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12017-12-05 20:52:16 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi, did you mean to delete the residential way 22814436 around Horley?
22017-12-07 20:41:52 UTCmatt_twam_asi No response so the residential area has been undeleted in changeset 54442530.
12017-12-06 22:02:28 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi Mike,

I've carried out a bit more work on these three buildings (changeset 54415729 if you want to check)
- Added smoking=yes to way 544250782 from the node that was deleted in this changeset.
- Merged the Andrew Lyons node into way 544250762.
- changed ways 544250762 and 70007760 to buildi...
22017-12-07 08:31:04 UTCMike Baggaley Excellent, looks good to me!
12017-09-16 19:32:44 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi ─░brahim Yurdakul ,

Thanks for adding this information to the map. You've added the CAA node twice - I guess this may be a issue? Also you could add the information directly to the building ( rather than creating additional nodes.

12017-06-16 21:03:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hi, is tagged as "historic=f". I guess that this is a typo for something?
Best Regards,
22017-08-29 21:25:23 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi,
Also, has source:designarion. Is this also a typo?

I changed a few ways with this tag to source:designation in but will hold off doing anything further for the moment as there are a lot of ways with ...
32017-08-30 13:55:16 UTCmatt_twam_asi Sorry, not to the west. I meant to the east. I knew I'd fall foul of Muphry's Law.
12017-08-20 19:12:16 UTCmatt_twam_asi Thanks, I've added a fixme and will re-survey when I next pass by.
12017-08-19 11:22:05 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hello Dave, thank you for your contributions and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

Regarding the bus stop (node 5041516821) - there is an existing bus stop just to the south on the northbound side of Bury Road. Is there more than one bus stop going north? If not I'd suggest editing the existing node rat...
12017-08-16 22:37:56 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi Rikki, do the footpaths follow the path of the service roads mapped in this changeset or are they actually separate?
12017-08-13 21:27:02 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi Dan, thanks for updating these shops. Do you have any idea what will be replacing the cafe? It may be worthwhile keeping the node but removing the cafe and name tags as currently there is useful address information that will be lost.
22017-08-20 12:25:48 UTClakedistrict Hi Matt and Dan, I've undeleted the node and updated the tags on it so that the address info isn't lost.
12017-08-04 21:35:41 UTCmatt_twam_asi To answer your fixme question on way - good spot, you're right. This isn't and has never to my knowledge been a cycleway. I'll change it back to a footway.
12017-07-24 21:28:13 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi Jake's Cars, I'm reverting this change too as it was tagged correctly before. Only the very end is surfaced in asphalt, the majority is surfaced in paving stones (well, I call them bricks, but I'm following the wiki). There are photos of the road on Mapillary to confirm.
12017-07-24 21:08:48 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi, I'm reverting this change back to highway=construction. The three roads are still under construction, therefore they shouldn't be tagged as highway=residential yet.
12017-06-28 15:47:50 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi Rafal, is way 91748591 really farmland? If the area is used for allotments then the previous tag of landuse=allotments would be better.
12017-06-20 14:07:04 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi Stephen, Google Street View is not a valid resource as it is not made available under an open license. Having said that, your note isn't factually inaccurate. I'm removing the note and putting a not:name tag on the way instead.
12017-06-05 12:05:44 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi Dan, I first want to say that I'm impressed by the amount of work you've done around the Horsham area over the last few years.

Apologies for commenting on an old changeset but I have noticed that you have occasionally used the "name" tag to contain details that really should be in s...
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