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12018-06-13 15:06:19 UTCtreestryder Thank you for mapping the Capitol complex. It looks nice.

Just so you know, the recommendation on the Wiki is, "If something really doesn't have a name, don't add a name to OpenStreetMap." Though, they do go on to say, "It is certainly wrong for a mapper to invent a name for an air...
12018-06-04 20:58:03 UTCtreestryder Ironically, several weeks ago, I ran around in Fenner capturing traces to do the same thing. I even got locked in, after dark.

If you turn on Public GPS Traces and Mapillary images, you will see what I had captured and never got around to mapping.
12018-06-01 17:56:52 UTCtreestryder Just so you know, lately, I have found the Mapbox Satellite imagery to be the most up to date and best aligned to reality. At least in our area.

It seems, that block has changed since most of the other imagery was taken.
12018-05-31 21:09:17 UTCtreestryder This might save you some work in the future, copied from the Wiki, "Tags such as addr:country=*, addr:city=* and addr:postcode=* are often redundant as features inside administrative boundaries (when mapped) "inherit" their attributes as supported by software such as Nominatim or Phot...
12018-05-29 21:02:40 UTCtreestryder If you have an Android device, you may prefer using StreetComplete for editing a road's speed, surface, lighting, cycling infrastructure and the like. Knowing the area well, I was able to set those values for my entire neighborhood in a matter of minutes.
22018-05-30 03:22:08 UTCtreestryder I should also add, for roads with multiple speed limits (maxspeed), I will try to capture street level imagery using a free phone mount from Mapillary and their App ( Then, once the imagery is published, I can enable the th...
12018-05-29 20:56:01 UTCtreestryder In OpenStreetMap parlance, Jimmy Johns would be amenity=fast_food . I say this, after recently fixing a large quantity of (bar/ pub/ cafe/ fast_food/ restaurant) amenities that I had incorrectly tagged over the years.
12018-05-04 15:41:03 UTCtreestryder Just so you know, in our area, I have found the recent Mapbox imagery to be the most recent and best aligned. Though, it was taken during a time of high water, so some of the areas along the rivers are literally “washed out”.
12018-05-04 13:06:42 UTCtreestryder Thank you. I have been meaning to do the same, for a long time. =)
12018-02-26 15:32:22 UTCtreestryder According to the Ingham County parcel map (, this property is owned by Donald Walker and I see no evidence here, at the site, folks in the neighborhood nor anywhere on the Internet, that this is a park. Could you point me to where you ...
22018-04-04 21:28:32 UTCtreestryder I am removing this, as it is private property and does in no way appear to be an actual park.
12018-03-15 20:59:56 UTCgappleto97 If you don't mind me asking, why not add that POI as the building directly behind the gas station roof?

Published using OSMCha:
22018-03-16 01:16:35 UTCtreestryder Not sure, I have had a hard time determining the best way to quickly tag a gas station. I guess I keyed off the amenity=fuel page ( ) when they say "Add a node at the centre of the fuel station".
32018-03-16 04:48:40 UTCgappleto97 Most of the time I see it mapped as a building=roof with the properties of the gas station merged in, and a building with the convenience shop tags behind it. ID will do this for you if you use the BP presets, and then change the names.
42018-03-16 04:49:37 UTCgappleto97 That said, I dont know that's the proper way to do it, just that its the common way in northern Michigan. Might be leftover from before it was standardized.
52018-03-16 15:04:46 UTCtreestryder I plan to leave it, for now. Feel free to fix it up.
12018-03-05 16:01:32 UTCtreestryder Thanks for the edits.

By the way, each of those parking lots should be changed to "amenity=parking" .

For more information:
12018-02-26 14:31:47 UTCtreestryder This looks like a house. Is it really named "SigmaCubes"?
22018-02-26 16:17:48 UTCwyskoj Yes, it is a business office. You can confirm by contacting them.
32018-02-26 16:29:08 UTCtreestryder Ah... Then you will want to add an office tag.
12018-02-16 21:00:04 UTCgappleto97 Hi. There was a bit of an offset in the Bing imagery in your area (compared to GPS traces of nearby roads). I would suggest using the Esri images here, and I've moved the building to fit that image set for now. Feel free to correct (and let me know) if I'm wrong.

22018-02-19 16:15:07 UTCtreestryder Much appreciated. That is what I get for adding buildings using Vespucci, while eating dinner with my wife. =)
12018-01-30 04:05:38 UTCtreestryder Thank you for your recent contribution to OpenStreetMap.

Could you please go back through the edits you made. Some of the places that you created buildings for already had POI points. For instance, Wendy's (

The tags on the POI should be move...
12018-01-29 03:49:25 UTCtreestryder What would you think of the path in Hunter Park being tagged like the River Trail (below) or possibly cycling=yes + foot=designated, as it is intended as a walking path.

12018-01-25 22:31:29 UTCtreestryder Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12017-12-13 14:39:11 UTCtreestryder Thank you. It seems I incorrectly memorized that tag.
12017-11-22 19:55:33 UTCtreestryder I appreciate the addition of the exit references and destination information.
22017-11-22 20:20:49 UTCmarkscalf Of course, glad to help, there is quite a bit of new imagery from openstreetcam so we are now able to verify and add exit information.
32017-11-22 20:37:53 UTCtreestryder I used OpenStreetCam for a time, then my camera developed a dead spot. Recently, after receiving free car and bicycle mounts from Mapillary, I started using their app. You should see them showing up, dead spot and dimly lit and all.
12017-11-22 19:51:35 UTCtreestryder Nice work!
12017-11-20 06:04:52 UTCtreestryder I have undone all of these changes, as they were mostly incorrect. Can I ask, what you were trying to achieve? Maybe, we could work together in the future.
12017-11-09 05:48:43 UTCtreestryder I noticed a problem with Willow, just west of MLK, and now see that has been changed to "trunk_link". I'm not sure where you got that designation, but that does not seem right. Tertiary was definitely a better fit. Did you change 42 ways in one change set... likely incorrectly? It would be...
22017-11-09 06:17:09 UTCtreestryder Sorry if that sounded hash.
32017-11-11 03:42:47 UTCtreestryder Here are two more resources:

International Equivalence

Highway Linking Guide
42017-11-12 03:35:52 UTCtreestryder I've added these resources to the Lansing Wiki page.
52017-11-18 22:21:33 UTCtreestryder I am slowly reversing all of your changes and am working on this changeset now. Log:

Next time, please review the OSM documentation, consult the Lansing Wiki page for area standards and ask questions o...
12017-11-16 03:22:27 UTCtreestryder Please look at the samples on the Lansing area wiki page (,_Michigan#Highway) and reconsider some of your recent changes.
12017-11-16 03:20:42 UTCtreestryder Can I drop you a line, 5 years later? Recently, a new mapper has made many changes in the area, for the most part road re-classifications (some to your re-classifications). One change set had 75 ways changed. Willow was naively made into a "trunk_link". Any way, as you seem to have an opin...
22017-11-16 09:53:27 UTCabgandar Hello treestryder

I don't live in Michigan any more, so I don't have any strong feelings either way. My reclassification 5 years ago was mostly intended to match the classification to actual road use, not some "official" classification by MDOT or some other agency. As usage pattern chan...
12017-11-14 04:23:29 UTCtreestryder Welcome to OSM mapping!

I believe MLK is likely a primary highway, though leaving it as a secondary highway would have been fine. Please refer to the Highway designations (with Lansing examples) found on Lansing's Wiki page.,_Michigan#Highway

There ...
12017-09-18 14:34:16 UTCtreestryder Love the work on cycling features. Thanks!

During a concert, at Adado Park, I considered making the same change. Using this section of trail ( I experimented with the tags I thought appropriate. But never got around to completing thought.
12017-08-18 17:56:43 UTCtreestryder It is great to have another Lansing mapper.

I'm not sure that the nodes you added, with only a Name tag will ever be rendered. You may want to at least add shop=yes ( "Shop yes" in OSMand) or office=* (
22017-08-18 19:57:05 UTCdmogle Yeah, I did these real quick on my phone while I was walking by. Planning to come back and flesh them out someday when I have time. So maybe never :/
32017-08-18 20:43:08 UTCtreestryder I completely understand.
12017-07-10 14:21:06 UTCtreestryder Nice work! Thanks.
12017-06-25 04:35:32 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! You paint an additional line crossing a railway without any tags. What did you mean by that?

If you need help: You are welcome!
22017-06-30 21:55:42 UTCtreestryder I know that area well and that line does not make sense. I'll remove it for now.

hfly hh, if you would like help with this, let me know.

Removal changeset:
12017-06-12 20:09:11 UTCtreestryder There was already a Cheddar's POI here and a building here. Rather than combine and clean these up, you have added another POI. There are also other problems, for instance, the street name is wrong and the City, Zip and loc_name tags are redundant. I would correct these, however, I am sure that you ...
12017-05-26 12:32:51 UTCtreestryder Changeset description should read:
Added detail to Arch Fitness.
12017-04-18 20:23:22 UTCtreestryder I could be wrong and in this case, it might be fine. However, it has been my experience that it is preferred to have a generic building, with a detailed POI Node. ... It is simple matter to upgrade a POI, by surrounding it with a generic building. It works well for buildings containing multiple POI ...
22017-04-18 21:25:02 UTCtreestryder I stand corrected by the following article...,_one_OSM_element
12017-04-03 14:50:23 UTCtreestryder I know better. It is "right OF way", not "right-a-way". Not enough coffee.
12017-03-08 16:03:21 UTCtreestryder Thanks for joining the fun and mapping Evergreen Cycles. Just so you know, only the house number, street and occasionally an addr:unit need to be tagged.

"Tags such as Key:addr:country, Key:addr:city, Key:addr:postcode are often redundant as features inside administrative boundaries (when ma...
12016-12-27 18:53:33 UTCtreestryder That would probably be, because the two ways were not connected. I've just corrected this.
12015-05-23 03:11:50 UTCtreestryder Not sure the best way to tag this. So far, three different tagging schemes have not made the name show up, only the house number.
12015-05-16 19:56:28 UTCtreestryder Mind me asking where you got the data for the bus stops and routes? Did you have to gather it manually? I keep thinking there must be a way to pull stop information from CATA's HiWire web application ( CATA must have given this same data to Google, for their maps. With sto...
22015-05-16 20:39:09 UTCPeter Beard I tried to figure out how to get the info from CATA's website, but gave up pretty quickly. I ended up just surveying the routes that I had convenient access to and using that data. If you do figure out how to emancipate data from HiWire I'd love to know how; I tried to work it out for a couple of ho...
32015-05-16 21:20:14 UTCtreestryder Wish I had more time.

What would REALLY be nice, is if CATA would take the task on. I wonder if OSM has an easy way for public transportation administrators to maintain their routes.
12015-04-20 01:28:27 UTCtreestryder Should this be a point at the front door, on a generic building?
22015-04-20 14:07:49 UTCtreestryder I like the way the competitors are doing it. Generic building with a POI point.
12015-01-02 20:07:08 UTCtreestryder Why would this minor change appear, in the history, to affect a large portion of the world?
22015-01-02 22:50:16 UTCchoess Because I changed several "bridge:type=suspension" to "bridge:structure=suspension". For some reason, the Platt Bridge had been incorrectly tagged as a suspension bridge, so I also retagged that.
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