Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-08-06 07:33:52 UTCRich1234 This edit looks to need to be reverted. It has added a new way which does not map to the I-66 right of way in any way (and which is a zig-zag edit around the west falls church metro station.

I-66 already has a pair of ways that track the proper right of way, it does not need an incorrect third w...
22018-08-13 10:26:33 UTCJothirnadh This looks like a wrong edit reverted the changes. Since there were couple of other edits that had happened above this changeset the reverter option in JOSM didn't work. Deleted all the edits of this changeset manually:

changesets: 61620609, 61621069, 61621081, 61621096, 61621113, 61621125, 61621...
12018-08-08 21:16:22 UTCSchienennagelhammerträger Some of the highways, you changed to demolished, still exist! They may not be useful for motorcars the next time, but for pedestrians, that cross lava ... And the road of this changeset ist really long and it may be used this days: I changed some roads ...
22018-08-08 23:54:21 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for the heads up Schienennagelhammerträger. I thought these small segments of roads are missed by mistake and changed them to demolished connecting to the surrounding road network. From next time will be more careful.

Happy mapping!
12018-07-20 13:59:51 UTCMerlinPendragon This section of Cannon Drive has been removed.
22018-07-20 15:27:35 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for the update, and data correction Merlin. Thought the road was deleted by mistake. Will be mindful next time.
12018-07-17 14:49:25 UTCbbmiller FYI: This road (Elizabeth St) doesn't connect through to Mitchell Street anymore. Look at the Bing or DigitalGlobe Premium imagery to confirm this. The change made in this changeset needs to be un-done.

Published using OSMCha:
22018-07-18 05:02:07 UTCJothirnadh Hey Miller, Thanks for the heads-up. I verified this with Mapbox and Esri imagery and committed the changes. But looking through Bing and Digital Globe imagery your suggestion looks accurate. Removing the road connection.

32018-07-18 12:15:34 UTCbbmiller 👍
12018-04-20 12:56:22 UTCJothirnadh Hi homeslice60148,

It's great that you are adding turn restrictions in New York, but looks like you are adding incomplete turn restrictions in some cases. Every turn restrictions should contain 3 members (from, via and to) to be valid. Some of the turn restrictions you added were missing them. He...
12017-10-04 20:50:41 UTCdbaron This road was demolished over a year ago and has been deleted multiple times already, most recently in . Please be more careful when using out-of-date imagery, particularly when the area is *marked as landuse=construction*.
22017-10-05 18:53:49 UTCJothirnadh Hi David,
Thanks for flagging this. Didn't know that this is an issue with outdated imagery. Will be more careful from next time.
12017-06-26 05:54:32 UTCJothirnadh Reverted the changeset:

In this changeset the mapper deleted the administrative boundary and added highway tag to it
22017-09-20 11:41:36 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52208464 where the changeset comment is: Revert all Itzscallywagyt changesets that had not be reverted already. See
12017-06-26 05:45:33 UTCJothirnadh Found this changeset through our customer feedback on having non-existing data. Looks like you are adding non existing data to OpenStreetMap in most of your edits. Looking at comments from your changesets decided to revert back this changeset as well. There are a lot of users using this map on dail...
22017-06-26 05:51:16 UTCJothirnadh Changeset reverted:
32017-09-20 11:41:37 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 52208464 where the changeset comment is: Revert all Itzscallywagyt changesets that had not be reverted already. See
12017-05-16 03:25:32 UTCJothirnadh Hi Rahimam,

In this changeset I found that you are removing the name in local language and adding english names. Instead of removing and adding english names you can add `name:en=*` to represent the english name and you can leave the local name as it is. It is always valuable to have names in all...
12017-05-16 02:44:55 UTCJothirnadh Hi MrBrown72,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap and thanks for adding valuable data to it. In this particular changeset you added `leisure=park` tag along with name as a community center. If it is not school anymore and converted as a community center please follow OSM rules and tag it as per this wiki ht...
12017-05-15 06:37:40 UTCJothirnadh Hi Rps333,
In this changeset `amenity=restaurant` is added along with `place=town`. Looks like it's added by mistake. Can you look into it and correct it please.

Happy mapping,
22017-05-15 11:20:00 UTCRps333 fixed
32017-05-15 13:51:12 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for quick fix Rps33
12017-05-08 09:20:56 UTCJothirnadh *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
22017-05-08 23:15:34 UTCzsolt d Hi Jothirnadh,
It was a mistake. I corrected, thanks.
Best regards,
zsolt d
12017-04-25 10:47:10 UTCJothirnadh Hello mholiv,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap, really appreciate your work. In this particular changeset, you added buildings which are existing in per Bing imagery but the tags you added says Bing aerial imagery. Can you please confirm the source you are using to map these buildings.
22017-04-25 20:34:42 UTCmholiv My apologies but I have made a mistake. The reference imagery is from private HOA documentation in my possession. Once bing images updates, I would be happy to update and small discrepancies that may exist.
32017-04-26 05:02:59 UTCJothirnadh Wow great, thanks for responding back. Let me know if you need help, once again welcome to OpenStreetMap and happy mapping.
12017-04-17 07:54:04 UTCJothirnadh Hello evt35,

Thanks for your contribution to OpenStreetMap. I came across your changeset and found that you are using much updated imagery source than BING or mapbox for mapping. If possible can you help me in understanding what this imagery source is and is it legal to use this source to map. W...
22017-04-17 11:42:53 UTCPlaneMad The imagery source is documented here
32017-04-17 11:50:58 UTCevt35 Hi,
For me (and because i live around this area, main updated information are extracted from "cadastre" map and IGN map ({zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg). SOurces are legal (FR-Cadastre is a legal map pubished by french administration and automatically added ...
42017-04-17 12:39:32 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for the information. Really helpful.
12017-04-17 10:53:36 UTCJothirnadh Hello Fafamalan,

Thanks for showing interest in OpenStreetMap and adding your valuable data. In the parks you added I noticed that you added polygon representing the shape and a node representing the same. As per OSM convention its not necessary to add a node representing the park. For now I am d...
12017-04-17 07:02:43 UTCJothirnadh Hello b120047,

Thanks for contribution to OpenStreetMap and adding valuable data. In this particular changeset I noticed that you are tagging residential areas as buildings. It is not recommended to map in such a way as per OSM convention. Please follow osm wiki for further information.
Ex: tagg...
12017-04-05 10:39:54 UTCJothirnadh Hi Nancy1017,
Thanks for mapping, but as per wiki residential areas are supposed to be tagged as `landuse=residential`. Please follow the guide lines of wiki for more information.
12017-04-05 10:21:05 UTCJothirnadh Hi chickpea97,

For mapping such residential areas please add landuse=residential instead of building=yes tag.
12017-04-05 09:42:19 UTCJothirnadh Make sure to map the proper shape of the buildings instead of tagging a group of buildings as one building.
12017-04-05 09:18:40 UTCJothirnadh Hello HectorCruz1,

Its not a good practice to add `building=residential` tag for a residential areas. Instead you should be adding `landuse=residential` for residential areas.
12017-03-29 16:23:32 UTCJothirnadh Please don't add imagery data to OpenStreetMap. Respect the work done by the community members and do read the OSM wiki page for more information
12017-03-29 16:23:17 UTCJothirnadh Please don't add imagery data to OpenStreetMap. Respect the work done by the community members and do read the OSM wiki page for more information
12017-03-29 16:23:04 UTCJothirnadh Please don't add imagery data to OpenStreetMap. Respect the work done by the community members and do read the OSM wiki page for more information
12017-03-29 16:22:50 UTCJothirnadh Please don't add imagery data to OpenStreetMap. Respect the work done by the community members and do read the OSM wiki page for more information
12017-03-29 16:22:34 UTCJothirnadh Please don't add imagery data to OpenStreetMap. Respect the work done by the community members and do read the OSM wiki page for more information
12017-03-29 16:22:21 UTCJothirnadh Please don't add imagery data to OpenStreetMap. Respect the work done by the community members and do read the OSM wiki page for more information
12017-03-29 16:21:51 UTCJothirnadh Please don't add imagery data to OpenStreetMap. Respect the work done by the community members and do read the OSM wiki page for more information
Fixed your bad edits
12017-03-24 23:56:14 UTCJothirnadh Reverting my edits. Mistake on my part.
12017-03-24 23:54:29 UTCJothirnadh Reverted my changes. Mistake on my part.
12017-03-24 23:53:41 UTCJothirnadh Reverted my changes. Mistake on my part.
12017-03-24 20:57:31 UTCJothirnadh A turn restriction is only valid if it has `from`, `via` and `to` members given in the relation ( You forgot to add `to` in this case. I fixed it but wanted to let you know of this :)
12017-03-24 19:27:03 UTCJothirnadh Looks like there is a building. I verified with Mapillary as well. Can you mention the source of your edits clearly please.

revert -
12017-03-24 17:44:08 UTCJothirnadh Looks like you are adding imagery data. Your changesets don't have proper comments and are already discussed as bad by community members. Reverting all of them. Please follow the guidlines of OSM
12017-03-24 17:41:57 UTCJothirnadh Looks like you are adding imagery data. Your changesets don't have proper comments and are already discussed as bad by community members. Reverting all of them. Please follow the guidlines of OSM
12017-03-24 17:37:38 UTCJothirnadh Looks like you are adding imagery data. Your changesets don't have proper comments and are already discussed as bad by community members. Reverting all of them. Please follow the guidlines of OSM

12017-03-21 23:45:44 UTCJothirnadh Hi Aulia Ishmata,

Looks like you are adding duplicate roads and the roads with wrong tags. Can you please follow the OSM convention for tagging highways and also make sure you dont add duplicate roads.
12016-12-07 16:47:53 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Jothirnadh! Where did you get elevation data for Kakinada? Thanks!
22016-12-08 05:33:18 UTCJothirnadh Hi Srihari,
I just added missing roads in Kakinada. I didn't add any of the elevation data in this region. What exactly happened with elevation?
32016-12-08 05:35:15 UTCSrihari Thalla Nothing happened. I just wanted to know the source and if any Government sites provide such data.
42016-12-08 05:43:28 UTCJothirnadh I mapped the roads as per bing imagery which is openly available Srihari. There is no government data where you can get it. Check Bhuvan --> you might end up getting some information.
Thank you
52016-12-08 09:23:17 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks Jothirnadh! That is a treasure. Thanks a lot! Will be very useful mapping boundaries and any data Bhuvan provides!
12016-08-22 03:49:31 UTCJothirnadh Hello Silvio50,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. The data you added in this changeset is not overlapping with the ground data. Due to the non-availability of the source or comment for this changeset, it's hard to understand the quality of the data. Can you please verify the data once ag...
22016-11-29 04:19:46 UTCnammala There is no response from the user . I am going ahead and reverting the changeset.

32016-11-29 04:25:24 UTCnammala Oops it already been reverted by community.
42016-11-29 04:26:14 UTCJothirnadh This changeset is already reverted @nammala.
12016-09-07 04:00:08 UTCJothirnadh Hello Kailashdhirwani,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap, your edits are really valuable. I came across this changeset where some of the POI's added are not appropriately tagged, for example the shop's are tagged with `tourism=attraction` tag. I am sure you didn't do it intentionally but a...
22016-09-07 06:05:19 UTCkailashdhirwani dear Jothirnadh

i done it previously also and later i changed all through web.
like Home Decor (4293395301, v1) i chaged it to hardware please see all i already changed all on second day
32016-09-07 10:54:52 UTCJothirnadh Ohh, that's really cool. Didn't know that. Thanks for responding back.
12016-09-07 04:18:22 UTCJothirnadh Hello Юрий Денисов,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetmap. In this changeset you added a lot of `caravan_site` which are not aligning with the imagery. Can you confirm the source of this information please. If they are added by mistake, please go ahead and remove them from the map.\...
12016-09-07 03:50:00 UTCJothirnadh Hello Hosein,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap your edits are really valuable. In this changeset you added a lot of POI's, in which some of them are lying on the streets and rivers. Can you please look into them and fix them.

Happy mapping!

12016-08-26 04:33:37 UTCJothirnadh Hello Vahidrahimi,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap, but your edits seems to not align with imagery. The POI's you added are on the roads. Can you please move them from road to the exact location.

Thanking you,
12016-08-14 07:29:59 UTCMagnitogorsk Trams Не было ни одной остановки?!
22016-08-23 03:58:46 UTCJothirnadh Hello Zverik,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap, but the data you added doesn't make sense. How can every house have a bus station or correct me if I am wrong. If this is added by mistake can you please look into this issue and fix this?

Thanking you,
32016-08-23 05:28:25 UTCJothirnadh Seems like the data is already deleted in this changeset . Thanks for fixing it.

42016-08-23 05:49:41 UTCZverik Hi Jothirnadh,

I've used bus stations for recording addresses, because does not have a dedicated building/address types. I fixed it when I returned home.

Thanks for monitoring suspicious edits!
52016-08-23 06:25:49 UTCJothirnadh Ohh, that's a smart way to do it. It would be great if have the feature to add building/address types. Hope to see it in future.

Happy mapping
12016-08-23 05:14:40 UTCJothirnadh Dear Seandebasti,

Can you explain the tourism information you added in this changeset? I think this is a wrong tag given by mistake. If it's a mistake can you fix them please.

12016-08-22 04:32:29 UTCJothirnadh Hello Артем Панов Панов,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. Can you please provide the source for the data you added in this changeset?

12016-08-22 04:21:02 UTCJothirnadh Hello Ahmadch,

The ATM's you added does'nt seem to be overlapping with the ground data. Can you specify the source for your editions. If they are wrongly mapped, can you please revert them. Thanking you.

12016-07-26 13:52:15 UTCJothirnadh Sorry, forgot to change my user credentials in JOSM. My original username is Jothirnadh.
12016-07-12 05:16:24 UTCJothirnadh Sorry for the mistake, I forgot to change my user ID in JOSM before uploading the changeset. My original OpenStreetMap ID is Jothirnadh.
12016-07-11 06:52:24 UTCJothirnadh Hello JayCBR,

Came across this changesets and found that you deleted the names of this street

Your changeset also didn't have any proper comment, so not able to quantify the reason of deleting these tags. Can you please specify the reason. Al...
22016-07-11 08:53:07 UTCJayCBR well there is a restructuring of provincial roads in progress and this area is not complete yet (ΕΟ3β is a branch of the main way and havent decided on a name at the time)..i do most of my edits with P2 and when i save is because ram is running out, so no time for comments
32017-04-17 11:14:22 UTCSomeoneElse Hi JayCBR,
If you have to save in an emergency and aren't able to leave a suitable comment, you could always return to the changeset later and add a comment in the changeset discussion. That way other mappers will still be able to see what the changeset was about.
Hope you don't mind me mentionin...
12016-06-13 07:20:55 UTCHjart Next time you edit in Denmark, please do not touch our adress nodes. We prefer that they are kept separate from building polygons.
22016-06-13 09:50:06 UTCJothirnadh Okay cool. Thanks for letting us know of this. As per the OSM wiki `Address` is a secondary tag given to a features such as buildings. That's the reason I merged it. It would be great if you can provide more context on why exactly in Denmark the addresses are mapped separately and what is the added...
32016-06-13 10:02:53 UTCHjart First we are importing all of our adresses from an official register and it's easier to handle the updates if adresses are kept separate from buildings.
Second, by official danish rules adresses actually are considered sort of an entity in them selves (they are not necessarily associated with any p...
42016-06-13 11:13:37 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for your information. Will revert my changes, and in my further edits, I will make sure that the building address are not merged to the buildings.

Happy mapping!
12016-05-25 05:31:19 UTCJothirnadh Sorry wrong comment. I was fixing the alignment of the roads in this changeset.
12016-05-06 12:53:39 UTCRobbieNL Sorry, voor het gebruiken van de Google-maps overlay, ik was vergeten dat dat niet mocht.
22016-05-11 06:04:31 UTCJothirnadh It's good that you want the data to be updated, but it's not advisable to add data from a google overlay. Please revert these changes so that it will not cross the OpenStreetMap data violations.
32016-05-11 10:52:17 UTCRobbieNL Sorry that I've used the Google maps-overlay, I did not think that it was not allowed. I will be there from now on look out for.
42016-05-16 04:27:45 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for your kind response.
Happy mapping!
12016-05-10 06:51:20 UTCJothirnadh Just came across your edits in OpenStreetMap. I was not not sure what you are trying to test here, as there are a lot of additions and deletions in your edits. Please make sure you give a proper comment so that others can understand your mapping intentions.

Happy mapping!
12016-03-09 07:11:25 UTCJothirnadh Hello Foothills,

Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap, but there are errors in your work.
1. The data you added seems to be an import and there is no proper source mentioned here. Please make sure of adding a proper source before you add data to OpenStreetMap in future. Also mention the data...
22016-04-13 17:03:29 UTCFoothills Hello Jothirnadh,
About your comment #1. Data sent to OSM is original and true data sent by GIS department of MD of Foothills #31. About comment #2. This dataset represents full real road net of the MD of Foothills #31 including surface type of the roads segments. This is not changeset, ...
32016-05-02 07:48:21 UTCJothirnadh Hello Foothills,
Thanks for your kind response. The dataset you added seems to have a very good information and is appropriate as well. But the problem here is, this area is already having most of the data you added and it created duplicates with the existing data. And the most important part of th...
12016-04-29 05:54:51 UTCJothirnadh Why did you delete the buildings in this region? Any reason behind this?
12016-04-21 01:28:36 UTCjgruca I don't see where Cotulla is a valid destination here... that's another city way further south on I-35. There were a number of other edits around Des Moines with similar updates that reference other Texas towns, too.
22016-04-21 10:23:18 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for pointing this out @jgruca. I am doing this as a part of the mapping task --> .

I followed wikipedia information for adding this data, but it seems that the wikipedia information is wrong
32016-04-22 00:25:47 UTCjgruca I think that Wikipedia information is probably correct, but that's specifically for the stretch of I-35 in Texas, not Iowa, where these edits were made.
42016-04-22 08:16:25 UTCJothirnadh Ohh, now I get it. Thanks, will fix this.
12016-03-21 12:38:10 UTCJothirnadh Hello Mattmaxon,
It seems that there are a lot of untagged ways added by you in this changeset and the surrounding area as well.
12016-02-17 06:42:19 UTCJothirnadh Hello Rohit,
I'm a OSM contributor and recently came across your changes. Can you provide more information regarding this survey. You just added the name tag for every point with some code in it. Please specify what this changeset exactly consists of.

Thank you
12016-02-11 06:27:47 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @DaGal, You should not use Google Street View to add data to OSM.
22016-02-11 06:52:33 UTCJothirnadh @DaGal You should not be using Google as a source of information for addition of any data on OSM. Look in here for more information -

Also there is some excellent documentation about OSM can be ...
12016-02-08 06:40:21 UTCJothirnadh You did a great work in adding the coastline, but your ferry route tags in this changeset seems to be wrong.
You can once look at this wiki pages for reference:

If possible please assign th...
22016-02-08 07:54:50 UTCFredrikLindseth_import Morning.
I'll look into it this evening.
I just moved the ferry-nodes and connected them to the new coastline and didn't tag them.
Thanks for the info, I didnt notice they were tagged badly
32016-02-08 13:32:17 UTCJothirnadh That's good, thanks for the update Fredrik.

Happy mapping

12016-02-08 07:39:02 UTCJothirnadh In this changeset you deleted a road (bottom part of the bounding box) which is clearly visible in the Bing imagery. Is that way doesn't exist anymore or you mistakenly removed it?
If it's mistakenly removed please fix it.
12016-02-01 07:25:36 UTCJothirnadh It seems all the buildings added in this changeset are misplaced and are not matching with the shapes of the buildings on the imagery. If possible please try to fix them. Let me know if you need any help in fixing the issues.
12016-02-01 06:58:13 UTCJothirnadh Hey Nanard40270,

I found that in your changeset there are a lot of duplicate buildings. You added another layer of buildings on the present ones. Can I know the reason for this, so that we can help you in fixing this issue.
12016-01-29 06:28:53 UTCJothirnadh Hello Martine lilika,

I recently came across your edits and found that you deleted a massive amount of data from OSM. Can I know the reason behind this massive deletion in this changeset.
12015-12-28 05:42:34 UTCJothirnadh Changed the name of the lake with the reference of
12015-12-22 16:55:56 UTCediyes Hi,
Please fix the building.
22015-12-23 14:30:27 UTCJothirnadh Fixed the issue
12015-12-22 17:34:10 UTCdannykath Please, realign some buildings like this
22015-12-23 14:27:18 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for the comment. Fixed the issue
12015-12-22 15:30:09 UTCRichRico Hi Jothirnadh
There is an error of type: building duplicated nodes
here the changeset:
22015-12-23 14:21:55 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for finding the mistake RichRico. Fixed the issue.
12015-12-22 15:31:18 UTCRichRico Hi Jothirnadh
There is an error of type: crossing buildings
here the changeset:
22015-12-23 14:18:24 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for pointing out the error RichRico, i fixed the issue.
12015-12-23 14:17:05 UTCJothirnadh Removed duplicate nodes, sorry for wrong changeset comment.
12015-12-22 04:59:21 UTCJothirnadh Sorry I forgot to change the OSM comment, just added the highway as it is missing.
12015-12-11 19:12:42 UTCPlaneMad You need to be more careful with changeset comments.
22015-12-12 10:49:12 UTCJothirnadh Okay... I will be careful with that next time. Thanks for reminding me Planemad.
12015-12-10 07:10:49 UTCAndersAndersson Hello,

Please look at the GPS traces in the area before you align roads after Bing images (that very ofter are offset because of elevation error).
22015-12-10 07:16:04 UTCJothirnadh Hello Anders,

Thanks for your comment. I never thought of GPS traces, that's the reason I forgot that. Next time when I edit the roads I will keep it in mind. Thanks once again.
32015-12-10 07:25:59 UTCJothirnadh Aligned all the roads according to GPS traces.
Thank you
42015-12-10 16:48:59 UTCAndersAndersson Good work!

Thank you
12015-11-25 13:12:56 UTCOberaffe please dont change the road classification. Motorway is definitly wron the road has a lot of intersection they are NO grade-separated junctions. Please read first:
22015-11-25 14:17:10 UTCJothirnadh Thanks for the comment Oberaffe. This road is listed as one of the expressways of India. This is the reason I made the changes, which appears to be invalid.
32015-11-25 14:20:01 UTCOberaffe This list is only a list of highways "NAMED" expressways. In India is near to every rural road an expressway.
Dont use this list and look only for grade separated roads thats green field projects.
42015-11-25 14:57:55 UTCJothirnadh Okay Oberaffe, I will take care of that next time. Thank you for your feedback.
12015-11-18 05:20:18 UTCJothirnadh It's not related to Japan task... Sorry for wrong tag.
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