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12018-10-10 08:48:46 UTCangys I think Jalan Sejahtera is wrong name, maybe Jalan Keladi? There are no suh Sejahtera area appear near Keladi ad maybe mistaken from Alma one..
22018-10-14 12:26:33 UTCAkuAnakTimur
12018-10-03 02:44:46 UTCAkuAnakTimur Based on this note:
12018-09-24 06:13:16 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello & welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Is it possible to map playgrounds from leisure=park to leisure=playground?
12018-09-13 03:02:01 UTCAkuAnakTimur This is totally fine, I suppose?
12018-07-28 05:39:43 UTCAkuAnakTimur Test is successful?
22018-08-28 10:26:01 UTCchezulkhairi MMU Multimedia University Cyberjaya.
(max 50 peserta sahaja. Fee RM50)

Program: “Knowledge Sharing on Disaster Management" with Experts, First Responder and NGOs (Latihan ODK dan Mapping)
Date: 12-13th Sept 2018 .Arahan lanjut sila hubungi organizer - Dr Hezerul - +60 13-324 8074 . h...
32018-08-29 08:30:12 UTCAkuAnakTimur ^^^ Share dalam group FB:

(saya bukan orang KL)
12018-08-16 15:17:39 UTCAkuAnakTimur If it is a playground, then it's a playground… i.e. leisure=playground
12018-08-08 05:56:53 UTCkucai Bos, waktu hang trace felda kg awah ni memang takde jalan langsung ke? Aku trace banyak gak dah, tapi nampaknya dah hilang habis. Dari Kolej Risda sampai simpang semua lenyap.. Baru minggu lepas aku sedar masa balik kg awah.
22018-08-08 15:27:33 UTCAkuAnakTimur Fuh, ni cerita lama ni. Kalau ikut changeset comment dengan source ni, boleh jadi sekadar tambah landuse=residential dengan adjust jalan.

Tahun 2016 ni Mapbox pun bukannya clear sangat coverage. Strava heatmap tu pun sekadar nak align, kalau bukan nak trace jalan besar.
12018-08-06 04:17:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi, could you please check your edit for this highway:
22018-08-06 04:41:43 UTCapurva2 Hi AkuAnakTimur
Thanks for your time in sharing the feedback.
While editing the data, the segment got misaligned, made necessary changes and fixed the alignment .
32018-08-06 07:59:16 UTCapurva2 Hello AkuAnak Timur,

In further continuation to the above message, we further investigated the scenario to understand what and why were we wrong on editing the segments.
In this context, we checked the edits in Achavi, and found that a node on segment with node id 5737972656 seems to have been ...
42018-08-06 18:23:58 UTCAkuAnakTimur Many thanks for your input.
12018-08-06 04:19:14 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi, could you please check your edit for this highway?
22018-08-06 08:01:40 UTCalekhya5 Hello AkuAnak Timur,

We further investigated the scenario to understand what and why were we wrong on editing the segments.
In this context, we checked the edits in Achavi, and found that a node on segment with node id 5737972656 seems to have been mistakenly dragged by the user "singhow&q...
32018-08-06 18:23:51 UTCAkuAnakTimur Many thanks for your input.
12018-08-06 04:16:31 UTCAkuAnakTimur Percubaan berjaya?

Apa yang "Test Kota Bharu" ni?
12018-07-31 15:55:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur Taman Permainan -> leisure=playground?
12018-07-28 05:33:59 UTCAkuAnakTimur Welcome to OpenStreetMap... unfortunately your edit has removed a park which is already mapped in OSM since 7 years ago.
22018-07-29 16:18:44 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Short question to node What is the meaning of the tag "Pogo Gym info"="Ex-Gym".
If you need help to revert the errors: You are welcome!
12018-07-24 16:52:26 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi. Is this an error, where an industrial park is mapped as a leisure=park?
22018-07-24 17:25:46 UTCdannykath Hi, yes It was my mistake, I fixed in this changeset
Thanks for your feedback
Regards .
12018-07-22 07:22:40 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi... any reason for removing the highway=alleys? I mean it might not be desireable, but if there is absolutely no traffic passing those narrow highways; let OpenStreetMap deal with that i.e. traffic=no; or change into other type of highway (that's more appropriate).

OSM values all these miniscul...
22018-07-22 07:26:43 UTCMikitasan Most of back alley here is gated and cannot be access due to security & safety reason.
32018-07-22 08:00:51 UTCAkuAnakTimur Well, they can still be mapped and you can map the barriers e.g. access=no

42018-07-22 08:04:14 UTCAkuAnakTimur Let me know if you feel like to un-delete these changes, I could help.
52018-07-22 08:16:24 UTCMikitasan I already re-create (new one). If it's better to un-delete the previous one, please do so. I really appreciate your help.
62018-07-22 08:37:10 UTCAkuAnakTimur Sure! If you think these highways are more suitable to be mapped merely as minor service roads, let me know too.
72018-07-22 08:58:20 UTCAkuAnakTimur Sort of done, refer

If I have messed up other edits made by you today, please, please, do inform me.
82018-07-22 11:06:25 UTCMikitasan Thank you so much. One edit and everything looks great so far. Thanks for your help and advice.
12018-07-15 23:50:33 UTCAkuAnakTimur So, is the area in the yellow box is known as Taman Paya Rumput Perdana, or something else?
22018-07-15 23:50:37 UTCAkuAnakTimur
12018-07-13 09:20:06 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. Many thanks for your edits, however, I cannot see any park around the place you have marked.

I have referred through this satellite photo from 19 June 2017:

... and apparently I cannot see a park.

Although ...
22018-07-13 09:24:02 UTCBennyJean Perhaps a playground area would be more accurate then? It's no where near the size of the nearby Kasawari park but it definitely have playground structures connected by a walking path all around the residential area.
32018-07-13 09:50:55 UTCAkuAnakTimur Yup, probably more accurate to be mapped as a playground then.
12018-07-10 17:34:05 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hai awaaaaa
22018-07-10 17:35:20 UTCAkuAnakTimur Awaa awaaa jangan suka buat kolam macam-macam awaaaa
12018-07-10 15:43:45 UTCAkuAnakTimur These changesets have been reverted:
12018-07-10 15:09:27 UTCAkuAnakTimur Vandalism
12018-07-10 15:07:46 UTCAkuAnakTimur Vandalism
12018-07-10 15:07:08 UTCAkuAnakTimur Vandalism
12018-07-09 16:31:13 UTCAkuAnakTimur Sorry to see your fake lake has to go
12018-07-05 04:40:34 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello, you might want to check your edits for this one. As of June 2018, see attached low-resolution satellite photo, the motorway links away from the interchange has not been connected with any kind of roads.

I'm not local to this area, but I believe the roads are not opened to traffic yet.

22018-07-05 05:43:23 UTCvijay1 Hi AkuAnakTimur,

Thanks for sharing the feedback.
I am looking into the feedback. Will revert with justifications and or revert the edits.

32018-07-05 08:02:05 UTCvijay1 Hi AkuAnakTimur,

While working on this area, I noticed the segments has untagged way, based upon the quality of the road and the connecting links, marked the segments as highway=motorway_link. I have not come across where segments had "disused" highway attribute.
Will take this as a le...
42018-07-05 08:02:43 UTCvijay1 Just wanted to inform that corrections are done as suggested.
52018-07-06 10:52:55 UTCAkuAnakTimur Excellent.
12018-07-04 08:20:18 UTCangys I think that was Lagong IC.(From Wikipedia)
22018-07-05 04:42:59 UTCAkuAnakTimur Not open for traffic yet? No connecting roads.
32018-07-05 09:26:44 UTCangys Probably future IC since 2005
12018-07-03 18:07:57 UTCAkuAnakTimur I mapped things what they are. Explain why all these were deleted.

Ni standard peta cara OpenStreetMap... Okay, kenapa nak delete?
12018-07-03 18:06:58 UTCAkuAnakTimur Fake park

Tak wujud
12018-07-03 18:06:39 UTCAkuAnakTimur Kenapa delete?

Any reason why things in this area are deleted?
12018-07-03 18:06:16 UTCAkuAnakTimur Kenapa delete?

Any reason why roads are deleted?
12018-07-03 18:05:37 UTCAkuAnakTimur Kenapa delete?

Any reason why the school is deleted?
12018-07-03 03:10:34 UTCardhavara test
22018-07-03 03:37:45 UTCAkuAnakTimur @user:ardhavara: Your test appears to be successful. Your comment will be notified through an e-mail to @user:reshma6
12018-07-02 17:06:18 UTCAkuAnakTimur Ingat orang tak tahu buat perangai?

Not this again... please do not vandalise the map for whatever reason.
12018-07-02 17:04:10 UTCAkuAnakTimur Dilarang letak benda yang tak wujud dalam peta OpenStreetMap. Tak makan saman eh?

Please do not map any water body that is not real. Do not vandalise the map, let's say, for Pokemon Go. I believe you are making edits using sockpuppet account.
12018-07-01 18:13:02 UTCpitscheplatsch thanks for #revert #vandalism
22018-07-02 05:01:26 UTCAkuAnakTimur Many thanks for your attention across this area.

Unfortunately, this user did some annoying vandalism too. Hopefully it's not a sockpuppet account.
12018-07-02 04:58:00 UTCAkuAnakTimur Apa yang OK-nya?

Hmmmm... vandalisme merata-rata....
12018-06-30 11:43:39 UTCAkuAnakTimur I cannot see any water body in this taman perumahan

This is another offence (vandalism), after you deliberately deleted a lake and a true par...
22018-06-30 11:46:03 UTCAkuAnakTimur

Make another edit just like this, and Data Working Group will definitely happy to see you.
12018-06-17 16:34:12 UTCAkuAnakTimur Rujuk juga

Rasanya lebih sesuai guna waterway=weir (tebat/sekatan air) daripada waterway=dam (empangan).
22018-06-17 16:34:26 UTCAkuAnakTimur Lupa pula
32018-06-19 05:51:58 UTCSNN95 Owh.. Okey
12018-06-03 04:23:59 UTCAkuAnakTimur Source for boundary?
22018-06-03 08:04:59 UTCangys Local knowledge from maps, sorry but I only have trace according to the older maps.... You can refer the with the newest version..
32018-06-03 11:08:44 UTCAkuAnakTimur Have permission or not to copy paste information?
42018-06-03 13:56:58 UTCangys I do not have strong evidence but I think yes since it opens to public.
52018-06-03 14:15:35 UTCAkuAnakTimur "Hakcipta terpelihara © 2015 Jabatan Perancangan Bandar dan Desa Negeri Selangor" is black and white...
62018-06-03 14:25:58 UTCAkuAnakTimur I'll be in contact with Sinar Project sooner or later... to obtain permission first.
72018-06-03 14:46:45 UTCangys Thank you, your are welcome..Hope they know it.
82018-06-04 03:35:11 UTCAkuAnakTimur
12018-05-21 22:16:08 UTCAkuAnakTimur Note for other OSM editors: OSM comes from the UK, so the definition of suburb is based on English (UK). It's a _part_ of a city/town; not an independent dwelling outside a city/town, if it's English (US)
22018-05-21 22:17:31 UTCAkuAnakTimur More info:
12018-05-20 15:02:53 UTCAkuAnakTimur Kodiang is a village? You know I have been there, and it's a town.

Survey > What we really think.
22018-05-20 15:13:18 UTCAkuAnakTimur Bukit Selambau too... there's a huge palm oil plantation between Sungai Lalang and Bukit Selambau.

One more time, the definition of suburb follows British English. Not American English.
32018-05-20 15:32:58 UTCangys feel free to change if you think Kedah one is not true.
42018-05-21 22:00:04 UTCAkuAnakTimur It's not the matter of true or false. I don't know what to say...

I've been to Pekan Rawang, Johor as well ( which you have changed into a village.

You know, it's different from what I saw direct from the road.
12018-05-21 14:56:28 UTCAkuAnakTimur Well... most likely garden. Yes, they will still spawn mons.
12018-05-17 07:14:54 UTCAkuAnakTimur Doesn't look like a park

Google Street View:'38.4%22N+101%C2%B037'33.7%22E/@3.0781998,101.6263645,3a,66.8y,152.75h,98.25t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sdmynq5rNrljdI-zl185-rA!2e0
12018-05-12 17:43:27 UTCAkuAnakTimur Rasanya tak perlu buat multipolygon inner-outer kat sini, sebab tasik tu kan sekali dalam taman tu?
12018-05-07 14:05:11 UTCAkuAnakTimur Mentioned OSM Note
12018-04-30 23:47:15 UTCAkuAnakTimur Related changesets:
12018-04-30 23:34:13 UTCAkuAnakTimur Now this is vandalism already. Your edits can be reported, and your editing account may get blocked.
12018-04-30 16:32:00 UTCAkuAnakTimur Explain these changes pretty please?
12018-04-30 16:27:34 UTCAkuAnakTimur Really? It's midnight, and you just got woke up?
12018-04-30 06:02:48 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello, appreciate your effort for 3D buildings. Have you went through all these?
12018-04-24 15:21:51 UTCAkuAnakTimur Welcome Pokemon Go player ;-)
12018-04-20 09:45:38 UTCAkuAnakTimur Salam, nak tumpang tanya... Assignment GIS ke?
22018-04-21 05:40:25 UTCAkuAnakTimur (rupa-rupanya Mapathon Grab-Tuxuri-MMU)
12018-04-20 09:46:17 UTCAkuAnakTimur Orang SP? Boleh tahu dapat mana nama tempat-tempat ni?
22018-04-20 15:47:40 UTCMUHAMMADHELME019 Yea...
Orang SP...
hari2 masuk area tu hantar surat dengan parcel 😁
32018-04-20 17:51:03 UTCAkuAnakTimur Wokeh... tak cilok incik Gugel Map punya kan? Kalau tak cilok insya Allah, sehari dua, ada la update masuk dalam peta
12018-03-14 14:31:57 UTCkucai since when is sepang considered a city? Are you sure that population is not for the district of sepang instead of the town itself? Come on man..
22018-03-14 16:05:24 UTCangys Sepang here refers to the Sepang Municipal Council. There are international airports and F1 circuit here, as well as several towns in the district such as Salak Tinggi, Cyberjaya, etc.
32018-03-25 14:17:07 UTCkucai Well then, you certainly have a different view what is a city limit and what is a district. As always, don't let anybody stop you. I am waiting for what Japanese spelling version of Sepang.
42018-03-27 08:09:40 UTCAkuAnakTimur Could you provide your source for the population number? Got permission clearance?
52018-03-27 08:49:48 UTCangys
62018-04-20 14:37:10 UTCAkuAnakTimur Link above is dead (404). There are many reasons not to copy from Wikipedia. Avoid grey areas in OSM please.
12018-04-18 15:45:17 UTCAkuAnakTimur This have been discussed before…
12018-04-18 06:27:12 UTCAkuAnakTimur Many thanks for your addition!

Made some adjustments so that when some third party app (using OpenStreetMap) updates their map, the place will show up properly

Any websites, social media pages or contact numbers?
12018-04-13 09:33:55 UTCAkuAnakTimur Okay ke...?
12018-04-10 15:24:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Salam. Jalan ban yang memang tak dak nama, tinggal name tu kosong pun tak apa.
12018-04-06 06:43:40 UTCangys Thank You...
22018-04-06 13:57:57 UTCAkuAnakTimur It's not 100% complete. The junction for the southbound PLUS highway is not very clear. Need someone that can record GPS track.
12018-03-28 17:01:54 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

You might want to check out other background layers, to help editing this area.

12018-03-27 15:52:21 UTCAkuAnakTimur Have you checked out other background layers?
12018-03-21 12:21:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur The basketball court should be
12018-03-20 03:58:22 UTCAkuAnakTimur Round-shaped hospital?
22018-03-20 10:02:13 UTCTTRREEXX Accidentally press wrong and saved. I had been edited and follow back to the shape of that hospital. Don’t worry.
12018-03-09 16:32:36 UTCangys Can that imagery used for iD?, I would like to do an update for new LATAR exit at Bandar Tasik Puteri.
22018-03-10 09:48:45 UTCAkuAnakTimur Where? Show me the location first.
32018-03-10 09:52:26 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hit the share button (make sure marker is included) and copy it over here.
42018-03-10 10:29:41 UTCangys
52018-03-10 10:30:46 UTCangys
62018-03-10 15:50:00 UTCAkuAnakTimur Good enough? If this is fine, I will send you a link, tomorrow the earliest.

Click Custom, and copy & paste the given URL.
72018-03-10 16:24:00 UTCangys So if I want to use this in iD, I would need to copy the link and fill it into the Custom bar.
12018-03-02 12:21:58 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello again. Any reasons why those highways are removed?
22018-03-02 12:48:50 UTCarenip I believe it was incorrectly tag, so I delete it first. After checking OSM wiki, I think I know the correct tag for back alley, it's service=alley. So I'm putting it back. But then I realize there are a lot of back alley here that isn't correctly map, I might do it later.
32018-03-03 06:59:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur

Alrighty. If these roads are not for traffic, there's a tag for that.
12018-03-03 06:51:55 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi!

is more like
12018-02-26 04:57:10 UTCAkuAnakTimur Salam... boleh ja taip nama benda biasa-biasa no :D. Huruf besaq boh semua, dok ingat tempit sana tempit sini.

Apa-apa PM tepi la no :)
22018-02-27 02:21:44 UTCSIRHANIF_UTM2018 wsalam, time tu terlupa tutup capslock bro.. orang mana bro ??
32018-02-27 02:52:31 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hahaha. Orang Loqstaq…
42018-02-27 14:25:20 UTCSIRHANIF_UTM2018 kerja GIS jugak ka bruh ?? salam perkenalan ... hahaha
52018-03-01 03:48:09 UTCAkuAnakTimur Dak. Minat peta saja. Nak tanya apa-apa OpenStreetMap mai la forum nooo. Tanya la apa-apa pun. Toksah malu toksah segan. Ajak member lain sama. Insya Allah kami tolong hat mana dan.
12018-02-26 05:31:31 UTCAkuAnakTimur <outlets> + location names are not a usual practice, refer
12018-02-26 05:23:36 UTCAkuAnakTimur ... okay?
12018-02-26 05:22:06 UTCAkuAnakTimur Your test is successful. And a building has turned into a park?
12018-02-25 09:58:49 UTCAkuAnakTimur Crossed check this area with Sentinel-2 imagery from early this month and the residential area is still intact. If it is a park, then it should be filled with greenery, rather than blocks of building.

If Pokemon Go mappers happen to see this, so, how's your Dratini catches?
12018-02-15 11:31:16 UTCrene78 Hi AkuAnakTimur,

did you set up a tileserver for the Sentinel-2 images? I quickly went over and it sounds like that is what has to be done. Do you mind sharing the URL?

22018-02-15 13:45:00 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi! I don't actually use any tileserver.

Actually it's just downloaded files, directly from - it's in JPEG2000 format (*.jp2). No sign-up needed as well!

Then I load these JPEG2000 files into QGIS (or any GIS programs you fancy) to crop the imagery int...
32018-02-15 13:52:39 UTCAkuAnakTimur One more thing, the JOSM plugin is not able to handle big geoTIFF files, hence, the need to crop into smaller segments.

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me!
42018-02-16 08:23:25 UTCrene78 Thanks for the explanation! Sounds straight forward. Gonna give it a try one day.
52018-02-22 21:19:34 UTCrene78 Wow, those images are really up-to-date! But unfortunately quite low-res...
62018-02-23 09:14:40 UTCAkuAnakTimur Ah, sorry! Actually it has a resolution of 10m/pixel. Good enough to trace landuses or even highways under construction, but not very, very detailed elements.
72018-03-10 13:58:37 UTCangys Can it use for iD? thank for your EKVE alignment
82018-03-14 07:21:13 UTCrene78 Hi Angys, as far as I understand you have to manually import it to JOSM.
12018-02-23 09:05:32 UTCAkuAnakTimur Any reasons why these residential highways were deleted?
12018-02-20 04:47:30 UTCAkuAnakTimur Salam... boleh describe sikit apa first assignment course UTM ni? Nak tahu juga.

Terima kasih daun keladi.
12018-02-11 13:20:08 UTCrene78 That was my changeset number 10.000
I guess I need to get a life :)
22018-02-12 10:58:45 UTCAkuAnakTimur Eh. OpenStreetMap is LIFE ;-)
12018-02-09 10:25:13 UTCAkuAnakTimur Loji kumbahan:

Lainlah kalau mengharap EX Raid... sila tanya tuan punya game iaitu encik Niantic.
22018-02-12 04:29:07 UTCAiman Mirza Haha sory bos, saya masih baru lagi dalam mapping ni, ni tukar saja nak test apa jadi dekat osm punya map. Lepas ni saya tukar balik. Boss kalau boleh saya nak tanya satu soalan, bila niantic akan update map dalam pogo ya? Sebab since diorang tukar map ke osm, banyak jalan dalam kawasan saya ni yang...
32018-02-12 04:29:49 UTCAiman Mirza @AkuAnakTimur
42018-02-12 10:57:51 UTCAkuAnakTimur Haha. Memang macam tu. Coverage Malaysia dalam OpenStreetMap ni tak macam Google Maps. Ada yang OK, ada yang tak OK.

Bila pak cik Niantic tu nak update? Ha... misteri nusantara. Memang ikut angin dia. Tup-tup, keluar update. Entahlah.
12018-02-04 14:51:39 UTCAkuAnakTimur It's a PARKing place, maybe?,101.685208,3a,66.8y,139.84h,95.06t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sz8T-0iNojE0D8DOmwgdwgg!2e0

(Sorry that I have to use Google StreetView)
22018-02-04 15:11:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur Sorry, should be this one:

Google StreetView is from September 2017.

Just letting you know that mapping something in OpenStreetMap (OSM) that does not exist in reality is not a good practice in OSM.
32018-02-05 01:12:34 UTCSkyXxxxx There is a park connected to this area with retail stores.,101.686552,3a,64.4y,332.79h,96.38t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s8Xu5ATT9yTbc0absDwpkpw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
42018-02-05 01:13:29 UTCSkyXxxxx I mean food stores with the park next to it.
52018-02-05 02:38:07 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi, thank you for your response. See my comment over here:
62018-02-05 02:41:25 UTCAkuAnakTimur And of course, if you need a helping hand, I'm available. Send me a private message.
12018-02-04 05:09:35 UTCAkuAnakTimur Should be a wastewater plant:

12018-02-04 02:31:38 UTCAkuAnakTimur Did you get any permission using the aerial imagery off YouTube?
12018-02-04 02:30:20 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello.

There's already Taman Pudu Ulu marked as; and from your edits, a duplicate has been made.
12018-02-03 10:21:49 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

This looks something like a recreation ground -

Compare with


12018-02-02 12:59:20 UTCAkuAnakTimur And some geometry amendments
12018-02-02 09:44:23 UTCAkuAnakTimur Previous highways tagged as service - now deleted - is important in OpenStreetMap, although not desireable in Pokemon Go or what so ever.

These highways can be tagged in a specific way to not let traffic pass through them.

Let me know if you want to undo these changes.
22018-02-02 09:46:24 UTCAkuAnakTimur On top of that, it's definitely on the burden of the developer (e.g. for Pokemon Go, it's Niantic) to make it look better (and also all the things related to the game)
32018-02-02 09:48:21 UTCanwark can it be done? not to let navigator point ti thay road?

btw how to undo the changes i made? 😅
42018-02-02 12:58:54 UTCAkuAnakTimur It's OK: I already un-did (revert) them using the desktop editor. Refer
12018-01-30 16:00:32 UTCAkuAnakTimur Welcome to OpenStreetMap.

The landuse=meadow tag denotes a place like a cattle grazing field.
12018-01-29 09:21:21 UTCAkuAnakTimur Welcome back to OpenStreetMap. You may benefit from a background imagery that is more up-to-date and/or with more clarity. Here's how to check out these alternative background imagery:

Happy mapping!
12018-01-27 03:46:53 UTCAkuAnakTimur Pogo? Pokemon Go? :)
22018-01-27 04:29:00 UTCAkuAnakTimur Ok, surely in real world, that playground (should be mapped with do not have such a name. If that place has no official name stated on any sign boards, then better leave it blank.

Anyway, take some time and have a look on this: https://wi...
32018-01-28 11:08:23 UTCStevbeego It's a real playground. also a virtual pokemon gym
42018-01-28 15:26:43 UTCAkuAnakTimur Definitely a playground indeed:

And that's probably two concrete pitches ( The playground and these two pitches (badminton courts?) can be mapped inside a recreation ground (https://wiki.opens...
12018-01-26 15:57:22 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello. This doesn't appear like "a park" from satellite imageries:

In OpenStreetMap, this is a definition of a park - refer

Could you please change this into something that probably...
22018-01-26 15:58:08 UTCAkuAnakTimur The "park" mentioned is
12018-01-26 05:04:50 UTCStevbeego Awesome
22018-01-26 12:21:34 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello and welcome, to both of you, to OpenStreetMap!
12018-01-26 10:24:13 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

You might find other satellite background e.g. DigitalGlobe or Mapbox is more recent (up-to date) than Bing. Here's how to change the background:

And also, a meadow is a place where ...
12018-01-26 10:12:58 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. If it is a garden, then hopefully later it will be mapped as a garden, rather than a park.
12018-01-20 04:30:42 UTCAkuAnakTimur

Just use leisure=pitch. If Niantic decides to update the map, Pokemons or gyms or whatever might come out.

As a kind reminder, " just because recreation grounds don’t show in Pokemon Go right now, it doesn’t mean we should ...
12018-01-19 10:20:15 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi. The landscape area in the mosque is closer to a garden than a park.

Compare and contrast
12018-01-15 07:01:34 UTCAkuAnakTimur 2 cents: probably this could belong to SK Teruntum

SK St Thomas could be mapped as a single node inside the SK Teruntum's area, while this note can be included in the description=* field of SK St Thomas.
22018-01-15 07:18:31 UTCVindicta Done.
12018-01-15 03:40:31 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Please label playgrounds as playground (use the search box), and not as parks.
12018-01-11 03:11:04 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello & welcome to OpenStreetMap.

If it's a playground, then search for playground in the search box, because they are two different things altogether :)

If you play Pokemon Go, playg...
22018-01-11 03:11:27 UTCAkuAnakTimur The second link should be
32018-01-12 17:22:07 UTCFlamex99 oh alright thanks for the clarification. so do i need to remove the entire area i made or just add nodes to label the playground structures in it? do i need to label gazebos as well?
42018-01-13 09:14:30 UTCAkuAnakTimur Well, no need to remove the whole thing. Change the tags into playground and it's good. BTW if you need help just let me know.

Any gazebos can be marked as a building inside this playground.
52018-01-14 16:04:20 UTCFlamex99 oh alright thanks! oh yeah sure will do but how to contact you? just through here or what?
alright will add those too then.
62018-01-15 03:37:27 UTCAkuAnakTimur You may send me a message next time. Click on my username and click Send Message.
12018-01-10 17:40:19 UTCAkuAnakTimur This is closer to a garden than a park IMHO
22018-01-11 01:37:50 UTCtooner understood. Although the criteria that differentiate a garden and a park in that area is quite obscure
32018-01-11 03:16:11 UTCAkuAnakTimur

Compare this feature to the nearby Taman Botani, Taman Putra Perdana, or even KLCC Park.

Do you happen to play Pokemon Go?
42018-01-11 14:21:10 UTCtooner Alright, will do the changes.

Yes, and Ingress too. But don't worry, I'm not gonna just map everything for the sake of playing games. Right now I also want to map rural areas too.
52018-01-11 15:35:02 UTCAkuAnakTimur Cool! Well, any updates is actually good for OpenStreetMap - as long as things are mapped as they are, in reality.

Have you came across this?

Hopefully that guide is useful i.e. beneficial ...
62018-01-11 15:39:51 UTCtooner Thanks for the reading materials. it always enlighten me to read more regarding how things work.
72018-01-13 09:15:34 UTCAkuAnakTimur You're welcome. Also, drop by to the Malaysian forum:
12018-01-11 05:53:03 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello & welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Tip for you: here's how to change the background into something more updated:

On top of that, if something is definitely playground, then search for playground in the search box -- those are two different ...
12018-01-09 16:33:17 UTCAkuAnakTimur Surely this is a man-made feature (a park), not naturally made (grassland)?


natural=grassland ni sebenarnya untuk benda semulajadi... ni kan leisure=park?
22018-01-09 16:50:41 UTCAkuAnakTimur Please respond to this comment, or risk getting your account blocked.


Tolong baca dan balas komen ni, boleh eh...
12018-01-06 14:55:20 UTCAkuAnakTimur Consider yourselves warned: another troll-like behaviour, and this will be reported to the Data Working Group.
22018-01-06 15:19:23 UTCAkuAnakTimur Ni cakap elok-elok ye. Jangan main-main!
12018-01-04 15:22:15 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12017-12-27 05:48:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi, please mark playground areas as leisure=playground
12017-12-20 14:02:39 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello, please mark playgrounds with, and not

If you happened to play Pokemon Go, please read more on
12017-12-07 14:17:16 UTCrene78 hi arenip, building=commercial or building=retail would be better in this case.
22017-12-07 15:18:25 UTCAkuAnakTimur And also, if you don't have to put in the names of things
1. if you don't know the actual name
2. when they are not even have a name

Welcome to OpenStreetMap, come join us in the forum:
32017-12-07 15:19:00 UTCAkuAnakTimur ** 2. when they do not even have a (display) name
12017-12-06 04:40:59 UTCAkuAnakTimur Or hopefully spawn something Pokemon Go... by the way, welcome to OpenStreetMap.
12017-12-01 13:28:29 UTCAkuAnakTimur Welcome to OpenStreetMap, Pokemon Go player.

Please tag playgrounds with their specific tag: Hopefully other tags are not chosen to (mis)represent these playground areas.
12017-10-17 08:25:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello. What do you actually meant by "actual trail marked by Garmin"?
22017-10-30 08:58:37 UTCAdminOfPenangtrails sorry for late reply. the trail that we edited is based on data marked by me using garmin device.
32017-11-19 10:41:03 UTCAkuAnakTimur No problem. At least it clears things up.

One more thing, for your edits, do you use Bing imagery only, or other imageries (e.g. DigitalGlobe / Esri / Mapbox satellite) as well?
12017-10-20 22:56:22 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello. Please use the latest DigitalGlobe layers and/or Esri World Imagery to improve this area. Bing imagery dates between 2005 and 2011 around here.
12017-10-12 15:55:55 UTCAkuAnakTimur Pokemon Go player?
22017-10-13 03:50:34 UTCMikitasan Am I doing it wrong?
32017-10-13 10:36:25 UTCAkuAnakTimur I'll send you a PM, in the future, if there are things need further tweaking/corrections. Just checking out, to see whether I'm able to reach you. Happy mapping.
12017-09-07 01:51:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur Welcome to OpenStreetMap! The best, updated background layer around this region is Esri World Imagery and/or DigitalGlobe layers. Refer to change it.
12017-08-18 03:42:22 UTCAkuAnakTimur Also source=survey
12017-07-30 16:17:04 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi, please consider using DigitalGlobe Premium imagery. Bing imagery is from 10 years ago. At least DigitalGlobe is more recent.
22017-07-30 17:15:57 UTCsoale Hi, Thank you for the suggestion. I will use DigitalGlobe Premium for my edits in the future. Is the imagery available for most of the Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo?
32017-07-30 18:46:48 UTCAkuAnakTimur IMHO DigitalGlobe Premium might be more useful as you go further down south Peninsular Malaysia. Try checking DigitalGlobe Standard sometimes too.

To map across George Town only, apparently DigitalGlobe Premium is the best one.

I can't speak much about Borneo, but so far, both DigitalGlobe lay...
12017-07-12 01:36:28 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hello, welcome to OpenStreetMap. Could you please explain what VR that follows the name of a restaurant means?
22017-07-13 01:56:26 UTCLee Dave Hi,
VR means vegetarian restaurant.
easy for my favourite listing.
hope it helps
12017-07-09 06:28:41 UTCAkuAnakTimur Hi, thanks for your effort on naming these peaks. I'd like to know whether permission is given to put those here - because, copyright stuff and all that.
22017-07-09 08:24:41 UTCDenisOakley Good point. I got the information from here which is non-copyrighted (or doesn't claim copyright).
He states that:
- Peak names and elevations obtained from the Department of Survey and Mapping topographic maps
- Coordinate...
32017-07-09 12:56:53 UTCAkuAnakTimur I'm afraid the topographic maps from the Department of Survey and Mapping is definitely copyrighted.

Probably a bit of good news: the coordinates of these peaks were derived indirectly from OpenCycleMap's contour lines (Thunderforest Landscape). I'd be fine with the location of the peaks.

42017-07-09 13:07:07 UTCAkuAnakTimur But, as an alternative for (1), please read this diary entry:

The same database has names for geographical features, but beware: their position might be off its real position and probably using unconventional spellings.

Well, send me...
52017-07-10 12:28:14 UTCDenisOakley Yes. I will do that it may be a few days
Also planning to do some ground surveys to verify - I would also love to ask you a lot of questions about mapping in Malaysia and how I can do it better if you have time. Is this the best place for that
62017-07-11 06:38:35 UTCAkuAnakTimur If you have anything to ask regarding mapping, just feel free to send me a message through OSM (click on my username and click Send Message). It's way better to communicate over there.
12017-06-02 09:37:17 UTCAkuAnakTimur Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Please use leisure=playground ( to mark a playground, not leisure=park.
12017-05-14 10:25:11 UTCangys Actually the western road part from terminal to Permatang Pauh I/C is not BKE and it is under Lebuhraya Lingkaran Butterworth.You may check Wikipedia for more info..
22017-05-15 05:46:44 UTCAkuAnakTimur That part I used photos from Mapillary. Please check this:

I just changed the highway classificati...
12017-05-06 15:28:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Parking?

Use abandoned:amenity=parking.
22017-05-06 15:29:40 UTCAkuAnakTimur Also refer to the OSM Wiki
32017-05-07 10:59:31 UTCAhmad_Amsyar @AkuAnakTimur I already add "abandoned:" in changeset 48471292, but it got convert from area to line.
42017-05-08 00:22:27 UTCAkuAnakTimur 👍 and a late welcome to OpenStreetMap. Need extra help? Can go to the forum or ask anything on
52017-05-08 05:57:15 UTCAhmad_Amsyar Ok, thanks for the help @AkuAnakTimur.
62017-05-08 09:30:19 UTCangys Hello new Malaysian mappers.
72017-05-08 09:41:41 UTCAhmad_Amsyar Hi @angys.
12017-05-06 00:43:15 UTCAkuAnakTimur Google Earth imagery? If I recall correctly, using any kind of data from Google is refrained I'm afraid:
22017-05-08 07:33:17 UTCAhmad_Amsyar I fix it in changeset 48493228.

I get to know what things that have change in this changeset from this website :
32017-05-08 07:39:43 UTCAhmad_Amsyar For more simply view of changeset change :
12017-04-27 12:11:42 UTCAkuAnakTimur Cuba guna tag landuse=garden kot
12017-04-25 18:42:34 UTCAkuAnakTimur Labu labi?
12017-04-19 14:48:59 UTCAkuAnakTimur Late welcome to OpenStreetMap, kindly take some time to read this official-ish blog post:
12017-04-08 08:45:19 UTCAkuAnakTimur Don't forget, it's for Pendang district as well. Just leave it blank for the time being.
22017-04-08 08:48:52 UTCAkuAnakTimur Because it's an incomplete (open) relation as well, if it's not me, then those who do QA will remove this in the near future. I have to remove this for now. Don't worry, there's a tool to undelete this.
12017-04-08 08:41:13 UTCAkuAnakTimur Duplikasi Edit Anda sudah didelete:
12017-04-08 08:36:18 UTCAkuAnakTimur Maaf, sudah ada yang ini:

Edit Anda sudah diunduh:
22017-04-08 08:37:28 UTCAkuAnakTimur Maaf, bukan unduh, sudah dihapus.
12017-04-05 06:35:39 UTCAkuAnakTimur Silly me. This time adding data, not reverting vandalism.
12017-03-29 14:35:28 UTCAkuAnakTimur What kind of stuff? 😏
12017-03-20 14:37:12 UTCangys I think that place=city is for Majlis Perbandaran or Majlis Bandaraya and Muar can be a little city..
22017-03-22 17:22:12 UTCAkuAnakTimur I see what you are trying to say. Muar is the royal city of Johor (Bandar Maharani), but Majlis Perbandaran Muar is the "governing local entity" (PBT), not Majlis Bandaraya Muar. See
32017-03-22 17:22:54 UTCAkuAnakTimur Whoops, local governing entity or Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan.
42017-03-22 17:26:11 UTCAkuAnakTimur In fact, the Wikipedia article explicitly mention Muar is a town.
52017-03-23 09:57:24 UTCangys My city standard is a local goverment that over 200,000 people and Muar already over this standard that have 247,957 people in 2010 see this

Wikipedia say it is a town but maybe now Muar can be consider as a Little c...
62017-03-23 09:58:37 UTCangys oh same situation on Kulim that have abot 287,694 people
72017-03-23 12:56:18 UTCAkuAnakTimur If consider your standard, then we have 39 (12+12+12+3) cities across Malaysia. I think better we stick to what's official and easier and clearer: which place got Majlis Bandaraya (that's definitely a city) and which got simply Majlis Perbandaran.
82017-03-23 12:57:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Kangar is special case, but common knowledge says it is the capital of Perlis. Regardless its status as place=city or place=town, other tag can definitely help saying that Kangar is the capital of Perlis.
92017-03-23 12:59:49 UTCAkuAnakTimur Always remember that we tag data because that's simply it is in real life, not how we are going to show on the map --->
102017-03-25 14:28:31 UTCangys Ok so now Cities in Malaysia in OSM give to all capital and urban area as Klang Taiping or BM and other u can just give town as Temerloh Bentong Muar Sitiawan Kulim Dungun Kemaman Nibong Tebal Kuah Jasin Alor Gajah Kuala Kangsar Sepang for West Malaysia and other Just leave City. Just follow your s...
112017-03-27 09:08:37 UTCAkuAnakTimur I will stick to something simple and official. Which place got Majlis Bandaraya, and which place not have Majlis Bandaraya - got only Majlis Perbandaran.

Even Sungai Petani is under Majlis Perbandaran Sungai Petani, not Majlis Bandaraya Sungai Petani. It's official, Sungai Petani is only place=to...
122017-03-30 07:59:58 UTCangys So that mean you only reconize MB/DBs as a city?But the great city status normally is a capital too(only PJ is not a capital).Some place cannot get city status because money tax...So my side is MB/DB absolute a city.MP sometime is a city sometime not.
12017-03-24 08:12:45 UTCAkuAnakTimur Thanks for your edit. However, "Selamat Datang" is definitely "Welcome" in the Malay language. It's okay, later I will remove the name but not the place.
12017-03-20 06:17:05 UTCAkuAnakTimur Definitely needs GPS traces over here to confirm its geometry
12017-02-27 13:14:57 UTCAkuAnakTimur Sila isi nama bangunan sahaja dalam tag name=*. Tidak perlu ditambah nama tempat, melainkan ditulis sedemikian di papan tanda bangunan tersebut. Nama tempat boleh diisi dalam tag alamat, addr:*=. Contohnya name=Masjid Al-Husna, Bandar Sunway dan name=SJK (C) Yuk Chyun, Petaling Jaya seharusnya sekad...
22017-03-01 12:39:01 UTCTembikai Duly noted. Tapi kalau tempat/bangunan berbeza yang berkongsi nama sama, contohnya "Masjid Al-Husna" ada satu di Bandar Sunway dan satu di Bandar Tenggara. Contoh satu lagi, "Masjid As-Salam" ada satu di PJ, satu di Puchong, dan satu di Rawang. Jadi, boleh tak kalau saya tambah n...
32017-03-04 10:58:00 UTCAkuAnakTimur Maaf, lambat reply. Sila rujuk perkara kedua dalam perincian

Tak dinafikan, ada nama masjid yang sama di dua tiga tempat berlainan, kalau tak silap, tag alamat (rujuk boleh jadi ganti.

Kalau tag a...
12017-02-27 04:51:10 UTCAkuAnakTimur What source of data you're using to create this border?
22017-02-27 15:07:22 UTCangys based on local knowledge , not official just like postcode 14000
32017-02-27 16:57:17 UTCAkuAnakTimur Okay. Next time be sure to put changeset comment, something like "border created from approximation based on local knowledge". This is useful for other mappers and/or OSM big boss (Data Working Group). Who knows.
12017-01-28 03:23:09 UTCAkuAnakTimur Kalau nak main Pokemon Go pun... biar betul-betul. OSM bukan hak milik pemain Pokemon Go semata-mata.
12016-12-15 08:10:06 UTCAkuAnakTimur Dear Mapbox team, thank you (and the rest of the team) for your effort to detect and fix OSM data.

However, I believe this special case may be a false positive. It's undeniable that I have mapped this place remotely, without ground truth.

I have edited this region based on my (self made) EU Se...
22016-12-15 08:10:45 UTCAkuAnakTimur Sorry, the Mapwarper link is
32016-12-15 21:53:07 UTCyurasi Hi AkuAnakTimur.
Thanks for letting me know about this. I edited this highway based on Bing, where the part of this highway is clearly seen. In Mapwarper, when verified, I couldn't see the block very well. It would be great if you could let me know the recency of the imagery you have used. It would...
42016-12-20 14:36:14 UTCyurasi Thank you for the reply and such a clear explanation of the current scenario. It does appear that the road has been diverted from the reservoir. I've revert my changeset. Thank you for bringing this to our notice.
52016-12-21 04:40:49 UTCAkuAnakTimur You're welcome. Many thanks for your understanding.
12016-11-21 13:43:42 UTCAkuAnakTimur ATM bank apa ya? Kalau tak silap, situ ada bangunan kedai saja.
12016-11-19 14:53:44 UTCAkuAnakTimur The nonexisting street: was it confirmed through observation?
22016-11-19 15:06:16 UTCAlexjohnson95 Yes, me and a friend were looking to get to the Malaysian Tourism Centre via this street however it is gated off and has carparks in its place.
The only way to get to the centre was walking around the bank via the main roads as you cannot go straight through where the road in question should be.
32016-11-19 16:25:17 UTCAkuAnakTimur Thank you very much! Please refer here to see changes that have made: The map in MAPS.ME would probably take longer time to update.
12016-11-02 15:13:42 UTCAkuAnakTimur *poor
12016-10-03 13:22:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur Please don't put a Pokestop into OpenStreetMap (The app MAPS.ME uses OpenStreetMap database). In short, it's not a "real" place in real world situation.
12016-09-15 20:39:51 UTCnaoliv Is this a real place or it's related with the Pokemon Go game only?
22016-09-16 03:58:07 UTCAkuAnakTimur I guess it's a Pokestop according to this blog post, "Masjid Lebuh Acheh Pokestop"
32016-09-19 22:32:22 UTCnaoliv Can you fix it, AkuAnakTimur, please?
42016-09-20 19:00:14 UTCAkuAnakTimur Done! I deleted the node "pokemon" 4401863894, please see
52016-09-20 19:04:15 UTCnaoliv Thanks!
12016-09-03 15:00:59 UTCAkuAnakTimur Thanks very much for this edit. Is the shop open daily?
22016-09-03 15:10:39 UTCForesttrek Cycle Centre FCC Open daily 10am-7.45pm Daily - Close on Friday
32016-09-04 13:35:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Thanks for your prompt reply. Made some tagging refinements - you can see here:
12016-07-16 16:25:36 UTCAkuAnakTimur "utang RM1050" dengan "utang Rm800" tu apa ye?
12016-06-11 16:01:06 UTCAkuAnakTimur Cangkat Cermin tu nama tempat ke?
12016-06-11 14:58:54 UTCAkuAnakTimur "Outcrop 2"? Apakah?
12016-06-11 14:57:49 UTCAkuAnakTimur Guest house "Baiduri" - homestay ke? Rumah sewa ke?
12016-06-06 06:43:32 UTCAkuAnakTimur * without realising it I guess...
12016-06-06 06:37:09 UTCAkuAnakTimur Jangan ubah nama kampung sampai macam tu sekali ye.
12016-06-04 06:21:52 UTCAkuAnakTimur Wonky changeset - this post office should be in Alor Setar, not Ipoh.

I will rectify this later.
12016-05-31 19:56:47 UTCAkuAnakTimur Also using EU Copernicus (GMES) - Sentinel-2 data
12016-05-24 18:38:12 UTCAkuAnakTimur Buang nama "Lebuhraya Persekutuan 1" sebab tiada papan tanda berkenaan. Kalau ada mohon ditunjukkan.
12016-05-23 17:15:22 UTCAkuAnakTimur Betul ke kawasan perkelahan tengah-tengah jalan ni?
12016-05-21 18:54:22 UTCAkuAnakTimur Selamat datang ke OpenStreetMap.

Kurang setuju pertukaran nama "Lebuhraya Persekutuan 1". Tak ada papan tanda jalan raya yang kata sebegitu.
12016-05-17 13:17:00 UTCAkuAnakTimur Some road geometry were traced fine, but not the others. Very likely unnoticed error.
22016-05-20 03:07:25 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changesets 39440562, 39439357, 39440062, 39439777, 39440318 where the changeset comment is: Revert a series of erroneous edits made by Facebook staff members in Thailand by their own request
12016-05-14 20:02:39 UTCrene78 viewpoint??
22016-05-15 12:38:26 UTCAkuAnakTimur This happens several times across the peninsular and Singapore, if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps the lack of place=* tag and tourism=viewpoint happens to be place at the bottom of the "Select category" options in the app? IMHO it's quite not fair to blame new OSMers whom happened to contribute...
12016-02-25 19:34:03 UTCrene78 i thought it is for motorbikes and not mainly for bicycles? cycleway is for bicycles.
22016-02-26 10:43:18 UTCAkuAnakTimur Could you please make edits to these, maybe? I also believed that these are motorcycle paths (highway=path with motorcycle=desginated)
12016-01-12 18:14:37 UTCAkuAnakTimur Sorry to comment quite late, you should have discussed this import with the rest of the community e.g. in the Malaysian forum.

Also, data from Google belongs to Google although it is JPJ's speed camera.


Maaf atas komen yang agak lambat,...
12015-12-14 17:16:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur You have deleted a lot of things... May I know why? // Anda telah memadam banyak data. Boleh beritahu sebabnya?
22015-12-14 23:06:19 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 35956501 where the changeset comment is: revert accidential deletions
12015-07-26 14:59:43 UTCAkuAnakTimur
12015-07-26 14:49:52 UTCAkuAnakTimur
12015-07-06 08:00:35 UTCAkuAnakTimur Also based on the description from local council website
12015-06-30 16:49:23 UTCAkuAnakTimur Yala, actually. Bad geography knowledge. Uh-oh.
12015-01-18 04:59:37 UTCAkuAnakTimur Kalau Langkawi Medical Centre dah tutup, tolong confirmkan, comment sini. Terima kasih daun keladi.
12014-12-31 15:54:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur Thanks for adding the borders - I as one of the Malaysian mappers long enough for this (I am currently planning to send an official request letter to the Malaysian Department of Survey and Mapping to seek for some sort of official data).

By the way, may I know what is your reference? I'm guessing...
22015-01-01 12:07:01 UTCkatpatuka You're welcome ;-)

Recently I saw the news about flooding in Kelantan and Terengganu and noticed that some states were still missing... sources are large images from google search and wikipedia (which I used to roughly trace over with josm's piclayer plugin) and rivers (for example Sungai Kerian...
32015-01-01 14:11:14 UTCAkuAnakTimur I see.

Two cents, I think I would do so, following another Commonwealth country's style. Refer to the Australian Capital Territory ( and the Australian Northern Territory ( They both belong to the federal Aust...
12014-12-11 16:53:18 UTCAkuAnakTimur Sorry, it should be said that: do not put incorrect data into OSM
12014-11-10 09:16:50 UTCAkuAnakTimur Boleh tahu, kenapa padam polygon area UUM ya?
12014-11-06 18:34:06 UTCAkuAnakTimur Terpadam UUM punya area polygon - ganggu editing ke?

Setakat ni dah revert, tapi kalau ganggu sangat, padam tag amenity=university dulu, lepas tu jangan lupa letak balik tag tadi :)
22014-11-06 18:47:16 UTCAkuAnakTimur Maaf, rujuk screenshot ni.
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