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12018-03-15 07:04:35 UTCPoliakoff Mykhailo Good Day

Novoselytsia (from Relations ) is country Ukraine

Please do not rename the Ukrainian country to Russia.

For Ukrainians, this is an insult

22018-03-15 12:14:32 UTCwambacher hi, i'm not shure what you are talking about.

i did not rename any relation (boundary) to exist in russia and don't want to do that.

what i did: i'm fixing missing borders or borders with TECHNICAL errors, just by repairing them.

during that dayly task (see
12018-03-14 01:23:03 UTCwambacher what in the hell is that?
what is the source for that?
what do the names mean?
who told you to do this?

what are you and some other mappers doing?

22018-03-14 02:30:42 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 57163701 where the changeset comment is: Reverting edits with unexplained data and changeset comments
12018-02-25 12:01:44 UTCSimonPoole Unilaterally changing borders and names is considered bad practice, please discuss before changing.
Published using OSMCha:
22018-02-25 13:04:23 UTCwambacher And removing existential tags from boundaries (e.g. boundary=administrative) is really, really wrong.

btw: editing boundaries using iD is a high risk of damage. use json.
32018-02-25 13:05:46 UTCwambacher sorry: Use JOSM, not iD
42018-02-25 13:18:26 UTCSomeoneElse @wambacher In this case I'm not sure that that's a good idea :)
52018-02-25 13:52:38 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 56661596 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some politically motivated edits around Somalia
12018-02-15 09:03:59 UTCwambacher Removing important tags from israels boundaries is NOT A GOOB JOB!

never ever touch any boundary without knowing what you are doing.

22018-02-15 09:10:07 UTCdavidwe1 wambacher,
I am totally sorry,
I probably did that by mistake , the mouse was not responding.
How shoudl I correct the issue ?
32018-02-15 09:19:35 UTCwambacher has been fixed by me.

mouse trouble? strange.

42018-02-15 09:22:19 UTCwambacher but because you are living there (using he-IL as language), you have no reason to do that.

bad luck
have a nice day

52018-02-15 10:02:36 UTCdavidwe1 I even dont know what I did because it was totally unintentional.
I used the mouse to move somwhere else on the map and probably selected and drag something that I even dont know.

In all the cases, thank you very much for your corrections and I will be more aware for the next times.

Kind rega...
12018-02-04 16:57:51 UTCetron770 Wenn ich weiss wie ich das sondern das 80cm-Orthophoto der Bayr. Vermessungsverwaltung hinterlege korrigiere ich die Punkte noch Richtung und Kreuzungen werden auch noch korrigiert
22018-02-04 16:58:05 UTCetron770 Wenn ich weiss wie ich das sondern das 80cm-Orthophoto der Bayr. Vermessungsverwaltung hinterlege korrigiere ich die Punkte noch Richtung und Kreuzungen werden auch noch korrigiert
32018-02-04 16:59:47 UTCetron770 Sorry verklickt
42018-02-04 17:21:31 UTCwambacher jo? falsche diskussion oder weil du 2x gepostet hast?
beides ist mir auch schn passiert.

52018-02-04 17:23:31 UTCwambacher ah, erst lesen und dann wundern.
schön, dass du da noch was verbessern willst. :)
62018-02-04 21:29:26 UTCetron770 Beides hatte haufenweise Änderungen gemacht und mit falscher Karte, und dann noch 2 mal an den falschen gepostet..Neuling bei Openmaps ...
12018-02-04 14:55:51 UTCwambacher hi, what are you doing?

all edits are fakes, i think.

Will revert them
12018-02-04 14:53:25 UTCwambacher hi, your edits seem to be fakes.

i'll revert them.

12018-02-03 17:37:29 UTCwambacher Hi,
any reason why you changed a correct admin boundary to a site? i don't know any ;)

hopeing, it was a typing error.

btw: what's about switching from the newbee editor iD to josm?
22018-02-03 19:35:41 UTCjlcv19 Hi,
Yes, there is one: the tag name:es was rather a cheesy description in Spanish of the place (something like "excelente playa de arenas negras" it is to say "outstanding beach of black sand") than the actual name of the area, that in Spanish (Moasteiros, the same name as in Po...
32018-02-03 19:55:21 UTCwambacher hi,
thanks for your quick reply.

the problem was: you changed type=boundary to type=site. this removed the admin boundary (city/village boundary) from osm.
that has nothing to do with "strange tagging in spanish or portugese"

i think, that was just an error. Never mind.

josm: yo...
12018-01-31 09:08:08 UTCwambacher reverted
12018-01-30 21:53:43 UTCScodbey Thank you! I encountered some problems trying to adjust the city limits yesterday. I was going to try again today. What reference did you use? Your outline is slight different than the 2016 shapefile I have.
22018-01-30 23:17:18 UTCwambacher no reference at all. i just cleaned a overlapping boundary segment.

12018-01-21 15:14:21 UTCzstadler Hello wambacher,
In this changeset you have dramatically changed the boundary of the Hevel Eilot Regional Council after a small update earlier that day in
Please compare the boundary before your changes -
to the bounda...
22018-01-21 15:39:29 UTCwambacher omg, that cs is more than 3 years old.

what i can say:
- i don't have any local knowledge about that area
- i don't use any maps (i.g. google) to change boundaries.

but i'm fixing boundaries errors (missing segments, unclosed rings) worldwide.
because my local database server is still dow...
32018-01-22 06:59:40 UTCzstadler Let me suggest that I revert this single changeset as it changed only the members list of the "Hevel Eilot Regional Council" relation while no international borders have been changed.
I will then verify that the resulting relation is a well-defined boundary relation.
42018-01-22 11:11:37 UTCwambacher Ok, no problems

sorry amd regards
52018-01-29 17:45:35 UTCzstadler Restored in changeset 55867324.
62018-01-29 18:11:25 UTCwambacher thnx
12018-01-28 12:32:47 UTCwambacher fleissig, fleissig.

walter aus schlangenbad
12018-01-14 15:40:06 UTCwambacher Hi, diese Häuser haben jeweils 2 Eingänge mit unterschiedlichen Eingängen. Hier 31 UND 33.
Daher sind die Hausnummern am den Building falsch.

Lösung: Haus in ein Dopperhaus aufteilen und jedem Teil seine HN verpassen. Dann aber auch die Hausnummern am Eingang löschen.
12018-01-13 17:50:32 UTCMKnight Moin, Du hast in waltrop diverse Grenzen gesetzt, kannst Du Dich an die Quellen erinnern?
Ich frage, weil ich gerade (über eine Fernsehsendung) bei gelandet bin und wie mir scheint, die Grenze auf w38665328 und w166127547 eigentlich nicht neben der...
22018-01-13 22:21:52 UTCwambacher Waltrop in Uganda? kenn ich net ;)

ich glaube, die hatte jemand gelöscht und ich habe die einfach nur revertet. die einzige andere Möglichkeit wäre wikipedia, da ich keine anderen Quellen kenne.


gerade gesehen: du hast schon angepasst. ok so.
32018-01-14 00:58:13 UTCMKnight Moin,
ja das uganda-dingsi wollt ich nich fragen ;)

Ich hab nix angepasst, nur einen Strassen-namen (bzw 2 ;)). Die boundaries sind allerdings immer noch (wahrscheinlich) falsch. Deswegen frug ich egtl.

Wenn Du das nich mehr weisst, ka, ich lass es so, bis der näxte drüber stolpert...
12018-01-10 19:06:23 UTCwambacher oops, danke

12018-01-08 21:31:06 UTCwambacher und wo ist der baum?

22018-01-09 06:56:28 UTCstratos471 Wurde ergänzt.
12018-01-07 00:21:17 UTCwambacher tnx, waler
12017-12-30 02:28:09 UTCwambacher Hi, da du ja vor Ort bist: Könntest du bei 7/7a, 7b/7c und 13/13a mal nachsehen, ob das Doppelhäuser sind? Die könnte man dann wie Flandernstraße 4/4a trennen.

12017-12-30 02:22:49 UTCwambacher surface=wood? eher surface=ground. wood ist für Wege, die mit Holzleisten, Holzbalken oder ähnliches "gepflastert" wurden. Z.B. bei Holzbrücken.

22017-12-31 20:33:46 UTCKraichgauner "Ground" ist für den Trail auch OK: Surface ist jetzt transformiert.
12017-12-29 00:25:53 UTCwambacher Hi,

irgendwas ist mit der Adresse falsch. HIER ist nicht die Hohenstaufenstraße 1

Bitte an die richtige Stelle verschieben.

12017-12-24 12:37:03 UTCwambacher Great job - you killed both ZAF and Botswana international Boundaries

never ener touch Boundaries usibnd iD. this editor is to buggy and does not work fine with boundaries.

and please don't touch boundaries untill you really know what you are doing.

22017-12-24 12:50:14 UTCwambacher btw: all errors in Botswana and ZAF are result of your "enhencements" :(

trying to fix it.

if you got questions, please contact me.
walter aka wambacher
32017-12-24 12:50:41 UTCwambacher forgot link:
12017-12-23 12:41:35 UTCwambacher Hi,

Schön, dass du etwas verbesserst :)

aber: Teiche haben keine Adressen und erst recht nicht den Namen "Teich".

12017-12-22 08:28:05 UTCMateusz Konieczny Is "Qianjiang Region" name really used anywhere? is quite suspect for me and I am not sure is it something that should stay in OSM data.
22017-12-22 11:31:25 UTCwambacher Hi Mat,

i really don't know. this relation was broken 9 month ago and i just fixed it. But i can't say, if this relation is valid.

12017-12-08 12:28:48 UTCwambacher moin, hab ihr gerade nen kleinen Edit War? Oder ergänzt ihr euch?
22017-12-08 13:58:46 UTCkreuzschnabel Wir ergänzen uns. Die Kommunikation läuft über
32017-12-08 19:14:43 UTCwambacher Prima :)
12017-12-07 09:02:19 UTCwambacher Hi Ivan, thanks for enhancing your country. good work :)

one comment on creating multipolygons: there is a trend in osm to avoid simple multipolygons whenever that is possible.
MP should only be created when they contain outer or inner. The rest should be mapped as simple closed ways. yes, they...
22017-12-07 09:03:13 UTCwambacher oops, using french josm! may be, you dont't live there. Sorry, did not see that.
32017-12-07 10:12:29 UTCIvanGl Thanks, Walter.
I was mapping using closed ways, but i discovered it so easier and faster to map using multipolygons. I hope that some of the more experienced users will be able to change them to the sample closed ways...
42017-12-07 10:42:46 UTCwambacher may be in Josm F for follow may help. it will jump from node to node. this makes it easier to draw ways using existing nodes of the "neighbours"
and the other is to use ALTG GR to select overlapping ways.

may be that helps.
52017-12-07 10:55:50 UTCwambacher btw: i was talking about landuse areas - not boundaries. Boundaries still have to be mapped as MP
12016-03-09 11:32:29 UTCwambacher reverted by
22016-03-09 18:36:16 UTCSomeoneElse Hi EzekielT,
People have contacted you several times in the past about invalid admin level changes (including me, in ).
Whereas most things in OpenStreetMap are simply a matter of going and surveying something and then adding the results to OSM, wit...
32016-03-14 00:17:25 UTCEzekielT I have many sources:,,, Maarten, and (although you did say...
42016-03-14 00:37:22 UTCSomeoneElse One of the articles you quote says "Aruba is one of the four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands". is the admin level 2 relation; Curaçao is a subarea of that.
52016-03-14 15:28:41 UTCEzekielT That's a good idea. Okay.
62017-12-04 19:17:17 UTCtbakhuis Curacao is not NL as the Nominitem geocoder suggests.

Currently a lot of addresses are displayed in OSM as Street, Willemstad, 0000AA, NL. This is not correct. Here in Curacao we don't have zip codes and the NL should be changed to CW. Since 10-10 2010 Curaçao is an autonomous Country that...
72017-12-04 19:25:52 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I've added a comment over at (which is the forum where admin levels etc. are discussed). However, I'm not actually sure whether you're describing a problem with the data in OSM or with the Nominatim geocoder (Curaçao i...
82017-12-04 19:53:38 UTCtbakhuis It does sound strange when you see it like that but we never put NL (Netherlands) as country. I live in Curacao it just doesn't look right when we see Curacao, NL. Google's Geocoder has it right this time. Google Geocoder has Street, Willemstad, Curaçao
92017-12-05 08:49:08 UTCwambacher please read this answer at the forum:


Just for clarification:

There is a 'Kingdom of the Netherlands' (plural intended) - or 'Koninkrijk der Nederlanden' (idem).
Within this kingdom there are 4 autonomous countries:
- the Netherlands (again, plural intended in Eng...
102017-12-05 16:44:54 UTCEzekielT That's what I knew all this time, but I guess all of you still didn't listen :).
112017-12-06 10:52:25 UTCwambacher Hi EzekielT. no easy stuff ;)
122017-12-06 20:52:13 UTCEzekielT Maybe we should tag all of them (Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Netherlands, Aruba, Sint Maarten, and Curaçao) as admin_level=2, as they're all officially countries!
132017-12-06 20:58:34 UTCEzekielT As in:

Kingdom of the Netherlands (including the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten) -> admin_level=2

Netherlands -> admin_level=2

Curaçao -> admin_level=2.

Aruba -> admin_level=2.

Sint Maarten -> admin_level=2.
142017-12-07 03:15:43 UTCtbakhuis Seems correct to me. Indeed they're are all countries
12017-11-30 12:24:59 UTCSomeoneElse Can yo provide a little more detail about this change other than just "boundary corrections"? As I'm sure you're aware, a number of the boundaries here are disputed, and it'd be helpful to other mappers to explain what was wrong and what the change was in more detail.
Best Regards,
22017-12-01 07:16:17 UTCwambacher Hi Ivan,

beside the fact, that this was a political motivated edit (Rep Srpska is NOT an internationally recognised country), you made some technical errors.

changes have been reverted.
32017-12-03 21:40:12 UTCmichalfabik Hi Ivan,
you renamed the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina relation to "Herceg Bosna", why? I renamed it back to "Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine" as there is no recognised entity under the name of "Herceg Bosna". I'm quite certain that you know this very well.
42017-12-04 04:11:20 UTCwambacher @michal i tried to revert his changes, may be i missed that?
52017-12-04 07:00:20 UTCmichalfabik Hi, yeah, it looks like it. I downloaded all three admin_level=4 relations that make up Bosnia and everything seemed fine, there was just this one glaring "error". It should be ok now.
12017-11-16 19:49:41 UTCwambacher Hi Susana,

something is going completely wrong. Those place areas are NO MEMBERS of the El Libertador relation. They are only simple closed lines.

i had to fix a lot of those dubious "constructions" in Argentina during the last weeks. Please stop that.

If you got questions, please...
22017-11-16 19:49:54 UTCwambacher cs:
12017-11-15 13:43:05 UTCwambacher Hi, hast du das immer noch nicht verstanden, wie das Löschen funktioniert?

du machst immer noch den gleichen fehler und ich muss dir dann hinterherputzen :(

abgesehen davon, dass das Löschen an sich schon nicht ok ist, weiol man Relationen ändern soll und nicht einfach neue rels...
22017-11-15 14:22:26 UTCturankaya74 Die Daten stammen von der Behörde, noch genauer können die Daten nicht sein. Ich lösche mit dem Entfernen Symbol
12017-11-15 13:19:42 UTCwambacher that is NO building, that is an AREA
22017-11-16 14:05:32 UTCWalkerB Hello Salaamlogari! Welcome to OSM! For a full list of potential Map Features please visit: There is also a Dari version there! Thanks for mapping
12017-11-14 15:28:44 UTCwambacher still doing the same????
22017-11-14 15:37:38 UTCturankaya74 "Değişik şeyler" heißt auf deutsch Verschiedene Sachen
32017-11-14 16:05:24 UTCwambacher Ich bin wegen "Diverses" bereits gesperrt worden. Also sei bitte etwas konkreter.

aber wichtiger: was ist mit den leeren Grenzrelationen? Warum erzeugst du neue Relationen und nimmst nicht einfach die bestehenden?

42017-11-14 16:06:52 UTCwambacher und wenn du wirklich die neuen rels erzeugen musst: warum löscht du dann nicht die alten?
52017-11-14 16:24:16 UTCturankaya74 Die Daten stammen von einer Seite, die wo die Behörde herausgibt. Wie löscht man die leeren Grenzrelationen ?
62017-11-14 16:54:39 UTCwambacher indem man die relation löscht ;) geht in josm ganz einfach rechts im relationen-fenster
72017-11-14 17:25:06 UTCturankaya74 Damit lösche ich es
82017-11-14 17:28:45 UTCwambacher nö, wohl nicht. so wie ich das sehe, löscht du die Member der Relation aber nicht die Relation selber. Klick mal auf die Papiertonne UNTERHALB des Rel-Fensters. DAS löscht Relationen ;)
12017-11-14 15:24:54 UTCwambacher did not read my mail? please use better cs comments. WIP is not ok.
12017-11-14 13:35:36 UTCwambacher no "living streets"
12017-11-14 13:29:11 UTCwambacher wrong: that are nor oneways
not residential (nobody living there) but highway=service
12017-11-14 13:22:19 UTCwambacher Hi,

wrong, wrong wrong.

That is no building, and the other "buldings" too
22017-11-14 13:24:42 UTCwambacher plese use landuse for an area of buildings.
12017-11-14 11:47:15 UTCwambacher Hi, you are "killing" a lot of boundaries in Afghanistan!!!!

please storp this right now. let us discuss what you are doing wrong.

12017-11-13 23:11:39 UTCwambacher Hi, you are deleting all members (ways) from existing boundary relations and then you create a new one with all those members again? What is the reason?

And if you want to delete old relations, please remove them completly. there are allways relations with 0 (zero) members, and that is not good.\...
22017-11-13 23:22:26 UTCwambacher see:

12017-11-13 23:00:05 UTCwambacher hi deleting a wrong name is not ok. Checking the history and restorenig the old name is much much better.

btw: please add meaningfull changeset comments to your changesets, otherwise your account will be blocked by DWG.
12017-11-11 21:45:55 UTCwambacher Spielverderber, stand auf meiner Taskliste ;)
22017-11-11 22:33:25 UTCkreuzschnabel Jaja, nachdem du mir die ganze Arthur-Fuhr-Straße weggeschnoppen hast! Die hatte ich eine Stunde später aufm Editor, und da war schon alles dran … :(
Zu diesem Fall siehe auch – wir scheinen einen engagierten Hausnummernmapper...
12017-11-09 19:00:45 UTCwambacher hi, wht's going on there? why did you delete all those ways?
22017-11-09 20:32:05 UTCiandees Reverted in
12017-10-18 08:34:53 UTCwambacher Hi, please never ever change tags of admin boundaries - unless you know what you are doing.
12017-10-18 08:28:47 UTCwambacher Hi danny,

fixing boundaries is a good job - but "killing" the boundaries of the USA, CAN, Ontario and Minnesota is not :(
please check the "neighbors" when you are touching boundaries - and please don't ignore warnings of josm too.

22017-10-18 14:05:32 UTCDannyMcD walter,
I didn't get any JOSM warnings (about broken boundaries). I think the problem was that I split a way without downloading all relations that that way belongs to. The new way created should be added to any unloaded relations, but JOSM doesn't do this, or even let you know there is any probl...
12017-10-14 09:16:16 UTCwambacher Hi,

you killed the admin boundary of Thailand and this region too.

Please never ever modify relations, which you don't know about.


22017-10-17 16:57:36 UTCRVR009 Hi wambacher,
Thank you for your changeset comment. I sincerely did not intend to remove all the members from these relations. Thank you for finding and fixing this. I will be much more careful to when working with relations, we have found the source of the issue and taken measures to ensure it doe...
32017-10-17 23:11:30 UTCwambacher Great. One of the "toublemakers" is iD. iD is not secure when changing relations. best choice would be josm.
Best, walter
42017-10-19 16:53:48 UTCRVR009 I totally agree. Thanks Walter.
12017-10-15 18:00:38 UTCwambacher Hi, is there an import going on?
nobody can enter so much data in so short time.

12017-10-12 11:19:28 UTCwambacher Hi, you KILLED the bounday of sweden.

plese never ever touch a boundary with iD.

12017-10-11 15:17:47 UTCwambacher Hi, you are right. this is an disputed area.

BUT: it is still an adminitrative area too. And that is more important to osm.

all three objects (relation and the two boundaries in the north and south are tagged as "disputed". and that is enough.

changed it back to adminitrative.

12017-09-30 12:14:02 UTCwambacher Aber georg, es weiss doch jeder (oder sollte wissen), dass die PLZ-Gebiete eine note haben. Ist nicht toll, aber historisch gewachsen. hab es korrigiert.

22017-09-30 14:44:39 UTCGeorgFausB Das ist an mir vorbeigegangen.
Sorry für die Umstände - hatte es auch mit den admin-boundaries und deren 'Namen' verwechselt.
32017-09-30 17:17:26 UTCwambacher kein problem.

12017-09-24 17:54:19 UTCwambacher Hi, you did it again.

i had to fix this again.
a) if you think, your solutioin is correct, please enter this discussion and give us some infos.
b) your solution was TECHNICALLY wrong too. Both boundaries of Spain and Morocco were damaged. Ways were missing and the boundaries have not been clos...
12017-09-23 11:22:52 UTCwambacher Hi danny,

had to close two boundaries:

walter, germany
22017-09-23 12:25:30 UTCDannyMcD Hi walter,
I accidentally broke Unorganized North Cochrane+Cochrane District when adding Greenstone. Thanks for catching this.
12017-09-23 09:49:37 UTCwambacher Hi, please don't touch the boundaries of spain/morocco. this is a critical area and must not be modified by anobody. The current situation (before your changes) is created, accepted and monitored by the Data Working Group (DWG) - and me.

i reverted your changes to get the old version.

DWG has ...
12017-09-18 11:49:26 UTCwambacher Please don't tuch any boundary in this area. it it very critical and should not be chabnged by anyone. A lot of Reverts had to be done by the DATA WORKING GROUP and others.

The current state - before your changes - is the official OSM decision. again: don't think, that you (in ste states) do know...
22017-09-18 12:52:26 UTCaspath Apologies for the change. I mistakenly thought the disputed boundary was further to the west. Apparently, a big portion of the Jigme Khesar Reserve is claimed by China. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

BTW, I'm not an American. I don't know where you got that from.

32017-09-18 13:31:28 UTCwambacher yes, sorry about that.

12017-09-16 06:35:11 UTCGerdP Moin!
Warum hast Du z.B. hier
aus Area=0 area=0 gemacht?
Aus meiner Sicht war das irgendein Import, bei dem Area etwas ganz anderes bedeutet als area (=yes/no)
22017-09-16 11:30:25 UTCwambacher weil ich das eventuell nicht erkannt habe?

nun, der Tag ist so oder so nicht wertvoll. Stammt aus einen - damals miserablen und auch wohl nicht angemeldeten - Shape-Import und das ganze ist über ein jahr her. kannst es ja zurückdrehen, ich sehe allerdings keinen Sinn darin
32017-09-16 11:59:30 UTCGerdP Neh, will ich auch nicht. Passiert anders wo auch immer wieder, weil halt JOSM meckert.
Irgendwo hast Du auch einfach alles entfernt, was nicht üblich ist. Könnte man hier evtl auch machen.
12017-09-15 10:53:49 UTCwambacher Hi Didier, i know that you are a experenced mapper, but last day you did a lot of errors in DOM.

you "killed" 18 (eighteen!!) AL4-Boundaries in DOM by changing them without care.

see list:

22017-09-15 12:10:01 UTCdidier2020 Hi, thanks for your message. Work is in progress. All will be ok in a few day.

12017-09-14 10:18:52 UTCwambacher a marketplace is NOT a building

12017-09-12 10:07:07 UTCwambacher Hi, there are many problems with your last edits.
you changed disputed admin boundaries of india, bhutan and china. because there are no international accepted changes (i.g. in the UN), you must not change the international boundaries in osm. event the "discussion" between india and china...
12017-09-06 18:16:59 UTCwambacher HI, please STOP editing in this AREA until you answer our questions. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED OTHERWISE
12017-09-05 23:04:37 UTCwambacher save your time, your work may be reverted.
12017-09-05 22:58:07 UTCwambacher Hi, please stop this activities asap. the area of doklam is still disputet. there is no OFFICIAL agreement between all three states yet.

data working group (DWG) is informed and your changes will be reverted until the agreement is ok
12017-09-01 10:20:47 UTCwambacher Hi, can you tell me one reason why you destroid the national boundary of bangladesch?

12017-08-05 11:34:59 UTCAlecs01 Hi wambacher, there was a second break in the boundary around Mont Blanc, it should be ok now, please have a look
22017-08-05 17:17:58 UTCwambacher oops, i only checked all ADMIN boundaries.
thanks for fixing the others
12017-08-05 09:56:55 UTCwambacher Hi. please never ever change international boundaries without discussion. This will allways lead to problems.

and: you not enly moved that disputed area, you did it wrong too.


all missing and chang...
12017-08-01 09:20:22 UTCwambacher hi,
please stop those changes. This area is CONTROLLED by India and CLAIMED by China.It is not ok to change that area.

This political motivated edit will be reverted asap.

The Data Working Group (DWG) is watching your activities and you will be blocked if you keep on doing that stuff.
22017-08-01 09:46:54 UTCxingdavis How to prove that It is CONTROLLED by India.
32017-08-01 09:56:16 UTCwambacher indian community of course. and wikipedia:

you may see discussion here:
42017-08-01 10:17:54 UTCxingdavis We only admit here:
12017-08-01 09:17:10 UTCwambacher hi,
please stop those changes. This area is CONTROLLED by India and CLAIMED by China.It is not ok to change that area.

This political motivated edit will be reverted asap.

The Data Working Group (DWG) is watching your activities and you will be blocked if you keep on doing that stuff.

22017-08-01 09:46:27 UTCxingdavis How to prove that It is CONTROLLED by India.
32017-08-01 10:17:02 UTCSomeoneElse The Chinese media think it is controlled by India: :
"a region that is part of China's territory but in which some areas are currently controlled by India," a Chinese state media report said.
42017-08-01 10:23:23 UTCxingdavis Can that represent the state?
52017-08-01 10:26:35 UTCxingdavis It is just a traitor lackeys.Don't let me see him, he'll regret it.
12017-07-29 20:46:09 UTCwambacher WHY did you remove mostly all ways from this boundaries? they are like ruins without walls.

22017-07-29 21:38:02 UTCJulio_Costa_Zambelli Dear Walter, Starting in August this will be the north boundary of the "Región del Biobio". And the "Provincia de Ñuble" will be eliminated to give way to the three new provinces (Punilla, Itata and Diguillin) that were created in this and other changesets. Although...
32017-07-29 23:04:26 UTCwambacher Something like that I had expected. I was not quite sure.

btw: you should switch to JOSM - iD is not made for relations. You are mapping since 2008 (me 2009) and using iD? no good ;(

walter, germany
42017-07-30 01:04:16 UTCJulio_Costa_Zambelli Yeah, I know 😆 I am already using JOSM I would say half of the time, but I am no power user at all. I am actually not sure why I started this task with iD, I was probably doing something else when I decided to do this.
12017-07-22 18:21:58 UTCwambacher Aber hallo! So geht es nicht weiter. Ich habe die Data Working Group verständigt und um eine Sperre deines Accounts gebeten.
22017-07-22 19:46:55 UTCChrysopras Du kannst gerne weiter Überwachungskameras u.Ä. erfassen – vielen Dank dafür! –, aber verzichte doch bitte einfach auf die problematischen Namen. Wenn Du angeben willst, zu welcher Firma etc. eine Kamera gehört, kannst Du das über operator=<Firmenname> o.&A...
12017-07-21 11:22:02 UTCwambacher Hi,
bitte lass diese wertenden Namen sein!
Diese wurden und werden sofort aus OSM entfernt, da sie nicht unseren Vorstellungen von korrekten Angaben entsprechen.
Siehe auch wo du dich bei bedarf äußern magst.

12017-07-13 11:13:49 UTCwambacher Hi, i'm not shure if your changes of name:zh are ok,

BUT NEVER EVER remove boundary=administrative from any admin boundary!
You did this for Belarus and Falkland Islands in this changeset.
Please work more carefull.


22017-07-13 12:11:15 UTCwambacher Just checked the list:

All missing boundaries with admin level are "result" of your work. You even changed Ukraine to type=site, which is vandalism.

I'll contact Data Working Group and we will...
32017-07-13 13:45:00 UTCCarson_gor sorry for those error.
i haven't charge those options.
and i think this is about the slow of the web site and i type so fast.

i'm so sorry for this
42017-07-13 13:45:52 UTCCarson_gor i just change the Chinese name of those.
52017-07-13 16:11:54 UTCwambacher Sorry, can't beleave you :(

there are no know problems with poor internet connections. And never ever does a bad line change tags (e.g type=boundary to type=site for ukraine)

Andy from DWG told me, that he contacted you too because of other strange edits :(

please try to do a good job.
62017-07-14 03:00:24 UTCCarson_gor ok , i know about the problem.
it is find, i will improve myself on this.
72017-07-14 10:15:31 UTCwambacher hi,

your last ~10 changesets were OK :)

If you think, that is a technical problem, you should change the editor. iD is "for beginners only". complex edits like changing relations should be done by JOSM, which is much more stable and desingned for "professional use". In a lo...
82017-07-14 13:15:01 UTCCarson_gor i think the problem is not about i'm a beginners,it is because at the editor mode my browser on openstreetmap is very slow but other tab is find. so i think that the osm have to improve the editor mode more smoothly.
92017-07-14 13:32:39 UTCwambacher not right: iD uses browser but JOSM does not.

JOSM does: download data to local system/edit local/upload changes only to osm

that is much less traffic than iD.

btw: iD is making many problems on complex relations (e.g. boundaries). ok, just changing tags it's doing well - i hope.

But ...
102017-07-16 12:35:38 UTCangys please revert the name:zh to original one .Traditional chinese script should use name:zh-hant not use the brackets.This already violate and can be mark as vandalism.
112017-07-17 11:18:59 UTCSomeoneElse @Carson_gor Can you explain the source of your changes and who you discussed them with? Country names affect everyone - it's basic politeness to ensure that changes to them are discussed and that everyone is happy.
122017-07-17 11:48:41 UTCCarson_gor @SomeoneElse i know what you worry about and my source is base on the google map, but some have use the osm lab of zh-Hans , and i have discuss with @angys, thank you of his understanding. the zh tag will have Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese name together.
132017-07-17 12:12:10 UTCSomeoneElse Actually, my concern wasn't that you were copying from Google (please confirm that you aren't), it was that you haven't discussed these changes with the wider OSM communities around the world. Can you please explain what discussion has taken place?
142017-07-18 14:14:58 UTCCarson_gor @SomeoneElse

i think this link have the decision, isn't it?
152017-07-18 14:57:32 UTCSomeoneElse I'm guessing, because the document doesn't say, but that looks like a hackpad used within the OSM TW community only.
12017-07-10 10:02:30 UTCwambacher Hi Sophie, please do nor remove type=* from any relation and never ever remove type=boundary from boundary relations. that is mandantory.

22017-07-10 10:10:03 UTCwambacher Hi sophie,

never ever remote type=* from any relation. that is mandatory!

and don't remove boundary=administrative from any boundary relation.

thats is completely wrong.


regards, walter
12017-06-28 09:58:31 UTCwambacher Hi,

never ever remove type=boundary from a boundary relation. you will "kill" this area.

and please use meanungfull changeset comments. otherwise you will be blocked.
12017-06-23 11:50:47 UTCwambacher Hi,
what are you doing?

are there no more suburbs (parts of cities with al9) any more?

talking of

btw: a relation without any tags is meaningless and wrong. otherwise delete this relation too.

22017-06-23 11:52:04 UTCwambacher btw: changing relations with iD is no good way. iD s not made for that. switch to josm, to get professional.
32017-06-23 12:39:55 UTCmiguel_cc Hello.

Thank you for the information.

The relation you mentioned is an 'admin level 9' that is not used for habitants in the city, so it's better to mantein the 'admin level 10'. I have deleted the relation.

Sometimes the JOSM is difficult, because there are a lot of information, but i try...
12017-06-23 11:34:39 UTCwambacher please DO NEVER EVER remove type=boundary from boundary relations. This tag is very important to osm.
12017-06-21 14:32:58 UTCwambacher hi, landuse=farm is obsolete.
josm did tell you, but you ignored :(

12017-06-21 11:08:42 UTCwambacher Hi. thanks for adding district boundaries in that area, BUT you destroyed many other boundaries including national boundaries. (Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambik)

22017-06-21 11:43:08 UTCelazarev Hello!
I am so sorry, but these mistakes are very unexpected for me. Of course, I know how to edit relations and never ignore JOSM errors before downloads.
The one thing I did namely divide national borders to create new relations for districts. But if you divide a line being in relation new two o...
32017-06-21 12:22:12 UTCelazarev fixed boundaries mentioned in links above.
42017-06-21 12:43:53 UTCwambacher thx for fixing and updating the error list.

One reason may be: i you break a boundary to add district, you must be shure that all other boundaries in that area have been loaded to josm too.
Otherwise josm will break the way but will not add the new part to the other boundaries.

Are you work...
52017-06-21 12:46:10 UTCwambacher Usually i download a little bbox of that area, i'm planning to work. Then all data will be known to josm - including the nearby boundaries.
62017-06-21 13:14:33 UTCelazarev Yes, to fix errors I have already downloaded broken relations through "File/Download Object". I realized which mistake was. For adding Malawi districts I downloaded Malawi national border relation but not the relations of neighbour countries. I use JOSM quite often, but never for admin bou...
72017-06-21 14:19:15 UTCwambacher bingo, got it :)
12017-06-14 10:42:37 UTCwambacher Hi,
bitte erzeuge keine land-relationen, da die unnötig sind. durch diese Aktion hat DOm jetzt 2 grenzen, die durch ihre identischen Tags NICHT unterscheidbar sind.

ich hab die gelöscht.
12017-06-04 17:47:16 UTCwambacher hi,

is_in-tags are "out". there is no reason to add those historic tags any more it's a source of mismatches too.
22017-06-05 02:06:11 UTCRamadyan Okay I'm so sorry
32017-06-05 10:02:11 UTCwambacher hi, it's no big problem. just will save your time to do other things with osm ;)

have fun,
12017-06-03 09:29:24 UTCwambacher Hi,
Solche Daten "privater" Veranstaltungen gehören nicht nach OSM. Sie wurden emntfernt.
als Alternative (sic) solltet ihr verwenden. Dort kann - und darf - man "seine" Daten eingeben und mit einer OSM-Karte als Hintergrund publizieren. Das ...
12017-06-01 09:32:43 UTCwambacher Never ever remove tags from objects, which you don't know. you deleted one important admin boundary in this country. :(
12017-05-30 11:13:02 UTCwambacher danke. ruf doch mal auf.

12017-05-30 09:25:58 UTCwambacher Stop this bullshit - or you will be banned from osm
12017-05-21 09:32:50 UTCwambacher Thanks. did not have time enough to fix that problem. Just to inform you: there is an ongoing edit war between Greece&Turkey (2 islands in this area). So we need to monitor this area carefully.

22017-05-21 18:19:39 UTCgryphon No problem.
Yes, I supposed that this is a "hot" region, and I've only fixed some country/region borders, so that they would look "ok" technicaly (I need them for a converter I maintain). But I can't do much about monitoring, sorry. I am a rare guest in this part of the map.
12017-05-17 21:48:24 UTCwambacher Hi duran, you deleted and detroyed a lot of international and national boundaries in that area. please stop this asap.

iD is not made for worklig with boundaries.
22017-05-21 05:48:36 UTCgryphon Rolled back changeset
Duran, it's better to start with some smaller objects for the first edit. Send me a message if you have any questions
12017-05-12 11:33:18 UTCwambacher thank's for killing the boundaries of greece and turkey. have to revert your changes.

22017-05-12 11:43:15 UTCwambacher done:
12017-05-05 10:34:05 UTCwambacher you removed boundary=administrative - please remove NO tags which you don't know.

12017-04-21 19:56:26 UTCsamersaadi Boumagueur est une ville indépendante
Sefiane est une ville indépendante
N'Gaous est une autre ville
Region: Batna
Pays: Algeria
22017-04-24 04:11:59 UTCSuperadlen Ok merci
32017-05-02 00:39:06 UTCwambacher Hi, what is the name of this Admin_level 6 area? it's missing
42017-05-02 00:40:12 UTCwambacher talking about
52017-05-02 00:43:13 UTCwambacher
62017-05-13 10:22:38 UTCsamersaadi Noted with many thanks, I appreciate your your work :)
12017-04-05 21:38:30 UTCwambacher hi, what is going on there? is that a city/region with admin tags or not?
if not: why?

22017-04-06 04:24:53 UTCmavl Hello.

«hi, what is going on there?»

One of contributors transfered the tags from the ways to the relation []. He transformed the relation []:

32017-04-06 07:54:12 UTCwambacher thanks, i'll try to get it fixed.
42017-04-06 07:59:59 UTCmavl All these objects are correct now.
52017-04-06 08:34:42 UTCwambacher I checked two cities and found: there is an al6-relation, wich is the admin boundary of that county. Plus there is a multipolygon, which is a little bit smaller.

I fixed the tagging of the "real" al6 including their ways and did not touch the multipolygon any more. may they (and you?)...
62017-04-06 09:16:53 UTCmavl I don't understand this changeset.
It changed the way ( and other:
admin_level=4 -> admin_level=6
Why? No reason to do it.

It deleted ALL tags of node ( It's vandalism. Each human...
72017-04-06 10:19:30 UTCwambacher No vandalism: i'm trying to fix some errors/strange tagging and things like that. please read all comments of this cs.

node without tags: sorry, error by me, has been fixed.
82017-04-06 10:33:25 UTCwambacher al4 -> al6: i missed, that the 3 outers were members of an al4. fixed

sorry for that again. error but no vandalism.

92017-04-06 17:07:29 UTCmavl No problems.
You deleted "name" tags for Irtysh river:

I don't know why. I restored these tags.
You added tags for ...
12017-04-05 11:13:45 UTCwambacher Hi, sorry to tell you but you made a lot of errors. damaged bolivia(2), Brasil(2) and many boundaries with highter admin_levels in both countries.

all missings in BOL and BRA are result of your work :(
22017-04-05 12:16:20 UTCwambacher
lot of work :(
32017-04-05 13:57:17 UTCThundercel Hello Walter,
Initially thank you for correcting my mistake that I honestly do not know why I did it.

I thought I was a bit experienced, but apparently even the experienced can make mistakes.

Thanks again and sorry.

12017-04-03 09:58:46 UTChadw The changeset comment does not match the full scope of this change. It also includes changes in Greece.
22017-04-03 10:13:45 UTCwambacher Sorry, that was an error. didn't close the old changes before starting a new country. Sometimes that happens.
32017-04-03 10:17:09 UTCwambacher Btw. you should check your knowledge about countries: That was Georgia(2) 100ß miles away from greece.
12017-04-03 09:15:54 UTCwambacher Hi, thank's for enhancing those boundaries, but you "killed" the national Boundaries and some more of Algeria and Tunesia by fault. Please be more carfull doing such work.


all errors with DZ...
12017-04-01 19:16:46 UTCwambacher Hi , i reverted your boundaries changes, because they were TECHNICALLY wrong.
Overlapping Boundaries which destroy both national countries.

I don't say, that the boundary is POLITICAL correct (i live in germany and can't know...
12017-03-31 11:17:42 UTCmanoharuss It would be great if you can upload in smaller chunks and multiple changesets. Thanks.
22017-03-31 14:57:08 UTCwambacher Sorry, that was an error. didn't close the old changes before starting a new country.
12017-03-28 13:34:34 UTCkreuzschnabel Menno! Die Hausnummern wollte ich gerade eintragen!

Die Straße hast du nochmal weggenommen? Da muss eine neue entstehen, weil die Häuser an der nördlichen Ecke einstellige Nummern haben. Ich hab aber auch nur die an der Th-Heuss-Straße erfasst heute.
22017-03-28 14:55:28 UTCwambacher naja, löschen wollte ich die Strasse eigentlich nicht. nur umtaggen. derzeit ist die ja noch nicht fertig.

highway=construction, construction=residential halte ich für angemessen. acces erst dann, wenn die fertig ist. privat?

ich hab sie wieder reingenommen.
32017-03-28 14:58:08 UTCwambacher drin. bei den vier Häusern weiss ich noch nicht, wie die geschnitten sind. daher noch grob. und den Strassennamen kenn ich a net.
42017-03-28 15:03:29 UTCkreuzschnabel War heute auch auf dem Wünschelruten-Übungsgelände, on the ground halte ich es für normalen Wald, aber es kann gern als Plagiatsfalle drin bleiben :-)
52017-03-28 15:08:07 UTCwambacher Da Stand am "Eingang" ein entsprechendes Schild - sonst wäre ich nie darauf gekommen - und es waren Wege drin mit Erdlöchern (vergrabene Wasserflaschen). Kann natürlich alles weg sein. ist schon einige Jahre her.
62017-03-28 15:10:49 UTCwambacher An der Wiesbadener Strasse 1-41: da sind 2015/16 in der 2. Reihe einige Häuser dazugekommen. Die hab ich noch net.
72017-03-28 15:24:19 UTCkreuzschnabel Ich hab vorhin schon einige symbolisch dazugepinselt (wir haben gerade wieder Renderstau) und schau mir das demnächst mal en detail an.
12017-03-23 16:10:26 UTCwambacher hi, you killed all admin boundaries in that area. please fix it or i have to undo all your changes.
22017-03-23 16:46:12 UTCdmgroom_ct If you look in deatil at my chnage you will note that the admin boiundaries remained unaffected by my changes.

You may be mitaking the problems which were caused by earlier edits by user Lola_Fox which also broke the coastline.

I split some ways and removed coastline tags from them in order to...
32017-03-23 17:31:07 UTCwambacher but you agree, thart the admin boundaries are damaged, yes?

check pisa(6):

please: because you know the area better than me, try to fix it.
12017-03-22 11:09:36 UTCwambacher gut so - sonst hätte ich das gemacht. ich bin kein Hundebesitzer aber sehe das als bewusste Verfälschung der OSM-Daten an.
22017-03-22 11:38:13 UTCgeow Lieber dittrich-hasenzahl,
ich darf noch ergänzen, dass Namen bei OSM nur für echte Eigennamen verwendet werden und nicht zur Beschreibung von Objekten. Ansonsten wäre die Kartendarstellung bald ziemlich unübersichtlich.

Mehr dazu hier:
12017-03-22 10:47:57 UTCwambacher Hi, da du es immer noch nicht für nötig erachtest, an der Diskussion im Forum teilzunehmen, habe ich um eine Sperrung deines Accounts gebeten.,

22017-03-31 15:21:20 UTCRubenKelevra Hey wambacher,

wie schon im Forum geschrieben lag es nicht an "nötig erachten" sondern einfach an nicht können, dass ich dazu nichts weiter geschrieben habe.

Die Edits sind alle vor dem Erstellen des Foren-Beitrags gemacht worden und entsprechend hab ich nicht der Diskussio...
12017-03-15 18:52:26 UTCwambacher please stop that bullshit - deleted.
12017-02-20 18:56:14 UTCMr_Brown Wow, did we really lose the City of Fort Collins with this edit?
22017-02-21 10:41:13 UTCwambacher yes, and why did you not fix it?
32017-02-21 10:43:13 UTCwambacher done
12017-02-15 15:21:27 UTCgeri-oc Bitte bei Änderungen von building=yes auf Die richtige Auswahl achten:
PS: Bitte auch im Forum melden:
22017-02-15 23:01:31 UTCwambacher da du auf mehrfache Anfragen nicht reagiert hast, haben wir die Sperrung deines Accounts beantragt.
12017-02-06 11:32:57 UTCwambacher please do not remove any boundary tags. otherwise the boundary is "gone".
22017-02-26 07:14:43 UTCnyuriks please do not remove the wikidata tag - they are critical for data validation and cross-referencing with external data for wikipedia
12016-10-20 09:34:56 UTCwambacher same story, you killed Brugge, Flandern, landarea of belgium.
some postal code areas and some more.

Please STOP this.
22016-10-20 09:54:09 UTCbanda1 Sorry for all this. I was not aware ot it.
32016-10-20 10:01:19 UTCwambacher never ever delete anything you don't know about.

ok, we will fix that, because it is not easy for you
42016-10-20 10:07:46 UTCbanda1 Thank you for your understanding and sorry again.
I hope I didn't make any other errors before your message this morning
52016-10-20 10:10:23 UTCbanda1 For my understanding. These errors, are they all related to the coastline ?
62016-10-20 10:49:08 UTCwambacher Yes, because you removed the boundaries where the gaps were. happened in nieuwpoort, ostende and zeebrugge
72017-01-25 14:24:55 UTCM!dgard You disconnected the water on the locks, for example here:

Please don't do that. There IS water there, only not when the lock is closed.
82017-01-25 14:39:23 UTCwambacher talking to which mapper? i only closed the border line.
92017-01-25 17:22:08 UTCM!dgard @wambacher: To banda1 ;)
12017-01-07 16:15:28 UTCwambacher Absoluter Rekord: 1.edit und schon im Forum gelandet

BITTE lösche keine Daten, die du nicht kennst und arbeite gerade als Abfänger sorgfältiger. Das war absolut kontraproduktiv und wir haben den Edit zurücksetze...
12016-12-27 21:33:28 UTCwambacher hi, wir versuchen dich seit 3-4 tagen dazu zu bringen auf wichtige Fragen der deutschen Community zu antworten. Da du das entweder nicht merkst (liest du deine Mails eigentlich nicht?), habe ich eine Sperre deines Accounts beantragt.

12016-12-20 10:23:02 UTCwambacher Hi, danke dass du die PLZ-Rel von Waldoms "gekaperst" hast, anstelle eine neue Rel für den Stadtteil anzulegen.

iD ist übrigens der denkbar ungünstigte Editor um Relationen zu bearbeiten. Josm ist dafü...
22016-12-20 12:36:49 UTCvflo Sorry. :/
Was genau hab ich falsch gemacht?
Danke für's Beheben!
32016-12-20 19:17:39 UTCwambacher Schau dir die History an - und liess den Forenbeitrag: du hast aus einer bestehenden korrekten PLZ-Relation eine Grenze eines neuen Stadtteiles (al9) gemacht.
Dadurch war das PLZ-Gebiet weg.

Du hättest eine neue relation anlegen müssen oder eine Kopie der alten PLZ-Relation benutzen s...
12016-12-05 09:00:11 UTCwambacher Hi, du hast hier die PLZ reorganisiert. everode, winzenburg, landwehr und Fredenb gelöscht und dann wohl Freden neu aufgebaut.

Ist das ok so? nur weil bei der immer noch der alte Stand ist.

Und im Forum ist ein Gap zu erkenne, wo die Flächen noch nicht stimmen können.
12016-11-12 09:57:49 UTCwambacher hi, kannst du mir bitte mal erklären, was du dir bei diesem way gedacht hast?

22016-11-12 10:54:33 UTCpyram Klar:
Da steht am Tor die Adresse. Zumindest war das vor zwei Jahren so ;-) Normalerweise bevorzuge ich das Mappen von Adressen am Haupteingang. (Adressen in Nürnberg beziehen sich in der Regel auf das Grundstück oder auf einen Eingang - nicht auf ein Gebäude [mir ist bewusst, dass d...
32016-11-12 11:47:53 UTCwambacher naja, da der bereich keine beschreibenden tags hat, ist er eigentlich nicht existent. es ist ein "Nichts" mit einer Anschrift. Da nominatim das aber schluckt, werde ich hier nix machen.
42016-11-12 13:21:32 UTCpyram Dann wäre aber jeder Adress-POI auch ein "Nichts" ;-) Eine Adresse ist halt nun mal nichts Physisches. Und bei einem Garagenhof mit mehreren Garagen habe ich auch nur die Wahl zwischen einer Area und einem POI:
Oder die Qualitätspr&uum...
52016-11-12 13:22:41 UTCpyram fix: "identische"
12016-11-12 09:55:28 UTCwambacher hi, kannst du mir bitte mal erklären, was du dir bei diesem way gedacht hast?

22016-11-12 20:46:54 UTCgeodreieck4711 Walter, ich habe nur überschneidende Linien korrigiert, (OSMI), und addr:city hinzugefügt.
Frag doch mal den Ersteller des Gebäudeumrisses.......
12016-10-23 09:29:03 UTCwambacher Hi Dewi, did you read my comments?
22016-10-23 09:41:38 UTCwambacher Hi Dewi, you MUST respect the import guidelines. beside the missing permission you have to use an extra account like Import_surabaya and use proper chaneset comments.
It is quite shure that all your work will be reverted.
12016-10-23 08:30:51 UTCwambacher Hi Dewi, i know about the long discussion for that import. You state the permission has be sent to you (, but we can't find a copy or link on the project wiki page (
12016-10-20 10:13:03 UTCwambacher please DO NOT fix your changes - you are doing that wrong too.
22016-10-20 15:55:00 UTCwambacher everything fixed :)
12016-10-20 09:47:32 UTCwambacher test
12016-10-20 09:28:31 UTCwambacher Hi banda,

You are destroying many admin boundaries in belgium. Admin Boundaries are allways CLOSED relations to define those areas.

You did it two days ago and those wrong deletions have been fixed. After that you did it again yesterday.

12016-10-08 07:58:29 UTCNakaner Hallo ulilu,

wie du unter entnehmen kannst, sind mehrere Mapper – mich eingeschlossen – nicht mit deiner intensiven Verwendung von Multipolygonen einverstanden. Bitte verwende Multipolygone daher nicht, nur weil du sie ve...
22016-10-08 09:58:00 UTCulilu Hallo Michael,

Noch ein Nachtrag: Du verwechselst offenbar Multipolygon mit Relation. Ich erspare mir weit ausladende Erklärungen, die Du im Wiki selbst recherchieren kannst.

Freundlicher Gruß,
32016-10-09 11:43:57 UTCSammysHP Hallo ulilu,

Nakaner hat schon ganz recht. Du erstellst unnötigerweise Relationen mit mehreren outer-Elementen (dies nennen wir bei OSM "Multipolygon"). Dies ist völlig unnötig und erschwert die Arbeit.

Ich bin der Meinung, dass sämtliche Änderungen dieser ...
42016-10-09 12:24:38 UTCulilu Hallo "sammysHP" (u. a.),

Multipolygone und Relationen sind zwei Paar Schuhe. Ich verstehe das Problem NICHT. Ich habe überdies alles dazu gesagt und wiederhole mich ungerne. Wo, gibt es mit zwei als "outer" attribuierten Teilstücken zweier Relationen Probleme?

52016-10-09 12:31:21 UTCNakaner Hallo ulilu,

sammysHP hat leider Recht. Ich habe mir gestern die besserwisserische Antwort verkniffen. Wenn du es nicht glaubst, kannst du es selber im Wiki nachlesen:

Es gibt bei OSM nur drei Datentypen: Nodes, Ways und Relations...
62016-10-09 12:37:14 UTCulilu Lieber Michael,

Es gibt Punkte und Wege (Linien). Miteinander am Anfangs- und Endpunkt verbundene Wege stellen Multipolygone dar. Unter Umständen sind die Teilabschnitte des Multipolygons zusätzlich zu einer Relation miteinander verbandelt. So verhalten sich die Dinge, und nicht anders....
72016-10-09 13:16:53 UTCwambacher NEIN: Multipolygone im OSM-Sinn sind IMMER Relationen. Es geht technisch garnicht anders. Diese Relationen bestehen aus mehreren Membern (i.d.R Ways aber Nodes und sogar Relationen sind hier möglich), sind in sich geschlossen (Ringe), werden mit type=multipolygon oder auch type=boundary getaggt...
82016-10-09 13:20:04 UTCGarmin-User Miteinander am Anfangs- und Endpunkt verbundene Wege sind Polygone = Vieleck. Erst wenn eine Fläche im Polygon ausgestanzt werden soll (z.B. Gebäude in Fußgängerzone), kommt man um eine Relation nicht herum - das Ergebnis nennt sich dann Multipolygon = "Mehrfach-Vieleck&quo...
92016-10-09 18:48:33 UTCulilu Liebe Diskuteure,

Ich weiche nicht einen Deut von meiner Erklärung des Verhältnisses Multipolygon/Relation bei OSM ab: "Es gibt Punkte und Wege (Linien [= mind. zwei miteinander verbundene Punkte]). Miteinander am Anfangs- und Endpunkt verbundene Wege stellen Multipolygone dar [auc...
102016-10-09 19:01:40 UTCmmd Zum Selbststudium darf ich in diesem Fall die Relation 6633281 ( ) empfehlen. Sie enthält einen Fehler und daher nicht auf der Karte dargestellt. Woran liegt es? Kleiner Tipp: das Tool unter ist zur Ermittelung der Fehlerursache n...
112016-10-09 19:03:23 UTCmmd Sorry, Typo: es sollte heißen: "und wird daher nicht auf der Karte dargestellt."
122016-10-09 19:38:00 UTCulilu Lieber "mmd",

Das ist typisch für die aktuell hier laufende Diskussion: Feststellung von etwas (selbstverständlich von etwas, was NICHT funktioniert) ... und: KEINE Hilfe/Unterstützung. Damit ist auf schöne Weise dargestellt, wie diese spezielle Nörgler-Communit...
132016-10-09 19:40:22 UTCNakaner Hallo ulilu,

das Problem sind nicht wir. Das Problem bist leider Gottes du. Es sind nicht 1000 Falschfahrer und einer, der richtig fährt, sondern 1000 Fahrzeuge auf der korrekten Richtungsfahrbahn und ein Falschfahrer.

Viele Grüße

142016-10-09 19:40:38 UTCseichter Ich versuche es auch einmal:
Miteinander am Anfangs- und Endpunkt verbundene Wege sind Polygone (Vielecke, genauer geschlossene Vielecke).
Mehrere solcher Vielecke zu einem Objekt per Relation vereint sind Multipolygone. Standardbeispiel dafür sind ein Gebäude mit Innenhof oder eine Inse...
152016-10-09 19:48:58 UTCmmd Mir ging es hier primär darum, die Grenzen der gewählten Arbeitsweise an einem konkreten Beispiel zu illustrieren, da ich davon den größten Erkenntnisgewinn beim Empfänger meiner Botschaft zu erreichen glaube. Mit einem anderen Editor, namentlich JOSM, besteht die Mögl...
162016-10-09 19:52:04 UTCgiggls @seichter: Bitte schaue Dir das OSM Datenmodell an. Es gibt bei OSM eben keine Multipolygone im Simple Features Sinn, wie Du sie erklärst.
172016-10-09 20:09:22 UTCulilu Regt Euch nicht unnötig auf!

Problem gelöst. - Ich arbeite, womit ICH will ... und das unter der selbst auferlegten Einhaltung höchster Standards und Ansprüchet. Euren Spaß an der Mobberei gönne ich Euch ja grundsätzlich. Ich habe jetzt aber keine Lust mehr, da...
182016-10-09 20:10:48 UTCseichter @giggls: Wenn mit simple features ein Nicht-Relations-Objekt (way) gemeint sein sollte: Ein Multipolygon ist nur als Relation darstellbar und etwas anderes kann ich aus meinem Beitrag nicht herauslesen.
Von daher verstehe ich den Beitrag nicht.

Zum Changeset hier: Eine normale residential-Fl&aum...
192016-10-09 21:31:23 UTCPeda Hallo zusammen,

ich antworte mal in dieser Diskussion weil hier vermutlich am meisten beteiligt sind.

Ich habe Uli vorläufig untersagt, Multipolygone/Relationen mit nur Outer-Ways zu erstellen, da es offensichtlich doch sehr viele Leute verärgert und es auch nicht gerade einsteigerfr...
12016-10-06 19:53:12 UTCTeddy73 Warum wurde die ref der L 129 entfernt?
22016-10-07 07:03:27 UTCulilu "ref" befindet sich in der Relation (siehe dort), das ist vollkommen ausreichend, sieht auf der Karte dann auch besser aus, weil nicht ständig für jeden Abschnitt "L 129" zu lesen ist.
32016-10-07 09:54:52 UTCNakaner Hallo ulilu,

es ist übliche Mappingpraxis nicht nur hier, sondern AFAIK weltweit, dass man ref=* auch an den Ways selbst erfasst. Bitte respektiere das. Solltest du deinen schon laufenden Editwar mit Teddy73 (und anderen Mappern) fortsetzen, sehen wir uns genötigt, dein Benutzerkonto vo...
42016-10-07 11:58:07 UTCulilu Sehr geehrter "Michael",
ich weiß nicht, wer Sie sind, aber Sie führen sich äußerst autoritär auf und ich weiß zudem nicht, worauf diese Autorität objektiv beruht. Sind Sie selbsternannter OSM-Wächter oder handeln Sie im Auftrag von etwas/jemande...
52016-10-07 15:00:12 UTCgeow @Nakaner Ich finde deinen Ton auch unangemessen und kontraproduktiv. Wir haben zwar in DE weltweit mit die höchste Daten- und Mapperdichte, aber trotzdem sollte man nicht Gefahr laufen, Kollegen zu demotivieren

Konstruktiver als "Ich bitte dich hiermit letztmalig, aussagekräftige &...
62016-10-07 15:31:41 UTCwambacher Der Kollege Ulilu ist mehrfach darum gebeten worden, seine CS zu dokumentieren und das nicht erst in letzter Zeit. Ich hatte zuletzt Kontakt mit ihm Okt. 2015, wo das u.A. auch Thema war. Zudem mangelte es an Transparenz bei den Quellen, da diese Angaben ebenfalls konsequent fehlten. Und diese fehle...
72016-10-07 15:56:45 UTCwambacher ps: ich vergaß zu erwähnen, dass ich vor längerer Zeit wegen "unsinniger und nichtssagender CS-Angaben" von der DWG gesperrt wurde. Kein Grund stolz zu sein, aber das kann ihm hier auch jederzeit passieren.
82016-10-07 16:15:19 UTCulilu Liebe Freunde und Nörgler,

Ich benutze Potlach, weil ich damit am besten klar komme. Beim (ersten) Speichern könnte ich als Kommentar eingeben, was ich wo wie warum kartiert habe; mache ich manchmal auch - zu MEINER Erinnerung. Ich verwende die mir innerhalb des vorgenannten Editors vor...
92016-10-07 16:19:30 UTCgeow wambacher schrieb:
Zusammenarbeit mit der Community, Transparenz der Aktivitäten (Quellen!) und Kommunikation wird bei OSM immer wichtiger.

+1 Gute Kommunikation ist essentiell in einem Gemeinschaftsprojekt. Man sollte da stoisch freundlich und respektvoll vorgehen, wenn man jemand fü...
102016-10-07 20:44:31 UTCTeddy73 Hallo ulilu, ich höre hier und auch in unserem PN Austausch ständig von Ihnen "bitte sachlich bleiben". Wenn ich aber sachlich argumentiere, kommt als Antwort "bitte sachlich bleiben". Hm. Also noch ein Versuch, sachlich ein paar Dinge zu klären:
B41 Ottweiler - N...
112016-10-08 07:55:16 UTCNakaner Hallo ulilu,

ich möchte euch bitten, beim Du zu bleiben. Das ist bei OSM so üblich. Die Höflichkeitsform ist ein Zeichen, dass man das Gegenüber oder sich selbst nicht als Teil der OSM-Community betrachtet.

Viele Grüße

122016-10-08 08:50:56 UTCkreuzschnabel Nachdem dieser CS auch im Forum diskutiert wird, schalte ich mich hier mal in die Diskussion ein und schließe mich zunächst der Bitte an, beim Du zu bleiben, das ist die hier übliche Umgangsform und zeigt, dass man die anderen als Kollegen respektiert. Zweitens: Hier sind zweifellos ...
132016-10-08 09:22:25 UTCulilu Liebe Mitmapper,

Ich bleibe beim Sie, weil ich das höflicher finde; dass sich ein Community-Geist durch die Verwendung von "du" ausdrücken würde, finde ich nicht zwingend. - Ein guter Parser (Renderer) - und davon gibt es einige - bezieht die Daten zuerst aus der Relation...
12016-10-02 23:09:15 UTCJojo4u Ooops, some thick delete fingers at Malé:

I restored name and capital=yes
22016-10-03 01:07:31 UTCwambacher tnx
12016-09-27 19:39:16 UTCwambacher Hi, never ever connect river segments when they are splitted. There are reasons for that.

you corrupted up to 30 City boundaries in Argentina.
22016-09-27 19:58:46 UTCwambacher see

you killed this boundaries :(
12016-09-23 09:45:46 UTCwambacher Hi Stephen,

you'r doing a fine job converting that old stuff.
BUT: after you are done, the old multipolygon relation still exist. I've deleted dozends of them during the last days.

see which is overlapped by the new
22016-09-23 15:00:05 UTCStephen214 I reused all the old multipolygon relations (not many) that came up with the query I'm using:
(way[boundary=administrative]({{bbox}});relation[boundary=administrative]({{bbox}});node[place]({{bbox}}););(._;>;);out meta;
How do I change that to prevent/fix the problem you're talking about?
32016-09-23 16:10:36 UTCwambacher just delete the remaining multipolygons. see my list.

you donn#t see remainig MP? just ask me and i'll show you
42016-09-23 19:14:47 UTCStephen214 I can (and did) delete the old relations if i have that list, but it'd be even better to fix my query so i don't miss an existing relation that i can reuse.
52016-09-23 20:02:05 UTCwambacher yes, that would be better.

but i don't "speak overpass". don't using it because i'm working with postgresql/postgis.
12016-09-19 08:06:09 UTCwambacher Hi Hnatyuk,

those 4 boundaries are still open.

12016-09-13 07:44:18 UTCwambacher Hi Adrian,

i think, you don't respect our "import guidelines"

- i can't find any documentation, no wiki, nothing.
- you did not add your project to
- you don't use an extra im...
22016-09-13 08:06:17 UTCNakaner Hi Adrian,

Walters an my changeset comment apply to multiple of your changesets.

I addition, I want to point out that deleting of existing data and recreating it destroys the history of the deleted objects.

I ask you to resp...
32016-09-13 11:47:50 UTCAdrian Frith Hi folks,

Not sure I will be able to respond by your deadline but I have seen the messages and will provide a full reply as soon as possible.

42016-09-13 16:44:13 UTCAdrian Frith Hi folks,

wambacher: In 2014 I added the previous set of SA ward boundaries - I can't point to the whole range of edits but the last one is changeset #21821462. Nobody had an issue with it or made a complaint then, so it didn't even occur to me to do anything differently this time. I will certain...
52016-09-13 16:46:22 UTCAdrian Frith (Regarding the second point, though: semantically, "deletion and recreating" is what happens to the wards in South Africa in the delimitation process. "Swartland Ward 2" in 2015 is a different entity than "Swartland Ward 2" in 2016. But I can still see the practical val...
62016-09-13 20:43:48 UTCNakaner Hi Adrian,

thank you for your quick response. What's the legal status of the data? Where is the permisson from the data owner which allows you to upload it to OSM and release it under the Contributor Terms? Where can we ourselves find the dataset (if it is an act or similar text document and no s...
72016-09-13 21:06:48 UTCwambacher Hi adrian,

ok, you did some imports in 2014 and nobody complains. But the times are changing. During the last 2 years, OSM decided to be more restrictive in importing external data. That's because of many problems, either bad quality or using unauthorized data. Both leading to big problems.

82016-09-16 07:05:07 UTCwambacher @adrian: any news?
92016-09-19 00:02:51 UTCAdrian Frith Hey folks, sorry about the slow reply - I had a very busy week at work.

Regarding the permission for the data: I have emailed Grant Slater (a/k/a firefishy, you probably know him) because he was the one who arranged permission with the Municipal Demarcation Board to import their data. I have aske...
102016-09-19 00:03:34 UTCAdrian Frith ("any of this" meaning "any importing of this data", of course)
112016-09-19 07:02:41 UTCFirefishy Yes, OSM has explicit permission to use this dataset. Adrian kindly manages the updates of this data every few years. The data is high quality and is the definitive boundary dataset for South Africa.
122016-09-19 07:58:47 UTCwambacher Great.
Please add your project to
12016-09-13 12:22:02 UTCwambacher Please never ever remove name=* from boundaries. Even if there is name:fr=*

12016-09-07 13:54:18 UTCwambacher yeah - and removed type=boundary from the country border of Swaziland :(
12016-09-06 15:38:50 UTCwambacher Hi, same story as yesterday, but i learned that's ok. BUT you damaged the international boundaries of Irac and Pakistan. Could you PLEASE work a little bit more carfully and don't distroy other countries? Of course, i fixed that.

I can give you some tips in using my "Missing Boundaries Tool...
22016-09-06 16:14:26 UTCIran_Import Hi, Sorry Walter
Sorry about damaging the boundary of Iran-Pakistan.
I thought you read my profile that in case you needed to contact me use my main OSM user.
It would be great if you give me some info regarding the tool that you mentioned.

By the way I saw both of your commends just now.

32016-09-06 16:58:46 UTCwambacher don't panic ;)

AFTER writing those two comments, i checked your wiki page, too late, sorry.

one hint: you may select more than one entry in the error list, click on "Edit multiple boundaries" at the bottom of the list and set all selected e.g. to "done by me". Better than c...
12016-09-06 15:40:16 UTCwambacher did it again? no way ;)
22016-09-06 15:45:43 UTCEzekielT Next is technoprox, right? Please don't do this again.
12016-09-05 17:57:45 UTCwambacher i hope, you are aware that al LOT on your boundaries are damaged.


ll those boundaries have been damaged yesterday and many of them are not fixed yet. hope, you'll get it.
Need help?
12016-09-03 22:35:28 UTCButterflyOfFire_ Hi, may be we have to check this note too ;)
22016-09-04 00:21:12 UTCwambacher thanks, did it.

btw: see

the edit war goes on.
12016-09-03 17:52:48 UTCwambacher Hi,
please read this:

22016-09-03 17:54:03 UTCwambacher if you don't keep your fingers off, y'll be in trouble.
32016-09-03 17:55:31 UTCwambacher you have been warned before.
12016-08-31 11:11:11 UTCwambacher reminder: did't you read this?

still doing ... dots. that is not enougt. please write better and more detailed comments about your edits.
12016-08-23 13:40:29 UTCkartler175 PLZ-Grenzrelion durch löschen von way
Bitte wieder herstellen!
22016-08-25 17:59:18 UTCwambacher done
32016-08-28 10:21:18 UTCkartler175 Danke! Eigentlich hatte ich gehofft, der Verursacher würde sich drum kümmern. Vielleicht wird er ja wenigstens für die Zunkunft für die Folgen des Löschens vermeintlich überflüssiger Ways sensibilisiert. Sonst hätte ich es auch selber reparieren können.
42016-08-28 11:44:34 UTCwambacher jo, verstehe ich auch nicht, wieso marek sich nicht gemeldet hat. er ist doch ansonsten ziemlich aktiv.
ansonsten halte ich eine defekte Grenze - egal ob PLZ oder Admin - für dringenst reperaturbedürftig. Und da warte ich nicht lange.
52016-08-29 05:23:16 UTCmarek kleciak Hallo Wambacher,
ich habe dieses Kommentar zu spät gesehen, danke für Deine Reparatur.
Hallo Kartler175. Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit und den Hinweis. Meine Schuld! Ich habe es nicht wahrgenommen da ich nur kleine geometrische Korrekturen in Potlatch2 und nicht in JOSM gemacht hab...
62016-08-29 06:19:17 UTCGeofalke Czesc Marek,
danke für die 1 734 786 Wegpunkte, die Du bisher angelegt hast. Das geht offenbar mit guter Effizienz in Potlatch2. Dass dabei Fehler passieren - auch klar! Aber dafür gibt es ja Tools wie
12016-08-23 20:39:11 UTCwambacher Hi, du hast in dieser Ecke einige admin Grenzen zerstört, was ja mal passieren kann.
Ist gefixt.

aber: was ist mir dieser komischen Linie für die Gemeindegrenze Lockhausen?
Administrative Grenzen werden bei OSM definitiv anders erfasst. Un...
22016-08-24 06:37:30 UTCthonies Hallo,
diese Aktion beruht auf ein Missverständis zwischen Benutzer und dem eigentlichen Bearbeiter, sowie noch mangelnder Erfahrung. Leider kann ich diese komische Linie für die Gemeinde Lockhausen in Oerlinghausen in JOSM nicht wiederfinden und bearbeiten. Gern darf die vorherige Versio...
32016-08-24 09:50:39 UTCwambacher Hi, was meinst du mit "Benutzer und dem eigentlichen Bearbeiter"? Arbeitet ihr mit mehreren Leuten im Auftrag von irgendwem (Firma, Behörde)? Oder mappen die einen auf Anweisung von anderen?

Die Line habe ich oben angegeben. einfach auf den Link klicken.

Und jetzt das wichtigst...
42016-08-24 12:22:16 UTCthonies Hi, bei JOSM habe ich aus versehen mit den Benutzerprofil von meinem Kollegen gearbeitet, da er zuvor daran gearbeitet hatte. Und nein wir arbeiten in keinen Auftrag. Die Quelle der Daten ist das Amt für Geoinformation und Kataster und Anweisungen wurden auch nicht erteilt.
52016-08-24 12:32:53 UTCwambacher Ok, das hört sich schon besser an. Für Firmen und Behörden, die als Team ein Projekt durchziehen, gelten inzwischen verschärfte "Spielregeln", die darauf hinauslaufen, dass man den Projektverantwortlichen ("Chef vons Ganze") kennt und dass es eine Wikiseite zu...
62016-08-25 06:04:01 UTCthonies Ich glaube da liegt ein Missverständnis vor, im vergleich zu meinen Kollegen kann man leider nicht am Namen oder der Mail-Adresse erkennen, dass ich bei der Stadt Bielefeld arbeite, hat auch einen einfachen Grund. Ich mache ein Praktikum ebenda und nutze somit einen privaten Zugang. Jedoch nutz...
72016-08-25 07:39:28 UTCNakaner Hallo thonies,

wenn du nicht privat in OSM aktiv bist, erwartet die OSM-Community von dir, dass du ein separates Benutzerkonto verwendest und dieses auch als solches kennzeichnest.

Viele Grüße

82016-08-25 08:59:13 UTCwambacher Hi Thonies,
ich habe Geoinfo3BI als Verursacher der für mich dubiosen Changesets (wie dieser hier) angesprochen, weill ER das hier gemacht hat und ER hat "Source: Amt Bielefeld" angegeben.

Der Kollege hat sich bisher hier nicht gemeldet; statt dessen aber du. Das geht so nicht!. S...
92016-08-25 19:51:09 UTCwambacher Openstreetmap data working group DWG has been contacted.
102016-08-29 05:35:20 UTCGeoinfo3BI Hallo,
hier ist Geoinfo3BI. Ich bin Mitarbeiter des Amt für Geoinformation und Kataster der Stadt Bielefeld. Der Nutzer "thonies" hat versehentlich unter meinen OSM-Account Daten editiert. Was ist jetzt zu tun um Klarheit zu schaffen.

Andreas Karck
112016-08-29 06:49:14 UTCNakaner Hallo Andreas,

ich zitiere aus der Sperrnachricht:

"Beschaffen Sie ein amtliches Schreiben der Stadt Bielefeld, in dem steht, dass die Quellen, die Sie verwenden möchten, als Quellen für OpenStreetMap zulässig sind und dass die gewonnenen Informationen unter der von OpenStr...
122016-08-30 12:17:39 UTCGeoinfo3BI Hallo,

amtliches Schreiben ist in Arbeit.

12016-08-21 03:46:48 UTCGrillo You deleted the coastline here. Please be very careful when editing coastlines because it may break the map.
22016-08-21 12:12:37 UTCwambacher sorry about that. did you fix it?
32016-08-22 05:47:37 UTCGrillo Yeah, I did. I just added back natural=coastline on the coastline ways you put admin_level tags on. If I introduced any errors feel free to change, but make sure not to remove coastline tags.
42016-08-22 09:11:40 UTCwambacher Great. i'm fixing a lot of overlapping and missing admin boundaries in Dar es Salaam/Tanzania. Therefore i have to touch the coastline too. Sh.t happens ;)
12016-08-21 11:42:41 UTCwambacher Hey, you delete about 50 Boundariies in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. please don't use iD for complex edit, keep o using josm.

I'll try to fix that but may be, i have to ask DWG to do a complete revert.
12016-08-17 17:24:34 UTCJedrzej Pelka AL5 Urambo (1600828) ist immer noch offen, trotzdem es in "Countries Compare" als "fixed" steht.
22016-08-17 18:46:25 UTCwambacher Hi, das ist mir klar. Ich mußte erstmal schwer arbeiten, bis ich die Zonen "Lake" und "Central" korrigiert hatte. Ich hab Uramobo heute früh im CC geschlossen, obwohl da noch nicht ok ist. Ich ändere das mal auf "processing", da ich gleich weiter mache. ...
32016-08-17 18:59:20 UTCJedrzej Pelka Alles klar, ich dachte dass du es zufällig übersehen hast. Vielen Dank für deine Arbeit, es ist sehr wichtig für die Qualität der Daten :)
42016-08-17 22:16:26 UTCwambacher AL4 sollten jetzt sauber sein. aber bei den AL5 sind fürchterliche Fehler drin. Da sind manche Distrikte zu gross, weil das in wWrklichkeit mehrere Distrikte sind (z.B. Tabora ist im Vergleich zu Wikipedia Schrott: Ich m...
12016-08-12 10:08:06 UTCwambacher Hi, der RP "4-5" ist etwas merkwürdig. Sollte doch RP 4 sein. Der RP5 steht ganz am unteren Ende und den hab ich gesehen.
Da in der Gegend stehen aber auch Hinweisschilder ZU den RP. Da steht dann nur ein Pfeil drauf und der zeigt an, dass es in dieser Richtung den RP4 und den RP5 gi...
22016-08-12 14:33:19 UTCZakMcKracken Ja , ist leider so komisch, auf dem Schild am Punkt steht wirklich RP4-5, es ist das offizielle Schild gegenüber der Karte, kein Wegweiser oder Ähnliches.
32016-08-12 15:10:10 UTCwambacher Komisch: so sieht der RP5 am Streckenende aus:

einfach nur RP4 hinschreiben? das merkt doch keiner ;)
12016-08-08 20:37:49 UTCwambacher hi,

you "killed" 3 boundaries of your country, because you did severe errors.

see and my changeset

The editor iD is not a good editor for that j...
12016-08-04 22:06:36 UTCwambacher something very special in canada ;)
12016-08-03 22:14:33 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I'm writing to you on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group. Questions have been raised about the accuracy of the boundaries of Morocco, and I'm sending this message to many of the mappers who have edited in the area or expressed an interest, including you.

We're aware that there is dispute...
22016-08-04 00:10:00 UTCsmaprs Hope this situation will come to a stable mapping effort, to let other mappers keep on all the basic mapping still needed around there.
32016-08-04 03:37:00 UTCsmaprs I've just took a look to see how many wadis were traced since I've mapped months ago. It's odd to see that wadis seem not much interesting in Western Sahara mappings.
42016-08-04 13:48:23 UTCEzekielT "For example, if a majority of the population of an area speaks language "a" then it makes sense for OSM's "name" tag to be in language "a" (though of course other name tags such as name:b, name:c etc. can also be used to make maps in other languages).". Would...
52016-08-04 17:26:53 UTCwambacher The area east of "West Sahara" has been maped as Sarahwi before. That is missing too.
62016-08-04 19:15:40 UTCEzekielT Does that mean that SADR should be undeleted with Potlatch 1, SomeoneElse?

72016-08-30 21:03:02 UTCSomeoneElse Hello again,
Following on from my "I'm writing to you on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group" comment above, we'd had feedback from lots of OSM mappers in the area. The findings and the changes that will be made are described at
12016-08-01 14:56:30 UTCwambacher Hi MonsterStreamer: Mach bitte vernünftige Kommentare. "änderungen" ist nicht ausreichend. Deine Prosa von vor einigen Tagen war aber zu viel.
22016-08-01 15:08:39 UTCwambacher ansonsten ist dein Brücke Schrott. Schau dir doch mal die Änderungen an. Zudem ist der Name fraglich (Peach bedeutet Pfirsich!) und da du die Quelle nicht genannt hast, hab ich den Namen eben entfernt.
32016-08-01 15:10:56 UTCwambacher siehe
42016-08-02 21:11:11 UTCPeda This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 41202194 where the changeset comment is: Revert some changesets of user FromBonnCologne as most of it were imaginary additions. (See also
12016-07-27 21:15:41 UTCPeda Hello Eliot.

I took this changeset to comment on, however, the comment applies to more of your recent changes.

May I ask you, why you want to renew some of the relations, nodes and ways instead of extending/changing them? I'm asking as there have been complaints about your edits and this regio...
22016-07-28 12:45:11 UTCwambacher @peda: the main problem is he removed Palestina from our map. The boundaries still exist but the country has been deleted - and not replaced.
32016-07-29 19:25:16 UTCPeda Hello Eliot,

as you didn't reply yet and as more complaints came in, I did revert some of your changesets to restore the deleted boundaries (

Please refrain from fixing/touching the boundaries without prior discussion with the local community i...
12016-07-27 17:25:39 UTCwambacher Hi, what the fuck are you doing?

OSM is not a playground and your changes are vandalism. Next time your account will be blocked.
12016-07-23 13:46:38 UTCwambacher great comment: "Modifications"

WHAT did you modify and WHY?
Btw: you killed the boundary of Bohars.
12016-07-12 10:47:40 UTCwambacher Hi,

Ich musste deine "Korrekturen" korrigieren. Siehe und

a) PLZ haben keine Namen sondern mit note=* erfasst. Das ist in DACH so festgelegt und es gibt viele Ausw...
12016-07-05 21:14:14 UTCwambacher Du kannst gerne name:de hinzufügen, aber NICHT name löschen. name=* bezeichnet immer den in diesem Land üblichen Namen und darf nicht fehlen.
22016-07-06 06:25:08 UTCWKOSM Sorry, da hab ich anstatt name:de hinzuzufügen name geändert.
12016-07-05 21:08:29 UTCwambacher Hi,

wieso hast du type=boundary und boundary=administrative gelöscht?
dadurch ist die Stadtgrenze entfernt woirden.

Bitte sei als OSM-Newbie ein wenig vorsichtiger und lösche NIE, was du nicht kennst.

ich habe das korrigiert.
12016-06-28 08:32:37 UTCwambacher was soll der Mist? mal so eben aus einer Stadt eine andere und dann noch fehlerhaft zu machen, grenzt an Vandalismus.
12016-06-25 08:33:30 UTCwambacher Hi, euer erster edit lag total daneben und musste stark überarbeitet werden. siehe und die nachfolgenden Einträge.
12016-06-04 13:10:32 UTCFvGordon From the Pointe de la Lentille to the Pointe de la Gorgeat there are two parallel boundary segments, both in 10 boundary relations. Can you please correct this, that each of the 10 relations has only one of these two segments as member?
22016-06-04 20:47:34 UTCFvGordon Someone has just corrected the two parallel boundary segments to one.
32016-06-04 20:50:33 UTCwambacher yes, i did ;)
42016-06-04 20:58:19 UTCSuperOurson Thx mate, made a mistake indeed while adding Pointe de la Lentille.
12016-05-19 22:07:54 UTCwambacher Great :(

and where is the new city boundary????

It is no member of this relation and that is wrong.
22016-05-19 23:32:53 UTCHagbardCeline I caught that. And, it's been readded under
32016-05-20 08:07:45 UTCwambacher Thanks.

Btw: Switching from potlatch to josm will make your live easier. Especially when editing relations.
42016-05-20 15:19:35 UTCHagbardCeline Thanks. I'll check it out
12016-05-03 22:57:47 UTCwambacher *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
22016-05-03 22:58:30 UTCwambacher But the relations still exist with 0 members - that is wrong too. you should delete the relations too.
32016-05-04 04:33:49 UTCDewi Sulistioningrum Hi wambacher,
thanks for your the information. Yes, it is. I have deleted all the boundaries because the data source not valid. I am sorry, the boundaries from Indonesia not India.
I have tried to delete the relation, maybe it's not complete yet. I will correct the relation again.
I like your q...
42016-05-04 09:34:22 UTCwambacher Sorry, i'm looking at the ISO3-Code at first: IDN=Indonesia, IND=India - my fault :(

No, you can't filter - because everyboy should see and fix each missing boundary indenpend of where he lives. The list is sorted by ISO3 and usually it is quite short (~ 10-20 entries).

You may use https://osm...
12016-04-14 18:38:41 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
The mapper who's work you reverted here tried to contact you 5 days ago in and you didn't reply.
OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project; we need to work togther to create the best map.
Boundaries can be particularly tricky where there ar...
22016-04-26 22:46:40 UTCEzekielT SomeoneElse?
32016-04-27 10:09:54 UTCwambacher Yes, the username is "SomeoneElse". He's one of the DWG (Data Working Group) members.
42016-04-27 22:20:15 UTCEzekielT I know him already. I just wanted to notify him about this alarming changeset:
52016-08-03 22:22:06 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I'm writing to you on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group. Questions have been raised about the accuracy of the boundaries of Morocco, and I'm sending this message to many of the mappers who have edited in the area or expressed an interest, including you.

We're aware that there is dispute...
62016-08-30 21:08:23 UTCSomeoneElse Hello again,
Following on from my "I'm writing to you on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group" comment above, we'd had feedback from lots of OSM mappers in the area. The findings and the changes that will be made are described at
12016-04-21 19:00:12 UTCwambacher Danke, dass du den postal_code bei beiden PLZ von Euskirchen nicht ersetzt sondern gelöscht hast.
Hat mich 3 Stunden gekostet, ein Problem in der Fools-Auswertung zu finden :(
22016-04-21 20:30:47 UTCCorrectMapper Hallo wambacher,
wusste erst gar nicht, was los ist. Ich kannte die Fools-Auswertung noch gar nicht.
Aber naja, sorry für den Fehler, da hab ich wohl nicht genug aufgepasst … :(
12016-04-04 13:55:53 UTCwambacher please never ever remove name=* from any boundary. the local (pl) name is better than none.
12016-03-19 20:41:00 UTCwambacher boundary=landarea is "dead". there is no reason for that. and it is not used any more.

for island in the see, the coastline is the admin-boundary for all admin_levels > 4

please revert your changes otherwise i have to talk to the dwg.

22016-03-19 20:42:26 UTCwambacher and please: you should discuss changes on admin boundaries before you change them.
32016-03-19 22:31:10 UTCVerdy_p No: the islands that were present are in false "motus" and not really the islands.
They are not even the adminsitrative boundaries (that were not tagged at all before, because the only thing that was present was the international boundary of France and there was nothing about communes, co...
42016-03-19 22:35:13 UTCVerdy_p Note: boundaries for landareas are not dead, especially not in France.
There are still lot of work to do in French Polynesia, but nothing was removed.
In a later update I'll take into account the "baselines" for communes, but for now the islands are the not the administrative "bound...
52016-03-19 22:38:20 UTCVerdy_p Also, your threat of dwg is unfair. the current boundaries of "islands" are very approximative (these are only "motus") and none of them are the "baseline" which is the adminstrative boundary for *local collectivities* (but not for the prefectoral administration of Fran...
62016-03-20 17:06:08 UTCwoodpeck Why were over 4000 ways and 49000 nodes touched in an edit that supposedly only fixes a few boundaries? Was this a mistake?
72016-03-21 08:11:00 UTCVerdy_p it started locally (in the Kerguelen islands where most of the nodes and ways are located), then there were many affected dependant relations, I checked many of them and found some of them were broken locally and I fixed them, there was also several edit conflicts on them and to solve them I had to ...
82016-03-21 08:11:28 UTCVerdy_p Note: this is discussed on the French OSM talk list.
12016-03-14 09:12:13 UTCwambacher I think, that is 90% fake. please tell us the sources of your edits otherwise i'll contact DWG
22016-03-16 11:55:20 UTCwambacher Hi, i'm still waitin for an anweser: what is the reason for that strange mappíng?
32016-03-18 06:54:19 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 37912228 where the changeset comment is: reverted fictional mapping in Venezuela after author didn't reply to inquiries made in
12016-03-11 13:08:58 UTCwambacher hi,

please lear better tagging. youir data is wrong.

see the difference:
22016-03-11 13:09:34 UTCwambacher hi,

please learn better tagging. your data is wrong.

see the difference:
12016-03-09 00:27:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
In this changeset you've removed the boundary=administrative and type=boundary tags for Kosovo:
I'm guessing that that might have been accidental?
Best Regards,
22016-03-09 10:31:31 UTCwambacher @andy: and why didn't you fix it?
32016-03-09 10:35:59 UTCSomeoneElse @wambacher Ich versuche zu verstehen, warum das Problem passiert ist. "Fixieren Sie es einfach" wird es nicht wieder geschieht stoppen.
42016-03-09 11:55:29 UTCwambacher ok, kann man so sehen. ich hab ihn angeschrieben und reverted. Den Mist muss man nicht nachfragen.
12016-03-06 12:07:39 UTCwambacher Ist aber kein GrunD, die PLZ-Relation zu schreddern :(
12016-02-22 16:08:24 UTCwambacher Hi, i, bitte beende sofort diese unberechtigten, fehlerhaften Löschung von OSM-Daten.

Eine Diskussion, zu der ich dich gerne einladen möchte, findet hier statt:

Ich möchte dich darauf hinweisen, dass alle deinen &Au...
12016-02-08 07:57:32 UTCdudka why did you remove this relation?
22016-02-08 08:11:30 UTCdudka It is bad idea to remove boundaries that don't have outer ways.
If you had checked the history of r4255586 you'd find that another user removed outer way from relation by mistake.
32016-02-08 10:12:13 UTCwambacher Sorrry, did not find the history - may be i was too tired :(

did you restore it or should i do it?


btw: i'm fixing a lot of boundaries every day and sometimes i make errors too.

42016-02-08 10:13:54 UTCdudka yes, I've restored it
52016-02-08 10:17:59 UTCwambacher tnx
12016-01-30 09:51:06 UTCwambacher This Island was correct and now is wrong!!
It was Member of Spain and now it is not any more. Big mistake!

I'll fix that

22016-01-30 09:57:00 UTCwambacher you killed Continental Spain and Morocco too:

12016-01-28 12:58:12 UTCwambacher Quite funny name. isn't there a better one?
the creator of this area has left osm, i think. may be, you can help?
22016-01-28 17:25:25 UTCMuzikMachine The name is unique, but accurate. It's the name of the First Nation Reserve; see or
32016-01-28 23:32:49 UTCwambacher strange, but ok for me.

12016-01-27 08:11:19 UTCwoodpeck Hallo, was genau meinst Du mit "Nein und nochmals nein" im Changeset-Kommentar? Ist das die Antwort auf die Frage, ob Deine Edits einen Sinn haben ;) welchen Sinn verfolgst Du beispielsweise mit, wo Du einen "admin_level" aber kein &quo...
22016-01-27 10:40:01 UTCwambacher ach ja, deine "Aktivitäten" werden bereits im Forum diskutiert:

es sieht danach aus, dass deine Edits (von "euren" brauch ich ja wohl nicht reden) demnächst komplett revertet (gelöscht) werden könnten. ...
32016-02-04 17:26:33 UTCNakaner This and all other changesets of user bope have been completely reverted.
12016-01-14 16:28:06 UTCZbigniew_Czernik Kolego, coś popsułeś w 4 granicach administracyjnych, w tej:
22016-01-15 08:18:32 UTCcomborohdeo Kolego, przepraszam!
My purpose was to add name of 'river Zagożdżonka'. I used the graphical editor, which sometimes is not the most useful. Can you fix my mistakes, please!
32016-01-15 19:37:52 UTCwambacher Please DON'T COMBINE ways (River) with different data on each segmant. You "killed" about a dozen Admin Boundaries in that area.
42016-01-15 19:39:13 UTCwambacher I spliited them again but gave each segment the same name.
52016-01-15 19:41:05 UTCwambacher
62016-01-16 13:06:01 UTCcomborohdeo Thank you very much, I didn't want to destroy the fantastic work of other mappers!
To learn and to avoid nasty mistakes like this in future: Parts of this river are 'river' and 'administrative boundaries' at the same time - so there is no 'overlay' of *different* pathes but *the same path* contains...
72016-01-16 14:17:17 UTCwambacher No, that's not special for relations. Many ways have different tags and therefore they are splitted where the tagging changes. that is a technical must.

Membership in relationes(e.g. admin boundaries) is the same: different parts of this river are member of boundary relations or not. Therefore th...
82016-01-16 14:39:31 UTCcomborohdeo OK! Thanks again for reverting my mistakes and explanation! And actually I realized for the first time, that OSM has a 'quality-control' similar to this in the Wikipedia. Good news for the project!
12016-01-07 12:32:17 UTCwambacher no raki? Not my shop.
22016-01-07 12:49:09 UTCRadu Silaghi sorry man. i can try. good hint -:)
32016-01-07 13:35:27 UTCwambacher My god - that was a joke.
whats the hell brings you to add such stuff?

better take the buildings around that
shop and add some housenumbers. that is very much important.
42016-01-07 13:54:33 UTCmueschel May I point out that about 90 of the keys you put on this single node have never been used before in the whole OSM database? The main problem is, as they are not defined in the OSM wiki and there is no software tool that knows them and their meaning, these keys are essentially useless.
The usual wa...
52016-01-07 15:19:33 UTCRadu Silaghi I didn't wanted to add bloat tags. I saw on the specs for tags for amenity, contact, drink, payment, and I used them with language prefix. Please advise if no-go case. Thnx
62016-01-07 15:35:04 UTCmueschel I would do it the following way:
"drink...": The language suffixes are meant to be used with names (and similar) only and define the language the value of the key is in. You used them to translate the Key itself, but keys are always english and contain latin characters only. It is up to ...
12015-12-30 22:32:04 UTCflaimo hallo, gibt es waldegg so wie in der realtion abgebildet überhaupt? siehe hinweis unter
22015-12-30 23:32:40 UTCwambacher kein Ahnung. ich habe die AL10 nur geflickt, weil da ein Stückchen fehlte. Inhaltlich kann ich nichts dazu sagen. Ihr könnt die auch rausschmeissen.
12015-12-28 00:19:15 UTC51114u9 I will revert this edit. Because change "official" boundary of neightbourhood
22015-12-28 12:51:20 UTCwambacher ok, if you like to. remember: those two boundaries were damaged and i only tried to fix them. If i remember there were overlapping or not closed members.
32015-12-28 13:36:51 UTC51114u9 Yes. I found this error, the problem are in the node and boundaries are separated. I fixed with this changeset

Check out
12015-12-16 22:12:07 UTCwambacher reverted because you "killed" the city of New Hope. Please add "your" data tor your building and not to the whole town.
12015-12-14 19:54:07 UTCNakaner Dieser Änderungssatz wurde im Rahmen des Reverts des Heidelberg-Hürdenlos-Imports revertiert, um den Revert zu erleichtern.
22015-12-15 00:52:52 UTCwambacher jo, war ja so abgesprochen.
12015-12-03 12:43:10 UTCwambacher sent you a mail, because you "shredded" about 15 Boundaries in Tanzania. Waiting for reply.

12015-12-01 16:44:01 UTCKDDA Can you please explain how you fixed them? As far as I can see you have actually broken them!
22015-12-01 18:32:56 UTCwambacher I fixed that area 13 days go and it was fine. but 4 days ago user balorevileye deleted ways 363393382 and 381013023 . (just click them in this list).

Please talk to him.

32015-12-01 18:34:04 UTCwambacher 13 das ago, of course.
12015-11-10 09:13:03 UTCwambacher Hi madek

you changed this boundary to maritim (which might be ok) but now there is no administrative al2 boundary any more. and that can't be correct.
see Ecuador or Chile or every other country on the planet.
12015-11-09 19:53:23 UTCwambacher still going on?
boy, you'r in trouble.
12015-11-09 18:18:58 UTCwambacher Hi,

what are you doing there? deleting international name-tags from osm-data is Vandalism.
22015-11-09 18:24:50 UTCGiorgi1967 Do you call the Russian toponyms in Georgia "international name tags"? This is Georgia, not Russia. All toponyms in Georgia must be and will be in Georgian.

Vandalism is when Georgian names in Georgia are changed to Russian.
32015-11-09 19:26:08 UTCwambacher May be you are right in changing the name.tag. But you must not delete name:ad, name:ru and name:de. That is the name on that georgial Town in those languages.
Otherwise i would have to remove name:en=Munich from the german München - and that is completely wrong.
42015-11-09 19:26:58 UTCwambacher sorry: name:ab and not name:ad
12015-10-29 15:50:07 UTCSomeoneElse Does "North Miami Beach" need to be re-added ( , before it became an advertisment)? There's also a node, .
22015-10-29 18:24:14 UTCwambacher Yes, you'r right. User "All miami pools" destroid the boundaries and changed name to "All miami pools" too, like his username. That confused me and i deleted that "rubbish".

Sorry, for that. restored this relation and it should be ok now.

see: http://openstreetmap...
12015-10-24 07:17:18 UTCwambacher Hi, you "killed" the boundary of the USA and Mexico near Rio Grande. You added "your" new boundaries and did not replace/split/change the original State boundaries of USA.

All missings in USA + the AL2 in USA are results of your Import. please be more careful at national Borde...
22015-10-25 05:28:38 UTCAndresuco Hi Wambacher,
We were careful, we backed up all the relations affected before the import and any missing state boundary affected will be reinstated soon.
32015-10-25 11:37:38 UTCwambacher Reinstall will not fix that problems. you have to merge "your" mexican borders with the existing USA-Country border (AL2), some States like Texas(4) and many other us-borders.
12015-10-25 11:02:05 UTCwambacher hi, you destoid a lot of data - espacially boundaries - in gambia. please stop that and fix the data.

12015-10-16 16:14:53 UTCwambacher what the hell is this?
22015-10-17 03:19:52 UTCFTA Reverted in
12015-10-16 16:14:21 UTCwambacher what the hell is this?
22015-10-17 03:20:03 UTCFTA Reverted in
12015-10-01 17:10:04 UTCwambacher Hi, what are you doing there?????

there are existing boundaries im osm for armenia and aserbaidschaen, which are much, much better than your straigt lines.

they are technically wrong (just a closed linestring), some have have admin_level=1, which is never and nowhere used in OSM, they donts f...
22015-10-01 21:24:01 UTC4rch I've reverted CS #34365399 to #34363418 as the edits of user mapmap12 do not meet OSM guidelines, etc.

It also other mappers have noticed and reverted the edits of mapmap12:

12015-09-26 06:31:40 UTCwambacher Hi,

why did you remove the names for about 40 important boundaries in Cuba?????


and this list:

22015-09-26 15:16:33 UTCAlexLabrada It should be an error. Now it is corrected. Please check
12015-09-26 06:17:32 UTCwambacher hi,

why did you remove type=boundary, boundary=administrative and admin_level=8 from ? and may be other relation?

from my point of view it is a normal town/city and needs that tags.
22015-09-28 12:17:23 UTCiWowik
The object city Рудный is just a place object, it is not administrative object as Рудный Г.А.
12015-09-23 14:11:23 UTCfreeExec Твоя логика тебя подводит, не применяй её больше в этом ключе.
22015-09-23 15:17:17 UTCwambacher ??? english please/or german
32015-09-23 15:51:04 UTCMax Vasilev Russian ONLY!
42015-09-23 16:55:38 UTCwambacher 不, 不对 ;)
52015-09-23 20:35:41 UTCfreeExec Feel the difference
boundary ?? place
12015-09-15 12:21:14 UTCJojo4u Hallo WayneSchlegel,

könntest du dich bitte zu den Edits äußern da ich keine Dokumentation zu diesen massiven finde?

Grüße, Joachim
22015-09-15 12:27:59 UTCwambacher deine Aktion wird übrigens hier diskutiert:
32015-09-15 12:28:35 UTCwambacher oops. link doppelt
42015-09-15 13:57:39 UTCchris66 Redundanter Datenmüll den niemand braucht. Wofür haben wir die Boundary-Relations...

12015-09-09 20:00:21 UTCwambacher Hi,

why did you change admin_level 3 to 4? now there is a big mismatch in vietnam. the structure is not correct now, because AL4-Areas contain other al4-areas.
12015-09-01 20:10:15 UTCwambacher You did it again - killing administrative boundaries in northern korea. PLEASE: If you change/fix rivers keep an eye on the boundaries.
22015-09-01 20:13:30 UTCwambacher see
12015-08-31 00:56:13 UTCXapitoun lots of bad things in Haiti' particularly admin boundaries
22015-08-31 07:58:52 UTCwambacher

go and fix them
12015-08-26 14:06:53 UTCwambacher quite old, but what ist that rubbish for?
22015-08-26 15:17:13 UTCSomeoneElse @wambacher you probably need to explain why it's "rubbish" (and have a look at the underlying OSSV data, which it matches)
32015-08-26 20:25:20 UTCgormo I would not say rubbish, but the borders look quite odd. Do you know why they are that way? Looking seaward along the Severn there are no other borders of this peculiar shape.
42015-08-26 20:51:20 UTCwambacher Ok, rubbish is too hard to say. But such a border in the middle of a sea-area is quite strange. Looks like sandbanks which have been scanned und transformed to "borders". That can't be true.
52015-08-27 09:55:59 UTCgormo Have to revise my statement: There is another crookedy border at Burnham-on-Sea at the southern shore of the Severn @ . The border at River Dee @ would also look crooked without the sandbanks.
12015-08-18 06:11:53 UTCwambacher hi John

what is the base for modifying/deleting parts of Sahrawi? Your changes have been reverten during the last days but you keep on going.

Please stop that.
12015-07-23 20:01:26 UTCwambacher Hi Petros,

what are that nodes for? never ever are that schools!!!
22015-07-24 06:33:41 UTCThe Locksmith this is geodatas's coordinates, i'm trying to fix them right now
32015-07-24 08:38:01 UTCSomeoneElse Are the strange tags in here related to the import that you mention in your post to the imports list (which unfortunately was sent in a format that the list didn't archive)?
12015-07-18 06:28:41 UTCwambacher Hi pedro, what in hell are you doing there? deleting 268 Relations and adding strange "fire-borderies". And you killed macedonia too. see:
It's German but look at the Image.

what are fire-boundaries and why did you delete ...
22015-07-18 06:29:49 UTCwambacher sorry, not pedro, but Petros.
32015-07-18 06:30:44 UTCwambacher macedonia has been fixed by me.
42015-07-18 08:50:11 UTC4rch Seems like an infringement of the Import Guidelines (*)
Data contradicts existing boundaries (wrong projection?), no announcement on the import mailinglist, unclear copyright situation, etc.

52015-07-18 09:54:46 UTC4rch Some of the edits did also introduce strange tags on highways, for example capacity=*. The edits seem to infringe the automated edits code of conduct also:
62015-07-18 11:12:50 UTC4rch Ok, I've reverted all problematic edits due to

@petros: please make yourself familiar with the OSM data model and guidelines before you apply further changesets. Thanks
72015-07-20 08:12:15 UTCSomeoneElse What are the licence terms associated with ""?
82015-07-20 10:51:31 UTCThe Locksmith hi @wambacher and 4rch. I am petros and I work for CERTH research institute at Greece.
You are indeed right. We have not uploaded the data we wanted to according to the code of conduct (community buyin at least) and we are really sorry about that. Its not really an excuse, but we read a lot of info...
92015-07-20 13:04:24 UTCwambacher Hi petros,

the main TECHNICAL problem was: You deleted more the 260 existing relations including political boundaries of greece and macedonia. You destroid good data instead of adding only "your" data. Please be more carefull when going on with this project.
Of course only after check...
102015-07-20 13:06:56 UTCwambacher ps: please add a note here when the discussion about the import can start.
112015-07-20 14:20:25 UTC4rch @Walter: There where other problems either, for example the undocumented usage of the "capacity" tag on highways. Maybe a tag like "car:capacity" fits better. But this needs discussion either.
Regarding the fire boundaries: the boundaries had an offset from the existing administ...
122015-07-21 12:05:52 UTCThe Locksmith First, thank you very much for the suggestions and the help. It is rather unfortunate that due to a wrong tag ("capacity"), you undid the corrections I made. It also included all the correct max_speeds, and many road names that were correct as I have been working on that for quite some tim...
132015-07-21 12:18:03 UTCSomeoneElse @The Locksmith Rather than jumping in with both feet as you have done, I'd suggest making smaller survey-based edits first, and discussing them with the community both locally and internationally. If you screw up boundaries in an obviously not-thought-through import you can only expect to be revert...
142015-07-21 12:47:44 UTCwambacher You can't use older changes which you createted some days ago and saved to local disk. because many things have been changed in the Live Osm Database. There the conficts are coming from.
Do your corrections of streetnames and such stuff in josm without any "tricks".

Josm is an editor -...
152015-07-21 12:52:46 UTCThe Locksmith i begun with this, having collected some information from the local team. I am going to introduce the traffic_capacity and boundary=fire on wiki, if i don't get negative suggestions.
162015-07-21 14:41:08 UTC4rch @Petros, from which sources did you obtain the maxspeeds and road names? In you've mentioned Google Street View as source which is'nt a legal source for OpenStreetMap because whe have no permission to use it.
172015-07-21 20:53:05 UTC4rch Regarding the capacity: good practice in OSM is, that every data should be verifiable which means that it's observable by other mappers.
The capacity information doesn't meet this criteria. Furthermore I don't see the necessity to add this informatio...
182015-07-22 07:05:13 UTCThe Locksmith @4rch i used google maps until i understood that it was wrong, then continued with bing aerial but didnt change the google maps reference in my tags.
About the capacity matter, i will try to introduce the new tag i suggest and the way it will be computed according to the Highway Capacity Manual. &q...
192015-07-22 08:28:32 UTCSomeoneElse Re the legality of using the "Highway Capacity Manual" see
202015-07-28 11:14:26 UTC4rch @Locksmith: And how were the speed limits obtained?

Regarding Highway capacity: I still think this isn't a suitable information for OpenStreetMap. As the highway capacity is calculated from highway, maxspeed and lanes tags it can be calculated externally. It isn't neccessary to store this inform...
212015-07-28 12:18:31 UTCThe Locksmith @4rch hi, as you probably know by now, we have a project in the area, so I went there during the weekend 11-12/7 and took the chance to move around and collect the speed limits that are somewhat critical to our research.

On capacities, I understand your point and I will not add them, however I ki...
12015-07-09 00:07:11 UTCmuralito I think you should't do this change.
Please revert and correct the other wrong tags to lower case. It just doesn't matter the count, it matters what tag is right and what is not.
22015-07-09 08:13:50 UTC4rch Hello muralito, there was about 2700 x ISO3166-2 and 500 x iso3166-2 in the database before I've changed some tags.

For ISO3166-1 it's even clearer: 330 times upper case, zero times lower case.

I can see no reason why I should change some tags back. It makes no sense to have inconsistent tags ...
32015-07-09 08:19:11 UTC4rch Regarding "change all tags into lower case": the majority of the ISO-tags (5 vs. 1) is in upper case. So it's pretty clear that upper case is right. Approved by the majority of the mappers.
42015-07-09 10:02:01 UTCwambacher there are 2962 ISO-2-Codes in the OSM database.
2612 x ISO3166-2 and 350 x iso3611-2

Upper case keys are not usual but not forbidden. see key=TMC, key=FIXME and some more.
52015-07-09 12:43:12 UTCmuralito I agree with normalization of the keys, but not with doing it based on counts of wrong things. Making a lot of errors do not convert them in good things.

Plese refer to the documentation
Tags "iso*" are lowercase.
62015-07-09 13:16:53 UTC4rch Hello, this documentation was written in May 2015 by "Xxzme":

This user got banned from the wiki till August because of his controversial edits.
72015-07-09 13:19:14 UTC4rch Sorry, wrong link:
82015-07-09 13:57:44 UTCmuralito Maybe this doc page is new, but some older doc page were documenting what i say, because, e.g. I added keys iso3166-2 almost 3 years ago (, and i did use already documented keys.

It seems some wiki pages have been moved or redirected. http://wiki....
92015-07-09 14:01:57 UTCmuralito It seems that the ban of user Xxzme is not related to iso3166 edits. See
102015-07-09 16:46:52 UTC4rch You’re saying that upper case is wrong but you haven’t provided any valuable source yet. You’ve just pointed to one entry from a user who has already made other dubious changes in the Wiki in the past. Only 15% of the ISO 3166-2 keys are in low-case! 15% vs. 85% - seems pretty clea...
112015-07-09 18:27:57 UTCmuralito It's true that tagging behavior can change, but as I said before several times, having more tags (or more votes, or more people supporting your behaviour or whatever) does not automagically make that behaviour the wise choice.

I think that the keys iso3166* should be lowercase, and not only in Ur...
122015-07-09 19:45:20 UTC4rch It’s fine for me if the ISO 3166 key is upper case and it would be fine for me if the key is lower case. I don’t care. The only thing I’m interested in is to use keys consistently. If I’d stumble upon a ISO key which isn’t consistently used I’ll correct this key a...
12015-06-05 07:35:03 UTCwambacher Hi, your buildings are very strange and ugly. please type s (the small letter "s") before uploading. this will rectify those buildings.

did it for this actual one.

12015-05-17 19:52:40 UTCwambacher da hast du deinen CS-Kommentar
12015-05-04 09:23:54 UTC4rch Hello Pujan Poudyal, I've noticed that you've uploaded some administrative boundaries. What is the source of those boundaries?
22015-05-04 22:08:58 UTCwambacher and my question: WHY do you add these Boundaries Five Times? Please stop it right now.
32015-05-05 06:27:06 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted in changeset 30798236 because it represents an un-discussed (and quintuple) import
42015-05-05 08:34:42 UTC4rch Hello, Pujan Poudyal, you've uploaded some new boundaries again. As source you've mentioned "OCHA Nepal". I assume that you mean the following dataset:

This dataset has license requirements and can't b...
12015-05-02 07:48:51 UTCwambacher Hi, any reason why you removed boundary=administrative and type=boundary from the country boundary of nepal? You just killed it completely :(
12015-04-04 11:51:01 UTCNakaner revertiert durch
22015-04-04 16:45:16 UTCwambacher Hi, Eure Hoheit,
es ist absolut unüblich bei OSB, an Objekte postalische Adressen zu hängen, die keine besitzen.

Ich werde diese jetzt entfernen und möchte dich bitten, dieses ab sofort zu unterlassen. Postalische Adressen sollen nur an Gebäude und POI (z.B. Geschäfte), ...
12015-03-31 14:33:01 UTCHelium20 In dem Supermarkt gibt es Einkaufswagen für Rollstuhlfahrer.

Die einzeln Gänge zwischen denn Regalen sind schön breit das man ohne Probleme mit dem Rollstuhl vorbei kommt und auch die Kassen sind schön breit.

Auch auf dem Parkplatz hat man mit dem Rollstuhl keine Probleme.
22015-03-31 15:34:02 UTCwambacher is drin, und 7 andere shops auch.
12015-03-24 23:59:38 UTCwambacher thank's for killing the boundaries of Lakeway and Bee Cave. you delete very very much data - any reason for it?
12015-03-07 04:14:19 UTCFTA_dwg Hi there, I noticed you made these edits but did not list a source. Could you please elaborate on where you obtained this information? I cannot seem to discern any of these features on Bing imagery.
22015-03-07 09:31:31 UTCwambacher article public newsletter (SPIEGEL) some days.

it's gone (in newsletter and osm)

32015-03-11 20:56:42 UTCFTA_dwg Hi Walter,
Thanks for getting back to is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, an article on Spiegel Online is not an OSM-compatible source to derive data from. Unless you refer to a different Spiegel, these changes will have to be redacted. Please see
42015-03-12 10:00:21 UTCwambacher Hi,

you did not realize that i reverted (removed, redacted, zurückgenommen, ...) my edit 5 days ago?

12015-03-05 07:49:04 UTCJochen Topf Please, please do NOT add natural=coastline tags to inland lakes. Natural=coastline is for the sea coastline only. This has been a long-standing tagging convention and is clearly documented on the wiki. (There are only a few lakes that still have coastline tags for historical reasons.) The coastline...
22015-03-07 09:18:42 UTCwambacher Hi Jochen,

the revert has been done (not by me)

i wanted to get those shores into your waterway-polygons but i found another solution.


btw: sche... Spamfilter :(
12015-03-05 16:42:24 UTCwambacher Du hast das Restaurant Athen mit Daten von Waldeck erfasst aber den Node nach Bad Wildungen gelegt. Da stimmt ja wohl etwas nicht.

22015-03-05 16:48:53 UTCwambacher und das Bio-Rittergut Rittmeyer liegt wohl auch im falschen ort.

Sorry, aber die Irrläuferauswertung (fools) "motzt".
12015-02-24 13:16:14 UTCOPerivar Test. Jetzt irgendeine Benachrichtigung bekommen?
22015-02-24 13:35:59 UTCNakaner Benachrichtigung von Michael. Dies ist ein Test.
32015-02-24 13:46:54 UTCwambacher nö, nix
42015-02-24 13:54:18 UTCwambacher noch ein test
52015-02-24 14:01:39 UTCpeter_ille und noch einer.
12015-02-16 13:41:52 UTCSomeoneElse Like the source :)

Is it perhaps worth linking from here to to give people a bit of context about the ongoing fixes?
22015-02-24 13:42:09 UTCwambacher yes, your right. but remember: I did not get this Comment
12015-02-20 11:18:50 UTCemacsen You're making a lot of edits with a source of "inspiration"- is that your only source?
22015-02-24 00:58:17 UTCwambacher yes, it is!! i have very much experience in fixing boundaries. 95% are just correcting edit-error of other mappers done some hours ago. they damaged boundaries with iD, by changing Streets, deleting "unknown" red lines and so on.

I don't have local knowledge nor additional material like...
32015-02-24 01:01:49 UTCwambacher if you like look at which has one report per night and a table to see and fix damaged boundaries.

42015-02-24 11:03:55 UTCNakaner @emacsen: I strongly suggest you to read my posting at the German forum (it contains an English translation) and answer it THERE.
52015-02-24 11:19:04 UTCemacsen @Nankaner - I can assure you that both SomeoneElse and woodpeck were consulted before the 0-hour block was placed.
62015-02-24 11:24:00 UTCJojo4u Wambacher is the german "specialist" for borders. He has a running thread in the forum which discusses border fixes and he produced quite some tools. I would trust his edits, though they should have a more serious source comment.

72015-02-24 11:33:27 UTCemacsen The issue is that the changesets don't mention this- they just say "inspiration :)" as a source. National boundaries are sensitive objects and people can be upset when they're modified. The issue is (as it always has been) that if there's a process to correct them that it should be explain...
12015-01-17 22:14:27 UTCma-rt-in bitte wenn möglich die Werte wieder herstellen.
Sonst beauftrage ich das Forum.
Nur weil der key nicht passt, muss man die Information nicht gleich löschen!
22015-01-17 22:25:33 UTCcouchmapper Der Mapper ist seit 3 Jahren nicht mehr aktiv und der Name hat für andere Mapper absolut null Relevanz.

OSM ist kein persönlicher Spickzettel, auch nicht für Geocaching oder sonstwas. Wenn Du anderen Mappern etwas mit einer note mitteilen möchtest, dann schreib doch irgendwas...
32015-01-17 22:43:35 UTCcouchmapper Ansonsten zeigt folgende Overpass Turbo Anfrage die alten Daten an, ohne sie wiederherstellen zu müssen:
42015-01-17 22:58:58 UTCwambacher "Sonst beauftrage ich das Forum"

Hey, gehts noch? Du kannst das Forum gerne informieren und/oder um irgendwas bitten, aber beuftragen?
52015-01-18 04:05:59 UTCBeKri Alternativ darf er uns gerne erklären, welche Info den da verloren geht,
wenn er schon eingesteht, dass "der Key nicht passt".
Wie wäre es, es mit dem passenden key zu versuchen ?
62015-01-18 08:55:21 UTCNakaner @martin_minheim: Das Forum ist hier schon anwesend. Deine Klage wurde abgewiesen. Eine Beschwerde bei der DWG ist aussichtslos. :-)

Reg dich nicht auf.
72015-01-18 08:58:58 UTCcouchmapper Hab noch einen Fehler entdeckt in Node 1310139645 (war kein "Weg??"): ist mit cs gefixt.
82015-01-18 09:39:54 UTCma-rt-in nur ein beispiel zu nennen, war die Node 1310139637 eine Höhenangabe. zwar nicht mit ele getaggt, aber die Information lag vor.

@wambacher: Ich entschuldige mich, wenn das mit dem "beauftragen" falsch rüber kam, meinte eigentlich, ich würde mich alternativ an das Forum da...
92015-01-18 09:48:45 UTCcouchmapper Lt. OpenTopoMap (also SRTM) liegt der Punkt genau auf der 460m Höhenlinie -> schau mal hier: ... die Infos liegen also eh vor.
102015-01-18 09:59:11 UTCcouchmapper So, den Knoten 1310139637 habe ich auch wiederbelebt, obwohl es eigentlich Unsinn ist - die 440m sind ziemlich sicher ziemlich ungenau. Wat soll's.
112015-01-18 10:51:46 UTCBeKri @ martin_minheim:
Sorry, aber jetzt mal ehrlich...
Du steckst INFO in irgendeinen key,
weist das sogar und erwartest jetzt von anderen, die Info so umzusetzen dass es auch Sinn macht ???
Da waren Jahre Zeit, das richtig zu stellen ..
122015-01-18 10:59:22 UTCma-rt-in Mom wer steckt informationen in i-einen key?
Ich bin auf jeden Fall nicht der Mapper der die Daten eingetragen hat, jedoch bin ich der Meinung das nicht jede Information, auch wenn sie falsch eingetragen ist, direkt gelöscht werden muss.
12014-12-08 21:09:15 UTCwambacher really? only 2 litte areas left for buda, tx? please check it again.

12014-11-19 18:47:29 UTCwambacher hi, fixed that boundary of agam a second time. please be more carefull.

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