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12017-05-22 15:15:16 UTCkaritotp Hi, Thank you for contributing to map. You modified and add some names in english, but according to wikidata on most of them the previous value of name:en was correct. Could you please share the source that you have used to update these name:en?
22017-05-23 12:12:44 UTCMaturi0n Hello!
The names I added to the map were actually used on OSM for years and were changed only recently. The previous name:en in Transnistria all were a transcription of the Russian spelling (which is used on the ground in this region). Those transcriptions are also used by the local government. Wik...
12017-05-14 15:04:05 UTCSomeoneElse The changeset comment "Buildings" doesn't seem to reflect the actual changes made here.
Could you explain in a bit more detail what changes were actually made?
22017-05-15 07:48:08 UTCMaturi0n Sorry, I was lazy and didn't addjust my edit comment. I was actually only adding the name of Abkhazia in the Adyghe language, which is closely related to Abkhaz and used to be spoken in the areas bordering Abkhazia.
32017-05-15 21:08:11 UTCSomeoneElse Ah, OK - thanks.
12017-04-03 09:19:21 UTCMaturi0n What the hell? There is no American embassy in Transnistria. And even less so in Kamenka.
12017-03-13 21:04:29 UTCHartmut Holzgraefe Finger weg! (you asked for this)
22017-03-14 16:41:43 UTCMaturi0n Danke. Ich werde es versuchen :)
12017-01-25 14:36:53 UTCBeKri Servus Maturi0n,
wie kommst Du bei der Paulander Brauerei auf die Adresse Mälzereistraße 3 ?
Sie hat def. die Nummer 31 wie am Eingangsgebäude getagt, die Brauerei selber hat uns damal gebeten, dass so einzutragen.
Wenn die Hausnummernfolge anschaust, siehtst Du, dass die Nummerie...
22017-01-27 09:00:11 UTCMaturi0n Servus,
das war ein blöder Tippfehler meinerseits, tut mir leid!
32017-01-27 12:13:04 UTCBeKri Ok, kein Problem, passiert mir auch ...
Bestehst Du auf der Nummer auf der Halle oder reicht Dir die Hausnummer, wo sie steht (das Einfahrtsgebäude mit Durchfahrt östlich). Ich frage weil es auf Bayern 80cm jetzt passende Luftbilder gibt und ich die ganze Brauerei dann entsprechend "...
42017-01-28 21:53:51 UTCMaturi0n Also bestehen tu ich natürlich nicht drauf, aber wenn engagierte Mapper etwas besser machen können, motiviere ich sie natürlich gern. :)
Viele Grüße
52017-01-28 22:48:24 UTCBeKri OK, dann werde ich demnächst die Bierkocher nach Bayern80 "verschlimmbessern" ;-)
happy tagging ...
12016-09-14 07:21:49 UTCdudka why did you remove name tags from Dobroslav polygon?
22016-09-14 16:28:09 UTCMaturi0n When I removed them, they were still bearing the old name. I forgot to add the new name, I'm sorry.
12016-08-15 09:10:50 UTCapm-wa When you change "pidginized" names to fully Turkmen names with diacriticals, it ruins their usefulness in other applications, such as GPS navigators, as the diacriticals are usually replaced with question marks. I rather methodically add name:tk entries to ensure the Turkmen alphabet name...
22016-08-16 02:09:13 UTCapm-wa I have not heard back from you so am restoring the name as Änew (Annau) to make it more easily searchable for those who live here. BTW I live in Ashgabat, so if you have questions about common use of names versus official names please feel free to ask. FYI hardly anyone here refers to Än...
32016-08-22 18:54:36 UTCMaturi0n I was on vacation, sorry. But at least for the main rendering, the full and correct street names should be used. Would it be a solution to put the "pidginized" Turkmen names in another tag?
42016-08-23 01:03:46 UTCapm-wa Indeed full and correct street names are being used in the name tag, but without diacriticals (e.g., Atamyrat Nyyazow sayoly rather than Atamyrat Nyýazow ┼čaýoly) so that renderings on systems without Unicode do not yield question marks instead of letters of the alphabet. Diacriticals...
52016-08-24 08:15:40 UTCMaturi0n Still, I don't know of any other country on OSM where such simplified spellings are used. Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, France - in all those countries diacriticals are used in the main name tag.
62016-08-24 08:22:44 UTCSomeoneElse Converting from diacriticals to ASCII sounds like something that's easily programmable. If the name with diacriticals is in another name tag then it wouldn't even need that - the approach described in would work as is.
Generally the "...
72016-08-24 13:45:46 UTCapm-wa I've tried for over a year to get a usable (i.e., routable) Turkmenistan map out mkgmap myself but have never succeeded, and so am dependent (as is everyone else in Turkmenistan) on Lambertus' website for downloading Garmin maps. Nobody else here in Turkmenistan seems able to crack the mkgmap code,...
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