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12018-06-15 16:13:26 UTCneuhausr Welcome and thanks for adding to OpenStreetMap! One tip for buildings with 90 degree corners is to use the "Square" tool after tracing. In iD, click on the feature then press S, or instead right-click and select the Square tool. Happy mapping!
12018-05-23 19:26:51 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and thanks for adding to the map! Note that there are better tags for some of the features you created, such as leisure=beach and waterway=waterfall. If you haven't done it yet, you may find it useful to do the iD Editor's walkthrough too. Happy mapping!
12018-05-16 17:35:00 UTCneuhausr Hi, it appears this data largely duplicates buildings in changeset 58093393
12018-05-14 17:39:42 UTCneuhausr Just an FYI, this appears to be the changeset comment from your previous changeset in Michigan...
22018-05-14 22:21:13 UTCDougPeterson That would be correct. Every once in a while that happens about not getting the next update description typed in JOSM.
12018-05-11 14:12:46 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM and thanks for adding to the map! It's great you're adding the crossing tag to the footways which cross streets, however those crossing ways should also join the street at a node where they actually intersect. Also, you've tagged some things that look like alleys from the imagery as u...
22018-05-12 16:14:52 UTCMoseleyX Thank you for the advice! Despite there being a very intuitive tutorial, I'm still learning all the subtle parts of OSM. I appreciate the help. I will be modifying some things that you mentioned. I have connected some of the streets and sidewalks in some places, but not all like you talk about. Shou...
12018-05-11 14:03:58 UTCneuhausr Hi, thanks for your edits! However, I'd like to suggest some improvements to your mapping practice based on this changeset: 1) the name tag should only be used if there's an actual name, not as a description of what an object is, 2) if you do use a name, capitalize it correctly, 3) ways should not o...
12018-04-20 20:01:42 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and thanks for updating Ramsey to Justice Page! However, could you please update the amenity=school area instead of the building itself? This is the general recommendation for schools--see Happy mapping!
12018-04-19 14:21:57 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM and thanks for adding to the map! I notice the way you a few things in this changeset could be better: 1) the building tag should just be for the area of a building--there are other tags like landuse for areas (ie the larger area of OSI could be landuse=industrial or commercial), 2) i...
12018-03-30 13:36:27 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for contributing! One principle of OSM is "One feature, one OSM element" (,_one_OSM_element), so when a feature already exists (as is the case with buildings of Alexander Ramsey House and Minnehaha Station),...
12018-03-21 13:44:02 UTCneuhausr Hi, I am a local mapper, and noticed that @user_5359 removed the description from this node (as it seemed to just be advertising) and you added it back in. Just curious, especially since you apparently do digital advertising, is this information actually of use to others? Because I don't know people...
12018-03-12 14:29:13 UTCneuhausr Hi, your tagged construction area overlaps with an existing building--is that building being torn down, or is the construction area smaller than you drew?
22018-03-12 15:48:28 UTCLoren S The section where it overlaps has been torn down. I do not know how to remove the section that has been demolished?
32018-03-12 16:15:06 UTCneuhausr If it's no longer there, you can just delete it :) In iD, just select the way, right click, and select Delete
12018-02-23 14:31:36 UTCneuhausr Hi, if construction is complete, you should replace the construction key with amenity and update the name. Is this the Ambulatory Outpatient Specialty Center?
12018-02-14 17:46:44 UTCneuhausr Hi just an FYI that the tag and area traced don't match for the townhomes. You can leave the area as is and retag as landuse=residential, or use the building tag and trace the outline of the actual buildings. Note also that the building tag should describe the building's , not its owner. Townhomes w...
12018-02-14 17:35:40 UTCneuhausr Since it's been a few years since you added it to the name, wanted to check if County Road 13 is still a US 14 detour?
22018-02-14 21:09:00 UTCYour Village Maps No, it isn't a detour and hasn't been for a good while. I must have overlooked those short segments around the interchange when I reverted the detour back to normal. I will take care of this right now. Thanks
12018-02-12 14:49:45 UTCneuhausr Hi, I am another OSM editor in the area and just wanted to point out a couple things you might keep in mind going forward: 1) If an area (like the farmland southeast of Cty Rd 50 and Halsey Ave) has an "island" in it of a different type of area (like the forested area), you should create a...
12018-02-07 17:23:47 UTCneuhausr Hi it looks like this changeset has duplicated most of changeset 55533231? (see and
22018-02-08 18:19:39 UTCOrvanis Hi Neuhausr - the iD Editor returned an error while in the process of Uploading the changes (Changeset 55533231) that not all Nodes were successfully updated.

It then asked if I wanted to Re-Upload (Which I did) and thus Changeset 55533258 was created which overwrote the previous Nodes that had s...
32018-02-09 18:01:40 UTCfreebeer Hi,
if this hasn't yet been fixed, would you want me to revert the problem changeset?
There seem to be six or so missing nodes in the incomplete one.
42018-02-09 22:38:26 UTCOrvanis I believe that the second changeset overwrote the first failed changeset. I don't think there is a problem here...?
52018-02-10 01:57:50 UTCneuhausr No, it didn't overwrite it, it wrote it to the database again. Since the features are exact duplicates, they are hard to see unless you move one feature and uncover the copy beneath. For example, see the parking lot and houses to the east of St. Michael Elementary School. I think a revert would be g...
62018-02-10 15:31:15 UTCOrvanis Oh, didn't know that was even possible. OK I'll look into how to revert the first of the two changesets!
72018-02-11 17:07:20 UTCOrvanis It would appear that reverting isn't a simple process... Could someone with more experience please revert Changeset 55533231?
82018-02-12 13:48:30 UTCOrvanis Thank you freebeer for reverting! This should be resolved now.
92018-02-12 19:12:56 UTCfreebeer The revert was n0t with0ut issues. Several items had been m0dified by y0urself 0r 0ther users like 5359. I was n0t prepared t0 capture standard err0r f0r analysis, mea culpa.
node 5345663169 last edited in another changeset/by another user (Orvanis/55533258)
node 5345673735 cannot be deleted: 41...
12018-02-07 17:36:34 UTCneuhausr Hi, thanks for adding detail to OSM in this area. One request: could you please turn the "caps lock" off? Names of parks and other features should be capitalized normally. Thanks again and happy mapping!
12018-02-02 17:56:22 UTCneuhausr Hi, thanks for adding detail to the area! I notice you've added some driveways for some houses, but not all of them actually connect to the street--for example along 147th Terrace. While they should connect to the sidewalk, they should then continue to the street. Happy mapping!
12018-02-01 16:34:51 UTCneuhausr Hi, thanks for adding so much detail to this area recently! I noticed that some of your edits are creating geometry errors, though. (you can see them here: For example, the residential landuse area around the Karsten Ave Lake shoul...
22018-02-02 00:33:10 UTCOrvanis Thank you for the information! I'll look to fix all of those issues soon.
32018-02-02 17:23:18 UTCOrvanis @neuhausr Thanks again for bringing this problem to my attention. I believe all of the issues shown by that geofabrik tool have now been resolved with my most recent changesets. Learned something new!
12018-02-01 16:15:20 UTCneuhausr Hi, I have a couple concerns about your edits in this changeset. First you have created a number of residential landuse areas which cover significant parts of lakes--it would be better to limit this kind of way to areas where people actually live. Maybe you are planning to go back later and clean th...
12018-02-01 14:55:06 UTCneuhausr Hi, this is clearly vandalism, so I have removed these water features in changeset 55968147. If you are making edits like this for purposes of Pokemon Go, see
12018-02-01 14:49:49 UTCneuhausr Hi, this looks like some sort of industrial or commercial area, not a park. Do you have an explanation or source you got the information from?
12018-01-29 20:43:26 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM and thanks for adding so many features to Central Park! One question, did you mean to remove the name from the Central Park relation, and add leisure_2=playground? These changes both seem like they might be mistakes. Thanks
12018-01-29 20:35:52 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM and thanks for adding to the map! Just wanted to let you know that a couple of those tags aren't quite right. Instead of leisure=park, it'd be better to use leisure=dog_park ( And instead of using amenity=library for a Little...
12017-11-28 20:08:31 UTCneuhausr Hi, wondering why you created this Edgewood College way that includes the High School and Campus School too? The college is just a part of this area, and they are all independent though related schools. (ie see
22018-01-27 03:59:46 UTCMidwestMapGeek I created an area for the entire campus as the schools are associated with each other and use the overall campus in ways that would make it difficult to delineate exactly where one campus ends and where the other begins. The Edgewood campus functions as one campus; there happen to be two other schoo...
32018-01-27 05:18:57 UTCneuhausr I get what you're saying, but then the overall campus shouldn't be called Edgewood College and tagged as a college. What about modifying the way covering the whole area to be tagged amenity=school and name=Edgewood Campus? As you can see from the pdf I linked to, the college itself only regards its ...
12018-01-23 16:50:58 UTCneuhausr Hi, I am an area mapper, wondering why this POI got flagged for removal of data for advertising? Aside from not having the leisure=tanning_salon tag, it seems like legitimate data, and doesn't have a lot of the "description" garbage like a lot of SEO spam does.
22018-01-23 21:04:19 UTCwoodpeck I am investigating a pattern where a SEO firm has created a single account for each of their clients, and used that account to add one POI only, and added that POI with a focus on getting the business name and website URL into OSM, without respecting OSM customs (often using spammy descriptions; not...
32018-01-23 22:01:29 UTCneuhausr Fair enough, I monitor this area and I've certainly seen plenty of obvious SEO spam! However, if a business owner wants to get their business name in OSM, I hope it won't get flagged for removal just because they used their business name for their account and only did one badly tagged node. Note, I ...
42018-01-24 11:33:55 UTCfreebeer Hi neuhausr,
Refer to the initial changeset, .
There you see the particular edit was questioned by Georg but no reply was given, in over a year.
If this were to have been a legitimate business playing by OSM rules, they would have been interested ...
52018-01-24 15:15:22 UTCneuhausr good point, I'd missed that
12018-01-23 16:45:54 UTCneuhausr Hi, I noticed you added a cycleway=track tag to SE Oak St. Since this cycle track is separated from the rest of the road, it was already mapped as a separate way. Although both methods are described on, only one should be used for a given...
12018-01-17 17:54:45 UTCneuhausr Hi, and thanks for adding so much detail to Owatonna! A couple tips based on viewing some of your edits: 1) unless a feature truly goes to the middle of a road, it's best practice to not attach the nodes of landuse ways (ie parks, religious areas) to roads (long story short, it's inaccurate and make...
22018-01-17 19:06:53 UTCLyssalynn13 1. This is how most everything was done - not necessarily by me.
2. In this case, as noted by the comments, I added the source of bing to all the parks. It is necessary for the given use I'm using it for. All imagery was done on the back end - nothing to do with me.
3. Note the comments. That's ...
32018-01-17 19:43:23 UTCneuhausr OK, I didn't realize you are using the source tag for another purpose. Some new users see that tag on other existing features and then think it's required. When you say "app that is sourcing this for me" does that mean you are getting data from that app, or is the OSM data feeding into tha...
42018-01-17 20:04:25 UTCLyssalynn13 I am using an app that uses open street map. How is not for me to know. I along with other have just updated osm to note the features such as parks that the app uses and was missing.
52018-01-17 20:31:29 UTCneuhausr Great! I find it very rewarding to use the data I entered :) Happy mapping!
12018-01-11 14:38:36 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM and thanks for contributing to the map. A couple tips for adding additional info to buildings: 1) date something was constructed can be tagged with start_date, 2) you can use old_name for a place like this that used to be a hospital, 3) when tagging building:level on a building outlin...
12018-01-10 15:11:00 UTCneuhausr Hello, and thanks for contributing to OSM! In this changeset, I noticed that in the parking lot of Hosanna Lutheran Church, the highway=service way overlaps itself. It's best to split this into multiple, connected ways. More best practices are here: ...
22018-01-10 19:06:49 UTCShredder33 Thanks! I have adjusted them in changeset #55331193.
12018-01-05 16:15:43 UTCneuhausr Hi, I'm wondering why you've disconnected the sidewalks from the streets?
22018-01-05 16:24:32 UTCChezfisto I felt that it looked strange, like the sidewalk was extending into the middle of the street. I can add them back if that's how it should be mapped.
32018-01-05 16:39:48 UTCneuhausr I think that's the convention for areas like this, it's especially useful for routing. More info here:
42018-01-05 17:07:40 UTCChezfisto Okay thanks, going through now adding them back as street crossings
12018-01-05 16:06:35 UTCneuhausr I left a different changeset comment about multipolygon relations--here is a quick-and-dirty how-to:
12018-01-05 16:03:17 UTCneuhausr The residential area with the school inside should be a multipolygon relation, instead of how you have drawn it. The residential outline would be the outer way, and the school outline the inner way, without a connecting line. Send me an OSM message if you're not sure how to do this--it comes in hand...
12018-01-05 15:47:56 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OSM. I notice you've been adding a lot of buildings. One thing that can make them look a little better (and creating them a bit easier) is to use the Square option in the iD Editor: right click on a building, and select it, or click on a building and hit S. Happy mapping!
12017-12-22 20:21:01 UTCneuhausr Hi, is there a reason you deleted the main outer way for the Fort Shafter relation?
12017-12-20 16:16:16 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OSM! I noticed that you have overlapped some of the parking aisles near Ridgeway Center. In general it's best to create some ways that go through an area or form its edges, then fill in with single ways. Here is a link to a QA tool which might help you visualize the issue: http://t...
22017-12-20 16:18:28 UTCalicemhart Thanks for the tip! I did that early in my mapping excursions and will go back and fix it for sure. Please let me know if there's anything else you see that I can do better!

12017-12-20 15:22:27 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OSM! Thanks for adding to the map. One hint: I noticed the footway near Spruce and CH 134 overlaps itself. Instead, you would want to create two ways here--for example, one that goes to the NE, and one that connects to it and goes to the NW. Happy mapping!
12017-12-15 18:55:15 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OSM! There are a couple places you have overlapped a way (ie and In cases like this, please create one way, then start a second that branches off the first instead of making it all one feature....
12017-12-15 18:45:30 UTCneuhausr Hi, could you fix multipolygon relation 7757190 so that the outer and inner parts of the building are separate? Let me know if you have questions
12017-12-14 19:27:15 UTCneuhausr Hi, it looks like the building and park may have gotten accidentally connected to the end of West School Street, could you take a look? Also, Morehouse Park should probably be one large area instead of multiple little ones. Park boundaries should generally encompass whatever is in them--roads, build...
12017-12-14 17:30:19 UTCneuhausr Hi, just an fyi that it's more common to tag fairgrounds as tourism=attraction. See for examples
12017-12-13 20:57:59 UTCneuhausr Hi, deleting all this seems kind of questionable. By deleting the existing library building, you removed a lot of other information about the library that was in the tags of that way. You also deleted some roof-only sections of the building. You mention fixes to pedestrian areas, but I'm not clear w...
12017-12-12 16:40:15 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM and thanks for adding to the map! In a strip mall like this, it would be better practice to create a building for the entire structure, and then add nodes for each business within the mall, rather than create individual areas for only some of the stores. Also note, landuse tags should...
12017-12-12 16:27:08 UTCneuhausr Hi, I notice you previously updated the address of this point, but didn't move its location to the new address--are you planning to do that? Also, you might want to add an office tag if that's appropriate (see for values)
12017-12-08 19:35:19 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OSM! I see you flagged "review requested" and these edits look good to me. For businesses, you might also consider adding address, phone #, website, and (if you're feeling adventurous) opening hours. Happy mapping!
12017-11-20 18:38:46 UTCneuhausr Hi, it appears you uploaded a bunch of duplicate nodes in this changeset--can you please clean that up?
22018-01-06 06:35:19 UTCArun Balaji Hi, what are duplicate nodes? Are they copies of the existing nodes? How can I remove them?
12017-11-14 22:00:39 UTCneuhausr what is the source for this data? it appears to be an apartment building
22017-11-15 08:15:36 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 53794087.
32017-11-15 15:03:09 UTCneuhausr Thanks!
42017-11-15 15:32:42 UTCToeBee Yeah, this user was a clear SEO spammer along with 4 other users that were all created around the same time and with identical edits. I nuked them all last night.
52017-11-15 15:50:50 UTCneuhausr As Ellen Ripley said to Cpl Hicks, "it's the only way to be sure" :)
12017-10-31 16:19:47 UTCneuhausr Hi, I know this is old, but this path seems incorrect--features should generally be able to be seen on the ground and verified. The horse fest path looks like it's a temporary feature? If so it should be removed.
12017-10-26 20:31:56 UTCneuhausr Hi, I am a local mapper and noticed the recent edits to this node's tags. I think amenity=events_venue would be the best tag, as amenity=community_centre is for public places, and this appears to be a private venue.
22017-10-31 15:10:16 UTCherried Agreed. I was parsing through the tags and was a little confused. But, that definitely makes sense. Thanks for the update.

I am also a cartographer from Mpls and getting married there next September!

I will update the record.
32017-10-31 15:33:36 UTCneuhausr Congrats! Looks like a cool place.
12017-10-26 14:51:53 UTCneuhausr Hi, I noticed you created these walking paths as one long line. Instead of doing this and creating overlapping paths, you should create smaller lines that connect to each other at nodes. Thanks for mapping!
22017-10-26 17:28:25 UTCSomeoneElse Hi SmokedSkull,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap!
Please don't reply like that to someone who's trying to help you - everyone understands that it can be difficult to get the hang of things at first, which is why the comment above was added. They're trying to help, not to criticise.
Best Regards,
32017-10-28 08:47:55 UTCSomeoneElse (for info I've hidden the comments above that caused my comment)
42017-10-28 22:03:48 UTCSmokedSkull Lick my nutsack
12017-10-20 14:59:46 UTCneuhausr Hi, these buildings with an inner courtyard should be done as multipolygons. See for more info.
12017-10-19 14:48:46 UTCneuhausr Hi it looks like you're unsure about the correct tag for this. FYI, if you want to use fitness_centre, the correct key is leisure not amenity. See
12017-10-19 14:44:32 UTCneuhausr It seems this changeset includes many duplicated items from changeset 52642326. Please take a look and fix this. Thanks!
12017-10-11 16:05:43 UTCneuhausr I noticed you didn't add any tags to the Waialea Fuelbreak like you did with the Waikoloa one--is there a reason for that?
22017-10-18 23:47:29 UTCHawaiiWildfire Was struggling with this one actually in terms of how to classify it. I haven't seen anything specific to fuelbreaks/firebreaks (other than emergency roads which can be a little different). The Waialea Firebreak is quite wide but also serves as a fire access road. Any suggestions how to approach thi...
32017-10-19 13:50:13 UTCneuhausr Good question! I did find something on the wiki that might work: man_made=cutline, cutline=firebreak I doubt it'll be displayed on one of the "standard" maps, but it will be in the database and could be shown in a custom rendering...
12017-10-10 21:38:28 UTCneuhausr Hi Jerrod, I've noticed that some of your changes to the map are very specific to you. Data added to OSM should be features "on the ground" that are verifiable--see Therefore, naming something as "Jerrod's Favorite" is not appropr...
12017-10-04 18:43:09 UTCneuhausr Welcome and thanks for adding to the map! One thing I'd recommend changing is the open area tagging ( from highway=footway to highway=pedestrian. Also for bonus points you could add type and/or capacity info to the bicycle parking :)
12017-09-30 15:40:27 UTCneuhausr Hi, should the leisure=fitness node be leisure=fitness_station?
22017-09-30 16:15:16 UTCMath1985 Correct, well spotted!
32017-09-30 20:55:41 UTCMath1985 Fixed.
12017-09-26 16:10:41 UTCneuhausr Hi, I noticed you added a lot of detail for a disc golf course, but tagged incorrectly as a regular golf course. Please use disc_golf=tee or disc_golf=basket (and maybe disc_golf=hole) as mentioned on the wiki: As mentioned there, you...
12017-09-26 15:50:23 UTCneuhausr Hi, this changeset seems to have some duplicate buildings with changeset 52293743. For ex, see houses on west side of Jackson Trail
12017-09-25 21:36:55 UTCneuhausr Hi, wondering what the thinking is on the "Rogers" rectangle? If it's supposed to be for the city, that already has a boundary relation:
12017-09-21 19:47:42 UTCneuhausr Hi, I noticed that the relation for Pohakuloa Training Area ( includes some small areas to the north of Pupukea Paalaa Uka Military Road. I am not local, but in looking at the imagery there, it's not obvious that those small areas are actually military ...
12017-09-20 21:43:24 UTCneuhausr Hi, I noticed some of these driveways (ie near Square Lake) are untagged--please take a look and tag them. You can also see them here:
12017-09-12 16:21:49 UTCneuhausr In this changeset, you added two place=neighbourhood nodes, but no name or other information. Please add that if you know it, or consider removing them if the tag doesn't fit (see
12017-09-08 18:24:22 UTCneuhausr Thanks for fixing. Are the road ways that connect to the bridge correct too? They are tagged cycleway=lane.
22017-09-08 18:51:19 UTCbrendanbikes They should be updated to track on the westerly side of the bridge, between the bridge and Riverside Avenue. The eastbound side of the bridge is still closed unfortunately, but the whole segment is protected on both sides between Riverside and East River Parkway. I'll update that now.
32017-09-08 19:09:12 UTCneuhausr Thanks! I haven't been that way lately so haven't kept track of the changes.
42017-09-08 19:28:14 UTCbrendanbikes I bike it most days and live in the area -- I was surprised no one had updated it yet, though the project was just completed this year.
12017-09-06 16:56:34 UTCneuhausr Hi, just a quick note that the correct key for fitness centres is leisure, not amenity (see Cheers
12017-09-06 16:55:43 UTCneuhausr Hi just a quick note that the correct tag for fitness centres is leisure, not amenity. (see Happy mapping!
12017-09-06 14:53:25 UTCneuhausr Hi, this data looks like it could be fictional. 1) no evidence of water (much less lakes) in the imagery, 2) this looks like a residence not a park, 3) no record of a park here in an internet search. Please give sources for these edits. Thanks!
12017-08-31 16:39:31 UTCneuhausr Hi, I notice you added a leisure=gym tag. FYI, this should probably be tagged leisure=fitness_centre. See
12017-08-31 16:25:10 UTCneuhausr Hi, I notice you added a leisure=gym tag. FYI, this should probably be tagged leisure=fitness_centre. See
12017-08-30 14:31:41 UTCneuhausr FYI, self-intersections reported in OSM Inspector:
12017-08-30 14:27:52 UTCneuhausr Just an FYI that two buildings in this changeset are flagged for self-intersection errors in OSM Inspector:
12017-08-30 14:19:56 UTCneuhausr Not sure what to do about it now, but if you added name:eo to the Mississippi River relation, why would you also add it to each segment???
12017-08-29 20:00:34 UTCneuhausr I know this is an older edit, but I noticed that the opening_hours for Mackenthun's isn't the right format. A tutorial is here for future reference (or if you want to fix this):
12017-08-29 19:01:15 UTCneuhausr Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap! Just wanted to point out that the footpath east of the parking lot here is incorrectly mapped: a way should not double back over itself. I would probably just make each of these little loops separate ways. In case you're interested, I found this using one of...
12017-08-14 20:46:09 UTCuserJeff Park boundaries approximate based on maps at
22017-08-15 01:05:59 UTCiandees Howdy! Please reconsider using multipolygons with as the border for parks. Very rarely do the park boundaries actually lay *on* the road, but rather on the parcel of land offset from the road. Using a multipolygon with the road makes it much harder to adjust the border of a park to match on the grou...
32017-08-15 03:30:54 UTCuserJeff Hi. I'm relatively new to OSM and I like the feedback. But some thoughts...

I've noticed this is not a common way to represent parks. But the narrow and irregular gaps between roads and separately drawn park boundaries that I've seen doesn't seem optimal either. Looks a tad sloppy. If the park b...
42017-08-28 20:43:48 UTCneuhausr @userJeff, OpenStreetMap is at core a project to create data which can be used to make maps, do routing, etc. Over years, guidelines have formed about the best way to do that, such as "map what's on the ground". You are mostly talking about the rendering of how the data looks and making as...
52017-09-01 04:25:53 UTCuserJeff This discussion continued at
12017-08-22 17:59:29 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for adding detail to the map, especially the Rum River. Wanted to let you know that it's best to use a multipolygon relation for riverbanks. That way, 1) you don't need to create sections of the river, and 2) the islands can be truly on their own (unconnected to t...
12017-08-17 14:03:15 UTCneuhausr Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap! Just wanted to let you know I slightly modified this edit so that the school way covered the entire grounds and the one you drew was tagged as a building. See for more info. Happy mapping!
12017-08-16 20:16:05 UTCneuhausr Hi, I noticed you adding populations to administrative areas. Aside from the question of whether this is an automated edit, I am wondering what your source for this data is? The population wiki page ( recommends adding source:population=* to the obje...
12017-08-16 20:10:17 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap! I notice in this changeset and others, you are changing road names to use abbreviations. OSM guidelines specifically say to spell out words when possible, especially for road names. See for fur...
12017-08-03 19:54:49 UTCneuhausr Hi, it looks like you've uploaded some duplicate data between this changeset and changeset 50620937. Can you take a look please?
12017-07-20 14:14:30 UTCneuhausr Hi, I noticed you tagged this with boundary=administrative which seems incorrect. I think this is only for governmental units, not private organizations--see
22017-11-23 03:17:05 UTCfortchagos Fully agree landuse=farmland is a better tag.
32017-11-23 03:18:44 UTCfortchagos neuhausr - Sorry it took so long for me to see you email about your comment. I was actually at Philmont when posted.
12017-06-26 17:47:17 UTCneuhausr Hi, I'm wondering about this change. 1) construction is still ongoing through the fall, right? So the construction tags should remain. 2) the US doesn't have a specific legal designation of "living street", but the definition on wikipedia ("a street designed primarily with the interes...
12017-06-20 15:09:35 UTCneuhausr Hi, can you give more explanation about what these memorials are? I don't see them on any imagery and don't find them mentioned anywhere online. Is there some documentation or explanation that you can point to? OSM best practices include "map what's on the ground" and "verifiability&q...
12017-06-02 13:56:19 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM and thanks for adding detail to the map! A couple tips: 1) in the iD editor, you can right click on a shape to get a context menu. One of these is "square" which is really useful for buildings. 2) you've added some park features where it seems like wood or forest tag would b...
12017-05-30 15:13:43 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap! I noticed in this edit you tagged these businesses landuse=retail, but it would be better to tag them building=retail, and also add other tags to describe their business (such as shop=car_parts and amenity=pharmacy). Thanks for adding to the map!
12017-05-26 17:12:37 UTCneuhausr Hi karitotp, this is a case where it might've been nice for you to leave a changeset comment or contact the user who created these features--it is a new user who seems to work in this area, but who maybe could've done a better job tagging etc. Cheers
12017-05-26 17:08:31 UTCneuhausr The bay inside the Grand Marais lighthouse is already tagged as water as part of Lake Superior--is there a reason you added a new water feature there?
12017-05-23 17:37:53 UTCneuhausr I see that you've added local_ref to some of the bus stops, but it seems like you're using it incorrectly. According to the wiki ( local_ref should be used to tag one platform within a station. You are using it for the bus route numbers, which are al...
22017-05-24 00:19:07 UTCYour Village Maps Looks like you're right. And so I have learned yet another detail about something I assumed was correct for so long. Openstreetmap really needs to develop one or more online courses for new (and old!) mappers to help get more people "on the same page" regarding things like this. Also, the ...
32017-05-25 15:15:28 UTCneuhausr I am constantly learning new details too! :) There is an effort to move to a different tagging scheme for transit, so that doesn't make it any easier. The new scheme distinguishes between the bus stop location where one waits (public_transport=platform) and the place where the bus stops on the road ...
12017-05-25 14:34:01 UTCneuhausr Hi, it's not clear what this memorial is--I can't see anything in imagery and don't find any mention of it online. Can you give some clarification about it or a source? Thanks
12017-05-17 13:31:05 UTCneuhausr Hi, I'm wondering why you changed the Union Depot relation from type=site to type=building? It clearly includes many features that are in addition to the building, not to mention the main building itself has its own relation (6894450). The wiki page on site relation may be a helpful reference: http:...
12017-05-08 20:49:58 UTCneuhausr Hi, thanks for putting in the effort to trace these buildings of the old Ford Plant. However, these have all been demolished (thus the brownfield landuse surrounding the site) and it'd be great if you could remove these edits. For reference, see eg
12017-05-08 20:24:41 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OSM! Is there a particular reason you added the landuse=recreation_ground tag to the whole park? It seems redundant at best.
12017-05-08 19:09:07 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM! I noticed that in at least some of the places where you added sidewalks, you did not connect them to other features that were already on the map (such as streets or other sidewalks). For things like routing, this is important. On the other hand, it is not important to connect sidewal...
12017-05-08 14:29:50 UTCneuhausr Hi, looking at the Amery Golf Club ( I think you've misunderstood golf course tagging. Most importantly, you do not need to create that include all features in a golf course--the outline of leisure=golf_course should surround all these features. And eve...
12017-05-05 15:01:14 UTCneuhausr Hi, thanks for adding to the map in Minnesota. Just an FYI, this area is St. Paul, you might want to double-check your changeset comments in the future to make sure they're accurate! :)
12017-05-04 14:59:00 UTCneuhausr Hi, and welcome to OSM! Happened to notice this edit and have a couple suggestions: 1) this is not the right tag for a business, highway=services is used for rest areas. Maybe shop=car_repair would be better? 2) OSM is generally for what is "on the ground", but there are lifecycle prefixes...
12017-04-24 16:34:23 UTCneuhausr Hi, welcome to OSM! I noticed in this changeset you tagged parking lots with highway=service. You should only tag the actual lanes within the lot that way. Also, you tagged some churches with religion=* and denomination=*. Just leave these blank if you don't know. One last thing, landuse is not usua...
12017-04-24 15:43:07 UTCneuhausr Hi from looking at the aerial imagery, it doesn't appear there is a pond or park at this location. Do you have an explanation? Thanks
12017-04-18 16:13:28 UTCneuhausr I noticed your very detailed work on the golf course--nice! However, it's tagging for the renderer to use highway=path for the golf=hole way.
12017-04-16 21:13:03 UTCPolarbear Hi neuhausr, what is the source for the geometry of your edits? In Bing, your Nelson Park (way 480215740) runs across a school ground on its east side, and the allotments (way 230236046) looks more like a single garden?
22017-04-16 22:02:40 UTCneuhausr Pretty clearly a community garden from the imagery, and here's a reference: I used the city map for Nelson Park boundaries: But yeah looks like it may have cha...
32017-04-17 00:32:49 UTCPolarbear Sorry to tell you, but you MUST NOT copy from other maps. In this case, the website you cite holds a copyright for their content, including their map PDF. Openstreetmap is about creating a map without copyrighted sources. Beside the legal reasons, you see here that the map you used in incorrect, and...
42017-04-17 05:04:50 UTCneuhausr Sorry I did not notice the copyright on the city website. However, you're wrong about the garden, see the allotments page on the wiki "Allotment gardens are characterised by a concentration in one place of a few or up to several hundreds of land parcels that are assigned to individuals or famil...
52017-04-17 05:21:03 UTCneuhausr BTW, parks data is also available from the county government's open data portal here:
62017-04-17 10:20:06 UTCPolarbear In the US, governmental work tend to be in the Public Domain, so your open data portal might be a suitable source. Please check the details of the particular database, and give the source of your information in the changesets.

As for Allotments, the wiki definition asks for a larger plot of land...
72017-04-17 13:56:01 UTCneuhausr 1) it looks clearly parceled to me--have you looked at the Bing imagery? 2) I live in this area and know a lot of community gardens, they are run *as described on the allotments page*. Unless you have some local knowledge to the contrary please change the garden's tag back. Thanks.
82017-04-20 14:21:36 UTCPolarbear Hi, meanwhile I have received pictures from a fellow mapper, which show that the label is "Bronx Park Community Garden". There are some small fences around the flowerbeds but more against the rabbits. The city manages them by allocating flowerbeds to individuals annually (https://www.stlou...
12017-04-13 20:46:20 UTCneuhausr Welcome and thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap! Remember that OSM is data for everyone's use, so things like the house address or building outline will be more useful than what you've entered.
12017-04-13 19:12:43 UTCneuhausr what about a street address?
12017-04-13 17:54:00 UTCneuhausr Is that a pool? Try leisure=swimming_pool instead :)
12017-04-11 15:15:36 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM! I notice that in these edits you've tried to create "islands" in landuse areas in the wrong way. You should be using multipolygon relations. See on the wiki for a description, and the Relations section of the iD Edito...
22017-04-12 04:25:30 UTCChezfisto Okay thanks. I think I fixed some of them. I understood making "islands" by merging two things together. Should I be doing that for two bordering areas (like forest and wetland) or only if one totally encompasses the other. (Sorry, all the code stuff on the wiki confused me)
32017-04-12 14:26:25 UTCneuhausr I think that's better. I'd just use the "merge" for areas contained by other areas. If there are adjacent areas with the same tag, I think you need to merge them more manually. In case it helps, I did a couple others (the ponds N of 100th and W of 143rd, the island in the N end of the lake...
12017-04-11 15:38:26 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM. I'm wondering why you created so many different grass areas in this park? It appears they are bounded by the paths. It seems overcomplicated and having the areas along the paths makes it harder to edit in the future. Plus, the grassy areas outside the paths are not tagged.
22017-04-11 15:47:06 UTCdbrownson I wanted every inch covered. Yes, it does make editing in the future much harder - however, if nothing really changes topography-wise, you wont need to change anything.
32017-04-11 17:01:31 UTCneuhausr So, why not just make one big grass area? Or if you really want to do detailed micro-mapping, grass areas should end next to the paths. (I just edited the small triangle west of the pitches in this way in case you're unsure what I mean)
42017-04-11 17:23:34 UTCdbrownson Correct, I want to do detailed micro-mapping. In the case of the triangle that you had changed, sure, it's more correct (since grass isn't on trails) - but if we spend time nit-picking every inch of this map, then we will both see that many things need to be redone.

For instance, using your exam...
52017-04-11 21:07:56 UTCneuhausr Just trying to give you some friendly advice/feedback from someone who's contributed a lot, before you make a lot of detailed but sub-optimal edits that may impact you or another map editor/data user in the future.
12017-04-11 19:50:18 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM! Wondering why you split the park into two pieces when they are overlapping? Appears it could just be one big area.
12017-04-11 16:08:18 UTCneuhausr I'm wondering why you are adding wikidata tags to individual highway ways (ie, and not to relations that collect those ways in a route (ie
12017-03-27 15:24:45 UTCneuhausr wondering why you added sport=sport_centre to the Power Sport shop?
12017-03-27 15:13:41 UTCneuhausr Hi, the consensus tag for places like this is leisure=fitness_centre. Please see for more info.
12017-03-17 19:50:40 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OSM! It looks like you unintentionally overlapped the lake and park to the west of 450th Ave. Can you try to fix it? Let me know if you have problems. Cheers!
12017-03-15 15:38:45 UTCneuhausr It seems like many of these Daybreak streets are not present in the most recent imagery. Are they extremely new, or just planned? If planned, they should be tagged as proposed--see
22017-03-15 19:09:41 UTCLevel Yeah, the Imagery for most of the blank area is from 2012 and most of the development has been in 2015/2016.
There is more that has not been mapped that is completed or under constru...
32017-03-15 19:55:03 UTCneuhausr cool, thanks for the reply. happy mapping!
12017-03-08 19:17:17 UTCneuhausr message sent to user about questionable edits
12017-03-08 19:06:25 UTCneuhausr unclear what uniforge means and why it is tagged bare rock??
12017-01-09 19:50:37 UTCneuhausr hi, just a quick note that sports_centre should use the leisure key, not amenity
22017-01-10 08:17:44 UTCCommodoortje Thank you for your alertness. I changed it
12017-01-06 14:34:10 UTCneuhausr Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for adding so much detail! One tip--please add building=yes to shops or amenitys when they occupy the entire building. It accurately describes the feature and improves rendering. (for ex, McGlynn Pharmacy)
12017-01-03 17:09:46 UTCneuhausr Hi, just a friendly reminder that in OSM street names should be fully spelled out, even street type or street directions that are typically abbreviated. For example, "Xeon Street Northwest" instead of "Xeon St NW"
12016-12-23 17:04:09 UTCneuhausr Hi, just a note that fitness places should be tagged leisure=fitness_centre, not as amenity. See
22016-12-23 23:53:11 UTCOmnific Damn, my mistake, I normally use the correct tag. I'll fix those.
12016-12-09 18:33:32 UTCneuhausr this should probably be tagged either leisure=sports_centre or leisure=fitness_centre. see
12016-12-09 18:29:46 UTCneuhausr not sure why you added amenity=fitness_center back to this? leisure=fitness_centre is the de facto standard, see
12016-11-29 18:44:05 UTCneuhausr curious what all these "zcolo-memphis" changesets are about--the ways all seem to be untagged. is it related to the map on this page?
12016-11-28 17:56:14 UTCneuhausr relations don't appear to be fixed yet, see
22016-12-29 04:00:44 UTCMidwestMapGeek Those issues appear to be stemming from the Towns of Kinnickinnic, Troy, and Warren, which I know are incomplete. The Town of Hudson and Village of North Hudson are fine (which are the ones I said were fine). Sometimes I can't finish mapping a county's towns all at the same time, which means I end u...
12016-11-22 21:29:42 UTCneuhausr I don't see where this is posted for discussion, and tagging seems unclear. Would suggest you clarify or delete
22016-11-23 18:39:11 UTCrhardy I attempted discussion on the geocoding mailing list, but didn't get very far. Perhaps, the wrong list? Lack of time is also a factor.

I'll delete this after a couple of days for comment, and perhaps do something more...
12016-11-16 18:52:55 UTCneuhausr Did you mistype? Either the name or the tag is wrong
22016-11-16 22:03:20 UTCTgd108 Sorry. The tag is wrong. Didn't set it as post office intentionally. It is a music store. Couldn't find which tag to put for that. First location for me. Will try to figure out how to repair it. Thanks for the heads up.
32016-11-19 20:32:58 UTCCarnildo The tag would be either Music Store ("shop=music", for a store that sells CDs, vinyl records, etc.), or Music Instrument Store ("shop=musical_instrument", for a store that sells instruments and related things). I don't know if the Maps.Me editor has presets for these, but the iD...
12016-10-18 13:11:21 UTCneuhausr Hi, not to say you *can't* do this, but landuse=residential is really not meant for each individual parcel. See
12016-08-27 08:38:28 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Note that in OSM description of the objects has the highest priority. Objects that have only one name, have little sense. As home page for the question "How do I describe you?" I recommend the page
22016-09-21 17:39:44 UTCneuhausr To expand on user_5329's comment, it would be helpful if you could use some tags for this object, certainly access=* would apply (, and maybe something like leisure=bird_hide? Also I'm confused because you say it's off limits, but it appears to be quite ...
12016-09-21 17:21:36 UTCneuhausr Hi, thanks for editing in Minnesota. I'm noticing some of your landuse areas that have "holes" inside them do not use multipolygon relations. For example, see the pond on the east side of Please see
12016-09-16 18:23:28 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please double check the position of your node, I don’t belive that you work on a parking slot.
22016-09-19 20:23:44 UTCneuhausr Also, if you want people to find your office, you should tag it properly--for example see
12016-06-23 20:16:14 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM! Just as an fyi, the surrounding building is also tagged as a Dairy Queen, so this node probably isn't necessary. OSM tries to have each feature in OSM once (see,_one_OSM_element)
12016-06-20 15:18:16 UTCneuhausr hi, I'm confused by your tagging here, can you explain or fix?
22016-06-21 01:19:34 UTCnoliver OK, so that wasn't exactly what I'd intended to do. Still working out how to use Vespucci. Thanks for the heads up, changeset #40170321 fixes this to what I was trying to tag.
32016-06-21 15:08:31 UTCneuhausr great, thanks!
12016-06-01 20:27:36 UTCneuhausr Hi, puzzled why you added separate bike lanes along Summit Ave in St Paul. Those have been tagged for a long time on the street way, which is according to the tagging guidelines at
22016-06-02 12:48:58 UTCheadwatersolver I see and agree with the distinction. I will modify my editing model for all on-pavement bike lanes.

Thank you for the link.
32016-06-07 13:08:15 UTCheadwatersolver Thank you. I have deleted the cycle lane lines along Summit and will add this check to future edits.
42016-06-07 14:17:13 UTCneuhausr great, thanks!
12016-05-31 16:48:07 UTCneuhausr Hi, the Lamalpig Gym Club should probably be tagged leisure=fitness_centre instead of amenity=fitness. See
12016-05-31 16:46:57 UTCneuhausr Hi, way 328565829 should probably be tagged leisure=fitness_centre instead of amenity=fitness. See
12016-05-27 17:29:57 UTCneuhausr I think using motorway_link for the new way you added is incorrect. These are more like service roads that are only to be used by authorized vehicles
22016-05-30 05:28:56 UTCnammala Thank you for your valuable feedback neuhausr. From next time I will make sure I dont repeat this again.
12016-05-17 16:05:56 UTCneuhausr Hi, welcome to OpenStreetMap! There is already a feature for Rosedale Center ( Please consider updating that with the address and contact information on this node, then deleting the node. Also note that OSM is for factual details only, and not advertising.
12016-05-05 16:42:59 UTCneuhausr hi, noticed in this changeset that 1) your footways at crossings do not connect with the streets, and 2) you added separate cycleways along 14th St NW but those are already tagged on the street as cycleway=lane, which seems the preferred way to do it--see
12016-05-04 17:53:58 UTCneuhausr The building_1 etc tags on these buildings are confusing. Are you trying to indicate what offices/departments are found in each building? Then it is probably better to place that information on nodes placed within the building's footprint. Also, please don't use abbreviations in names ("Bldg. 2...
12016-05-04 17:50:05 UTCneuhausr Instead of putting "handicap accessible" in a footway's name, please use tagging such as wheelchair=yes
12016-05-02 21:00:17 UTCneuhausr natural=bay seems a bit odd for Knowledge Beginnings?
22016-05-02 21:40:29 UTC573nny Actually, it seems a lot odd. I'm still figuring this out, and that tag auto populated. I'll be sure to correct that. Good catch!
12016-04-04 21:49:59 UTCneuhausr why is the same poi entered multiple times? see,_one_OSM_element
12016-03-24 21:30:33 UTCneuhausr Hi, US road classification in OSM does not go strictly by what road network it is in, like county or state highway. See
12016-03-24 19:20:33 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please read .
22016-03-24 21:23:49 UTCneuhausr err, do you mean ?
32016-03-25 04:03:56 UTCuser_5359
hopefully it is understandable why a good description is better than just a name
12016-03-18 14:13:48 UTCneuhausr I think this is incorrect. ISSS is an office inside the Humphrey, so it should be a node within the building outline
12016-03-10 18:46:25 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM and thanks for making some edits! I'm commenting because some of the edits in this changeset seem to make the data worse not better. In particular, you deleted some buildings and replaced them with ones that are not traced as precisely and are not tagged correctly. In addition, you ha...
12016-02-26 20:21:12 UTCneuhausr Hi, I just noticed this changeset added piste:type=nordic to every NODE on all of these ways, which seems incorrect.
22016-02-26 21:29:58 UTCyvecai Ouch, that was ugly. Luckily it's not a lot of ways. I think I can fix that.
32016-02-26 23:06:54 UTCyvecai Ah, that was 55 ways! I had to do a big changeset again (37473259) to remove piste:type=nordic from the nodes belonging to this changeset's ways.
Might be a few nodes remaining if a way has been split since, though.
42016-02-27 13:09:29 UTCneuhausr thanks :)
12016-02-17 21:33:14 UTCneuhausr some questions: 1) what is the source for the addresses you added for these platforms? even station data from Metro Transit doesn't have an address. 2) you repurposed the general Snelling Ave station node into something just for the EB platform, which is different from all other MT LRT stations--is ...
22016-02-18 02:36:45 UTCMTTCC66 I work for MT and have access to the data that was not reported. All platforms have city addresses that are not always accurately reported. I placed the info on there as a test to see how it attached, etc. I do not plan on leaving it there nor do I plan on adding further until I look into some more ...
32016-02-18 02:38:04 UTCMTTCC66 Also, to answer your second question. When there are "split" platforms, meaning across an intersection from one another, they have separate addresses in our systems. A location like Robert St would only have a single address, but a location like Hamline would have different addresses for t...
42016-02-18 15:09:20 UTCneuhausr thanks for replying and giving OSM a go! remember that OSM data needs to be publicly verifiable--if these addresses are not used publicly, they're not verifiable (and probably wouldn't be of much use to people anyway). if the platforms have different addresses, then the address should be on each pla...
12016-02-08 17:39:42 UTCneuhausr Hi, just an FYI, if you're testing for an import, you'll want to check out If not, for future I'd recommend camel-casing attributes (such as city name and street names), and making sure street names are unabbreviated. Either way, thanks for addin...
22016-03-12 15:55:12 UTCDCJoeS yeah, I've been doing a lot of research and even started to write up a page. Then I did more research and starting working with the actual data from the county. I'm getting close to have something worth sharing with the community for comment. Thanks for the advice, I've been seeing some conflicti...
12016-02-03 18:47:50 UTCneuhausr This is advertising through vandalism. I am deleting the tags you added to this way.
12016-01-28 20:42:18 UTCneuhausr hi, just wanted to let you know that the best tag for fitness centers is leisure=fitness_centre (see
12016-01-28 20:41:59 UTCneuhausr hi, just wanted to let you know that the best tag for fitness centers is leisure=fitness_centre (see
12016-01-22 14:18:28 UTCneuhausr Noticed that you are tagging some areas around farmhouses with landuse=grass. this seems incorrect on two counts: 1) farmhouses should be included in landuse=farmyard, and 2) landuse=grass is for public space, not private http://wiki.openstre...
12016-01-14 15:33:28 UTCneuhausr it appears many of these buildings are duplicates of your previous changeset--it'd be great if you could take a look and correct (for ex, on S 5th btw Bridge and Ferry)
12016-01-11 21:07:22 UTCneuhausr wow, are you planning to do all of these? :)
12016-01-08 22:38:17 UTCneuhausr Cool idea to put in construction dates for these buildings. I'd suggest spelling out Hennepin County in the source:building, though
12016-01-08 22:35:48 UTCneuhausr Hi, this edit seems more like advertising than entering actual verifiable data: 1) it doesn't include OSM tags for what "Web Design in Minneapolis" supposedly is (office? shop?), 2) this node is in what looks like an apartment building, 3) a similar node with same phone # was entered recen...
12015-12-27 14:34:09 UTCneuhausr I changed the tag on this to amenity=dojo based on the name, but later realized this might not be accurate. if it is indeed a multi-sport sports centre ( then please change it back!
12015-12-24 18:57:24 UTCSomeoneElse Rather than guessing, perhaps it's worth asking the previous mapper* what the best tag is here? Preumably they've been there and you're several thousand miles away. If that doesn't work, adding an OSM note to ask someone to check might help.

*you may already have done this of course, in which c...
22015-12-27 14:22:08 UTCneuhausr I did not, but that would be a better plan. Thanks for the reminder!
12015-12-15 21:11:02 UTCneuhausr Hi, curious why you put access=no on this way. This seems counter to what you stated in your changeset comment about improving routing. Is it under construction or something?
12015-12-01 18:14:10 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OpenStreetMap, and thanks for contributing! Please remember that information you add is for all users of OSM data, so your changing the name of the building from "Parklawn Estates" to "Home" is not helpful and actually removing information from the map. Looks like ther...
12015-11-24 21:51:35 UTCneuhausr shop=shopping_centre is rarely used, probably because it's not really clear what it means (sparse wiki page) and therefore what information it adds beyond the landuse=retail tag. thoughts?
22015-11-25 13:47:21 UTCElliottPlack Thanks for the comment! I think you're right. This was a suggestion in that Pushpin app while I was surveying some stores here. I can remove this tag.
12015-11-24 21:46:20 UTCneuhausr Hi, I think the tag for fitness places is coalescing around leisure=fitness_centre (see
22015-11-25 13:48:44 UTCElliottPlack I thought that looked odd in the app. I'll change it!
12015-11-19 16:32:51 UTClizzz_msp Hey neuhausr! I deleted the CoCo Uptown point that you added. It's actually in the next building to the west, where I'd added it a while ago. I put the node in a weird place, though, so I just moved it closer to the entrance.
22015-11-19 16:41:46 UTCneuhausr Thanks for fixing, hope it didn't confuse anyone that was going to maptime! :)
12015-11-19 16:21:18 UTCneuhausr Thanks for fixing this! I made these relations and just saw the error via OSMI, but you beat me to it. :)
22015-11-19 17:24:15 UTChofoen Yes, I'm fast at fixing MPs! ;)
12015-11-16 18:24:15 UTCneuhausr 1) calling your attention to the messy golf course outline (see, and 2) a reminder that it is best practice in most cases to NOT attach landuse nodes to the highways surrounding them (see here for a logical explanation:
12015-11-13 21:56:08 UTCneuhausr Hi, the soccer and basketball playing areas should be leisure=pitch. I fixed them, fyi. Although, is there really a basketball court there? It's not showing in imagery.
12015-11-09 15:38:40 UTCneuhausr In the future, could you try to have a smaller geographic area for your changesets, and/or have a useful changeset comment about the edits you're making? Thanks
12015-10-29 14:21:18 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Remember that the data you enter into OSM should be accurate, verifiable information. This looks like it might be a joke, so please correct it or provide a source for your info. Thanks
12015-10-28 14:00:42 UTCneuhausr I'm assuming you know this, but just in case: there are a number of these buildings that must somehow have lost a node or something because they are now triangular or similar.
12015-10-22 17:08:38 UTCneuhausr Hi, I was fixing theater->theatre and noticed the theatre:part tags, which no one else has used. It might well be a good idea you've come up with, but if so, it would be good to send it to the tagging list ( to get some feedback and potentially get...
22015-10-23 01:50:19 UTCiansan5653 I'd actually forgotten all about that. OSM doesn't have a decent way to tag outdoor theaters and it's even worse about separating the parts, so I made that up so at least there's something. To be honest I've never used the mailing lists; I've always only sourced from the wiki. I'll join that list no...
32015-10-23 20:58:58 UTCneuhausr theatre:type=amphi seems the best of poor options for outdoor theaters. :( some people have used theatre:stage=yes for just tagging the stage?
12015-10-19 18:51:06 UTCneuhausr This is spam. I am correcting it. Please do not do this again.
12015-10-05 14:46:48 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for adding to the map. That said, OSM is for real-world features, and it's not clear if you are trying to add sidewalks (ie--real world feature), or just a path you took walking one day (not a real world feature). If this isn't clear, feel free to reply here or send ...
12015-09-28 14:23:19 UTCneuhausr These poles don't really have "names", they have reference numbers, which should use the "ref" tag.
12015-09-28 04:12:58 UTClizzz_msp Hey neuhausr! Gay 90s was a couple blocks off, so I moved it. Also thought the amenity=nightclub tag was more accurate than amenity=bar, so I changed that. If you disagree, let's fight!
22015-09-28 14:00:15 UTCneuhausr looks good to me!
12015-09-23 17:36:41 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM, and thanks for your contributions to the map! One quick note for the future--buildings should be tagged as building=[something], such as building=house. landuse=residential is used for larger areas (like a housing development or trailer park)--see
12015-09-23 15:45:52 UTCneuhausr Hi, you misspelled crossing on a number of nodes around 6th St & Garland Ave
12015-09-14 19:43:59 UTCneuhausr just an fyi, the fitness_station value is generally used with the leisure key, not amenity. cheers
12015-09-09 14:34:01 UTCneuhausr Please look at the area more closely before adding your data--there was already a repair station node at Seward Co-op, you could've added to it rather than creating duplicate data!
22015-09-09 14:51:51 UTCDero Bike Racks My bad. I usually do notice existing stations. Not sure why I missed this one. I delete the point that was further away from its actual location.
32015-09-09 15:36:32 UTCneuhausr thanks!
12015-09-02 16:57:56 UTCneuhausr Thanks for your contributions to OpenStreetMap! However, it's very unusual to put the name of current owner/occupant of a private residence into OSM. Also, some of your tagging (such as a house as a place of worship) seem questionable. Take a look, and reply back if you have questions.
12015-08-31 17:41:22 UTCneuhausr just noticed that the corners got mistakenly tagged on a bunch of buildings (on 8th Ave btw 5th & 6th St)
22015-08-31 17:53:47 UTClizzz_msp Oops! Fixed it.
12015-08-28 16:33:30 UTCneuhausr Hi, wondering what the area is that has no tags other than the name in Chinese???
12015-08-24 19:07:09 UTCneuhausr Hi, OSM is for actual physical features, not jokes, commentary, or vandalism. I have deleted the "death zones", but you are welcome to add actual data to the map!
12015-08-05 21:12:24 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM! Please note that OSM is (with a couple exceptions) for verifiable physical features--it is not for property boundaries. Your county probably has more accurate property boundaries anyway :)
12015-08-05 21:01:23 UTCneuhausr Confused as to what is under construction in the NW corner of this changeset. If it's the roads, then the roads should be tagged with construction. If it's housing, then I would expect a larger area.
12015-08-03 15:48:12 UTCneuhausr Welcome to OSM! Wondering, is there a bike lane here? I don't see it on Hennepin Cty maps. If so, it should be tagged on the road way (see
22015-08-04 15:20:44 UTCgterrien

Thanks! I don't think I am marking it as a bike lane correctly, so if you or anyone else wants to fix it, it would be much appreciated. Bloomington has a few other bike lanes on that map that aren't in OSM, either.
32015-08-04 15:50:19 UTCneuhausr It's not too bad, if you want to give it a go: when a "normal" (two-way) road like this has a bike lane on each side, you can just add cycleway=lane to the road way. You'd only create a separate highway=cycleway way if it is truly separated from the road.
12015-07-08 18:14:48 UTCneuhausr regarding the West Lima way, if you're trying to show the legal boundary, use boundary=administrative. if you're trying to show landuse, most of the city appears to be landuse=residential. there's more info on these tags as well as place tags on the OSM wiki:
12015-07-08 18:08:30 UTCneuhausr you're doing some very detailed mapping here, but I'm curious why some of it is mapped the way it is. for example, way 353841066 seems like it should be a multipolygon relation (with an outer and inner part). and there are lots of adjacent identical landuses, with no clear reason why they are separa...
12015-06-29 14:14:08 UTCneuhausr Hi, I think you mistagged the MN Kali Group as a bank. Should probably be amenity=dojo. Thanks for mapping!
22015-06-29 16:29:38 UTCJennifer S Thanks again. I think part of the problem may be that I am doing this through wheelmap (though bank is a mistake). I was able to change it to sports centre but dojo is not one of the options on wheelmap. I'm trying to figure out how to change it on OpenStreetMap.
32015-06-29 19:44:19 UTCneuhausr yes, I see now that wheelmap has a very limited set of options for features
12015-06-29 14:18:58 UTCneuhausr Hi, this info on wheelchair accessibility is really useful, but if there is an existing building drawn, can you add it to that building's way instead of creating a new point? I did so on Coffman, but left Kolthoff and Smith if you want to do those. Thanks!
22015-06-29 16:24:58 UTCJennifer S Hi, thanks for the feedback. I am new to WheelMap and OpenStreetMap and I don't understand what you mean. I have been using the WheelMap website and app to add accessibility info and the only way I could figure out how to do it was with the "+" button if there wasn't already a grey flag th...
32015-06-29 19:43:45 UTCneuhausr I had heard of wheelmap but hadn't looked closely until now. It seems odd that some buildings show up there and others don't. Pretty much all things that "look" like buildings on the map at are buildings in OSM. You can add the same info directly via, but it's not quit...
42015-06-29 19:50:02 UTCJennifer S Again, thanks for your help. :) I will just do my best to update things in WheelMap until I have a chance to learn OSM better. I've already updated accessibility for most of the places I go on a regular basis.
12015-06-22 14:34:50 UTCneuhausr wondering why you made this a coastline?? that tag is reserved for ocean coasts only (the great lakes are a notable exception) because it's much harder to deal with both in editing and rendering
12015-06-19 17:47:50 UTCneuhausr Hey lizzzzz, fyi, I'm changing the LifeTime to leisure=fitness_centre, per discussion on Let me know if Qs
22015-06-19 18:02:08 UTClizzz_msp Ah, thanks. The tagging scheme for gyms/health clubs is a morass of confusion!
12015-06-19 17:30:57 UTCneuhausr Hi, noticed that you appear relatively new, and just wanted to point out a couple things that are non-standard about this edit: 1) a way for a restaurant will usually be the building only and not include the parking area, 2) generally if you make a way for a restaurant, and there's also a node, you ...
12015-06-08 14:02:59 UTCneuhausr I'm guessing this wasn't really based on the Nepal imagery? :) (see changeset source)
22015-06-09 19:26:13 UTCabel801 Posibly this was because I was using keybord shortcuts. I have changed the source. Thanks for your help.
12015-06-02 14:28:48 UTCneuhausr fyi, the fitness stations should be leisure=fitness_station, not amenity=fitness_station
22015-06-03 07:23:09 UTChighbuilder Thanks, I changed it, two minutes ago.
12015-06-01 14:58:19 UTCneuhausr a better way to handle a vacant building is the disused tag, for example disused:office=yes (see
12015-05-21 14:03:13 UTCneuhausr Did you mean to add highway=track to all those streams in the southern part of your edits??
22015-05-21 15:29:53 UTCsamely Thanks for your feedback. I already fixed my mistake.
12015-05-15 21:56:42 UTCneuhausr Some of the wikipedia links are bad on the Chipotles. Not to mention, giving every individual restaurant its own link to the Chipotle wikipedia page seems like overkill???
22015-05-15 21:59:16 UTCMed Arghh. Crap crap crap. I usually catch all those. My bad. Going to fix that right away. Regarding the individual link, I don't know. I can imagine it to be convenient when looking at an individual one. Not my choice though. I do not remove tags.
32015-05-15 22:02:36 UTCMed OK, it should be fixed now. Thanks for catching this.
12015-04-10 19:02:00 UTCSK53 Two things with this change:

1. You have removed information that this used to be a sports centre. We find such information useful in Nottingham, particularly when using Open Data from the city which may not be completely up-to-date.

2. I have no particular objections to the tag lesiure=fitne...
22015-05-13 19:27:42 UTCneuhausr Sorry, had never seen a tag like old_leisure. I added that tag back
12015-05-01 03:23:47 UTCneuhausr Hi Tomarr, I'm noticing that in the southern area of this changeset at least, you added duplicate data (for example, buildings around buildings). In addition, all the corners of the buildings are also tagged building=yes. I've fixed (removed) some, but you might take a look, as well as try and avoid...
12015-04-20 18:26:37 UTCneuhausr You added this node with some unusual tags, so it's unclear what is meant by them. I'd recommend you change as mentioned below. 1) You seem to imply that the area is not currently known as Harris Creek. If this is true, you could probably tag with old_name instead of name. 2) Active is not a documen...
12015-04-16 17:55:27 UTCneuhausr It's been nine months, you should be able to delete this "test data" now
12015-04-09 09:16:59 UTCNakaner This changeset and a couple of other changesets done by you in October/November 2009 seem to be bulk imports of address and parcel number data in St. Lawrence County, NY. They contain strange tagging, e.g. tags which are only used there (NYSTL:PRINTKEY=*), tags with uppercase keys (!) etc. The quali...
22015-04-14 05:14:49 UTCRussNelson They are centroids of parcels. When parcels are not convex, they end up about in the middle of the parcel. When parcels are nice and square and small, they end up exactly in the center, which is typically where the house is.

The data was hand-checked in the field, and is "very good".
32015-04-15 18:35:15 UTCneuhausr Look at the node linked above--that one and others near it have a building tag, but are nowhere near a building. Maybe using the centroid worked within a town, but not in rural area? Other points don't even have an address--why were those even imported? It'd be nice if you could clean up the data.
42015-04-15 21:52:13 UTCNakaner I cannot believe that this is an import of "hand-checked data in the field" because this import covers areas where TIGER roads had even existed when this import was being done. If a user had been there, he would have marked these roads as "reviewed".
52015-04-18 16:44:07 UTCRussNelson I looked at the node. Yes, "bowling alley lots" don't end up with the tag very close to the house. However, 1) if you search for the housenumber and street, it will get you close enough to the house to be able to find it by looking at mailbox numbers, and 2) I'm pretty much the only person...
12015-04-15 16:32:05 UTCneuhausr Hi and welcome to OSM! Noticed your edit in the area and wanted to point out a couple things: 1) buildings should be traced to represent their outline, it doesn't look like this is a round house :) 2) it's not common to label who lives at a particular house. not to say you can't do it, but remembe...
12015-03-30 15:09:20 UTCneuhausr another changeset which left a number of ways with incorrect key tags - see OSMI
22015-03-30 15:39:29 UTCSK53 thanks, think I've fixed a few (caused by focus of editor being on tag window not edit window). Several probably could do with tiger_reviewed=no being removed
12015-03-27 15:59:16 UTCneuhausr there's a bunch of key typos in this changeset, can you try to review & fix? (I noticed w/ OSM Inspector & did a few)
22015-03-27 20:33:23 UTCSK53 Thanks for the warning.

Hmm, had a quick search and cant see anything particularly dramatic, other than one or two ways with y=Texas, MO. This tag should be deleted (it's one of the useless TIGER Tags). Perhaps you caught any real nasties.

Shame its another yurp person doing the spotting!
32015-03-27 21:15:12 UTCSK53 Hope I've caught them, mainly where "y" replaces a key value.
12015-03-23 15:20:15 UTCneuhausr Just an FYI, the Nachusa boundary was not closed properly, I think I've fixed it and the tagging. Please verify :)
22015-03-24 14:30:14 UTCStephaniedrago11 I verify that this is correct! I am brand new to this site, so please let me know if I need to do something specific to verify this change or if this conversation is enough to verify the changes. Thank you!
12015-03-19 22:00:09 UTCneuhausr I didn't follow the whole way, but at least parts of these lines don't appear to meet the standard on the wiki for "abandoned"--they're more like razed ( Can you please review and retag as appropriate?
22015-03-19 23:40:21 UTCrailfan-eric thanks for the suggestion. i took care of it.most of the line was hard to really see so i did it all as razed.
12015-02-27 22:35:14 UTCneuhausr I noticed that you "creatively" named some alleys in this changeset. OpenStreetMap is not a "sandbox" environment, so all changes affect the data for everyone. Please correct these edits, provide sources for the names, or your whole changeset may be reverted. Thanks
12015-02-23 16:19:39 UTCneuhausr hi, it's unclear to me what you're adding with this (and a couple other similar nodes). is it a mile marker? if so, it should be tagged highway=milestone. if not, I'm not sure if it's good data to add to OSM from what I can tell: 1) it doesn't seem to be an observable feature, 2) it could be derived...
12015-02-10 14:33:30 UTCneuhausr Why did you change Aldens Corners to an isolated dwelling (wiki: "Smallest kind of human settlement. No more than 2 households.")? it clearly has more than two residences. Looks like you've done the same with other places tagged hamlet too.
22015-02-14 05:35:07 UTCMidwestMapGeek Aldens Corners and Elvers, while they have more than two households, are very small and aren't even referred to by any name; thefore I believe they fit more as an isolated dwelling. Looking at Aldens Corners, there are only about 5 households, but they are somewhat scattered, relatively speaking. El...
12015-02-06 15:44:07 UTCneuhausr From spot checking, it looks like you tagged many of these roads' maxspeed twice
12015-01-20 16:22:52 UTCneuhausr Hi, I see some errors with this changeset in the Vicksburg, Mississippi area. You duplicated data and misused basic tags. For example, see and the nearby Culkin Road bridge. Please correct ASAP.
22015-01-29 22:24:49 UTCsamely Hey there - thanks so much for reporting - there were a couple of duplicate ways due to a broken upload, I went through the entire changeset and fixed them all.
32015-01-30 17:58:12 UTCneuhausr Thanks! There are still some ways with incorrect tagging (name is used as a key instead of as value), probably just a typo or cut/paste issue. See,,, http://www.openstreet...
42015-01-30 18:20:06 UTCsamely Thanks a lot for your feedback. I fixed them all.
12015-01-29 16:44:14 UTCneuhausr welcome to OSM! just a quick tip: don't include =* in the key tag. when something like highway=* is mentioned in the wiki where it's talking about key=value combinations, it means the key is highway and the value can be anything. if you look at the tags for the Edgewood Place way, you should get the...
12015-01-21 17:50:13 UTCneuhausr Hi, I see you created a way ( for the 46 bus route ( This is NOT how to do bus routes. You should add the existing road ways to the route relation, not create a new, overlapping way. See these examples of the 8...
12015-01-20 16:41:48 UTCneuhausr Hi, noticed this change when it was flagged in OSM Inspector. You appear to have created a new relation for the Helena National Forest ( and broken the old relation ( In addition, the way you added with this...
22015-01-20 16:51:57 UTClampropeltis Hello and thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will add OSM tagging for the changes to the Helena National Forest. The data added are accurate representations of public lands around Helena and will add to the usefulness of the maps for everyone hiking and biking around town. Thank you!
12015-01-20 16:30:04 UTCneuhausr Hi Peter, not sure why you created a node just with your name on it. If it is the location of your office, you should tag it as such, for example see this page for ideas:
12015-01-09 16:05:43 UTCneuhausr hey just wondering why you're adding nodes only tagged with josm/ignore on them? if it's notes for yourself, maybe there are better ways to do it?
22015-01-09 16:59:39 UTCj03lar50n @neuhausr thank you for this catch. This is an honest mistake we've made in which we did not adjust a setting in our JOSM Remote Control to 'Download objects to new layer' when we're using HOTOSM's Task Manager. We will fix this right now, thanks again.
12015-01-06 21:46:53 UTCneuhausr fyi, I removed the hospital tag from the ARC building--it is not a hospital
12015-01-06 17:07:41 UTCneuhausr these parking areas don't make a lot of sense. try tracing them more accurately as they actually are, including tracing around buildings. tagging capacity is a nice touch, though!
12015-01-06 16:22:09 UTCneuhausr Hi, it looks like you did a large import of data and haven't included OSM tags, just the attributes that were with the data. It also seems likely this didn't go through the Mechanical Edit Process outlined here: I look forward to your reply....
22015-01-06 17:07:56 UTCPierZen Manipulation error while browsing this file adding manually some lines. This is anyway very imprecise data. Deleting it.
32015-01-06 19:15:52 UTCSomeoneElse For info - this has been reverted in .
12014-12-22 16:02:17 UTCneuhausr Are these forward/backward nodes supposed to be in a relation or something? It's not really clear why they're there
22014-12-22 19:22:01 UTCkorky99_04 You are correct, that is an error. It has been corrected in changeset

The error was reguarding the mapping of stop signs.

I had initially done the full stop si...
12014-12-19 15:17:54 UTCneuhausr Hi Andrew, just an fyi that there were some typos in your recent Fargo changesets--see taginfo (
12014-11-21 17:14:01 UTCneuhausr Hi, just wondering what your thinking was changing the tagging for the houses and other buildings from building=yes to landuse=*? fyi, I changed the ones I noticed back to buildings.
12014-11-03 17:28:25 UTCneuhausr typos (nzme instead of name) in Ohare west bypass ramps
12014-11-03 16:32:14 UTCneuhausr Hi, welcome to OSM! I noticed that some of the nodes you created are already mapped as ways (ie - tags are on the buildings). OSM policy is to not map the same feature twice, and to trend towards more detail, so I removed a couple. Most map renderers are able to create a label based on the way as ne...
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