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12018-10-11 23:01:14 UTCgecho111 That does not exist.
12018-09-11 01:13:50 UTCgecho111 What's up with the suburb names in places with no suburbs?
22018-09-11 01:36:31 UTCgecho111 I see Victoria Plains is in the NRC Canvec dataset as a place=locality which would be a more suitable tag. OSM wiki indicates it is for former settlements where none of the structures remain. That way they wouldn't be given the same labeling prominence on the map as currently occupied suburbs.
12018-07-14 05:25:20 UTCgecho111 That road was barricaded when Parliament Avenue was extended. It will likely be removed in the near future as more apartment buildings are constructed.
22018-07-16 07:29:46 UTCionutr2_telenav Thanks for your feedback. I added a block barrier on the western end. If the road will be removed in the future we can delete it.
12018-01-04 15:56:40 UTCgecho111 Nope, those links aren't open. Due to traffic flow concerns between Eastgate and Victoria Avenue those have been barricaded since they were built 2 years ago and won't open until Eastgate is moved north, work that hasn't even started.
22018-01-05 08:47:20 UTCteodorab_telenav Hello Gecho111,

I added the construction tag.
Best regards,
12017-12-21 15:30:26 UTCgecho111 Are there traffic lights at Victoria and Tower road now? There weren't any the last time I was out there a month ago.
22017-12-21 19:07:47 UTCgecho111 I drove by there this morning on the way to Emerald Park and there are no traffic lights.
32017-12-21 19:47:06 UTCMuzikMachine My apologies, I reversed the change.
12017-12-16 04:19:07 UTCgecho111 What are you basing that railway avenue edit on? The imagery doesn't support it, and last time I was in Pilot Butte there was no such road, plus you have it cutting through 2 other roads.
12017-12-04 14:47:45 UTCgecho111 Those aren't alleys, just utility easements. I wouldn't even consider them paths.
22017-12-04 20:56:28 UTCCultist O According to the info tab "An alley is a service road usually located between properties for access to utilities."

I know these are not as well maintained as a typical alley, (which is why I tagged them as unpaved) but people use them to commute (at least on foot), so I think they need ...
32017-12-04 22:31:11 UTCgecho111 Maybe footway or path with surface=grass so at least gps / navigation sites don't route cars down them.
12017-11-06 22:49:29 UTCgecho111 That extension you made to Dewdney Ave in Regina hasn't existed in about 4 years. Its not even in the satellite imagery. The map the TCT website uses is horribly out of date, so at least check the imagery before copying something from it into OSM.
12017-07-14 02:59:27 UTCgecho111 Duplicating the park name in the park features is rather redundant.
12017-06-21 01:56:37 UTCgecho111 That back alley isn't part of Cameron Crescent. The following map should be considered an official reference, not Google:
12016-09-26 20:13:11 UTCscruss Thanks for your contributions - but please, if you're going to import, you must use a dedicated account for it and follow the guidelines:
22016-09-26 21:00:58 UTCgecho111 Those edits were ages ago.
32016-09-26 22:51:02 UTCscruss New or old, they could still be removed
12016-07-09 08:33:30 UTCpnorman Hello,

Imports in OpenStreetMap need to meet a number of requirements which include discussing them with the community (talk-ca@ and imports@ list) before they're done.

It doesn't seem like that was done here
22016-07-09 15:31:20 UTCgecho111 My bad. I've never used the mailing lists before. I'll sign up and post a detailed account of the methodology used, source of data, etc so at the very least there is a record.
12015-11-14 00:08:33 UTCgecho111 It is inappropriate delete existing roads and draw your own bike routes on the map. For something of that nature use a route planner such as RideWithGPS or MapMyRide.
12015-10-06 17:34:21 UTCgecho111 I noticed in Maple Ridge some of the houses you added aren't in any of the available satellite imagery. It looks like your data source is the same as is used by . The building shape data may be owned by ISC, at least that was what was indicated to me when I reque...
12015-10-06 00:59:25 UTCgecho111 Neat. Where did you find the building shapes? City of Regina's website only has addresses. If you are drawing them all by hand, that is amazing.
22015-10-07 14:05:08 UTCreginaab Hey @geocho111, These are a combination of hand traces and cleaning up Lidar data. I've been working the last couple days on getting another batch of them ready. Hoping to upload them today.
12015-08-18 16:18:57 UTCgecho111 Is "Canadian Pacific Regina Terminal" the best description for this feature? The CP rail yard has been moved to the GTH west of the city. This triangular section is specifically for interline transfers between CN & CP.

For such a minor feature it gets rather large representation a...
22015-08-22 19:00:32 UTCTom Hogan I moved it closer to the former site of the Regina passenger depot and renamed it. Thanks for the input
12015-07-01 15:52:12 UTCgecho111 Highway 11 north of Pasqua doesn't meet the criteria of a motorway. Motorways are controlled access highways, where as highway 11 has numerous level crossings.
22015-07-02 04:51:57 UTCHimké @gecho111: That seems to apply from only north of SK-734
32015-07-02 14:14:01 UTCgecho111 Level access near the seed plant. I could see the west bypass project removing that in a few yeas.
12015-07-01 15:55:21 UTCgecho111 This is absolutely not James Hill road. When it comes to Harbour Landing Google is a complete mess and not to be trusted at all. You shouldn't be copying off a copyrighted source anyway.
12015-06-26 22:18:50 UTCgecho111 The part that "doesn't exist" was added by me last year from a GPS trace after I rode on the recently constructed roads in that area. The satellite imagery is very out of date.

I suggest not using Google Maps as the benchmark for whether something on OSM is correct as OSM discourages c...
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