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12017-09-10 10:07:30 UTC中鲁潍昌 泽民[滑稽]
12017-09-10 05:49:37 UTCVulcanodong 资磁
22017-09-10 10:06:13 UTC中鲁潍昌 这是坠吼滴
12017-04-18 16:00:39 UTCsamely Hi, I saw you changed the type of places of many points to city, and I was comparing them with wikipedia and I couldn't find the change as a the correct option. Can you tell me what is your source to change the type of place. See:
22017-04-19 03:59:06 UTC中鲁潍昌 您好,我是潍坊本地人,到达过这些地方。我从潍坊政府网站和百度百科上知道了这些地点的正式名称。Hello, I am a native of Weifang, I have been to these places. I know the official name of these sites from the Weifang government website and the Baidu encycloped...
12016-12-14 23:17:51 UTCSomeoneElse Force-reverting some further objects based on sourced data in China
22016-12-15 01:06:31 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert Force-reverting some further objects based on sourced data in China
32016-12-15 04:41:21 UTC中鲁潍昌 Please give me a list of deleted data in order to restore the Bing map. Thank you
42016-12-15 09:43:03 UTCSomeoneElse As mentioned by email, the list of changesets can be seen in the comment added to .
12016-10-12 10:17:28 UTC中鲁潍昌 为什么要修改这些信息?Why do you want to change this information?
12016-09-01 10:35:41 UTCpnorman Hello,

In OpenStreetMap you can't copy from copyrighted maps without permission. This includes Google, which you did here. Continuing to copy like this could lead to a permanent block. Unfortunately I have to remove this copied data.

Are there any other changesets from other unpermitted source...
22016-09-01 11:39:15 UTC中鲁潍昌 你好,这是为了测式网上公布的瓦片地址,实际并没有使用。以后也不会使用。向大神致敬!
Hello, this is in order to measure the online publication of tile address, the actual does not use. Later will not use. To pay tribute to the god!
32016-12-14 21:39:02 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changesets 44403770, 44396421 where the changeset comment is: Initial revert of some sourced data in China
12016-08-21 16:34:48 UTCSupaplex 好像從不是這個名稱,將會回退處理
22016-08-21 16:35:12 UTCKagami YY無極限
32016-08-21 16:41:16 UTC中鲁潍昌 抱歉 刚才电脑不在我这。。。 向两位OSM大神致敬!
抱歉 剛才電腦不在我這。。。 向兩位OSM大神致敬!
12016-07-29 16:59:12 UTC中鲁潍昌 赞!
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