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12017-11-05 06:03:35 UTCzstadler Hi,

According to
in this edit you have created a self-intersecting way
22017-11-07 17:52:54 UTCMr Massri It proposed to be bridge. I'll fix it.
32017-11-08 14:05:11 UTCzstadler Thanks for the fix.
I've removed the descriptive "Untitled Path" name tags.
12017-10-05 12:11:39 UTCdsh4 Hi Mr Massri,

Is "according to Oslo Accords" really the name of this feature? See .

I guess we should just rename the tags from name:foo to description:foo. What do you think?

22017-10-05 20:21:03 UTCMr Massri Hi,
Maybe it is sounds not good, but that it's name. In the oslo agreement map, this place named only "Nature Reserve", but for making connection to it's origin, I named it "Nature Reserve according to Oslo Accords"
32017-10-05 22:23:46 UTCdsh4 That's precisely my point: the "name" tags are _not_ how one should describe which international agreement established some area as a nature reserve. Such information belongs in other tags; not in the 'name' tag.

I think one of the following two changes is needed:

- Change name:foo ...
42017-10-06 08:37:59 UTCMr Massri Ok, changing "name" to "description".
52017-10-06 14:11:24 UTCdsh4 Looks good to me. Cheers!
12017-09-25 17:10:56 UTCדוד-צבי See WikiProject Israel: "First rule for numbered roads: The category is determined by the color of the sign, not by the number of digits!"
22017-09-30 20:07:19 UTCMr Massri נכון, אבל במקרה הזה, הדרך לא מתפקדת כדרך בעלת 3 ספרות, והיא חסומה באמצע. לכן לא מתאים למפות אותה לפי הכללים שמופיעים שם. אגב, ראיתי ששינית את הדרך שהרבה דרכים ממופות, וז...
32017-10-01 06:37:55 UTCMr Massri אגב, אם תסתכל בהיסטוריית העריכות אתה תראה שבעבר אני גם הייתי ממפה כמוך, אבל הבנתי עם הזמן שצריך למפות את השטח לא רק בצורה הרשמית אלא גם לפי המצב בשטח. מה גם שכישראלים ה...
42017-10-04 09:15:17 UTCדוד-צבי יש בזה משהו.
בקשר לכביש 60, אין לו שום קשר לחברון (לכביש העכשווי. הישן עבר דרך חברון). כמו כן, הגישה ליהודים חסומה ממבוא דותן עד לקו הירוק. אם לא מתייחסים לשימוש הערבי- הו...
52017-10-04 13:11:51 UTCMr Massri אפשר לפתוח על זה דיון בפורום
12017-07-21 08:32:47 UTCzstadler Hi Mr. Massri,
Please try to set the role of every member in a multipolygon. Leaving an empty role is deprecated, and an "outer" role is expected.
I've set the role of to "outer".
22017-07-21 13:49:11 UTCMr Massri Hi Zeev,
Thanks for your attention. I've missed that.
12017-06-29 07:16:15 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
22017-06-29 09:16:20 UTCMr Massri Yes it is.
32017-06-29 09:27:18 UTCSanniu Fixed, thx
12017-04-21 12:45:01 UTCMr Massri Regarding message of Peter Barth aka Peda (on behalf of the OSMF Data Working Group):
There is a resolustion not to set a name tag to Jerusalem (but do leave a name:he and name:ar tags).
More information at:
When I've made...
22017-06-02 18:54:54 UTCSafwatHalaby The name tag may cause trouble in the future even if no one complains now. Why open a closed can of worms? What benefit would adding it bring?
32017-06-06 11:40:21 UTCMr Massri In Israel and the Palestinian territories, we use Hebrew name tag for places controlled by Israel, and Arabic name tag for places controlled by Palestinian Authority.
As Jerusalem is controlled by Israel, we use Hebrew tag for this city. If there will be any future problems, we will solve them.
42017-06-06 13:42:54 UTCSafwatHalaby Jerusalem is one of the most disputed places ever and not an average capital city, hence the working group resolution.
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