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12017-11-01 01:30:01 UTCChee Aun In the change, some of the nodes have lost its `ref` information; especially the station codes like NS15 (for Yio Chu Kang MRT station).
22017-12-03 08:17:08 UTCJaLooNz Why was Dhoby Ghaut split into 2 different station nodes? Dhoby Ghaut is a 3 line interchange.
32017-12-31 12:11:27 UTCClaudius Henrichs Hi Chee Aun,
I did preserve the ref-tag at the railway=station node. It won't be at the public_transport=stop_position node though. E.g. for Yio Chu Kang MRT station you will find it still intact here:
Let me know if you find a station where I accidenti...
42017-12-31 12:44:46 UTCClaudius Henrichs Hi JaLooNz,
I hadn't finished reviewing the CCL line that's why it's station at Dhoby Ghaut was missing. Added this just today and you can see it part of the interchange relation stop_area_group here:
52018-01-13 15:48:48 UTCChee Aun Hi Claudius Henrichs,
The one intact (your link) was edited 1 year ago
The one modified by you (edited 3 months ago)

From 9 tags, it became 3 tags.
62018-01-16 13:05:38 UTCClaudius Henrichs Hi Chee Aun,
There's a difference between the public_transport=stop_position and the railway=station nodes. In a complete mapping for a subway station both exist and describe different features. The stop position is the location on one of the multiple tracks that a train in a certain direction stop...
12015-04-13 07:10:52 UTCmalcolmh Fixed. There was already a seamark node there that I simply merged with this object.
22017-12-31 12:58:13 UTCClaudius Henrichs Thanks
12015-04-21 12:12:53 UTCalv This change added the tag "building:material" to a footway? Seems peculiar.
22017-12-31 12:57:39 UTCClaudius Henrichs This was converting a previous tag "Bauausführung=Holz"
12015-04-22 09:30:09 UTCalv The tag not:name=x is a valid tag used in the UK, see for example

Please don't remove data.
22015-04-22 14:35:57 UTCSK53 I've now reverted this change. not:name is a) important to show that official maps have the incorrect name and thus allow feedback to them; b) show other mappers that names on open data sources are wrong; and c) is important in derivation of statistics showing missing road names.
32017-12-31 12:55:49 UTCClaudius Henrichs Sorry for that removal and thanks for fixing my "fix".
12015-04-24 19:54:18 UTCij_ This fix was counter-productive. Please find the real name:* postfix or just revert!
22015-04-27 11:23:03 UTCClaudius Henrichs My change only removed a "name:françis" key which contained an identical value to what's currently already on "name". So besides the key being in the wrong format (French name should be tagged as "name:fr" key) it was also redundant information.
Can you clarify ...
32015-04-27 11:44:28 UTCij_ Please please, you're modifying something in Finland and don't have clue what languages we use around here? Perhaps you should not modify in Finland at all then since you're clearly not used to our tagging environment.
The use of name:fr* is obviously some auto-completion error of an editor program...
42017-12-31 12:55:02 UTCClaudius Henrichs I'm very familiar with the multilingual tagging, thanks a lot for pointing this out.
If a name:* tag value is identical to the value already in the name tag than it's redundant. A name:* tag needs only be added if it differs. Do you agree?
52017-12-31 15:45:37 UTCij_ No, both name=* and name:*=* are needed even if identical. Name:* is not redundant because name=* does not indicate what language the name is written in.

That said, I surely know that many roads in Finland are lacking the duplicate name:fi=* tags but they should be added throughout the country (s...
12017-05-13 09:07:54 UTCapm-wa Don't use the Bing imagery in Ashgabat. It is about five years out of date and the $1 billion spent on street widening and new street construction means using Bing imagery leads to lots of errors. I am overhauling the streets of Ashgabat based on GPS tracks and OpenStreetCam imagery as well as new...
22017-12-31 12:50:48 UTCClaudius Henrichs Just to close the loop: I've meanwhile received updated imagery from apm-wa and am using this in combination with Mapillary and OSC imagery.
32018-01-01 16:58:51 UTCapm-wa Claudius, the Digital Globe Premium imagery has also been updated and is far better than any of the other "standard" imagery options. I have also switched to Mapillary for ground-level imagery so if you switch Mapillary on you can see the latest imagery I have collected.
12017-07-30 23:42:39 UTCØukasz hi,

what's your reference for setting part of the road near numaniyah as primary instead of trunk?
22017-12-31 12:49:50 UTCClaudius Henrichs That section around Numaniyah is not a separated carriageway with two directional lanes. That's why I downgraded to primary.
12017-12-31 12:13:10 UTCClaudius Henrichs Hi Michael,
You added bakery tag to the Yio Chu Kang station via the Maps.ME app. Was this intential? I'd recommend to add a separate node at the location of the bakery inside the station grounds instead of adding it to the station node.
12017-11-04 10:07:16 UTCNakaner Hallo Claudius Henrichs,

da auf der Strecke, soweit ich weiß, kein regelmäßiger Personenvekehr mehr besteht, sollte meiner Meinung nach public_transport=* dort auch nicht mehr verwendet werden.

Viele Grüße

22017-12-31 12:06:00 UTCClaudius Henrichs Hallo Michael,
Soweit ich das weiss fahren dort ab und an noch Sonderzüge und die ÖPV-Infrastruktur wird noch gepflegt und vorgehalten. Siehe auch
Da also dort noch ein Haltepunkt besteht würde ich public_transport=* w...
12017-12-13 13:47:21 UTCwille Thank you very much for your help in mapping Salvador subway network!!!
22017-12-31 11:58:41 UTCClaudius Henrichs Thanks for the kind word. There's a few more stations that I need to review, but it already validates in most part here:
This should mean that soon it will be routable in the Maps.ME app. Yay!
12017-09-28 15:06:59 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Claudius Henrichs. At you have tagged `abaondoned:highway` instead of `abandoned:highway`, right? #typo
22017-12-31 11:57:30 UTCClaudius Henrichs Indeed. This was already fixed meanwhile. Thanks for checking.
12017-12-27 20:34:36 UTCClaudius Henrichs Why did you remove "Chitgar" station from the relation for Metro line 5?
12017-12-19 13:19:38 UTCMateusz Konieczny Is it deliberate to add wheelchair=no on ?

What is the source of this edit?
22017-12-19 13:20:55 UTCMateusz Konieczny If you were merely making blind mechanical edit - please avoid doing this again. It is not helpful and merely hides more serious issues.
32017-12-19 15:54:00 UTCClaudius Henrichs I tend to disagree: I am not able to verify if this camp is accessible for wheelchair or not, but I could tell that the capitalization of this tag is most likely wrong. That's why I fixed the capitalization to lowercase. This is helpful in that it surfaces this object in whellchair related data outp...
12017-12-01 13:54:45 UTCClaudius Henrichs Why did you put the whole tracks of Tehran metro line 1 to railway=construction? e.g. ways and and so on.

This line is open since 2001 and is currently not undergoing any construction work.
Did your survey re...
22017-12-07 18:58:14 UTCethelmermaid this was a mistake, i've reverted the changes
12017-11-28 16:59:43 UTCClaudius Henrichs Why did you change the tagging of Tehran Metro Line 8 from `railway=subway` to `railway=rail` ? The whole infrastructure was initially built as an extension to line 1 and contains subway infrastructure, from electrification to signalling to rolling stock. Only (express) subway rolling stop in a subw...
22017-11-28 17:14:22 UTCfitnr Based on my research, it's more like a commuter rail line based on the routing, headways and distance between stops.
32017-11-30 13:59:12 UTCClaudius Henrichs Just looking at the parameters you mentioned it would qualify as commuter rail. But we are mapping the infrastructure and that is one of an express subway line. Everything is prepared for an additional at Vavan intermediate station. Also it was built as an extension of line 1. So everything is subwa...
12017-11-30 13:21:12 UTCClaudius Henrichs Half of the buildings you added in nthis changeset are duplicates - from other buildings you added in this changeset as well. If you encounter problems uploading your changes (e.g. connection interruption) you might want to double check that you are not mistakenly uploading the same traces twice.
12017-11-30 13:19:00 UTCClaudius Henrichs Most of the residential streets you added are duplicates from a previous changeset of yours. If you encounter problems uploading your changes (e.g. connection interruption) you might want to double check that you are not mistakenly uploading the same traces twice.
12017-11-05 14:49:51 UTCClaudius Henrichs Is there a specific reason why you deleted the station node for Shahre Aftab metro station? This is central element of each public transport station.
I wen ahead and reinstated it and added it again to the stop_area relation
12017-10-16 13:23:36 UTCClaudius Henrichs The OpenStreetMap project is about documenting geopgraphical information of actual objects in the world. You have added multiple promotions for your Russian Guide services in Tehran which do not have an actual equivalent in the real world. I've therefor removed these wrong tourism information. Pleas...
12017-09-03 19:45:22 UTCClaudius Henrichs Hallo und willkommen bei OpenStreetMap,
Dieser erfasste Friedhof sieht korrekt aus. Wenn du die Möglichkeit hast, kannst du gerne auch die Fußwege dort erfassen.
Ein Hinweis noch: Beim Hochladen deiner Änderung solltest du eine Zusammenfassung angeben, so dass andere Nutzer einfach...
12017-07-30 19:22:39 UTCOsm1980 hi subway=yes is not necessary when there is
station=subway tag
22017-08-20 18:35:32 UTCClaudius Henrichs Subway=yes is part of the public_transport=stop_position to denote which mode of public transport is stopping at this position:
12017-07-27 18:23:37 UTCethylisocyanat Talleh Zang in Leipzig ;)
22017-07-28 12:09:08 UTCClaudius Henrichs Ja, hab zu schnell geklickt und den vorherigen Änerungssatz verwendet.

Korrekt müsste die Zusammenfassung lauten:
Leipzig, Germany: Fixed turn restriction relation from Kohlgartenstrasse into Dresdner Strasse as well as geometry of crossing ways around tram stop Johannisplatz
12017-07-24 11:12:07 UTCClaudius Henrichs "Pokémon Go Treffpunkt" im Leipziger Opernpark: Als ich gestern dort vorbeiging gab es keinerlei derartiges physikalisches Merkmal. Von daher scheint die Einordnung als Touristenattraktion sehr überbewertet. Ich empfehle, dass eher bei einschlägigen Pokemon-Seiten zu bewer...
12017-04-07 13:53:33 UTCClaudius Henrichs Why did you change the Freeway 9 tagging from highway=motorway to highway=trunk?
It's a motorway with a dual carriageway and no crossings. Also the street signs used are the blue freeway ones and not the green ones for roads with expressway infrastructure.
I would therefor recommend changing the t...
22017-04-07 18:51:07 UTCgeoaria جناب حسین
لطفا درجه مسیرها را تغییر ندهید.آقای هنریش هم این موضوع را در کامنت قبلی برای شما متذکر شده است. در ایران آزادراه وجود ندارد.از حسن توجه شما سپاسگذارم .
12017-03-18 00:16:29 UTCClaudius Henrichs Wow! Someone has been busy. Great work on quality assurance for OSM data in Iran.
12015-05-15 20:48:07 UTCClaudius Henrichs Spam!
12015-04-20 18:02:45 UTCij_ Why did you remove välkky and provided absolutely no replacement for it (nor did you tell honestly what you did in your changeset comment)? Please revert or find a better tag, if you don't know what it is, please simply revert without asking me to spend extra time on explaining what it is (I'm ...
22015-04-27 11:32:00 UTCClaudius Henrichs Hi, Thanks for your comment. To start with the last part of your comment: These are not mechanical edits, instead I review individual entries in Taginfo and correct those that appear to me a mistagged or remove others that look like tagging mistakes or redundant information.

The "Välkky...
32015-04-27 12:40:05 UTCij_ So, was it "mistake or redundant information", I don't believe you can say honestly you thought it would be either? That it only appears once doesn't mean it's a "mistake" and certainly you cannot decide if it's redundant information either as you don't even know what it means. L...
42015-04-27 12:48:47 UTCalv Especially now that they're still in a testing and monitoring phase, i.e. the city tries to measure whether they affect the drivers' behaviour in any manner, or if some devices are better than the others, storage of the information is necessarily unorthodox.

If I were to start tagging some obscu...
52015-04-27 13:23:47 UTCalv Oh, one more thing. Especially seldom used words in the tags can get the osm feature browse pages a nice first page visibility in general search engines' results, which can be surprisingly helpful in the future.
62015-04-27 14:51:18 UTCClaudius Henrichs Thanks both for clarifying. I've re-added the tagging (even though in lower case fashion). I think we should consider embedding it into the crossing=* theme though, e.g. either as crossing=uncontrolled_välkky or crossing=välkky
Adding a new tag describing the type of pedestrian crossing ...
72015-04-27 17:02:50 UTCij_ Sure, the current way of tagging it is definately not the most optimal. I'd say it's more of a "reminder" type of a tag that can/should be changed to a proper tag once one discovers what that would be. I bet there are others similar ones in Finland for features that either didn't have a ta...
12014-11-26 20:14:35 UTCClaudius Henrichs This southwestern extension of the Mashhad ring road: Are there concrete plans for this? How do you know the actual course of this extension? Would appreciate if you could name sources.
12014-11-26 20:12:28 UTCClaudius Henrichs What plans are these monorail construction tracks based on? I have never seen any documentation on them and there's definitely no groundwork taken place yet.
Please do not use as a database for possible future plans, but only if these plans have been officially commited to.
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