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12017-04-18 00:01:44 UTCTheDutchMan13 This changeset a revert
22017-04-18 00:07:36 UTCTheDutchMan13 is a*
12017-02-01 08:21:30 UTCTheDutchMan13 wrong changeset description, actually added speed limits and fixed roads
12017-01-25 21:16:12 UTCTheDutchMan13
12016-12-21 07:18:23 UTCnammala Hi Monkeybird,

May I know the reason behind giving the name tag as `xtreme air` and let us know.

22017-01-22 20:00:19 UTCTheDutchMan13 It's been confirmed, here's the website
I moved the poi to the correct position.
32017-01-23 04:41:10 UTCnammala Thanks TheDutchMan13 for getting back and confirming :)
12016-10-12 10:56:29 UTCmueschel Hi,
on three ways (e.g. ) there are two maxspeed:forward tags, could you check which one is correct?

22016-10-12 20:39:05 UTCTheDutchMan13 Fixed
12016-09-24 10:58:05 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
You've deleted the old Borders off the Headrow here. Did you check with local mappers to see what has replaced it?
22016-09-25 03:57:58 UTCTheDutchMan13 No i didn't, You're welcome to add a blank poi
32016-09-25 13:23:33 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - note added .
42016-09-25 23:10:51 UTCTheDutchMan13 Thanks
12016-09-10 03:47:06 UTCTheDutchMan13 I added a peak & source tags to your edits. Thanks for adding this.
12016-08-21 20:09:55 UTCTheDutchMan13 Reverted part of your changeset
12016-07-04 00:24:27 UTCTheDutchMan13 wrong changeset name, should say (Added address from note)
12016-07-02 02:25:15 UTCMateusz Konieczny see
22016-07-02 04:37:24 UTCTheDutchMan13 Thanks for adding this!
12016-04-18 10:55:03 UTCTheDutchMan13 This edit was reverted
12016-04-16 05:29:45 UTCTheDutchMan13 I was just about to revert my edit, looks like you added the store already, thanks.
12016-04-16 05:14:03 UTCrobliebhart Hello, there really is a Borders store here in Yas Mall.

Would you please be able to undo this edit?

The mall opened 1.5 years ago, and I go there every week. I, too, enjoy mapping in OSM, which I why I worked hard to add this POI in m...
22016-04-16 05:28:18 UTCTheDutchMan13 I apologize, i was under the impression there were no Borders stores left worldwide. Thanks for letting me know.
12016-04-02 06:25:19 UTCTheDutchMan13 Here's a link if anyone needs it -
12016-03-06 18:04:13 UTCmueschel Hi,
I found a way with two maxspeed tags:
maxspeed:forward = 35 mph
maxspeed:forward_1 = 40 mph

Could you check which of the two is correct?
Cheers, Jan
22016-03-06 19:37:44 UTCTheDutchMan13 Fixed, thanks for noticing this.
12016-01-18 10:23:03 UTCGerdP Hi there!
Please review:
Maxspeed traffic signs are mapped with
traffic_sign=maxspeed + maxspeed=*
You used highway=traffic_sign + maxspeed=*
which is rather unusual
22016-01-18 17:55:30 UTCTheDutchMan13 Will be fixed, simple mistake i've been making. Well correct this and any others i've made as i come upon them. Thanks for noticing.
32016-01-18 18:02:43 UTCTheDutchMan13 Running an overpass to find my other errors. Any others would be only in arizona.
42016-01-18 18:11:59 UTCGerdP Thanks for the feedback. I just noticed that the number of nodes tagged highway=traffic_sign increased during the last days, so I thought I'd better contact you. I did not try to find out who changed the ~1000 older nodes.
52016-01-18 18:15:53 UTCTheDutchMan13 Yeah i was able to find 1006 nodes around the world with (highway=traffic_sign). Any chance we could run a bot on just the nodes to clean them up? Change them to (traffic_sign=maxspeed. Or does that need to be run by the community?
62016-01-18 18:30:59 UTCGerdP My experience is that mechanical edits are so "banned" that I stiopped thinking about them :-(
Besides that there are probably not only maxspeed signs, I think some are also tagged with traffic_sign=*.

72016-01-19 04:45:37 UTCTheDutchMan13 I'm fixing all the ones found in arizona right now by hand.
82016-01-19 08:39:29 UTCGerdP sounds good to me. I am not eager to change them as they are probably not evaluated by any routing software.
12015-09-14 15:54:14 UTCPolice Department Of New York City Of New York Commodore John Rodgers Elementary School Is Opening!
22015-09-14 20:08:06 UTCToeBee This changeset has been reverted as vandalism after discussion on the talk-us mailing list. If you believe this to be in error, please engage with the community before making any further edits.
32015-09-20 23:37:15 UTCTheDutchMan13 Thanks Toebee!, good lord did this dude create a 3rd account?
12015-04-08 01:40:38 UTCpaulmach Hi,

The cycleways you added just looks like shoulders on the side of the road, not separated bike paths. Is that what you see on the ground?
22015-04-08 04:51:09 UTCTheDutchMan13 I got a note from a strava user saying how heavy the road was used for bike riders so i assumed it was a bike route. I may have gone to far. It's probably best to delete the route and tag the road.
12015-01-03 05:39:54 UTCTheDutchMan13 Thanks!
22015-01-03 05:57:30 UTCrickmastfan67 No problem man!
12015-01-02 05:15:20 UTCrickmastfan67 Don't forget to connect the ramp to I-10 so it can be used. ;)
22015-01-02 05:27:38 UTCTheDutchMan13 I tried but the I-10 north isn't rendering in the editors.
32015-01-02 05:42:12 UTCrickmastfan67 Now connected in Changeset: 27855344.
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