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12018-03-23 15:19:57 UTCJJIglesias Slds. Una curiosidad,Porque todas las calles que creaste le pusiste Jiron por delante? es acaso eso un estandard en Peru? primera vez que veo algo asi.
22018-03-23 22:04:00 UTC51114u9 @JJ jirón son las vías urbanas, de cierta forma se asemeja al prefijo calle que tenemos en otros lugares
32018-03-24 05:05:16 UTCJJIglesias Si no te lo niego y asi lo entendi, solo que revisando otras ciudades del Peru, muchas de ellas no usan el Termino Jiron sino el Termino Calle y Avenida. Colombia Acostumbra a usar Calles y Carreras de acuerdo si van de Norte a Sur o de Este a Oeste, solo que no veia el Termino Jiron como un estanda...
12018-01-25 23:05:35 UTCMarc_ch Hello,
Thanks for deleting overlapped highways.
But what did you mean with role=uncertain ?
I don't see where the road ref=1 could "travel" without thoses ways between the previous way and the next one.
in case of doubts mabe it's better to add a note, because make a warning with a rol...
12018-01-19 18:45:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
12017-10-11 11:51:40 UTCConstable Hi Rico, why did you draw this building over a cycleway which was already on the map?
I'm not expecting this kind of poor mapping quality from an experienced mapper like you.
Other than that, you seem to have used DigitalGlobe Standard imagery, why did you write "Bing" as source?
22017-10-16 10:08:05 UTCConstable I'm still waiting for an answer from you. I think you should stop opening notes and doing edits like this one around the world. You should take care about your edits and the answers you get though them. Here a mapper quickly fixed your mess but your attitude is far from ideal for a project like Open...
32017-10-16 15:57:04 UTCAlecs01 I agree with the above comment, you cannot know how good Bing/Esri/DigitalGlobe imagery is all around the world, but checking with existing data should be the norm for an experienced mapper. I moved those buildings yesterday slighlty westwards according to PCN imagery.
12017-08-18 06:32:21 UTCjoyma Hi I added this Sustainable Drainage Retention Pond as it's just been built in my village. You've removed it. Why?
12017-08-04 14:15:20 UTCPaul_012 I've reverted the change. It was an improper fix, breaking the turn restrictions dependent on the (improperly mapped) crossing links. If possible, please check for similar "fixes" and see if they caused the same problems.
22017-08-04 14:37:59 UTCPaul_012 I've further checked, and the turn restrictions themselves were incorrectly mapped. At any rate, the proper fix would have been to remove the crossing links and then re-do the turn restrictions (as I've done here).
12017-07-19 17:27:41 UTCDakon Es gab da nichts zu fixen: das Gebäude ist ein Multipolygon, und das hat die Information bereits gehabt. Ich habe sie jetzt von der äußeren Linie wieder entfernt.
12017-07-14 09:55:16 UTCJacobf_ Note that as of 07/17 Bing satellite data is out of date. This object was refurbished in 2016. Is now a fountain/splash play area.
12017-07-01 13:53:52 UTCliteran Please be accurate pressing Q button on existing ways. Maybe yoy may correct this?
12017-06-27 17:16:09 UTCDalkvist What are your source for this? The road is clearly visibly on the Bing imagery that you cite in the source tag. It is not visibly on the dg layers or yours and as far as I know it is not possible to see when the images are taken, or do you at mapbox have access to more info then the rest of us?
12017-06-16 18:39:02 UTCRicoElectrico Fixing a park that is clearly a PoGo vandalism?
12017-06-08 20:02:14 UTCNehaj Hi RichRico,

I've just wanted to get height profiles along these lines. I'm fine with the deletion.
12017-05-22 20:12:27 UTCma-rt-in könnte man vllt statt riverbank das neue schema benutzen?
12017-05-17 10:24:54 UTCDaveF Hi
Why did you delete this way? It was clearly mis-tagged by me (using Potlatch's 'replicate' key, I think). It should residential, as evident by looking at aerial imagery.
Error like this should be corrected not deleted.
22017-05-22 01:07:26 UTCRichRico Hi DaveF, Thanks for your correction
12017-05-18 16:16:21 UTCDalkvist Don’t you guys update your guidelines to be more inclusive of newusers, and talk to them before changing their stuff and focus on things that break important areas?

The water is clearly visibly on the DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery, the change is made by an new user (1 day old) and is a tiny ...
22017-05-21 23:54:56 UTCRichRico you're right, I reviewed the Digital Globe images and yes there is a small water pond.
I have reversed the changeset
12017-05-10 17:09:38 UTCtrigpoint Hi, please could you explain your reasons for deleting this churchyard?
22017-05-10 21:46:02 UTCRichRico Hi trigpoint, I made a mistake deleting the churchyard, but I reversed the change.
thanks for your observation
12017-04-20 16:05:31 UTCAlesw This is an old building "Prior Přerov"
12017-04-19 12:14:11 UTCimperialmog Wanted to let you know i cleaned up some areas around here to add some more detail and based on OSM standards.You can take a look at what has been added. Eventually plan on doing a number of nearby changes due to mapping errors in the area and update information.
12017-01-19 09:16:13 UTCoba510 This appears to be a private driveway serving a couple of houses, not a residential road. Are you sure the tagging is correct?
12017-01-18 20:29:29 UTCn76 Looking at Bing imagery, I think the new ways would be better tagged as "highway=service". Maybe even way 30819881 should be "highway=service" too.
12017-01-05 10:40:46 UTCAndersAndersson When you "fixed" the problem, how did you verify if this is a tunnel, if the service road got debris on it or if it is an actual crossing? I looked at three different aerial photos of the place but couldn't come to a conclusion.
12016-08-21 13:27:32 UTCminourii The edits was reverted based on the discussion in talk-ja ML, because the original edit was from Google Map copy. Thanks for understanding.
22016-09-23 15:06:09 UTCRichRico Hello minourii,
thanks for your cooperation, I thank you for the solution.
12016-06-01 04:01:18 UTCroadgeek99 I'm concerned about the past couple of edits because you have made existing turn restrictions broken, like removing a street from Is there any reason why this is happening, and how could you prevent that from happening again?
22016-08-05 16:31:06 UTCRichRico Hi roadgeek99
Because of the existing of too many traffic signs around I must have confused the turn restriction sign. To avoid this happen again, I will review in more detail every sign and add a note if I'm not sure about. Thanks for noticing this and fixed it.
12016-05-03 20:09:32 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure what you were trying to do here, but it left US-95 tangled up, with the northbound and southbound sections crossing over each other and running the wrong way at the intersection with Hidden Haven/1st/North Llumina. I've done my best to fix it.
22016-08-05 16:18:31 UTCRichRico Hi Carnildo.
I worked on intersecting highways where they needed. Seems to be a slipping issue while joining nodes. I will review in more detail before making a change. Thanks for your feedback and fixing it.
12016-07-22 09:31:37 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Please try and restrict changeset size to at least less than one continent!
Also, please do use meaningful changeset comments - "fixing way" does not explain what geographical features you actually changed, why, and based on what source.
Best Regards,
22016-07-30 01:18:03 UTCRichRico Hi Andy;
I made a mistake to uploading two changes in different areas at the same time, I will be more careful to uploading changes in the future.
Thanks for your feedback.
32016-07-30 01:29:34 UTCRichRico I will try to put best comments on my changes according to the type of changes made
12016-03-16 14:19:53 UTCJacek Placek Where have you found name of the road :) ?
22016-07-22 19:22:53 UTCRichRico Hi Jacek Placek
The road was named by "JacekR"
12016-05-17 17:48:03 UTCLuuuddooo I don't think there is a bridge here. The imported riverbank was shifted.
22016-05-20 01:05:29 UTCRichRico Hi Luddo
Thanks for the feedback, I corrected the road.
This's the changeset:
12016-04-28 09:59:36 UTCR0bst3r Hi RichRico,

sth went wrong on I removed the comment tags.

Cheers, R0bst3r
22016-04-29 20:53:23 UTCRichRico Thanks very much, I do not know how it happened, thanks for correcting :-)
12016-04-27 20:34:10 UTChsimpson Hi, it seems that you put a gap in this street. I don't know, how this happened, but I will fix it now. Please have a check how this could happen.
22016-04-29 20:39:25 UTCRichRico Hi, Thancks for feedback, I'll keep that in mind and I'll be careful
12016-04-14 15:47:34 UTCLLlypuk82 Please, do not create a common node, it is feature for correct routing.
22016-04-29 20:26:06 UTCRichRico Hi, Thanks For the feedback, I'll have more care
12015-11-24 14:24:13 UTCGerdP Hi there!
I've changed layer=Tranquil Lane
to name=Tranquil Lane
22016-04-29 20:16:54 UTCRichRico Excelentet :-)
12015-10-27 22:37:47 UTCRobJN Reverted as they don't join. We have higher quality imagery for this region (Coventry and Warwickshire) should you wish to view it. Please search for Warwickshire County Council Aerial imagery and you'll find the tile URL.
22016-04-29 20:12:39 UTCRichRico Hi RobJN, Perfect, good observation, thanks for rapair
12015-10-17 08:25:39 UTCGerdP please review:
your change left a tag
"highway": "residential;tertiary",
I've tried to repair this.
22016-04-29 19:59:25 UTCRichRico Thanks for repair
12015-01-04 12:55:51 UTCSomeoneElse The bounding box here is huge and the description suggests TIGER fixing only, yet is obviously not TIGER. Could you please (a) use smaller changeset bounding boxes and (b) use meaningful changeset comments?
22016-04-29 19:46:40 UTCRichRico Thanks for the observation, I'll keep that in mind.
12016-04-07 09:25:26 UTCВладимир К Hello!
I see, you added nodes 4055312665 4055312664 and so on.
They are right for validator, but they make routing wrong.
For example
22016-04-07 22:37:04 UTCRichRico Hi Владимир К
The changes that I did was because I was working on the task of crossing highway, but I already reverted the changes
12016-01-25 14:36:07 UTCRichRico Hi Telecas
Thank you for catching this mistake, the changes have now been reverted to the previous state. Please do check and let me know if its ok.
12016-01-25 14:35:18 UTCRichRico Hi Telecas
Thank you for catching this mistake, the changes have now been reverted to the previous state. Please do check and let me know if its ok.
12015-01-21 11:52:06 UTCSomeoneElse What does "Unconnected major1 ," mean? The bounding box of the changeset is very large - how do I as a local mapper in (say) Spain know what has been changed locally to me, why, and based on what source?
22015-10-21 22:18:08 UTCRichRico Thanks for the obsrvations
The area appears big because I made a mistake while climbing a set of changes in different parts of the world, after that, I have more careful when uploading changes
32015-10-21 22:18:26 UTCRichRico Thanks for the obsrvations
The area appears big because I made a mistake while climbing a set of changes in different parts of the world, after that, I have more careful when uploading changes
12015-06-23 07:18:20 UTCGumeg Pls read notes before making changes. The true way was to delete this line.
22015-10-21 22:01:31 UTCRichRico I do not remove the line because there was a note, I was in the task of "highway intersects highway"
12015-07-20 13:05:34 UTCSomeoneElse Are you sure that is actually a parking_aisle? It seems to be outside the bounds of the car park.
22015-10-21 21:52:37 UTCRichRico in the place I corrected the task of "Impossible oneways", I don't know if the road is parking aisle or not
12015-07-16 19:46:29 UTCndm Did you survey this?

I think it's a bad idea to treat private roads as impossible -- often there's a direction indicator on the public highway -- but without clear satellite imagery it can't be completely mapped. Better to add a note or a FIXME.
22015-07-17 08:41:38 UTCSomeoneElse All an "impossible" oneway entrance road normally means is that someone hasn't mapped the corresponding exit yet. It makes sense for a QA site to highlight this as something needing surveying, but you shouldn't just remove the data that caused the QA entry - it removes valid information f...
32015-10-21 21:42:01 UTCRichRico Thanks for the note. You're right, could be much better is add notes, and keep the oneway tag,in this case I reverted my changeset: ( and I added a note
12015-07-24 21:21:03 UTCGoffredo please, don't add nodes where there are none. A motorway that share nodes with a track look a bit strange, no?
22015-10-21 21:05:19 UTCRichRico I intersected the roads because I worked with To-fix in the task "highway intersect highway", but the error it was already reversed
12015-08-06 09:51:57 UTCSomeoneElse Hi - just wondered what the actual change was here - shows the road being straightened a bit - is that what "Fixing kinks Roads" means? Also for info a look at the underlying GPS traces suggests that the imagery might be out a couple...
22015-10-21 20:51:05 UTCRichRico I aligned the road because the images of Bing doesn't match with the trace
12015-09-24 21:31:39 UTCRub21 Test, podría responder este mensaje ni bien lo reciba.
22015-09-24 21:49:48 UTCRichRico ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
12014-11-12 10:31:38 UTCSomeoneElse I notice that you've joined a footpath and bridleway here. What is the source for this? The footpath was "source=npe", meaning that it was copied from an old map. Are you sure that it still exists?
22014-11-17 18:44:43 UTCRub21 hello, I fixed it, i think it doesn't exist the footway, the data is from 2009 and the images bing are more recently
32014-11-17 18:55:44 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - the data for the footway's actually from around 1950, not 2009! (it's source=npe). I'll close and create another one the other side of Hungerhill Lane, suggesting that a survey is done there.

In situations such as this it's really not helpful to ...
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