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12016-03-09 11:32:29 UTCwambacher reverted by
22016-03-09 18:36:16 UTCSomeoneElse Hi EzekielT,
People have contacted you several times in the past about invalid admin level changes (including me, in ).
Whereas most things in OpenStreetMap are simply a matter of going and surveying something and then adding the results to OSM, wit...
32016-03-14 00:17:25 UTCEzekielT I have many sources:,,, Maarten, and (although you did say...
42016-03-14 00:37:22 UTCSomeoneElse One of the articles you quote says "Aruba is one of the four constituent countries that form the Kingdom of the Netherlands". is the admin level 2 relation; Curaçao is a subarea of that.
52016-03-14 15:28:41 UTCEzekielT That's a good idea. Okay.
62017-12-04 19:17:17 UTCtbakhuis Curacao is not NL as the Nominitem geocoder suggests.

Currently a lot of addresses are displayed in OSM as Street, Willemstad, 0000AA, NL. This is not correct. Here in Curacao we don't have zip codes and the NL should be changed to CW. Since 10-10 2010 Curaçao is an autonomous Country that...
72017-12-04 19:25:52 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks - I've added a comment over at (which is the forum where admin levels etc. are discussed). However, I'm not actually sure whether you're describing a problem with the data in OSM or with the Nominatim geocoder (Curaçao i...
82017-12-04 19:53:38 UTCtbakhuis It does sound strange when you see it like that but we never put NL (Netherlands) as country. I live in Curacao it just doesn't look right when we see Curacao, NL. Google's Geocoder has it right this time. Google Geocoder has Street, Willemstad, Curaçao
92017-12-05 08:49:08 UTCwambacher please read this answer at the forum:


Just for clarification:

There is a 'Kingdom of the Netherlands' (plural intended) - or 'Koninkrijk der Nederlanden' (idem).
Within this kingdom there are 4 autonomous countries:
- the Netherlands (again, plural intended in Eng...
102017-12-05 16:44:54 UTCEzekielT That's what I knew all this time, but I guess all of you still didn't listen :).
112017-12-06 10:52:25 UTCwambacher Hi EzekielT. no easy stuff ;)
122017-12-06 20:52:13 UTCEzekielT Maybe we should tag all of them (Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Netherlands, Aruba, Sint Maarten, and Curaçao) as admin_level=2, as they're all officially countries!
132017-12-06 20:58:34 UTCEzekielT As in:

Kingdom of the Netherlands (including the Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten) -> admin_level=2

Netherlands -> admin_level=2

Curaçao -> admin_level=2.

Aruba -> admin_level=2.

Sint Maarten -> admin_level=2.
142017-12-07 03:15:43 UTCtbakhuis Seems correct to me. Indeed they're are all countries
12017-10-09 20:12:53 UTCPolarbear-repair Hi, we use the semicolon ';' to separate several values in a tag, e.g.
22017-10-09 23:50:48 UTCEzekielT I hadn't known & thought it was bad grammar. Thanks for the advice :).
12017-09-15 20:16:41 UTCPolarbear-repair As you appear to have seen that the door is hinged, why do you not know if they are suitable for wheelchairs?

Anyway, we do not tag things that are unknown.
22017-09-15 20:35:27 UTCEzekielT Sorry, this is obviously wheelchair accessible. I don't know what I was thinking :D!
32017-09-15 20:36:26 UTCEzekielT I've fixed it in my latest changeset. Thanks :).
12017-09-15 19:19:09 UTCPolarbear-repair On building
you have added the tags
We had asked you in various discussions in changesets and the wiki not to add temporary and perishable properties to the database.

You added pets=unknown, but we s...
12017-09-12 14:04:49 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello EzekieIT. At you have tagged `addr:supercontinent=The Americas`. First `addr:supercontinent` isn't documented in the wiki. Second `The Americas` isn't in this list:
22017-09-15 16:24:18 UTCPolarbear-repair After being blocked several times for adding fiction, the user EzekielT focuses on parodistic and in his opinion funny tagging, which however loads the database with nonsense, despite being told several times by the community to stop that.

The addr:* scheme represents the postal address of an obj...
32017-09-15 17:26:04 UTCEzekielT That is totally wrong, don't believe him. Stop following me, Polarbear! Leave me ALONE!
42017-09-15 17:33:50 UTCEzekielT Your comments on the yelp tagging are dubiously important, at best. I never added fiction to OSM, you're speaking of an issue already dealt with over a year ago. I'm not using funny tagging! You're just trying to find ways to disapprove of me, and I've shown multiple signs that I don't want your att...
52017-09-15 17:41:22 UTCPolarbear-repair Edits in OSM are peer-reviewed.
Stop making personal allegations.
62017-09-15 19:05:56 UTCPolarbear-repair Repaired.
72017-09-15 19:14:18 UTCEzekielT You were the first one making personal allegations, by insisting that I think my tagging is "funny", and that I focus on making "parodistic" (a world you seem to LOVE using all the time) contributions, even though I never said nor implied it (and it isn't true, it's a false state...
12017-09-15 19:12:19 UTCPolarbear-repair In building you have added the tags

We had asked you in various discussions in changesets and the wiki not to add temporary and perishable properties to the database.
You are trying to be funny and parodi...
12017-09-15 17:38:52 UTCPolarbear-repair This road already has sidewalks mapped as separate highway=footway. When you additionally add the attribute to the road way you are doubling the presence in OSM, wich is against the "one feature, one object" rule.
12017-09-15 17:35:05 UTCPolarbear-repair There are some area:ha tags in the database which apparently are from data imports.

In general there is no need for such tag, as the area can be derived from the polygon size.

I wonder how you surveyed the area?

The value you have given does not match the size calculated by JOSM.
12017-09-15 17:24:16 UTCPolarbear-repair Does this edit mean you have used an automatic translation tool "Abyssinica Translator" to create the town name in the Amharic language?
During the history of this node, you have even used different such names? First 'ነጩን' and later 'ሮቤ' ?
12017-09-10 17:01:10 UTCPolarbear-repair Does this edit mean you have used an automatic translation tool "Abyssinica Translator" to create the town name in the Amharic language?
During the history of this node, you have even used different such names? First 'ነጩን' and later 'ሮቤ' ?
12017-08-01 10:28:31 UTCPolarbear-repair As you are based in Canada, how would you know about a fern in Tasmania?
22017-08-01 11:06:15 UTCTheSwavu On ground survey with GPS apparently:
32017-08-01 11:56:32 UTCPolarbear Thanks @TheSwavu, that is the original node. My question was about the changes EzekielT has done, without having seen the plant.
Mapping small plants is questionable anyway.
42017-08-01 12:55:54 UTCEzekielT I did not add the fern. Another user did.
52017-08-01 22:35:22 UTCPolarbear No, but, without having seen the object, you changed the plural 'ferns' (also expressed in the description) to a singular 'fern' plant, and added a genus.
Apparently you did that to find an example for your questionable new proposal page in the wiki
12017-07-25 09:40:54 UTCPolarbear-repair Do not map insignificant perishable objects, that violates

The node has been weeded.
12017-07-24 17:22:29 UTCwille Hi EzekielT,

Thank you very much for your mapping efforts. I don't see OSM as a place to map domestic itens like microwave, stools, televisions... if someone maps some itens inside another person residence it can even be a security matter.

best regards,
22017-07-24 17:46:45 UTCEzekielT Thank you for your feedback :)!

I agree we shouldn't map privately owned things like microwaves; maybe only in a public situation? I'll try to propose the tags soon (for public things only).
32017-07-24 19:08:58 UTCSafwatHalaby Microwaves in public situations are very useful. Pretty common in campuses.
12017-04-25 14:54:14 UTCscruss This line won't open until 2021. Please don't map it as a real thing until it exists
22017-04-27 15:37:20 UTCEzekielT First; I didn't map it; Andrew ("andrewpmk") first mapped it; 2; I added railway=construction; therefore it's correct.
12017-03-17 08:28:36 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi EzekielT, please follow the OSM wiki (wikipedia="lang:Name"). see
Thanks, Alex
12016-12-05 00:02:29 UTCandrewpmk You do not need to add is_in for minor features like street lamps
12016-06-29 11:56:35 UTCSomeoneElse Is this actually a bus station, and not a bus stop?
22016-07-02 18:34:50 UTCEzekielT I didn't know there was a difference.
32016-07-02 18:39:47 UTCSomeoneElse A bus station is typically what you get at the end of a route - think railway station, but for buses.
A bus stop is where you wait at the side of a road for a bus.
42016-10-24 15:02:15 UTCEzekielT Thanks :)!
12016-08-25 13:56:12 UTCSomeoneElse Did you discuss the naming change for on the talk-ca list like you were asked to last time you made these sorts of changes?
22016-08-25 15:28:09 UTCEzekielT No, but seeing that you were okay with adding Tigrinya to Asmara, maybe I thought you would be okay with me adding Inuktitut to Iqaluit (over 69% of people in Nunavut speak Inuktitut).
32016-08-25 15:38:13 UTCSomeoneElse Which part of pnorman's comments on did you not understand?
It's is difficult to see how he could have expressed himself more clearly.
42016-08-25 15:53:04 UTCEzekielT That was a country name, not a city!
52016-08-25 15:54:52 UTCSomeoneElse It's the same issue though - you're choosing to shove together two different languages into one name field. The earlier changeset discussion comment says " The name=* tag should only have one name in it.".
62016-08-25 15:56:03 UTCEzekielT You were okay with this: You say: "it's changing the name of from English to Amharic (which may make sense of course). What I did here is essentially the same thing - the main local language is...
72016-08-25 15:56:21 UTCEzekielT Oh okay. I will delete the English.
82016-08-25 15:59:27 UTCEzekielT Fixed: However, note the same thing is happening in Sudan (Arabic and English in one name= tag).
92016-08-25 16:15:39 UTCSomeoneElse Re using Inuktitut rather than English - I'd definitely discuss it on talk-ca. A number of countries have decided to use a "non-local" name in the name tag to avoid confusion or conflict (India's an example, as PlaneMad has said to you on another changeset discussion).
102016-08-26 18:53:00 UTCEzekielT I don't think there would be a conflict here. There are very few people that pay attention to Iqaluit on OSM.

Over 69 percent of people in Nunavut speak Inuktitut. Inuktitut is official in Nunavut.

I could raise the problem on the forum.

Besides, just the city name's (not the roads) in Inuk...
112016-08-26 19:37:59 UTCSomeoneElse Given what happened last time when people complained, I'd definitely raise it on the talk-ca list. I wouldn't bother with the Canadian forum because that seems to be ignored by most Canadian mappers.
122016-08-27 01:32:54 UTCEzekielT That was about the country name, which actually gets attention. I think people would agree with replacing English with Inuktitut. Or else it would've been reverted by now.
132016-08-27 01:34:08 UTCEzekielT I will look into the talk-ca list.
142016-09-06 16:40:31 UTCEzekielT Thanks for the help! It is greatly appreciated.
152016-09-17 14:12:04 UTCRps333 There needs to be more discussion on talk-ca!
162016-09-18 16:39:45 UTCscruss Thing is, few (if any) people call it “ᐃᖅᐊᓗᑦ Iqaluit”. It's either ᐃᖅᐊᓗᑦ *or* Iqaluit. As the node has both name:en and name:iu tags, we should pick _one_. Having both is wrong.
172016-10-19 15:54:46 UTCEzekielT Someone added "Iqaluit" in, after I removed it. It was simply "ᐃᖅᐊᓗᑦ".
12016-08-31 15:58:45 UTCEzekielT Oops, I wasn't finished. I pressed enter by accident..
12016-08-25 17:30:23 UTCscruss This is … complicated:
22016-08-27 10:54:40 UTCSomeoneElse @scruss On I've suggests that EzekielT raises this on the talk-ca list.
12016-08-21 20:49:20 UTCSomeoneElse You've added as railway=station , yet it's still under construction. Have a look at and see if a lifecycle prefix would make sense.
22016-08-22 16:08:02 UTCEzekielT So is
12016-08-21 20:52:50 UTCSomeoneElse This isn't "Fixed spacing in the node of Addis Abeba.", it's changing the name of from English to Amharic (which may make sense of course - but it's not what the comment says)!
22016-08-22 16:05:21 UTCEzekielT I think I also fixed spacing.
12016-08-16 18:37:42 UTCSomeoneElse Here you've changed the "name" key to be in Tigrinya (which makes sense if that's the majority local language) but you've also removed the "name:ti" key. That may not have been deliberate - it can be useful where there are lots of names for a place in lots of different languages...
22016-08-16 19:13:28 UTCEzekielT I didn't know if I should keep it since I added Tigrinya to the name= already.
32016-08-16 19:15:23 UTCEzekielT I see. Should I return name:ti to the node?
42016-08-16 21:35:17 UTCSomeoneElse I'd add name:ti back here (to the same value as the name), yes.
52016-08-17 15:31:27 UTCEzekielT Okay, I will.
12016-08-04 22:06:36 UTCwambacher something very special in canada ;)
12016-07-03 21:25:07 UTCpnorman_mechanical This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40466791 where the changeset comment is: Restore Morocco name - name should just be one name, not multiple
22016-08-03 22:15:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
I'm writing to you on behalf of OSM's Data Working Group. Questions have been raised about the accuracy of the boundaries of Morocco, and I'm sending this message to many of the mappers who have edited in the area or expressed an interest, including you.

We're aware that there is dispute...
12015-08-17 00:29:18 UTCSomeoneElse Can you please explain what you were trying to achieve by this edit? What was the problem with the data as it was before, and what you believe you have fixed? Also, similarly, .
22016-07-25 13:57:09 UTCEzekielT It was because Wales, England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are officially the countries of the UK.
12016-07-12 19:38:51 UTCEzekielT Oops, "They are constructing a condo here, which seems almost finished by now." was from another edit. It does not apply for this area. Sorry.
12016-07-05 10:38:21 UTChighflyer74 Hello and welcome to OSM!

I noticed you added some information to OSM, which ist good. Please keep in mind that, in order to make data useful to other people, you have to tag objects according the OSM wiki ( Otherwise your entries can not be read by ...
22016-07-05 13:58:50 UTCEzekielT Thank you. This is my 149th edit, next will be number 150!
32016-07-05 13:59:32 UTCEzekielT I do not know how to tag population ranks, however. Any suggestions?
42016-07-05 17:17:43 UTChighflyer74 Hi there! Thanks for your quick reply. For population related things this tagging is approved. It is not practical to put any kind ranking into the OSM database. We basically only map facts, and out of this aggregated data everyone can make his/her ...
52016-07-06 13:47:32 UTCEzekielT Thank you!

You are of help.

12016-07-03 19:26:44 UTCEzekielT Sorry, bus stop.
22016-07-05 18:03:01 UTCEzekielT Fixed, see here:
12016-07-03 21:26:49 UTCpnorman_mechanical This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40466826 where the changeset comment is: Restore Eritrea name. The name tag should just be one name, not multiple ones.
12016-04-30 21:02:53 UTCandrewpmk These bins are both garbage and recycling. I am not sure how to tag this. I don't think amenity=recycling is correct
22016-06-29 12:01:15 UTCSomeoneElse @EzekielT Please do not make up names for things in OpenStreetMap. See for more details.
32016-07-02 19:50:56 UTCEzekielT Sorry, I will fix it now.
42016-07-03 19:27:11 UTCEzekielT Fixed.
12016-06-29 04:10:09 UTCpnorman_mechanical This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40357228 where the changeset comment is: Restore Canada relation name. The name=* tag should only have one name in it.
22016-07-02 18:34:11 UTCEzekielT Well, with many countries (such as Egypt, Libya, Morocco) there are 2 names - for example: Morocco is written in Arabic, Berber and French on OSM.
32016-07-02 22:24:32 UTCpnorman If you want to make a big change like this, please discuss it on talk-ca@ to build consensus for the idea
42016-07-03 13:15:51 UTCEzekielT Okay.
12016-07-02 19:05:30 UTCEzekielT Egypt is written in both English and Arabic, for example.
22016-07-02 19:05:41 UTCEzekielT On OSM.
32016-07-02 22:26:57 UTCpnorman_mechanical This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40448931 where the changeset comment is: Restore Canada name, see changeset
42016-07-03 13:15:30 UTCEzekielT It is not restore, Canada was still in the name.
12016-06-29 11:58:54 UTCSomeoneElse Can you please explain the changeset comment here "Perhaps it will give more space."?
22016-07-02 19:09:30 UTCEzekielT I think I added another space for some extra space (maybe so that the Arabic and English are not on the same line that they are rendered). Will see how it turns out in a few months (or 1 month) when it finally renders.
12016-06-29 12:01:53 UTCSomeoneElse Is this really named "Walkway to Ternhill Crescent" or is that just a description of what it is? See for more details.
22016-07-02 18:35:27 UTCEzekielT No, it is the name described on the 162 bus.
12016-04-12 00:20:59 UTCEzekielT Sorry, added McDonald's.
12016-03-21 22:45:08 UTCSomeoneElse That source seems to be "2014 © UrbanRail.Net by Robert Schwandl". Have you asked to use the data under an appropriate licence?
22016-03-21 23:29:31 UTCEzekielT The website does not say what license it uses. I am now looking for a source that has a compatible license with OSM.
32016-04-09 12:59:46 UTCEzekielT I have found a source. It is an official map:
42016-04-09 13:08:01 UTCEzekielT Should I add the other stations as well?
12016-03-13 16:34:45 UTCEzekielT On Google Maps satellite images these cities are not there, so...
22016-03-14 14:09:34 UTCEzekielT And when you search them up on DuckDuckGo, nothing shows up.
32016-03-14 14:13:17 UTCEzekielT And obviously there is no such thing as a city in the middle of the water with no island holding it up, so...
42016-03-22 21:21:24 UTCEzekielT And they are not on Bing Maps imagery, either.
12016-03-21 22:48:42 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
It looks like the changeset here has removed the suburb details. Currently and are duplicate bowling alleys, but was originally a suburb.
22016-03-21 23:04:15 UTCEzekielT But this is a bowling alley, not a suburb.
32016-03-21 23:41:55 UTCSomeoneElse was added as a suburb in . That might be wrong, it might not be a suburb, but there is a railway station with that name just to the southwest.
42016-03-22 00:55:13 UTCEzekielT The station is called "Riche". Maybe it is named after a suburb called Riche and Addis Map Meti made a mistake calling it "Riche;Embuway Mesk Adarash Bowling". But then again, the suburb Beleko Bet is quite close to the station.
52016-03-22 00:55:43 UTCEzekielT I mean Bekelo Bet, sorry.
62016-03-22 00:57:55 UTCEzekielT Maybe the station is named after Riche Cafe:
72016-03-22 11:19:15 UTCSomeoneElse Look at the history of again - you can see who changed what to what when. The merging of a suburb with a bowling alley is surely a mistake.

Are you living in Addis? What suggested to you to make this "Fixed point and area." changeset...
82016-03-22 15:26:40 UTCEzekielT I made a mistake assuming it was a bowling alley because trex123 made a mistake confusing the suburb Riche with the bowling alley Embuway Mesk Adarash Bowling and changed the suburb's name to "Riche;Embuway Mesk Adarash Bowling". It was originally called Riche, and was not confused with th...
92016-03-22 15:34:41 UTCSomeoneElse In this case I'd change it back to how it was before trex123 edited it, and explain the reason in the changeset comment. That user only made 2 edits; it looks like they were experimenting with editing rather than anything else. If anything still looks doubtful, add an OSM note.
102016-03-22 19:41:46 UTCEzekielT The issue is now fixed, in my latest changeset: Thanks for your help and advice.
12016-03-13 16:35:16 UTCEzekielT These are not there on Google Maps satellite imagery, so...
12015-08-10 14:35:33 UTCSomeoneElse You seem to have removed the "boundary" tag here (see e.g. ). Was that perhaps by mistake?
22015-08-11 19:14:26 UTCEzekielT Sorry! I fixed it, don't worry!
12015-08-10 14:33:58 UTCSomeoneElse You've changed Gent to "name=Ghent" here - I'm guessing that that was by mistake?
22015-08-11 18:39:06 UTCEzekielT I fixed it. I had a misunderstanding. Sorry!
32015-08-11 18:39:35 UTCEzekielT I changed it back to Gent in my latest edit.
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