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12017-03-18 00:16:29 UTCClaudius Henrichs Wow! Someone has been busy. Great work on quality assurance for OSM data in Iran.
12016-09-22 20:04:28 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added the tag "ins_in:state=Golestan" 62 times. Note the misspelled key. Could you have a look and correct it?
Cheers, Jan
22016-09-23 20:04:08 UTCkesler Hi Jan,
Oh yes. Excuse me it's my fault But I'm wonder why JOSM had no error message for this misspelled tag? I fixed my mistake at

Thanks for your attention and notifying this mistake.
Happy mapping...
12016-09-13 13:28:20 UTCJean Passepartout Hi keeler, Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I noticed you added this way:, but it is a duplicate of another way, with a different name. Could you review and fix this? Please let me know if you need any help. Thank you and Happy Mapping! Je...
22016-09-17 21:58:57 UTCkesler Hi Jean,
Thanks for your attempts to fix Iran map errors and please excuse me for delayed reply. I fixed my mistake and developed Esfarayen town map more in changeset .

Please feel free and don't hesitate to tell me every big or even minor mis-ma...
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