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12017-12-31 10:32:19 UTCMiMiNo Hi,
I'm sorry to inform you, that I had to revert all your changes. Reasons:
1) you are using old aerial maps, which does not reflect reality (one way on the aerial map does not exist in reality anymore)
2) you haven't calibrated the aerial map (you have shifted several ways)
3) there is no &qu...
22017-12-31 11:19:49 UTCTomas Kovacik I agree with Tibor.

32018-01-02 19:24:52 UTCAlfonso RG Im sorry for the changes guys.

I just wanted to remark the different functionality between roads 11 and 11A, but additionally made some changes according to what seems wrong cartography.

Of course you both know slovakian roads better than me. Sorry again.
12017-12-04 15:34:15 UTCConstable Hi there, what's the source for those edits? I've been aligning this lane with my gps tracks, what makes you think is was poorly aligned?
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