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12017-08-16 15:15:32 UTClostmike I'm not sure that deleting the track is correct solution to a routing problem. It would be better to mark the track private or somesuch.
12017-07-24 14:56:19 UTClostmike You appear to have some of the speeds in Km/h. We use MPH in the UK so although the speeds are technically correct perhaps using MPH is better for the UK.
12017-06-15 18:32:24 UTClostmike Your garage seems to be in the middle of the road. This is very unlikely to be it's true location. Can you amend this edit to show the real location?
12017-03-17 09:49:07 UTClostmike Hi and welcome to OSM. leasure=park is the wrong tag for this feature. Benches have their own tag.
22017-03-17 10:05:07 UTCeagow85 Hi lostmike - thanks, apologies am new to this and tried to find the most suitable. Do I need to add in as new?
32017-03-17 17:21:54 UTClostmike No, you can just change the tag.
12017-03-09 21:01:35 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM

Looking at the park, I wonder if recreation ground might be better? The individual pitches can be mapped too if you want (leisure=pitch, sport=xxx) Does the park / rec have a name?
22017-03-13 15:41:29 UTClostmike Since Zopes is a Pokemon go player I think any added parks should be regarded as suspect.

32017-03-13 15:43:37 UTCchillly Only lost mike can read that message. Not all Pokémon players' work is poor quality.
42017-03-13 15:50:08 UTClostmike I agree. I was probably a little too harsh in my comment.
52017-03-13 16:13:43 UTCZopps I was entirely transparent mike. I have not and will not be adding any false data. True I am adding to experiment with the notion that osm data is used to govern the spawn of pokemon. But I am only adding real location data, which in turn furthers osm as a by product :)
62017-03-13 21:32:13 UTClostmike I agree. I apologise.
12017-02-26 13:33:17 UTClostmike Welcome to OSM. Your test seems to be a success. :) However unless "45 Matthew Lane" is the actual name of the building then it should be tagged with it's address not it name.
Keep going until all the houses are mapped :)
12017-01-27 20:24:48 UTClostmike But why did you remove landuse = recreation_ground ?
22017-01-27 22:52:36 UTCGinaroZ Well if bicycles are allowed, that's why it was tagged as a cycleway. Therefore, I've reverted your edit.
12017-01-26 15:11:31 UTClostmike You seem to have flooded this estate again, have these houses really been demolished and replaced with a lake? If there's no lake here please don't map it as such.
22017-01-26 15:19:42 UTCSK53 What I presume were the Water Gardens were replaced by the current housing around 2011, as can be seen on Ordnance Survey mapping
12017-01-26 14:29:34 UTCchillly Welcome to OSM.

You seem to have deleted stuff and and added junk to the map. If you are trying to attract Pokémon, you are wasting your time. They only use certified parks, paths and waterways.Imaginary ones are a waste of time.

I will delete this as junk.
22017-01-26 14:39:00 UTCjm350z I accidentally deleted the funeral home. As far as junk is concerned, i tried to add waveney water garden, this was a japanese garden with many koi ponds created by my late father in law. There are still original ponds and fish at the properties. Your reference to junk is very harsh and quite frankl...
32017-01-26 14:41:38 UTCchillly Hmmm, what about the five houses on a private road you plonked the pond onto?

I stand by junk.
42017-01-26 14:44:08 UTCjm350z "ponds" at the properties. Go fuck yourself
52017-01-26 14:49:38 UTClostmike Map each pond separately.
62017-01-26 14:53:29 UTCchillly Thank you for reinforcing my initial idea. I have checked, the area covered all of the houses and gardens and even touched the main road. Maybe there were ponds there in years past, but the aerial images show only houses and gardens with lawns now.

If you want to map real stuff that is present n...
72017-01-26 19:21:30 UTCBCNorwich Supporting chilly's decision and calm response.
12017-01-04 19:53:21 UTClostmike This is a map not a business directory. Is this an actual business premises that people can turn up to? Will there be free coffee?
12016-12-23 13:42:31 UTClostmike Is this a public footpath?
12016-12-23 06:39:28 UTClostmike Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Just a few comments on your first edit though.
There's no footpath or leisure park anything like that in Broadmoor as far as I know. Have those houses been demolished recently? Footpath seems a little unlikely too.
The Saundersfoot path is a little erratic and doesn't con...
22016-12-23 13:40:56 UTClostmike This appears to be Pokemon related. (?) You are editing a real map, not a game map.
12016-12-23 13:07:57 UTClostmike Welcome to OSM.

I see no houses in the residential area you created. Is this a new or planned development?
22016-12-23 15:30:26 UTCmidwich Look towards the bottom of that box - I live there myself together with a number of other houses. I don't know if these things are typically named, but collectively that box is known as 'Wiganthorpe' .
12016-12-23 12:46:43 UTClostmike Welcome to OSM

You appear to have created a park, a footpath and a lake where there was once houses and gardens. Is this accidental or have these gardens been demolished for the purpose?
22016-12-24 07:29:55 UTCBCNorwich Hello and Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
The OSM database is a live worldwide operation from which folk compile maps for you and I to use. So it's not a good thing to place fiction here. There are sites where you can make up your own fantasy maps but this is not one of them.
I can find no official evid...
32017-01-10 10:59:19 UTCBCNorwich No response from StarsMmd so reverted as could find no evidence in favour of the edit.
12016-12-23 11:20:41 UTClostmike Welcome to OSM
Why have you extended this footpath on to existing streets? There's really no need to add separate ways for this.
22016-12-25 08:35:53 UTCBCNorwich Yes Welcome to OpenStreetMap, I have reverted your changeset because the duplicated ways would only serve to disrupt existing data. If you need any help adding something please just ask or read up how to do it properly. There's a help section here :-
12016-12-23 10:51:54 UTClostmike Welcome to OSM.
Is that bridleway really called "Street Path"? Odd name and an odd place for a bridleway.
12016-10-07 18:25:37 UTClostmike This school closed about 10 years ago. This needs reverting. The new school is already mapped about a mile to the east of here.
22016-10-10 10:50:37 UTClostmike Since there's been no reply I've removed the school.
12016-09-19 16:15:23 UTClostmike This looks like an error to me. Did you mean to add a new tag with the name in your language?
22016-09-19 16:41:47 UTCtrigpoint Reverting
12016-09-08 13:50:36 UTClostmike So is the accountant's office building called 'car hire' or is there a car hire company in this building as well as an accountant?
12016-09-07 13:09:54 UTClostmike Welcome to open street map. I have a question though. It seems unlikely that there's a courthouse on this junction. Are you sure this is correct.
12016-08-30 11:14:18 UTClostmike Since Windle Bleak Hill is already mapped. Maybe tourism=attraction would be better attached to the existing feature?
12016-08-30 09:59:18 UTClostmike This now has two names. Is it name=Asda or name:en=CoOp?
12016-08-26 11:17:09 UTClostmike Is this a building named "Sand Dunes"?
22016-08-26 11:53:57 UTCsingingcarols No it's the area filled with sand dunes - a natural attraction
32016-08-26 12:34:13 UTCSomeoneElse It's not really a tourist attraction as such, though is it, and it probably doesn't have the name "Sand Dunes" - that's just a description of what it is?
42016-08-26 12:54:18 UTClostmike In which case they should be tagged as in
52016-08-26 16:38:28 UTCsingingcarols I'm sorry but I'm using to do this which doesn't give a natural attraction option. The sand dunes are an attraction here and I was about to mark where the Petrified Forest was also. I'm going to name it what the city names it as - Petrified Forest. Sorry the names aren't up to par but if you...
62016-08-26 16:53:58 UTCSomeoneElse MAPS.ME is very limited - you'll have to use a better editor to add most things to OSM. The web-based ones on the website will work fine on a PC, or you could use something like Vespucci on mobile.
72016-08-26 17:03:43 UTClostmike I lived there for 8 years. Can't say I found it attractive. :) Though the dunes are cool.
That bit on the end where the dunes are is called Ynyslas
12016-08-13 09:42:37 UTClostmike Is this really called "v" in Amharic? This seems a little unlikely but I'm no language expert.
22016-08-17 21:14:08 UTCDerick Rethans I've reverted it.
12016-08-11 08:14:02 UTCblackadder Hi. This looks like an advert? for your music? Its not appropriate for OSM as it is is but if you wanted to add and tag your studio then that's fine, assuming its a fixed building location, and I can help you with that. Just comment here on what you were wishing to do.
22016-08-11 09:43:20 UTClostmike This appears to be a car park.
32016-08-12 14:04:53 UTCMichael David Curley MikeCurleyMusic is a known recording studio in Earlswood/Tanworth in Arden. Also known local within community. Indications of emails identifying exact address details as a car park are factually incorrect. The establishment at point of contact is. Thank You Very Much.
12016-04-06 08:46:56 UTClostmike Hi There

Welcome to OSM.

A small issue concerning your edit though. Your traffic calming node on Morlay Street seems now to be attached to the north end of Silex Street. Can you fix this or should the changeset be reverted?
22016-04-09 11:53:34 UTCSomeoneElse Looks like someone's fixed it by deleting the offending node - see .
12015-10-22 15:18:28 UTClostmike Your shop appears to be in the middle of the High Street.
12015-10-22 15:04:50 UTClostmike Highways are mapped as just lines not areas. As described at and should not be used for areas.
12015-10-07 12:32:50 UTClostmike Is the name this road really "Driveway"? Seems unlikely to me.
12015-10-02 12:50:42 UTClostmike Old Mill lane seems to join the orphaned piece of Patten's Walk.
12015-07-31 22:33:30 UTCrobert Nice one. Still missing OS Locator entries from friedchick & boiled chick's spree:
22015-08-01 10:22:02 UTClostmike There are two change sets I couldn't revert as they created too many conflicts for me to resolve, 32754417 and 32754309. I've put a note in the general location.
32015-08-03 21:51:25 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I also had a go at patching up the A580, and also added a note at to check the oneways there.
12015-06-29 13:01:53 UTClostmike This is just an empty node, what's supposed to be here?
12014-11-29 12:18:03 UTClostmike It's unlikely that there's a gift shop in the midle of the road. Can you map the actual postion of the shop with the correct tags and remove this feature.
12014-11-25 14:04:41 UTClostmike Your business appears to be situated in a bus stop.

Please map the actual building that you trade out of.
22014-11-26 08:08:46 UTClostmike Reverted.
12014-11-25 14:08:35 UTClostmike I assume your business is not actually in the middle of the road.
You should add a new node, or trace the building, where it actually is.
22014-11-26 08:08:36 UTClostmike Reverted
12014-11-24 11:13:19 UTCtrigpoint You seem to have placed your business in the middle of the road.
Do you have a ohysical shop or warehouse ?

22014-11-25 10:53:41 UTClostmike More seriously is that the Atkins Road - Kings Avenue junction has been moved.
32014-11-25 11:18:26 UTCtrigpoint Thanks lostmike, no response from the mapper so will revert it.
42014-11-26 12:49:39 UTCtrigpoint No response, so reverting
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