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12018-04-12 09:12:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
the tag "naptan:locality_name" is new to OSM. We do already have a larger number of "naptan:Locality" which seems to be the same. Maybe you can change these tags?

Cheers, Jan
22018-04-12 11:47:29 UTCDr-Mx Thanks Jan, that one slipped through the net. I appreciate your time to check. Done.
12017-12-26 18:19:54 UTCDr-Mx I made a mistake with the tagging on this. I'd accidentally set this building to a house when it was a garage. Fixed now, thanks!
12017-11-19 02:09:54 UTCDr-Mx Hey there, I think it may be better practice to use the 'width' key rather than the 'lanes' key for narrow lanes-
Are you happy for me to change this?
22017-11-20 17:21:13 UTCKeyboardWarrior Yes
12017-10-29 01:16:40 UTCMike Baggaley HI in this changeset way 202360158 has been tagged as foot=no, bicycle=no when it is also tagged as a public bridleway. Can you please review?

22017-10-29 11:03:46 UTCDr-Mx *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
32017-10-29 11:38:05 UTCMike Baggaley HI Alex, a public bridleway is legally open to cyclists and pedestrians, and is normally signed with the words "public bridleway". I suspect in this case, the way is probably not legally a public bridleway, in which case it should have the highway=bridleway tag, but not designation=public_...
42017-10-29 15:00:57 UTCDr-Mx *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
52017-10-29 15:39:04 UTCMike Baggaley HI Alex, on the map shown, the bridleway and cycleway loop are shown as dotted lines, which according to the key is a licensed/permissive bridleway and hence they are not public bridleways and should not have the designation tag at all. I'm very pleased to see a council not only providing this info...
62017-10-29 15:59:59 UTCDr-Mx *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
12017-09-14 15:11:01 UTCDr-Mx Do you need help with editing? This church does not exist.
12017-09-04 17:22:33 UTCDr-Mx Heh, just noticed your fixme tag on one of my post-box edits. Yes - 7pm certainly isn't right, thanks for the heads up :)
12017-08-19 21:50:29 UTCDr-Mx This is already mapped. Maps.Me should show it with the latest map update.
12017-03-16 10:29:48 UTCDr-Mx Thanks, I wasn't aware of _link tags. I'll start using them.
12017-01-27 20:05:45 UTCDr-Mx Just out of interest, are you mapping for Pokemon Go?

There is no park behind the hospital, nor a public footpath. Although, the hospital grounds were slightly off - so I have expanded them and the grass area within.
22017-01-27 22:11:44 UTCStormchi I dont know who that is?

there is a park isnt there, or am i getting the place wrong? Its got a playpark and the community mental health unit in it? Thats where the path leads.
32017-01-27 22:43:16 UTCDr-Mx Sorry, we just had an influx of new users placing parks in random areas.
Hmm, the area you placed is over some house gardens from Beaconsfield Road... perhaps this play area is west of the Irvine Unit? I think I'll go there and check tomorrow. Cheers :)
12017-01-25 09:17:31 UTCDr-Mx Hi Dave and welcome to OpenStreetMap, thanks for taking time to contribute :)

I see you've drawn a highway=footway around this group home, perhaps you meant to put a barrier=fence/wall?

Good luck with your learning and let me know if you need any help with mapping.
22017-01-25 09:22:44 UTCDr-Mx Just an update: I've removed the path, feel free to add back a fence or wall if it exists.
32017-01-25 10:21:06 UTCDigiDave I actually added it as it's known to cause pokemon to spawn on the popular game 'pokemon go', but seems like this wont be possible to do in Bexhill now :)

I know it's wrong so save the spiel ;-)
42017-01-25 13:10:59 UTCDr-Mx I respect your honesty. Just be aware that by adding misinformation to OSM, you're not just manipulating Pokemon Go, but affecting all the other projects that use the data here.
12017-01-07 11:32:17 UTCrobbieonsea The Wikidata ID for at least the Amsterdam Shipwreck was valid, so why did you remove it?
22017-01-07 11:38:44 UTCpintoch If I'm not wrong the wikidata ID was that of its replica in Amsterdam, not the actual shipwreck… But I can't find the Wikidata ID I removed :-/. Anyway Q26674641 seems to be the right one, so let's add it.

For the Argos shop, it had wikidata ID , which...
32017-01-07 11:46:31 UTCpintoch The id I removed on the shipwreck was , which indeed refers to the replica in Amsterdam, not the actual shipwreck!

So my edit was correct :-) But thank you for checking!
42017-01-07 12:05:18 UTCpintoch Or it could be that the Wikidata ID was fixed before by someone else, but the wikidata-osm tool data was not updated so it still displayed the conflict…
52017-01-07 12:10:31 UTCpintoch ok yeah, that's what happened:
sorry about that!
62017-01-15 01:33:18 UTCDr-Mx Yep that was me, I fixed it not long ago, then saw this changeset and got very confused. Thanks for reverting.
12016-11-17 17:13:49 UTCtrigpoint Hi, Berkley Mansions is already mapped as way, you have created a duplicate node in the middle of the road. I am removing this duplicate.
I also doubt it is an attraction.
22016-11-18 00:25:10 UTCDr-Mx I've removed the node and added the postcode to the apartment building
12016-02-26 13:32:54 UTCDr-Mx Ah, I see I missed setting the country code for other phone tags. I've also added ref:edubase to the rest of the schools in the area. Cheers.
12016-02-23 16:22:19 UTCMike Baggaley Is London Road still the A269, or has this section been declassified now the A2690 is open?
22016-02-23 17:16:28 UTCDr-Mx *** SPAM *** not displayed - visit
12016-02-10 20:13:01 UTCDr-Mx Mini roundabout direction in this country is "clockwise" by default, useless direction tag?
22016-02-10 21:47:07 UTCSomeoneElse For info, a "help" question came up recently about whether it makes sense to tag direction on mini-roundabouts in the UK:
32016-02-10 22:12:51 UTCDr-Mx Ah, thank you. Doesn't really clear things up, but I'll make sure to keep to the direction of the Wiki.
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