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12017-04-18 20:23:22 UTCtreestryder I could be wrong and in this case, it might be fine. However, it has been my experience that it is preferred to have a generic building, with a detailed POI Node. ... It is simple matter to upgrade a POI, by surrounding it with a generic building. It works well for buildings containing multiple POI ...
22017-04-18 21:25:02 UTCtreestryder I stand corrected by the following article...,_one_OSM_element
12017-04-03 14:50:23 UTCtreestryder I know better. It is "right OF way", not "right-a-way". Not enough coffee.
12017-03-08 16:03:21 UTCtreestryder Thanks for joining the fun and mapping Evergreen Cycles. Just so you know, only the house number, street and occasionally an addr:unit need to be tagged.

"Tags such as Key:addr:country, Key:addr:city, Key:addr:postcode are often redundant as features inside administrative boundaries (when ma...
12016-12-27 18:53:33 UTCtreestryder That would probably be, because the two ways were not connected. I've just corrected this.
12015-05-23 03:11:50 UTCtreestryder Not sure the best way to tag this. So far, three different tagging schemes have not made the name show up, only the house number.
12015-05-16 19:56:28 UTCtreestryder Mind me asking where you got the data for the bus stops and routes? Did you have to gather it manually? I keep thinking there must be a way to pull stop information from CATA's HiWire web application ( CATA must have given this same data to Google, for their maps. With sto...
22015-05-16 20:39:09 UTCPeter Beard I tried to figure out how to get the info from CATA's website, but gave up pretty quickly. I ended up just surveying the routes that I had convenient access to and using that data. If you do figure out how to emancipate data from HiWire I'd love to know how; I tried to work it out for a couple of ho...
32015-05-16 21:20:14 UTCtreestryder Wish I had more time.

What would REALLY be nice, is if CATA would take the task on. I wonder if OSM has an easy way for public transportation administrators to maintain their routes.
12015-04-20 01:28:27 UTCtreestryder Should this be a point at the front door, on a generic building?
22015-04-20 14:07:49 UTCtreestryder I like the way the competitors are doing it. Generic building with a POI point.
12015-01-02 20:07:08 UTCtreestryder Why would this minor change appear, in the history, to affect a large portion of the world?
22015-01-02 22:50:16 UTCchoess Because I changed several "bridge:type=suspension" to "bridge:structure=suspension". For some reason, the Platt Bridge had been incorrectly tagged as a suspension bridge, so I also retagged that.
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