-14 21:44:59 UTCrobert This edit broke a match against "Yield Hall Lane" in OS Locator:

If you're sure you're right and OS is wrong, how about adding a not:name= tag?
22015-11-15 00:44:15 UTCjpennycook (temporarily away) Hello Robert.
Thanks for your message. I expect I accidentally copied the name from the adjacent way. I've changed it back.
12015-11-14 21:42:44 UTCrobert Hi - this edit has broken a match against the Ordnance Survey database:

If you're sure you're right and OS is wrong, I'll add a not:name= tag to the street indicating such, so nobody tries to switch it back.
22015-11-14 22:10:36 UTCdeft punk No worries, Robert. I live on The Braes, so I'm 100% certain about the name. Thanks for sorting out the tagging :)
12015-11-14 15:45:11 UTCrobert Hi - did you mean to delete Henbury Street in this edit? It's broken a match against Ordnance Survey's database:
12015-11-13 20:46:30 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete the roads "Spring Park Drive", "Burtley Close" and "Towncourt Path" in this edit? It's broken some matches against Ordnance Survey's database:
22015-11-14 01:59:43 UTCperegrination This is correct, the road has been closed and replaced by new builds across the area. Will add more updates next week.
32015-11-14 02:01:03 UTCperegrination See
42015-11-14 14:46:49 UTCrobert v. good then - keep up the good work...
12015-11-08 14:32:55 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Midbrook Court" in this changeset? It's broken a match against OS Locator:
22015-11-08 15:06:07 UTCBCNorwich Sorted and email explanation sent.
12015-11-08 14:30:28 UTCrobert Did you purposefully remove the name "Whipchicken Road" in this change? It's broken a match against OS Locator:
22015-11-08 14:38:11 UTCSomeoneElse It might also be worth asking the author of (which removed the name from the western bit).

The name _was_ signed (at the west end) two years ago, and that was after the new bypass was built, but before
32015-11-08 15:31:19 UTCdysteleologist From what I remember (and looking at the history of the ways) I think I only removed the name from the 'layby' section off Spalding Road. The track itself (on both sides of the new bypass) had already had its name removed on an earlier edit.
42015-11-08 15:35:16 UTCSomeoneElse Was the sign still visible on the bit that joins the layby? It was very obvious when I was there a couple of years ago (all the more so for being an excellent comedy name).
12015-11-04 20:14:38 UTCrobert Are you sure this is kew meadow way and not "Kew Meadow Path", like Ordnance Survey thinks it is? The name change breaks a match against OS Locator:
22015-11-04 20:52:59 UTCwknowles My apologies! It is supposed to be "Kew Meadow Path". Thank you, I will update.
12015-10-24 17:38:21 UTCrobert You recreated the road in the place of "Bridgers Close" with "fixme=missing name". Are you sure this isn't the name? It's broken a match against Ordnance Survey:
22015-10-24 18:54:05 UTCdoug_sfba You are correct. The road is "Bridgers Close", and the unnecessary recreation and the temporary "fixme" was a bit of editing clumsiness on my part. I have corrected the road name.
12015-10-24 17:31:18 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete the way "Canal Street" in this changeset? It has broken a match against Ordnance Survey:

If really feel you need to delete & re-create ways, remember you've got to re-add back the tags the ori...
12015-10-22 21:12:11 UTCrobert Careful - in this changeset you managed to remove the name Foal's Green Road which broke a match against Ordnance Survey:
12015-10-15 23:04:56 UTCrobert Careful - you managed to rename it "Great Winchester Street;Great WInchester Street" in the process, breaking a match with OS Locator
22015-10-15 23:20:53 UTCurbigenous Huh - you're right. No idea how that happened, thanks for the catch.
12015-10-12 21:20:16 UTCrobert Be careful when merging roads: what it's done here is make the whole road's name "Yapton Road;Barnham Road", which breaks two matches against OS Locator:\...
12015-10-12 19:37:29 UTCrobert Hi, I think you forgot to re-add the name "Hamilton Circle" to your re-formed roundabout here. It's broken a match against OS Locator:
22015-10-12 20:23:21 UTCAnilT Thanks for pointing it out.. Changed
12015-10-12 19:29:25 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Cricketts Hill" in this changeset? It's broken a match against OS Locator:
12015-10-12 19:27:05 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Long Drove" from way 97233450 in this changeset? It has broken a match with OS Locator:
22015-10-12 20:28:15 UTCjpennycook (temporarily away) Hello Robert.
Thanks for your message. Yes - the road signs said the road was called South Fen Road from the junction with Counter Drain Drove. I've added not:name=Long Drove to cover this.
12015-10-03 14:55:36 UTCrobert Hi - Careful when merging two ways - this has given the resulting way the name "The Grangeway;Vera Avenue", which breaks an OS Locator match:

The fact that the two ways had different names suggests to me that perhaps th...
12015-09-28 17:58:39 UTCrobert Are you sure this is Crofts Lane and not Crosts Lane as OS Locator thinks:

If you're sure, I'll add a not:name tag to make it explicitly clear and stop people wanting to change it back.
22015-09-30 12:22:56 UTCrobertnewson Yes it is Crofts Lane, I checked yesterday on site.
12015-09-27 20:59:01 UTCrobert If you're really sure this is Brindle Lane and not Brindles Lane as OS thinks it is ( it'd be good to add a not:name tag for it.
22015-10-05 18:04:59 UTCshirokazan Done. Thanks for the tip.
12015-09-26 18:22:19 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete Moss Terrace here?
22015-09-29 20:05:26 UTCJohn Embrey I did not mean to delete it, just disconnect the NE end as it is now a cul-de-sac.
I have re-inserted it.
12015-08-21 18:12:07 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete "Silver Road" ( in this changeset? It is in the middle of a building site so I guess it may well not exist any more...
22015-08-22 15:07:24 UTCFradeve11 It was straight in the middle of the construction site, I can clearly see from my window that it isn't there anymore :)
32015-08-22 16:45:32 UTCrobert Cool.
12015-08-16 11:10:01 UTCrobert Careful when merging ways - by default it gives the new way a name made by concatenating the old way names. In this case "Binford Place; Chapel Street", which is not quite right and a bit ugly. I fixed this in my changeset

I'm assuming I'm...
12015-08-09 20:15:53 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Empingham Road" in this changeset?
22015-08-10 14:17:27 UTCNick Austin Fixed in changeset 33240972.

Not quite sure how that happened.
12015-08-05 20:51:58 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name of "Penkin Close" here?
22015-08-05 23:11:11 UTCGif Been doing a map of this whole area as it is a housing site under construction with other facilities. The vast majority of what was Penkin Close has either been dug up or alternatively redesignated Aberthaw Rise.

What remains of the original road adjoining Penkin Hill (about 50 yards) is no long...
32015-08-05 23:19:10 UTCrobert Right approach entirely - sounds like you're on top of it. Just checking it wasn't a mistake. (If you want you can add the old_name=... tag to it if you determine it's no longer called this)
12015-08-01 18:29:26 UTCrobert Great stuff. Welcome to OpenStreetMap!
12015-07-31 22:33:30 UTCrobert Nice one. Still missing OS Locator entries from friedchick & boiled chick's spree:
22015-08-01 10:22:02 UTClostmike There are two change sets I couldn't revert as they created too many conflicts for me to resolve, 32754417 and 32754309. I've put a note in the general location.
32015-08-03 21:51:25 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I also had a go at patching up the A580, and also added a note at to check the oneways there.
12015-07-20 18:24:27 UTCrobert You've managed to create a lot of untagged "Points" in this changeset that aren't tagged with anything and so don't mean anything. Were you trying to make them part of "Garden Walk"?
12015-07-20 18:22:16 UTCrobert Hi, I made a small fix to this in my changeset - please don't put generic descriptions ("(private cul-de-sac)") in the "name" field. There are generally specific ways of notating things like this if you look a bit closer in the obje...
12015-07-14 21:34:31 UTCrobert Are you sure this is all called Commercial place? Because Ordnance Survey seems to think it's Teats Hill Road
12015-07-12 13:40:39 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Strode Gardens" from ?
22015-07-12 14:21:27 UTCsouthglos Oops, thank you for spotting that. Repaired.
12015-07-12 13:38:03 UTCrobert You've left no highway tags on
12015-06-25 19:05:14 UTCrobert If you're 100% sure this is Place and not Wharf, I'll give it a not:name= tag so (hopefully) nobody tries to change it back to Wharf (because that's what the ordnance survey database says). Are you sure?
22015-06-25 19:47:13 UTCeastender I believe that the site was originally named Old Bellgate Wharf, before it was developed for residential use. The service road serving the properties is named Old Bellgate Place. I am sure of that in the sense that the postal addresses of the properties refer to Old Bellgate Place and there is a str...
32015-06-25 23:00:53 UTCrobert Ah ok I'll set it as old_name=Old Bellgate Wharf then.
12015-06-06 15:05:59 UTCrobert The tag man_made=street_cabinet may be appropriate for this:
12015-05-26 23:24:48 UTCrobert Sorry - I reverted this changeset in my changeset

It was just too destructive. Remember OpenStreetMap is a shared map, like wikipedia is a shared encyclopedia. Changes you make to it affect everyone's version.
12015-05-26 23:15:54 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the highway=residential tag from Copperfield Street in this edit? It broke a match against Ordnance Survey
12015-04-27 19:01:11 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete David Wildman Lane in this edit? There's now a broken match against Ordnance Survey Locator:
22015-04-28 07:36:56 UTCMScanlon Hi, This road no longer exists, I visited the new development and have recieved maps from Barnet Council regarding te new layout. There will also be an extension of Royal Engineers way in the future through the Council depot to adjoin Bittacy Hill
32015-05-04 07:56:47 UTCrobert Cool. Good work. Oh, and welcome to OpenStreetMap.
12015-04-26 12:46:04 UTCrobert Might be better to use the alt_name= tag for "Watery Lane" rather than bracketize it.
12015-04-20 19:54:19 UTCrobert Hmm you seem to have managed to break quite a few street name matches between OSM and Ordnance Survey Locator in this and other edits in the past few days. Examples:
(where you seem to have merged two roads with different names in...
22015-04-21 02:41:16 UTCsimon_84 Thanks for pointing that out I will try to be more careful. I changed the street names back.
32015-09-14 13:00:13 UTCpmailkeey You've also managed to remove Ramsden Square and the correct connections to the feeder roads - they are not like you've made them at all
12015-04-20 19:36:16 UTCrobert You seem to have managed to nuke Northern Road out of existence in doing this edit:
12015-04-20 19:34:27 UTCrobert Are you absolutely sure about the Apollo Way -> Apollo Road change? Ordnance Survey Locator seems to think it's Apollo Way:
12015-04-05 20:18:55 UTCSanjak cool id changeset
22015-04-05 22:54:08 UTCMKnight Freak!
32015-04-06 16:01:47 UTCJordanKepler what a get!
42015-04-06 20:11:14 UTCrobert A free map.
52015-04-06 20:12:19 UTCrobert (you win, that is)
62015-04-16 14:30:59 UTCHarry Wood Good work improving the roads data in Nepal. I've just put out an @OpenStreetMap tweet mentioning your changeset number 30,000,000 congrats!
12015-04-06 20:06:58 UTCrobert Hi,

Try not to use descriptive "names". If a path is unnamed, just don't give it a name. (I've removed the name now). Other than that, a good first edit - cut-throughs are really important & useful additions to OSM. Keep up the good work.
12015-04-06 02:36:11 UTCrobert Sorry, I reverted this edit because it was just too destructive. Remember, this is a global, shared map and changes you make to the map affect everyone. A bit like wikipedia.

If you need any more help with the tools you can always refer to or ask someone in person ...
12015-03-28 17:56:16 UTCrobert You sure about Katharine Road? Ordnance Survey Locator disagrees:
22015-03-28 17:57:47 UTCrobert Actually to be fair Locator seems to be a little confused:
12015-03-27 22:34:11 UTCrobert Are you sure about this? There's something that looks an awful lot like a road on the bing imagery I'm looking at and Ordnance Survey Locator seems to think this road's here
22015-03-30 07:34:24 UTCshravan91 We have reverted the changeset. Thanks for the update!
12015-03-18 23:50:10 UTCrobert Did you mean to cause a removal of the name "Eastmoor Lane" in this edit? It broke an OS Locator match:
12015-03-17 22:49:44 UTCrobert The whole way along? Ordnance Survey Locator seems to think it's called Beloe Street just at the SE end:
22015-03-18 10:30:40 UTCFlinders Chase Hi Robert. Its Mill Street up to Park Hill Road. Between Park Hill Road and South Hill Road it becomes Beloe Street. I tried to change the short section at the SE end back to Beloe Street, but I couldn't work out how to do it. It's known in area as Mill Street.
32015-03-18 18:23:17 UTCrobert What you have to do is "split" the highway at the node where it changes. Then you can rename the two halves separately. If you want to do this in Potlatch, see .
If you use a modern browser (not Internet Explorer), you ca...
12015-03-15 22:17:28 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove the name "Miller Way" in this edit? It broke a match with the Ordnance Survey Locator database:
22015-03-16 10:28:33 UTCBuckster_uk No sorry it should still be there (Miller Place), just readded.
32015-03-16 19:30:22 UTCrobert Great stuff
42015-03-16 19:30:52 UTCrobert (welcome to OSM, keep up the good work)
12015-03-14 00:15:59 UTCrobert Did you mean to get rid of the named "Helder Street" in this edit? It's broken a match against Ordnance Survey Locator:
22015-03-14 00:16:11 UTCrobert ^name
32015-03-16 08:52:32 UTCMapperIAm Hi,
Yes, I meant to delete the street, I have no idea how it would have got there, it was a short line, at a jaunty angle and just doesn't exist.
What I didn't think about was that it was (eroneously) named and was close enough to the real street to make it look right on your "monitoring syst...
42015-03-16 19:29:49 UTCrobert Interestingly, we quite often find errors in OS Locator this way, at which point we start using the not:name= tag to mark them.
12015-03-08 14:01:56 UTCrobert Did you mean to end up removing the name "Runnymede Close" in this edit? It's broken a match against Ordnance Survey Locator:
22015-03-08 17:54:54 UTCJohn Embrey No; any removal of name was an accidental mistake.
32015-03-09 19:36:49 UTCrobert Ok I've fixed it now.
42015-03-09 19:37:10 UTCrobert (in
12015-03-05 02:02:57 UTCrobert According to the previous edit on Barrow Road, "Road was renamed from Barrow Road to Abbey Road" ( and this edit now disagrees with Ordnance Survey Locator ( Are you sure thi...
22015-03-05 10:02:59 UTCRogerc In walking along most of this road, I could not find any road name signs. I took the name Barrow Road from OS OpenData StreetView. It appears that this disagrees with OS OpenData Locator.
I note that Google Maps call it Abbey Road, while Bing maps call it Barrow Road. How does one choose?
32015-03-05 19:07:53 UTCrobert Consider asking the author of the previous changeset for his source?
42015-03-06 16:42:17 UTCRogerc Consulting a few locals resulted in a majority for Barrow Road, but some for Abbey Road.
I have changed it back to Abbey Road on the grounds of the postal address of some firms located on it. I have left Barrow Road as an alternative (alt_name).
52015-03-06 19:50:10 UTCrobert Good work.
12015-03-05 02:09:18 UTCrobert Eek, more road-merging resulting in auto-merged-semicolon-separated road names (and refs) breaking OS Locator matches here
12015-03-05 02:05:43 UTCrobert Did you mean to switch the name= on Passmore Edwards Court to an addr:housename=? This has broken a match:
22015-03-06 00:17:25 UTCMike Baggaley oops, I think it should be OK now
12015-03-05 01:59:08 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete Cottam Hall Lane in this edit?
22015-03-05 12:29:47 UTCSkyeb Hi Robert,

No I didn't mean to delete Cottam Hall lane, my only edits including the postbox opposite the Ancient Oak pub and the 88A bus routes. I didn't intentionally mean to delete anything if I have
12015-03-05 01:55:12 UTCrobert Are you sure about this edit? It disagrees with Ordnance Survey Locator which thinks it's called Tun Lane only south of the bend:
"Westoff Lane" has now disappeared.
12015-03-05 01:51:27 UTCrobert Are the following roads being demolished/changing name or is this a mistake?
12015-03-01 14:18:49 UTCrobert Did you mean to delete Middleton Mews in this changeset? It's now leaving a hole in my QA tool:
12015-02-25 23:39:03 UTCrobert Fun tip - if you select the building and his "s", the editor will square up the edges for you.
12015-02-25 20:46:23 UTCrobert These are all really useful edits - remember to make sure footways etc. are actually connected to other ones where it is possible to traverse between them so that e.g. the router can pick them up. Should the steps to the "Acredale" parking lot from Church Place be connected at the parking ...
12015-02-24 23:37:34 UTCrobert Very good :).

(Caught us out there...)
12015-02-23 18:44:43 UTCrobert The Grove -> Fieldhurst Close: are you sure about this? 3 things...
1. OS Locator disagrees with you
2. Fieldhurst Close is the road one down from this one.
3. The road you've assigned the name to is not a close.
22015-02-23 20:37:29 UTCjpennycook (temporarily away) Fixed in and replied to Robert
12015-02-22 18:20:49 UTCrobert Hmm. You've managed to turn Sole Farm Avenue into a footpath here and the line you've created between it and Childs Hall Road hasn't been tagged as anything, so OSM doesn't know what it is - it could be a fence, a river, anything. To assign tags to objects you select them and then use the menu on th...
22015-02-22 19:43:17 UTCgorchard I did try to use the object type ... but it just didn't save it.
I apologise If i've made a hash of it - all I wanted to do was add one LINE, mark it as a footpath and get it to link Sole farm Avenue with Childs hall road as a footpath.

Running through the tutorial it all looked easy so I don't ...
32015-02-22 19:53:59 UTCgorchard Right. *hopefully* I've managed to correct this now. Sole Farm Avenue is back to being a residential Road, and there is now a FOOTPATH linking Sole Farm Avenue to Childs hall Road.
I hope I've got this right now.
42015-02-22 21:23:15 UTCrobert Great stuff. Cut-throughs are incredibly useful things to add to OSM. Keep up the good work.
52015-02-22 21:25:02 UTCrobert (some people get confused by the fact that when you re-click the tag name of an already-tagged object it untags it [so you can select a new tag], which is a bit of a user interface... oddity in my opinion)
62015-02-23 11:00:55 UTCgorchard If someone knowledgeable wants to check this I am happy for them to do so.

I know there is a cut-through from Sole Farm Avenue to Childs hall Road - just hope I've added it correctly.
12015-02-17 19:40:24 UTCrobert Good stuff. I just made a small fix - we tend to put most of a feature's tags on the enclosing area, rather than the building.

My edit:

Keep it up.
12015-02-16 19:34:16 UTCrobert Good start - keep it up. All v. useful additions.
22015-02-17 10:07:35 UTCSomeoneElse Just wondered - is there perhaps a typo here at ("Buckminser shop" without a T in "Buckminster" with one)?
12015-02-16 01:09:20 UTCrobert May I suggest the historic=castle tag for this?
12015-02-16 01:06:44 UTCrobert You haven't tagged these (presumably) buildings, so OSM doesn't really know what they are. As far as OSM's concerned they're just generic areas.
You need to select the areas and then choose a tag from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
12015-02-14 21:59:56 UTCrobert Here's a neat trick: when you've got an area selected, hit "s" and it will perfectly square-up the edges for you.
12015-02-14 13:04:14 UTCrobert You haven't added any tags to these lines, so OSM doesn't "know" what they are. They could be fences, rivers, train lines, anything. They also go over existing roads, so I'm not sure what you're trying to add here.
22015-02-14 16:12:44 UTCjrheath I've not worked out how to add routes with this program, so assumed it worked in a similar way to
I have also been unable to correct what I entered. I could give a series of grid references or else routes using if either of them are of use.
32015-02-14 19:09:59 UTCrobert What route is this? Is it an official designated route? There are ways of adding these but they may require a more powerful editor.
If it's a personal cycle route, OSM isn't really meant for this sort of thing (any more than Wikipedia isn't meant for personal essays).
12015-02-11 17:46:30 UTCrobert Hi, I've made a small fix to this edit by connecting the ends of the steps you created to the roads they appear to run on to. It's important to actually *connect* these ways in places where they are traversable across, otherwise tools that use OSM data don't know they are connected and can't e.g. ro...
12015-02-10 21:31:19 UTCrobert Nice addition - I removed the superfluous "point" Whiteheath Junior School because we have a general guideline we call "One feature, one OSM element". Read more here:,_one_OSM_element
Happy mapping.
12015-02-10 19:21:30 UTCrobert Oops looks like a bit of your way combining (?) might have given roads around here an ugly (semicolon separated) name and some ugly attributes breaking some OS Locator matches e.g.
22015-02-10 22:10:42 UTCHondarider sorry about that
12015-02-07 19:43:10 UTCrobert Please don't give things "descriptive" "name"s. The "name" tag is intended for specific names of objects.
There are special tags to denote things as e.g. allotments. Even "surface" tags that you can use to notate t...
22015-02-08 13:37:18 UTCtkeats Sorry about that, my first edit so not too sure of rules and regulations yet. Thanks for the tip and fix! 😊
32015-02-08 21:38:25 UTCrobert Don't be discouraged - everyone makes mistakes on their first edits.
12015-02-07 15:54:52 UTCrobert Here, you could have removed the "indian restaurant" tagging without removing the entire node (that contains really useful address (housenumber) data - presumably the address is still there it hasn't got up and walked away).
I've restored this now for you (without the restaurant).
12015-02-07 14:38:11 UTCrobert I've reverted this.

This isn't really the intention of OpenStreetMap. OSM is a shared, globally edited map. It's a bit like wikipedia for maps. Editing the map edits it for everyone - it's not really intended for personal notes.

What *would* be useful however would be to add some of the house ...
12015-02-07 13:17:42 UTCrobert Try not to use general descriptions for "name"s. The "name" tag is meant more for specific names of objects. I've removed some of these and added a specific parking tag to your parking area.
22015-02-07 13:19:23 UTCrobert Oh and there's also a specific "retail building" tag. I've switched the commercial building to that too.
12015-02-06 21:52:58 UTCrobert If you need to travel through the school grounds to traverse this footway, it might be good to set the end nodes as "gate"s so pedestrian routers don't try to send people through the school as a shortcut.
22015-02-07 10:50:41 UTCMatt Brayley Hi, in actual fact, this footpath is not within the school grounds. There is a metal fence to seperate them, therefore it is public right of way and your suggestion might be unnecessary.
32015-02-07 12:49:23 UTCrobert Ok, I've pulled the border of the school back from the path then so it's clear.
Keep up the good work - footway/cut-thoughs are extremely useful things to add.
12015-02-06 21:27:48 UTCrobert Are you sure about this? OS thinks Station Road for this stretch
22015-02-07 12:13:56 UTCSingeo I'm confused...

Depending which layer you look at on the definitive map it's either all Station Lane or the Hydestile End is Station Road, though it's not clear when Station Lane becomes Station Road as you move East to West. There are 2 properties on the part that may be Station Road and both ha...
32015-02-07 12:38:41 UTCrobert Yeah sometimes ground truth is the only way to know. If there aren't any signs, can always find out the addresses of nearby premises.
12015-02-06 22:09:12 UTCrobert The "station" object you moved is supposed to mark the position on the track (in this case, underground) that the platform(s) are. The entrances to the tube are marked using different objects, such as

I've reverted this changeset with my chan...
12015-02-06 21:47:06 UTCrobert Great start - as you can see plenty of road names are missing in this area.

p.s. if you use a non-Internet Explorer browser, you'll be able to use a slightly easier editor, iD.
12015-02-06 21:44:04 UTCrobert Is this a location where members of the public can take waste to be recycled? That's the intention of the amenity=recycling tag.
12015-02-06 21:37:48 UTCrobert The "name" tag is meant for actual names, not really for general descriptions. I've fixed this. Other than that, a good first edit - keep mapping!
22015-02-06 22:46:03 UTCSRV4 ok, thanks.
12015-02-06 21:33:03 UTCrobert Hmm, you don't seem to have removed any golf courses in this edit.
12015-02-04 19:34:56 UTCrobert Regarding Rubastic Way/Road, we tend to use the not:name tag for this to let QA tools strike it off their list. I've done this now.
22015-02-04 20:19:23 UTCJonga OK, thanks.
32015-02-05 16:12:39 UTCJonga In case you wonder, I must have been seeing things as I checked again today and it is definitely Rubastic Rd, so have changed it back!
12015-02-01 12:30:57 UTCrobert Decent first edit. I de-capitalized AXIS POINT - we tend to leave decisions about capitalization etc to the map renderer.
12015-01-30 19:13:32 UTCrobert Be careful - you managed to remove the highway=residential tag from a street in London in this changeset (I fixed it in my changeset
12015-01-29 20:56:59 UTCrobert Is there really no road named "Tyne View Terrace" here? Because this edit removed it and broke a match against Ordnance Survey Locator
12015-01-28 01:03:25 UTCrobert I fixed this a bit for you:
1. opening_hours actually uses a specific syntax
2. cuisine isn't really a general description field - I think it's clear enough what most cafe's cuisine is.
3. You managed to create three POIs on top of each other (...
22015-01-30 01:34:39 UTCWild Bytes Cafe Thank you. I am an enthusiastic young entreprenuer trying to get the word out.
12015-01-26 20:16:50 UTCrobert I've reverted this edit - please note this is a global, shared map. Editing it edits everyone's version - a bit like Wikipedia.
22015-01-27 08:34:10 UTCEdLoach What you could do though is add all the houses in the street with their house numbers, so people can find Granny's (and her neighbours' houses) by the address. Let me know if you want any pointers as to how to do so.
12015-01-26 14:24:03 UTCtrigpoint Hi
I think something has gone a little wrong here.
Russett Way already exists and the new road you have drawn is on top of a house.
Are you sure this is correct, if you need any help, feel free to ask.
22015-01-26 14:37:14 UTCCrystalization Russett Way is a bit of a strange 'road' in that there is 2 parts to it and only one of them is on the maps.

Subsequently, checking Google I see that they also don't list the other section.

I feel some explaining needs to be done so you understand my logic here ha. Looking at a satellite image...
32015-01-26 15:30:01 UTCrobert FWIW this is what current os locator has to say about it
42015-01-26 15:32:20 UTCCrystalization Robert, I have no idea what that green box means lol.
52015-01-26 18:33:27 UTCrobert
12015-01-25 22:57:03 UTCrobert Is... there a park here?
12015-01-25 20:34:40 UTCrobert Hi, I fixed your changeset a bit to tag it a bit more like how we tend to do it in OSM these days. I mapped the school grounds as an area tagged as such and named "Abbeymead Primary School" and the approximate outline of the building as an unnamed "school building".

My changes...
12015-01-21 19:42:41 UTCrobert You haven't given way 323491043 that you created ( any tags. This means that OSM has no way of knowing what it "is". It's a meaningless abstract line.

In iD, after you've created a line, you've got to assign tags to it using the menu that then ...
12015-01-19 21:53:45 UTCrobert Please don't abuse the name tag to add the fact that roads happen to also be part of some-walk-or-other. If you really want to do this you should use route relations (, though you may have to upgrade to using JOSM to do that properly.

In fact the ...
22015-01-19 22:18:46 UTCRichard Despite the old grump above (we love him really), great to have you on board. :)
32015-01-20 10:04:53 UTCEdLoach You might also like to look at other maps that use OpenStreetMap data where the routes are more obvious, such as or
42015-01-20 10:32:09 UTCcnedramblers Thanks for all the comments. I must admit that as a walker I was totally unaware of the waymarked trails site. But so are many others. I accept that applying mutiple tags to highways or footpaths is a problem, but footpaths and trails were in many cases there centuries before tarmac roads and it is ...
52015-01-20 10:44:06 UTCEdLoach I hope my comment didn't mislead you, as I was out in the rain 9 days ago collecting GPS traces and photos of local (to me) public footpaths that still needed adding to OpenStreetMap. I was just trying to help point out that the default view of the data when you come to this website isn't the best v...
62015-01-20 10:59:19 UTCSK53 I must emphasise we take rights of way very seriously and would really welcome your contributions.

You can read about some of the work involving OSM and footpath mapping on my blog or watch Dudley Ibbett talking mapping paths in the Peak Dist...
72015-01-20 11:07:11 UTCRichard Please don't remove them! OSM takes rights of way very seriously, more than any other mapping organisation other than the Ordnance Survey.

At the same time we're a global project, so we can't show every single peculiarity of every single country in this map view. The main view on openstreetmap.or...
82015-01-20 19:30:38 UTCrobert Hey, there's nothing in the Terms of Service about not being a grumpy bastard.
92015-01-20 19:50:04 UTCcnedramblers I can try and get colleagues to annotate NE Derbyshire footpaths that are Public Rights of Way with the County Council's terminology (e.g. NE 2 46/1) - as rowmaps does - but only if it adds value ?
102015-01-21 00:55:13 UTCSomeoneElse Yes - public rights of way numbers are usually added using the prow_ref key (see, and would certainly be useful to have - although of course the source has to be licence-compatible (not derived from OS non-open mapping). See
112015-01-21 01:09:01 UTCSomeoneElse One more question about the route - back in 2008 when I walked it there used to be a Chesterfield Round Walk route marker around here where the highlighted relation leaves Bolehill Lane. You've added the name to this footpath http...
12015-01-19 23:16:22 UTCrobert I made a small fix to this in my changeset

It's important to ensure the points where ways are *traversible* between are actually *connected*, otherwise software that uses OSM can't do clever things like routing across them. In the web editor (iD), n...
12015-01-14 16:26:30 UTCrobert You've got to be careful to actually *connect* the ends of the footways you create to the ways they are traversible to/from, otherwise tools that use OSM can't do clever stuff like routing across it (it doesn't know they're actually *connected*).

I fixed this for you in my changeset http://www.op...
12015-01-13 17:32:03 UTCrobert I fixed this for you by connecting the endpoints and the midpoint to the respective roads. You need to be careful to actually *connect* ways to each other where they can be traversed.

Other than that, good first edit - cut throughs are really useful things to add to OSM.
12015-01-05 23:27:09 UTCrobert I'm afraid I reverted this changeset (with my changeset because it was too destructive. Removed many street names. Remember, OSM is a shared, global map, in the same way wikipedia is a shared global encyclopedia. You remove a name for yourself, you re...
12015-01-03 01:44:24 UTCrobert Did you mean to remove/break the name "Harvieston Villas" here?
22015-01-03 12:51:27 UTCNorthBeric Hi, yes. The eight houses forming Harvieston Villas were demolished to form the new station car park.
12015-01-01 14:25:26 UTCwotzit07 Unnamed road
22015-01-01 14:38:03 UTCrobert You haven't tagged this way as a road, so it doesn't represent anything specific. You've got to select the way and use the buttons on the left (underneath "search...") to assign "tags" to the way.
12014-12-28 21:36:12 UTCrobert Fixed the tagging of this for you. The "school grounds" should cover the whole school grounds and the building is just an added extra detail that doesn't need a name itself.
22014-12-29 15:34:03 UTCZakDeLondres Ah ok, thanks for that, I only just began editing and adding to OSM.
32014-12-29 17:17:33 UTCrobert Yup, we watch the edits of beginners :) Keep up the good work otherwise.
12014-12-22 00:05:00 UTCrobert Going to add a not:name?
22014-12-22 00:14:01 UTCWelshie done
12014-12-21 12:42:19 UTCrobert I think you managed to accidentally remove the name "Quincewood Gardens" from here
12014-12-18 21:44:30 UTCrobert Did you accidentally delete "Boothroyd Street" in this changeset?
12014-12-18 21:41:11 UTCrobert Did you perhaps accidentally delete "Albion Square" in this changeset?
12014-12-14 14:57:07 UTCrobert Did you accidentally remove the name "Oaklands Drive" here?
12014-12-14 14:55:28 UTCrobert Did you manage to accidentally delete "Lea Way" here?
12014-12-14 14:53:06 UTCrobert Are you sure about the naming here? OS Locator seems to disagre with you
22014-12-14 17:56:49 UTCPink Duck I suspect that was an editing mistake, since it is Royal Terrace from Royal Parade North to the top, with addressing suggesting that to the right of that it is Royal Plain.
12014-12-14 14:50:47 UTCrobert I'm afraid I had to revert chis changeset (in my changeset because it deleted several objects including Grace Avenue ( and a footway (

We also don't tend to put ve...
12014-12-11 21:04:41 UTCrobert Please don't abuse the "name" tag to give things a generic label. Tag it as a bowling green if it is one.

The "name" is to be used if e.g. this bowling green has a _specific_ name.
12014-12-08 19:52:48 UTCrobert I'm reverting this changeset because you managed to delete the way "First Avenue".
22014-12-08 23:36:52 UTCdrm234 Oops, put it down to inexperience with the editor. I'll try again tomorrow.
12014-12-06 20:35:23 UTCrobert You managed to connect the end of the footway to a postbox, not Bedford Road. I've fixed that for you. You sometimes have to be careful with what ways are actually connected to.
12014-12-02 22:16:46 UTCrobert In iD, when you've got a (house, say) way selected, you can hit "s" and it will automagically square it up for you.
12014-11-30 14:37:06 UTCrobert There's a difference between actually tagging an area as allotments and just giving it the name "Allotments". In iD use the "search" box on the left to search for the allotments tag and then apply it by selecting it. Fixed this one for you.
12014-11-30 12:48:13 UTCrobert Create an area and _tag_ it as "wood". All you've done here is create a bunch of lines that have the "name" "Trees".
12014-11-10 23:26:40 UTCrobert Good first edit, keep it up.
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