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12016-05-12 12:08:44 UTCvmalep Is there a way to put this orad back. It does exist and was correctly designed.
22016-05-12 16:52:59 UTCratrun I'm sorry, I cannot guess which way you are talking about. There were multiple geometrical problems in the data. The most prominent was way 261675844, which was obviously acciditially moved to an incorrect location such that it overlapped with other existing data.
32016-05-12 17:58:22 UTCratrun In a private message I got the folllowing information "I just realized you have deleted the road between Manono and Mpiana and wonder why."

-> Now I see what you mean. I'm sorry for that, this happened by accident and I didn't notice. It seems that you already did restore it. So ther...
42016-05-13 06:20:49 UTCvmalep Hi Ratrun,

Thanks for responding. I did recreate the road, but quickly while for the one you deleted by mistake, I had spent time putting it on the right place, etc. More importantly, I noticed that there are more road missing (that can be found tracing the history of Manono town.

I am still n...
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