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12017-12-08 05:51:52 UTCpete404 Hello,

What street view platform did you use? I am interested in the high quality photos used to get the apartment numbers.
In the future, please add the provider to the source field, (ensuring that it complies with the ODbL) so that others can improve the map further using the provider. See t...
22017-12-08 05:58:51 UTCrl559 I used Google street view with a little bit of walking (I live near the area) to get the apartment numbers. Some numbers were removed so they could add nicer ones, so I plan adding those in the future.
32017-12-08 06:28:56 UTCpete404 >Google Street view
Please review:
42017-12-08 06:32:48 UTCrl559 Got it, missed areas with unit numbers and missing numbers will be edited when I have enough time to walk around in person anyways, so I should be able to use that as a backup source.
12017-12-02 06:18:35 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! I don't believe that "Police Parking" is the name of the way. It describe more an access right. Please read for a better description.
22017-12-05 17:11:47 UTCpete404 (Also) Welcome to OSM! To add, street names are rarely visible on aerial/satellite imagery and thus are usually surveyed on the ground or with properly licensed street imagery (Mapillary, Openstreetcam, etc.).

To my recent survey, I do not recall any other street being named on campus other than...
12017-06-26 04:04:38 UTCHubMiner Based on online search, I believe this airport is obsoleted. I marked airport as such, but I didn't delete runway. Please confirm you are OK with this, and I can delete the runway.
22017-06-26 14:18:47 UTCpete404 Feel free, since I was simply doing a Maproulette challenge with dated imagery and no on-the-ground survey sources.
32017-06-27 13:21:19 UTCHubMiner Thanks!
12017-02-25 01:55:12 UTCpete404 Hello,
You have modified a road in the United States, not Pakistan.
12016-09-17 23:54:39 UTCpete404 Thanks!
12016-08-21 20:40:38 UTCpete404 Hello,
You have deleted valid data and broken several relations. Your changeset comment is unclear on what your intention is. In addition, Transloc supplies proprietary data which is incompatible with OpenStreetMap. If this changeset was submitted in error, please ask an experience member to [reve...
22016-09-01 11:41:41 UTCSomeoneElse @KaleenaSawyer @pete404 Is this something that needs reverting? Let me know if you need any help.
- Andy
32016-09-02 01:31:36 UTCpete404 It seems to be some sort of vandalism or an incomplete changeset since some prior valid data was removed/replaced. It is advisable to notify @KaleenaSawyer of the reversion in case the user does not see these changeset comments.
42016-09-02 02:22:06 UTCKaleenaSawyer @pete404 & @SomeoneElse The changes were not done to be malicious in any manner. I was recreating a road that I wasn't importing into our proprietary software that creates real-time tracking systems for public/private transportation. I'm not sure what exactly got deleted, but you are more than w...
52016-09-02 03:12:08 UTCpete404 @KaleenaSawyer There is a difference between contributing to OSM and manipulating the data to fit program constraints. Please do the latter offline or on an internal server, not on the main OSM database. There is the export button for that. See also:
62016-09-16 17:36:39 UTCSomeoneElse OK - done: See .
12016-08-06 17:37:46 UTCpete404 Hello,
Please don't remove the "extra" bus stops. They are part of the new public transport schema. The schema includes a platform and a stop_position on the road, which are intended to be separate. Please read the wiki for more details.
22016-08-07 12:02:59 UTCryan_C Hi,

There were 3 bus stop locations on the road. One for one side, one for the other side, and an extra one. So I feel I was correct to have removed it. I have been trying to go through to add the bus stops on the UF campus where they are not yet on the map, and I noticed this location had an ...
12016-06-13 18:21:39 UTCCarnildo Are you sure about the east-west runway here? In the latest Mapbox imagery, it looks like it may have been abandoned and re-vegetated.
22016-06-14 16:23:49 UTCpete404 In mapbox it appears to have a strip of green vegetation, so I shrunk the runway and tagged it as disused.
32016-06-14 16:23:59 UTCpete404 Changeset 40021004
12016-06-12 17:03:43 UTCpete404 Hello,
It would be helpful to describe the changes you have made in the area.
22016-06-13 05:43:00 UTCBernd_BDP The second (left one) bat house was missing, the bridge across the Museum Road too. Included the parking area and the building west of the bat houses. Some fences around the bat houses were missing too.
12016-06-10 20:56:58 UTCpete404 Hello,
This changeset states that landuse has been added, but only unlabeled nodes appear in the area. Nodes without labels will be removed unless its part of an area/way. I believe that it is an error, so I inform you of this issue.
22016-06-14 01:05:16 UTCvalerietheblonde Hello! This was a JOSM upload gone awry. Feel free to remove all unlabeled nodes!
12016-06-07 14:06:16 UTCediyes Hi there!

Why the existing streets in this area has been removed?
22016-06-07 18:10:49 UTCpete404 The imported TIGER streets were waaaay out of alignment and would be best if started anew. Feel free to roll back the changeset.
12016-05-17 12:36:26 UTCpete404 *bus route 711
12015-10-18 23:01:47 UTCgrouper Hello. Just noticed you turned Newberry Road and University Avenue into a "braided road". This is not the right way to model dual carraigeways. Dual carraigeways are supposed to maintain separated ways through intersections.
22015-10-24 02:21:38 UTCpete404 This changeset uploaded while conflicting itself, duplicating most nodes and ways in the edited area. Some ways have been fixed, but some remain in the area.
The duplicate ways and braids on Newberry Road will be fixed in a future changeset.
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