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12018-01-07 22:20:03 UTCcarciofo Hi, there is no divider on Wilton Drive, so it shouldn't be a dual carriageway. Also, when splitting carriageways, please take care to map traffic signals on the new ways. Kindly revert the dual carriageway split. Thanks
12017-12-03 21:53:02 UTCmaxerickson It seems the hospital is at least on its way to disappearing:
12017-11-15 19:59:48 UTCridixcr sorry comment error!

Mapping exit and destinations in San Antonio
12017-11-12 01:54:04 UTCMinh Nguyen Rushville doesn’t meet the criteria for place=city. Based on its population, it should be place=village, though place=town is better since it’s a county seat and thus is more prominent than any other place in the county. I demoted the POI in changeset 53703346.
22017-11-15 19:32:54 UTCridixcr Hi Minh!

Thank you so much for the correction.

Have a nice day.
12017-11-07 10:50:51 UTCSimpleLuke Hi ridixcr! Thanks for editing the city of Luoyang. But why is the building tag on the railway station unnecessary? By removing it, the building of the station disappeared from the standard OSM layer. I believe that it is necessary for renderer to identify it as a building, instead of the point feat...
22017-11-15 19:30:28 UTCridixcr hi SimpleLuke!

I am restore building tag in this changeset, sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice day!
12017-10-03 07:48:38 UTCfreeExec Why did you add these tags?
12017-09-12 15:53:21 UTCLittlebtc This should be a false alarm of the OSMCha, as this place really named "๐ซ™ฎ"้ญšๅ‘, you can see the Chinese Wikipedia:

"๐ซ™ฎ" is U+2B66E, a valid CJK word in CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C.
12017-07-13 23:37:56 UTCGerman C Many clouds in bing maps impossible to view track or road
12017-07-13 22:03:47 UTCStereo Cheers :)

I see you’re editing for the mapbox global team, did you see we also have more recent, better imagery from 2016?

(Would you know if we could get it integrated into mapbox satellite? It’s licensed under CC-0.)
12017-07-12 23:49:40 UTCStereo Dude. It said "New outdoor fitness (athletics, bars) near completion.” in the changeset comment. Of course there’s no visible geometry, and now our newbie is potentially confused.
22017-07-13 06:36:57 UTCridixcr Hi! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Thanks for the clarification ๐Ÿ’ก
I proceeded to reverse my changesets

have nice day ๐Ÿ™‡
32017-07-13 14:06:47 UTCStereo Cheers! You too!
12017-07-06 19:45:06 UTCeggie You are deleting the landuse here. A starting mapper was mapping here under supervion. What is your intention to delete the landuse here?
22017-07-06 19:47:29 UTCeggie reverted.. if you have any questions you are welcome.
Please don't map here for some while. In Holland we import the landuse from the 3shapes. Leisure park is a cover.
32017-07-08 15:12:18 UTCsiphoe Thanks, eggie
12017-06-30 22:01:52 UTCmirror176 is the turn restrictions at north 35th avenue and west lawrence lane correct? Listed as bing and mapillary as sources but I could not see it through those sources or make sense of it. Validating a second turn restriction there too no longer connected to a way is how I found this area.
12017-06-27 15:19:39 UTCMarych_ Could you please explain, why your remove name tags from residential polygons?
22017-06-27 15:22:09 UTCMarych_ Where in OSM wiki your find that
double place tags and name
is WRONG????
12017-06-27 09:58:14 UTCDalkvist Please try to communicate with new users before changing their edits, I know pokemon people are unlikely to respond but having a pitch tagged as park is hardly a big thing.

Oh and in osm we don’t use the name tag for descriptions ;)
12017-06-20 00:05:21 UTCrobbieonsea Can you elaborate which actual streets were missing from the 79 ways that have changed from this edit?
12017-06-09 22:14:15 UTCzaizone Thank you for reverting that changeset !
22017-06-10 02:19:12 UTCridixcr hi zaizone ๐Ÿ‘‹!

We are to contribute for the well-being of our map ๐ŸŒ

Have a nice day ๐Ÿ‘
12017-06-09 16:09:28 UTCHjart There's no such administrative division. The town is part of (the smallest administrative division her), so I have removed the boundary and created a polygon around the town instead:
22017-06-09 16:36:51 UTCosmviborg Nogen har foreslået det:
32017-06-09 16:48:07 UTCHjart Hvad mener du? Lystrup er jo ikke en administrativ enhed i sig selv (der er måske et lokalråd, men ingen borgmester eller noget decideret byråd). Den mindste officielle administrative grænse er kommunegrænsen.
42017-06-09 17:04:03 UTCosmviborg Skemaet taler for sig selv. Måske skulle man så fjerne DK.
52017-06-09 17:23:51 UTCHjart Helt at fjerne DK lyder som en dårlig ide. Jeg redigerer lige tabellen.
12017-06-07 21:24:23 UTCridixcr Use : DigitalGlobe Premium Imagery
12017-06-01 13:17:40 UTCMarcoR Why did you convert the landcover=trees tag to natural=wood for an area which presumably isn't natural?

There are currently 21 727¹ occurrences of landcover key in the OSM database (10 250 of which are landcover=trees) and according to the wiki that is the tag to use when we w...
12017-05-30 13:11:20 UTCChris Fleming why did you remove the name of the artwork?
22017-05-30 14:58:15 UTCridixcr Hi Chris Fleming!
Thank you very much for contributing with OSM, I removed it because it was a Profanity name, if you confirm that the valid name will proceed to reverse my changeset.

Have a good day
32017-05-30 14:59:57 UTCridixcr Thank you for informing me, I see that you added it already.
42017-05-30 15:36:00 UTCChris Fleming Thanks a few seconds on google would have been sufficient to determine that this is a genuine name:

(especially as the Editor who added the name is a experienced editor with may changesets)
12017-05-17 20:20:51 UTCAlecs01 Hi, I don't believe those could be place names, "bivio" simply means "crossroads", did you contact the original mappers?
22017-05-17 20:32:39 UTCridixcr Hi Alecs01!

Leave a note so that they can confirm the existence of the signaling nodes.
32017-05-17 20:35:25 UTCAlecs01 I'm trying to contact them via changeset comments, those are not place names for sure
42017-05-17 20:52:45 UTCridixcr The descriptions that are attached are images that show footpath signals, so change it by generic locations, with respect to the names we will have to wait for the local mappers.
52017-05-17 21:16:52 UTCAlecs01 And the name=* tag says "footpath signal" :) those are descriptive names put in by newbies, it looks like some team work, 5-6 new users started to map here recently. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the effort your team is doing helping to improve the map all over the world, but please don...
12017-05-11 18:37:18 UTCMartin Borsje Goed dat je leisure=park terugdraait, maar hebben we hier echt te doen met een natuurreservaat?
22017-05-16 02:38:09 UTCdygituljunky leisure=park seems more appropriate.
32017-05-16 05:07:32 UTCMartin Borsje_BAG Heb je aangepast. Je zou ook eens naar het onderliggende landuse kunnen kijken. Is oude 3shapes import; heeft een update nodig.
12017-05-13 20:58:52 UTCSashKhe Hello! I've noticed that you've separated some buildings which are actually physically a single unit. I realize now the mistake I've made in selecting the areas for them, I'll correct it now. Cheers!
12017-05-04 18:56:38 UTCDalkvist Hi the edit you changed was from a new user in, Sweden we prefer to talk to new users and try to inform them how to do better edits rather than just changing things, hoping to engage them in the local community (unless it is something big).
So can you give us a few days to contact them and for the...
22017-05-05 14:15:16 UTCridixcr hi Dalkvist !
Thank you very much for contributing with OSM,
Right now I will proceed to reverse my changes, guide me according to the satellite image I am sorry, please you can modify both geometry and data according to local knowledge.
32017-05-05 14:27:29 UTCridixcr

Done, have an excellent day.

Att: Pavel

12017-04-18 02:40:59 UTCDiรณgenes de Sinope Hello ridixcr, I could not help but notice that you had altered an edit that I had made a few days ago (the same edit that I had made prior)

the edit that is of concern to me is in regards to the 'lanes:forward' designation I had applied which you had removed in this particular changeset

I was...
22017-04-20 17:01:46 UTCridixcr Hi Diógenes de Sinope!

I read your comment on this change, I will send you more details on why you remove this tag, check your Imbox.
12017-04-04 10:46:17 UTCDilys Bonjour,
Pourquoi as-tu supprimé ce nœud? C'est un lieu-dit/hameau que j'ai ajouté il y a quelques jours. A La Hure est son nom officiel.
22017-04-04 20:49:50 UTCridixcr Bonjour Dilys
des excuses était une traduction littérale, en ce moment je fixe
32017-04-04 20:54:01 UTCridixcr
42017-04-05 12:35:46 UTCDilys Merci.
12017-03-02 19:38:37 UTCHjart Please note that in Denmark our national imagery (; In JOSM called "Geodatastyrelsen") is preferred over Bing
12017-01-28 02:26:55 UTCnyuriks Hi, I reverted this changeset because I suspect it was an accident - clearly this is not a bridge. Let me know if it should be fixed further, thanks!
22017-02-07 03:47:53 UTCridixcr Hi nyuriks!
Thank you for pointing this out and fixing it, it was one of my first edits, so it's probably a beginner mistake.
12017-01-20 09:48:59 UTCSWF8 Please take care - you are frequently using the key 'railway' instead of 'name'. Thank you.
22017-01-24 21:39:33 UTCridixcr Hi SWF8!
Thanks for pointing this out. I think it's because of the autocomplete action in JOSM, but will be careful while adding names. I also have run a query to find same mistakes around the US and I didn't find anything, notify me if you find them, please!
Thanks for your feedback again.
32017-01-25 09:07:58 UTCSWF8 Hi ridixcr.
You didn't find any because I fixed them before ;-)
Best regards, SWF8
12017-01-19 09:12:40 UTCoba510 Are you sure these service roads you added open to the public? They're on a military base and you can see a gate and concrete barriers visible in the bing aerial.
22017-01-20 17:15:45 UTCridixcr Hi Oba510,
Thank you for notifying me about this issue. I have reverted my changes and the changes can be found here: I will be more careful with my edits. Thanks again.
12017-01-19 09:44:58 UTCoba510 Hi, you have added a parking aisle in a small parking lot, but tagged it as highway=residential. Parking aisles should be tagged as highway=service, service=parking_aisle. Thanks!
22017-01-20 17:14:56 UTCridixcr Hi again Oba510,
Thanks again for letting me know about this and also clarifying what tags are apt. The changes have been done accordingly. They can be found in this changeset:
12016-12-14 08:17:47 UTCSHARCRASH Hi, This is not a MP but a simple relation to relate several parts of the remnants from a building in ruins, therefore the exact shape is unknown.
If you were rather reported here because of a building key being set on an unclosed line element well in my opinion this is a flaw of the tag itself.
22017-01-16 03:12:29 UTCridixcr hi SHARCRASH!

With regards to the comment about my change, my apologies for having removed this tag and thanks for revertiro but according to the wiki "building = ruins" are applied on areas in any case would apply this other tag &...
12016-11-30 16:38:58 UTCHjart Please note the discussion at
22016-12-01 23:01:02 UTCridixcr Hi Hjart,
Thank you for reaching out and notifying me about this error. This is was a to-fix detection error, which now we know to not consider as an error. We will make sure that this is not repeated.

Thanks for your feedback
12016-11-30 13:26:39 UTCff5722 You connected a motorway to a tertiary road as level crossing. This only makes matters worse, please pay attention to the road types before connecting them.
22016-12-01 22:55:56 UTCridixcr Hi ff5722,

Thank you for notifying me about this. This was an oversight on my part. Hope this change hasn't done much damage to the map. I will henceforth be very careful about what I am editing on the map.

Thanks for your feedback
12016-11-27 09:50:43 UTCHjart I've simplified this, so that we avoid triggering any more issues here (noting that one of your coworkers had been here before)
22016-11-28 13:22:07 UTCridixcr Hi Hjart,
Thank you for resolving this issue and notifying me about this change. It certainly makes it simple and help in avoiding further editing conflicts.
Thank you
12016-11-08 22:27:52 UTCzeromap Please review the discussion on this changeset, the situation is the same.

This is the object that corresponds with the wikidata tag:

Mass-adding tags without fixing the underlying data makes more ba...
22016-11-09 13:49:02 UTCridixcr Thank you for highlighting this. I have removed the tag from this node and will follow the discussion on on how we should fix this.
12016-11-02 00:09:14 UTCnevw The change you have made using satellite info is incorrect. That part of Hercules Road ends in a short stub as previously mapped and has a lift gate to. Bear in mind that programs like #to-fix are only suggesting an error MAY be present, not that there is an error to correct. Mapbox and Bing are out...
22016-11-02 15:36:54 UTCridixcr Hi newv,
Thank you for notifying me about this error and also rectifying it. The imageries are outdated in certain places, agreed. I will make sure to confirm or at least add a note in places of doubt.

Thanks for your feedback.
12016-09-24 14:54:52 UTCRelakShun Problem: the roads between the Újtelep utca and Andrássy út to the east from the crucifix is not connected recently. There is a cordon which prevents to go to the Andrássy út. It is missing from Google Street View
22016-09-26 18:46:24 UTCridixcr Hey there!

Thank you very much for the info, I reversed my change.

previous change

current change

Thanks for...
32016-09-26 18:56:23 UTCRelakShun You are welcome.
I wanted to use that road for cycling, but found out I won't be able to do so :( About a 100m shortcut went away :)
42016-09-26 20:06:29 UTCridixcr lol man exercise :)
12016-09-26 01:28:55 UTCKrealt Pecan lane goes through three recorded subdivisions. The most north is Yellowstone and then Driftwood and the most south is Scarlet Oaks Subdivision. Pecan is only 40 feet wide. At Cottonwood Drive the road shifts by 10 feet to the east. At that point the road is 100 feet wide by 200 feet long where...
22016-09-26 01:32:18 UTCKrealt And definitely not a highway, Pecan is only 40 feet wide. Where Dutch Leming is 100 feet wide and shifted to the east.
32016-09-26 01:51:48 UTCKrealt Look at Dutch Leming Ln Road Cycling in Google Maps. In the photo you will see the theater sign on the left and the leaning power pole on the right is the width. And you will see straight ahead what was once a sales office for lots in the nineteen sixties era. Thanks for all your help in correcting ...
42016-09-26 18:47:31 UTCridixcr Hey there! again

I use image sources Bing, Satellite MapBox, Misaligned TIGER New Roads (2015) and Large Scale USGS Imagery but do not use google maps.

if you know the city very well, please correct it and please do not leave overlapping streets that was the initial error

Thanks for your fe...
12016-09-22 03:19:08 UTCKrealt I work for the City of Cottonwood Shores on the roads, sewer and water plant. Today our team removed reflective markers from this road and the Burnet County re-topped the road. Thanks for leaving 1/2 of this road segment as Dutch Leming Lane. Please straighten and change the other portion to Dutch L...
22016-09-22 22:33:48 UTCKrealt Thanks, I am not sure where the help came from, but a change has finally been made to correct the entry to Cottonwood Shores to Dutch Leming Lane on Google Maps. Google finally accepted my request for this change, hopefully it stays. Thanks for any and all help given to get my small city I live and ...
32016-09-25 23:11:20 UTCridixcr Hey there!

Thank you very much for the information just basing correct errors with the following sources Bing, Satellite MapBox, Misaligned TIGER New Roads (2015) and Large Scale USGS Imagery but not with the source that you suggest .

my changes
12016-09-20 17:17:26 UTCLittlebtc Some roads are wrong. There were in the military base and the place is now rebuilding industrial area. I made a changeset about that:
22016-09-25 23:10:04 UTCridixcr Hey there!

Thank you very much to reverse the change was a mistake add streets in an rebuilding industrial area.

Thanks for your feedback.
12016-09-16 16:53:27 UTCassanges The path you've added had been canceled already, which I had check by cycling hours before. Thanks for understanding.
22016-09-25 23:08:55 UTCridixcr Hey there!

Thank you very much for correcting my changes, will be very careful with areas in contruccion.

Thanks for your feedback.
12016-09-12 19:13:19 UTCdolphinling You might want to recheck this edit, it doesn't look correct.
22016-09-15 15:18:57 UTCridixcr Hey there!

Thank you very much, I improved my edits around the suggested area.

Thanks for your feedback.
12016-09-09 17:08:18 UTCTomas Straupis Simple splitting of ways does not solve the problem of impossible angle routing. Turn restriction is missing.
I've added a missing restriction here, you can check it and use the same principle in other places.
22016-09-12 22:30:06 UTCridixcr Hey there

Thanks for contributing by adding turn restrictions. I really don't know this place so I cannot guess where a turn restriction exists. About your suggestion for adding restrictions I would like you to share the wiki or any documentation that support this principle.

Thanks for your fe...
32016-09-13 08:09:19 UTCTomas Straupis Point is that it does not matter for routing purposes if OSM way is split or not. For example in this particular situation splitting the way to two segments: one going out of the red road and another going back into the red road has absolutely no impact on routing.
Routing algorithms will split the...
12016-09-01 15:23:03 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you check this way:
It has many strange tags, likely a copy and paste error.
Cheers, Jan
22016-09-12 21:47:22 UTCridixcr Hey there!
You're totally right, and I've already fixed tags on this road.
Thanks for your feedback!
12016-08-28 13:54:14 UTCNakaner Hi ridixcr,

thank you for fixing this multipolygon. :-)

You caused a conflict with my revert I am currently doing.

Instead of blindly (as blind and stupid as a bot) fixing "erros", I have a look at the object history before fixing an error. That's why I found this changesets, had ...
22016-08-31 17:27:38 UTCPlaneMad Hi Nakaner, could you please be more clear with what the issue is with the changeset? Was the multipolygon not fixed?
32016-08-31 18:26:57 UTCNakaner Hi PlaneMad,

you fixed the multipoygon which was broken. That's the good thing. Thank you.

Unfortunately, you did not have a look at the history of this relation. That's a problem you share with your workmates. If you had took a look at it, you would have found that it is part of an broken imp...
42016-08-31 18:32:17 UTCmikelmaron Whatever the situation on the map, whomever is in a conversation, saying things like "blind and stupid as a bot" is completely uncalled for.

I have to assume, you wouldn't say something like that to someone's face. Take the same kind of basic courtesy from real life to interactions onl...
52016-08-31 19:54:25 UTCPlaneMad Michael, this was uploaded 3 months ago by an experienced Canadian mapper with a proper comment and source mentioned, and the data aligns with the imagery.

If this is really a broken import, we should be working to create systems that can catch this much earlier on. If you could be more construc...
12016-08-23 16:42:22 UTCridixcr fixing broken relation in Detroit
22016-08-23 16:46:48 UTCridixcr Sorry for the comment of the change set, I was a detail that was overlooked
12016-08-23 16:42:08 UTCridixcr fixing broken relation in Detroit
22016-08-23 16:46:44 UTCridixcr Sorry for the comment of the change set, I was a detail that was overlooked
12016-08-23 16:43:57 UTCridixcr fixing broken relation in Detroit
22016-08-23 16:46:08 UTCridixcr Sorry for the comment of the change set, I was a detail that was overlooked
12016-08-23 16:43:42 UTCridixcr fixing broken relation in Detroit
22016-08-23 16:46:03 UTCridixcr Sorry for the comment of the change set, I was a detail that was overlooked
12016-08-23 16:43:31 UTCridixcr fixing broken relation in Detroit
22016-08-23 16:45:59 UTCridixcr Sorry for the comment of the change set, I was a detail that was overlooked
12016-08-23 16:43:21 UTCridixcr fixing broken relation in Detroit
22016-08-23 16:45:55 UTCridixcr Sorry for the comment of the change set, I was a detail that was overlooked
12016-08-14 14:06:02 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you please check the tagging of this way:
Looks rather strange.
Cheers, Jan
22016-08-16 20:19:42 UTCridixcr Hey there!
This looks as a data stored pasted by mistake while mapping turn:lanes. I've already fixed it and I also looked for data with this possible wrong tags.
Thanks for your feedback.
12016-07-30 11:46:30 UTCGazer75 This change broke
If you do not know how to deal with large multipolygons then please ask for help fixing errors.

I have fixed the problem.
22016-08-10 16:47:09 UTCridixcr Hey there!

Thanks for notifying me about this change. I will be more careful in future especially when working on large multipolygons and relations.

Thank you for your feedback.
12016-07-21 20:26:19 UTCCarnildo Please pay attention when dealing with this sort of mis-tagged way. Yes, it was mis-tagged as a quarry. But it is also mis-tagged as a mineshaft, a ditch, a peak, and an incorrectly-named road.
22016-07-22 20:39:57 UTCridixcr As I commented in, I removed only the landuse=quarry because I fixing broken polygons. And in the same way, I've already reverted my edit here Thanks for your feedback again.
12016-07-21 03:13:56 UTCCarnildo When you come across an issue like this in the Inland Northwest area of the United States, there's usually more than one problem with the data. In this case, for example, way #13922679 was simultaneously tagged as a mine, a stream, and two different roads.
22016-07-22 20:39:02 UTCridixcr Hey there!
The tag landuse=quarry is recommended just for points or areas, and as you can see in the changeset comment I was working on broken polygons so that was the reason for removing just the mentioned tag. However if you know better this area, you can please clean up all the incorrect tags in...
12016-05-20 15:27:27 UTCtrigpoint Hi, this seems to have gone wrong again so ask please stop editing in the UK and leave notes that the local community can deal with the issues as they posses the local knowledge.
I am not sure why mapbox care about isolated bridges on the canal network, but they are not an error.
In this case you ...
22016-05-20 15:27:34 UTCSomeoneElse Oops, I think that you accidentally deleted the towpath here .

Also how is it related to "Add missing turn lanes from satellite imagery in Dallas and Fort Worth"? Has someone discovered oil ...
32016-05-20 16:05:13 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted this, and your other changeset.
I did spot that prior to your original change, the towpath had been drawn under the bridge and you incorrectly moved it into the field.
42016-05-24 16:52:52 UTCridixcr Hey there!
trigpoint, thanks for reverting this changeset, I will keep in account your suggestion about leaving notes in places that the satellite imagery doesn't permit to difference accurately paths. Thanks to you all for the feedback.
12016-05-04 22:29:09 UTCrickmastfan67 Is it possible that you could try to keep these types of changesets limited to one state or even smaller areas? It makes it sometimes impossible for local mappers to double check if your changes are correct since the OSM RSS feeds give any changeset that has a bounding box that enters a smaller area...
22016-05-20 16:47:51 UTCridixcr Hey there!

I think it is a mistake that I committed layers,from now onwards not commit.

Thanks for your feed back!
32016-05-20 17:02:06 UTCridixcr Hi rickmastfan67,
I'm not sure how this happened since I'm working with To-Fix Plugin, maybe I could have confused the layers while downloading data manually. I will be careful about my future editions. Thanks for your feedback
12016-05-07 23:49:35 UTCFTA Hi, is there any way you can confine edits across the world to separate changesets? It's difficult see what exactly was changed when the bbox covers nearly all longitudes.
22016-05-20 16:46:25 UTCridixcr Hey there!

I think it is a mistake that I committed layers,from now onwards not commit.

Thanks for your feed back!
32016-05-20 17:00:51 UTCridixcr "Hey! there,
I'm not sure how this happened since I'm working with To-Fix Plugin, maybe I could have confused the layers while downloading data manually. I will be careful about my future editions. Thanks for your feedback"
12016-05-14 00:30:03 UTCFTA Hi, I commented on last week about minimizing the coverage of edits in the same changeset. Can you try to separate edits from across the world into multiple changes? Otherwise, monitoring local edits is more difficult.
22016-05-20 16:46:00 UTCridixcr Hey there!

I think it is a mistake that I committed layers,from now onwards not commit.

Thanks for your feed back!
12016-05-19 18:52:22 UTCtrigpoint Hi, are you sure about this?
You have just connected a towpath (way 327119715) to a bridge at level 1.
First sanity check is how would this work without disconnecting the horse from the boat?
Bing imagery fortunately answers this, the path is under the bridge, there is no connection. The fixme on...
22016-05-20 16:26:56 UTCridixcr Hey there!
I didn't realize about this path, thanks for reverting my changeset. I will take in account your suggestion, and also I will be careful next time.

Thanks for your feedback.
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