Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-08-12 04:40:35 UTCJaku103 Why change this road? Take a look at the Street Imagery or update your overhead images. The city is changing all roads.
22018-08-13 07:30:44 UTCsrividya_c Hi Jaku103,

The road was modelled as dual carriageway in several section of the highway while it is not having any physical separator to be modelled like that. That is the reason I changed it to a bidirectional highway. I did refer to all the latest satellite imagery sources before remodelling. \...
32018-08-13 08:24:30 UTCJaku103 The overhead images are wrong for this entire city. Every road is under construction. Look at Mapillary. Your changes are not welcome here.
42018-08-13 08:34:32 UTCJaku103 I even put a note on this area saying the city is doing road work on this road.
52018-08-13 08:56:29 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for the headsup :) Did not see Mapillary traces while mapping. I have fixed the road as dual carriageway in my recent changeset -

Thank you again for guiding me through right sources.
12018-07-15 23:03:00 UTCNiels Elgaard Larsen I do not think this is the right way to map footpaths, such as

The problem is that the footpaths are not connected to each other and the roads.
So routing does not work, e.g, try
22018-07-16 12:49:01 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for the feedback Niels Elgaard Larsen.

I have fixed some in them in below changesets -

I will try fixing if I see more.

32018-07-16 22:51:57 UTCNiels Elgaard Larsen I now realize that you just added the sidewalk tag to existing footways. So I guess you should not feel responsible for fixing it. But great if you do.
12018-04-06 16:03:52 UTCMadeline Steele Hello! These streets are not named, and are listed as service streets in our authoritative local streets data set (
22018-04-17 05:24:22 UTCsrividya_c Thank you Madeline for feedback.

Changed the road classification to `service` in changeset -

Thanks again
12018-03-19 10:11:24 UTCoba510 Are you sure about this? I see a street clearly marked for two-way traffic here:
22018-03-19 19:18:44 UTCsrividya_c I added oneway tag after seeing the `oneway` sign board in this image -

But did not see the two way yellow si...
32018-03-22 06:41:29 UTCsrividya_c Fixed it this changeset -

Thanks again :)
12017-05-09 06:16:15 UTCsrividya_c Hi Sheiko89,

Welcome and thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap.

In OpenStreetMap you need to add the features which exists in real world which we see around us using Satellite Imagery or the local knowledge.

In this changeset you have added a park and footways which overlaps highway...
12017-05-08 06:00:20 UTCsrividya_c Hi ktttrose,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap, Thank you for your contribution.

In this changeset, in the DG imagery, looks like you have assed water tag to the building in the imagery. Can you please retag the water bodies with the building tags?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks ...
12017-04-26 06:08:05 UTCsrividya_c Hi LiYinjia,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
In OpenStreetMap you need to add the real world objects and add related tags to the map to improve the map data.

A random line covering half of the country don't add any value to the map. Please add valuable data to the map and improve it in all possib...
12017-04-21 06:14:18 UTCsrividya_c Hi fian_as,

Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. In this changeset you have added bunch of garden which dont look like garden in Satellite imagery. You should be using `landuse=farmland` tag for the farmlands like these.

Please follow the wiki -
12017-04-17 11:17:07 UTCsrividya_c Hi fonziegamer,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for your contribution. In this changeset you have added a trial with named Alamo River Trail - which have few tags and that trial is not present in any imagery source. Can you please explain how you ad...
12017-04-17 06:15:38 UTCsrividya_c Hi Derpnator,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for your contribution. Looks like you have created duplicate park data on top of each other in this changeset. Its good to add missing data than creating duplicate work.

Hit me up if you have any questions.

22017-04-17 06:17:10 UTCsrividya_c I have fixed the park boundary in this changeset -
12017-04-14 07:56:28 UTCDalkvist Srividya while we appreciate the good work you’all over at mapbox do for OSM please don’t revert all the changes a new user makes unless you are 100% certain that it is vandalism. This user just looks like they need some guidance and we are several people in the Swedish community that ke...
22017-04-14 09:15:05 UTCsrividya_c Hi Dalkvist,

Thanks for keeping eye on new users. The edits in this changeset had incorrect buildings and ways which was the main reason for my revert. Will point to documentation in changeset comments for new users if I come across similar edits in future.

Thank again
32017-04-14 09:39:50 UTCDalkvist Well at more recent imagery[1] there looks like there are new buildings and the names were common outbuilding types. They only needed to be changed to the correct subtag, straighten and removed the name. Same with the road it was named driveway in Swedish and just needed to be changed to service.
42017-04-14 13:06:05 UTCsrividya_c Hi Dalkvist,

Sure. Thank you for bringing this to notice. We have been talking to community about Responding to suspicious edits [1]. I will make sure I talk to the mapper after evaluating the changeset before reverting any of the changes.

12017-04-11 18:39:11 UTCNoen Hi!
Although not visible on old Bing aerial photo, there is a new apartment block and pond here.
22017-04-12 10:44:41 UTCsrividya_c Hi Neon,

Thank you for the update. Will make sure I add a note in future before I make edits.

Thank again :)
12017-04-05 05:41:35 UTCsrividya_c Hi kb624,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thank you for your contribution.

In this edit, looks like you have added a construction site for hospital. But there are also buildings overlapping the construction site. Can you please verify whether those buildings exists? If not, can you please delete it...
22017-04-05 11:39:00 UTCkb624 Hi Srividya,

Yes buildings 515,517,519 (+rear) ,521 (+rear), 523, 512, 510, 506, 504, 502, 548, 540 and 536 are all gone. Thanks for clarifying
32017-04-07 05:17:29 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for the update kb624.

Can you please delete the buildings inside the construction area and update the map.

12017-04-05 06:53:29 UTCsrividya_c Hi,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. :)

You have deleted satellite imagery information from the map. These informations are very important to know to spread of satellite imagery and understand the imagery quality. Can you please revert your changes. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank y...
12017-04-01 12:17:31 UTCtrial Hi, your change has been modified again: "Chad has two equal official languages by constitution."
Depending on the country some, name includes one or many languages, the officials and lingua franca.
I'm not from Chad, please check with the local community to see what they want.
22017-04-05 05:39:58 UTCsrividya_c Hi,

Thank you for making necessary changes. Will make sure I contact to community for similar changes in future. Thank you for your feedback :)

12017-03-31 06:59:04 UTCsrividya_c Hi baldovinoi,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Looks like you are adding buildings in this area, but the way you have traced buildings are not correct. Buildings should be traced as polygons(square) and not line in the middle.

Here ( is the video on how t...
12017-03-28 14:18:53 UTCSomeoneElse Er - you've just deleted the weather buoy at lat 0, lon 0.
Is it definitely no longer there?
It has its own web page:
22017-03-30 09:44:37 UTCsrividya_c Oh never knew this. Will make sure I keep an eye on this node.

Thank you for sharing.

32017-03-30 11:05:03 UTCSomeoneElse There's actually no recent data from it, but there's actually no recent data from any of the Atlantic stations: so I'm guessing that that's just a glitch.
12017-03-28 07:33:59 UTCsrividya_c Hi Gmstv9,

Looks like you changed a building to water body in this changeset. I have reverted your edit Please make sure you dont make edits like this.

12017-03-27 12:00:35 UTCsrividya_c Hi nawsken,

Looks like you added non-existing features in the middle of the sea. Please contribute valuable map data which exists on ground. I have reverted your edit in changeset #47199590.

Thank you
12017-03-24 10:33:45 UTCsrividya_c Hi panoramedia,

Looks like you are deleting place names in name:en tag. Is there any reason to delete these English names?

I have fixed few of these changes in #47120579 changeset. Can you please not delete English names until they are not correct.

22017-03-24 11:06:52 UTCpanoramedia Hi srividya,

If the name:en= tag only contains romanized Korean, it is not English and therefore wrong. It is concensus on the wiki and the mailinglist. Please join the talk-ko mailinglist or the telegram group to discuss with the community.
12017-03-23 02:47:16 UTCCloCkWeRX What's the source for these, bing doesn't appear to have the buildings.

Unfortunately a lot of these seem duplicated as well; and I can't pick which is the most accurate version
22017-03-23 12:40:56 UTCsrividya_c Hi CloCkWeRX,

Thank you for flagging this changeset.

We have reverted changeset 30347008 which created the duplicates and cleaned up the area.

The main source we used to trace these buildings was Mapbox Imagery. As a local mapper, it would be great if you verify these buildings existence ...
32017-03-25 10:43:19 UTCCloCkWeRX The current mapbox imagery seems to be blank, which is weird. Non free imagery suggests they do exist though.
12017-03-22 21:37:02 UTCj03lar50n I would suggest changing the road type and possibly only removing the name tag, instead of deleting the entire feature. Having driveways included in the road network can assist with routing.
22017-03-23 06:53:19 UTCsrividya_c @zhackney and @ j03lar50n
I have reverted the changeset at #47087298 changeset.

@zhackney do improve the existing highways and not delete them if it exists in imagery.
12017-02-17 07:42:03 UTCsrividya_c Hi wgruzek,

Thank you for your contribution to OpenStreetMap. Looks like you have retraced this island but you have not given the right tagging combination. Please follow wiki to know how to trace islands. I have made changes in my changeset #4...
22017-02-17 08:00:39 UTCwgruzek Thanks srividya_c.
I am unsure what I missed, I have a name as well, as Natural:coastline and place:islet

32017-02-17 09:36:44 UTCsrividya_c Great wgruzek. I didn't name it as I was unsure of it. You can name it if you know the name exactly based on your local knowledge.

42017-02-17 09:39:42 UTCwgruzek Srividya_c

Thanks! I have a lot of data about this region, but I find it rather tedious to enter via OSM (I am more a GIS, ESRI, shapefile person).
Out of curiousity, do you know how long/if they will update the base image of the islands? Aka the white boxy polygons they currently have in the vi...
12017-02-16 07:00:45 UTCsrividya_c Hi Ivan,

Thank you for your contribution to OpenStreetMap. Looks like you have added many fire-hydrants with your name in this changeset. I have partially reverted this changeset by removing the fire-hydrants and ref tags added by you in the following changesets : #46128235, #46128194, #46128115,...
12017-02-15 05:51:51 UTCsrividya_c Hi VillageofWolves,

Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. The sidewalks you deleted in this changeset are visible in the Satellite imagery. Your changeset comment says these are not connected. Can you explain why you deleted these sidewalks instead of connecting them to other neighbouring ...
12017-02-10 06:23:23 UTCsrividya_c Hi mastermon,

Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. Your changes to OpenStreetMap looks good. Changeset will be very descriptive if you provide proper changeset comment writing the changes you did rather than the comment you specify. Please follow best practices of changeset commnents here...
12017-02-10 05:31:40 UTCsrividya_c Hi oooppp,

Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. The building you have added in this changeset is not matching with any of the Satellite imagery. Can you specify what source you used to add and modify these buildings?

22017-02-10 05:44:21 UTCooopppp I use other Korean data.
Bing satellite image of Korea is an out of date map, about 10 years ago data.
12017-02-08 05:44:40 UTCsrividya_c Hi T mohan,

Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I think you have deleted a wood cover in this changeset where its clearly visible in Satellite imagery. Is there any reason behind deleting this?

Happy to help.

12017-01-17 09:09:10 UTCsrividya_c Hi fayor,

Looks like you have deleted many service and residential roads in this changeset which are visible in Satellite imagery. Is there any reason for these deletions?

Sembra che avete cancellato molti servizi e strade residenziali che sono visibili nelle immagini satellitari. C'è...
12016-08-31 21:48:19 UTCViajero Perdido You moved the boundaries. Why? I researched their locations carefully, and I actively maintain this sanctuary.

What multipolygon was broken, and how? I don't recall any errors when I last touched this area.

Please repair this, and save me the trouble of figuring out the reverter tool.

22016-08-31 23:37:04 UTCViajero Perdido Never mind, reverted. It was clearly wrong, no relations were involved.

I didn't want to see the messed-up version in the next offline download, hence I didn't feel like waiting.

This area can be well-managed locally.
32016-09-01 00:19:59 UTCViajero Perdido Fixed the multipolygon error - which no renderer that I'm aware of seemed to have a problem with - in a way that is technically correct, but may annoy a landowner and one-time mapper.
42016-09-01 06:02:10 UTCsrividya_c Hi Viajero Perdido,

Thank you for reverting. I think made a wrong fix for the multipolygon based on OSM-Inspector error. Will make sure that these mistakes don't happen. Thank you taking care of this.
12016-08-19 10:47:27 UTCpnorman Is a new sign? I haven't been out to UBC in a couple months, but I'm pretty sure going along W 41st, SW Marine, and then Camosun was allowed.
22016-08-20 10:21:18 UTCsrividya_c Hi pnorman,

The restriction board was saying `no_right_turn at Camosun`. I had the same confusion when I saw this sign board.

We got this confirmed from a local mapper though our public mapping ticket (refer here: and then t...
32016-08-20 20:09:43 UTCpnorman That restriction is at the lights to the east of this way, where the bridlepath comes to the road. It doesn't apply to traffic coming via 41st. andrewpmk was right in what the sign is, but you've applied it at the wrong place.
42016-08-22 06:23:07 UTCsrividya_c Hi pnorman,

I was not able to understand this, as the bridleway which you said comes to left and not to right. I have reverted my changeset ( which added that restriction. Can you please add the right turn-restriction in that junction.

Thank yo...
52016-08-22 06:26:00 UTCsrividya_c Sorry, wrong changeset link: here is the changeset where I reverted the changes :
12016-06-10 13:07:12 UTCrickmastfan67 Changeset reverted to repair damage to USA road. Reverted in Changeset 39929466.
22016-06-10 13:18:19 UTCsrividya_c Hi,

You have been moving single node from US to Europe over seas. I came across 4-5 of your changesets which follow the same pattern. Can you please explain what happened to cause this edit?

I am reverting this changeset-39909316. Comment on this if you have any questions.
32016-06-10 13:21:12 UTCrickmastfan67 I've already reverted this srividya_c. See my comment above yours.
42016-06-10 13:50:43 UTCSomeoneElse See
12016-05-23 05:55:40 UTCsrividya_c Hi Triangle37,

You have been adding residential areas in Chennai and naming them as "Mixed Residential". Name tag should be name of the area and not something in general like `mixed residentail`. Can you please fix these?

Also your changeset comment specifies DDP, can you explain wha...
12016-05-17 10:26:49 UTCsrividya_c Hi jamesks,
I came across your edits where you added roads connecting to nowhere: and I am not seeing any of those roads in imagery. Can you please specify the source of your edits?
12016-04-11 13:20:29 UTCyasunari Why revert?

oneway=no is use only in order to avoid mapping errors in areas where e.g. oneway streets are common, or to override defaults.
22016-04-12 06:54:41 UTCsrividya_c The revertion was done to retain the road alignment which was misaligned in your changeset. Other than oneway tag there was no big tag changes in your previous changeset. You can go ahead and add the missing tags but make sure you don't make a serious misalignment.

You can check how your changes...
32016-04-12 15:31:43 UTCyasunari Sorry, I can't undrerstand.
Please let me know why you thought "bad misalignment" and "harmful".

The chengeset moved only 162 nodes and I can’t think so bad.
42016-04-13 01:16:02 UTCyasunari I checked again and got it.

Thank you for your job!
12015-12-22 15:18:35 UTCediyes Hi,
Please extrude building to match imagery.
22015-12-23 11:27:48 UTCsrividya_c Thank you. I have improved the building extrusions.
12015-12-22 15:14:33 UTCediyes Hi,

Please extrude building to match imagery.
22015-12-23 11:26:44 UTCsrividya_c Thank for highlighting the issue. I have made the relevant changes.
12015-12-22 15:11:40 UTCediyes Hi,
Extrude building to match imagery.
22015-12-23 11:25:42 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for the feedback. I have made changes to the building.
12015-12-22 15:09:38 UTCediyes Hi,
Extrude building to match imagery.
22015-12-23 11:22:33 UTCsrividya_c Thanks for noticing. Made the changes.
12015-12-22 15:06:51 UTCediyes Hi,
Please fix the building to match imagery.
22015-12-23 11:19:59 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for highlighting this. I have made changes to building shape.
12015-12-22 15:02:06 UTCediyes Hi,
Some buildings not match imagery, please extrude building to match imagery.
22015-12-23 11:18:21 UTCsrividya_c thank you for the feedback. I have made the relevant changes.
12015-12-22 12:25:43 UTCchillly How did you come to the conclusion that the 'path' joins Park Lane by ploughing through a wood?

Please do not armchair falsehoods onto the map like this.

I am inclined to revert this
22015-12-22 15:28:27 UTCsrividya_c Sorry, I saw a path which was connecting to the road in the imagery. The imagery too had woods, but the path was little visible which is why I connected it. If this is not the case in real I apologize for this You can fix this or revert the changeset. Thank you again. :)
12015-12-07 07:08:13 UTCGerdP Hi there!
Please check:
natural=Henlopen Gardens
on way
It seems that this is a typo for name,
but the name "Henlopen Gardens" appears also on
22015-12-07 10:51:37 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for the feedback. Sorry this is really a typo mistake. I typed `natural` instead of `name`. Here is my fixed changeset.
I used TIGER layer as source to change/add the names. But the names change as I zoom-in/zoom-out. How to find out which ...
32015-12-07 11:07:37 UTCGerdP maybe add a note so that a local can check
12015-10-28 05:17:26 UTCsrividya_c
12015-10-28 05:16:27 UTCsrividya_c [test](
12015-10-23 12:02:41 UTCsrividya_c test emoji
22015-10-23 12:04:31 UTCsrividya_c :thumbsup:
32015-10-23 12:04:44 UTCsrividya_c :thumbsup:
12015-10-05 07:43:10 UTCSK53 Can you please use source tags on ways & changesets. You have added Tong Moor Side as a name after another one of your MapBox colleagues added a note about it. However Bing imagery gives no clues about the name. Neither of you are local mappers, so I would like to know the basis for changing the...
22015-10-05 09:51:54 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for your feedback.
I changed the road name using as the source. I missed adding the source. Here is the data source for this. Can you please suggest where and how I can add this source now?
32015-10-05 09:59:23 UTCSK53 This is an inadmissible data source It contains copyright information. I'm afraid I have to revert this change.
42015-10-05 10:08:54 UTCsrividya_c I see the copyright source from OSM page and the data source of the page both mention the Crown copyright attribution from Ordinance Survey. It will be good to know why it is inadmissible.
52015-10-05 10:14:37 UTCSK53 OK I've now reverted it, and re-added the name from Ordnance Survey StreetView OpenData. This may have been the source on Streetview, but I would strongly suggest using OSM-based tools & facilities for such things. We have tiles of OS Streetview, missing roads (OS Locator), and OSLocator Musical...
62015-10-05 10:20:57 UTCSK53 Because the precise source isn't clear. It does clearly state it contains Royal Mail data (CodePoint Open) which is inadmissable for OSM. As I state above, volunteers from OSM have gone to a great deal of trouble to create tools to help in situations like this: such tools we know to be clean and des...
72015-10-05 10:21:37 UTCSK53 I should add another reason for adding sources & using OSM tools is that it is far faster for other mappers to check that a change is reasonable.
82015-10-05 10:42:21 UTCsrividya_c Thank you. Will use these tools and use the right source while making changes lie this.
92015-10-05 10:42:32 UTCsrividya_c *like
12015-08-31 16:39:19 UTCandrewpmk if there is no bike lane and no bike signage then roads should not be tagged bicycle=yes, as this is assumed by default
22015-08-31 17:48:33 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for the feedback. Will keep this in mind before making such changes. I have reverted my changes( Thank you again.
12015-08-24 13:39:23 UTCMazezito Essa estrada não liga se liga há principal (Pevidem, Brito) apenas tem umas escadas com semáforos com passadeira pedonal
22015-08-24 14:26:13 UTCsrividya_c Thank you for the feedback.
Sorry I may have deleted some nodes and connected some. Thank you for fixing it. Will keep an eye before making such changes.
12015-08-20 12:43:25 UTCMikeN Hi, Thank you for your edit! It appears that an entire railroad had been accidentally moved, and was misaligned. Since people had already corrected part of this in spots for the FRA Crossings project, the entire change could not be reverted to correct - I finally had to manually review and correct...
22015-08-20 12:49:16 UTCsrividya_c thank you for the feedback. Will review the ways from next time before editing them. Thank you again.
12015-06-30 05:48:11 UTCsrividya_c The roads should be always connected to each other. Need to connect them.
12015-06-16 05:42:45 UTCsrividya_c
12015-05-28 05:16:45 UTCsrividya_c Hey, does these footway trail exist now? Imagery doesn't show any path there.
12015-05-25 07:39:18 UTCsrividya_c Hey, you have been tracing village roads are tertiary, but all village roads are not tertiary. The roads which connect to major villages become tertiary. Please check the tags while tracing.
12015-04-15 12:33:04 UTCMikeN Hi - thanks for the update. The hill in this construction area has been bulldozed down and the previous streets were completely removed. There is no routable path through this area. It's too early to tell whether the replacement driveways will have any name because the buildings are still under...
22015-04-15 14:03:28 UTCsrividya_c thank you for you feedback. So are these roads existing now? I just aligned the nodes and added some roads seeing the imagery. Please remove the roads if they don't exit now. Thank you again.
32015-04-15 14:03:50 UTCsrividya_c Sorry its *exist
42015-04-15 14:20:22 UTCMikeN These roads don't exist now, so I'll remove them. The Bing imagery was out of date.

Best regards
52015-04-16 05:05:31 UTCsrividya_c okay, Thank you.
12015-04-07 20:51:07 UTCSomeoneElse I notice that you've joined Gladstone Terrace to the footpath to the south (as your colleague did in changeset - see the comments on that). When I originally surveyed it it didn't look like there was any public route onto
22015-04-08 05:54:35 UTCsrividya_c Oh, Sorry. I found a footpath over there and didn't see any barrier like thing in imagery so joined those two roads. I have reverted the changes back.
Thankyou for your valuable feedback.
32015-04-09 13:06:56 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - I had the chance to walk past the end again yesterday, and someone's knocked the wall down that was previously preventing you from seeing behind the houses. It turns out that what is now is not actually a road at all, but a gravel track behind the hou...
42015-04-10 05:34:27 UTCsrividya_c oh thats nice. But mapping is more accurate when someone does a ground survey. Anyway thankyou for making few more good changes in the area.
12015-03-23 09:53:15 UTCChris Fleming Hi, I just want to check what the source is for this change?

It does look to me like there is something here. Possibly a service road and/or a foot way connecting to Tantallon Gardens?

But looking at the Old Ordinance Survey maps it doesn't look like a continuation of Dressilrigg Lane.
22015-03-23 11:49:32 UTCsrividya_c I didn't change anything to the Dressilrigg Lane. I just added a path near which I saw in the imagery. If that doesn't exit then you can delete it.
32015-03-23 22:50:27 UTCChris Fleming Thanks for letting me know. Agree that there is a path here. I'll drop the name and survey tag and change it to footway. I'll also add a note for someone local to see where the path goes.
42015-03-24 04:49:40 UTCsrividya_c Thank you. Adding note wold do :)
52015-03-24 04:49:51 UTCsrividya_c *would
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