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12018-05-25 11:53:42 UTCSafwatHalaby As discussed earlier, these edits seem to be bad for crossings.
22018-05-25 12:05:05 UTCzstadler Are you referring to highway=crossing or some other kind of crossing?
32018-05-25 12:28:53 UTCSafwatHalaby I am referring to highway=crossing nodes linked with a way which has both highway=footway and footway=crossing. After your edits, the way now has highway=path, footway=crossing which is invalid tagging. See:

This has occurred in older bul...
42018-05-25 12:33:14 UTCSafwatHalaby On a more general note, I am not sure the global community agrees that highway=path equals highway=footway + bicycle=yes.
A footway is mainly for people, it may or may not allow bikes. A path is generic.
The way crossings are tagged (they are mainly footways) exemplifies this. there is a foo...
52018-05-26 15:59:11 UTCzstadler The OSM Wiki does not agree on clear differentiation between "path" and "footway" highways as far as access.
. says:
"or urban paths which a designated for pedestrians only, better use highway=footway."
62018-05-26 16:04:27 UTCzstadler Nevertheless, since I don't want to get into a dispute, and I care a bit less about urban mapping, I have reverted the change for all footway=crossing ways.
72018-05-26 16:13:20 UTCzstadler BTW, according to Israeli law, (129)(ז), riding a bicycle is forbidden on a footway=crossing.
The appropriate tagging is therefore,
bicycle=dismount. See
82018-05-27 07:02:02 UTCSafwatHalaby There won't be a dispute. I am not strongly in favor of a particular tagging method. I merely wanted to point out that highway=path + footway=crossing is not correct.
I do agree that highway=footway and bicycle=yes can be a bit messy, and while "any tag you like" is allowed, it is usua...
92018-05-27 12:25:47 UTCzstadler If there is no separate bicycle crossing sign (תמרור 812 -, then IMO highway=footway with footway=crossing tags is just fine, without any bicycle/cycleway tags.
When there is such a sign, then some elaborate tagging is required, probably with segregated=...
12018-05-25 11:54:32 UTCSafwatHalaby wikipedia=en:קבוצת דלק does not make sense. I think you meant wikipedia=he: קבוצת דלק
22018-05-25 11:54:43 UTCSafwatHalaby e.g.
12018-04-02 08:24:06 UTCSanniu and are roundabouts?
22018-04-02 16:23:01 UTCzstadler I don't know. Otherwise I would have tagged it as such.
12018-01-31 16:57:12 UTCzstadler Including node changes from changeset 55398767
22018-01-31 16:58:08 UTCzstadler Including _reverting_ of node changes from changeset 55398767
12017-12-19 12:31:34 UTCSanniu have no tags
22017-12-19 12:35:29 UTCzstadler Deleted
32017-12-24 10:46:54 UTCSanniu - is it roundabout?
42017-12-24 13:45:50 UTCzstadler Your guess is as good as mine
52017-12-24 13:49:53 UTCSanniu You added it... Usually such things are roundabouts, will fix.
62017-12-24 13:52:44 UTCzstadler Excellent.
12017-12-20 10:01:29 UTCSanniu embarkment should be embankment, yes?
22017-12-21 07:32:56 UTCzstadler Yes. Corrected.
12017-12-17 12:42:01 UTCzstadler NOTE:
This changeset has created and then deleted of 2 ways and a relation.
Initially, the nature reserve was modeled using a relation with two ways.
Subsequently, a single way was used instead:
12017-12-07 16:07:39 UTCSanniu image is not accessible now
22017-12-08 11:25:38 UTCzstadler Opened an issue for Israel Hiking Map Site
32017-12-08 14:45:32 UTCzstadler Fixed in
12017-10-27 17:06:13 UTCdsh4 Hi zstadler,

You changed the tagging of from highway=track to highway=unclassified. Could I double-check that that's correct? It would be unusual for a road inside a forest to be "unclassified".

22017-10-27 19:51:00 UTCzstadler I have not been there personally, I just adjusted the highway tag to match the description (name) and the surface tag.
The non-name you deleted was "Paved road..." and the surface tag is "paved". Therefore, it is not a track.
It is not unusual to have sections paved roads...
32017-10-27 20:21:34 UTCdsh4 Thanks for the reply.

Considering , I think this road is not an "unclassified" road: it is not interconnecting, it is not used for local traffic.

Since says that highway...
42017-10-27 21:02:22 UTCzstadler Please refer to the Israel wiki page for the highway tag classification
52017-10-28 07:48:25 UTCSafwatHalaby Perhaps the IL wiki is conflicting with the global guidelines in this regard; we're using track exclusively for unpaved.
62017-10-28 12:35:50 UTCdsh4 Let's discuss this further on the forum:
72017-11-21 08:33:04 UTCSafwatHalaby ...dedicated thread here:
12017-03-26 13:38:51 UTCzstadler Way
has no tags. what is it?
22017-11-12 00:51:27 UTCzstadler This way was created by ESNG, as part of the Battir imports.
Fixed by tagging as a barrier=wall
12017-09-25 05:36:00 UTCSafwatHalaby Track with sidewalk?
22017-10-15 20:08:39 UTCzstadler Which element are you referring to?
Did i create it?
32017-10-17 06:13:36 UTCSafwatHalaby
42017-10-17 11:55:20 UTCzstadler The sidewalk tag was there when I've split the way in order to correct the junction geometry. See
The history at shows that the tag was part of the creation of the way, done over 4 years ago by...
12017-06-18 11:39:19 UTCSanniu - מעלה כנען or גבעת שושנה?
22017-06-18 11:52:07 UTCzstadler Fixed.
גבעת שושנה is a different node.
12017-06-15 09:55:43 UTCSanniu - should it be marked as peak or similar?
22017-06-15 11:05:50 UTCzstadler Frankly, I do not remember.
12017-04-30 10:47:35 UTCSafwatHalaby Now crossing are tagged with "highway=path, footway=crossing". Doesn't seem right.
22017-05-02 16:52:12 UTCzstadler I'll look at this later on.
32017-05-02 18:19:53 UTCSafwatHalaby It appears the convention for crossing is a way with "highway=footway, footway=crossing, cycling=yes", the crossing is terminated by two "highway=crossing" nodes at each side of the street.
42017-05-02 18:23:27 UTCSafwatHalaby It appears many people don't put the "cycling=yes" part. I wonder if it messes with nav apps.
52017-05-07 05:38:42 UTCSafwatHalaby Fixed in
62017-05-07 05:48:13 UTCSafwatHalaby My bulk edit wasn't perfect. some *=designated paths shouldn't have been changed.
72017-05-07 05:50:48 UTCSafwatHalaby Nevermind the last comment. If there's a footway=*, then it should be highway=footway.
82017-05-07 05:59:15 UTCSafwatHalaby Correction: when there was an already cycling=* tag present, I shouldn't have touched it.
12017-05-02 16:17:27 UTCtdctdctdc Hi zstadler,
Today I walked the "blue" track from Mihmoret to Givat Olga, which you created in this changeset. I did not see any blue markings on the ground, not once. Are you sure this track should really be "blue"?
22017-05-02 16:49:40 UTCzstadler As you can see, this was mapped almost 3 years ago. I'm quite sure that there were trail marks at the time.
I also don't see an announcement of a trail cancelation at
12017-04-01 19:48:45 UTCSanniu The gaps in mineral transporter are strange, why some parts are not tagged as railway?
22017-04-02 05:44:39 UTCzstadler Fixed. The mineral transporter is not a railway. It's a man_made=goods_conveyor. Some parts were not corrected in this edit.
12017-03-26 08:47:18 UTCSanniu Way: 398455276 have no tags, is it path?
22017-03-26 12:04:56 UTCzstadler Fixed. Thanks!
32017-03-29 14:37:22 UTCzstadler Based on your initiative, I've created a query that finds all the ways in Israel that have no tags and are not a member of a relation. I've fixed what I knew and sent messages to most others.
If you want, the query is available at
You can change the initial...
12017-02-27 14:54:20 UTCSanniu Way 388398875 was residential, why it untagged now?
22017-02-27 16:33:14 UTCzstadler That change was a JOSM usage mistake, and it's fixed now.
32017-02-27 21:33:23 UTCSanniu Thanks
12017-02-10 07:53:22 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi zstadler, could you please fix "d"="d" tag.
You inserted it at node/1166158561
Thanks, Alex
22017-02-10 14:34:26 UTCzstadler Fixed. Thanks for the comment!
12017-01-03 08:49:49 UTCSanniu משצק:יק=נחל יתיר
22017-01-03 09:02:55 UTCzstadler Corrected. Thanks!
12016-11-15 12:07:10 UTCSanniu Reverse roundabout on way 112976546, don't think we have such in Israel
22016-11-16 07:52:05 UTCzstadler I've only added a roundabout tag.
The way direction and the oneway tag were set in changeset 8131512.
However, from the patterns of car movement as seen in the Rehovot GIS orthophoto - - it looks like these are not necessarily one way roa...
32016-11-16 10:18:37 UTCSanniu It still normal roundabout, somewhat abused for parking, also locals short-cutting it, will fix direction.
42016-11-16 19:58:09 UTCzstadler Can you please check if there is any roundabout or one way traffic sign there.
Otherwise, it would be legal to drive around in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions
12016-07-24 00:52:48 UTCEzekielT Why did you make Palestine become the West Bank?
22016-07-24 00:54:57 UTCEzekielT Or was it another editor?
32016-07-24 00:55:28 UTCEzekielT I can't find out cause history is "taking too long to retrieve".
42016-07-24 07:15:04 UTCzstadler No, I did not change the name tag.

The full tag history of relation 1703814 is available at

It looks like this relation is undergoing a new dispute or "edit war" - The wiki clearl...
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