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12017-07-05 12:38:31 UTCnammala Hi sawan,

May I know the reason behind deleting some buildings which exists in the imagery . Could you please confirm the edits you have made.

Best regards,
12017-03-17 22:58:17 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Sawan Shariar,
There seem to be some unconnected nodes in this changeset such as
Can you explain where they came from?
Best Regards,
12016-11-11 12:32:29 UTCandygol Hey, Sawan Shariar
You moved at the same time over 30 thousand points only on 32 cm in this changeset. Description for this changeset does not say anything about the purpose of your edits. It would be interesting to know why you have done this. You certainly did not spoil the map, but you do not ha...
22016-12-27 06:49:20 UTCOpenBrian Sawan, Do you have an explanation of this change? Brian
12016-08-22 08:31:35 UTCSomeoneElse Oops - something went a bit wrong here. "highway=primary" got added to Liwonde National Park (presumably by accident). Are the other two primary highways in this changeset also definitely primary? One is a river and one is unconnected, so it seems unlikely.
(for info I noticed this aft...
12015-11-09 07:05:50 UTCpratikyadav would be nice if you can add comments to your changeset so that others know what you are mapping.
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