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12017-04-13 18:27:11 UTCtomhukins Are you sure the building at exists? From memory, there's a wooden fence here with an empty plot of land behind it.
22017-04-18 11:22:36 UTCpneff From a quick glance this morning I think you are right, Tom. I'll double-check next time I stroll by and update.
12017-03-21 21:43:24 UTCpneff Where does the post code of Chicken Shop / Dirty Burger in Wimbledon come from? Both their web site as well as the Royal Mail have the SW19 1RH at that address.
22017-03-22 11:49:14 UTCFradeve11 Good question, thanks for asking. I've taken the data straight from the bill received after having dinner in the place. I wonder if they put the wrong postcode in the bill. If you know for sure the old postcode was the right one, feel free to change it back :)
32017-03-22 11:56:06 UTCpneff Thanks, I'll change it back then. It appears that 1QE (the post code on the bill) is the other side of the road.
12017-02-01 19:17:36 UTCtomhukins Although your change fixed the "name", the "operator" retained the old, incorrect value. I've fixed this in
22017-02-01 20:22:08 UTCpneff Oh thank you Tom, I had missed the operator tag entirely on this one.
12017-01-27 16:41:26 UTCpneff Based on the satellite imagery, this and changes 45565126 look like invalid additions to the map. The satellite shows houses in this area, not a park.

Could you please provide some information on where your data comes from?
12017-01-27 14:02:53 UTCpneff Thank you for your OSM changes.

Could you add a bit more comments on the changes you did here? A few of them look a bit weird, e.g. an amenity=park node inside a park that's already mapped as a way.

Generally you seem to add a lot of changes with just the message "go". Please add mor...
12017-01-27 13:59:15 UTCpneff This edit is a bit fishy. There used to be a few ways here, which have now been replaced with just a green area.

You claim to have used the Bing imagery for this, but there it still shows the estate.
12017-01-14 21:25:49 UTCpneff Thank you for this change, I'll update my template to not re-introduce these errors.
12017-01-13 10:48:52 UTCtomhukins Thank you for all your recent improvements to the map in Wimbledon.

I notice you have added shelter and bench tags to a relation at instead of the nodes representing individual bus stops. I thought I should let you know as I expect this is a mistake.
22017-01-13 12:01:20 UTCpneff That is indeed a mistake, thank you Tom. Will fix this.
12016-12-26 22:50:58 UTCpneff source mislabeled, this was based on local survey.
12016-10-02 07:36:54 UTCtomhukins Hi, thank you for adding so many shops. Unfortunately, this change broke the pedestrianised area around Wimbledon station and Centre Court. I have fixed it in
22016-10-03 06:52:38 UTCpneff Thank you Tom.
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