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12018-10-13 08:14:27 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Why did you remove the castle tags? It's a castle manor! OK for the hotel though, it isn't anymore.
22018-10-13 08:15:04 UTCSHARCRASH I've put the castle tags back.
32018-10-13 08:22:20 UTCSHARCRASH For the record, this is among other of your edits i don't understand such as the landuse which were deleted or do not reflect reality...
12018-08-31 07:11:04 UTCjuminet Salut Sharcrash,

Je viens de découvrir le tag barrier=log qui semble décrire un arbre qui bloque le chemin. C'est pour le neoud La valeur de noexit=fallen_trunk donne une erreur dans osmose. D'après cette page (
22018-08-31 08:41:04 UTCSHARCRASH Salut Julien, le tag
"noexit=fallen trunk" est une erreur de manipulation de ma part avec JOSM. JOSM propose les dernières entrées dans un champ de clé et valeur pour travailler plus vite, mais je voulais plutôt enregistrer "note=fallen trunk". Ce n'&e...
32018-08-31 08:47:58 UTCSHARCRASH Je corrige "noexit=fallen trunk"!
42018-08-31 13:45:07 UTCjuminet OK!
12018-08-27 12:37:35 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Where is this tunnel passage? I went there yesterday but i only found a kind of passage between rocks, no trail though and even crowded with vegetation.
12018-08-04 15:41:28 UTCSHARCRASH Area is mainly a private residential domaine, the fact that it includes a garden is secondary
12018-07-29 09:56:21 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! It's forbidden to create temporary events. Also please avoid to create so many nodes for unnecessary precision which won't even be rendered since there is a limitation on the map zoom and also on straight lines. This adds useless data in OSM. I corrected. Apparently you are not new to OSM contri...
12018-07-27 10:43:50 UTCSHARCRASH completed partially the Sentier de la Haute-Sûre
12018-07-26 09:29:09 UTCMath1985 Thanks for your very detailed survey of the Mullerthal area!
22018-07-26 11:33:34 UTCSHARCRASH Thank you for your feedback! Greatly appreciated! :)
12018-07-23 08:58:59 UTCSHARCRASH The aborted upload and this upload got mixed up by JOSM and server... Looks like the server accepts/registers the data of a changeset even if it gets aborted.
12018-07-16 13:03:32 UTCSHARCRASH noexit=yes tags need to be on the last node of the according way otherwise there will be no notification on routings if any third party service builds such feature and we don't know from which way it belongs if there are multiple ways going around.
12017-03-13 23:11:33 UTCSHARCRASH Hello,
Please, check these nodes:
Nothing wrong?
That's not trail optimization, that's breaking the ...
22018-07-14 10:41:15 UTCSHARCRASH I've done recent observations of this area and clearly you have messed up the positions of the paths... I admit there are many and it's somehow difficult to survey them all if we don't have the time but if there are hesitations, contributors shouldn't change the elements. In such complex network it'...
12018-05-09 23:57:02 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! It's very important to not create too many elements and harmonise the different elements together. For this you should check OSM's Wiki on how to create more simple elements, for example:
- these 2 ways (footway & cycleway https://www.openstreet...
22018-06-25 14:44:27 UTCmetalgamer I personally think that sidewalks should be mapped as separate ways. I looked into the wiki on sidewalks and there doesn't seem to be a consensus on that.

I think it has advantages, especially for those who travel by foot, to have dedicated sidewalks mapped as their own path. For example crossin...
32018-06-27 09:50:47 UTCSHARCRASH There are consequences you may not realize when the map gets a certain level of complexity / many elements per "screen" :
- specially on mobile devices like dedicated GPS devices which use also vectorized OSM data, the mobile device is very much slowed down due to its limited processor no...
42018-06-27 09:51:52 UTCSHARCRASH * I don't know if you have much experience with these kind of mobile devices for a certain activity but these are the issues i have found when the maps gets overly detailed and complex.
52018-06-28 10:38:42 UTCSHARCRASH Forgot that if you create mostly dedicated sidewalks, you have also to integrate the hiking routes otherwise this will introduce conflicts.
12018-06-21 21:36:14 UTCSHARCRASH Hi HAL, did the crossing that was here (also visible on any image sat.) moved where you placed it here ? Some months ago, i had a ride there and i don't recall any changes of the trail and you...
22018-06-26 17:20:48 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

You´re a day late and a dollar short, aren´t you? That´s almost 1 year ago I did modify the way so if you think that I´m wrong please feel free to modify it :)

Btw. You were right on that way in Boulaide, so I´ve deleted mine..
32018-06-27 12:49:06 UTCSHARCRASH Well, i don't know if you're wrong and i said i don't recall any change yet i'm unsure, that's why i'm asking you for the reason why the change. ;) OK I'll change it then since i don't recall any change, the image sat shows the crossway being on the other place and this GPS heatmap shows the path be...
12018-06-24 14:03:27 UTCSHARCRASH You do not
22018-06-24 14:11:48 UTCSHARCRASH ...add parking spots along the road with that element and tag otherwise the map will be overloaded with parking signs everywhere. We all know that often we can find parking spots along the roads. There is a specific tag, check here:
I already co...
12018-06-14 07:12:55 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, où avez-vous trouvé les images sat. IGN de 2018? Celle dans la liste du logiciel JOSM date de 2014-2015 selon mes comparaisons avec d'autres images sat. aux environs de la frontière France, Belgique, Luxembourg.
12018-02-22 19:44:26 UTCjuminet Bonjour Gauvin,

Est-ce que le nom du parc cartographié ici n'est pas CRIE plutôt que CRIER. En plus, je pense que le CRIE d'Anlier a changé de nom: c'est maintenant Nature Attitude.

Happy mapping,
22018-05-26 16:58:55 UTCSHARCRASH Hello juminet! :) Est-ce que tu sais si cette zone est vraiment un parc Gauvain Servais l'a t'agé en tant que tel et j'ai un énorme doute, je dirait plutôt que ce sont des espaces résidentiels privés. C'est un risque de d&...
32018-05-28 06:49:32 UTCjuminet Salut, effectivement, je dirai que ce ce sont des jardins privés, quasi sûr. Peut-être que c'est devenu un parc pour jouer à PokemonGO ;-) ? Mais Gauvin a fait de bons ajouts précédemment, donc, laissons-le d'abord corriger cette erreur lui-même.
42018-05-28 09:27:29 UTCSHARCRASH Parc à Pokemon GO... HAHAH
12018-05-26 15:22:31 UTCSHARCRASH Vous avez tagé cet élement comme parc publique, C'est faux! C'est très important car il s'agit en réalité de propriétés privées. Il faut laisser cela comme zone résidentielle. privées. V...
12018-05-26 14:59:55 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, j'ai remarqué que vous connectez des points de batiments à des routes, ce qui engendre des erreurs. Ici par exemple:
J'en ai corigé quelques un mais je vous laisse libre de réctifier les autres. Veuillez &eac...
22018-05-26 15:17:27 UTCSHARCRASH Aussi, vous avez peut-être remarqué qu'il y a un décalage entre différents éléments, c'est parce que dans l’éditeur ID il arrive souvent que les fonds de carte aient été intégrés sans rectification de décalage (...
12018-05-25 10:08:09 UTCSHARCRASH massive edit, see the details/history of the according element*
12018-05-09 21:37:54 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Can i suggest you to not create too many nodes on straight lines and also not be too picky about precision like plotting the line around each tree, please? This adds so many nodes that are not really necessary, adding also a lot of data. In my opinion we have to consider this to avoid to over...
22018-05-09 21:38:03 UTCSHARCRASH example:
32018-05-09 22:01:09 UTCSHARCRASH another example also this time you lacked actuallu
y in precision because you plotted this neadleleaved forest on the other side of the track but actually the way is its limit, often parcels are limited by ways, waterways or other natural landmarks:
42018-05-09 23:10:09 UTCDiseret Hello, thanks for the advice, I migh have gotten a bit overzealous doing this. Sometimes it's no clear where to put the limit and making a lot of nodes isn't hard with JOSM so I stuck to the borders closely. I hadn't thought about the data size problem.

I should have moved the tracks while doing ...
52018-05-09 23:13:36 UTCDiseret There are a few times where I traced things on 2015 imagery because it was taken when deciduous trees have no leaves and then corrected the position with 2016 imagery, which might cause things to be slightly off where there is strong slopes.
62018-05-10 08:16:18 UTCSHARCRASH I understand, i've had that same excessive zeal also. ;)

Indeed some photo images have an offset because of steep hills or tilted satellite image shots (check if the walls of a close building are very visible) and need to be corrected. It's an issue i've realized only last years. I was wondering...
12018-04-16 13:42:18 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Don't put bicycle=no as this restricts all kinds of bicycle, MTB also but obvisouly MTB can ride on those tracks. This breaks also third party services for planning tours. I'm going to correct your tags.
22018-04-16 13:44:33 UTCSHARCRASH Likesie putting the opposite biycle=yes suggets that all kinds of bicycles can ride on the tracks but obviously road bicycles cannot. :)
32018-04-16 13:44:54 UTCSHARCRASH Likewise putting the opposite*
42018-04-17 06:40:53 UTCStereo bicycle=* is about whether it’s legal to ride a bicycle somewhere. Whether it’s a good idea or not is something that’s best left to the smoothness, tracktype and surface tags, which have been mapped very well here.
52018-04-18 08:07:43 UTCSHARCRASH I know Stereo, but Chachas had put 2 days ago bicycle=no on a way which has the PC1 cycling route here and he commented that "the way is not adapted for road bikes". This suggests that he is misusing the tag bicycle=*, not ME, i just fol...
12018-04-11 14:22:28 UTCSHARCRASH +new elements, tag corrections
12018-04-02 17:25:05 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! If you add new elements, can you also enhance the precision of the interconnected elements, please. For example:

Adding big chunks of landuses is somehow nice because we kind of see in general what's in there but afterwards when adding extra...
22018-04-03 14:22:13 UTCdmlu Hi! So what you basically mean is: Smaller areas?
32018-04-03 15:47:50 UTCSHARCRASH No, i'm saying that you should also pay attention on how precisely you plot your elements (make sure to have your layer well aligned but normally, image. sat. are good even if the angle of photo shots are sometimes different) or correct the element's precision with which you interact. ...
42018-04-03 15:56:56 UTCdmlu Got it, thanks :)
52018-04-03 15:57:56 UTCSHARCRASH Thank you too! :)
12018-04-02 11:46:03 UTCSHARCRASH Please do not create elements which do not exist, there are no constructions, nothing, even if planned because we don't know for how long it can be in standby. If signs of construction would be present, you should have used the correct tags: landuse=construction + construction=hospital Using the tag...
22018-04-02 11:58:36 UTCjalika

About that link you can See the area.
That area is approuved by the Gouvernements of Luxembourg.
32018-04-02 12:05:55 UTCSHARCRASH I guess yeah but as i said, it doesn't exist yet. I explained you. Let's not mislead people using the map. OSM should reflect reality, not agendas of constructions.
42018-04-02 12:07:43 UTCjalika Ok, that is right.
12018-03-19 15:50:02 UTCSHARCRASH Impossible to have all Sûre riverbank without exceeding OSM data limits which adds difficulties. We should try to shrink the MP so that it only includes the inners. Deleted the data tags relevant to the Sûre since they are already in relation 408622, creates redundancy.
12018-03-07 00:56:50 UTCSHARCRASH Deleted also many 1 member relations and placed the same tag in the according ring.
12018-03-05 10:36:33 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! I see that you've cut this way and added fixme I'm wondering if it actually should be in this way position i've inserted now I've plotted mine thanks to's im sat 2016, 2017 and Strava's heat...
22018-03-05 18:47:24 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

Yes indeed i cut that way because i didn´t know how to map the surface of that. Did you walk the Auto-Pédestre of Boulaide 2? That way is part of it, so i´ve checked and it seems that you´re right. On my GPS data it goes straight as yours, but, there are several other...
12018-03-05 07:59:57 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, veuillez ne pas placer les panneaux de signalisation sur l'intersection même du carrefour car de cette manière il peut très bien être interprété pour tous les chemins se dirigeant vers ce point. Or ici
12018-02-26 15:23:30 UTCSHARCRASH Ceci n'est certainement pas un parc.
12018-02-26 15:21:44 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour! Veuillez respecter le consensus des tags établi par la communauté des contributeurs que vous pouvez retrouver dans le Wiki d'OSM. Un élément est taggé selon sa représentation la plus proche à la réalité. Par exemple vous avez d&...
12018-02-26 14:54:00 UTCSHARCRASH Salut Pierre! Attention aux MP, tu avais effacé la relation pour le périmètre externe de la zone résidentielle d'Arlon. Je viens de la remettre.
12018-02-23 11:36:11 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! :) Beware of adding isolated highways (not connected to other ways), it's useless because highways serve mostly as a direction to other ways or places (nodes or areas) and adds useless data to OSM. Like this footway: Just use a crosswalk to ...
12018-02-16 10:04:49 UTCSHARCRASH Hi HAL! About the parc Edmond Dume and its ways behind the Miami University (MUDEC) in Differdange, isn't all that private?
22018-02-16 10:05:46 UTCSHARCRASH Right now i'm editing them but I've put a stop, please don't edit or will get conflicts. Thanks! :)
32018-02-16 10:17:28 UTCSHARCRASH Found my answer:
I used to work there more than 10 years ago and at that time it was private.
42018-02-16 17:44:28 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

I´ve walked there many times so it is of course open to the public, as you read on the site of the commune of Differdange.
Have a nice weekend :)
52018-02-16 20:11:54 UTCSHARCRASH I used to work at MUDEC a long time ago. It was private at that time. Thank you and you too have a nice weekend! :)
12018-02-10 08:37:06 UTCSHARCRASH Hi Dan! Hoooh! At last we know what's been planned there. :D
22018-02-10 13:09:18 UTCwilda69 Hi Moreno, yes I was surprised also to find out! I suppose time will tell when construction will start. The Lenkeschlei school construction I plotted in Dudelange last year has no bulldozers doing anything there yet ;)
12018-02-10 08:33:43 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! We can obviously see it's in Esch. :) Can you be more specific on your changeset description, please? Thank you for your comprehension!
22018-02-10 19:34:03 UTCmjlux Sorry, I agree that wasn't very informative. I added missing street names.
12018-02-09 00:11:37 UTCSHARCRASH most of them were duplicated elements,
12018-02-07 13:09:36 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! If you copy/paste elements to create a more detailed ensemble, make sure that the tags are correct for each element. You didn't rectify the lanes for example. Also you didn't update accordingly the route for the PC6 relation. It's done now, i corrected but don't hesitate to have a double check b...
22018-02-07 17:08:41 UTCDeRom You're right. But this area is a big construction site. Lanes changes weekly. My first objective is that the navigation in the construction site area works properly.
32018-02-07 17:19:24 UTCSHARCRASH Yeah i know, there are even restriction turns that are not included in OSM, i don't think it's worth putting them, it's a lot of work and they might change soon. That's why i only changed the element's lanes in the northern side of the roundabout in construction. What about this element: https://www...
42018-02-07 17:22:21 UTCSHARCRASH Well these constructions have been goign on for quite some time though and quite a few road constructions take time in Luxembourg... (Stafelter tunnel for example). ;) Not a critic, just an observation, better do things right and slow than waste money.
52018-02-07 18:00:11 UTCDeRom Yes, two lanes only. The third are in the moment just for motorway access. I passed the construction site this morning and changed the southern roundabout. i want to change the PC6 nearby the Dumontshaff (parallel to the CR169), but i don’t know how delete it. It does not exist anymore at the ...
62018-02-08 14:45:24 UTCSHARCRASH This cycleway :
starting here :
72018-02-08 15:26:16 UTCDeRom Hi,
The first,
12018-02-02 13:13:21 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Thanks for your edits and updates! I've checked some of this changeset and i noticed that you edited the way whereas it is still misaligned compared to reality/image sat.. This combined to other services, for example the terrain's altitude, might make a big difference for the practical use. S...
22018-02-02 16:48:50 UTCbikedeluxe Hello, thanks for your comment. Can you specify if possible which track(s)/way you mean, because I tried to make several changes concerning MTB-scale. I changed 2-3 times the direction of the way from up- to downhill. I deleted some ways that does not exist. I'm open to every suggestion, please jus...
32018-02-02 17:05:23 UTCSHARCRASH I checked your changeset because i like this area and contribute in it as much as i can because either there are missings, mistakes or imprecise elements already plotted. So i was curious, had an eye on your changeset and i just had found some ways that were still not precise in position. Nevermind,...
12018-01-25 22:34:53 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Can you explain in a description tag why the cycleway is not accessible, please? Thanks in advance.
12018-01-06 18:21:46 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, le sentier près du lycée commençant sur ce node existe toujours, est pratiquable et n'est pas interdit. Une grille a même été installée il y a quelques temps pour éviter que les gens ne tom...
12017-12-28 21:08:59 UTCAleks-Berlin what means .=yes ?
KR, Alex
22017-12-28 22:30:43 UTCSHARCRASH That was for building=yes. A typo, sorry. I had edited many elements and needed to finish it asap. Corrected now! Thanks!
12017-12-27 12:05:22 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! The former "landuse=construction" area that you tagged as landuse=residential was over a bigger landuse=residential. Which makes it duplicate and useless. Also you could have updated the highways in construction. Pitty! All corrected now...
12017-12-22 21:26:47 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Careful with your edits, you've aligned the barrier=hedge with the highway=track...
12017-12-13 12:18:54 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! If there is a gate on one side of the way, there must be another one on the other side, logically. :) What about the general access of the way? Careful where it starts and ends.
22017-12-13 12:56:00 UTCmarc_gerges I figure there's probably something on the other end, but since it was dark this morning I couldn't see very well. I'll check out one of these days when the time of day is better :)
32017-12-13 13:13:39 UTCSHARCRASH Thank you!
12017-12-05 10:24:13 UTCSHARCRASH Salut, s'il te plait, si le chemin est visible sur l'image satellite (pense aussi à l'aligner correctement s'il y a un décalage/offset) trace le au moins correctement. Je t'ai dit que le heatmap de Strava ne constitue pas une source précise. Par contre s'il est caché par ...
22017-12-05 10:30:06 UTCSHARCRASH Petite astuce, les images sat SPW de 2015 ont été faites en hiver, souvent on voit les traces des tracks ou trails même. Mais attention ça m'est déjà arrivé de confondre avec autre chose, exemple: un cours d'eau, ombres... ;)
12017-12-04 13:23:48 UTCSHARCRASH Hello HAL! Sorry to say this but you've repositioned the way for these steps not correctly. Their descent is nearly straight, slightly curved to the left, not much curved to the right as you had repositioned, according my memory, my GPS trace (here: https:/...
22017-12-04 16:41:34 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

Thank you for your comment and correcting my mistake. Unfortunately I couldn't´t access your link to the GPS trace as they are not public. If you encounter any more errors feel free to correct them :)
32017-12-04 16:49:35 UTCSHARCRASH SOrry i gave you the link from the brower, not the accessible link, indeed my traces are private. Here:
12017-11-28 14:57:03 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour! Est-ce que ce rail a été démantelé? Si c'est le cas en effet il faut utiliser "abandoned" sinon il faut laisser la valeur "disused". Etant donné que le pont est toujours là, je suppose que c'est encore présent et donc il f...
22017-11-28 15:19:39 UTCSHARCRASH Pardon j'ai oublié de coller le lien du rail en question:
32017-11-30 08:11:29 UTCDenis_Helfer les informations utiles se trouvent dans la relation
Créer des objets pour du routage ou du pour du rendu est, de mon point de vue, une pratique à proscrire.
Tous les tronçons de la ligne ferroviaire devraient passer au statut aban...
42017-11-30 12:47:56 UTCSHARCRASH Ces chemins de fer n'ont pas été créées spécifiquement pour du routage mais pour signaler son existence. Il y a une différence essentielle entre railway=disused et railway abandoned et ce établi par consensus dans la procédure de vote du Wiki d...
12017-11-29 17:13:04 UTCSHARCRASH Why did you resplit these 2 areas and added back the tags+relations which are already in the main way?
- 71572/history
The tags are duplicated, overloads the rendering with text (way + area name), creat...
22017-11-29 17:13:52 UTCSHARCRASH links corrected:
12017-11-27 19:50:51 UTCStereo Je ne comprends pas "leave this node disconnected, the unstraightened area routing may mislead people", c'est un bug dans les routeurs?
22017-11-27 20:48:06 UTCSHARCRASH Le périmètre des highway areas, parkings par exemple... sontutilisés pour le routing des directions de chemin. Si ces areas là sont collés à des batiments qui ont des formes géométriques complexes, le routing suivra la géométrie c...
32017-11-27 20:55:05 UTCSHARCRASH Voici ce que ca devrait donner avec un mapping clean (node déconnecté) par rapport au 2e exemple que j'ai donné sur mon comentaire précédent:
42017-11-27 21:00:31 UTCSHARCRASH Un exemple bien pourri:
12017-11-20 08:53:37 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! You created this inaccessible path Is it really not accessible even by foot? Can you give a description, please?
22017-11-20 19:05:15 UTCdanny__kay Hi Sharcrash,
you are right. I've altered the designation.
Dan Kelly
32017-11-23 14:29:54 UTCSHARCRASH Thanks for the reply. Further more, if you ever walked that track, isn't it connected to this path , since it goes to the same direction?
42017-11-24 14:41:24 UTCdanny__kay Hi Sharcrash,
I looked on and they don't show the paths joining, so I guess that's right.
52017-11-24 14:51:04 UTCSHARCRASH OK i had hoped you were there. I had been a logn time ago and stayed on the main path. Sometimes is not faithful to reality. I had occasions where i had to add a "note" tag to let contributors know that Geoportail is incorrect and they should not copycat wrongly.
12017-11-20 08:45:32 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! You edited this path some minutes ago Is its access still restricted?
22017-11-20 08:58:52 UTCkarlodc14 Hi. I'm not sure but I think yes because at the end (via Aurelia) there's a gate. We found it open and I don't know if sometimes it's closed.
32017-11-22 13:37:58 UTCSHARCRASH OK thank you! Yeah indeed there is a gate at the Via Aurelia a building along that path which makes me think it's private but i don't know if there is also a gat at the top of the hill.
12017-11-13 11:59:17 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, Je cherche toujours à améliorer la positions des différents élements sur OSM car il ya parfois un manque flagrant de précision. Or, ici sur ce carrefour , j'ai remarqué votre "contournement" q...
22017-11-13 12:09:45 UTCChristophe Mathieu Bonjour,
En effet, et désolé pour l'inexactitude. Disons que j'ai ajouté une grande quantité de tracks car j'ai constaté qu'il en manquait beaucoup dans nos forêts, et je m'appuie pour ce faire sur les données . Mais il fa...
32017-11-13 12:15:38 UTCSHARCRASH Merci de votre comprehension! Je suis en train de corriger. Bien à vous,
12017-11-08 15:01:16 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! I see that you are new to OSM. Please, make sure that you follow OSM's wiki consensus / rules so that a mximum of people are not mislead by an element. For example:
- lanes=0 is illogical there is always at least 1 lane
- respect the type of way you are plotting by considering its type (see...
22017-11-08 15:03:44 UTCSHARCRASH Sorry, i forgot to link you the ways i was talking about...
The lane detail:
The type of way:
32017-11-08 15:35:30 UTCSHARCRASH You are not taking into consideration what i wrote you! A few minutes ago you tagged the first way as "access=no" (access restrictions for all mobility means) whereas it has also "foot= yes" and "bicycle=yes".
42017-11-10 15:22:29 UTCteron testos Hi,

Thank you for assisting me.
>>"access=no" (access restrictions for all mobility means) whereas it has also "foot= yes" and "bicycle=yes".

So how to tag a path forbidden for cars and motorcycles but allowed for bike and pedestrians?

52017-11-10 15:27:20 UTCteron testos connected Way: Rue de la Gare (60784009)
is allowed for motored vehicles only for people living there.
How to set tags here ?
62017-11-10 15:48:42 UTCSHARCRASH A "highway=path" will always be impossible to be driven by cars since it's a type of way which is too much narrow for any 4 wheeled vehicle. So you don't need to add any dedicated access tag unless particular situation. If by "path" you meant a way in general, then you just need ...
72017-11-10 15:48:59 UTCSHARCRASH i changed the unclassified road.
12017-11-09 14:33:57 UTCSHARCRASH Hi, what is the point of creating ways without connecting them? I'm astonished since you are registered in OSM for quite a long time. There are third party routing services that use the processes of ways to establish direction...
12017-10-12 10:49:07 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! You edited this way some time ago: It would be better to avoid the tag "highway=road" since it's totally unspecific. There are far enough of all kinds of ways in OSM to find the most appropriate. I'm correcting at the moment all th...
12017-10-11 15:43:51 UTCSHARCRASH Hi, you were the last person to edit this way (image printscreen): As you see, you have totally misplaced the position of a node. I've shared an image because i'm going to correct it now, so that third party services get u...
12017-09-11 11:09:07 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! This is very unlikely a way only being a cycleway. What about the access to the farm on the East side of that way... certainly not ONLY by bicycle! Logic! :) Allowed access for a certain type of mobility does not make the way necessarily that type of way. There are many access signs on the ro...
22017-10-03 05:24:31 UTCSHARCRASH You don't give a damn... right... I'll keep that in mind.
12017-09-15 05:31:08 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review
I assume you meant service here. I did not correct it because there is also a barrier=gate which is unclear. If you know this place please place the barrier node so that it is not a junction of two different highway ways. See also https...
22017-09-15 12:39:12 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Yep, i ment service. Thanks you! This area is filled with elements having an offset, wrong tags, etc. I wanted to correct as much as possible before leaving for an appointment. ;)
12017-09-03 08:17:45 UTCGerdP Hi!
Please review highway=crossing + footway=crossing on some ways. The correct tagging is highway=footway + footway=crossing
22017-09-04 14:47:33 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! This is quite misleading! The page you shared is the one i had seen recently and what i have done actually for this changeset. I had already used the combination highway=footway + footway=crossing though but i don't use very often urban elements, so i had to check again, was confused and I th...
32017-09-04 17:59:43 UTCStereo The crossing=zebra tag is, unfortunately, incorrect. I try to replace it with crossing=uncontrolled/traffic_signals/unmarked when I come across it. Apparently there's more than 1000 in Luxembourg :-/.
42017-09-04 22:54:00 UTCSHARCRASH Yeah people tend to imitate what they see often, even unknowingly errors assuming it is correct.
I've changed the tags i had edited in this area with crossing=traffic_signals or uncontrolled
12017-08-31 15:35:07 UTCSHARCRASH Hi Dan! You say in your changeset comment that the access is unrestricted (free) from north but some parts are still restricted as private. I think it's because the way was split in several parts and you only changed the one near the fence put aside. I've tried by logic deduction to correct this. Ca...
12017-08-21 16:58:15 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! You had created this track but it crosses a fence visible on the satellite imagery at this position What is the real situation? Is it a former track since it's nearly overcrowded by grass, is there a gat...
22017-08-28 09:08:40 UTCFrédéric Gutkin Hello SHARCRASH,
In fact, the way coming from the forest stops before the farmyard. The visible track was a fence. I corrected it.
Thank you for your remark and sorry.
32017-08-31 10:14:11 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! OK thanks! Happy plotting!
12017-08-22 07:57:19 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! You created this node without the tag "amenity=parking", instead you used a tag "tourism=attraction" and named it "Parking". My guess it's not a parking since there is no way for vehicules going to that parking. So wh...
22017-08-24 21:35:04 UTCgdiamandiev Hello,
I'm using to add points on the go. I did not find parking as an option. This is possible to get by a car. I was there with my friends with 3 cars. It is quite steep but it saves about 2-3 hours walking (both directions). Also there are 2 parking on top - private and public. I can sho...
32017-08-25 08:51:33 UTCSHARCRASH OK! Thanks for the feedback! :) Yeah not always easy with third party services. I will correct the tag. At least it will be rendered correctly on most maps.
12017-08-24 18:40:18 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour! Cette haie n'existe plus depuis au moins 2015 selon les images satellites SPW(allonie) 2015 aerial imagery. Veuillez ne pas vous fier à des images satellites trop agées. Merci de votre compréhension!

12017-08-23 11:26:29 UTCjuminet Hi SHARCRASH, this way ( you edited 20 days ago has no attribute. I cannot see what it is from imagery. Do you know how it should be tagged?

Happy mapping, and congrats for your massive edits in South Belgium and Lux!

22017-08-24 15:20:21 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Thanks for having reported this! It looks like a track i didn't finish plotting. It's visible from the SPW(allonie) 2015 aerial imagery. It's tagged now.
Thanks for the compliment! Likewise for you! :)
12017-08-14 17:36:55 UTCjuminet Hi,

Could you have a look at This track is nearly superimposed with the unclassified road (# 511800048) you edited 14 days ago. Should we delete the way #82281260?

Happy mapping,
22017-08-21 16:39:37 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! These 2 untagged lines are in the middle of nowhere:
According to your changeset comment, they were ways that do not exist anymore. OK... but what we can see doesn't look at all like ways: they ...
12017-08-18 20:48:05 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! You degraded many elements! I understand it's not easy but you have to check the beginner's guide and the OSM's wiki to make sure you are using properly all elements and their tags. I will correct them. Nevertheless, here are the errors you did:
- you had made this way as a cycleway whereas ...
12017-08-17 15:10:28 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour! Plusieurs problèmes sur vos chemins récents:
- ce point d'intersection n'est pas connecté, or toutes les intersection doivent être connectés pour pouvoir toutes utiliser les fonctions.
- Pourquoi "access...
12017-08-04 15:23:48 UTCscai Hi SHARCRASH,

please try to add useful changeset comments which help other mappers to understand your changesets better. For example "fixed landuse" in this specific case.

22017-08-04 23:02:25 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! I understand you pint. But, as said in my profile... I won't comment anymore my changesets for 3 reasons... First, because some people think they are above the open source philosophy and force other users to use a certain workflow and/or tools to match their egocentric needs, so i want to imp...
12017-07-28 16:53:46 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! I noticed for the 3'rd time that you're not placing accurately the elements you edited these last days. Check the offset of your editor's imagery and correct its offset with a procise source.
12017-06-01 15:22:05 UTCSHARCRASH Hi ! Can you make sure that all elements you edited are correct please? For example:
- you didn't remove the old reception, you expanded the it and along deformed the small building Rentabike and the hedge attached to it
- you deleted partially a way which was one of the entrances to the camping,...
12017-05-26 11:45:01 UTCSHARCRASH Please, do not make cliffs a closed round way, or they won't render in Mapnik and other maps. I think this is the case also with other elements. That's why i created all those rocky cliffs with 2 seperate lines.
22017-05-28 09:32:23 UTCStereo says circular cliffs should work as soon as the next version of carto makes it to production.
32017-05-29 09:47:50 UTCSHARCRASH Yeah but for now it doesn't, so in my opinion this little hack does the job without compromising the future fix.
12017-05-28 10:45:35 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Why did you make this former [landuse area]( also a building?? Making it a building inside another building... There is even a service way crossing it without any building passage. By deduction this can't be a building.
12017-05-27 12:29:12 UTCSHARCRASH Wrong comment. See the history of the elements from the according changeset.
12017-05-27 12:28:56 UTCSHARCRASH Wrong comment. See the history of the elements from the according changeset.
12017-05-27 12:28:47 UTCSHARCRASH Wrong comment. See the history of the elements from the according changeset.
12017-05-27 12:28:42 UTCSHARCRASH Wrong comment. See the history of the elements from the according changeset.
12017-05-27 12:28:34 UTCSHARCRASH Wrong comment. See the history of the elements from the according changeset.
12017-05-27 12:28:26 UTCSHARCRASH Wrong comment. See the history of the elements from the according changeset.
12017-05-26 15:41:30 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour! QUID de ce chemin: ? Normalement il se connectait sur ce pt et allait jusqu'à ce carrefour or maintenant le track est une voie sans issue. Pas logiqu...
22017-05-26 15:42:56 UTCSHARCRASH J'ai reconnecté en attendant au cas où d'une mise à jour tierce à lieu.
32017-05-26 19:58:53 UTCybis57 Bonjour,
En effet je suis passé ce matin à l'endroit indiqué par votre lien ; malgré beaucoup de prudence à chaque fois que je modifie/crée un tracé sur OSM, j'ai probablement effacé la portion dont vous parliez, et je m'en excuse ; vous avez...
42017-05-27 08:49:31 UTCSHARCRASH Merci pour l'info! Bon weekend à vous!
12017-05-24 09:30:28 UTCSHARCRASH Revert of changeset 48939009. User had created superMPs (MP with split perimeters). Contacted also the user via private message explaining the reasons and suggestion him a solution for further edits.
12017-05-24 07:50:26 UTCxXMapperXx please remember when adding areas in another area to make them as 'inner'
(I'm currently fixing it at Sonnebierg)
22017-05-24 08:36:28 UTCSHARCRASH Example(s)?
32017-05-24 08:37:13 UTCSHARCRASH Usually if i don't, it's because there is a reason.
12017-04-30 11:51:33 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! Please take note that you've added many empty lines that have no real application in OSM. Here is the report :,way_with_short_or_long_key,ways_witho...
22017-05-11 16:23:14 UTCSHARCRASH ¬¬
12017-05-02 08:59:25 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! I notice that you have plotted some paths with access=no, yet they make a loop, so you you must have accessed the path somehow unless you have some kind of high-end echo radar device. Like this one for example: I can guess some, like the path can't b...
22017-05-02 10:25:09 UTCRicoElectrico Well, the changeset has a source tag...
32017-05-02 22:47:47 UTCSHARCRASH Well, elementary my dear RicoTricko! But see, the page is in Polish and not everything on that page, like images or some words, get properly or at all translated by online translators and i don't speak polish... Unless you expect people to understand polish, even if it's mostly spoken in Poland. Tha...
42017-05-03 00:17:42 UTCRicoElectrico Meh, you would still manage to do understand what's going on if you were determined enough ;p

Going to said Wikipedia page ("mapa na Wikipedii" = map on the Wikipedia)

See the map. The green path seems to coincide with...
52017-05-07 08:06:13 UTCMateusz Konieczny This is basically micro import of data from map of the cave.
12017-04-13 08:21:11 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! How come there are buildings inside the larger building?
22017-04-13 18:16:01 UTCindeko Sorry, it is schoolarea
32017-04-13 18:16:54 UTCSHARCRASH That makes totally sense! :) Thanks!
12017-03-24 14:08:51 UTCSHARCRASH Please make sure you are using the right tags for every element... Check the Wiki! Tracks are more adapted for rural zones since these ways are often unmaintained (no asphalt, partially or if asphalt they are dirty, have stones left by tractors, etc). They can also be flat and compacted, check track...
22017-03-24 14:13:18 UTCSHARCRASH I corrected already. But please check the Wiki since you have been contributing in OSM for a long time. Thanks!
12017-02-21 00:36:07 UTCSHARCRASH Tous ces changements de "Tracks" vers "Paths" sont faux. Et cette Tertiary road en plein milieu du bois et entre 2 "Tracks"? C'est totalement illogique même sans connaitre le lieu en réalité. Je connais très bien ce bois, j'y ai grandi, je le ...
12016-12-14 08:17:47 UTCSHARCRASH Hi, This is not a MP but a simple relation to relate several parts of the remnants from a building in ruins, therefore the exact shape is unknown.
If you were rather reported here because of a building key being set on an unclosed line element well in my opinion this is a flaw of the tag itself.
22017-01-16 03:12:29 UTCridixcr hi SHARCRASH!

With regards to the comment about my change, my apologies for having removed this tag and thanks for revertiro but according to the wiki "building = ruins" are applied on areas in any case would apply this other tag &...
12016-11-11 19:55:03 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Doesn't the "Camp de Lagland" actually include the "Champ de Tir" polygon, the new area you recently added and even isn't it bigger? I found this source, but it might be outdated:
Not sure what is the situation of the zone today because i heard by a Bel...
12016-11-09 12:07:12 UTCSHARCRASH Woodpeck your edits are flawed! You are breaking the elements i created! They didn't need any edit! I'm astonished that someone who has such a position like yours within OSMF makes SUCH MISTAKES! This is not right, you made a circular track whereas it's an area of woods: https://www.openstreetmap.or...
22016-11-09 12:09:26 UTCSHARCRASH The element which i was talking about and must be grass instead of a service area is this one:
32016-11-09 12:11:30 UTCSHARCRASH This place was filled with an area element:
42016-11-09 12:21:04 UTCSHARCRASH
52016-11-09 12:41:16 UTCSomeoneElse @SHARCRASH You added as a circular highway=track 4 months ago. Are you saying that that is incorrect?
62016-11-09 12:51:19 UTCSHARCRASH No, i haven't plotted that as a circular track, that's user woodpeck altering and degrading data! I had plotted that element as a MP wood. Something is flawed in the recording process of the history, some edits within MPs are not being recorded.

Also user stereo is making degradations:
72016-11-09 13:57:03 UTCwoodpeck Yes, it appears that the "reconstruct polygon" function has a bug when it comes to copying tags. I'll investigate and fix this before I continue, but I definitely intend to "degrade" many more multipolygons created by SHARCRASH - essentially all those where several otherwise unre...
82016-11-09 14:14:24 UTCSHARCRASH Unrelated??? Of course they are JUST woods! Would you care to explain me what makes them so special and so individual one from the other??? And if they are not for some very local reason, the MP can still easily be edited by someone who needs to make that specification. You, what you are doing here ...
92016-11-09 14:25:13 UTCSomeoneElse @SHARCRASH, heres an example where it makes sense to have two polygons linked together: . Here the two pieces of natural=wood together form "Breck's Plantation" - they are logically one thing. However it doesn't make sense to join things int...
102016-11-09 14:39:38 UTCSHARCRASH I know that Andy. But why should i be forbidden to use MPs to ease my contributions within iD while i respect in general real features and what's been ruled out in Wiki! This editor doesn't have the complex plugin tools that JOSM has! Using only polygons would slow tremendously the workflow since i ...
12016-11-09 12:43:18 UTCSomeoneElse Hi SHARCRASH,
Can you explain what is supposed to be? It seems to be an unrelated series of features.
Perhaps have a read of,_one_OSM_element ?
Best Regards,
22016-11-09 13:30:29 UTCSHARCRASH No, it's the same feature, it's supposed to be landuse=meadow. Actually field for pasture and for hay are always entwined and should be considered the same feature with a single element. In reality, farmers alternate this rotation process between pasture and hay (to give the land a rest) on a field ...
32016-11-09 13:43:48 UTCSHARCRASH It was part of this MP
but Woodpeck broke it. As you can see, history doesn't reflect Woodpeck's edits which may mislead on who did the certain edits.
42016-11-09 14:08:53 UTCSomeoneElse That relation as of 1st November can be viewed at . Can you explain what the two pieces of meadow west of the CR106 have in common with each other, and with the piece to the east, apart from happening to have the same tags?
52016-11-09 14:26:01 UTCSHARCRASH Not everybody has the knowledge to see in there. Why should people look in several different places for the same kind of data (historic purposes)? This misleads people! With all due respect, I can't explain in detail because i feel that i've already enough wasted time with futile explanations wherea...
62016-11-09 14:31:51 UTCSomeoneElse No - the point of a multipolygon is not to share the same tags. It's to joining things that really are related in the real world.
12016-11-09 12:50:31 UTCSHARCRASH Guillaume, do you know really what you are doing? You are breaking elements! That's vandalism within OSM data!
And here you are putting layers over layers and fences over fences, is that what you call MP simplification??? That's awkward editing! https://...
22016-11-09 12:58:24 UTCSHARCRASH By the way, by viewing your flawed edits... I think that can you stop looking over my shoulder and patronizing me... I haven't said anything for months, trying to be conciliating. But since you are being hypocrite and quiete disrespectful, enough is enough.
12016-11-07 10:16:45 UTCSHARCRASH Hi!
Why are you adding elements which do not exist? There is no castle on here:
And what about this one?
Also i noticed that you had deleted the grass i had built in here:
12016-11-02 18:40:22 UTCStereo Hello! Le tag highway=no est à éviter:

Comme tu joues au golf ;), tu as vu les tags pour mapper les terrains de golf?
22016-11-02 20:56:39 UTCSHARCRASH Oui j'ai vu, mais déprécié n'est pas forcément interdit (highway key can have "user defined" values) et surtout dans ce cas il n'est pas du tout redondant étant donné que je l'ajoute pour éviter que le périmètre de l'area MP ne...
32016-11-03 12:43:37 UTCStereo C'est quel logiciel de routage qui fait ça? On dirait un bug!

Si c'est utile pour l'édition avec iD, ça serait possible de les virer avant d'uploader?
42016-11-03 13:18:09 UTCSHARCRASH Guillaume, ce n'est pas un logiciel spécifique mais plusieurs services tiers que ce soit logiciel (Garmin) ou online ( ou Graphhoper, OSRM... qui sont d'ailleurs liés à ou Gpsies par exemple). Exemple que j'ai mis en place et qui fonctionne ...
52016-11-03 20:18:45 UTCStereo Ah, le problème de la squelettisation topologique, ok. Oui, aucun logiciel de routage ne le fait. Il faudrait un sacré algorithme qui sache connecter chaque adresse sur la place Guillaume II en ville, ou sur

Je pense que plut&o...
12016-10-25 14:28:05 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Is this really an element that should have the tag natural=cliff?
22016-10-25 17:07:59 UTCpeter_osm Hi
No, not really. It's quite a time ago that I changed this, but as far as I remember I only moved the line to the correct location. The line (cliff) was already there.
It's a kind of step in a field, maybe with a meter height. Too steep for hiking, biking, etc. over it.
32016-10-29 07:03:20 UTCSHARCRASH OK! Thanks for the infos!
12016-10-18 20:23:42 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, j'ai remarqué que vous avez changé le tag de ce sentier:
Or Footway
implique un chemin avec une structure à surface plane strictement réservé au...
22016-10-18 20:25:00 UTCSHARCRASH Aussi, aucun besoin d'ajouter foot=yes si le chemin est de base destiné aux piétons. Logique! ;)
12016-10-02 23:02:02 UTCSHARCRASH Hello!
Does this way exist as an independent single trail parallel to the main track or was it the actual large track?
I walked the track not a long time ago and i haven't noticed any single trail, still wondering if i missed it... :)
22016-10-09 00:17:39 UTCsperlingskauz Hi SHARCRASH,
I don't insert that path, I just splitt an existing way/path. We hiked the track in the west of this path.
Just feel free to cleanup that path!
Kind regards, sperlingskauz
32016-10-09 15:45:47 UTCSHARCRASH OK! Thanks for the response!
12016-08-31 19:53:27 UTCStereo Tu essaies pas JOSM? :)
22016-08-31 20:02:01 UTCSHARCRASH Je suis passé par là aujourd'hui, j'enregistre mes observations vite fait avant que je n'oublie. :) JOSM je le laisse pour des edits où je pourrai prendre mon temps à chercher les bonnes fonctions, options, listes, etc... pour editer.
12016-08-02 10:46:09 UTCSHARCRASH Please, when you import or make an automated edit, make sure you don't scramble the elements already in place! For example, i had shaped this amphitheatre in half-moon: but since your edit, it lost its shape.

Also consider if it's worth to import from...
22016-08-09 13:30:10 UTCsperlingskauz @SHARCRASH: All of my changes are handmade. I moved the amphitheatre in a new position based on my gps data and information of the topo card. Sorry about didn't restoring your excellent half-moon shape.

12016-07-19 08:17:13 UTCSHARCRASH Hello, please do not create self intersection lines from the area element, here the Grass MultiPolygon (see MP on the map here: ), this will clearly create an error report from OSMinspector (
12016-07-04 09:27:31 UTCSHARCRASH Hello HAL_Lux!

For this way You've set it as access=private and bicycle=yes. Doesn't this mean instead that its access is permissive?

Also, if bicycles have access, wouldn't pedestrians (foot) have the same right of access?
22016-07-04 10:55:28 UTCHAL_lux Hi,

Oh yes i see.... i didn't see the bicycle tag, i will remove it later, since there is a "Chemin privé" sign
32016-07-04 16:31:02 UTCSHARCRASH Thanks for the response! I corrected anyway since I noticed another tag issue on the same way + others (route=bicycle should only be used on relations), will check if there is a cycling route. :)
42016-07-05 04:47:39 UTCHAL_lux Thanks to you too for correcting it :) It was on the Auto-Pédestre of Steinfort i've noticed it that it was a private path... btw, it was a nice little circuit ;)
12016-06-30 16:04:41 UTCStereo Please don’t delete data because you can’t see an use for it. Others might have an use for it - firefighters for example.

In this case, they should have been tagged as service = driveway.

Do you know how to undo a changeset?
22016-06-30 22:43:32 UTCSHARCRASH Hi!

Well i really don't think that anyone will ever need a map for such tiny driveways, they are barely 20 meters long max according way size/scale, and they are directly accessible from main street or nothing suggests that the entrance from the buildings or private resid.area is somewhat hidden...
12016-06-29 15:34:49 UTCSHARCRASH Hi Dan! Is this hiking route "Sentier de la Batte à Halanzy" really correct? First this route isn't located in Halanzy as the name suggests, then i found sources showing it totally different in Halanzy:

- official source http://www.a...
12016-06-28 16:32:26 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour,
Suite à vos changements, vous avez inséré des erreurs et abimé des éléments qui du coup n'apparaissent plus sur le "map layer standard". Voudriez-vous bien les corriger, svp?
22016-06-28 16:33:13 UTCSHARCRASH Aussi...
32016-06-28 16:34:35 UTCSHARCRASH Et...
42016-06-28 16:51:32 UTCSHARCRASH Tout compte fait, étant donné que je connais bien les structures de cette région, habitué aux MP etc... Je viens de réparer moi même tous les éléments sans pour autant toucher à la route. S'il vous plait gardez à l'esprit qu'il vou...
52016-06-28 19:46:50 UTCosmysc Bonsoir,

Mes excuses pour les dégâts causés à la carte par mes erreurs de débutant et ma méconnaissance des techniques d'édition - j'avoue que c'était en effet mon baptême d'édition dans OSM, et j'aurais être plus mé...
12016-06-22 21:40:26 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour,

Selon OSMi, apparrament vous avez créé plusieurs "duplicated nodes" (2 points superposés et joints par une ligne, normalement, il faut déconnecter au besoin et effacer le node en trop). Voir le lien:
12016-06-03 10:56:25 UTCSHARCRASH Hi Dan, since your changeset, it seems that a large portion of the MP forest positioning ( has been shifted up to north, so compared to reality there is now a large offset. I can't move it in iD since it doesn't allow us to move such big elements. In the m...
12016-05-14 10:52:38 UTCSHARCRASH Hello Wilda, I've been brought here because of this OSMi report:
I don't know what you did exactly but you deformed the geometries of this area, for example:
12016-05-13 16:07:44 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Does this path continue?
22016-05-13 16:37:49 UTCHAL_lux Hi, apperently it does... but a man i've encountered on that way said to me that it was way too dangerous to continue on that track because of the many sinkholes and crevices there. So i've mapped only where i encountered him with a hazard tag...
32016-05-13 16:41:20 UTCSHARCRASH OK! I will check it one of these next days. I added a fixme=continue just in case i forget. Thank you! :)
42016-05-13 16:46:55 UTCHAL_lux No Problem, but be careful and just walk it on your own risk. I will have a look on it here on OSM, but personally i will never walk it again ;)
52016-05-13 16:55:25 UTCSHARCRASH OK! Thanks for the advice but you increased even more my curiosity. LOL
62016-05-14 08:26:26 UTCSHARCRASH I checked it yesterday, needed a walk anyway... even had a rain shower, LOL. The 1st large part of the way is actually a track unused for long, so i changed tags accordingly, added details and the noexit tag on the final node. The rest is not even a path since no sign of recurrent use, just less lit...
12016-05-03 09:12:08 UTCSHARCRASH Hi, can you please repair the MP forest and scrub you've broken on this changeset?
and Thanks for your comprehension! :)
22016-05-03 09:13:17 UTCSHARCRASH Basically you will have to replace the right relation on the elements to form the MP.
32016-05-13 11:46:17 UTCSHARCRASH Since you don't care, i corrected it.
12016-04-09 08:05:36 UTCSHARCRASH Hi! Please avoid intersection points or lines like in the parking you did here: OSMi repports this as an error:,s...
22016-04-09 11:38:14 UTCJavier Gutiérrez Fixed
12016-04-07 21:04:18 UTCSHARCRASH Hi, Rue Joseph Kieffer is supposed to be a Secondary Road according official sources (ref CR110). Please revert, thanks!
22016-04-07 21:05:27 UTCSHARCRASH ...also the rest of the road leading to Ehlerange.
32016-04-08 06:30:45 UTCpeter_osm Hello,

sorry for that, my map showed a different layout of CR110. Cancelled changes.
12016-04-06 20:27:37 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, pourriez rectifier les erreurs signalés par OSMi que l'import à généré, SVP? A force d'imports sans correction, la carte française commence sérieusmeent à devenir un vrai foutoir sur OSMi. Merci pour votre compréhension! :)
12016-03-31 19:27:06 UTCStereo Hahaha,
22016-04-01 09:57:42 UTCSHARCRASH ! ! ! :O Private life exposed! Hahaha! Ca te fait marrer hein! MDR! :) Satané copy/paste qui n'a pas fait son travail...
12016-02-18 12:08:08 UTCSHARCRASH Hello,
When editing, please make sure that:
- ways are connected, otherwise planing routes and other routing functions won't work
- for MP relations, lines are connected and perimeter is correct
Errors since your last edit:
22016-03-17 09:06:48 UTCSHARCRASH Since you don't show up, I reconnected myrself the ways and corrected the MP.
Please, next time just make sure things are alright. :)
32016-03-17 10:09:14 UTCAmodef Hi ! Sorry to have been a bit late to answer you. I usually check twice to be sure to not let a track unconnected, but no one is perfect, right ? :)

About this particular place, I've passed lot of time unlinking the roads/tracks from the residential area (they have nothing in common, really).

42016-03-17 10:49:51 UTCSHARCRASH No problem for the late feedback. OSM is about free dedication. :) Indeed no one is perfect, myself i make errors and come back on tools like OSM Inspector to check if i didn't leave any awkward element.

You don't need to unlink them, they just share the same line structure for the mechanical of ...
52016-03-17 12:42:31 UTCAmodef About the residential area, do you think that I should map legal informations (where buildings are allowed to be built) or the situation in situ ? They are usually very close, but the first is clearly defined, while the second is more subjective.
Legal situation is publicly available on the of...
62016-03-17 16:13:05 UTCSHARCRASH Replied you in private message.
12016-03-01 12:08:37 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! Got in here after seeing some MP errors reported by OSMi. See here:,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,ring_not_...
22016-03-01 14:23:43 UTCJavier Gutiérrez Hello,

Thanks for the message. The errors are now corrected. Sorry for the inconveniences, beginner here.

32016-03-01 16:21:38 UTCSHARCRASH Thank you for your effort! Well appreciated! I can understand the mistakes, it happens even to experienced people.
Wishing you good continuation!
12016-02-23 11:53:47 UTCStereo Si tu es dans le coin, cette note semble indiquer que le CR110 s'appelle Rue d'Esch au sud de l'intersection jusqu'à la frontière avec Esch?
22016-02-23 12:32:21 UTCSHARCRASH Je vais vérifier, je passerai par là aujourd'hui.
12016-01-27 12:34:48 UTCSHARCRASH Hello!
Lately you've been adding elements out of which many have been plotted awkwardly, see OSMi for errors you generated:

Example 1:

12016-01-15 12:59:30 UTCStereo Hmm, but that's tagging for the renderer if the grass isn't actually hovering in the air.
22016-01-15 14:15:02 UTCSHARCRASH Yeah i know, my edit was a test for a "substitute" at one of OSM's flaws. Obviously you don't get what's at stake. If you don't know, sorry, OSM comments don't allow enough characters for a full explanation. I explained the most important in my changeset comment.
32016-01-15 14:19:16 UTCSomeoneElse @SHARCRASH I agree, it can be frustrating that OSM changeset comments don't allow more than 255 characters. However, you've always got the option (as soon as the changeset is closed) of adding a changeset discussion comment that extends it - you can explain all you like in there.
42016-01-15 21:28:30 UTCSHARCRASH @SomeoneElse Good idea! I will think about it for the next time. Thanks! But it's really long to explain. Stereo knows me well for the loooong communications i can write.
12016-01-03 09:20:41 UTCwolfv please stop vandalizing osm or set your nodes correctly
22016-01-03 11:51:37 UTCSHARCRASH Good job wolfv on the fast editing! I've reported this issue in the Github forum. The methods that the sex market uses on internet have always been pathetic...
12015-12-23 14:16:23 UTCSHARCRASH Hello!

Please, be careful to not generate lines of MP intersections. See OSMi error here:,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_clo...
12015-12-23 13:31:19 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour!

S'il vous plait, attention aux intersections des MP. Voir l'erreur sur OSMi:,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_...
12015-11-17 09:19:04 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, la façon dont vous créez les MP est incorrect: vous créez des éléments de MP en doublon et des intersections entre éléments de MP ce qui génère des erreurs dans OSMi (ca ne fait que grandir sur la carte). Le Wiki d'OSM explique ...
12015-11-17 08:49:59 UTCSHARCRASH Hello! There is a role mismatch error report in OSMi (,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,ring_not_closed,unconnected_end_nodes,touching...
12015-11-06 19:24:58 UTCSHARCRASH Hello, please be careful when you edit elements to not break them, it's the second time you generate errors for multipolygons (1st error is the forest/construction road in Esch-sur-Alzette). Here you deleted a line which was closing an area. Since you are new, i recommend you to read the OSM wiki ab...
12015-10-04 09:48:01 UTCSHARCRASH Hello,
Since you added this [empty line(???)](, you also falsified this [administrative boundary in way 50231865]( and this [administrative boundaries in way 295195567]( ...
22015-10-04 16:27:14 UTCSHARCRASH Update for my previous message: fixed the issue myself, saw the problem and it didn't seem to be a big issue to fix.

12015-10-04 15:50:02 UTCSHARCRASH Hello,

I'm letting you know that OSMi reported errors since your changeset:,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,ring...
22015-10-04 15:58:05 UTCGehrke Fixed. Was one of those public transportation relations
32015-10-04 15:59:28 UTCGehrke Major changes where necessary in this area because boundaries were completely wrong.
42015-10-04 16:01:24 UTCSHARCRASH Nice catch! :)
12015-10-04 09:04:51 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour,

Vous avez totalement erroné le rendu de ces éléments:
- cimetière
- Athénée royal
- Institut Cardijn
Du coup, ils n'apparaissent plus sur la carte comme il le faut. Pourquoi avez-vous edité leur périmetre??? Il n'y avait rien &a...
12015-09-29 18:58:28 UTCStereo Tiens, pour tes fixes de polygones, tu connais osmose?
22015-09-30 08:41:51 UTCSHARCRASH Hello, oui je connais. :) Mais une fois que l'erreur est enregistrée, elle y reste tant que personne ne l'aura effacé d'OSMose, même si déjà corrigé entre-temps. Ca donne l'impression d'y perdre notre temps, alors OSMi m'est suffisant. A la prochaine mise &ag...
12015-09-20 17:43:25 UTCSHARCRASH Tu as une erreur d'OSMi sur les bâtiments de la BEI (Banque euro. d'inv.):,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,rin...
22015-09-21 03:55:39 UTCStereo Tu as tout à fait raison, ce n'est pas le bon type de relation. Par contre, j'ai laissé ça avec trois polygones pour les trois parties, je ne vois pas l'intérêt de multipolygones ici.
32015-09-21 08:39:32 UTCSHARCRASH Je croyais que tu allais encore fignoler les bâtiments avec les surfaces vertes internes, sinon pas trop d'intérêt en effet. :)
12015-09-20 15:10:53 UTCStereo Ça doit pas être facile de jongler tous tes multipolygones avec l'éditeur iD. Tu as déjà essayé JOSM?
22015-09-20 17:34:03 UTCSHARCRASH Lorsqu'il y a beaucoup d'éléments à éditer, en effet. :) Mais dans ce cas-ci je crois qu'il s'agit d'un bug où OSMi généré n'importe quel type d'erreur lorsque 2 polygones d'un même MP se touchent sur un même node. J'ai déj&a...
12015-09-14 11:26:55 UTCSHARCRASH Hello,
Since this edit, there is an OSMi intersection error on way 53238233 (boundary:administrative) including several relations of other boundaries. As boundaries are quite sensitive data, you have the final answer for the correction, if you can recall. Please correct, thank you!
22015-09-16 15:47:41 UTCediyes Hello SHARCRASH

Thanks for noticing the mistake, I have reverted the changeset in
Also I have added a filter in JOSM so that this does not happen in the future.
32015-09-16 18:34:01 UTCSHARCRASH Thank you! :) Hmm, interesting feature from JOSM! I use mainly ID.
Wishing you a nice continuation!
12015-09-11 10:38:49 UTCSHARCRASH After our email discussion, posting here for the record. Since your changesets 33940776 & 33940531:
• relation 5473505 is broken, it is not rendered anymore
• you deleted several MP relations in Esch-sur-Alzette I had created and you replaced some with simple areas, others were delet...
12015-09-11 10:38:26 UTCSHARCRASH After our email discussion, posting here for the record. Since your changesets 33940776 & 33940531:
• relation 5473505 is broken, it is not rendered anymore
• you deleted several MP relations in Esch-sur-Alzette I had created and you replaced some with simple areas, others were delet...
12015-07-20 11:44:58 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour, vous avez inséré une série d'erreurs dans cette zone (voir lien), veuillez les corriger svp, merci!,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersec...
12015-07-08 10:57:57 UTCSHARCRASH Voici une autre zone avec une multitude d'erreurs (explication dans mon commentaire précédent):,ring_not_closed,unconnected_end_nodes,role_mismatch_hull,r...
12015-07-08 10:52:19 UTCSHARCRASH Bonjour,
Vous avez inséré une multitude d'erreurs dans plusieurs changesets en ne respectant pas les règles de tracage d'OSM (voir le guide ou Wiki OSM). Ceci engendre une masse de calcul inutile pour les serveurs, des erreurs dans le rendu de la carte et des confusions pour le...
12015-06-26 10:00:35 UTCSHARCRASH Note: the animal shelter adopted the french name according their website.
12015-06-07 21:31:16 UTCStereo The on-the-ground rule says that we only map what actually exists. If the building has been razed, it doesn’t belong in OSM. There are some historical maps projects, but none in Luxembourg as far as I know.
22015-06-08 09:28:25 UTCSHARCRASH Logic! Thanks Stereo!
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