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12017-09-12 18:53:34 UTCdanbjoseph please follow task instructions and checkout

this is incorrect mapping and tagging.
12017-03-14 19:26:28 UTCdanbjoseph What prompted you to edit in this area? Did you add these features based only on Bing imagery? The imagery is outdated and these features no longer exist. O Street NW does in fact go all the way through between 1st and New Jersey. See on Mapillary
22017-03-14 19:42:06 UTCRustProof Labs I don't know how I didn't notice crossing O Street NW there! Shame on me. Yes, that was solely from Bing, I think there was previously an imported point from TigerLINE and I converted that to the building outline.

Sorry, I almost always stick to local areas I've surveyed but was looking for a...
32017-03-14 20:08:58 UTCdanbjoseph No problem. Thanks for the quick response. I went and pulled building footprints for Dunbar HS from DC GIS and updated the whole block based on that and local knowledge.
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