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12017-05-13 07:27:53 UTCSomeoneElse was previously a forest; are you sure it's best tagged as a park and not a forest at all?
22017-05-13 07:49:49 UTCnoteka Totally. It was created at the end of century as regular planning Manor Park so it is not a forest. I get the confusion it has the name forest in it and all but this park is also called and more recognized as "Anniņmuižas parks".
Description of park:
32017-05-13 12:56:06 UTCAkageMuk Hello, noteka and welcome in OSM. Although you perform right the same activity in OSM, as OSM user Diana777 peviously I should inform you about your mistakes.

We welcome all new users and are glad to receive corrections to the map. At the same time, we expect the changes to improve the map, NOT S...
42017-05-13 17:15:26 UTCrichlv even the referenced page says "...forest, also called a park"; it also says "the local council plans to convert part of the forest into a park".
this should be clarified/surveyed, and if some parts have been converted to a park, they should be mapped accordingly. the whole area ...
52017-06-01 09:36:56 UTCAkageMuk For your information, edit war continues in and
12017-06-01 09:35:20 UTCAkageMuk Dear, Diana777. Unfortunately, you are continuing edit war on this particular object without community discussion.
Please read information in , , ,
12017-05-09 15:21:57 UTCSomeoneElse Was this change following community discussion, as was suggested? Previous comments had suggested that a number of people thought that a "leisure=park" tag wasn't appropriate here.
22017-05-10 08:42:38 UTCAkageMuk Dear, SomeoneElse! Unfortunately no discussion on this change was made within Latvian OSM community. The edit war seem to continue.
12017-04-21 09:37:39 UTCAkageMuk Hello, geddii!
What is the source of the name of the tagged area?
22017-04-21 12:07:51 UTCgeddii Hello, AkageMuk!
Here's the source:
32017-04-21 12:12:31 UTCAkageMuk Thank you very much!
12017-04-21 09:38:02 UTCAkageMuk Hello, geddii!
What is the source of the name of the tagged area?
22017-04-21 12:08:42 UTCgeddii Hello again :)
Here's the source:
12017-04-18 11:08:59 UTCAkageMuk Dear Diana777 ,
please get aquainted with the comment in
12017-04-18 11:08:40 UTCAkageMuk Dear Diana777 ,
please get aquainted with the comment in
Also forest definetly should be tagged as forest, not as a park.
12017-04-14 23:50:23 UTCrichlv Thank you for the map improvements. What was added here as a park did not seem to be a park actually - no official note I could find at .
I have removed the park designation in OpenStreetMap, too.
22017-04-18 10:58:42 UTCAkageMuk A strange wave last weeks of stubborn adding fake parks, duplicate parks, change forests into parks and changing paths into footways from various new users. Could be some pokemon game related vandalism.
32017-04-18 11:03:12 UTCrichlv Yes, this does seem to be PokemonGO inspired. Some of it is not vandalism, looks like genuine improvements - although maybe slightly misguided.
If the editors stay around and "upgrade" to quality map editing, we all stand to benefit.
To the new editors: don't be discouraged to make good ...
12017-03-10 16:29:07 UTCAkageMuk The correct changeset comment: details, corrections and updates along 6 tram (Brivibas gatve).
Source: survey; Mapillary; MapBox; RGM
12017-03-09 10:20:43 UTCAkageMuk Cien. bicyclelv123456, liels lūgums pirms veikt izmaiņas kartē pārliecināties, vai Jūs to veicāt pareizi. Tā Jūsu pievienotais grāmatu veikals jau ir OSM. To, ko Jūs pievienojāt, Jūs pievienojāt ar kļūdu - nepareizā vietā. Jūsu dublikātu es izdzēsu.
Liels lūgums arī nepievien...
12016-06-11 13:43:24 UTCarcth Hello AkageMuk,

These are towers of type УБ110-4 (catalogue 5713тм), please see the drawing[1].

The two concrete poles are fastened together making a single structure; they shouldn't be mapped separately.

22016-06-11 16:02:46 UTCAkageMuk Hello, arcth!
I'm very sorry. Didn't know this. Tagged in details all towers of this line from survey some time ago, and remember them as duplicated. Will correct the mistake. Will use this information in advance.
Best regards, OSM user AkageMuk
32016-06-11 16:13:40 UTCAkageMuk Corrected in
Also changed one more of the same design closer to Imanta
42016-06-14 00:15:50 UTCarcth Thanks!
12016-05-31 09:14:27 UTCAkageMuk Hello, arcth!
You have done a large changeset, but some of the changes are very discussable. (Discussion also possible in Latvian/Russian). E.g. you are putting names for substations like "Apakšstacija „Imanta“", but this is not correct. Pls, see http://wiki.openstreetm...
22016-06-02 01:11:58 UTCarcth Hello AkageMuk,

Changeset [39721601][1] should at least partially fix this.

32016-06-02 09:12:43 UTCAkageMuk Thanks a lot, arcth, now names comply worldwide OSM practice.
Happy mapping!
12016-05-27 11:27:57 UTCAkageMuk Hello, aytfadc! The route E22 doesn't go through Lithuania, so you have some mistake in the changeset. Also other (national) names are left untouched.
22016-05-27 14:30:03 UTCaytfadc thanks,
12016-05-26 12:32:37 UTCrichlv the bus stops are named "Sporta iela", but they are part of a relation named "Arēna Rīga" - is that correct ?
22016-05-26 12:35:24 UTCAkageMuk True mistake :-(, will correct it
12016-05-26 11:13:37 UTCAkageMuk Sveiks! Vai nav tā, ka koledžai ir jābūt amenity=college ?
22016-05-26 11:37:17 UTCrichlv jā, paldies - izlaboju. tāda nebija, un es vēl nepaspēju no kompja salabot :)
12016-04-21 14:15:05 UTCAkageMuk Hi, Valor1! Why you deleted man_made=tower node and created man_made=mast instead of it? It is not necessary to delete objects, if only their properties can be changed. Moreover, the "tower:type=communication" tag now is lost, which specified the type of tower.
Also, what is the "are...
12016-03-14 19:16:22 UTCAkageMuk Hi! Tags were not missing, this is intended. Please do not put tag these ways, as they are parts of relations. Follow requirements given in:

"Tags describing the multipolygon (e.g., landuse=forest) should go on the relation. The...
12015-10-21 08:37:43 UTCAkageMuk
Address node could be leaved, as this mark land parcel, not only building
12015-08-26 08:33:46 UTCAkageMuk Sveiks, Raptorfen. Atkārtoju, ka OpenStreetMap ir noteiktas prasības pret nosaukumiem . Noteiktas prasības ir arī no vietējas kopienas. Jūs jau trešo reizi pievienojiet kādus izdomātus nosaukumus, bet objektam arī varētu nebūt nosaukums, ja ...
12015-08-25 07:30:30 UTCAkageMuk Sveiks, Raptorfen! OpenStreetMap projekts ir starptautiskā atvērto datu ģeogrāfiskā datu bāze nevis jebko zīmēšanā kartē. Ir arī noteiktas prasības pēc datiem un to kvalitāti. "Gopu laukums" nav tāds pats plāši pazīstams un oficiāli lietots apvidus nosaukum...
12015-08-24 07:46:55 UTCAkageMuk Sveiki, Raptorfen! Vai "Grigorija autostāvvieta" ir oficialais autostāvvietas nosaukums, vai tikai vietējo iesauka?
22015-08-24 08:08:21 UTCRaptorfen Sveiks! Oficiālais nosaukums nav zināms, "Grigorija autostāvvieta" ir neoficiālais nosaukums, kurš tiek lietots ikdienā.
12015-07-21 11:30:00 UTCAkageMuk Sveiki, Koja12!
Nevajag pievienot objektus no satelītkartes ja neesat pārliecināts, ka šie objekti eksistē joprojām. Piemērām ēkas ko jūs pievienojāt tika nojauktas jau sen, bet satelītkarte ir novecojusi. Pirmkārt ir jāapseko vietu dzīvē.
12015-07-17 15:26:19 UTCAkageMuk Please see comments to

As "google maps" is a disallowed source for OSM, also it is not clear with validity of the source
12015-07-17 15:24:31 UTCAkageMuk Hi! Zig319.

"source: google maps" is not a valid source for data in openstreetmap. If you will continue to add data from not allowed sources, it will be later removed due to violation of OSM license:

Also, is the source
12015-06-08 14:19:42 UTCAkageMuk What are the sources for address information?
Kādi ir adrešu informācijas avoti?
12015-06-08 14:18:36 UTCAkageMuk What are the sources for allotment names?
Kādi ir mazdārziņu nosaukumu avoti?
12015-05-14 07:52:45 UTCAkageMuk Hi! "Narvessen" doesn't look correct, see (one s)
22015-05-14 07:55:40 UTCAkageMuk (I mean spelling)
Also shop=kiosk for kiosks ("convenience" is for small shops, which are not kiosks)
32015-05-14 08:50:09 UTCyurish Agree.
12015-05-13 12:29:35 UTCAkageMuk Hi there is already a multipolygon for place=city for Riga. This one was for borders only.
22015-05-13 12:40:33 UTCAkageMuk Reverted in #31102724. Tag place=city is set up for this relation:
32015-05-13 13:14:49 UTCmg-code What is the point of multiple relations for same place?
E.g. Jelgava also has administrative level 6 and place=city.
Unfortunately some of Latvian sites are in same administrative level as counties. But they are same, we don't have two Rigas or two Jelgavas in Latvia.
42015-05-13 13:16:17 UTCmg-code *Latvian cities.
52015-05-13 13:23:23 UTCAkageMuk Most probably it is due to LV cities also are entities of administrative division. As I understand one relation has all the border and administrative division tags and have type=border. Other relation have type=multipolygon and have all place (city) related tags.
Current scheme is really bogus, as ...
62015-05-13 13:34:21 UTCAkageMuk E.g. for Riga place multipolygon was introduced two years ago, as introduction comment says for address search fix.
"type=border" relation defines only border related stuff, thus a multipolygon relation has to be defined for a place polygon. But yeah, it is clumsy :(
12015-04-20 08:03:31 UTCAkageMuk Labdien! Cik es redzu, importējot adrešu datus, Jūs nepārbaudījāt, vai objekti ar tādiem adresēm jau ir OSM. Līdz ar to, tagad Rīgā ir vairākas tūkstošas dublējošajās adreses, kas padara OSM datus neērtus (pēc vienas adreses ir sameklējams gan sen ievietots obje...
22015-04-20 08:24:56 UTCrusjanis Ar šīm adresēm man sanāca kļūda. Uzsākot importēt datus, mājās pazuda elektriba un biju domājis, ka dati uz serveri netika nosūtīti.
Šodien-rīt adreses sakārtošu. Paldies
32015-04-20 12:19:08 UTCrusjanis Pagaidām dzēsu. Vai tev ir kāda ideja importēt šīs 37000 adreses neaizskarot esošās adreses +/- 5000 ?
42015-04-20 13:04:06 UTCAkageMuk Principā mana ideja ir dabūt kādas esošas adreses jau ir Rīgas teritorijā OSM, un pēc tam dzēst ārā no datu kopas no opendata.riga tas ierakstus, kuriem gan ielas nosaukums gan numurs sakritīs. Es domāju, ar kādu vaicājumu varētu iegūt visu to kopu.
Bet tāpat paliks adreses ...
52015-04-20 13:16:19 UTCrusjanis Es piemēram nezinu ar kādu vaicājumu varētu iegūt visu to kopu, bet ja tu vari šo uzņemties tad lūdzu mēģini.
Mans viedoklis būtu dzēst visas esošas adreses kuras ir Rīgas teritorijā OSM un inportēt jaunas no opendata.riga. Lai nesanāk bardaks piemēram: "70/1"...
62015-04-20 13:24:29 UTCAkageMuk Dzēst jau nebūtu labi, līdz ar to, ka cilvēki tos vāca personīgi ilgu laiku. Un pie tam, importējot no opendata.riga, cik saprotu tāpat tikai punkti tiks importēti, bet labāk, kad adreses informācija ir ēkām un/vai citiem objektiem.
Plus es jau dažus kļūdas redzēju, kad šaj...
72015-04-20 13:29:16 UTCrusjanis Tev taisnība, bet tad man nav ideju. :(
82015-04-20 13:47:01 UTCAkageMuk Es mēģināšu rītdien izgūt visas jau esošas derīgas adreses OSM Rīgā, tad redzēsim, kas sanāks
92015-04-20 13:53:29 UTCrusjanis Ok. Dod ziņu ja sanāk.
12015-04-04 15:59:11 UTCNakaner Do you have a third signal type apart from entry, exit and between signals? Or why did you use railway:signal:main:function=intermediate instead of railway:signal:main:function=between?
22015-04-04 16:03:44 UTCNakaner Please forget what I wrote to you four minutes ago. My brain is out of date, not the tagging documentation. :-)
32015-04-04 16:36:42 UTCAkageMuk I followed tagging guidelines at they advice to use "intermediate" . But not sure if this should be "main" or "minor". On local railways these are usually of "main" type.
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