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12017-07-12 19:22:49 UTCkeithonearth Hi Katapatuka. I see that you have added a
22017-07-12 19:28:26 UTCkeithonearth oops...sorry to hit send there before I meant to. :-/

I see that you have added a bunch of name values with this changeset, with many of them being in the Chinese language. I'm wondering where this info has come from. I also noticed that you mistakenly put a "(CN)" in the changeset summ...
32017-07-13 14:24:46 UTCkatpatuka Hm - in the heat of the moment I must have forgotten that I left China... :)

Since it is claimed by China there are of course sources for Chinese river names. I've set the name tag now to be in English.
42017-07-15 06:25:20 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for your answer katpatuka. And thanks for your contributions in this area, and in undermapped areas in general.

That said, I don't think it's a good idea to use Chinese data sources in this area. China has never administered this part of the world, but I think it has an interest in making ...
52017-07-15 09:47:02 UTCkatpatuka I noticed that user too. His changeset comments could be more descriptive... did you contact him?
62017-07-15 13:07:21 UTCkatpatuka ... his old username is jerryhappy (
72017-07-16 06:09:01 UTCkeithonearth I haven't contacted the editor, I should, only haven't out of laziness. Although I did leave many changeset summaries stating the issue.

I was confused about their name, "Stop edit", is that a result of being blocked?
82017-07-16 07:56:15 UTCkatpatuka I don't think so... Pascal ( told me that the user had changed his name (see also )
12017-06-25 06:57:30 UTCkatpatuka Thank you!
22017-06-25 21:30:09 UTCJeopardyTempest Likewise, glad we can try to help what little bit possible.
32017-06-25 21:30:24 UTCJeopardyTempest To God be all glory
12017-06-19 04:59:29 UTCkatpatuka OSM haritasında yeni bir başlamıyalım, değil mi?

12017-06-12 09:40:53 UTCkatpatuka Na da ist aber wohl etwas schiefgegangen (copy/paste?) ;)

Göbekli Tepe ist hier:
12017-06-07 16:45:48 UTCkatpatuka Öyle bir havaalanı uydu resimlerine bakarak hiç bir yerde göremiyorum... ciddi misin??

I don't see any airport on any satellite imagery here around - are you kidding?
22017-07-05 20:28:15 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 50067857 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some fantasy mapping in Turkey - attempts by various people to contact the user have failed.
12017-05-29 19:54:23 UTCRichRico Hi katpatuka,
Thanks for contributing with osm, I found a changeset that you modified a name of a place, according wikidata "name:el=Ακνταγμαντενί (περιοχή)" and you putted "name:el=Α&ka...
22017-05-30 04:48:49 UTCkatpatuka hm - another mapboxer controlling place name edits... ;)

περιοχή means region - the name tag had been copied from I guess.
If you google 'Akdağmadeni Ακ Νταγ Μαντέν' and 'Akdağmadeni Ακν&...
12017-05-04 22:32:15 UTCutack Unfortunately I had to produce this mess:
Mapbox aerial indicates that there is a road, and so does this one
Can we somehow find a solution what is true here, the road or the...
22017-05-05 05:36:21 UTCkatpatuka Well - all other imagery I know of is showing a reservoir lake here, even bing's landsat. Mapbox imagery is darn old ;)
32017-05-05 05:38:44 UTCkatpatuka Have also a look at the GPS Traces layer in JOSM...
42017-05-05 09:36:41 UTCutack So aerial images say there is a reservoir, but the note at the gas station and the gps traces say there is a road
What do we do?
52017-05-05 11:01:01 UTCkatpatuka well . on the ground is the reservoir ;)

Did you also see note #785823 ?
62017-05-05 14:30:02 UTCutack Ok then. Can you just revert the CS i made?
72017-05-05 14:42:23 UTCkatpatuka I think that's not necessary: just delete the part of the way which is under water using bing's landsat imagery and tag the rest of the old ways with something like undefined...
82017-05-10 00:27:55 UTCutack Sorry for doubting you before, the new Digital Globe imagery shows this road is definitely not existing
92017-05-10 05:36:11 UTCkatpatuka nothing to be sorry about :D
12017-04-11 06:10:51 UTCnammala May I know the reason behind deleting the node:
22017-04-11 07:39:12 UTCkatpatuka see comment on
12017-04-11 06:07:51 UTCnammala Hi Katpatuka,

May I know the reason behind changing the place tag from town -> village for the node:

22017-04-11 07:35:31 UTCkatpatuka Oh boy! Will you go on asking me for every single node for the reason why I change or delete it?

On map it is listed as village and has no town with the name Tam Sóc ! Also town nodes once uploaded by user Ivan Garcia (https://www....
32017-04-11 08:28:11 UTCnammala Thanks for getting back .
12017-04-07 06:15:29 UTCnammala Hi katpatuka,

May I know the reason behind deleting `name:en` in the two features
22017-04-07 06:47:50 UTCkatpatuka Hello nammala,
Sure - as you can see looking at the history of both nodes I've re-used two nodes which did have wrong place names:


I've used the place names found both on http://www....
32017-04-07 06:51:09 UTCnammala Awesome thank you . By the way great job improving the map.

42017-04-07 08:26:35 UTCkatpatuka Thank you ;)
12017-03-21 06:50:11 UTCBharataHS Hello,
Thank you for your valuable contribution to OpenStreetMap. What is the source of information behind this edit. The place tag has been edited from `town` to `village` and there is a new english name and a local name. The source in in tags says its from Google. Would you please confirm the exa...
22017-03-21 06:58:08 UTCkatpatuka Which place tag exactly? I never use source=google... ;) Did _I_ create the tag?
12017-03-17 06:56:49 UTCmanoharuss Hi katpatuka,

want to clarify if this is indeed correct here.

22017-03-17 07:38:26 UTCkatpatuka Name looks ok comparing with but it may be just a village and not the district seat. Nothing on or for Champassack District...
12017-03-13 17:07:24 UTCkatpatuka Ereğli Şehir Merkezi relation'unda sanki bir dış sınırı eksik - aşağıda ki link'te hata görünür:

Düzeltme imkanın var mı?
12017-03-12 09:18:38 UTCandygol katpatuka
could you fix self-crossing way
22017-03-12 09:23:36 UTCkatpatuka yes, done ;)
32017-03-12 15:25:20 UTCandygol tnx 👍🏻
12017-02-17 09:37:08 UTCkatpatuka Hi webrian,

Which TMS layer do you use to show Landsat 8 for use in josm ?
22017-02-19 19:35:37 UTCwebrian Actually I didn't use a TMS layer but Landsat 8 raw imagery which I processed in GRASS GIS (using basically the near-infrared band), convert it back to the OSM format (using an aged version of ogr2osm) and adapting it to the existing features (in JOSM). Long time ago I wrote a blog post about this w...
12017-02-14 19:50:56 UTCkeithonearth Hi katpatuka,

Do you have any idea why an edit like this, to a region in Turkey, shows such a huge bounding box? It seems really common, but I don't understand the reason.
22017-02-15 05:19:43 UTCkatpatuka I edited in Laos and had been downloading just a single node in Avanos district in Turkey to change a tag without creating an extra josm layer for it ;)
32017-02-15 19:01:47 UTCkeithonearth That's really interesting. So you'd uploaded all the changes in Laos, but the area was still included in the bounding box! That's kind of shitty. I guess I'm not the first one to find the history function on to be not very useful, but this was one weakness that I'd not been aware of.
42017-02-16 05:53:59 UTCkatpatuka No, I hadn't uploaded the change in Laos - I edited something in Laos AND in Turkey THEN did the upload. So the behavior is normal :)
52017-02-16 19:21:24 UTCkeithonearth That is normal behaviour on the part of the software. Somehow I missed that there was that relation in Laos that had also been modified. I ran the edit through a history viewer ( I think) and didn't notice the change in Laos, but all I needed to do was look just under t...
12017-02-14 05:34:33 UTCnammala Hi Nesim,

The edit you have made for the change in the `place` tag from city to town . But as the wikipedia says it is a district Could you please confirm the change.

Happy Mapping


22017-02-14 10:36:32 UTCNesim It is referred to as the Town of Turkey.
32017-02-14 11:09:41 UTCnammala Thanks for getting back Nesim
42017-02-14 11:17:03 UTCkatpatuka Up to now place=district hasn't been used anywhere in Turkey ;) One could consider starting to use it for the district relations (ilçe) and set place=town for the admin centres (node). Turkish Wikipedia articles describing districts usually do not distinguish between the district center and s...
12017-02-13 16:56:28 UTCkatpatuka Can you give some more information on source=SERVIR and I get a 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied trying to access that site...
12017-02-04 15:32:00 UTCmueschel Hi,
you added 45 villages with some strange tags, was this a mistake?

Cheers, Jan
22017-02-04 15:39:01 UTCkatpatuka hopefully not ;)

The names are from the 11000 villages file mentioned on
32017-02-04 15:41:12 UTCmueschel I didn't mean adding the villages, just these tags. They don't look like they belong to OSM and are not used in other places.
42017-02-04 16:52:19 UTCkatpatuka well yes - they are in the original file and I left them as is - comparable to other for osm useless tags like gns:dsg etc. originating from imports
12017-01-27 13:29:03 UTCkatpatuka thanks for editing the Cấm Sơn Lake :)
12017-01-10 05:42:04 UTCkatpatuka Can you please provide more information on source SERVIR and ? That site does not open as http...
12016-12-05 03:52:35 UTCFTA This is part one of reversions for edits within the SCS that modified boundaries.
22016-12-10 12:48:29 UTCFreedSky 别辩解了 各种破坏你好意思!
Do not justify a variety of damage you have the nerve!
32016-12-10 13:14:12 UTCFreedSky 破坏
42016-12-10 15:11:43 UTCkatpatuka Could you please explain a bit more in detail to FreedSky why you reverted his edits?!
52016-12-10 16:19:57 UTCFTA Hi katpatuka,
I have communicated with FreedSky through email about the situation, but the set of edits in this area were reverted because OSM follows de facto borders in the Spratly Island area, leaving them how they are. This area is the source of numerous claim disputes for land by multiple coun...
12016-12-05 21:23:07 UTCff5722 Hi, can you also at least add the power=plant tag? makes it easier to find them to add more info later.
I will add them to existing ones myself.
22016-12-06 04:31:21 UTCkatpatuka Ok, sounds logical ;)
12016-11-18 14:40:22 UTCkatpatuka it's better to add the tags to the relations but the single ways; for the ways source tag is enough ;)
12016-11-12 01:54:15 UTCjptolosa87 Hello,
the "enlarging area" doesn't exist anymore since 2012 approx:
22016-11-12 04:58:50 UTCkatpatuka ok - I removed it. I didn't check for new imagery though - just had a look at
12016-11-06 18:39:51 UTCSupaplex Actually it's in Taiwan(TW), not China(CN)
22016-11-07 04:47:47 UTCkatpatuka Ha! That was good! Thanks, didn't notice ;) I thought I was editing 大埔水庫 in Guangxi - but redirects 大埔水庫 to 峨眉湖 in TW.
12016-10-25 11:29:18 UTCkatpatuka I'm curious: what exactly means source=SERVIR ?
12016-10-23 16:10:14 UTCkatpatuka I wished you'd start mapping a bit more in detail - there's enough imagery available where you've mapped - even if it's mapbox imagery.... (sigh!)
12016-01-28 09:04:29 UTCkatpatuka *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
22016-03-09 19:51:15 UTCmtbbiker99 Was soll ich gemacht haben? Einer Straße mit dem tag landuse vergeben haben?
Wenn das so war, sorry....

Kann mir jemand den Fehler genauer erklären?

Gruß aus RE.
32016-03-10 04:56:03 UTCkatpatuka Das benutzen verschiedener tag-kategorien auf einem weg kann manchmal die sache verkomplizieren: landuse mit highway oder river mit boundary - außerdem kann dann nur ein name vergeben werden (beispiel für fluss und grenze getrennt hier: ) Andererseits sind auch...
42016-03-10 14:37:56 UTCmtbbiker99 ok, ich habe mal hier ein "Test-tagging" vorgenommen:

(bezogen auf das o.g. Beispiel):
Also, wenn das Gebiet "landuse=farmland" mit der Straßen sich die Punkte teilen, kann das zu Problemen ko...
52016-03-10 14:49:18 UTCkatpatuka Naja - bei so kleinen sachen ist es wohl kein problem, aber bei meinetwegen grossen waldgebieten, dere grenze eine strasse ist, würde ich es nicht machen. Ich würde immer trennen, denn landuse fängt ja eh nicht direkt am mittelstreifen an, sondern da mag es noch einen radweg geben ode...
62016-03-10 15:02:49 UTCHjart Small areas like might appear not to pose any problem, but I'm a far more experienced mapper than most. I've seen more than most other mappers (apart from katpatuka of course) and I've come to really dislike landuse sharing nodes with roads. Small stuff like this may seem harmless to the less experi...
72016-03-10 16:18:15 UTCmtbbiker99 Danke an Hjart und katpatuka für die Hinweise.
Ich werde jetzt immer separate Linien zeichnen, damit es nicht zu erhöhten Schwierigkeiten kommt.

Gruß mtbbiker99

if you like to watch wonderful videos, look here:
12015-12-23 13:13:30 UTCkatpatuka Fantastic! Then you know it very well and can add and edit roads, road names, schools, hospitals, industrial areas, scenic sites, mountain names, forests and orchards - all kind of information!

12015-11-25 09:46:04 UTCkatpatuka Your edits are still very rough although there exits bing imagery - why?
22015-11-26 12:24:16 UTCjamesks Many thousands of my edits are improving accuracy using new map date, but sometimes I am doing rougher first iterations, especially when filing large blank areas.
32015-11-26 12:31:44 UTCkatpatuka rougher first iterations do not make sense in my mind - or are you in a hurry?
12015-11-16 08:35:24 UTCandrewsh Вообще говоря, делить границу на 107 маленьких частей — не очень хорошая идея. Не стоит так делать впредь.
22015-11-16 09:33:05 UTCevgenykatyshev А в чём проблема? Все части объединены отношением, поэтому вообще не важно на сколько частей она поделена.
32015-11-16 09:33:54 UTCandrewsh Ну теперь уже, когда katpatuka пофиксил. А не были. Katpatuka был жутко недоволен.
42015-11-16 09:48:55 UTCevgenykatyshev Ну да, если не были, то плохо.

Я обычно аккуратно отношусь к отношениям границ, но если в этот раз что-то случайно сломал или не доделал, то приношу свои извинения.
52015-11-16 09:50:40 UTCandrewsh Окей, передал :) Он по-русски с гугль-транслейтом только, потому попросил кого-то по-русски на всяки
62015-11-16 09:51:00 UTCandrewsh …на всякий случай написать.
72015-11-16 10:53:59 UTCkatpatuka thanks - well nothing was "broken" though but the boundary was just difficult to maintain ;)
12015-10-29 16:16:05 UTCGerdP please review way 41526994:
the tag highway=project is rarely used,
I've changed it to highway=proposed,
Please change proposed to construction
if that matches better. See
22015-10-29 16:32:33 UTCkatpatuka Your tag is ok (as long as it does won't show up on the map) - user erkinalp has created that "proposed" highway 6 years ago but there is no imagery whatsoever showing any built motorway there around...
32015-10-29 16:38:57 UTCGerdP I'll ask erkinalp as well
42015-10-29 16:42:15 UTCGerdP .. and thanks for the quick feedback :-)
12015-04-23 16:19:07 UTCkatpatuka Is it possible that you've added highway=unclassified to ALL ways?
22015-04-23 16:23:15 UTCsamely Hey there, sorry I have to confused my keyboard shortcut. I'll revert those changes.
12015-03-28 07:17:51 UTCBryce C Nesbitt kaptpatuka: What does set_better_denotation mean on this stream way 136450858 ?
22015-03-28 07:31:19 UTCkatpatuka I've no idea :)

user geohiker2010 created the way and added the tag 9/11/2011.

The Van earthquake occurred 23.10.2011. Therefore I suppose it was HOT editing.
32015-03-28 07:39:37 UTCBryce C Nesbitt Ok, gone.
12014-12-31 15:54:56 UTCAkuAnakTimur Thanks for adding the borders - I as one of the Malaysian mappers long enough for this (I am currently planning to send an official request letter to the Malaysian Department of Survey and Mapping to seek for some sort of official data).

By the way, may I know what is your reference? I'm guessing...
22015-01-01 12:07:01 UTCkatpatuka You're welcome ;-)

Recently I saw the news about flooding in Kelantan and Terengganu and noticed that some states were still missing... sources are large images from google search and wikipedia (which I used to roughly trace over with josm's piclayer plugin) and rivers (for example Sungai Kerian...
32015-01-01 14:11:14 UTCAkuAnakTimur I see.

Two cents, I think I would do so, following another Commonwealth country's style. Refer to the Australian Capital Territory ( and the Australian Northern Territory ( They both belong to the federal Aust...
12014-12-27 06:53:32 UTCSupaplex These two Fujian Provinces are controlled by Taiwan and China separately. So there's not a duplicated.
And the Jinman and Matsu Island is controlled by Taiwan, not China.
22014-12-27 07:22:13 UTCpnorman Both claimed or both controlled?
32014-12-27 07:37:33 UTCkatpatuka I was not able to revert the changeset using josm's revert plugin.
BTW: English wiki says for Fujian: For the part of Fujian province administered by the Republic of China, see Fukien Province.
@Supaplex Do you mean that Fujian?
42014-12-27 09:48:46 UTCSupaplex The Taiwan control part,_Republic_of_China?oldformat=true

The China control part

52014-12-27 10:22:03 UTCSupaplex I revert the changeset
62014-12-27 10:29:10 UTCkatpatuka ok, nice :D
but please add a note with the content of your initial changeset comment so that it is clear that there are two Fujian relations. To make it even clearer one could name the Taiwan part Fukien Province.
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