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12017-11-28 08:53:49 UTClonvia You have removed a lot of natural=coastline in this change, presumably thinking they are redundant wrt natural=bay. That is not the case, a bay is a feature inside a waterbody (in that case the ocean described by natural=coastline), so both natural=* tags are needed. The result of your changes is th...
22017-11-29 22:37:19 UTCTheSwavu No, this was a screw-up.

I have put the coastlines back in at #54161930.

There were three natural=beach that were removed and I've put them back in at #54164396, however these are now tagged both natural=sand (at relation level) and natural=beach (at way level) and at least one of them doesn...
32017-11-30 07:52:43 UTClonvia Many thanks. Let's see if the water comes back in the next few days.
12017-11-28 04:08:49 UTCTheSwavu Grass not heath
12017-11-28 04:07:59 UTCTheSwavu Grass not heath
12017-11-28 04:03:41 UTCTheSwavu Did you mean:

for: ?
12017-11-28 03:59:09 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

There is no heath in Australia. I think you'll need to use a better tag for:
12017-11-23 00:04:26 UTCaharvey On the LPI Base Map is named differently. Are you sure about your name here?
22017-11-23 06:08:21 UTCTheSwavu Street sign, G-NAF and LPI says Douglas Street. I think you can safely arm-chair this one.
12017-11-17 09:44:42 UTCTheSwavu Hi.

Alternative names get tagged alt_name=Turning Japanese (see:
12017-09-08 03:47:18 UTCaharvey I know the ABS SUA includes the Blue Mountians, but I don't consider the Blue Mountains part of Sydney, so Emu Plains would be in Sydney but Lapstone not.

ABS Boundaries aren't administrative boundaries, rather just ABS's view for statistical reporting.

It's hard since you can't survey this on...
22017-11-02 05:57:37 UTCaharvey ...aware that @TheSwavu also replied with a direct message. But worth noting that on the way down from the Blue Mountains there is a sign which says "Welcome to Sydney", which would indicate that the Blue Mountains shouldn't be part of Sydney.

I'm torn though, @TheSawvu raised good arge...
32017-11-02 08:18:54 UTCTheSwavu Yeap, I've seen the same style sign on the Hume. They line up with the NSW tourism regions:

I guess if that's what admin_level 7 should be then we need to change the definition.

I was thinking that if you ...
42017-11-05 11:54:04 UTCaharvey I don't have a strong opinion either way. Just chiming in with further facts from the ground to help guide what should be in OSM. Even if we did split the Blue Mountains out, You should be able to include both the Blue Mountains and Sydney in overpass together.
12017-10-23 19:37:43 UTCTheSwavu Hi

tracktype=grade7 ? Did you mean grade5? or is this some system other than tracktype?
22017-10-24 01:27:30 UTCnevw I expect GavinX is using the Australian Tagging Guidelines for Unsealed and 4wd Roads:
32017-11-03 03:37:05 UTCGavinX They are exactly the guidelines I am using
12017-10-18 02:40:17 UTCTheSwavu That should of said: Fixed note #1176717
12017-10-10 22:07:36 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Miles,
Did you obtain a waiver to use the data here under the ODBL? As published at it seems to be CC-BY-4.0 and as such not licence-co...
22017-10-10 23:54:04 UTCTheSwavu
12017-10-04 21:24:42 UTCWarin61 The relation 7618908... has an inner touch the outer at node 5140696134.

This should not be done. Suggest that the node be removed from the outer way.
22017-10-05 00:08:08 UTCTheSwavu Inner way only touches outer way a one point. This is a valid multipolygon, no need to edit.
12017-09-29 05:28:45 UTCTheSwavu Would be better to use the note key. The description key is really just for SEO spam (or at least that's what 99+% of the use appears to be).
12017-09-26 14:40:20 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello samuelrussell. At you have tagged `road_sign:backward` instead of `traffic_sign:backward`, right? #typo
22017-09-27 02:59:18 UTCCloCkWeRX I've tagged this as au:R2-20 (
32017-09-27 03:41:03 UTCsamuelrussell Great work! But how do we deal with W1-1 and W1-1 having the same code but being left and right turns respectively?
42017-09-27 23:57:21 UTCTheSwavu 1. W1-1(L) and W1-1(R). Sometimes written as W1-1L but more common to have parentheses.

2. alpha-2 codes are upper-case so AU not au.

3. Rather than "road_sign:backward" would be better as a note.
12017-08-28 10:54:14 UTCSanityChek I'm not quite sure what's happened, but it looks like your recent revert has confused many of the paths associated with the parliament building, and just touching it seems to make it worse. Things that should be connected are. Is it possible to roll back to a stable state before this point?
22017-08-28 11:01:34 UTCTheSwavu Something went wrong with the reverter plugin and it's only partially reverted the changeset. I'm still trying to figure out if there is a way to get it to undo all of the changes in, or if I should revert this changeset and try another approach.

32017-08-28 11:07:34 UTCSanityChek Personally I'd be OK with reverting things till it's stable again. I've been gradually trying to make a reasonable Parliament building with the limited capabilities of simple 3D building - but its mainly a case of working round the bugs (building.part and skillion roofs don't work well). I was nearl...
42017-08-28 11:59:43 UTCSanityChek Personally I'd be OK with reverting things till it's stable again. I've been gradually trying to make a reasonable Parliament building with the limited capabilities of simple 3D building - but its mainly a case of working round the bugs (building.part and skillion roofs don't work well). I was nearl...
52017-08-30 08:41:05 UTCTheSwavu OK. I have reverted this changeset and all of the downstream dependent changesets.

I have done a check, using Overpass, of the data inside State Circle and it is now identical to what is was just before this changeset.

Anything that's broken now is due to changeset #51485067.

Once again ap...
62017-08-30 22:55:24 UTCSanityChek Many thanks, I'll have to crack on now and get it finished into a stable state - then make sure there's a backup !
72017-08-30 23:59:30 UTCTheSwavu There's always a backup:

That's how I checked to make sure everything had gone back to how it was just before this changeset.
12017-08-30 08:36:23 UTCTheSwavu Reverted changesets:


So as to revert change set #51492776, which was a unsuccessful revert that left the data in a bad way.

The above changesets were from mappers trying to fix these errors.
22017-08-30 10:06:50 UTCWarin61 It is a mess. Err still. Probably matches the process that take place inside it! :)

I have changed relation 7112517 from building to a site - as it is a collection of buildings.

I have made some 'buildings' into building:part as they are inside other buildings ... so should be part of them? \...
32017-08-30 22:53:59 UTCSanityChek Warin61
Could you leave it for the moment. I'm in the process of doing a sequence of changes to get it to a target state, and many of the area you identify are on the list, pre-existing from the original model (eg getting rid of the 'pedestrian street at the front). In particular, don't changethe b...
42017-08-31 01:40:51 UTCWarin61 Done. I have added highway pedestrian to the forecourt graveled area this morning.

And I wish you the very best of luck with it!
12017-08-29 22:35:07 UTCWarin61 The relation 7516802 has overlapping ways. And it looks like other relationships too use these overlapping ways.

Would it not be simpler to revert the relevant changeset? .

I'll revert this one and see what it was like before you changed it.

Ok .. done. Outline is doubled up - fixed. The...
22017-08-30 08:36:14 UTCTheSwavu Reverted changesets:


So as to revert change set #51492776, which was a unsuccessful revert that left the data in a bad way.

The above changesets were from mappers trying to fix these errors.
12017-08-30 08:36:05 UTCTheSwavu Reverted changesets:


So as to revert change set #51492776, which was a unsuccessful revert that left the data in a bad way.

The above changesets were from mappers trying to fix these errors.
12017-08-30 08:35:49 UTCTheSwavu Reverted changesets:


So as to revert change set #51492776, which was a unsuccessful revert that left the data in a bad way.

The above changesets were from mappers trying to fix these errors.
12017-08-30 08:35:37 UTCTheSwavu Reverted changesets:


So as to revert change set #51492776, which was a unsuccessful revert that left the data in a bad way.

The above changesets were from mappers trying to fix these errors.
12017-08-30 08:35:27 UTCTheSwavu Reverted changesets:


So as to revert change set #51492776, which was a unsuccessful revert that left the data in a bad way.

The above changesets were from mappers trying to fix these errors.
12017-08-06 06:28:27 UTCTheSwavu Hi, I've notice you've misspelt Mirri.


22017-08-12 14:08:14 UTCnm7s9 Hi,

When I surveyed this area the street signs (plural) said "Mibri Close".

However when I saw that I was altering what you had tagged, I checked "LPI NSW" ACTMAPI and ACT disallowable instruements and they both said "Mirri" and the latter document elaborated tha...
32017-08-29 11:44:06 UTCaharvey It was accepted practice in OSM to map what's one the ground So if the street sign says Mibri Close and the legislation says Mirri Close, then we map name=Mibri Close, and put Mirri Close in one of the alt names and not th...
42017-08-29 20:53:01 UTCTheSwavu This is Canberra. Good practice is to put in the correct name and report the spelling error to:

52017-08-30 02:58:16 UTCnm7s9 While surveying Canberra and parts of NSW, I came accross numerous cases where the street signs on opposite ends of a street had different spellings. How should I tag this case, and no, I'm not going to split the street in half and tag them differently :-)

I also found one case (since corrected) ...
62017-08-30 03:02:37 UTCnm7s9 PS - on my report I couldn't pinpoint the issues on their maps precisely, because they use Google maps and are badly out of date. (Doesn't even have the new suburb).
12017-08-18 00:11:25 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

bicycle tags are for access. So bicycle=yes means you can ride on this road.

Infrastructure is indicated with the cycleway tag. So cycleway=shoulder means you can ride on the shoulder of the road.

22017-08-29 11:10:04 UTCaharvey "Sourced From RMS" Also keep in mind you can't copy information from other maps. It's better to add information from a ground survey.
12017-08-11 09:55:44 UTCTheSwavu Meant to say removed from outer ways of landuse=forest relations.
12017-08-11 09:55:13 UTCTheSwavu Meant to say removed from outer ways of landuse=forest relations.
12017-08-03 10:11:08 UTCTheSwavu Welcome to OSM!

This is a public map so please don't draw on things that don't exist in the real world.

Thank You.
12017-08-03 09:57:10 UTCTheSwavu Welcome to OSM.

I think it would be helpful if you read up on how to map buildings correctly:

Or if this is you:

Then one account per person is enough.
12017-08-03 09:55:59 UTCTheSwavu Welcome to OSM.

I think it would be helpful if you read up on how to map buildings correctly:

12017-08-02 10:30:41 UTCTheSwavu Only 77,399 to go!
22017-08-03 04:51:31 UTCtravel193 Haha yep. This could take a while.
12017-08-01 10:28:31 UTCPolarbear-repair As you are based in Canada, how would you know about a fern in Tasmania?
22017-08-01 11:06:15 UTCTheSwavu On ground survey with GPS apparently:
32017-08-01 11:56:32 UTCPolarbear Thanks @TheSwavu, that is the original node. My question was about the changes EzekielT has done, without having seen the plant.
Mapping small plants is questionable anyway.
42017-08-01 12:55:54 UTCEzekielT I did not add the fern. Another user did.
52017-08-01 22:35:22 UTCPolarbear No, but, without having seen the object, you changed the plural 'ferns' (also expressed in the description) to a singular 'fern' plant, and added a genus.
Apparently you did that to find an example for your questionable new proposal page in the wiki
12017-07-06 03:08:34 UTCTheSwavu This:

is not the Barossa Valley it's the Barossa Valley Character Preservation District which is something different.
12017-07-05 07:56:36 UTCTheSwavu Is this:
a thing? Or a slip of the mouse?
22017-07-05 23:28:40 UTCaharvey There is something visible in the imagery, but I don't know exactly what it is. Probably how they get the toboggans back up.
12017-07-01 04:11:08 UTCTheSwavu Actually fixing note #593960
12017-05-24 03:30:12 UTCCloCkWeRX Howdy, thoughts on ?
22017-05-24 03:56:17 UTCTheSwavu Not really. Might want to ask the original mapper:
12017-05-13 10:21:46 UTCTheSwavu Not sure exactly what's gone wrong but while you've been creating these bus routes you've also modified a large number of turn restrictions to have multiple from values eg:

12017-05-11 21:22:20 UTCTheSwavu I've reverted this and the original changeset.

They had doodled onto the map some sort of random walk around the middle of Canberra.

The ACT Honour Walk was already mapped.
22017-05-12 02:17:15 UTCnevw Thanks
12017-05-11 21:19:21 UTCTheSwavu Hi, welcome to OSM.

This is a public map so please don't use it to record your personal notes.

12017-04-20 06:26:01 UTCTheSwavu This changeset has been reverted.

The roads and paths that you deleted exist, I can see them on the aerial imagery and they are also marked in the camp brochure:

Roads do not ha...
12017-04-18 11:57:34 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
As explained previously (see ) Bing imagery may be out of date or offset. Can you explain what steps that you took here and in your other changesets in order ensure that this was not a problem?
Best Regards,
22017-04-19 01:28:26 UTCKate Diaz Hi Andy,
Thanks for the comment. Do you have any resources that indicate that Bing is offset here or that the island has changed?
I believe that the island now better reflects reality due to my edits and that these changes improve the map incre...
32017-04-19 03:13:47 UTCTheSwavu Bing imagery in this area is off by 4 to 5 m.
42017-04-19 07:39:54 UTCSomeoneElse Re "resources that indicate that Bing is offset here" I'd offer "experience".
Various things can be used to determine a Bing offset - underlying GPS traces and other imagery layers among them. I've certainly used the AGRI imagery together with GPS traces (my own and others) in ...
12017-04-14 01:23:01 UTCJenksy If there is someone with more knowledge than me of map editing, would they please be able to extend Taylor St from Howard St to Forest Drive. When I tried I couldn't stop the edit from going past Forest Drive.
22017-04-14 08:13:02 UTCTheSwavu Fixed
32017-04-17 00:50:23 UTCJenksy Thanks for fixing it :-)
12017-04-10 02:14:07 UTCTheSwavu You might want to take a look at :
12017-04-08 21:13:13 UTCTheSwavu Is this:

a real path? It seems to go through buildings and across a lake.
22017-04-09 09:09:34 UTCsteerage250 I am puzzled and embarrassed! It looks like it is a replica of a path that is there now - but moved. I think I should delete it - do you agree ?
32017-04-09 21:30:24 UTCTheSwavu Yeap.
42017-04-09 23:15:29 UTCsteerage250 done - thanks for alerting me to the problem
12017-04-07 06:04:55 UTCTheSwavu Changeset reverted. High St is called High St.
12017-03-29 21:31:20 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

We don't have permission to use the data from: in OpenStreetMap.

Please don't copy anything else from this source.

Thank You.
22017-03-30 00:34:05 UTCTroy Troy on the site
The user of TRC,s Online Mapping shall not on-sell, or distribute for reward, any information or data from TRC,s Online Mapping
32017-03-30 00:35:07 UTCTroy Troy I.m not selling or getting any reward
42017-03-30 00:42:19 UTCTheSwavu Doesn't matter. The data is licenced from the Queensland Government. You need to get their permission to use it in OSM. You also need to follow the import guidelines:
52017-03-30 00:51:58 UTCTroy Troy ok sorry.
i live in the town. and seen the incorrect street names and corrected them. used the link so people can check the info and confirm it is correct.
62017-03-30 01:00:21 UTCTroy Troy i have noticed that someone must me using the site . because there are street names that are wrong on new streets i have corrected one
72017-03-30 01:07:47 UTCTroy Troy i went off the street sign. i hope the person that put them up got it right
82017-03-30 09:18:50 UTCTroy Troy i went off the street sign. i hope the person that put them up got it right
12017-03-24 21:55:26 UTCTheSwavu Thanks for doing this. Saved me from having to do it.
22017-03-25 00:10:14 UTCpoornibadrinath TheSwavu :)
12017-03-08 03:26:44 UTCWarin61 1) The LPI Imagery cannot be the source of an administration boundary ... I think you mean the LPI Base Map ?
2) The relationship is not closed ... sothern end of Cooks Bridge. And has other problems according to the JOSM validator.
22017-03-08 04:04:41 UTCTheSwavu Need to also:

1. Remove old councils:

2. Fix the tagging on your new relation.
12017-03-04 01:18:25 UTCTheSwavu Hi, two things:

1. We don't have permission to use VicMap data in OSM.

2, Planning is under way to do an import of the CAPAD 2016 data when it becomes available (
12017-03-03 10:16:34 UTCfreayd Data from
22017-03-03 21:03:14 UTCTheSwavu I've sent you a PM re this import.
12017-02-26 09:18:32 UTCaharvey Really?
22017-02-26 21:56:46 UTCTheSwavu Must've been the least interesting visit to Sydney if this was the highlight.

Has this moved recently? I always remember it being in a building you could enter from Hickson Road.
32017-02-27 00:02:33 UTCaharvey I'm not sure of the exact location, I might have misplaced it when I originally added it.
12017-02-16 22:39:11 UTCTheSwavu I think that should be class:bicycle on
not class:bicycle:mtb.
22017-02-16 23:00:13 UTCNic Brown My humble thanks for catching that.
12017-02-14 09:06:00 UTCTheSwavu That should be note #891114
12017-02-12 03:18:10 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

By any chance did you get permission from LIST to use their data?

If you did then please post it on the wiki.

If you didn't then this will have to be reverted.

22017-02-12 04:42:12 UTCMulti Pass Hi,

At the time of contact, LIST did not allow their data to be used in OSM. I removed other data I had already imported, but kept the LGA boundaries because the same information was available from, ( ...
32017-02-19 04:07:49 UTCMulti Pass So far no response from DoPMaC. I will remove the boundaries once I have the opportunity in about a week's time, unless I hear back before then. Cheers.
42017-03-10 21:52:54 UTCMulti Pass Just an update - I have received a response, but am still waiting for a decision.
52017-04-25 02:23:28 UTCRoundCircle Hello,
I removed the Tasmanian LGA relations from OpenStreetMap as I was unable to attain appropriate attribution for use in OpenStreetMap. Here is the link to the changeset:
62017-04-25 02:26:27 UTCRoundCircle FYI: I have two accounts, "RoundCircle" and "Multi Pass". The former I now use for imports and large scale edits such as this. Cheers.
12017-02-11 03:30:09 UTCTheSwavu I'm going to go out on a limb here but I'm not sure that the carriageways of Port Road cross over. Unless, of course, this is some sort of SA specific traffic calming ;-)
22017-02-12 10:09:06 UTCCloCkWeRX New thing we are trialling here - Car Gladiators. Two drive in, one drives out!

Its weirdly shaped, because they've dug a bit hole where the northmost lane used to be and put the traffic right next to the other lane - previously separated by a wide median.

I've tweaked the two not to intersect...
12017-02-10 01:11:03 UTCaharvey Hi was demolished?

Or is the building still there?
22017-02-10 01:50:51 UTCTheSwavu Apparently it's gone bye-bye:
12017-02-08 00:00:40 UTCWarin61 The following nodes do not appear on the LPI Base amp;

These have all been put on way Way: 387068735 that I originally added. I am concerned as to how many other ways you may have similarly added/modified data tha...
22017-02-08 01:23:18 UTCTheSwavu That's because when I updated the boundaries using the data from NSW LPI I used the replace geometry tool in JOSM. That way the history of what happened gets preserved. If you check the boundaries of Nundle SF are still correctly aligned.

32017-02-08 02:09:52 UTCWarin61 Humm yes correctly aligned to the "LPI admin boundaries - state forests" but not shown on the LPI Base Map .. so the source is wrong and means it cannot be verified using the sated source.
42017-02-08 03:22:50 UTCTheSwavu State forests are the dark green areas with the faint grey lines around them labelled with the name such-and-such S.F. Alternatively they are available by downloading from the REST service.
52017-02-08 03:37:29 UTCWarin61 1) This boundary is between 2 state forests - so the colour is the same for both sides on the LPI Base Map
2) there is no faint grey or any other coloured line here on the LPI Base Map.

Therefore the source in not the LPI Base Map.
62017-02-08 03:43:22 UTCTheSwavu Have a closer look they are there:

72017-02-08 04:49:11 UTCWarin61 Visible there .. but not the same location.
At the given locations ... not visible!

Not visible!
82017-02-08 05:01:16 UTCTheSwavu Yeap, that's because they are rendered before the stream. As I said earlier if you can't see the boundaries clearly on the map you should use the REST interface to extract them or use the WMS service. The NSW LPI has helpfully exposed some of the layers so they can be downloaded but most of the base...
92017-02-08 05:07:12 UTCWarin61 You clearly have not looked.
The stream there is not the boundary.

Go on ... look at these nodes ... !
102017-02-08 05:41:41 UTCTheSwavu Hmm.. that's an interesting rendering anomaly you've found there. I've popped off an email to NSW LPI asking what the problem is.

Luckily if you want to validate state forest boundaries then this is one of the base map layers that has been exposed as a REST service so you can download the data di...
12017-02-02 10:20:44 UTCTheSwavu Hi, when you put a footway in the map like this one:

you should join the end to the nearest street so that routing software can work out how to walk onto and off the path. See:

12017-02-01 01:49:57 UTCTheSwavu Should learn to spell. Obviously changing the source:geometry tag.
12017-01-31 22:11:24 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

Which one of the names on this:

is the common name and which one is from MRWA?

They should be split into name and alt_name with corresponding source tags.
22017-01-31 22:53:27 UTCWarrenP Accepted
Fairly easy to fix. I now understand, at the time I did those I was unaware of alt_name
32017-01-31 22:57:15 UTCTheSwavu The other thing I noticed is that you should separate multiple values with a semi-colon.


source=Main Roads Western Australia;Bing


source=Main Roads Western Australia, Bing

otherwise the system thinks this is some special tag:
42017-01-31 23:33:46 UTCWarrenP Understood. Syntax is all
In future I will do that but what do I do about the ones I have already done. There is a number.
Also Main Roads Western Australia, Bing trace
Any script to help?
52017-02-01 00:03:30 UTCTheSwavu It's OK. I was going to fix them. I was letting you know so as to slow down the production of new ones...
62017-02-01 01:47:45 UTCWarrenP OK thanks
BTW the Charnley River Road is a bit complicated.
I tagged it as a service road even though it is on the Main Roads map. I suspect that this road is on private land, well land managed by AWC. I made a somewhat arbitrary decision to tag the road as service rather than residential.
12017-01-31 22:13:33 UTCTheSwavu Yeap, another one here:
12017-01-31 22:12:48 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

Another one that needs the names split:
12017-01-31 20:32:26 UTCTheSwavu Welcome to OSM.

When you are adding things to the map please be careful to choose the correct tagging. You can drive around Anderson Gardens so this need to be at lease highway=service.
12017-01-31 03:17:07 UTCWarin61 I did intend to take this out.. mutter mutter.. arr ... I did! :) Way 459153649 removed culvert and layer at 5:28 29/1/17 ... I did not recombine it with each side.

My primary reason for contacting you was the use of the LPI base map to check for bridges... most usefull when it is covered by tre...
22017-01-31 03:49:12 UTCTheSwavu Aahh... mystery solved, different culverts. You fixed at least two bridges, but one less culvert.
12017-01-29 06:06:59 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Where Hill End Road crosses Grattai Creek there is a bridge, you had a culvert. If you look on the LPI base map, zoomed in there, road has black lines on ether side to indicate the bridge ...hard to make out with the shadows in the imagery. I have cahnged it .. I am correction Hill End Road to ...
22017-01-30 21:25:08 UTCTheSwavu Thanks for that. I would have also removed the culvert from the creek.

An Overpass query tells me that I've edited 8500+ waterway crossing in the last 6 months. Even if I'm 95% accurate that's still 425+ mistakes I've made so feel free to just fix them without letting me know. Most of the errors ...
32017-01-31 02:45:13 UTCWarin61 I did remove the culvert ... did not mention it.

As regards water/road crossings .. where I cannot determine it ..I leave it off .. yes it throws errors ... but it does not introduce false data. If it were compulsory .. then I'd chose ford as being the most disruptive to traffic and therefore lea...
42017-01-31 03:10:54 UTCTheSwavu Err.. I think you'll find you didn't:
12017-01-29 01:22:04 UTCTheSwavu Hi

Just be a bit careful you accidentally moved a path:
12017-01-28 10:09:14 UTCTheSwavu Hi

Please don't feel the need to add names to every path. See:

12017-01-28 00:05:29 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

If something is wide enough to drive a two track vehicle down (like ) it should be a track not a footway:

12017-01-27 21:09:03 UTCTheSwavu Hi,


is not a park it's a nature reserve: reserve

22017-01-27 21:10:34 UTCTheSwavu That link should have been:
12017-01-27 20:59:36 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

The name of this way:

should be Tuggeranong Creek not Lake Tuggeranong as it represents the creek that runs through the lake:

12017-01-27 20:22:45 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

This "park" is on private land. In OSM parks have to be public:
12017-01-24 05:38:47 UTCnammala Hi Ema Wakeford,

The tourism tags which you have provided seems inappropriate. I am going ahead and reverting the changeset.

22017-01-24 22:24:09 UTCTheSwavu Some of these have already been reverted:

I'd say you could safely revert all of the changesets.
32017-01-25 04:14:07 UTCnammala Ya saw that it was already been reverted by the community.

12017-01-24 10:52:12 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

You shouldn't be copying from Google maps as we don't have permission to do that.

You can use the LPI base map which in iD is found under the background control.

22017-01-24 21:25:56 UTCexplorewiki Thanks, I didn't realise. Will use LPI base map in the future.
12016-07-28 06:37:57 UTCLeon K This seems to have been inverted. Lake Gordon and Pedder are covered in trees while the land is clear.
22016-07-28 09:34:39 UTCMulti Pass Thanks for pointing it out, I'll try and fix it in the next day or so. I think the relation for the wood cover is too big.
32016-07-28 21:35:37 UTCTheSwavu This is an import. Did you follow any of the Import Guidelines (

This data set is CC 4.0 and as a result requires explicit permission from GA to use in OSM.
42016-07-29 01:57:58 UTCMulti Pass Hi, yes GA has granted permission for use of this dataset in OpenStreetMap. I'll put a wiki page up with the details.
52016-08-29 06:01:44 UTCTheSwavu So, it's been a month and I can't find any sign on the wiki that you've received permission to use this data set. Do you have a link to it?
62016-08-29 11:44:34 UTCMulti Pass
72016-08-29 20:56:40 UTCTheSwavu This dataset is CC 4.0 we only have general permission for CC 2.5 and CC 3.0 from If you want to use CC 4.0 you have to get explicit permission (see:

Getting permission is only the first step you should be followi...
82016-08-30 01:47:29 UTCMulti Pass GSA had permitted the use of their CC 4.0 data in OpenStreetMap via an email I had with their IP & Copyright Manager. I'll post this to the mail-archive.
92016-09-05 07:08:31 UTCMulti Pass I have posted to talk-au, but it hasn't appeared and I think it is still waiting for moderator approval. If you have any further concerns, message me directly and I can give you further details if you are still concerned. Cheers.
102017-01-24 00:54:27 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

It's been six months now and nothing has turned up on the mailing list.

Please create a page on the wiki and upload the explicit permission that you received eg:

112017-01-25 10:55:40 UTCMulti Pass Sorry for taking so long, here's the permission -
12017-01-18 10:22:40 UTCTheSwavu Also fixed note #850951
12017-01-13 05:29:55 UTCTheSwavu Do you have a source for the name "Murwillumbah Golf Course Footpath"?
12017-01-13 05:21:39 UTCTheSwavu Does

really have quotation marks in it's name?
22017-01-13 09:26:25 UTCgormur No. But it isn't an official name either. Added a note.
12017-01-13 00:50:46 UTCTheSwavu This changeset has been reverted at #45121044

Someone else seems to also be putting this in:
12017-01-13 00:46:42 UTCTheSwavu This changeset has been reverted at #45121021
12017-01-11 01:29:43 UTCTheSwavu Street sign for

says "Orchard Street".
22017-01-11 01:39:37 UTCWarrenP I am happy to go with what is on the ground.
Although in this case I think the (West) clarification is useful for anyone finding an address on this street.
32017-01-11 01:41:13 UTCTheSwavu alt_name maybe?
42017-01-11 02:41:47 UTCWarrenP An excellent suggestion
I will implement
12017-01-11 01:35:08 UTCTheSwavu Gauge rather than Guage?
12017-01-10 23:04:50 UTCTheSwavu What's happened to the golf course?
12017-01-07 10:01:21 UTCaharvey Regarding the signage on the ground indicates the southern extent of the NP extends further. Do you think it's okay to update it to match the on the ground data? Also I suspect the boundary for the rest is simply mean high water mark, so can it be joined t...
22017-01-07 21:10:01 UTCWarin61 Hi,
No problem extending to the south for ground truth. Possibly the LPI data is out of date here?
On the waterline... looks like the LPI boundary is the low water mark ... I'd leave that alone unless you have some evidence otherwise? It would make some sense for the low water mark boundary as a p...
32017-01-08 02:32:16 UTCTheSwavu I put the suburb boundary in before we had access to the LPI data and I was using best guess as to what the ABS boundaries were on the ground, hence using the coastline.

Interestingly the NPWS boundary isn't consistent with the cadastre around the coastline, which is a bit odd because the propert...
42017-01-08 04:19:33 UTCWarin61 Looking at the 'water boundary' you can compare the LPI Base Map to the LPI or bing Imagery and see that the water level is above where this boundary lies... so I would assume that this boundary is low water mark. I think 'coastline' is taken at high water mark?

Looking at the NSW NP website for...
52017-01-08 04:49:38 UTCaharvey >As to the southern boundary it is currently correctly aligned with the cadastre so unless you happen to have found the survey pegs I'd say that's the best available information.

There is a NPWS sign 70m from the currently mapped boundary. I suspect they just put the sign up outside the NP. I ...
62017-01-08 06:18:37 UTCWarin61 The LPI is where surveyors go to get the legal boundaries! LPI base map has those boundaries... look at your own property to see it. I know it is good for me and at least some of my relatives (where I have checked).

Snapping things together is ok .. if they deserve to go together! I have had to ...
72017-01-09 00:34:06 UTCaharvey >The LPI is where surveyors go to get the legal boundaries! LPI base map has those boundaries

I believe that except for newer LandXML submissions a surveyor will use the distance/bearing measurements on the plan, not the digital cadastre, as the digital cadastre you see in the LPI Base Map has...
82017-01-09 00:59:22 UTCWarin61 Fruther reading on [1} "The database is constantly maintained or updated on a daily basis from registered plans (including E-Plan), registration of land transactions in NSW and changes in administrative boundaries as gazetted. The data is up-to-date to within 10 working days from when a plan is...
92017-01-09 00:59:40 UTCTheSwavu 1. After typing in my comment the other day I was pondering why the boundaries are that way at Barrenjoey and I've realised that the boundary follows the low tide mark. (Also means that the lighthouse reserve must of had a combination of high/low tide boundaries).

2. I'd also previously looked u...
102017-01-09 01:22:45 UTCTheSwavu Depends on what you mean by the basemap. The meta data is for the underlying data so if you extract the data rather than tracing then it's up-to-date to within 10 days. I don't know how often the tiles that get served for the visual map are re-rendered so it may take some time for it to show up on ...
12017-01-08 08:20:37 UTCTheSwavu Hey! Someone found a use for my good-ol friend Mainland Australia.
12017-01-05 04:41:48 UTCTheSwavu Somehow I don't think that is a residential road. More likely highway=unclassified

Roads on military bases should be tagged access=no.
22017-01-05 06:09:16 UTCsag007 Ack, I'm new to the whole open street map thing and it was the only way I could enlarge the road size so it better suited the actual Rd. As for tagging the Rd as access=no, I'm not sure how this is done at this stage. This was my first modification to the area and to open street map.

I am great f...
12016-12-20 00:38:55 UTCTheSwavu Err... by definition unincorporated areas don't need a admin_level=6 boundary.
22016-12-20 09:30:31 UTCcleary Hello Swavu. The Pastoral Unincorporated Area of South Australia is a designated area with boundaries published in the South Australian government Local Government Areas dataset. It is administered differently (it has a "designated authority" rather than a council. But then the metropolita...
32016-12-20 10:27:50 UTCTheSwavu That may all be true, but this area is not administrated under the Local Government Act so therefore it's not a council and not admin_level 6.
42016-12-20 22:46:08 UTCtastrax Given the admin levels are "proposed" in the wiki ( what level do you suggest TheSwavu? From my understanding of Australia level 6 is the most appropriate.
52016-12-21 00:41:00 UTCTheSwavu No level as it not a thing that you need to map. The unincorporated areas of South Australia are the bits inside the admin_level 4 boundary but not inside an admin_level 6 boundary.
12016-12-18 02:13:10 UTCTheSwavu Actually fixing note #737131
12016-12-10 02:41:13 UTCTheSwavu Yeap, constant problem everywhere you've got a river or coastline.

Apparently in OSM land the beach only goes down to the MHWMS.

Any boundary that's based on property boundaries will generally be referred to MHWM (which in OSM land is in the sea). But complicated by the fact that the property ...
12016-12-10 02:27:37 UTCTheSwavu Turn out that the original import of the NP boundary left out the southern block. I've done a refresh from the LPI data.
12016-12-02 10:52:58 UTCTheSwavu Err, I think you'll find that the correct capitalisation is "Westlink" not "WestLink".

12016-11-17 10:41:33 UTCTheSwavu There is a tag for the architect of a building:
12016-11-16 11:13:12 UTCTheSwavu This changeset has been reverted.

Please do not delete valid data from OSM.

Please read up on the basics of OSM:

before doing any more edits.

Thank you.
12016-11-13 00:18:22 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

You appear to have realigned some of the streets eg:

What source did yo...
22016-11-13 04:25:19 UTCSupt_of_Printing I just used the Bing aerial imagary as a background.
32016-11-14 09:09:59 UTCTheSwavu Odd, they don't line up with the Bing imagery in JOSM. Guess it's something to do with Potlash.

If you're doing mapping in NSW we have access to the NSW LPI Imagery, which is clearer and more accurate. Not sure how you go about accessing this in Piotlash but the URL is:
12016-11-08 20:10:50 UTCTheSwavu This changeset has been reverted.
12016-11-08 20:10:27 UTCTheSwavu This changeset has been reverted.
12016-11-08 20:10:05 UTCTheSwavu This changeset has been reverted.
12016-11-08 20:09:29 UTCTheSwavu This changeset has been reverted. footway=sidewalk indicates that a highway=footway is adjacent to a road:

Please don't delete valid data from OSM.

Thank you.
12016-11-05 09:04:02 UTCTheSwavu Changeset comment was supposed to read:

Named streams Lachlan Valley batch #1
12016-10-31 07:45:03 UTCTheSwavu Reverted in changeset #43295807

The correct fix to the Stockdill Drive problem is to delete the incorrect turn restrictions:
12016-10-31 07:39:05 UTCTheSwavu Reverted in changeset #43297774
12016-10-24 21:41:24 UTCTheSwavu Each node on a power line way needs a tower or pole tag (

You seem to have created about a 1000 new Osmose warnings in NSW:
12016-10-14 05:18:14 UTCTheSwavu I don't understand what the point of this changeset is. The footpaths you deleted are visible in the 2016 aerial imagery. Are you saying that they have been removed?

And what is "sidewalk tag is always available if people need it" supposed to mean? You haven't added any sidewalk tags in...
22016-10-16 23:34:28 UTCWhateverWhatever OK, I’ll go back and add sidewalk tags.

I have fixed so many connection and crossing errors with footways that are just footpaths alongside a street! If they are properly connected they don’t do anything useful for pedestrian routing (in fact they can even make routes circuitous as yo...
12016-09-29 01:29:50 UTCTheSwavu You do realise that these all need to be connected to the appropriate waterways?
22016-09-29 06:55:16 UTCWarin61 Yep.
I will target those with no local waterway first. Ones with adjacent waterway will be next.

I have done one .. and that creek looks to have no 'outlet' .. other than some 'lakes'. Only another 194 to go.
32016-09-29 07:16:31 UTCWarin61 Humm ..
Maybe I should put a 'fixme' on them .. that way the 'fixme' can be removed by anyone who fixes it? 'fixme=attach to waterway' would do.
42016-10-02 23:34:38 UTCWarin61 Fixmes in place.
I have done the 'easy ones' - those with existing simple waterways. These are quick so possibly were the best to 'fix' first.
Around 105 left without waterways. And 5? that are on waterway areas ...
12016-09-29 01:29:10 UTCTheSwavu You appear to have added about 50 "new suburb in A.C.T"
22016-09-29 06:58:09 UTCnm7s9 Yes, bad choice of changset comment. I suppose I should have said checking (and correcting) osm road names and adding maxspeed and other features during survey trip to new A.C.T suburbs.
12016-09-21 09:53:50 UTCTheSwavu These are not lakes rather they are salt pans ( )
12016-09-14 09:55:57 UTCWarin61 Norah Creek?
I have Jews Creek from LPI, cannot find Norah Creek on GeoScience Australia place name search. Possibly local community being 'politically correct'? Way 367426782. I have left the culvert with that name, but changed the creek - along with its course.
22016-09-14 14:09:29 UTCmrpulley I don't have my voice recordings from last year, so I don't recall the sign. There must be a Norah Creek somewhere, as there is a Norah Creek Road nearby! I'm not planning on going that way for a while, but I'll try to remember to check sometime with a survey.
32016-09-14 21:32:55 UTCTheSwavu GNB says Jews Creek:
42016-09-14 21:54:21 UTCWarin61 Now that is interesting .. says Nora Creek.. as an old name. So maybe the LPI data base is more upto date here.. I have come across places where it is old.
52016-09-14 22:34:46 UTCWarin61 Strangely I just came across Norah Creek Road - way 180236917. I was extending Mandagery Creek and there it is ... Norah Creek Road.
62017-08-28 10:02:01 UTCmrpulley I've just checked the signs for the creek crossings. Larras Lee Road has 'Jews Creek'. Banjo Paterson Way has 'Norah Creek' (with the 'h'). Burgoon Lane doesn't have any signs. I'll add an 'old_name=Norah Creek' tag to the creek.
12016-09-13 10:30:57 UTCTheSwavu I'm guessing that 4.5 km long culvert don't really exist:
22016-09-13 21:19:22 UTCWarin61 Corrected errors. :) thanks.
12016-08-30 20:50:57 UTCTheSwavu Sydney a6?
22016-08-30 21:06:48 UTCnm7s9 Yes - sorry about that. I've been way too slack about changing changeset comments.

I'll rectify that right now! Cheers
12016-08-25 00:10:29 UTCTheSwavu Stop importing Landgate data. There is NO Landgate data set that is compatible with the OSM licence.
12016-08-22 19:14:53 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you give details on the source of this data? Is it available under a license compatible with OSM? What is the meaning of the tag CATEGORYID =4, which is not documented nor used anywhere else?
Cheers, Jan
22016-08-22 21:01:29 UTCTheSwavu As far as I can tell this data is from here:

It is licensed with these conditions:

which is most definitely not compatible with OSM.
32016-12-12 11:49:57 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 44342854 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some remaining un-discussed and incompatible imported buildings in Perth
12016-08-20 18:49:56 UTCbotdidier2020 hi,
there is exactly duplicated way in this changeset (exactly same geometry for both way and both way had exactly the same tags)

some issues can be see at
22016-08-21 21:22:51 UTCTheSwavu Hmm, buildings "traced" with exactly the same geometry and carefully tagged with heights and elevations to the nearest mm. Smells like an import to me. Have you followed any of the guidelines:

32016-12-12 13:46:44 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 44345541 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some remaining un-discussed and incompatible imported buildings in Perth
12016-08-18 03:10:29 UTCTheSwavu Less wonky street, more whole area being redeveloped.
12016-08-14 21:20:11 UTCTheSwavu Hi,

If you are mapping in NSW would you please use the LPI Imagery in preference to the Bing, you'll find it is clearer and more accurate.

12016-08-14 21:05:12 UTCTheSwavu Hi

If you are mapping in NSW/ACT would you please use the NSW LPI in preference to the Bing Imagery, you'll find that it is clearer and more accurate. In iD you'll find it in the Background settings menu on the right.

12016-08-04 20:55:41 UTCTheSwavu If you are mapping in NSW please use the NSW LPI Imagery and not the Bing Imagery

22016-08-05 15:14:26 UTCGoan editor Thank you for making me aware of the NSW LPI imagery.
12016-08-02 23:18:03 UTCTheSwavu If you are mapping in NSW please use the NSW LPI Imagery and not the Bing Imagery

22016-08-03 08:11:30 UTCbubix Thanks a lot! I never mapped in NSW...i 'm fixing the buildings...
12016-07-11 05:44:05 UTCaharvey looks to be overlapping residential properties. What's your source for this wetland? Perhaps this should just be added to the conservation parks/wetlands reserve ways there?
22016-07-11 06:21:04 UTCTheSwavu And why did you add noname=yes to all of the admin_level=10 relations? And why did you delete the place tags?
32016-07-11 08:32:24 UTCmoreton Re sources for wetlands, swamps etc. As noted in the uploads, I have used 3 sources: (i) survey = visits to these areas in person to confirm mapped data; (ii) LPI map imagery; (iii) GA hydrology datasets (via geofabric). The mapped wetlands are mostly equivalent to GA hydrology datasets. The GA lice...
42016-07-11 09:35:43 UTCTheSwavu So a few points then:

1. You are doing an import without following the import guidelines:

2. Have you got explicit permission to use the GA dataset?

3. Combining place with admin_level=10 is not unusual:

12016-07-05 21:05:08 UTCTheSwavu Is there any reason why you are not using the LPI NSW Imagery? It should be available in JOSM at the bottom of the Imagery Menu.
12016-07-03 22:42:23 UTCTheSwavu Suspect that you are not updating your changeset comments before uploading.

Another thing, if you are doing mapping in NSW would you please use the LPI NSW Imagery rather than Bing. For example is now in the wrong place.
12016-07-03 22:37:41 UTCTheSwavu What does "#hotosm-project-1997" supposed to mean?
12016-06-26 13:34:50 UTCLeon K I don't remember the freeway having bridges over Smiths Lane.
Will be out that way in a fortnight so will check but I have a feeling it's still connected as an access for surrounding properties.
22016-06-27 01:00:30 UTCTheSwavu Google imagery says a bunch of other changes. So a survey would be good.
12016-06-24 01:44:02 UTCTheSwavu Did you get permission from Landgate to use this dataset? Under their licence you are not allowed to upload this:
22016-07-17 11:21:37 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40792543 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed WA unconnected node import
12016-06-22 18:20:53 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
Could you explain what "MINOR: FIX SOURCES" means? This is a changeset with a large area, and it'd be nice to know what had changed without having to refer to third-party tools.
Best Regards,
22016-06-23 00:10:19 UTCGinaroZ Had a look at the history of some nodes/ways and it seems like this changeset has removed "source=nearmap" from them
32016-06-24 01:41:40 UTCTheSwavu Yeap this is one of many bulk edits this user has done where they have deleted source=nearmap for no apparent reason.
42016-06-25 03:25:01 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274965 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-24 01:40:13 UTCTheSwavu Did you get permission from Landgate to use this data? Under their licence you are not allowed to upload this:
22016-06-25 18:32:32 UTChighflyer74 @ aaronsta: In addition to that there is barely any OSM tagging on it. Please stop importing tons of useless data and be so kind to reply to CS comments!
32016-07-17 19:15:26 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40802340 where the changeset comment is: revert undiscussed WA unconnected node import
12016-06-22 21:10:10 UTCTheSwavu What was the point of this changeset?
22016-06-25 02:42:07 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274543 where the changeset comment is:
12016-06-22 21:09:37 UTCTheSwavu What was the point of this changeset? All you've done is deleted all of the source=nearmap tags. How do you know that these weren't from nearmap? What is source=aaronsta supposed to mean?
22016-06-25 04:10:47 UTCaharvey This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 40274548 where the changeset comment is:
12016-03-29 12:39:36 UTCinas I notice this changeset changed Crookwell from a GNB town to a GNB locality. This isn't the case - Crookwell is still a GNB town. There is also a locality Crookwell. Was this a scripted change?
22016-03-29 22:05:41 UTCTheSwavu No this was a manual edit. I did a comparison between all of the place nodes in NSW tagged with ref:nswgnb and checked to make sure that their place:nswgnb were still correct. These are all the places that needed their place:nswgnb changed to "LOCALITY".

In the case of Crookwell the pla...
32016-03-29 22:21:00 UTCinas I'm really sceptical that GNB are changing towns to localities in their database - especially for places like Crookwell. Perhaps we need to understand the changes actually being made to reflect these in OSM.
42016-06-21 14:28:44 UTCCloCkWeRX is still marked as a village, but it doesn't really look too inhabited - is it better tagged as place=locality?
52016-06-22 00:38:52 UTCTheSwavu I didn't change the place tags on any of these only the place:nswgnb:

Personally if a place doesn't make it onto the list of UCLs:

I'd t...
62016-06-22 00:48:22 UTCCloCkWeRX Yup, that prompted it
72016-06-22 04:48:28 UTCTheSwavu Good-O. I won't bother then.
12016-06-14 06:54:10 UTCTheSwavu Thanks for fixing that.

I've been noticing quite a few of these being added by this user:

but I hadn't got round to fixing them yet.
12016-06-12 05:26:49 UTCCloCkWeRX Are The Clifford Apartments still under construction?
22016-06-12 07:40:34 UTCTheSwavu No. Currently for sale on AllHomes.
32016-06-12 07:44:40 UTCCloCkWeRX Thanks for updating that. I was trawling through all contruction=* via osm turbo, looking for stuff over a few years old. To find these new developments, are you just working from survey/local knowledge or subscribing to something like planningalerts?
42016-06-12 09:40:27 UTCTheSwavu I'm not putting new developments in.

I just checked the local real estate website to see if they had been finished ie: are there now properties for sale.
12016-06-12 05:23:35 UTCCloCkWeRX Is still under construction? Bing suggests no
22016-06-12 07:50:58 UTCTheSwavu It has been finished:

but it's been a while since I've been on the Barton so I don't know what was built.
32016-06-13 13:06:57 UTCmrpulley The construction=minor tag was added 3 years ago. I don't recall any work when I went through a year ago., so it should be safe to delete this tag.
12016-06-12 05:28:17 UTCCloCkWeRX Is this area still under construction ( specifically)
22016-06-12 07:32:35 UTCTheSwavu Not for quite a few years now.

Still needs to be better aligned using NSW LPI imagery.
12016-06-12 05:36:03 UTCCloCkWeRX Is this finished construction? ? Still tagged as construction / can't tell from bing
22016-06-12 07:27:22 UTCTheSwavu Yes.
32016-06-12 07:38:24 UTCCloCkWeRX Thanks!
12016-06-10 22:10:49 UTCTheSwavu Welcome back.

We now have permission to use the LPI NSW imagery and base map. They should be available under the imagery menu in JOSM.

The Bing imagery is not very good. For example at Colo Place Bing is out by 7m.
12016-04-20 12:22:56 UTCLeon K Please stop tagging everything as building=yes.
22016-04-20 23:19:21 UTCTheSwavu Seems to be an on-going problem:
32016-04-21 05:17:31 UTCPakenhamin There is a very good reason for adding the building tag. The navigator doesn't find the address because it thinks there's nothing at the address. As a courier driver I need to find those addresses. The building tag is how I get to find them.
42016-04-21 07:56:55 UTCSomeoneElse @Pakenhamin Can you explain what you mean by "The navigator"? Many OSM-based routers exist - if there's a serious bug in one (such as not routing to things that aren't also buildings) it should be reported.
52016-04-21 08:27:37 UTCLeon K If your software requires tagging school ovals, parks and suburbs as buildings, then that is a fault in the software, not a justification for false mapping.
62016-04-21 09:17:38 UTCPakenhamin I'm confused as to how that could be happening because I used the search criteria "Address annotion" then removed from the selection any thing that already had a building tag. Are you saying that some of these other things have address tags in them as well?
72016-04-21 09:19:18 UTCPakenhamin @Leon I'm using OSMand+ and the last time I checked if there was no building tag on the address then it would not find it.

That may have changed now and if so I'll try and work out a different way of adding the building tag to real addresses.
82016-04-21 09:20:09 UTCPakenhamin Also in general I'm told it is possible to roll back changes. Does anyone know how that can be done?
92016-04-21 10:03:40 UTCSomeoneElse For change rollback, have a read of . Generally I'd use JOSM's reverter plugin (but care needs to be taken to do changes in the right order). If you'd like help with reverting a series of changes, try asking on IRC (#osm on oftc - see http://wiki....
102016-04-21 11:15:38 UTCLeon K Don't worry about the rollback too much. I've already corrected most of them manually including the Vermont and Vermont south admin boundaries.
They should be re-rendered properly shortly.

I'm happy to leave the address data you've added, i'm just taking off the building=yes where is not be...
112016-04-21 11:18:51 UTCLeon K If there is an issue with osmand not finding a properly tagged address, i'd raise an issue on their tracker so they can check it out.
12016-04-02 03:49:14 UTCTheSwavu See discussion at:
12016-03-30 22:43:14 UTCTheSwavu Hi, it would appear that this was broken at:

But your fix has now broken Glen Davis and Glen Alice still needs to go back into the correct location.
22016-03-31 05:05:50 UTCTheSwavu I reverted 38131822 at:

32016-03-31 06:17:47 UTCnevw Thanks, Wollemi National Park, Glen Davis and Glen Alice appear complete now.
12016-03-29 20:40:56 UTCTheSwavu Ways with only names are not things. What you've done is tagged that these particular park boundaries have names which I know is not true and is the reason that they got cleaned up when I removed the other tags from the Wollemi relation.

If you want to indicate that there are things on the ground...
22016-03-29 22:43:24 UTCWarin61 Thanks for pointing out the missing 'thing' aspect .. corrected, rather than removed.
I know they are there, The LPI base map confirms it.
12016-02-14 06:52:47 UTCTheSwavu Hmm, interesting hypothetical...

Are Shiers and Keith Smith Avenues the roads at ground level or the roads on the bridges above them?

Guess it really doesn't matter.
22016-02-14 08:11:16 UTCWarin61 As I was 'only' adding road names.. I did not observe that!
Had considerable discussion in the past (tagging list) on layer=0 not being 'ground level' by some!
As you say .. matters little. As a concept I take layer=0 to be nominal ground level. I did observe a creek at layer=-1 (probably to avoi...
32016-02-14 21:12:02 UTCWarin61 Where a main road splits - so that a residential service is provided at the side while a main thoroughfare is provided at the center ... both road carry the same name. Same thing happens here? The higher road is what the LIP Base Map shows, the lower road is hidden on that map.
12016-01-24 08:04:37 UTCinas This relation is very ugly, and very inaccurate, cutting across all kinds of actual features.

Can you expand on why it is actually required?
22016-02-09 07:39:30 UTCTheSwavu When you create a job with the OSM Tasking Manager ( you need to specify an area that the job covers.

I was leaving it for the time being in case I needed it again. At some point in the future it could grow up to be the admin_level=7 boundar...
32016-02-14 01:13:15 UTCTheSwavu I've updated this to be the region boundary for Sydney so please don't delete.
42016-02-15 04:19:41 UTCinas It's looking much better now. Thanks for your effort.
12016-02-08 23:37:05 UTCWarin61 OSM inspector objects (throws error message) to placing duplicate tags on ways of relations... that makes it hard to see other errors. Please cease the duplication?
22016-02-09 03:10:37 UTCTheSwavu How about you please stop believing everything OSM Inspector says and start doing some thinking of your own?

OSM inspector is complaining because the inner ways are tagged with with a source:geometry that is the same as the outer ways. Having the same source for the inner and outer ways is a perf...
32016-03-31 04:17:00 UTCWarin61 The objection is to having the same tags on;

the relation, and

ways that are part of the relation.

From the wiki

" way(s) should be left untagged, unless they describe something in their own right. For example, a fore...
12015-11-02 22:56:51 UTCTheSwavu Whoops. Thanks for fixing that.

I have been noticing that the boundaries of the various national parks in Sydney are what could be politely described as "approximate".
12015-09-02 06:24:33 UTCCloCkWeRX - afaik, we've never managed to successfully get explicit permission. Fantastic if you've got it, but you'll want to be mindful of
22015-09-03 06:45:29 UTCTheSwavu Hmm, that's an interesting point. I had used the data on the basis of this:

which is the closest thing I could find to formal permission to use any data.vic stuff. But I suppose you could interpret this to only cover th...
32015-09-04 09:07:24 UTCTheSwavu I emailed data.vic yesterday asking them to confirm or deny any permission we may have. I'll post any response I get to list-au and revert this changeset (and the other) or update the contributors page depending.
12015-09-03 11:04:57 UTCTheSwavu Thanks reverter plugin..the source was not ABS2011.
12015-09-02 06:13:57 UTCCloCkWeRX Be careful with a few of these, was done a while ago - swapping to relations makes it harder to refresh from the source data. gives a good view of what's present.
22015-09-03 11:02:48 UTCTheSwavu May I suggest that if you have a cunning plan that you should let other mappers know. Perhaps by tagging with a note to that effect or mentioning it in the changeset comment. Relying on our ability to read your mind is not going to work.
12015-08-25 12:58:42 UTCEwen Hill Great work on doing the NSW/Vic border. Never enough Kudos. Just west of Wentworth is an annex of the Murray_sunset NP. The first section does not touch the Murray however once it crosses Deadman's track it should use the border if you wish to merge it all.
22015-08-26 08:55:56 UTCTheSwavu If I knew how tedious it was going to be I'm not sure I would have started...

I've been moving any boundaries that are administrative to the border and those that are land use to the river bank.
12015-05-08 21:52:38 UTCTheSwavu "non-existent" Nudurr Drive was tagged proposed (
22015-05-09 11:58:26 UTCo'cholio Well, it appeared as an existing road on all map renders. And as the road doesn't physically exist yet, yes, it is still non-existent. But at least it now appears as a proposed road should, ie dotted line with tag highway=proposed.
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