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12018-05-13 05:39:58 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Subhashish!

Are you sure there is a "Guntur" here and you didn't confuse Guntur (district, city and part of capital of Andhra Pradesh, India) ??
22018-05-13 05:43:22 UTCSrihari Thalla It seems so!
12018-01-31 17:59:43 UTCSrihari Thalla Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
12018-01-31 17:07:45 UTCSrihari Thalla Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12017-03-05 11:15:24 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. Please revert this edit. We don't name "Railway Station" after the station names. Thanks!
22017-11-28 12:52:27 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi,

I have reverted this here -

12017-03-05 11:11:43 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! Please revert this node. Kazipet station already exists here - Thanks!
22017-11-28 12:50:13 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi,

I have reverted the duplicate here -

12017-03-05 11:01:53 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. What does this node represent? Thanks!
22017-11-28 12:39:26 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi,

I have deleted here -

12017-03-05 10:59:54 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! Please revert this node. Warangal station already exists here - Thanks!
22017-11-28 12:38:27 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi,

I have reverted the duplicate here -

12017-03-05 10:48:37 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! Please revert this node. Sirpur Kagazngr station already exists here - Thanks.
22017-11-28 12:36:01 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi,

I have reverted the duplicate entry here -

12017-11-10 09:53:34 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi!

First, let me thank for all the additions of the new districts. We have been waiting for years for these districts :)

Can you provide the source where you have retrieved the boundaries? it would be helpful for community in case someone wants to verify and cross check!

22017-11-10 14:20:38 UTCadivik2000 Sure Srihari. I grew up here. So, had to take it up.

Here are my sources:
For new boundaries - I used a georss feed from bhuvan for telangana(mar 2017 file) to trace the new boundaries changes manually on josm and state portal maps.

For boundary relation mapping - used telangana state portal ...
32017-11-12 06:23:26 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks Aditya! I think it would be better to add a source tag attributing Bhuvan for all these district relations. Will you add that or shall I?
42017-11-12 17:36:05 UTCadivik2000 Well, it's tricky at this point. Here's why. The relations(or the names) can't be tagged with Bhuvan as the source because they're not. Only new ways/boundaries mapped are traced with the help of bhuvan georss. And the district work is a part of some 80+ changesets with 25-30days of work. It'll be h...
52017-11-12 17:40:08 UTCadivik2000 Also, on an other note, as we're talking about districts in telangana, there's an interesting issue to solve. Some of these boundaries cut through villages and towns(even according to bhuvan) but according to the mandal lists, they're not.
62017-11-16 12:50:32 UTCSrihari Thalla Aditya, if possible can you mail the Talk-IN mailing list? There are several others who knows better than me! Thanks!
12017-11-15 22:37:34 UTCMarion Barry Hi there, it looks like you adjusted the India-Bhutan border and removed some roads here, do you have a source for that? Thanks.
22017-11-16 12:49:14 UTCSrihari Thalla Must be an unintentional mistake?
12017-10-28 08:31:21 UTCSrihari Thalla The Node 2714180697 deletion is a mistake. Sorry about that.
12017-10-18 09:13:18 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi Bhavana!

It seems you forgot to update the Changeset comment!
12017-09-20 05:27:37 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi Ramadyan! Thanks for your contributions to HOTOSM!

This changeset removed almost every detail for the country relation of Indonesia.

Would you mind reverting it?

22017-09-20 05:55:45 UTCRamadyan Hello Srihari,

am I really do that?
32017-09-20 05:58:49 UTCRamadyan I thought it just name with different languange of Village that I edit.
42017-09-20 06:14:25 UTCRamadyan how I can fix it?

52017-09-20 08:58:30 UTCSrihari Thalla Use reverter plugin in JOSM
62017-09-20 09:03:13 UTCRamadyan okay thank you I will try
12017-08-29 15:55:41 UTCSrihari Thalla Sorry, the area is created at the wrong intersection :-/ Let me correct it.
22017-08-30 07:13:52 UTCSrihari Thalla Corrected at
12017-08-17 21:44:19 UTCyurasi Hi Srihari Thalla
Does this town really exist? I would like to know the source that you had use.
Because the wikidata isn't correct. It have general meaning for different places
Here are the links:
22017-08-18 07:13:32 UTCSrihari Thalla Sorry yurasi, I should have used JOSM instead. I thought Manu referred to the place when it popped up in iD. I'll revert the change.
32017-08-18 07:18:12 UTCSrihari Thalla I have reverted it -
42017-08-18 07:50:20 UTCSrihari Thalla I have reverted two more incorrect tags -
52017-08-18 14:50:30 UTCyurasi Thanks for you've fixed these tags.
12017-08-05 12:54:10 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Armaan! Welcome to OSM! Can you clarify which side of the road has been fenced and closed?
22017-08-07 05:17:49 UTCArmaan Kandhari Hey Srihari,
Only a small portion of the road on the right hand side has been fenced. Anyway i could send you a screenshot/picture for you to better understand ?
32017-08-07 15:44:28 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey, Armaan! I used to commute to work by this route until a few months ago. Thought your changeset meant that part road was closed. I'll take Mapillary tour in this route sometime this month. The existing Mapillary imagery is about an year old! Thanks for the info!
12017-07-26 11:06:45 UTCtridip1931 Hi Srihari
First of all thank you for mapping out Itanagar. I really appreciate your effort in promoting OSM and putting Itanagar in the world map.

I saw you have marked whole Itanagar as a residential. In practice we usually do not tag such large area as a residential.

Can you please remov...
22017-07-26 13:31:16 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey, Tridip! Sorry about the irregularity! Let me look at it.
32017-07-26 16:11:59 UTCSrihari Thalla Would you recommend deleting the way? Small areas tagged as residential is more appropriate!

Itanagar already has a node, but not a boundary relation. Since it's difficult in India to obtain boundaries, I don't see much use of this way in the discussion.

What do you think?

Way - https://os...
42017-07-26 17:24:01 UTCtridip1931 Thanks for looking into it Srihari.
I would suggest you to delete the area. You are right, for eg. small areas can be marked as residential and named. I am from Itanagar and we have different Sectors named in alphabets (Sector A, B etc). I am in the process of marking all of them.
52017-07-27 16:33:06 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey Tridip, I have deleted the area -

12017-07-20 04:35:35 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks for updating, @mueschel !!
12017-06-23 09:04:59 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Avinash! Welcome to OpenStreetMap!

I am trying to understand what Hexagon is in this changeset. It is marked as "place_of_worship". Can you share some more info about it?

12017-06-21 17:30:35 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! What are these nodes and what do they represent? Thanks!
22017-06-21 18:49:12 UTCArjun24 I shall have deleted these nodes. I used it to geolocate a set of vector data about the survey number of Amaravati
32017-06-22 16:35:49 UTCSrihari Thalla Is that data available online?
42017-06-22 18:57:01 UTCArjun24 Yes it is within cartoDB taht became cartO
12017-06-12 18:00:36 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Vamsidhar! It's quite amazing that you have updated a lot of these places in the fort. How did you collect all the names? Major mahals like the Rani Mahal have memorial stones, but what about stairs. Where did you get them? I didn't notice such memorial stones for the pathways. Maybe I missed so...
22017-06-12 19:56:30 UTCVamsidhar My research includes Golconda. So, I collected much data on the place from guides and some books.
12017-06-02 11:44:15 UTCSrihari Thalla Typing in mobile..!! Thanks!
12017-05-31 17:29:35 UTCSrihari Thalla Please read the changeset of "Bank of Baroda" and not "ICICI Bank". Sorry about this!
22017-05-31 18:00:54 UTCSrihari Thalla Way 469351193 is stripped off of amenity tags as there is a Node tagged with the same inside this Way (Area).
12017-05-15 11:56:52 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! Can you point me where the tag "brand:wikidata" is discussed? Thanks!
22017-05-15 12:41:46 UTCBharataHS Hello Srihari,
Dropping here few links related to using `brand:wikidata`.

32017-05-16 07:43:58 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks, I'll be following them!
12017-02-21 07:22:48 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, "Bīdar" seems Latvian (Google Translate says so). If you'd like, I can update it.
22017-05-10 07:18:49 UTCyogi_ks Thank you for noticing. It is transliterated Kannada language name of this place in the ISO 15919 format -
I have updated this node accordingly.
32017-05-10 16:29:25 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks ;)
12017-04-14 16:17:54 UTCSrihari Thalla A better comment rather than "rrr" is highly recommended!
12017-04-13 06:47:42 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! I couldn't find Wikipedia article for "Metro Nagar Park-Alapakkam". Please remove or update the tag. The tag name:ta is supposed to hold the Tamil name for the park. Please update the name or update the tag to name:en Thanks!
12017-04-12 10:49:15 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey, tagging the water body as pond is more appropriate, as they only serve the village in which it's located!
22017-04-12 11:37:15 UTCVonter Ok, I have changed the tag to pond
12017-04-06 12:32:37 UTCSrihari Thalla To-Update: It's actually "బొర్రా గుహలు"
12017-04-06 11:19:59 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey, what did you update in this changeset? Deep history shows the wiki tags are the same
22017-04-06 11:57:44 UTCVonter As Alex pointed out over here:
I had made a mistake and added a white-space at the end of many wikidata/pedia tags. So, I'm editing the tags again to remove the extra white-space.
32017-04-06 12:28:59 UTCSrihari Thalla Oh, Ok, thanks for the info!
12017-04-01 06:24:26 UTCSrihari Thalla Way is a railway yard. The same one as Probably landuse=railway suits better?
22017-04-01 11:26:56 UTCPlaneMad Done
32017-04-01 12:25:56 UTCSrihari Thalla (Y)
12017-04-01 10:38:59 UTCnaveenpf It is adding wrong qids please check.
22017-04-01 10:39:37 UTCnaveenpf NH507 -- added in NH108
32017-04-01 11:05:41 UTCVonter i fixed them manually. will do next ones in batches of 5 and check.
42017-04-01 12:23:27 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks for adding Wiki to the NHs, Vonter ;)
12017-03-31 11:50:09 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. Thanks for the update! However, it seems you have set railway=rail tags for nodes instead of ways. Can you check?
22017-03-31 13:14:24 UTCethylisocyanat May you please fix it?
32017-03-31 16:35:01 UTCSrihari Thalla Done ;)
12017-03-31 09:11:52 UTCSrihari Thalla Sweet :) Thanks!
22017-03-31 09:13:35 UTCPlaneMad \\m/
12017-03-27 17:03:42 UTCSrihari Thalla Awesome \\o/
12017-03-26 17:43:52 UTChadw You are still creating changesets with only "Bing" in the comment. Please outline what you are doing, why you are doing it, and either in the comment, or source tags, from where you got the information.
22017-03-26 18:04:19 UTCchandusekharreddy Bing is the source and I am digitizing roads
32017-03-27 06:23:59 UTCSrihari Thalla
12017-03-27 05:17:18 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. Please write a better changeset comment! "Bing" doesn't convene information. Thanks!
12017-03-26 15:02:37 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! Thanks for detecting the duplicates and deleting them! Please write a good descriptive comment for the Changesets. "Bing" doesn't mean anything in this context. I was totally confused about why you had deleted all these buildings [in Andhra Pradesh].
You can checkout our discussion a...
22017-03-26 16:12:19 UTCchandusekharreddy Duplicate buildings deleted
12017-03-26 12:26:05 UTCSrihari Thalla Please read the changeset comment as "Resolve syntax errors for opening_hours tags in Andhra Pradesh".
12017-03-24 07:59:26 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, this changeset seems to be invalid and spam. Please revert it. Thanks!
12017-03-21 12:10:33 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! Can you update this bus station with more details? However, this doesn't seem to be a bus station, may be a bus stop? Thanks!
12017-03-21 12:06:53 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey, you've been here in Vizag tracing all these nodes and ways? [Kudos!]

This node doesn't seem to be a bus station, may be a local bus stop? Let me know.
12017-03-21 11:47:42 UTCSrihari Thalla The node 2012811784 seems to have copied from Google as the user pointed the same in a tag! It seems most of the ways and nodes in this changeset are deleted, I'm deleting the node 2012811784. Another node for the same amenity exists as 3076349893.
12017-02-21 07:16:22 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, I don't think Bidar is spelled as "Bidara". Website - Wiki -
22017-02-21 21:23:54 UTCindigomc Hi. The name on the map (name tag) is Bidar. At one time I was adding Kannada names, and auto transliterating these into Latin letters. Whether the KN name should be ಬೀದರ or ಬೀದರ್, Bidara or Bidar is arguable; the wikipedia page gives the first, the district page has nothing in KN ...
32017-02-24 09:45:28 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. I don't speak Kannada and thus don't know which one is right. I was actually talking about the name:en tag (I should have mentioned it in the first comment!).

OSM is rendering name tag, but others like are rendering name:en tag. Well, it's opto them to render whatever they w...
42017-02-25 20:42:16 UTCindigomc I'm confident that the Kn name is normally ಬೀದರ Bidara, but I agree that it is most often written Bidar in Latin letters. As I said, I was transliterating the names at one time, but I don't think I was consistent whether I used name or name:kn. The current name could be replaced. As to askin...
52017-03-10 16:33:51 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey, how do you translate? Do you use any JOSM plugins? It would be very helpful for me translating names in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to Telugu!
62017-03-12 08:22:14 UTCindigomc Hi; the problem will be that the pronunciation of 'English' (latin) writing is poorly defined, especially in regard to India where every Indian and English speaker can pick how they write any name. So it can be difficult to deduce how something is pronounced in Telugu, Kannada et.c. You might be abl...
72017-03-15 05:45:13 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. I speak Telugu. I am pretty sure I know how 99.9% names are written from English to Telugu (except the rarest of the rarest). Yes, please share the software. I am a PHP developer, but can understand Python. I'd love to see how it would be useful for me! You can send an email to thallasrihari at ...
12017-03-06 14:27:29 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. Do you mean this - ?
12017-03-05 12:17:02 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. I have no idea why you have added "horse=yes" tags. India doesn't have lanes for horses on normal roads! I'll be reverting those tags in the days coming by. Thanks!
12017-03-05 11:08:28 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks!
12017-03-05 11:05:00 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. Should it be "Johns" instead of "Jhons"? Thanks!
12017-02-28 16:14:31 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Sateesh! Thanks for the updates! Although can you correct the name for the bus stop?
12017-02-26 20:00:12 UTCmuzirian u can just create a note, without making wrong tags.
22017-02-27 13:35:17 UTCSrihari Thalla And I am not sure how a [pedestrain] bridge is an attraction!?
32017-02-27 13:42:14 UTCDeepsy it's not, the bridge should be added to the map.. as a bridge..
42017-02-27 19:01:26 UTCmuzirian @srihari many people are now using mapsne app to add poi and as its list is very limited they go for the first one.

@deepsy try to use osm notes instead of poi these kinda things
52017-02-27 19:19:02 UTCDeepsy that's true unfortunately
62017-02-27 19:19:28 UTCDeepsy I never heard about notes actually
72017-02-27 19:52:30 UTCmuzirian it's an osm feature to leave notes with markers, its used by mapsme to add additional details about poi, but it looks like it mapsme cant make notes alone.Try osmand too it has more powerful features for editing and it can leave notes.
82017-02-27 19:59:36 UTCmuzirian looks like edit feature of mapsme can leave notes, the additional info on edit , adds note to osm
92017-02-27 20:03:22 UTCmuzirian In thia case u can long tap on the road and choose edit and type in what to do in addition info space.
102017-02-28 12:39:35 UTCSrihari Thalla @muzirian I use too to add businesses, although pretty new to the app!
12017-02-25 09:26:15 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. Can you add English name using "name:en" tag to this: حي المشاعل

22017-02-27 05:41:27 UTCmustafakamil yes you can see tha tag now
32017-02-27 08:43:41 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks a lot!
12017-01-26 22:25:47 UTCSomeoneElse Hello - you're adding problem data again. Can you explain exactly what is supposed to be please?
22017-01-30 10:37:57 UTCSrihari Thalla Please revert this changeset. Ways 46...22 and ...25 doesn't exist and Way ...23 is just duplicate/bad data.
32017-02-11 12:37:46 UTCSomeoneElse Sorry for the delay - I was hoping that "Geothings Inc" would reply since they have replied to private emails in the past (which I sent here as well). I've reverted this in .
42017-02-11 12:50:15 UTCSrihari Thalla No problem, thanks!
12017-02-10 18:27:17 UTCSrihari Thalla Thank you!
22017-02-10 18:57:33 UTCArjun24 Hi Srihari
I am trying to draw the map of Amaravati before the construction of the new capital. I think its worth it to keep the memory of rural landscape
12017-02-03 10:55:44 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi Raj Kumar! I have no idea why you use the tags - full_id, osm_id and osm_type. I presume it was part of cleanup edits. Can you tell me more? Thanks!
12016-12-28 13:08:45 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi Hareesh! The Way 419626446 doesn't meet node 1293110571. I'll update it soon. Thanks!
22017-01-16 13:30:41 UTCSrihari Thalla Updated as part of

12016-12-10 05:47:11 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Jasvinder Kaur! I'm not quite sure why you have moved the node Kurnool into the Arabian Sea. I've corrected it.

Node -
12016-12-09 16:02:10 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! You have added addr:district and addr:subdistrict tags for Khammam city node which isn't a building. Thus it's not a valid tag. Please let me know, I'll remove them. Thanks!
key:addr Wiki -
key:place Wiki - http://wiki....
12016-12-09 15:59:50 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! You have added addr:country tag for Khammam city node which isn't a building. Thus it's not a valid tag. Please let me know, I'll remove it. Thanks!
key:addr Wiki -
key:place Wiki -
12016-12-09 15:25:33 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Anupama!
Can you explain why the relation "ram nagar" has the node "Karimnagar" which has no sense? Thanks!

ram nagar -
Karimnagar -
12016-12-05 17:35:36 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! Thanks for the manual survey! I noticed that almost all of these nodes have an empty "addr:housenumber" tag. Is that intentional? Or a mistake? I've removed some of them before I noticed that all these nodes belong to one changeset! If th...
22016-12-06 08:29:49 UTCeternaltyro Srihari,

It was not by mistake. The house number tags were supposed to be placeholders where I could fill in when data becomes available. I used an interactive Python script to push data into OSM and the script does it all in one changeset.
32016-12-06 08:30:49 UTCeternaltyro Let me know if a large changeset is not good/accepted practice.
42016-12-09 14:27:20 UTCSrihari Thalla I think it's ok as long as the changes are similar.
12016-12-08 09:34:36 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! I didn't understand the tag "place:cca" => "b1". Can you clarify?
12016-12-07 16:47:53 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Jothirnadh! Where did you get elevation data for Kakinada? Thanks!
22016-12-08 05:33:18 UTCJothirnadh Hi Srihari,
I just added missing roads in Kakinada. I didn't add any of the elevation data in this region. What exactly happened with elevation?
32016-12-08 05:35:15 UTCSrihari Thalla Nothing happened. I just wanted to know the source and if any Government sites provide such data.
42016-12-08 05:43:28 UTCJothirnadh I mapped the roads as per bing imagery which is openly available Srihari. There is no government data where you can get it. Check Bhuvan --> you might end up getting some information.
Thank you
52016-12-08 09:23:17 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks Jothirnadh! That is a treasure. Thanks a lot! Will be very useful mapping boundaries and any data Bhuvan provides!
12016-12-07 15:30:28 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Arun! Node 1598973198 (Nellore city) is not called "Potti Sriramulu Jilla". Let me know, I'll remove it. I've added respective alt_names for the district Relation 2022291.

Nellore node -
District relation - https://www.openstree...
22016-12-07 15:57:09 UTCPlaneMad Please change it :) It seems to have been added by a previous mapper. Awesome work on the relations!
32016-12-08 05:33:58 UTCSrihari Thalla Thanks, Arun ;)
12016-12-07 14:55:55 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi Michael! Thanks for these additions. We don't use 'county' in India, rather use 'district'. Let me know, I'll update.
22016-12-07 16:01:02 UTCMichaelCollinson Hallo Srihari,
And thank you for your kindness in asking me.
Yes, please update. I did this in the very early days of OpenStreetMap. A lot has changed since them!

Michael Collinson
32016-12-08 05:24:27 UTCSrihari Thalla Good to know, Mike :)
42017-03-31 05:20:01 UTCsoale Hello Srihari and Michael,
I was tracing the roads and villages in the area, and I stumbled upon this conversation. Has there been an update on this? While I could have changed it to district, but I couldn't find the "district" tag in the dropdown for "place" in JOSM. Also, I wa...
52017-03-31 05:22:05 UTCsoale The area where I found place=county being used:
12016-12-07 16:57:02 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, Andrey! The tag name:en is just redundant. Let me know, I'll remove it.
22016-12-07 20:10:29 UTCandygol Hi, Srihari.

Please leave it as it is.

I propose consider `name` tag as fallback along with real name which should be put in `name:xx`. Based on this statement `name` tag is not always in English, it could be in any local languages.
32016-12-08 05:22:20 UTCSrihari Thalla Sure, Andrey. I'll leave it as it is. Thanks!
12016-12-07 17:14:27 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! We don't have "district" suffixes in the district names. Updating them.
12016-12-07 14:27:27 UTCSrihari Thalla FYI, there is no county named "Krishna", but just a "state_district". May need to remove county tag for this node.
12016-12-07 09:59:39 UTCSrihari Thalla Actually, this node can be converted to "Guntur" Mandal as it is tagged with place:county.

Another node can be created for Guntur district R:2022220

Guntur Mandal -
12016-12-06 13:45:12 UTCnyuriks Sorry about this one, I meant to break it into smaller ones. All these are admin_level=6 relations with Wikipedia links being redirects.
22016-12-07 08:02:57 UTCSrihari Thalla Yeah, you could have broken into smaller changesets. Maybe next time :)
I've monitoring changes in my town and your changeset appears in history!
12016-12-05 17:25:16 UTCSrihari Thalla The house numbers seems to be a phone number. Please update!
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