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12017-03-16 02:13:26 UTCnyuriks Church tags look highly messed up
22017-04-26 17:58:06 UTCbergaufsee Hi Joshua, does mean a building=garage :) ?
12017-03-06 23:27:30 UTCSpanholz You linked to the Library in Warsaw, Poland. Is there a wikipedia entry for the Library in Warsaw, NY?
22017-03-07 03:20:08 UTCJoshua Herman @Spanholz: that's what i get for not checking my links. thanks for pointing this out. will update now.
12017-03-06 11:45:40 UTCSpanholz Welcome to OSM,

you added some ponds with this changeset. But you forgot a tag, so they were not rendered correct. I added the missing tag

Ponds need: natural= water and water=pond

Keep up the good work and have fun with OpenStreetMap!
22017-03-06 14:32:57 UTCJoshua Herman Thanks for the correction! Appreciate it.
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