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12018-07-16 20:18:35 UTCalester Is this an import? The names seem dubious and the address fields are broken. A spot-check of a few seems to indicate that these are CIBC branches, but that isn't indicated either in the name of the objects or using the "brand" or "operator" tags.
22018-07-16 20:23:10 UTCalester I just noticed that there are a number of these that are scattered across the planet, including about a dozen in the US. This makes no sense for branches of a Canadian bank. This should probably be reverted
32018-07-16 20:30:54 UTCJarek Piórkowski this appears substantially wrong, with Saskatchewan address has been places in New York - possibly because street name is the same?!
42018-07-16 20:32:42 UTCJarek Piórkowski with a British Columbia phone number placed in Lima...
52018-07-16 20:34:32 UTCJarek Piórkowski User's other edits also appear to be partially wrong, e.g.
62018-07-30 07:05:25 UTCkreuzschnabel "created by rosemary" means this is a bundle upload of users entries (that’s why they tend to span the entire globe). While the entries themselves are based on local survey (i.e. it is not an import), the rosemary editor appears to not make sure properly to place them on...
72018-07-30 19:04:43 UTCJarek Piórkowski Thank you for the background. I'm still a little unsure about this edit, maybe you can give some information about the following?

Is there any way to tell if this is part of an organized project, or what might be called a "challenge", to tag accessibility of Canadian bank branches?

82018-07-30 20:05:25 UTCkreuzschnabel I’m afraid that I cannot tell you much more about it than I already did. Wheelmap as such is described in the Wiki: They focus on wheelmap accessibility tagging in the first place but somehow the app allows badly wrong placements of entries without...
92018-08-01 20:17:04 UTCJarek Piórkowski Thank you for the info, it is appreciated. I sent over a link to OSM's Data Working Group, they are likely in better position to make decisions about these edits.
102018-08-09 17:35:13 UTCjmapb incorrectly shows a bank branch inside the Brooklyn Public Library in NYC. Telephone number has a Saskatchewan area code.
112018-08-09 18:55:38 UTCAlecs01 Changeset reverted, too many mistakes. POI are surely not handplaced, and when the given address is not in OSM, weird things happen. Has anyone tried to contact someone at This is not the first changeset I see showing this issue.
12018-07-20 18:47:07 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hey Mike,

The note suggests that the one-way stretch on Dawson extends one block further west. If you have a moment, could you confirm/double check, write a brief message, and make edits as/if needed?
12018-07-16 19:36:34 UTCJarek Piórkowski Similar to

List of problems with this changeset found by manual inspection of names "Lane South Ascot West Earlsciurt" spelling old_name "Lane...
12018-07-16 19:30:09 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hello,

Is this a joke?

Does Telenav do QA? and "Lane South West Lisgar" when it should be "South Afton West Lisgar" after your scheme "Lan...
22018-07-17 11:33:10 UTClorandr_telenav Hi,
Thank you for drawing my attention to the mistakes, those were some of my first edits. I corrected them all and I also looked around the area. The source I used was Geobase Roads.
Thank you for your message,
12018-07-16 19:07:46 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hi,

Thank you for adding the Hunsing clinic.

Your edit also broke the map a bit (see in screenshots: ). I have now un-done the broken parts in changeset 60773787.

12018-06-19 19:50:09 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hallo, landuse=residential fuer Herzberg/Vulkan/Siegfried/Josef-Orlopp-Strasse-Block? Erst nach 20 Jahren mehr Gentrifizierung...

22018-07-13 18:32:27 UTCJarek Piórkowski in korrigiert
12018-06-17 14:04:14 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hi - you've added a business in Dallas, but placed it in a residential neighbourhood in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. I have removed it in - if you would like to re-add it, please make sure to put it in the correct spot in Dallas.
12018-05-19 08:28:21 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hey Nate. Thanks for adding the detail. When you draw sidewalks, please take care to link them to the roads at intersections. The ways must cross and have a common node. Otherwise the routers get confused as to how people can go, and you get results like these:
22018-05-21 13:11:51 UTCNate_Wessel Ah... that's a weird outcome. I'm not sure I agree with making the connection though if the crossing is unmarked. Crossings on streets like this are allowable and common at any point. For sidewalks in this area I've been trying to map just what's actually built/painted on the road.

I definitely ...
32018-05-21 14:05:45 UTCJarek Piórkowski Yes indeed there are many different ways to map these. I assume you've seen ?

My interpretation would be that the OSM way for these roads is symbolic anyway (it goes down the centre of the roadway, doesn't specify width, etc - Toronto doesn...
42018-05-22 14:02:23 UTCNate_Wessel I have seen that, and I take your point regarding the centerlines. In other cities, I've been a big advocate of tagging sidewalks on street ways.

I do however think it's interesting in toronto to map sidewalks separately, and especially marked crossings where they exist. There are a lot of compl...
52018-05-23 07:00:15 UTCJarek Piórkowski But, the Lansdowne example showcases the problem, doesn't it?

When you draw a separate sidewalk without a crossing, on Lansdowne it means that crossing is not permitted or safe or sometimes physically possible. But your method would have the same tag of sidewalk without a crossing mean that cross...
62018-05-23 14:09:03 UTCNate_Wessel OK, you might have convinced me. It seems like my point is moot so long as marked crossings are still indicated as nodes on the centerline: e.g. you can cross Lansdowne at West Lodge Park or at Dundas but not in between. That could be guessed from an absence of marked crossings on a secondary... tho...
72018-05-28 17:45:52 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hm, the best places I can think of for the discussion would be talk-ca mailing list or maybe tagging though then you have to account for worldwide usage

There is forum
12018-04-30 12:00:56 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hi! Thank you for following up on this and providing on-the-ground information for open hours. I amended the information slightly in as there exists a specific syntax that can encode the access in a computer-readable format - see OSM wiki https://wiki...
12018-04-30 11:57:14 UTCJarek Piórkowski Source is edits and comments of Gerard Butler, in particular changesets 58369377 and 57446369; see also for back-story.
12018-03-04 18:16:15 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hallo, crossing=zebra ist nicht im ?
12018-02-16 13:57:33 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hallo haudegen07,

mit der Radstrasse ist etwas schlecht gegangen, oder?
22018-02-22 13:53:22 UTCJarek Piórkowski Radstraße in wieder angepasst
12017-12-16 11:45:40 UTCRicoElectrico Hej! Trochę uważniej, przeciągnąłeś węzeł i drogi które do niego należą "trochę" się wygięły.

Już to poprawiam.
22018-02-16 14:27:38 UTCJarek Piórkowski Rico, na mapie nadal kiepsko wygląda - możesz spojrzeć jeszcze raz?
32018-02-17 15:21:58 UTCRicoElectrico Dzięki. Poprawiłem, popatrz jeszcze. OP zrobił niezły bigos...
42018-02-19 19:40:41 UTCJarek Piórkowski Teraz chyba wszystko jest w porządku. Dziękujemy :)
12018-02-10 18:32:24 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hello,

MAPS.ME is adding the points you create (e.g. "Allison and Jacy's House" in Salem) to the public map on the web at - this one as a tourist attraction. I'm guessing their house isn't actually a public attraction. Can you double-check t...
12018-01-06 14:40:57 UTCJarek Piórkowski Source: in-person survey 2018-01-08
12017-11-12 15:21:22 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hello,

Your edit has added a tourist attraction called "My Son" outside Lowell MA to the publicly visible web map on (see ). Did you mean to do this? If not, we can undo it.
12017-10-07 13:20:08 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hello,

I went through the Moritzplatz station in person, noted all the directions signed for the exits (e.g. "Oranienstraße, Stallschreiberstraße"), and added them to the railway=subway_entrance nodes (e.g. in http://www....
22017-10-14 12:57:01 UTCJarek Piórkowski I did as specified ->
12017-08-20 17:50:04 UTCJarek Piórkowski clickable:,
12017-08-20 17:46:10 UTCJarek Piórkowski I undid the removal of No Frills in per comments in
12017-08-20 17:13:34 UTCJarek Piórkowski Link:

I tried looking at where the appliance repeair actually should have been, but as far as I can tell, 9200 Dufferin is up by 407, internet finds an "Thornhill Appliance Repair" not "Vaughan Appliance Repair" at 9200 Dufferin,...
12017-08-12 12:50:56 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hi, did you mean to save these changes? Except for Pêle-Mêle they're all "test" something or other.
22017-08-20 16:59:24 UTCJarek Piórkowski OK, the "test" parts of this edit were undone:

bar_test was removed in

playground was un-named and test_poi cafe was removed in
12017-07-19 19:44:55 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hi Debbie,

When making notes to yourself in MAPS.ME, it appears you accidentally uploaded them to OpenStreetMap, which is the source for MAPS.ME data. As a consequence, a viewpoint "Ingólfshöfði" was renamed "puffin Tours" on OpenStreetMap, and the town of Hvam...
12017-07-18 18:49:35 UTCJarek Piórkowski removed vending machine was reported in but I verified its absence in person
12017-06-21 09:19:02 UTCBradilos3 Standort der Haltestelle wurde falsch verschoben?
22017-07-02 16:35:50 UTCJarek Piórkowski Ich habe versucht, den Haltestelle mit züruckverschoben. Ich hoffe alles hat gut gegangen, meine erste Partial-Revert...
12017-06-18 09:52:20 UTCJarek Piórkowski Hi Derick,

When I mapped that short stretch of Camden Street as oneway=no in June 2015, it was because, following all signs, it was possible to drive or cycle from Bonny Street to Camden Gardens. There was no left-turn-only sign out of Bonny Stre...
22017-06-19 08:41:34 UTCDerick Rethans I don't quite remember why I changed this, but I am pretty sure that coming out of Camden Gardens there is a "Turn Right" on the road, but I guess that doesn't say anything about the coming out of Bonny Street.

But that's all that I can remember. I would generally say that we should map...
32017-06-21 18:54:43 UTCJarek Piórkowski Thanks. I made a note to see if there is anyone in the area who can verify
12017-04-03 18:48:32 UTCJarek Piórkowski source: "local knowledge", that is, I had a bunch of coffees there late last year
12017-03-24 16:50:29 UTCJarek Piórkowski was also reported in but I checked on site
12016-11-30 20:51:16 UTCJarek Piórkowski wg notki chodziło tu chyba o
shop=convenience ("osiedlowy sklepik"), warto robić undelete?
22016-11-30 21:12:43 UTCmaraf24 Pewnie, skoro jest wyjaśnienie.
Jak sobie przypominam, pytałem go o ten domy handlowe, ale nie odpowiedział odpowiednio szybko:)
12016-10-17 15:56:46 UTCJarek Piórkowski Are these hostels open to the public, or are they places where your friends live that you've added for your own reference? The marks you've added are visible on the public page on, if it's just a friends' that might not be accurate.
22016-10-22 11:58:57 UTCtrigpoint I am reverting this, sixt car hire and Long Walk are already mapped.
12016-08-11 20:12:41 UTCJarek Piórkowski This is accurate as of April 2016 when I last had chance to survey in person. But I guess that's better than being accurate as of June 2015, which was the case before this edit...
12015-11-07 16:55:12 UTCJarek Piórkowski To clarify, I could not see any trace of the tunnel in person. But I don't know where it used to be, so I might not know what to look for. Also there is no mention in press of it being demolished - so I assume it still exists.
12015-10-10 12:20:18 UTCRobJN I reverted this as the prior state was correct. The bridge deck was completed a few months ago. Confusing given that the aerial imagery is now out of date. I followed it carefully during construction.
22015-10-11 21:31:04 UTCJarek Piórkowski I didn't find when I was walking to the station on 20 September but maybe I'm blind or it's changing daily.
32015-10-11 22:19:46 UTCRobJN Here it is:

More specifically:

At the bottom of that photo is the current construction site north of the station, south of the A4053. The first bui...
12015-10-11 21:28:14 UTCJarek Piórkowski FYI, I partly undid this change in because it appeared a few unrelated nodes got dragged around, relocating Oreillys Road and a house-number line in Karen Crescent.
12015-07-28 20:02:22 UTCJarek Piórkowski Thanks for sorting this out!
12015-06-12 08:40:17 UTCJarek Piórkowski Did you mean to delete the street right of way for Tavistock Place / Tavistock Square? Only the bike path is left now.
22015-06-12 18:52:08 UTCJarek Piórkowski Rode through this area at 7 pm on 2015-06-12 and the road in question is in place, not blocked, not under construction.
32015-06-12 19:15:35 UTCSomeoneElse Following a request on IRC I've reverted the deletions and added the company office back in
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