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12017-09-16 04:47:24 UTCg246020 Hi, can you provide more info about this change: you deleted a many turn relations I created/updated. Please share how you determined what should be deleted.
22017-09-18 12:01:14 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi, because of the creation of the dual carriageway, a lot of the Turn Restriction had become superfluous

No Left Turn going into a oneway street, etc
12017-09-04 11:00:06 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi,
I see that you changed way 307480719 from oneway=reversible to oneway=yes on 25 march 2017

Based on the images on OpenStreetCam, i see that there were cars driving on the opposite way as soon as 2017-04-10 21:39:20
12017-05-11 12:18:55 UTCflorinbadita_telenav HI, the correct way to add a driveway is to add highway=service and service=driveway.

I have modified for this edits.
12017-05-08 03:57:54 UTCAdventureBuffalo This road has been renamed incorrectly - the old name "Donnelly Crescent" was correct, as per the City of Red Deer interactive map (
22017-05-08 17:58:39 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi, thanks for the comment. I have send a email to the Natural Resources Canada (they create the Canvec dataset from what i know) and told them that they should update their database.
12017-05-02 08:48:59 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi Doug, can you be more specific about the problem/s that you are referring.

From what i have seen in this changeset, the only difference is that the names are expanded.

If this is a local rule you should specify it...
22017-05-02 15:23:16 UTCViajero Perdido The suffixes (NW, SW, etc.) are how the City of Calgary spells the names, same with Edmonton. The OSM wiki pages for Calgary and Edmonton use NW, SW, etc. in their examples; the latter page is more explicit than Calgary's with naming examples.

So NW is literally correct, and "Northwest"...
32017-05-02 18:32:56 UTCiandees Hi Viajero. Please check your language and be more kind to others participating in OpenStreetMap. We're all trying to make the map better, and responding like that isn't really helping anyone.
42017-05-02 18:33:47 UTCiandees (Same to you, abDoug)
52017-05-03 14:19:17 UTCabDoug Names that are just plain wrong!
62017-05-03 14:23:16 UTCabDoug They are not making the map better, they are making it worse! Yes, I'm pissed off. I've put a great deal of work into the map and I do it very carefully and try very hard to be accurate. The telenav crew has showed up, presumably because they have some financial interest, repeatedly name roads incor...
72017-05-03 14:40:54 UTCiandees All of that might be true, but you only make yourself (and our map project) look bad and keep people from listening to your opinion when you use such negative and insulting language. If you had responded with something like "hi there, I think your changes are incorrect. here's a link to the cit...
82017-05-04 23:30:27 UTCabDoug THE ISSUE IS NOT THE SUFFIXES! - though that could have been avoided if the editors had bothered to look the map over for a few minutes before editing. The issue is that the telenav crew has applied completely incorrect names to roads all over the city.

I really don't care if I make your map proj...
12017-04-19 12:53:56 UTCflorinbadita_telenav hi, regarding this pond, are you sure this is the place, and also that there is a waterfall here

From bing images, i see thtat there is something a little way up, 10 meters from here
12017-03-25 10:45:00 UTCkartler175 Please reconnect highways:
22017-03-27 08:00:24 UTCflorinbadita_telenav Hi, thanks. I had connected the ways, not sure why it was like that.

Have a good day :)
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