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12018-09-19 12:50:35 UTCyumean1119 Thank you very much for improving my mapping in #hotosm-project-5025 task 1774,1775 and 1776.
12018-06-20 07:57:59 UTCFrans S Geen idee waar je deze boodschap kunt zien
12018-05-28 17:43:47 UTCGiblet Hi Frans, as I mentioned on Slack, I'm going to revert this changeset since it seemed to mess with the shoreline more than it should have. Just documenting here.
12018-05-27 14:01:05 UTCPierZen Il y a beacoup de coupes de bois a ne pas confondre avec zones résidentielles. There are many wood cuts to distinguish from residential landuse.
polygons > woodcuts by nearby population ?
w.589811868, w.589811867, w.5bb84443
22018-05-27 14:39:32 UTCFrans S I'm a bit confused. Bing shows buildings on the marked spots in the woods, on ESRI these are covered. Is this area woodcuts?
I've seen other woodcuts, realy empty places with marks of woodcuts, which looks different.
32018-05-27 14:40:42 UTCFrans S BTW After I validated this task, others mapped areas with wood and grass and introduced lots of errors.
42018-05-27 14:58:28 UTCPierZen Both you and me are experienced contributors and did contribute a lot to this Response in Congo. And with outdated images (Bing) or blurry images (Esri), it is difficult to interpret. Your insigth can help to understand.

Residential polygons surface can be used to estimate population in various ...
52018-05-27 15:25:05 UTCFrans S Hi, I looked again and indeed, 1 was certainly woodcut area. I marked 2 others with a fixme note and want your opinion about these. They are not rectangular as a building, but ???
62018-05-27 15:37:14 UTCPierZen I also have used DigitalGlobe Premium is some areas. Here it is clearer but not very detailed. I would say, for the three polygons it looks more like residus.
For other areas, Blury Esri image is blury, imprecise. More or less rectangular objects can be interpredted as houses but with no certainty...
12018-04-28 11:50:08 UTCFrans S Who is involved in discussions about this project ?
Is there any activity?
12018-01-16 12:43:04 UTCJavier Sanchez Hola
He visto que has separado los edificios dejando pasillos de 0,5 metros o menos. Antes de seguir contribuyendo, ¿es esta la forma correcta de digitalizar los edificios en esta zona? Entiendo que si la pared entre ambos edificios es común y no queda espacio ni para meter un sobre n...
12018-01-09 14:01:08 UTCdaveemtb This isn't a railway, it's the border fence and accompanying road. See this photo for a similar section of border fence:
12018-01-09 13:57:21 UTCdaveemtb This is not a railroad/railway. It is a border fence and road. It looks like this: I have already fixed part of this, but not all of it!
12017-12-04 11:07:38 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've noticed this changeset because of the typo highway=residental (missing 2nd "i").
I assume that JOSM has saved this wrong spelling and uses it whenever you start typing r e s , so please watch out to correct it. I've changed 23 ways here:
12017-08-23 10:45:15 UTCFrans S hallo. I'm new here, so I have to learn a lot.
one question. I notice that in the area I am editing the mapped some buildings or roads does not exact follow the outlines of the subject. Is this a limitation in accuracy or should I correct these ?
12017-08-22 08:31:26 UTCCommodoortje Welkom per PB gestuurd.
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