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12018-09-19 18:18:37 UTCVladimír Domes Chybí dořešit footway procházející novou budovou.
12018-06-20 19:49:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
I noticed this changeset because you introduced several new keys like "service:bicycle:rental:opening_hours", which are not used in other places. But the tagging seems strange - you tagged it as bicycle_parking, but it seems to be a station for rental bikes. Could you clarify this?
22018-06-21 08:33:38 UTCVladimír Domes Hi, Yes I can.
Rekola bikesharing company is new in Ostrava city. They use threir own bicycle stands and also existing stands (bicycle_parking).

Firstly I tagged their own stands as bicycle_rental, but we have talk in our Czech community ( and I changed bicy...
32018-06-21 09:12:33 UTCmueschel Hi Vladimir,
this makes sense, it just wasn't obvious from the tagging.

I would suggest to have two nodes, one for the parking, one for the rental. This doesn't represent that there is actually just one object, but:

The very long keys like "service:bicycle:rental:opening_h...
12017-12-07 11:09:27 UTCkulich Dobrý den.
Ulici Hvězdná protíná chodník bez napojení.
22017-12-07 11:18:56 UTCVladimír Domes S tímto mým changesetem to vůbec nesouvisí.
Dělal to Datin v tomto:

Ale opravil jsem to.
12017-01-09 12:30:49 UTCVladimír Domes I inserted wrong comment to this changeset. It should be: Adding new service highways.
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