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12017-09-02 03:08:57 UTCMars-Curaçao Waar heb jij Dushi Loempia neergezet? Aan de achterkant van een gebouw ipv aan de Caracasbaaiweg kant? Ik heb je al vaker wat geschreven maar denk dat jij nogal eigenwijs bent en daardoor heel veel beginners fouten maakt! GA MET navigatie aan autorijden om fouten op te sporen ipv je op ouderwetse ka...
12017-06-19 15:05:02 UTCMars-Curaçao In december reed ik in de Cheyennestraat en die liep toen dood! Er is daar geen verbindingsweg tussen Matanciastraat en Tamanacostraat!. Ga alsjeblieft géén straten intekenen op basis van die oude kud satellietkaarten van die Bing troep want die zijn uit de middeleeuwen. Ik rij hier AL...
12017-06-19 14:24:30 UTCMars-Curaçao 3 Years ago this area had no streetnames!! The correct name on the streetsign is Kaya Frut'e Dam, i see on my picture.
22017-06-19 14:38:27 UTCMars-Curaçao Max speed 25 kmph are you sure?? 40 60 and 80 kmph are common here on Curaçao and max 40kmph in bebouwing.
32017-06-19 15:16:00 UTCFlyingdutchmen 25 KM/per hour is the max speed allowed on the verkavelingsplan. And ROP gives out the names of the street, on the sign it is what you see but not the official name. The cant print the ' on top of letters on street signs.
12017-06-19 14:18:13 UTCMars-Curaçao 3 years ago this area did not have streetnames!!
22017-06-19 15:13:11 UTCFlyingdutchmen I live there. These are the official names as given by the goverment on Curacao. Also a year ago there where placed street signs with the names on it.
12017-05-11 17:56:41 UTCMars-Curaçao Dit zijn niet 2 restaurants naast elkaar maar een snackbar en een Chinese minimarket. Ik kom daar tegenwoordig mei 2017 regelmatig, een vriendin woont daar dichtbij
12017-04-17 00:35:50 UTCMars-Curaçao wtf are you doing on MY island??? Have you ever been here or do you think that Bing maps from the middle ages still are usefull anno 2017????
12017-04-15 15:30:44 UTCMars-Curaçao Een toeristische attractie?? :-)
12017-03-25 18:51:21 UTCMars-Curaçao Beetje vreemd bos daar in een woonwijk
12017-03-24 04:52:18 UTCMars-Curaçao buurt, blauw ???
12016-06-19 04:34:06 UTCMars-Curaçao Heeft deze straat alweer een andere naam gekregen? Waar kan ik die officiële naamswijziging vinden want Googel kent hem niet.
22016-07-08 21:32:12 UTCMars-Curaçao Since what day this street has another name again?????? The 3rd streetname in lees than 1 year? I live in Curaçao and I get very tired off (foreign) people who makes a lot of mistakes in the map because I can correct them everytime..
32017-03-24 04:29:46 UTCMars-Curaçao Hey a$$hole why do you not answer my question about the 3rd change of streetname in a year?! Do you really live here and where did you find your streetname because you are WRONG! Don't f*ck with the Curaçao map, because I LIVE HERE !!!
12017-03-22 23:43:32 UTCMars-Curaçao "Modifications to bring the map up-to-date and more details" Lekker belangrijke info!! Hier kan een ander wel wat mee!! Give more details about the things you did add or change!
12017-03-15 04:33:33 UTCMars-Curaçao ik weet niet wat je met deze afslag hebt zitten kloten maar mijn navigatie app op mijn foon ziet hem nu niet meer en stuurt mij een tering eind omrijden!! Stoppen graag met je veranderingen!!!! Gebruik een navigatieapp , ALTIJD, en verander pas als de navigatie je verkeert stuurt! NU zit je iets t...
22017-03-15 04:36:39 UTCMars-Curaçao WHAT t f is a service road??? Mijn navigatie app zag deze afslag altijd, nu niet meer!!! Nu stuurt hij mij een tering eind omrijden!
12017-02-24 03:32:41 UTCMars-Curaçao Wat is dat voor rare aansluiting met die knik naar rechts???? Slaat nergens op, beginnersfouten! je mag daar toch ook linksaf terug naar Kaya Julio Martina!
12017-02-12 17:19:56 UTCMars-Curaçao Probeer wanneer je een huis toevoegt dan ook gelijk de straatnaam en het huisnummer toe te voegen MITS 100% zekerheid. Anders is het een nutteloze bezigheid...
12017-02-12 16:01:52 UTCMars-Curaçao Naam van die school is toch gewoon Marnix College? Gisteren reed ik er nog langs.... Zit er op de Cas Coraweg ook een Marnix ??
12016-12-24 04:47:52 UTCMars-Curaçao Hey man you are just a beginner, do you live on Korsou?? Don't f**k with the roads!!
22016-12-24 06:56:46 UTCIsaac Brute Hey man, yes I live on Curaçao, I don't normally adjust the roads, only if I think I'm sure. But maybe this time I was off. Anyways all the best with your mapping. Thanks for your contributions and interactiveness, I appreciate it.
32016-12-26 15:14:05 UTCMars-Curaçao I am very glad to hear that you live here and contribute to the map of OUR country where WE live!! Those @$$holes of the KG ground sh*t drive me grazy, they do not live here and make a lot off mistakes that I can repair... I will send you PM
12016-12-15 01:57:47 UTCMars-Curaçao Haha, ground survey..... Did not notice it is Kaya Kachu , not Kaya Kashu lol.
12016-10-13 18:20:06 UTCMars-Curaçao Aerial imagery?? Bing Maps from 6 years old??? Nothing can or has changed in those tears??? Unless it was your GPS data or do you live here? I do live here!!
12016-08-19 17:01:15 UTCMars-Curaçao Residencias Jalonsie yeh yeh :-( If you steal and change someone others data and you can not do it without making stupid mistakes!! Your KG shit has never been there, I was because I live here and come everywhere on MY Island!! You make my navigation going crazy so please mind your own business!! ...
12016-07-08 21:48:31 UTCMars-Curaçao strange, I add a supermarket and after an enter when I am finished the building has disappeared
12016-05-02 15:21:35 UTCMars-Curaçao Again I changed this junction to how it really is! I corrected it before also. I live here and I get tired of repairing mistakes. You may contact me if you think something is wrong..
12016-04-29 05:35:09 UTCMars-Curaçao Changed to the way it is. I live here and have been there! If you do NOT live here do not fuck with this map and mind your own business, you assholes!! I get grazy to repair your stupid changes!
22016-04-29 08:05:49 UTCSomeoneElse Please don't talk this way about other mappers, even in comments on your own changesets. You've been warned about this before and if you continue you'll be prevented from editing OpenStreetMap.
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend (SomeoneElse) on behalf of OpenStreetMap's Data Working Group.
32016-04-29 16:08:15 UTCMars-Curaçao If I ask those "foreigners" polite to stop making changes they also do not listen. They think in 2016 an old satellite picture still is the situation here... Everyday I use my navigation app and many times I find errors which I repair later...After some months I notice that some stranger a...
12016-03-16 02:44:50 UTCMars-Curaçao Are you sure the KG Ground survey was allowed to survey on this private Isla terrain?? Get serious and do not label every street, shop or terrain on MY Island as Ground Survey when KG has never been there! You and your KG "friends" make too many mistakes here. I notice because I live here...
12016-03-14 04:21:44 UTCMars-Curaçao "Modifications to bring the map up-to-date and more details " This explanation, you write it everywhere, is very clear to someone else about what you modified or what details you add....not!!
22016-03-14 12:11:33 UTCkasimir82 New roundabout has been added at the x-ing Weg naar Westpunt, Kaya Tene Kòrsou Limpi, Rector Zwijsenstraat and Helmin Mango Wiels Boulevard ... your welcome!
12016-02-17 16:12:15 UTCMars-Curaçao Nodegeschiedenis: Vredenberg Resort (3831995157)
Moving location of hotel.
3 maanden geleden bewerkt door lishkin
Versie #2 · Wijzigingenset #35265068
Locatie: 12,0976912, -68,9019911

Hey man wtf moving this location I created because I LIVE HERE AND I WAS THERE!! Who do you think you...
12015-12-28 07:01:54 UTCSomeoneElse Just wondered, are there really two pharmacies so close together here ( and )? The node was added 6 years ago; I guess it was misplaced.
22015-12-28 13:20:37 UTCMars-Curaçao It is misplaced, RDSantiago changed it 2 years ago, when not so much buildings were drawn in OSM I will delete it.
32016-01-04 17:13:14 UTCMintCondition Looking at the change set history it appears you are removing source tags from a 2015 ground survey... some of the features edited have no other edits besides removing the source tags. Why would you be removing the source? Especially if the information added is correct? see history: http://osmhv.ope...
42016-01-08 05:40:30 UTCMars-Curaçao If I add MY information, because I live here you know!!, than it is MY information and NOT from anybody else! Everyday I experience strange problems with my navigation apps which can not find roads and wants me to drive strange directions. Someoneelse knows of the big problems I experience since a w...
12015-12-28 06:42:04 UTCMars-Curaçao Is it possible the address is Mgr. Niewindtstraat 1 instead of Roodeweg if your brains can handle it??
12015-12-28 06:11:08 UTCMars-Curaçao It is 100% clear to me: you delete the map contributions and data from other mappers, you "steal" the addresses and phonenumbers they Googled for and you add nothing new! In fact you are to lazy to Google yourself for the correct address and phonenumber if you add a shop!! Even the mistake...
12015-12-28 04:24:44 UTCMars-Curaçao Thank you very much for changing a pharmacy to a bank...... What's the difference? I asked you many times NOT to interfere with the map because you do not live here and my navigation is causing me big problems now!
12015-12-27 03:37:56 UTCMars-Curaçao Kaminda Seru Waterloo is NOT a private road so I will repair your error this time! And please stop interfering with the map of my Island because you are causing, as a beginner, a lot of errors in my daily navigation!
12015-12-10 05:13:21 UTCMars-Curaçao WHAT are you a fucking asshole because off deleting my data everywhere!! My navigation app does not know the road between Grote Berg and Tera Cora anymore because you and your friends fucked with the map!! Go and play somewhere else!!!!!
22015-12-10 19:42:31 UTCSomeoneElse @Mars-Curaçao - calling someone a "fucking asshole" in changeset discussion comments is _not_ OK (and neither is "repaired the shit from foreigners" on ). Can you identify the specific change that has caused your navigation ...
12015-12-08 14:10:37 UTCMars-Curaçao Only add a building? Where is the road to this building??? If you add something than do it complete!
22015-12-08 16:27:41 UTClishkin Can you be more specific? I have a lot of mods in the changeset. Building name?
12015-12-05 12:34:07 UTCMars-Curaçao Talmastraat ???
12015-11-13 04:07:26 UTCMars-Curaçao Please FUCK off from the map of Curaçao with your BS, Radio Paradijs 103,1 Deutsch........ If you do not live here DO NOT interfere with the Curaçao map!! Mind your own business. I get grazy of people like you! Aholes!!
12015-11-12 00:54:29 UTCMars-Curaçao You are completely wrong with the Acoya Hotel on this location!! I told you before, if you do NOT live here don't interfere with the map of my Island!! I'm not going to change your shit!
12015-11-01 03:53:11 UTCMars-Curaçao Hey asshole, the only thing YOU do is destroy my info and put your own fucking name on it!! FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12015-10-22 06:04:25 UTCMars-Curaçao Zuurzak outlying area of Willemstad Whahahahahaha assholes!!
12015-10-04 05:11:36 UTCMars-Curaçao Weet je zeker dat de eenrichting verkeer de juiste kant op is?? Volgens mij moeten de pijlen van rechts naar links.
22015-10-04 13:20:17 UTCEric Peetoom Het is een tweerichtings weg heb het veranderd.
12015-09-13 03:54:36 UTCMars-Curaçao Correcting map errors? Which errors?? You just created an error: you forgot the streetname!! Where do you live, in Curaçao?? If NOT please don't fuck with the map of MY Island!! I live here and people NOT living here make a big shit off this map using old fashioned maps! I get grazy of tha...
12015-09-01 04:38:34 UTCMars-Curaçao Kamida of Kaminda ?????
22015-09-01 04:40:16 UTCMars-Curaçao Hensle of Hensley ?
32015-09-11 15:17:55 UTCCastro8oy Kaminda Hensley
12015-06-11 06:48:30 UTCMars-Curaçao Er is geen doorgaande weg vanuit Zuurzak naar Bottelier, de weg is afgesloten met een groot hek! .. Dat had ik al eens veranderd, kan ik het gvd weeeer aanpassen! Wanneer je de situatie ter plaatse niet zelf hebt gezien blijf er dan lekker vanaf!!!!
12015-05-08 14:12:46 UTCMars-Curaçao Hallo Jaap, staat of hoort er een punt achter de U ?
22015-05-08 19:34:38 UTCJaapS Ik zou zeggen van niet, zie ook:
32015-05-12 05:56:19 UTCMars-Curaçao Ik woon hier en die punt komt ook niet op het straatnaambordje voor. En gooi die kaart alsjeblieft weg want de straat die daar Kaya Birgit zou zijn is hier in werkelijkheid Kaya Elegansia. Ik heb er een paar dagen geleden nog rondgereden. Iets naar linksboven zie je Kaya Raspu in het Sta Rosa Resort...
42015-05-12 06:36:01 UTCJaapS Hoi, Het enige dat ik heb gedaan is het toevoegen van de Surface tag (verhard/niet verhard). Op de wegen die ik ken (en toen bezocht heb op kwartje) aangezien mijn famillie daar woont. Ik heb dus geen enkele weg gekarteerd!
12015-04-28 00:46:28 UTCMars-Curaçao Ik weet niet wat je hebt zitten kloten maar al het water in onze haven is pleitte !!
22015-04-28 00:53:11 UTCMars-Curaçao You even do not live on Curaçao and you fucked my map!! All the water in our harbour has disappeared after you changed something!! Thanks you very much!!
32015-04-28 09:10:28 UTC4rch
42015-04-28 09:15:32 UTC4rch Stop your rude tone. Otherwhise I can see no reasons why I should talk with you.
52015-05-10 06:24:29 UTCMars-Curaçao Rude?? I live on Curaçao, you don't, and I spent many hours with adding streets, changing streets and roads and add the new street names they became a half year ago. And now I notice that a lot of my work has disappeared!! Because some foreigners think to know the situation here better or u...
12015-04-28 04:13:46 UTCMars-Curaçao Do the bays belong to the sea??? It depends if it is a bay or not. But nice said, WTF happened to our Annabaai? This bay belongs to the land for already 4 month's.. Better watch the result of changings you have made and most important: don't fuck in countries you do not live in!!
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