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12018-03-12 14:43:06 UTCchachafish Greetings, again :) I was chasing down some OSM Inspector-tagged errors and came across the stand-alone address nodes you created (Addison at Cherry Creek Apartment Homes). I didn't quite understand why they were tagged as errors, so I contacted the website's team. Sorry to modify your work, but I j...
22018-03-12 19:18:29 UTCYour Village Maps Did you also notice when they were created and that only a few of the apartment buildings in that complex had them? That's because it's a work in progress. Please check with me before deleting or editing things I am in the middle of working on.
32018-03-13 02:01:06 UTCchachafish Hello, again. I'll be happy to check with you before making any corrections. No problem. Are you still working on Hampden Village? It looks like the last edit there was 25 days ago. Cheers :)
42018-03-13 03:34:17 UTCYour Village Maps I had finished Hampden Village; however, I think I will re-do a bit: delete addr:unit key and add addr:housename to replace it. From what I've seen that's preferred. Right? And it certainly looks better when rendered.
52018-03-13 15:35:40 UTCchachafish I wish I could say I was an expert and I knew what is preferred, but I'm just learning with some aspects of addresses. However, yes, a stand-alone address that isn't a building or isn't physically attached to a building always pops up as an error. If you're ever curious to see, just go to https://to...
62018-03-14 18:06:24 UTCYour Village Maps Could you please tell me exactly what is wrong with this node, which I recently added? Note that it is connected to another similar node (addresses of end-unit townhomes). I also had started adding a few of the buildings in this development.

Node: 5474276570


I g...
72018-03-15 01:57:03 UTCchachafish Hi again :), No problem. If you go here:
This link lays out the problem. The node is flagged as an error because the "key" has no "feature" associated with it. A feature could...
82018-03-15 02:02:06 UTCchachafish Again, sorry to bother you with all this, but I see you are an avid mapper. I could just go around fixing errors, but I assume you'd like to be able to recognize errors before they're made. The knowledge certainly helps my own mapping skills a great deal ;)
92018-03-15 03:40:11 UTCYour Village Maps Well, if you ask me the Address IS the feature. A row of townhomes is considered one building but has a range of addresses from one end of the building to the other. Based on what I read about addr:interpolation, this should not be a problem. And the rendering is what I would expect and prefer. Do ...
102018-03-15 14:34:23 UTCchachafish I see what you're saying, but I can also see the Wiki's point of view. Your solution for the address interpolation is spot-on. The address part is excellent. Now the nodes need to be attached to a structure. That would mean either, a) creating a building and attaching the nodes to it or, b) tagging ...
12018-03-12 09:27:17 UTCchachafish Me again :) Since I've been an air traffic controller for 38 years, I took interest in the points you created for emergency landings. Perhaps it would be better to tag these as helipads? I know these are emergency landing sites and not necessarily designed as helipads per se, but the tag description...
22018-03-14 15:21:12 UTCrsavoye Thanks for checking! I worked on ATC software first for NASA Ames, then the FAA. Most of our landing sites are road intersections, or big meadows. These aren't so much "official" sites, as suggestions. Us older fire fighters often just use a suitable location near the scene, but new fire f...
32018-03-15 02:03:35 UTCchachafish Okay, I see what you're saying. Sounds good. Stay safe! ;)
12018-03-13 15:54:20 UTCchachafish Hello, again :) Around these two buildings you created an area named, "du36043702". Can I assist you in finishing your work correctly?
22018-03-14 03:08:27 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 57164041 where the changeset comment is: Reverting edits with unexplained data and changeset comments
12018-03-13 15:51:45 UTCchachafish Greetings and welcome to openstreetmap :) Thank you for your additions to the map. I noticed you made some edits, but they aren't finished yet. For example, around Liberty Media in the Denver area you created an area named, "li39558011". If you explain what you are trying to do here, I'm h...
22018-03-14 03:09:03 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 57164041 where the changeset comment is: Reverting edits with unexplained data and changeset comments
12018-03-13 15:45:36 UTCchachafish Hello again, I see here you created a line around Palazzo Verdi. The line has no tags that describe your meaning. Can I help you finish what you started?
22018-03-14 02:31:19 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 57163701 where the changeset comment is: Reverting edits with unexplained data and changeset comments
12018-03-13 15:43:47 UTCchachafish Greetings and welcome to openstreetmap :) Thank you for your additions to the map. I noticed you made some edits, but they aren't finished yet. For example, around the Parker Hannifin Corporation, you created a line, but there are no tags describing what it is for. Are you trying to describe an area...
22018-03-14 02:31:17 UTCToeBeeFixit This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 57163701 where the changeset comment is: Reverting edits with unexplained data and changeset comments
12018-03-08 06:30:02 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Please save your work before you change the area.
22018-03-13 02:33:36 UTCchachafish Greetings. I see you created some lines, or ways, northeast of East 110th Avenue and Landmark Drive in Commerce City. Did you mean to create residential roads here? Can you please add the correct tags? If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask :)
12018-03-06 11:58:27 UTCchachafish Hi again :) I was looking through some edits that have been tagged automatically as errors and I see your new milestones. I think the addition of the milestones is a great idea, but I don't think the way you've mapped them will work. Are they showing up on any maps you use? I'm certainly no expert o...
22018-03-06 15:32:10 UTCrsavoye I thought I moved all the milestones and attached them to a highway. :-( I use my own software to generate maps, they do show up there. Now that I cleaned up all the addresses I uploaded, I'll go revisit my milestone edits.
32018-03-06 16:09:07 UTCrsavoye All fixed now. Thanks for noticing! I'm trying to use the Validation window in JOSM more to catch my own errors.
42018-03-06 16:15:57 UTCchachafish Thanks! Sorry to keep bothering you. I'm just trying to clean up automatically tagged errors ;)
52018-03-06 16:17:48 UTCrsavoye You can bother me all you want! Sorry somebody else had to catch my mistakes.
12018-02-28 09:56:00 UTCchachafish Greetings and thank you for your additions to openstreetmap. I noticed you created a line that pretty much follows along Longmont's administrative boundary. The line is untagged, that is, it has no tags that describe what it is or what its purpose is. Is this line serving a purpose? Thanks :)
22018-02-28 18:04:24 UTCsirpenguin To be honest, I can't recall what it was there for. I think I meant to delete it but it slipped my mind. I think the administrative boundary is a little skewed around town also. Not sure how to go about finding the proper sorcery for it.
12018-02-09 09:38:26 UTCmueschel Hi,
this import seems to have gone wrong. 3600 buildings have many foreign tags which shouldn't appear in the OSM database like these:
Township=Macomb Township

Could you fix this?...
22018-02-09 16:19:27 UTCwiuhighwayman Hi Jan,
I figured out the issue -- I imported a shapefile in JOSM and didn't clean out the fields, which came in as these extraneous tags. I have fixed this issue (deleted and recreated) and will update the other uploads that have the same problem. Thanks for catching the issue.
32018-02-26 02:51:14 UTCchachafish Greetings. I'm no expert on imports and please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you required to create a dedicated user account for an import?
42018-02-26 03:33:47 UTCwiuhighwayman_import Yes, thank you chachafish. Meant to do that and then spaced it until your comment arrived. Using the dedicated account now.
52018-02-26 03:50:07 UTCchachafish Cheers! :)
12018-02-25 05:30:10 UTCchachafish I noticed you have imported hundreds, maybe thousands of buildings around the area of West 25th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard, Denver, Colorado. These buildings do not represent what is on the ground. Perhaps you made this import by mistake? Did you contact local mappers for a community buy-in? Did...
22018-02-25 21:51:03 UTCdominique hoavonon Bonjour, merci pour les retours, au fait je ne suis pas un débutant dans OpenStreetMap. Je ne sais pas ce qui s'est passé, souvent je test les imageries pour voir leur netteté, mais je vais ce qui s'est passé sur ces derniers modifications, si c'est décalage ou si ...
32018-02-26 03:12:13 UTCchachafish Hello, thank you for your reply. While you are trying to decide what went wrong with your import, will you please remove all of the thousands of buildings you have added to the Denver area?
42018-02-26 19:17:12 UTCdominique hoavonon Bonjour, pas besoin de suprimer les batiments je vais juste les modifiés conformement à l'imagerie Bing. Vous pouvez m'aidez à la modification si vous avez un peu de temps. Merci
52018-02-27 08:59:45 UTCSomeoneElse Juste pour être clair, vous avez ajouté des bâtiments à Denver (aux États-Unis) pour
12018-02-25 02:13:42 UTCchachafish Howdy, and thanks for all your hard work adding to the map. I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know your work is appreciated, but a lot of your work won't actually link to the map. The problem is that if a building is, for example, at 760 Coyote Circle, but it's mapped as 760 Coyote Cir.,...
22018-02-25 02:42:44 UTCrsavoye Unfortunately the abbreviations are in the imported file. I've been fixing them as Validation finds them. I've been mostly focused on adding tags and fixing bad Tiger data in this county. Fixing all the name is the next pass through the data.
32018-02-25 02:46:28 UTCchachafish Good to hear. Thanks :)
12018-02-25 02:16:28 UTCchachafish I should also mention, we don't use all caps. For example, 2850 MAGNOLIA DRIVE, should be Magnolia Drive. Again, the drop-down menu should make it easy to correct
22018-02-25 02:38:43 UTCrsavoye Thats how it was in the imported file. I plan to correct the capitalization reasonably soon. I only added the portion in my fire district, so it'll be easy to correct. Whenever I import the rest of the county, I'll fix it that next time.
12018-02-19 01:53:17 UTCchachafish Hey, nice work on these addresses. Tagging the addresses with an interpolation seems to have done the trick. The lines don't pop up as an error any longer. Cheers :)
12018-02-18 16:08:22 UTCchachafish Hello, and thank you for your additions to openstreetmap. I noticed you added quite a few sidewalks south of 6th Avenue. Please keep in mind that anytime two "ways" intercept, such as a sidewalk and a street, that they have to be joined with a node. Quite a few of your sidewalks cross stre...
22018-02-19 21:23:04 UTCTony Neumann Thanks for letting me know. I think I've fixed most of it now.
12018-02-10 01:52:10 UTCchachafish Greetings and thank you for your additions to openstreetmap. Your edits look very good, but some of your edits are flagged as containing errors. For example, your edits at the intersection of North Kittredge Street and Green Valley Ranch Boulevard overlap, but they need to actually be connected with...
22018-02-12 16:03:24 UTCdpsspatial Hi there. The data I uploaded through Potlatch is from the City and County of Denver, and represents my 3rd attempted method of batch adding data to OSM -which seems to also have failed. osm2shp does not seem to work at all, and doesn't have enough documentation to build the mapping file; JOSM doesn...
32018-02-13 06:01:50 UTCchachafish Hey, thanks for your reply. Anything I have to say about an import of data should be taken with a grain of salt since I've never done one and don't have much knowledge about them. However, I know there have been many issues with them over the years and there is a long list of requirements which need...
42018-02-13 06:31:27 UTCchachafish Also, you said, "If you can recommend any other method I might try to get this data into OSM, I would like to use it." Personally, I prefer to add all data manually, one street, area and node by hand the old-fashioned way ;)
52018-02-13 20:59:02 UTCdpsspatial Thanks, I'll reach out to Russ.
12018-02-08 02:03:18 UTCchachafish Thanks for fixing the previous changeset. While I have you, just so you know, there are a lot of errors popping up on OSM Inspector around the corner of South Yosemite Street and East Mansfield Avenue. There are a lot of buildings here that have a total of about 100 untagged lines on them. Cheers :)
22018-02-08 03:20:52 UTCYour Village Maps Yes, that's my recent work. Did you take a closer look? If I did not do this correctly, please instruct me on the proper method. At each end of each untagged line is a node with address information (lowest and highest street address (addr:housenumber) for each building of town homes). I had seen...
32018-02-08 04:45:49 UTCchachafish Well, I'm certainly no expert when it comes to this. I was just looking over flagged errors that brought up some untagged lines. The way I handle multiple addresses for one building is like this example: 2138 Eliot Street, Denver. But, there are certainly many different ways to handle this; I think....
12018-02-06 02:10:26 UTCchachafish Greetings, I was reviewing some OSM Inspector-tagged errors and I came across a line you created encircling a large residential area. Is this something you meant to finish, but didn't get back to? It's the area centered roughly at South Lewiston Street and East Iliff Avenue. Thanks, just curios
22018-02-06 20:17:56 UTCYour Village Maps Did you delete this line? Because I didn't see it. It was most likely going to be landuse = residential, including name of development.
32018-02-07 01:00:17 UTCchachafish It's still there. Look at East Iliff Avenue, east of South Chambers Road. Just west of South Buckley Road. Or, look to the right of Yale Elementary School :)
42018-02-07 05:07:37 UTCYour Village Maps I see it now. I didn't check it in an editor before so it wasn't visible.

It was originally created on 18th October 2011 by mapper 42429 and edited by me in 2015. I had intended to split it into two areas, each side of Iliff Avenue, but didn't finish. I have now finished it.

Good catch. I ...
12018-01-18 02:15:41 UTCchachafish Greetings, and thank you for your contributions to openstreetmap. I want to help you a little with your edits to the Lake Chalet area. Your footpaths look good, but there are some minor points where they can be better. Some of your paths double back on themselves. In effect, you have two paths on to...
12018-01-15 02:04:51 UTCchachafish Hello, thank you for your contributions to openstreetmap. I noticed the buildings you meant to create just south of 6th Avenue. They look good, but they could use some correcting. At 6th & Pearl you've created a commercial "area". You should actually change this to a commercial "b...
22018-01-15 03:37:06 UTCTony Neumann Sounds good. Corrections have been made.
32018-01-15 04:02:11 UTCchachafish Good work! ;)
12018-01-15 02:06:46 UTCchachafish Hello, again. This also a building which should be changed into a commercial building. Again, if you have any questions, feel free to ask :)
12018-01-13 13:46:23 UTCchachafish Greetings, I was reviewing some OSM Inspector-tagged errors and came across this area. It seems a building was created between these medical buildings. I think you meant to create an area of grass? I thought I'd give you the opportunity to correct this yourself, since I'm not sure what the intent wa...
22018-01-13 21:45:02 UTCYour Village Maps It would help if I knew what way(s) you are talking about. So much in this little area.
32018-01-13 21:52:07 UTCYour Village Maps Wait - I think I see what you're talking about - way 293145527 - edited 3 days ago by SaturatedPhat, changeset 55338668 "Added park land". Obviously this is wrong. It should not be a building; it also should not be leisure=park. Also 3 days ago SaturatedPhat added a large polygon leisure=p...
42018-01-14 01:37:59 UTCchachafish Hello, yes, that's it. I mistakenly thought SaturatedPhat had created the building. I agree the area is neither a building nor a park. However, grass would seem appropriate. :)
52018-01-14 02:23:45 UTCYour Village Maps I have edited the area and left a comment on SaturatedPhat's changeset. Also found more new construction to add.
62018-01-14 02:46:04 UTCchachafish Thanks
12018-01-12 04:08:04 UTCchachafish Hello, thank you for your contributions to openstreetmap. I see you added a park here and named it, "Food Truck Park". Do you have a source of information for this park? I can't find it on any City of Denver webpages.
12018-01-12 03:56:30 UTCchachafish Greetings, it seems you are new to openstreetmap. Thank you for your contributions. With this edit, you created a building. I think you meant to create a large area of grass? I would recommend you change this edit. This would not be a park unless it is officially recognized as a park by the City of ...
12017-12-29 09:59:02 UTCchachafish Rexma423, in this changeset it appears you have deleted approximately 30 buildings, which were complete with addresses This represents a lot of work that must now be redone. Please be careful when deleting another user's work. The imagery you are using is old and not the latest satellite imagery. Th...
12017-12-08 17:34:58 UTCuser_5359 Hello! Did you really need a review? :)
22017-12-08 22:54:23 UTCchachafish No, I must have accidentally clicked the button ;) Thanks for reviewing, tho'
12017-09-14 05:06:04 UTCchachafish Hello, I noticed you entered, "Reflector House" in the name field of a house. Are you saying this is the name of the house? Thanks :)
22017-12-05 19:22:28 UTCRaymo853 I am not sure what structure you are referring to.
32017-12-06 01:48:48 UTCchachafish The house is located at 5175 Gray Street, Denver. Latest changeset #52114895
42017-12-06 17:30:43 UTCRaymo853 This name is a local un-official name. I see it was removed, that seems to have been the correct decision.
12017-11-17 06:59:48 UTCchachafish Greetings, jahbrewski,

Thank you for your contributions to openstreetmap. I notice you changed Washington Street to "North Washington Street". This has the effect of immediately flagging over a hundred addresses of buildings as being on the wrong street. Can you cite your source for th...
22017-11-17 14:52:57 UTCjahbrewski Hmm. So, I live at 79 N Washington St, and our official address through the USPS is 79 N Washington St (see:!input.action?resultMode=1&companyName=&address1=79+Washington+St&address2=&city=Denver&state=CO&urbanCode=&postalC...
32017-11-17 15:32:23 UTCchachafish I looked up your official property record from the City and County of Denver. You actually live at 79 Washington Street. USPS is most likely adding the "N" so its drivers don't accidentally go to 79 South, if that address exists. Here is your public record:
42017-11-17 15:40:46 UTCchachafish Also, Google Maps cannot be a reference for OSM mapping. Google Maps are often incorrect and they're copyrighted, so we don't use them for OSM purposes :)
52017-11-17 15:43:22 UTCchachafish If you walk outside, you'll see the street signs say, "Washington", not "N Washington" ;)
62017-11-17 16:08:27 UTCjahbrewski Ah! That’s awesome. I’m learning so much about where to go for accurate data. Thanks for looking into that and I’ll change Washington back :)
72017-11-17 16:09:32 UTCjahbrewski So - do you think we should we give our address as 79 Washington from now on?
82017-11-17 16:51:44 UTCchachafish Technically, yes. Your address is 79 Washington Street. In Denver, anything north of Ellsworth does not have a, "North" designation. Anything south of Ellsworth does have a "South" designation. Historically, that's just the way Denver has always done it. If you go to the "pr...
12017-10-14 07:04:38 UTCTomas Straupis We need height tag on tower object for information displaying purpose.
22017-10-14 09:43:59 UTCchachafish Understood. Supratau ;)
12017-10-10 09:58:39 UTCTomas Straupis Note that meters is the default unit for tag "height". So " m" is not required and is considered as an error by a number of QA tools.
22017-10-10 09:58:50 UTCTomas Straupis
32017-10-10 16:24:27 UTCchachafish Interesting. Thanks :)
12017-10-09 17:18:20 UTCchachafish Hello, Inked, thank you for your contributions to the map. I noticed with a number of your edits you have deleted work others have done and replaced it with your own. That's not quite the way to do things. If you need to change previous work, you can change it, but not delete it. In this case you co...
12017-10-09 05:24:54 UTCTomas Straupis Reverted. Please do not do mass updates without checking local mapping agreements.
22017-10-09 16:39:08 UTCchachafish Ačiū, Tomai, can you refer me to the local mapping agreements?
32017-10-09 18:01:34 UTCTomas Straupis

Also here:žemėlapio_vadovas
12017-09-28 15:27:21 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello chachafish. At you have tagged `building:roof:colour_1`. Why not `roof:colour`? And no `#` leading the hexvalue? Please have a look at
22017-09-28 15:53:38 UTCchachafish Thanks for your comment. It's my experience that colors render just fine with or without the '#'. Do you have information otherwise? Can you provide a link defining problems encountered without '#'? Thanks
12017-09-24 07:45:15 UTCchachafish Greetings, thank you for your additions to the map. I noticed the tags you created for hotels on Yas Island; Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blu, Park Inn, Rotana, Rotana Centro and Staybridge. However, these hotels have already been created as buildings and your nodes would simply duplicate work that has al...
22017-09-25 06:36:29 UTCMirjanOil Hello Chachafish,
Thank you for your comment. I'm aware of the OSM policy regarding to duplicating the names. Recently I was in Abu Dhabi and I couldn't find any of those hotels on Yas Island on my navigation app in POI. The reason, as you mentioned, the hotels are presented as buildings. So, if so...
12017-09-22 09:14:19 UTCchachafish Greetings. Thank you for your mapping. I noticed you had given a "name" to the bus ramps here. Just so you know, the OSM Wiki on highways states, "If only buses are allowed then access=no together with bus=yes would be appropriate." So, the ramps don't really have a true "na...
12017-09-22 08:39:42 UTCchachafish Greetings. I've been researching the name change you created for I-25 in Denver; "Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway". I looked at the source you sighted. The first part of the article states the Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway ran from, "I-270 between the Capital Beltway and I-70 in Frederick...
12017-08-31 22:25:08 UTCCanyonsrcool Hi there,
Curious as to where you got the building names from? Have you been to Abu Dhabi? Do you know "TheAverageNomad"? That username has similar changes to yours. Thanks.
22017-09-01 02:16:14 UTCchachafish Greetings. I just stepped out and checked. These are still marked with their 700 series names. Where did I get them from? I got them from the one-meter posts placed in front of each building which jut up from the ground identifying each building. The 700 series names predate the new Abu Dhabi initia...
12017-04-17 06:47:05 UTCPlaneMad Your edits are amazingly detailed :O
22017-04-20 09:58:30 UTCchachafish Thanks. I do my best ;)
12016-01-09 13:07:59 UTCchachafish As to the name of this bus stop. Can you tell me where you found the name? I just walked over there and cannot find the name you placed here.
12016-01-09 13:05:53 UTCchachafish As to the name of this bus stop. Can you tell me where you found the name? I just walked over there and cannot find the name you placed here.
22016-01-09 17:50:30 UTCSkybunny Hello! You'll want to look further back in the history of the bus stop's changes and ask 'Niels Elgaard Larsen'. I was merely changing a bad tag, 'ref:rulan:addr' to 'ref'. The name itself was put there by that person. Hope this helps!
12015-01-08 01:22:22 UTCKristenK Hello,

This changeset affected the relation that represents the boundary of Denver International Airport (DEN). Since this changeset was committed, the boundaries for DEN *do not* render in OSM and because the relation is no longer a valid multi-polygon.

It isn't clear why the deletions were m...
22015-01-08 06:20:38 UTCchachafish Hey, Thanks for contacting me. That deletion was done completely by mistake. I accidentally hit "save" and didn't know how to repair the error. Sorry about that :)
32015-01-08 17:42:15 UTCKristenK Thanks for responding. I'll go ahead and revert this changeset.

If you have any questions about editing feel free to contact me or post in the OSM Talk US mailing list (


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