Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-09-02 16:10:03 UTCindigomc way 487504168 - canal was changed to highway in this changeset. Please be more careful.
12018-07-13 19:14:25 UTCindigomc Please describe what this and other features that you have added are, other than tourist attractions.
12018-06-04 18:16:32 UTCindigomc I've removed the entry you made 'Drug Dealer's House' in this changeset. Whether it is true or not, it seems to be quite inappropriate. If there is other information why it should be entered, please explain in a note. Thanks.
12018-05-18 19:23:40 UTCindigomc Removed, as random quadrilateral. Parthgbhatt, please provide the evidence if you add it again.
12018-05-18 19:17:12 UTCindigomc Deleted, on the same basis as previous edit.
12018-05-18 19:13:31 UTCindigomc Hi
This was not a useful edit. The road is already marked, please don't add another above it. Please use the correct tags, it is neither an aerialway, nor a platform. You can read guidance in the wiki and ask questions in the forum or the mailing lists. I have deleted this edit. Thanks, from user i...
12018-05-16 20:54:43 UTCmottiger Hi indigomc

I deleted an old relationship with just a few, tiny members. There is a new one.

22018-05-18 06:51:45 UTCindigomc Thanks. I know that in some of my lake drawing or redrawing I've failed to properly clear things up especially in respect of relations. Regards.
12018-04-22 06:33:13 UTCHeinz_V Hello nutan11
You mapped a lot a „ditches“ as barrier between farm lands. But there are no ditches.
Please delete all these ditches. If you want help, feel free to send me a message.
22018-04-22 09:01:27 UTCnutan11 I would like to take help of your team and show all farm barriers appropriately.
32018-05-18 06:44:42 UTCindigomc I see Heinz has removed these barriers now. However the alternative correct ways to add them is shown in the OSM wiki, for instance by using the landuse tags or the barrier tags. You could also have asked, for instance in the OSM forums if you did not know.
12018-04-30 18:50:58 UTCindigomc I assume you were mucking about here. Deleting this 'park'.
12018-04-17 14:24:08 UTCnutan11 these are the trenches made to divide farm fields
22018-04-19 05:50:57 UTCindigomc Many of these are plainly not ditches. Please read guidance as advised before.
12018-04-17 18:13:47 UTCindigomc Hi nutan11

It would be useful you could answer any comments before renewing changes. More questions from me;

Do all these 'ditches' actually exist? From Bing imagery many of these seem actually to be roads or tracks.
What mapping source did you use for them. They do not seem to align with Bi...
12018-04-16 17:07:19 UTCindigomc Woodlands should be marked according their actual boundary, not in in perfect circle.
22018-04-17 06:00:42 UTCnutan11 There are single trees in places that i have marked as circle other woodlands are abruptly marked.
32018-04-17 17:36:09 UTCindigomc Thank you for this comment. Single trees are to marked as single trees, not woodland. Please read and and use the correct tags. If y...
12018-04-16 17:04:06 UTCindigomc Hi nutan11

Why did you mark all these farm fields as coastline? I've reverted these now. If you are in doubt of the tag to use, please look in the wiki or ask in the forums or the mailing list. See and
12018-04-16 17:01:13 UTCindigomc What is the purpose of this way?

Please add a descriptive comment when making changes. fddhdhgd means nothing to most of us.
12018-04-07 07:18:53 UTCindigomc Hi aintgd

In this changeset you added a road marked as 'highway=primary_link', overlaying an existing road, part of SH249. You seem to have been adjusting the existing on the basis of gps traces, but this should have been done by adjusting the existing road. Currently there are two roads marked. ...
12018-03-26 07:56:47 UTCindigomc When you added this road and neighbouring minor roads, you added a new roads though there already were roads marked there there somewhat offset from yours. The earlier one has not been removed, and you changed their classification to unclassified from the previous 'residential'. Your added roads se...
12018-03-23 19:40:35 UTCindigomc Another existing road, wrongly tagged unclassified again, and the geometry seems to have been made worse. Comments appreciated please.
12018-03-23 19:32:01 UTCindigomc How did you 'add a new road' here?
12018-03-23 19:28:06 UTCindigomc Hi

In this and lots of your edits, you are changing roads that appear to be residential and are marked as such to 'unclassified'. You furthermore add edit comments stating that you 'added a new road', which is plainly wrong. Could you please explain?
12018-03-23 19:20:22 UTCindigomc Hi; please note that these roads are not motorways as you changed them. Please read the tagging guidelines at before making more such changes. I'm reverting this change.
12018-03-20 13:50:52 UTCHeinz_V You deleted parts of the NH169!!!
How could this happen????
22018-03-23 18:20:32 UTCindigomc Reverted pending an explanation.
12018-02-20 18:14:28 UTCindigomc Please follow guidelines when classifying roads. Thanks.
12018-02-16 17:27:06 UTCindigomc Hi

I've deleted this and your other advertising in Goa. I can also see what appears to be adverts for a restaurant in Crimea, you should remove that. Thanks you.
12018-02-09 16:42:00 UTCindigomc Hi Barlanki

Can you explain what you have put here please. An apartment in what seems to be in an empty field?

Also, the same questions apply to your other additions on the same date.
12018-02-03 11:12:07 UTCindigomc Hi Doc
The Mandovi was created flowing uphill at Dudhsagar!

12017-12-25 08:37:17 UTCindigomc There are 6 'stop areas' here next to each other. It renders badly. Should it not be one bus station?
22017-12-25 10:16:30 UTCVonter I had made 6 separate nodes as there are 6 separate bench+shelter locations for this station. If there is any way to preserve the 6 platforms without having rendering problems, that would work.
I have removed the highway=bus_stop tags now, so that may fix it.
32017-12-25 17:38:55 UTCindigomc Thanks. I think it was the names that I noticed, multiple instances of the same name next to each other. And I appear to have made my comment on the changeset without making the location clear, sorry if you had trouble working out what I was referring to.
12017-12-25 08:24:56 UTCindigomc Does this relation have a purpose? Given the existence of which is complete unlike this, it seems to me that it could be deleted. Or if it has another purpose it should be renamed accordingly.
22017-12-25 14:17:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Indeed, the outer ring road is one of the important road in BLR and this is helpful for bus route. There are lot of buses go through everyday in this road. Pls refer this for info and viz
32017-12-25 17:34:43 UTCindigomc Thank you for your reply. I'm still not clear what this is about. But that is probably because of my question being unclear (I assumed that the changeset referred to one relation only). I should have made it clear that I was talking about relation with n...
12017-12-17 11:36:07 UTCindigomc Question raised about this being NH160; a note asserts that at least the section in way 309488028 is NH166. I see -some partial agreement in Wikipedia.
22017-12-17 12:33:26 UTCHeinz_V NH160 was defined here :
NH166 was defined here :

I cann‘t see an error. But I‘m not sure around Miraj, because the definition of MORTH is not clear. It‘s possible that the NH166 take...
12017-12-16 16:19:36 UTCindigomc Reverting this and related edits. Names should be in one language using the specified tags.
12017-12-14 20:43:23 UTCindigomc hi - in this edit you changed an area of military use to a lake while using incompatible tags. I assume it was a mistake and have reverted it. Please take care next time. Thanks, from user indigomc
12017-12-14 18:34:14 UTCindigomc Hi kailashdhirwani
Please note that in this changeset you removed the place=city for the Indore City node. This effectively made the city invisible at magnification. I've restored it. Please be more careful. Thanks, indigomc
22017-12-15 03:40:55 UTCkailashdhirwani it may be done by mistake
i will be careful next time
12017-12-08 08:33:17 UTCindigomc Hi
You changed an enormous area of mountain woodland near Dharamsala from woodland to lake in this changeset. I assume it was a mistake, and changed it back. Please take care in future. Thanks.
22017-12-13 08:20:10 UTCkeithonearth Good catch indigomc! I'm pretty sure we'd have heard about it in the news if that'd land had all become flooded, so it looks like a safe assumption to me. :-)
12017-12-06 14:36:37 UTCindigomc What is this area please? Why does it seem to overlap houses or other buildings, and what does its name mean?
12017-11-16 18:32:58 UTCindigomc This is not a satisfactory explanation for the changes you have made. Please contact me ask in the forums before you make such changes again.
12017-10-10 17:11:46 UTCindigomc Should the proposed link road here
"Proposed Tumkur Road-ALISDA ORR Road" actually be on the map. It appears it hasn't reached the construction stage yet, so it should not be marked as construction, or at all. See talk pages including for the 'proposed' key.
12017-09-28 17:18:21 UTCindigomc Reverted.
12017-09-28 17:16:28 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted.
12017-09-28 17:15:50 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted and replaced with note.
12017-09-28 17:14:00 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted, no additional info
12017-09-28 17:12:11 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted; no useful information.
12017-09-28 17:10:45 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted.
12017-09-28 17:10:09 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted.
12017-09-28 17:09:49 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted.
12017-09-28 17:09:23 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted, leaving note for the station. See notes in this user's previous changesets.
12017-09-17 17:33:18 UTCindigomc As with the previous note on another changeset, these points should not be marked as attractions. Please ask for advice in the forums.
22017-09-28 17:06:41 UTCindigomc Changeset reverted. See comments in this and previous changesets.
12017-09-28 17:05:21 UTCindigomc All changes reverted. See previous comments.
12017-09-17 17:17:41 UTCindigomc Why are these things added as points marked 'tourist attraction' and marked in capitals?
22017-09-25 17:19:00 UTCindigomc Barlanki, there is no doubt useful info here, but we cannot let it remain in this form. Please respond as to how these things should be marked in accordance with OSM guidelines. This also applies to your later changesets. Thanks.
32017-09-28 17:04:29 UTCindigomc Deleted; none seems to be any use to the general map user.
12017-09-25 17:17:36 UTCindigomc Reverted changeset.
12017-09-25 17:16:29 UTCindigomc Set useful looking data to OSM notes, reverted the changeset.
12017-09-25 17:11:14 UTCindigomc Possible useful item replaced with OSM note for confirmation, rest deleted.
12017-09-25 17:04:44 UTCindigomc Removed.
12017-09-25 17:04:06 UTCindigomc Replaced this with OSM note.
12017-09-25 17:01:53 UTCindigomc Reverted. Information added is self contradictory,
12017-09-25 16:59:46 UTCindigomc Reverted.
12017-09-25 16:59:16 UTCindigomc Reverted. See comments on other changesets by Barlanki, who does not respond.
12017-09-25 16:58:00 UTCindigomc Reverted
12017-09-25 16:51:21 UTCindigomc Deleted most of these, since they don't relate to anything on the ground and are described inadequately.
12017-09-23 19:13:38 UTCindigomc What are these strange names for settlements such as 19 LLW? Some of them are on empty farmland.
12017-09-05 17:02:38 UTCindigomc I trust that this is a meaningful entry. Please review the guidelines, and give it a properly formatted name and address. Removing it from the Howrah Delhi line relationship.
12017-09-05 16:59:28 UTCindigomc As per other changeset comments, please don't experiment with the map.Reverting.
12017-09-05 16:48:49 UTCindigomc Hi grv624 and welcome to Openstreetmap. Please note that any changes you make are added to the live map and are immediately public. There is no sandbox. In this change you have added multiple places, houses, towers and other objects all on the same spot. I will revert these now. Please see the websi...
12017-07-19 12:32:31 UTCVonter Nice work adding all the villages and towns.

Could you provide the link of the Github repository from which you got the list.
22017-07-19 17:20:37 UTCchandusekharreddy

In this link we can all India villages
32017-07-20 03:42:51 UTCVonter Thanks for the link!
42017-07-20 16:53:05 UTCindigomc Hi, I have some questions;
Why are all the names in caps; they could surely have been proper cased first. And this looks like a mass import - is it, and if so has it been discussed appropriately?
12017-04-26 16:41:49 UTCindigomc Hi

Why are you changing the names to something odd? Names are supposed to be for display, not for external analysis. See
22017-04-27 00:20:00 UTCUmapathy Hi,
Here in Sri Lanka government school names starts with the district prefix like J/ for Jaffna. Actual name is J/Thavady Hindu Tamil Mixed School here in Sri Lanka most people will understand HTMS stands for Hindu Tamil Mixed School, GTMS stands for Government Tamil Mixed School. But GTMS and HTM...
12017-04-11 16:09:03 UTCmuzirian for gothuruth church park, i think playground tag suits better.
And for many school grounds retagged, recreation grounds will be a better match
22017-04-13 19:20:20 UTCindigomc I believe that was a quite broadbrush approach on my part, essentially I changed all larger areas that did not have play equipment visible in them. Some may have been wrong.
12017-02-21 07:16:22 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, I don't think Bidar is spelled as "Bidara". Website - Wiki -
22017-02-21 21:23:54 UTCindigomc Hi. The name on the map (name tag) is Bidar. At one time I was adding Kannada names, and auto transliterating these into Latin letters. Whether the KN name should be ಬೀದರ or ಬೀದರ್, Bidara or Bidar is arguable; the wikipedia page gives the first, the district page has nothing in KN ...
32017-02-24 09:45:28 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. I don't speak Kannada and thus don't know which one is right. I was actually talking about the name:en tag (I should have mentioned it in the first comment!).

OSM is rendering name tag, but others like are rendering name:en tag. Well, it's opto them to render whatever they w...
42017-02-25 20:42:16 UTCindigomc I'm confident that the Kn name is normally ಬೀದರ Bidara, but I agree that it is most often written Bidar in Latin letters. As I said, I was transliterating the names at one time, but I don't think I was consistent whether I used name or name:kn. The current name could be replaced. As to askin...
52017-03-10 16:33:51 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey, how do you translate? Do you use any JOSM plugins? It would be very helpful for me translating names in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to Telugu!
62017-03-12 08:22:14 UTCindigomc Hi; the problem will be that the pronunciation of 'English' (latin) writing is poorly defined, especially in regard to India where every Indian and English speaker can pick how they write any name. So it can be difficult to deduce how something is pronounced in Telugu, Kannada et.c. You might be abl...
72017-03-15 05:45:13 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. I speak Telugu. I am pretty sure I know how 99.9% names are written from English to Telugu (except the rarest of the rarest). Yes, please share the software. I am a PHP developer, but can understand Python. I'd love to see how it would be useful for me! You can send an email to thallasrihari at ...
12017-02-20 06:45:41 UTCindigomc Hi Naveen. Can you please say what the 108 in the name of this temple mean? Thanks, user indigomc.
12017-01-13 18:13:07 UTCindigomc You placed this POI at distinctly the wrong location
12016-12-12 21:29:45 UTCindigomc Are there really 5 bus stops here next to each other?
22016-12-13 03:11:26 UTCPlaneMad Yup, there are 5 bus shelters
12016-12-12 20:41:33 UTCindigomc Hi Abhishek Kumar007

You appear to have used your account to make test edits. Please do not do so, it will affect the live map. I've reverted your changes.
Thanks, user indigomc
12016-12-06 19:18:28 UTCindigomc What is this name meg2 that you added to a road please?
22016-12-06 19:18:59 UTCindigomc And what is a 'tertiary one way road'?
12016-12-06 19:13:21 UTCindigomc The Taj Mahal restaurant that you created here seems to be parkland. The phone number and website are false. Please do not experiment with the map.
12016-12-06 19:05:53 UTCindigomc You deleted a major road, KRS Road in the changeset below, and replaced it with a short road with an unusual name. Please say why.
12016-12-01 18:33:43 UTCindigomc Is there really a stadium where you marked it at Tirupati please? Why have you also marked it as a hospital?
12016-12-01 18:22:00 UTCindigomc Please don't play with the live map. If you need to learn read the guidance or ask for advice in the forums.
12016-12-01 18:20:56 UTCindigomc Please don't play with the live map. If you need to learn read the guidance or ask for advice in the forums.
12016-11-30 21:21:43 UTCindigomc What is it you have created here? Also, do the other things you have created really exist? Please note that this is a live map, not some exercise paper.
22017-02-09 23:25:23 UTCyurasi Hi Speedy73
I noticed that you have added some objects that aren't visible with Bing image, for that reason I've deleted your changeset. You should more careful with your editions.
12016-11-29 17:28:02 UTCindigomc Can you please explain what is a shop=mall?
12016-11-29 17:20:47 UTCindigomc This is nowhere near Lalbagh is it? Please do not experiment with the map, and please delete your edits if they don't represent a real object.
12016-11-29 17:18:05 UTCindigomc What are these changes please? If you are experimenting, this is a live map, and it is not an accepted activity. Please the things you have added.
12016-11-29 17:14:11 UTCindigomc Hi Mounika Gunda

Can you please explain what this is thaht you have added to the map here?
12016-11-29 17:09:47 UTCindigomc I assume your edits are experiments. Please delete them as soon as you are done, otherwise the map is being cluttered by it.
12016-11-29 17:08:04 UTCindigomc And this one?
12016-11-29 17:04:29 UTCindigomc Hi Leelavathi mareddy

What is the point of this edit please? You seem to have changed a park into a place of worship. This is a live map. Also please give a meaningful comment, not 'abc'.
12016-11-29 08:26:02 UTCindigomc Please explain what you are adding usefully, in reasonable detail. Thanks.
12016-11-20 18:28:01 UTCindigomc THis edit changed the tag 'place=city' to 'place=city_block', thus effectively rendering the city invisible on many maps. Please take more care when you edit again.
22016-11-21 07:10:09 UTCNeal10 Could you please revert the changes I have made.. I couldn't figure it out ..
32016-11-21 07:36:48 UTCindigomc I've done it already.
42016-11-21 07:37:27 UTCindigomc see
12016-11-19 18:05:59 UTCindigomc The ATM is completely in the wrong place. Please correct it.
12016-11-18 19:11:28 UTCindigomc This addition seems to be in the middle of farm fields. I've disabled the 'school' tag, to render it invisible. Please check the position and provide some corroboration.
12016-11-09 04:31:46 UTCnammala Hi sushma v,

Welocme and glad that you are contributing to OpenStreetMap. I have your edits they are looking good but make sure that the roads don't overlap with the buildings. Let me know if you need anything.

22016-11-12 08:37:19 UTCindigomc Hi sushma v
Can I add to that previous comment ? You've deleted some roads in this area and not replaced them. You've deleted others and redrawn them, but not added the names that were there originally. There may be good reason for some of this, but please check that you don't lose existing informa...
12016-11-11 07:46:46 UTCindigomc This road replaced another that you deleted.It does not have enough points. The road that you deleted has other sections that have now gone, with other roads that connected to it now ending in nothing. In other words you deleted other peoples' work. Please correct.
22016-11-12 07:56:30 UTCindigomc Now reverted
12016-11-11 07:43:06 UTCindigomc Reverted this one.
12016-11-11 07:42:06 UTCindigomc Reverted this one also. See the history. You deleted a long road and replaced it with a short one.
12016-11-11 07:33:16 UTCindigomc You deleted an important road 'Thambuchettypalya Main Road' n this edit without adequate reason. Accordingly I've reverted the edit. Please check before updating, and if there is a good reason, make sure you give it. Thanks.
12016-11-09 16:30:57 UTCindigomc Hi Buch_kp

What sort of castle is this please. Can you provide any references, or is it just your home?

Thanks, user indigomc
12016-10-29 16:38:09 UTCindigomc Hi Lavanya Devraj

I've removed most of the cycleway tags that you have added to the map in recent days. Please note that the highway=cycleway is for a road that cars are not allowed on. See Do not change motor roads (highway = secondary, ...
12016-10-26 15:24:53 UTCindigomc Reverted - see previous discussions about this contributor's edits and the forum discussion at
12016-10-26 15:20:58 UTCindigomc Reverted - see previous discussions about this contributor's edits and the forum discussion at
12016-10-26 15:17:49 UTCindigomc Reverted - see previous discussions about this contributor's edits and the forum discussion at
12016-10-26 15:16:17 UTCindigomc Reverted - see previous discussions about this contributor's edits and the forum discussion at
12016-10-26 15:11:31 UTCindigomc Reverted - see previous discussions about this contributor's edits and the forum discussion at The 'restaurant' was placed in the middle of a road junction.
12016-10-26 15:08:10 UTCindigomc Reverted - see previous discussions about this contributor's edits and the forum discussion at
12016-10-26 15:07:14 UTCindigomc Reverted - see previous discussions about this contributor's edits and the forum discussion at
12016-09-23 05:04:49 UTCkeithonearth I'm sorry to do this again, but I've not gotten any clarification on why you're adding Thai language name (and name:hi) tags to places in India, so I've reverted this edit.

I can't say definitively that any of these tags are inaccurate, but that camp-site looks pretty unlikely in the Bing imager...
22016-10-07 15:38:53 UTCPlaneMad Keith, thanks for looking into the edits, there's a block on the user now to force them to read the messages. Is there still some cleanup to do?
32016-10-11 18:26:44 UTCkeithonearth I reverted their edits as I came across nodes with Thai names. I was not methodical in making sure I got all of this users edits fixed, so I would think that there is still clean up to do.

Thanks for the heads-up about the user being blocked, I'm glad to hear that happened.
42016-10-11 18:47:36 UTCSomeoneElse Just to be clear, the block isn't to stop them editing, it's to alert them to the fact that they're editing a shared map :)
Hopefully they'll read the message and engage with other mappers. Unfortunately MAPS.ME doesn't make this very clear (and it's more complicated here because their phone langua...
52016-10-12 19:17:27 UTCkeithonearth Hi SomeoneElse. I have a hard time believing these edits are not vandalism. Did you see my edit ( that removed one of their caravan sites that had been placed in the middle of an airport taxiway?

While I did not survey that location in person, it...
62016-10-12 19:39:30 UTCSomeoneElse Well, until they login to the site to clear the message they're still not able to edit the map. Whether you'd call this "vandalism" rather depends on whether they realise they're actually updating a shared map at all.
72016-10-24 17:12:40 UTCindigomc Having put the Thai content into a dictionary, they seem to represent things of interest for travellers, e.g. cafe's, viewpoints, et.c.. I suspect that they are not names and actually describe the mapping feature. Until a Thai speaker can be found to check, the thing to do might be to at least remov...
12016-10-16 07:18:05 UTCindigomc Hi
Why did you remove the names from this island please. Are you sure that they are wrong. If so, do you have the correct name?
22016-10-16 11:44:19 UTCJomal Jose I think that it's pavoor uliya. But I'll soon make sure. Thanks.
32016-10-16 12:53:47 UTCindigomc I was not referring to the form of the name written in 'English', for which there may be different forms and which I see you have now replaced with another form. I was talking also about the removal of the Kannada name.
42016-10-16 14:50:02 UTCJomal Jose Let me enquire. It's near to my location.
52016-10-17 12:22:47 UTCJomal Jose My enquiry completed successfully and the conclusions are..
1.The Islet don't have any name.
But I'll be enquiring more.
2.The name Pavoor Uliya is associated to the other side of river. ie, opposite side of adyar.
62016-10-20 18:17:00 UTCindigomc Thank you for your efforts. You don't say what sort of enquiry it was. Since I added the name originally, I felt I had to have seen evidence, so I've looked at it again. I see the following evidence which you can look up -

On geonames it is shown as Pavuru Uliya (actually it shows long vowels ...
72016-10-23 12:23:19 UTCJomal Jose You're correct. I thank you for resolving this. Actually I don't know kannada, but I stays near to Mangalore. I hope that we can contribute more to osm...
12016-10-16 08:23:52 UTCindigomc In this changeset you deleted the old node which had information that was not carried over (the Kannada name). You should have changed the old node or ensured that you copied over all information.
12016-10-15 08:19:29 UTCindigomc Deleted node instead of modifying it. Moved it even further away from the actual building.
22016-10-15 08:20:49 UTCindigomc The node is now in the road carriageway of Bellary Road. The building is on the other side of Anandnagar Main Road. Please correc.t
12016-10-15 08:11:51 UTCindigomc Deleted one existing hospital node. Created two others. The original should have been modified. Please correct.
12016-10-15 08:00:43 UTCindigomc You dragged a road junction and attached it to an unrelated road across a large area here. Please be careful.
12016-10-15 07:56:51 UTCindigomc Created a second police station as a copy of an existing one. Included in an unrelated way for the hospital.
12016-10-15 07:48:35 UTCindigomc You deleted a 'highway=tertiary' tag. Why?
12016-10-15 07:42:33 UTCindigomc Please explain what this is.
12016-10-15 07:32:36 UTCindigomc You've deleted a way for a node here. Please justify this action.
12016-10-12 17:17:39 UTCindigomc Hi Jitesh Khanna

I wrote to you some days ago about your previous edits and there has been no reply from you. See I have a question about this edit. Why did you delete a way for this school, and replace it with a simple node, missing much of the i...
22016-10-15 07:28:15 UTCindigomc I've reverted this.
12016-10-14 18:17:57 UTCindigomc In this edit you deleted the highway = residential tag/value from the road. Assuming it is a mistake. Please take more care. Reverting the changeset.
12016-10-14 18:07:09 UTCindigomc In this changeset you removed a hospital building that had been marked out in detail and replaced it later with a single point. This is unacceptable; you could have made changes to the tags for the original. I have reverted it. Please check for such again, and do not leave a note that says something...
12016-10-14 17:27:07 UTCindigomc You deleted an outline of the hospital in this edit to add a simple node. This is unjustified removal of data. Please just change the tags in future. I will revert your change. Thanks.
12016-10-14 17:08:18 UTCindigomc Hi. You moved this building by aligning it at the visible rooftops. Note that the correct alignment is at the base, not the top, due to the angle the object is seen from. It appears to have been correct originally, and is definitely incorrect now. Also confirmed by gps traces nearby. Please revert t...
12016-10-12 17:20:32 UTCindigomc Hi Jitesh Khanna. It's me again. I know I said I would not ask questions about your other edits at present but I changed my mind. Let's also look at the changes made for this one as well. Two boundaries, one of a building and one of the whole school, deleted. Some information lost or conflicting wit...
22016-10-14 16:57:42 UTCindigomc Reverting this change.
12016-10-12 18:37:34 UTCindigomc Hi Moghal Shahataj

Can you explain this edit please? Other maps show the police station on its original location.
12016-10-12 17:41:57 UTCindigomc Why was this building removed from teh map please? Has it been demolished?
12016-10-08 07:40:09 UTCindigomc You deleted the Thrissur city node in this changeset - see

Any particular reason? Note that this is a significant change, you need to be careful with these things. It has been restored, though it is currently missing many language tags.
22016-10-08 08:00:17 UTCjayasurian Sorry,
it was earlier mapped inside the temple and i had to add more things there. Thought of moving it. But got deleted :(
Thanks for restoring it. I will add the languages back.
32016-10-08 08:29:46 UTCindigomc Thanks. But if you have not already done it, please don't do anything or add the languages please, I've already added them on my PC and will update it to the map shortly. Have a look tomorrow if you see any more changes needed.
12016-10-06 18:52:31 UTCindigomc Here you've deleted one road and then added it again. Only the second time it has been added as a primary road while the other carriageway going the other way remains a secondary road. Why?
22016-10-07 18:55:37 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-06 18:50:49 UTCindigomc Why delete one roundabout with a properly spelt name to create another all in lowercase?
22016-10-07 18:54:22 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-06 18:46:10 UTCindigomc Please state why you deleted two roads, and created this as a secondary road with an embankment?
22016-10-07 18:56:28 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-06 18:25:28 UTCindigomc Hello Sai Santh

Can you please provide some corroboration for the changes you have made to OSM please?

Thank you.
22016-10-06 18:35:16 UTCChetan_Gowda All this is mess around here!
12016-10-06 06:36:09 UTCindigomc A reference 'Google Map' appears on one of the roads in this changeset. This should be checked, if necessary the road should be removed and redrawn.
22017-03-05 06:58:30 UTCmuzirian I have tried to reach this user on multiple platforms and he is not repsonding to this.
looks like it should be reported to dwg
32017-04-29 14:57:49 UTCranjithsiji Sorry for very late replay. I personally gone through these roads. with my phone. But when I am trying to draw this roads on the map I got confused a lot. So I tried to create a route on google map and draw here. If so important please mark which roads to be removed and please process the removal. I...
42017-04-29 15:27:25 UTCmuzirian We cant refer google maps or any other closed source maps to trace on osm.
Those roads you taggged with source as google is already removed.You dont have to go again to map those roads, gpx is already available for parts and imagery is lot better now. :)
12016-10-03 17:47:27 UTCindigomc Hi Drishya

Can you please clarify some of the edits you have made, which seem to be experimental. In this you added a road which does not seem to exist on the ground. In previous edits, you have deleted long roads, many footpaths. All these changes are made on live maps. Can you please explain th...
22016-10-07 18:57:37 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-02 17:29:07 UTCindigomc Hi chaitanyareddy

I wish to clarify some changes you have made. In this and the previous changeset you have added some roads to the map, that don't exist. You have deleted some footways near Vidhana Soudha. You have replaced some buildings with shapse that are not properly orthogonalised. ...
22016-10-04 08:50:03 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42623482 where the changeset comment is: Reverting 42580090, see
32016-10-07 18:54:47 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-02 17:06:31 UTCindigomc Hi Sridhar s k

I noted that in your three edits so far, you have added three items that don't appear to be actually be there on the ground. In this edit, you have added a road running through the jail grounds. Please note that this is a live map, and these changes can be seen. Can you correct the...
12016-10-02 08:45:27 UTCindigomc Hi Jitesh Khanna

This edit and some of your other recent edits seem to be experimental. Please correct them and do not continue with this, or they will have to be reverted. You can ask for further guidance at the forums and mailing lists (see the wiki).

Thanks, user indigomc
22016-10-04 08:40:51 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42623237 where the changeset comment is: Reverting 42575854, see
32016-10-07 18:55:53 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-02 08:27:27 UTCindigomc Hi

I'm assuming you are aware of deleting some perfectly good roads in Mysore, such as Sayyaji Rao Road. You have also made a number of additions that do not seem to be of the appropriate quality. Please do not experiment with the map, this will be treated as vandalism. You can get feedback at t...
22016-10-04 08:34:52 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42622992 where the changeset comment is: Reverting 42533510, see
32016-10-07 18:54:45 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-01 20:13:06 UTCindigomc Hi. Can you please state why you removed all the items in this changeset please?

I also note that in this and other changesets you seem to have made experimental changes in the live map, and added information that is not valid (e.g. adding the Fresh Reach supermarket with a unrelated US website l...
22016-10-04 08:21:33 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42622364 where the changeset comment is: Reverting 42523368, see
32016-10-07 18:55:27 UTCsanjayb This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 42718779 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed building import
12016-10-01 18:55:06 UTCindigomc Hi. Your edits a day ago around KR circle in Bangalore have resulted in a number of strange mapping results, including crossing and duplicate roads, a 'bridge' tag to part of Sheshadri Road which I don't believe is justified, and unconnected roads. Could you revisit this please as soon as possible p...
12016-09-17 07:17:23 UTCindigomc There are lots of items added in this changeset, but most are placed on or beside the road, sometimes in the road carriageway, often on the wrong side. Each should be marked where it is, not on the road. For instance, there is a cricket pitch (incorrectly labelled a playground), marked right on the...
22016-09-17 08:24:44 UTCkailashdhirwani all are correct area .and its not my fault if all are on road
32016-09-17 08:24:58 UTCkailashdhirwani all are correct area .and its not my fault if all are on road side
42016-09-19 15:07:19 UTCyogi_ks I think it is because of the phone's GPS which points to add features at these places. Since satellite imagery isn't seen while adding in, objects gets added wherever the user taps on the map.
52016-09-20 06:06:11 UTCkailashdhirwani halo
thanks for your interest in my edit
please consider following metter first

1) all place s added by me just near to road .like 40-50 mtr hardly from road side

2) and satellite imagery used by is too old. i think it is 1- 2 year old so you cant find all edits or POI...
62016-09-21 06:28:21 UTCindigomc Hi
I appreciate that they are close to the road, but they are not close enough. 40 metres is a significant distance. Only things like bus stops should be on the road, and even for them it should be clear which way they are going.

If you find difficulty in locating the item on aerial imagery, t...
72016-09-21 06:54:11 UTCkailashdhirwani in short
it is road on side and i didint pointed it out through imagery but personaly

one can easily find place via openstreet map poi edited by me accuracy is 99.99%

82016-09-21 06:55:28 UTCkailashdhirwani in short
it is on roadside and i didn't pointed it out through imagery but personally
one can easily find place via open streetmap poi, edited by me. accuracy is 99.99%
12016-08-17 07:18:10 UTCindigomc A government office is not a place of worship
12016-08-17 07:17:27 UTCindigomc A library was marked as a bookbinder in this edit.
12016-08-17 07:10:37 UTCindigomc An RTO office was marked as a place of worship in this edit.
12016-08-17 07:07:36 UTCindigomc The place = city tagging was removed from Vellore city node in this edit.
12016-07-28 07:52:37 UTCmanoharuss Hi Barlanki,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your mapping efforts are appreciated. But it seems that you have added `tourism=attraction` to a lot of nodes, 'tourism=camp_site' to a lot of bridges and given alphanumeric names. This is not the right way to map/tag bridges, crossings and control switches ...
22016-08-12 11:26:38 UTCindigomc Something needs to be done with this soon. There are too many tourism=attraction tags, some in touristy places where they will cause confusion. Thanks, indigomc
32016-08-12 13:31:21 UTCyogi_ks I think this is because of limited POI categories available in app which is the editor in this case. But anyway if suitable category is not found, its not a good idea to map with false tags.
42016-08-12 13:31:50 UTCyogi_ks Similar cases of edits are seen in other parts of the country.
52016-08-30 04:06:20 UTCmanoharuss Hi Barlanki,

I have reverted this changeset here ( It has been 1month since you have closed this changeset and your edits were still on the map. This is a public database and all the OSM users see the objects you map. @indigomc @yogi_ks I had to ...
62016-08-30 10:04:26 UTCyogi_ks Thank you for doing this.
12016-08-09 16:08:19 UTCindigomc This changeset shifted the boundary between Sedam Taluk of Karnataka and Mahbubnagar district Telangana about 500m to the north and west. This contradicts the Karnataka state maps at . It would be useful to have the source for this change so as to have a con...
12016-08-05 16:05:45 UTCindigomc A number of ancillary buildings around the Taj, as well as the platform that it stands on appear to have been deleted in this changeset and not replaced.
22016-08-06 04:48:09 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi indigomc, I was adding 3D data to Taj. The previous data of Taj mahal was just a small building tag with many name tags. As I was constructing newly, I deleted them and added details to it. At that time, I never knew that we could copy tags from building to other. Thanks for adding name tags to i...
12016-08-05 14:39:10 UTCindigomc It seems that in this changeset all the WHC information and the names in differing languages of the Taj Mahal were removed. (Sometime afterward another user removed this apparantly near empty way but did not replace the names, which he would only have noted by looking up the history. )
12015-06-21 05:11:49 UTCHeinz_V Why did you delete the ref-tag of Saradhana?
22015-06-21 10:40:16 UTCindigomc Sorry. The village is correctly named Saradhana but the station is Saradhna. So since the first is the more common name, I changed the station to Saradhana, then couldn't find a ref for it, so I deleted it. I've changed it back the way it was.
12015-02-02 05:47:22 UTC0123456789 What were the names that you added here?
22015-02-02 15:48:10 UTCtrigpoint It is name:kn. Must admit I have never seen that used in Leicester
32015-02-02 15:54:36 UTCtrigpoint What is the source of this changeset, can you point at on the ground evidence?
42015-02-02 17:42:54 UTCindigomc They were thenames written in other languages / scripts
52015-02-02 18:01:12 UTCindigomc Sorry, what's that about on the ground evidence, trigpoint? Presumably this relates to Leicester. The names are added so that a map can be created written in another language. What evidence do you need to write it in another script? They are just a transcription of the spoken name.
62015-02-03 17:46:04 UTCSomeoneElse Ethnologue ( says that there are > 7000 languages in the world. Taginfo ( says that there are 44,000,000 names in OSM. Clearly it makes no sense to have every name translated or "soundalike transliterated" ...
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