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12017-04-13 14:41:54 UTCcarciofo Hi, I'm not really sure why you've decided to re-align the whole of A1A in Miami-Dade to the outer lane? The convention is to align to the road's centerline. For such widespread changes, please consider discussing your idea with the rest of the community via the mailing list before endeavoring into ...
12017-03-17 09:27:19 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi dufekin, often (>100 changeset last year) you insert the invisible char (0x7F) into ways in USA. The only purpose of this ASCII is to be ignored. Different OSM tools handle it different and it causes sometime visible Artefacts (if e.g part of name tag) or the tags are not useable, because DB c...
12017-03-01 16:44:11 UTCSpanholz Probably from your early days as a mapper, a turning circle instead of a level crossing. Changed it!

Have fun mapping :)
12017-02-21 17:08:33 UTCcarciofo Hi, regarding your changes to Collins Avenue, can you let us know what the basis is for moving the way off the centerline yet again after it had been fixed from your earlier changesets? As a convention, roads are mapped on the centerline. You haven't used any placement tags, either, so I'd appreciat...
22017-02-21 17:16:46 UTCcarciofo Also, road priority changes need a source, but you have left no comment on your changeset either. Leaving meaningful comments helps other mappers with verifiability (see Thanks again. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch ...
12017-02-21 16:50:09 UTCcarciofo Hi, I'm not sure why you disconnected all footways from the cul-de-sacs near the beach? Without a connection to the road network, no walking directions can be provided...
12017-01-22 16:40:37 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi dufekin, you inserted many bad characters into tags during last year.
I saw about 10x inside USA the tag "highway"="%7Fhighway" or "%7Ftertiary" etc. I have no idea how you did it? I fixed most of them now. Many regards, Alex
12017-01-16 14:40:21 UTCgrouper Hello, can you explain why you did a massive number of highway classification upgrades and downgrades in the Miami area? If you look at the history of many of these ways, they have been edited many times and the classification has been steady for years until you changed them. In almost all cases, In...
12016-11-17 19:33:00 UTCmaxerickson The \\u007f character thing has also happened in some of this changeset (I found it at the end of a longer highway and didn't look for more).
22016-12-08 06:37:36 UTCToeBee Why did you upgrade the short section of highway around this bridge from primary to trunk?
12016-11-21 03:31:31 UTCmaxerickson \\u007f popping up in this changeset.
12016-11-02 21:37:10 UTCmaxerickson I haven't done anything to figure out what would cause it, but 15-20 objects in this area have tags with U+007F added to them, for example . I haven't checked that they were all part of this changeset, but they are from changesets you had made.

I have cl...
12016-08-14 20:15:21 UTCToeBee Where did you get this outline for Leavenworth Prison?

It currently includes a stretch of US 73. So apparently now I have to answer "yes" to the question "have you ever been in prison?"
12016-08-12 01:22:25 UTCJonah Adkins hi! im doing a bunch of fixes based on some local knowledge + paper maps in this area - a few of the roads youve re-tagged as minor are primary/majors for local traffic... is it ok if i re-adjust them as needed? thx - jonah
12016-07-03 06:28:09 UTCToeBee It seems you downgraded a lot of roads in this area to highway=track. What was your basis for making this change? I do not think it is correct.

Track is to be used for roads that are designed primarily for use by agricultural or other service equipment. Like the roads leading out into fields. Cou...
12016-06-29 19:59:42 UTCMateusz Konieczny leisure=park is not for national parks. See

It is for things like
22016-06-29 20:00:14 UTCMateusz Konieczny see
12016-02-15 12:39:39 UTCrickmastfan67 I'm curious as to why you reconfigured I-70 & US-30 in Breezewood, PA in this changeset? When you did that, you introduced several problems in that area, and it no longer properly represents what is there (I've personally been through that area in the last 4 months). We don't split highways in...
12015-10-26 10:42:41 UTCGerdP please review Humbert Road:
way 363784911 was tagged
I've corrected that to highway=tertiary
Why do you think that it is a tunnel?
The covering way 308522383 is tagged
12015-10-24 17:51:30 UTCGerdP please review way 6046191:
it is tagged highway=servoce which looks
like highway=service, but Bing shows that
the road crosses a kerb.
12015-09-23 15:45:52 UTCneuhausr Hi, you misspelled crossing on a number of nodes around 6th St & Garland Ave
12015-07-09 07:12:56 UTCPaul Johnson I'm a little stumped on where Bluffs and Braggs stations are coming from...I can't seem to find anything station-like around Bluffs...
12015-05-29 12:23:42 UTCPaul Johnson I'm a little confused about what was being done here.
22015-06-08 09:29:45 UTCPaul Johnson Not sure what happened on 4th Street, but it seems to be borked compared to before; the no lane change spot was already tagged out and the geometry's no longer right from Frisco to Denver...
12015-04-02 01:12:07 UTCElliottPlack Please provide a comment about this. Why did you change the types of many roads?
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