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12017-08-18 16:47:35 UTCmaxerickson It seems this import accidentally omitted building relations:

Not just in this changeset, the entire region. Not too bad to patch up, ~180 ways shown in that query, so probably 90 fixes at most (depending on how many of the ways are from other sources and how many o...
22017-08-21 12:31:46 UTCJonah Adkins Thanks for catching that. Ill check it out.
12017-07-12 02:34:06 UTCJonah Adkins Hello! Welcome to OSM!!

This point for the Bad Bean (one of my fav spots in the OBX) is a bit far south of the actual location. The actual location has been updated here:

- Jonah

12017-02-11 03:11:24 UTCJonah Adkins hi! looks like you may have accidentally changed the tag of the whole base to residential here... with regard to the housing - the official installation boundary includes the housing area
12016-08-12 01:22:25 UTCJonah Adkins hi! im doing a bunch of fixes based on some local knowledge + paper maps in this area - a few of the roads youve re-tagged as minor are primary/majors for local traffic... is it ok if i re-adjust them as needed? thx - jonah
12016-06-07 09:02:37 UTCgormo Hi, did you delete a way of the relation for the military area on purpose? Is the south part still a military area or not? Please check this edit.
22016-06-07 09:41:31 UTCgormo The way i mean is
32016-06-07 12:16:25 UTCJonah Adkins Hi @gormo - just updating the boundaries to current - dozed off before i could finish -- should be complete now
42016-06-07 13:23:21 UTCgormo Hi, great, thanks! :-)
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