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12018-03-07 20:32:38 UTCtekim Please do not add the elevation to the name of mountains, peaks, summits, etc. Please remove them where you have added them.
12017-12-25 21:16:01 UTCtekim Raymond, Thanks for the contribution. As the README tag says, this trail no longer exists. It has been blocked off by the park rangers and is being restored to its natural state - which by this time is quite far progressed.
12017-12-16 02:44:31 UTCtekim Hey Raymond, one of the dams you added, Idlewild on the Big Thompson river was washed away by the 2013 flood and there are no plans to replace it. The reservoir is also gone. The whole Big Thompson Canyon was dramatically altered in 2013, and US34 is still undergoing reconstruction.
12017-09-14 05:06:04 UTCchachafish Hello, I noticed you entered, "Reflector House" in the name field of a house. Are you saying this is the name of the house? Thanks :)
22017-12-05 19:22:28 UTCRaymo853 I am not sure what structure you are referring to.
32017-12-06 01:48:48 UTCchachafish The house is located at 5175 Gray Street, Denver. Latest changeset #52114895
42017-12-06 17:30:43 UTCRaymo853 This name is a local un-official name. I see it was removed, that seems to have been the correct decision.
12017-11-30 19:32:28 UTCJon Hanson Please see the note I left for this change set:
12017-07-28 16:20:14 UTCtekim Hi Raymond, I noticed that you are editing the names of peaks to include the elevation in feet. You probably were not aware of this, but the name tag is for the name only[1]. Elevation should be placed in the ele tag[2]

22017-09-07 20:38:39 UTCRaymo853 Hello. I would argue the elevation is part of the name.
32017-09-07 20:39:02 UTCRaymo853 It is often the most useful information for peaks.
42017-09-07 21:21:41 UTCtekim Raymond, Yes, the elevation information is very useful for peaks, but it belongs in the ele tag, and in most cases, is already included in that tag. We should not tag for the renderer. If you would like the elevation in feet to show up on the standard rendering, perhaps submit a pull request for...
52017-09-07 21:33:19 UTCtekim I posted this question to the tagging mailing list to get input from the wider community. I would have cc'ed you, but I don't think I have your email address. You might want to subscribe to that list if you are not already in order to participate in the discussion and explain your point of view.
62017-09-07 21:50:03 UTCn76 Putting the elevation in the name field is flat out wrong. Elevation should be in the ele=* field and the renderer can, if the developer of the renderer desires, be shown along with the name.

Consider that this data and the maps made from it could be used by a person desiring metric elevations. Y...
72017-09-07 21:52:54 UTCRaymo853 Is it possible to have the elevation in the proper tag but have tags for both SI and English units?
82017-09-07 21:54:33 UTCmvexel Hi Raymo853 -- tekim is correct, you want to use the `ele` tag to note the elevation. The information in OpenStreetMap needs to be a little bit structured for everyone to be able to make sense of it. That is why we separate the names of things out in one tag, and have other useful information go int...
92017-09-07 21:56:34 UTCRaymo853 I was adding the elevation in meters to the tag, but also adding it in feet to the name. I do not understand how having more info in the name field can cause such chaos.
102017-09-07 21:59:35 UTCmvexel It's not chaos :) It's just that people expect a name when they query the name tag, just as they would expect to see elevation (in meters) when they query the ele tag. Anyone who wants to create a map with elevation in feet prominently displayed can query the ele tag and do the conversion. Having el...
112017-09-07 22:02:29 UTCRaymo853 Thanks for the clarification mvex*. It just seemed other were making remarks without understanding I was putting meters into the elevation tag and thereby was causing all sorts of terror and heartache for all users.
122017-09-07 22:06:47 UTCn76 "I do not understand how having more info in the name field can cause such chaos." -- Because it is not expected and hard for a renderer to remove. If I create a map of an area you tagged this way the elevation will be shown twice (with different formatting). In addition, lots of people do...
132017-11-05 10:57:43 UTCMateusz Konieczny name is for name only.

Adding height in feet is tagging for renderer - see
142017-11-07 16:26:14 UTCRaymo853 Hello Mateusz. Thanks for the reference. I have already changed my practice and have been un-dong the feet elevations when I find them.
12017-11-05 11:32:13 UTCMateusz Konieczny It would be more useful to mention what was changed in edit rather than where it was made (where edit was made is already clear as OSM stores locations of edited objects)
22017-11-07 16:22:45 UTCRaymo853 Thanks. I will try to add more detail during future edit saves.
12017-06-04 20:15:44 UTCtekim I noticed that you marked Foothills Baptist Church as "Abandoned Church." Perhaps you drove or rode past it during the week when there was no activity. I just rode my bike past it this morning (Sunday) and it was quite evident that it is active. I also checked their website, and they hav...
22017-06-05 02:48:39 UTCRaymo853 I went by a few weeks ago and it was empty and being noisy I looked inside and it appeared it was unused for a while. However, based on your report it should be changed back.
32017-06-05 03:02:37 UTCtekim Your detailed survey (actually looking inside the church) is most commendable. I bike past several times a week. I I will keep an eye on things there, as well as on their website to make sure they are still active. It is a small church, so I suspect they do not have full time staff, and thus there ...
12016-11-13 05:22:28 UTCRaymo853 Why can I not delete this feature.
12015-10-23 09:11:05 UTCGerdP please review:
I've changed highway=ATV to highway=track
for way 249135977, maybe path matches better?
22015-10-26 14:16:09 UTCRaymo853 The Forest Service has these trails primarily listed as ATV trails.
32015-10-26 14:29:47 UTCGerdP okay, in that highway=track should be okay
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