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12018-01-16 12:43:04 UTCJavier Sanchez Hola
He visto que has separado los edificios dejando pasillos de 0,5 metros o menos. Antes de seguir contribuyendo, ¿es esta la forma correcta de digitalizar los edificios en esta zona? Entiendo que si la pared entre ambos edificios es común y no queda espacio ni para meter un sobre n...
12018-01-09 14:01:08 UTCdaveemtb This isn't a railway, it's the border fence and accompanying road. See this photo for a similar section of border fence:
12018-01-09 13:57:21 UTCdaveemtb This is not a railroad/railway. It is a border fence and road. It looks like this: I have already fixed part of this, but not all of it!
12017-12-04 11:07:38 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the typo highway=residental (missing 2nd "i").
I assume that JOSM has saved this wrong spelling and uses it whenever you start typing r e s , so please watch out to correct it. I've changed 23 ways here:
12017-08-23 10:45:15 UTCFrans S hallo. I'm new here, so I have to learn a lot.
one question. I notice that in the area I am editing the mapped some buildings or roads does not exact follow the outlines of the subject. Is this a limitation in accuracy or should I correct these ?
12017-08-22 08:31:26 UTCCommodoortje Welkom per PB gestuurd.
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